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'HEPIP SEKTINEL, Established, 2871.
TIFE PcrLE "'-ESL, Esnablished, I.~ PIIE SS. C., PRIL, 30, 1903.
'HE E E O RNAE. stablished,1891
'ONSOLIDATEly, 1903.
ave a Capital Stock of $250,000.
arter of a milion dollar lIm
mpany has been organized in
prer part of the State with
villa as headquarters. The
ters are R. E. Johnston of Seu
d W. J. Kreamer and H. T.
of Williamsport, Pa. These
onday made apl.licatiou to
y of State for a commis
n books of subscription.The
urposes of the organization
4o buy and sell real estate,
and timber rights; the cutting
vig and manufacture of lum
-he marketing of the product,;
uy an i develop water powers and
11 and lease -the ame; to build
equip and operate tramways,"
other such purposes.
h, ) With Twenty-four RegIgtered
Pa qge, Stolen from a Careless
1.-- Route Agent.
vass mail pouch, contain
nty four registered packages
ously disappeared f om the
le postoffica 1 Saturday
The pouch ad been turned
oute A nt J. P. Boger,
s axville, Tenn.,
ury, N. C.
ing called to the telephone he
ped the pouch on the floor.
i wire railing inside the post
He was at the tel phone
minute, but when he re
ned the sack was gone, Two
ge, men were seen in the office
w minutes before the rubbery 4
. W. S. Gilbert tells an instrue
tory of his early days as a play
t. He had completed a short
called "Dulcamara," for Mr.
Robertson, Mrs. Kendal's '
er, and took his manuscript to I
Emden, Mr. Robertson's man
-for approval.
his will do," Mr. Emden said
glancing~ through the play.
much do you want for it ?" u
hirty guineas," the young a
tist diffidently suggested. I
ake it pounds, and I vill take
answered Emden, a proposal
hich, Mr. Gilbert ea erly as- I tf
ed.0 el
ow," said M den as he ti
ed over the ,ch "let me give
a ce. Never sell
?30 again." 01
ed - Mr. Gilbert al
the t . , I never se
A Nickel in the Egg.
s. Fred Kennedy, a young ma- 51
had a queer experience with an S
few evenings ago. She was t
g a. cake, and when she broke
f the eggs into a dish the con
went into the receptacle with e
culiar "plunk." She investigat
nd found a nickel that had been a:
e enned examined the shellb
ound the secret of the phenom
The shell on one side was a.
-ed open just the width of the y
.It was evident that the coin a,
dropped into a basket of eggs st
ad struck this particular one,
'g a clean break in the shell.
"in" of. h egg had' brought t
_edges Nhfeliture together
.iand the propertids of the ti
te of the egg had sealed it.-In- or
1apolis Sentinel.
er11 of the Rubber Rudder. 01
he Rochester U~nion and Adver- n<
ris amused over the important b]
armation that the new America's m
defender is to have a rudder fill
wijih air. This departure, says
ossessor of the Herreshoff se- W
t, is "for buoyancy and to save a
t" The pneumatic rudder bi
cainly ought to serve those pur- tc
-. But the Rochester paper .i
's a warning-"There is, c
ver, one serious: disadvanta ...
this kind of ru . f a yC
should happen 'get a punc- m
her rud .. Juring the race,
ul ..mpelled to drop out,
to the difficulty of cementing
ugging it-while sailing. And
-race-a yacht is liable to be on A
-ck at any moment." c
Two Rival Planlsts.I
-ttle love is lost between Pade.. ret
ski, the famous pianist, and be
-it Rosenthal, his professional ch
who continues to amaze Ger- Mi
audiences by his wonderful ".
d of the instrument. Ro- tic
is called "the demon pianist" W
se of the astonishing speed *e
which he plays. Paderesi m
-heard a particularly brilliant
dormance given by Rosenthal.ti
*mled serenely and said, "Oh, ze
abat any conservative pupil with g
odtechnique can do that." Ofby
se, this remark was repeated to R'
enthal, who some time later
rthat a talented amateur was
vg in London. "Oh, that must
Paderewski," he said calmly.
Liver Pills
at's what you need; some- ~
ing to cure your bilious- ta
ss and give you a good B
gestion. Ayer's Pills are n<
er pills. They cure con- -
pion and biliousness.
ently laxative. A4na4, ."
Will the People Pay for a
State Exhibit at St. Louis.
Hon. S. N. Pearman has received
the following letter from Governor
Heyward. Mr. Pearman is anx
ious to seemie expressions of opin
ions from the people of the country
as early as possible in order that
he may furrish the people the in,
formation that he desires. The
letter is as follows:
"Dear Sir: When th' matter of
having the State exhibit at the
World's Fair was first suggested
and ever since-it was my opinion
that this should be provided for.
As you well know at the recent
ession of the general assembly the
senate bill to provide for such an
)xhibit was continued in ththouse
intil the next session. Knowing
tha T~%4osition to an ap propria
tion rested solTn' the finan
cial condition of thState I did
not at the time press the n A re.
Since that time, however, through
the efforts of Senator Tillman, the
sondition of our treasury has been
3onsideaably improved by the pay
nent to the State by the U. S. gov
rnment of nearly $90,000 in set
lement of the claim growing out
)f the war of 1812-15.
"Fince your adjournment I have
mdeavored to ascertain by circu
ar letter the sentiment in various
)ortions of the State in regard to
he appropriation for an exhibit.
teplies from nearly all the coun
iea convince me that the people
rant a place in the international
>icture at St. Louis.
"I am further convinced that s
bis exhibit will afford a fine oppor- c
unity to advertise thoroughly the c
niimited resources of our State, p
od induce desirable settlers to I
yrne hero and transform the lands F
>w lying idle into productive a
rms; that it will afford us the tA
iance to tap the tