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tlon'?* P?*RO
the-.powol? jf
ety^?^ yXB\jU)ci\w remedy
^.W^.'JW'fWondJtloii is 'the eo
correct thr;.;,,,,,,,. Native b<j
btntUlon / known as Lit
with yc^j, pepsin. This
' veiraypioasitpt-taslinK remej*
. Ilalljr Jan. S3, 10W.
et positiv?? in action. /
Bf Drug stores sell
l'a Syrup lVji.sIu_a/jf
rd one dollar a ?
' ' iW>' f * ' f-oss OF BATTLE
No ??ipartant Operations Along
t.? Eastern and Western
m Mm
. ray A??curtid Piyw.1
i.o.\>a'. tfarch :?).- Undaunted
l>y thqSk t of the bat le mips Bon vet i
Ocean ?ij: i Irr?sistible, the Allies arc
pvtic. In : with their attempt to fpr.ee
Bj? ;' tlaat"!les. confident of - 3lp\edll3.
Tl PlirRa. however, express c?li
?dei til'I the furls and the luhie;
tn i ic x?rait will be able to keep out
fa. Allies hips,
The Jvret ;< !i .hattlesh.lp Henri IV and
.The british battleships Otfeep and Im
placable" a; e On their .way east lu
replace thi .'alps sunk by the minds
Vilich were damager
and those* : ti
? .-.? v. ere' ".(mler
This, wi'.hir
the fJoetj
ever. w!ti(".
stimuli'p'aj is
- ITxcept '|n.
.\vho.-v ciQW
!d attics iffe
Of Thur.- lav
British dm
tlU> losa. ^ at
big repairs ou the spot,
, i'cv: days at Hie latest.
he as l'ornildable as
. ! dsu.lau Hhic.k Sea
iicvcflAto he .ready to
< en sc of the ??ohvet, of
illy i!5 were s?v?ll, c?s
d in the bombardment
re aid to be.light; The
iltv tonight publjaked
ug the .ojneeru on the
IrrcsirM: e. % Ljuithbugb the ship was
nun's i the crew had to he trans
jfared ui: le? hot fire, the list con-,
tain- ) uni. ; of only .four qjfieers
skilled . mi', oj: -everely wounded. .
ggy&tyftr.? c-oPwtbr f1o?*t-* risentnred*- the
st ra t i ster . \> hut owing to ?n'y
faveirabl wami:: r i be "bombardment of
the'ditv li'iior. v as'-not repeated, and
. probbly ? le < ly. object of the war
ts hips :.o l . vat the Turku from
r?palrin." the image already done. '
'-The lirai slates that steps- are
hem;, tai.ca t-.deal with the mines,
Lut e.\;>t -l'i*' ?..r'n Hie public that so
loijtg a.-. ,;o';TJi'i ks have mlaea to act
. ' ..-.free in '' f.-;||;'oi'g current, which
.rushes" tir rough tiie' iilrait-3, 'the ships,
v. ill he \oosc i ;>i that danger." The
direction at tl.- currents, of. course,
...- ht. known, but. . h a hig fleet .opera
tin:';. -?V [ of .- j;hip? numt, enter
the -a "jeu I liM.iiilai'il .and. lying .ncroa?
the ' atr-U-1 ;{to lite broadsides, -offer
a largo , t : riret ? tloating oxplor-'ivcs.
Th^ intciiFlun'- as to' the. landing of h
i - force are uosv.. guarded.- but it is
kno?vpVUi.af an ..univ of considerable
sizo is' i?,?jy v. 'attack the Turkish
ford??/.?lui ? t! pnrdanell?s when
- the adtn.li'a'? ai1 -i.se that the-moment
hau ari't^*?!*-" '
Alt kq?gti;ffigl> ! ; ugiiof more.or less
intepsltF is'felw;i\s in-,progress along
" the. easttri. 'uni .western fronts, there
have : helfen 'no-, important op?rations:
, Un the- last- rtw; >\ .< -..
.The., i?e-a'nns claim small buc
cc^S.fe8''<aRaitfat <\ .fcrltlah . near St .
TGlof-and a cjnp; the Kreuch ut Notre
"lisrhn w> l.uivtf.1 tj'fjrth of Arms, and
V-)to..haV(r :ri i.nls?.i s-.everal Prenoh ut
ipwsVs 'Iff f'hs&pfisne. tho^Vrgoitiie for
mest- and'' Jhe|l*os.:fs. Tljtt'the Preach
.\comuiunlcat<anv' : ;sned. . .today ..-.aya.
nothing of styllci- at importance to re
port ha's";happen< . .
Hi K?Bth Pohcd Iben?, have been
S'pvcrul afi irs m t lie out posts', but
.neither urihl apparently -is ntte.nipt-'
..Ing any hi ?n cratlons while the
^"ground rohutios^ :"(, unless "the Uus
' sian Hiov^ni .^t tunis out to he more
Ttnpovl::. -,! ti.r-n.it at preac'nwiatjp.ehra
HO be, n~anuel'vn f? airy .raid.
'"ie- Au U*i.ni;r. :. i? said, have been
- .unforced in Hui ..v.iiuh, und they re-,
pdrt theyt.h:ij|r -*t< p'?lued .liusslan at
facks there and .it the Carpathians,
^although- in iii'" . ! uter region it has
etne.i'n'tly Vtindorst oil. t hat it, was t hiy.
aci\ (i?:ai?n? AVhp Av?r? act
Ing lie e T,Hi .-. t
. Xeutntl ; ?!-aiavi < -'.In' European v.:.i
?*';^lf?.Jfia<fag'? .rather an> toconfr
fonahlo ?inn^l'h British have seh/
'l ilVibg .a..ver?l. incntdliiR"
: '".v'.il i are 'susiiflcted of
b'a.vln^<rontr-';'licmi Vor Geriunny.. The
tt^tmnYis, ht jde? fyfoitig' two'-' Scai
i : siniini/in ^ Bultb have
jtu't ;:.;: ':, ti.e \>:r<)\ stc-uhu-r Zuun-:
?o;'<iVt|-wlta ogg^'f?rBnglaad,;
! : :>.:; fotaially' p'rot?afeuSto
ir.dal' Hrltiii}i fhtid Prance kgntK'?t the
> i btiinjj the ?i?> vo ?p eh't'-'oit
nods to i.rtii Hon. 'ierfna'tt' ports. '
*'AV Oerinu/i- Htlatc:- passed over Deal"
pdivy.'b'nt',,\v?^-)ilri'.eji off after drop
hotrjh?>,;^ich ti'W into tin- i m
AmShan^lo'. !o ill. A'meriruh-bark
EXCEED $26,000,000
Chairman Simmons of Finance
Committee Takes Issue With
Prophets to Contrary
<l?> ,\*y<>ci!i<o<1 J'i.?>.i
WASHINGTON, March 20.?ChnYrr
nian Simmon:;, of the senate finance
committee, took Issue today with
prophets qf a large treasury deficit ,
In a. statement saying hin investigu-1
lions at the treasury have convinced ,
him the deficit .will not exc?de $26,-1
Senator Simmons said there had '
i)i;en so many conflicting estimates of 1
! th? probable deflclL some'.us high as
SL'.O.OOO.OnO, that he decided "to as
I qertain the?real facts."
Total estimated receipts in Septem- !
J her. i013, were $700.000.000. Senator j
Simmons, said, and estimated expen- :
jditure.i $718.000,000 showing ?LS,000,-I
' ooo excess (if receipts;
' '"The receipts from practically
I every source." lie added, "have fallen j
; below the estimate, due to depressed
business conditions on account of the.
j war in Europe. Although the reve- ;
j hue derived "from>Internal revenue
tax probably will bo Increased by the
I luergeifcy revenue act ovo,r the esti
! mates by about $-0,000.001? there was
i on .March 15, an excess of ordinary
j exnendltnres over receipts of tr^prox
imately Ny.OOO.OOO against a deficit of;
j $24.00,0.000 in the. same date lusl year, j
"The estimated receipts for the re*
! maindcr of)the flscalyear total $22?!.
(000.000. while the ordinary dishurso
j monts will amount to $207,000.000. an
excess of receipts over expeditures
! for the remuinder.'of the year of S;"9.
.000.000, showing a net -'deficit of $20.
! .000.000 at the' cud o"> the fiscal year. )
1 The, increases are due In pa'rt to the
I normal["growth of the government and
' part are due to conditions arising out
01 the European war and the abnor
i'mal conditions in Mexico."
Much Concern?d About
Fate of Constantinople
thy Av?<i':iti'i| J?.-...<0
LONDON". March ^0 tll.r?H p. in.)? )
An Amsterdam disputch to llio Ex-.;
'jhatigV Telegraph Company says': ; .
"The cmusror rec-clved- Djavid B ?y. J :
Turkish minister of finance, at Berlin j
yesterday when the Dardanelles sit-j j
nation was discussed. In un inter- \ (
view which 'appeared In "the Berlin I f
paper -Djavid Bey intimated the em- '
per?r wus much concerned about the
possible fate or Constantinople, not | j
unly because of the t.nitendous polit
io?l consnquencen which would result |
but also on account of the prosperity
which the forcing of the Dardanelles
yon'.d bring to Odessa- The emperor
Is . quoted us saying: kWr cannot, al
low Odessa.to become another Ham
burg.' "
Crest Warnings Issued.
WASHINGTON, Marah .20.?Frost
%arniiipB havo been Issued for the
Gulf States, including northern and
central ' Florida, . the weather bureau
announced tonight in its general fore
cast. Tempiiratur.es in the south', it
was ; te.ted. were' (tpm 10 to 20 de
grees below tlie seasonal average.
Snow fell last night and today at
fpolnts as far south as Meridian. Mist;.,
and SolhiB. Ala., -but It was believed
crop damage would be negligible. The
show quickly melted.
'("; .V -.-K-iat. .i 1'n - ' ) ,
LONDON;March' '20. -At German
aeropiar.e dropped several lionihs to
day oft' Deal, a-seaport on. the straits
.?r'?oycr/. Th? bombs all landed in
the sea.
A patrol bikit opened fire cm the
aeroplane, which turned and disap
peared; One of th'o- bombs dropped
along side-the-Atr/irlt-au hark Maagu
flcvn a?d Mlelugo?^; her with a great
volr.nie of waler.
' *
. .Tins Had AdveiittirNi.'inc Career.
. PHILADliiil/HIA,. March SQ.^fyo
American-'bark Manga Revqj which
narrowly escaped l^ing atruck by a
bomb -dropped ; by , a Germun aviator
ar Dca), England.* has .had an adven
turesome career, she wbh formerly
tho> British buvk Pyrehnes nod wen
?bullt ob the Clyde in, 1M?. In PJOO
while bound from Raugooit to Now
South Wales, she .?druck
\? rives in Bluff Utah After Ten
. Days', Search in Indian
dly A~.s<v::iic(l . ...
DHNVt?KV roi.,' MaVctr M-Gpncr?l
Scott, chief of staff of the army, ao*'
-ompnnied by Tse-Nc-Gat. a Plate In;-;
ll?u wanted by the federal authorities
Tor' murder; "Old Polk." his father,
Jhiof Posey and the latter's son, ar
-Ived in Bluff, Utah, late'today, aer
wording to a rfpeeial dispatch to the
itocky Mountain News from Bluff,
General Scott entered the Indian
ottntry two weeks ago to seek : to.
meify recalcitrant Pintes who were
tiding T.se-N'e-Gat in resisting arrest.
A posse of federal doouties under
Marsha) N?b?k?r, of Salt Lake. .city,
recently ntade an'.tinsucccorifu?- at
eutpt to arrest the Indian "end in a|
mltle between . the pos?e and th?
"Mutes n member of the prisse and
wo Indiana were killed and scverat
vore" wounded. Six Indians were
aptured and one of the number was
uter shot dead while attempting to
staue. -
General Scott, accompanied only by
its aide, an orderly and Navajo
cuttles, left Bluff teiudavs ago in an
fforl to.tnduco the Indians to sur
end?r. Detnils of ho he got the lend
its of the band to return with him
lave not been-received here.
Florida Men Arrested.
CHELSEA. Mass..-,-March 2fWTwo
pen thought to be Frank Weil, fotv',
tier postmaster of Wade, Fla., and
Maude DiRonc, of Ne.whury, Flu.,
verc arrested here tonight as fugi
ixes front justice The police say
)Hto;;a : has admitted that they pre
lie men wanted by postofllco Inspect
as? for the alleged larceny of $7,600.
( was charged, Ute-police say, that
tirions shins of money wore ohtuined
raudulcntly through postoffice money,
infers which Well sent to Diltosa,
ho cashed them.
acket? the crow with 'spears. When
bey had'exhausted their weapons the
uilore, carrying rifles, Went ashore
n^?'a^ture>l,^al^?iri^i :?l the natives"..'
e^ponpibh' for th? attack.
For fnouthn th^ "i'l-'sailors lived on
he island wither' beinr; further moi
sted, subsisting - mainly on; CjOcamits
ftft birds eggu. All; hands., finally
i-re rescued by'a passing-vessel and
,?kcn. to ; San Kra?rlacn.
.The. wreck - was! *o]il at oUC?dn. in
!?? :Vr.n?ir?{> for-???u to a Captain
"haver wjio titled \mt ;v wrecking ex
editifin. Heated the uhip In March,
f>02. brought h?r to California, re
it trcd-her, placed the vessel.'yndvr
h< America^ ?'HA and named lier the
langtt ltevt-..
In OetoKcT, 101T?. while she was 0)1
..'voyage, nrtuin.d Cape Hon., from
'hlladelphia to San Cratt. ise.o. the
of her crew ''mutinied, found
bo captain ami (m
icas Greatest Bat
116,102,143 bales
of 500 lbs. each
Alabama, Louisiana and Oklaho
ma Only States Making
New'. Records :
(Ilv .\sMK-i:it.-?l l'n-.?j.)
WASHINGTON/, March 20. ? The
;reatest cotton crop ever produced in
th? t'nited States was grown I? HU!.
Census bureau, stntlstlca h??u?tt to
day glUug final ginning fiaures, of
ficially place the 1!U4 crop na a fee-,
ord with 16.102,148,' bales .of ."Of
pound?, each. That it -W\,il'- .equiva
lent ri00-pi\uu<r balea. or 2iH,721,0U<-v
pounds, more' than, produced in the.
Sreat.crop of r.Hl; Jn-addition to thy
production of lint cotton, a record
quantity of l-nlor cotton, which is ex
tensively, used -in manufacture of
military explosives., was obtained.
This amounted to :'.0".,7:-!,J,0'00..pouhds
and brougl?t'. the total l'.n-t-crop to
lCS?Kl.iSOI ouuivnlent ?OO-pouml bales?
"or 8,44C,SQ:?,?tiO pounds-.
M'hlle the. crop was u record.one.
the only States to JuaKe ijew records
in .praduclhrn? .were Alabama, l.ouls
una and Oklahoma.' The other cotton
States' all came close to their rec
ords. '
l nolncittl estimates ijlace the vaine
ot" the crop at *57O.0?O,d?6 . for .? lln,t..
I That i.s\li.'.5ed on j'.n average price of.
7.2' cents a, pound to .producers, and
ah estimate of 70 ..per vont as the
quantity clre?riy...sold with the re
mainder soiling aj' uu average of 7.s i
cents a pouiul." On th'o tame hauls the
value ot the peed i.s estimated at'
-!;;<-uO.OtJO. These together make-tho
jstuiinted value "of the lwn-'lr,-.crop
to cotton farmers $701,000.000, com
pared with $011.000.000. the value- of
the i!ii:i-'l-! crop estimated, in the
tamo manner.
Included in the ligures are 121.i)41
bates estimated to he turned out after
the ?,lnreh canvass;
'.Rditnd bales included r.7,CIS. Sea
inland bales 81,r)*)8. Average gross
weight of bales ."-I)?.- pounds. Gin',
nerles 'operated :'24?22. -. lauter cot-!
ton. not included 1n total. 772.270
running bales-,' or1 701*4154 equivalent
^OO'podiid hales.
Production by .States in f.00 pound'
Alabama. i,7r.o.2Si : Arkansas .l.oi.V
'674. Ktorlda'SO,^:'.; -V<-on;">a -\7 i :.. :70;
Louisiana 447,$Gl; Mississippi 1.2-54,
70;t; Missouri 81.BS7; North Carolina
02.7,2:!2; Oklahoma 1,261,350; South
Cure-Una -1 ,??4,;>i?5;. Tennessee ?562,43l'i
Texas -l,r.S-t.?3a; -Virginia 25,182. :' All
Other Slates GS.SKO.
At The Ksptisitlan,
I SCO. March
J.?AN f?t
td here today with
part ht the formal
zo.~ Vice j
t. to take t
u<nu\r ?Mi, I'; ; ' V-x j,
Statement By Witness in Election :
Fraud Case Causes L?ugh
in Court '
B. v-.,(J'i:.-1w'?!?<. r?efsOi_-.-.v..... -I
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., March 20.
A record for' voting c.f 22 times lu'pne
day was claimed by Fred Flauer, who
testified today in the trial of the Ter
fo Haut? election cu3e. Eisner told of.
his wprk on November 3, 1911, with
a emtl'e,' and caused u laugh, which
was Joined in by Judge Anderson', nf:
ier lie had had the'witness repeat the [
uuniher, * Eisner nnld be confined hisj
operations to three preo'.ncts and
with one exception, repelwu a dollar
for each time he voted.. He .said ho
Was cheated out of > the other dollar ]
"aSvthe-paymaster :iald 1 had made
enough money already." Eisner wjrs:i
challenged oiiiv once during the day,
hc;.sa*:d. v
Fiquer and others, who today de
scribed alleged fraudulent voting in
which" tliey part'eiputed. last Novem
ber .5;;: Terre ?nute, have pleaded,
'^'Evidence' bearing ou the alleged
"training school for witnesses,'! which
United Statea District Attorney
Frank C. Dailoy,described in lilt; 1
opening statement, also woj intro" j
duecd today.
Noted Woman Writer
Jumps From 5th Story
mw?$ /''y A' 'wiati-d i'ty '..)
NEW YORK. March 20.?Mrs. Ellm?,
Heney. editor of the Woman's Mag - j
uzlue. published in Oetroit. and writ- i
??;:fit short. Htorlet;, plunged live' m or- j
tea to her death at lier home here
day. She was (leli'rlous front typhoid
Mru. Heney was a -'.sister of
Farley,; State ekclsc commi?sicj?'^
She was H2 -yearn old.
(liy A<-,i>c.1uI<nI .fjcjo.);
NEW VORK,- March .20.- I
gijrit, aboard the British steamer .'Lui
land, which reached here today tri?
Liverpool, witnessed .1
Irirb chniihel betw'? ">'
pnlo boat; Which est
inrlrt, and a G< vi ian ?
ba p t an d;.' fernttdiug oh
in a Klgz???' tine :in m
The Lai>l. .:
jinsliie Liverpc.,1 harl
not far tr< m Ltv?rpnq
pedb boat opttn 1 ?i -?'..
.The ratdn.' hrod n
rdhcr vry i\. P.,
a 1 iritish
led the l.u
7t~?- :-;
^greatest battlo??l.ip ever pullt in
UiUttju States, il' not in ilie world,
pettd'own the ways ai Newport,
s m? other day. as Mi?3 Ellza
Kqlh, declared hy the governor
vVouej-ivaniu to be the "sweetest
In thj- State," ?mashe-d a bottle .Of
npagne on her bow.
.ere is a question If the new bat-,
lip. .and the five more , like her
>h nvay> are greater, than the
un di?iij?bp.th,1 now bombarding the
lanVdJejL and the ftv0 Biiperdread
;ht? just being completed for the
]isb,,na,vy. The Peniuylvania will '
y;H-)pCb guns. The Britisher has
aclu^hjH. The latter will shoot
ifcivbut the total tonnage of steel
may , Be fired from the Queen.
J?b'et?i. 'is", lens than that of the
|nsylvuniiv, At clone quarters the
3n:BUKabeth would not do as'
h damage as the Ameri? v.n ship,
at fl^dt^fiuco, the British- ship
d strike -y. while the American
Id bo Mjifefe out of range.
British Vessels
It During Week I
lifpNwN, ^larch 20.?German pmli
marlndbraids! during the week end
ing 51arcJr 17 resulted in loss of eight
Brithih' 'Vessels, with a total tonnage
22',fc$fr?.OUtAOff.539 arrivais B?d '
sall.irigH?^?^brdlng to a summary is-1
sued .today by the admiralty. Three
other Vr??y^ls which were torpedoed
were f?ttgSaXt? reach port.
Thd-*dffi} io8e.es to British coni
Imerc4 ^^:fthc beginning of the'war
tp '?faJPclI'^T . were "?>(>. merchant ve ;
?et:; and 'afi l?shing vessels. .
lil{lfl^:miJS??? HOVERING
Ienliy ,?u
ut X?vjfr
?Va..*4?ylarcli 20.?Appar
tins; that the German
ser'Eitel Friedrich, now'
e\v;;. \vouhl attempt to'
or t:i<i sea under cover
yiBrlt'is'h, cruisers ./huh
riiig around aie-, V[t^ \
^v*il^h.';eonie. in iiffose'l
Hohr y.
TUrl.Mii n,;/.!ren Out of lVlAtlow. V
PHILADELPHIA. Mardi 2,--Sau.
; l h . .. New' York' ehargod
by police of "t.hat city with throwing
hildrcu out of ?.lii'th
Rtory. vvfjuUxw?i^-sjiiJtj-ig In -ho
'f^S?SKB^iV^ \. -.-'!''lis injury of th?
SW?y.';her? .tonight. I
ii?:i identity., and.'
.^^ ?iiv?fl, s.ii? he throw
>f tiny widow .because.1'
^jiiiipDrtiiig >h>.ni.
??hiirian <;<ini.
rjSSiffiil.Wr.sh., > March 20.
??sed.' i
hfcuvy ;lmt,
* ('.art
off iront
Pacific, I
.poo tans. U will .beJ
jfjitjture of stock !
i?s...in t|te Unit
A.lirMi market
expect ejlT
jt Off.to..
,iawm;;: lia.?
rr'aiiza force" of
hiivfe-bt;^ but
p '
he Dutch
NEW SERIES VOL. 1. NO. ll.lYetkly, EsUbllHhe? IS??; Dally, Jaii.13, 1911. ANDERSON, S. C., FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 5, 1914.

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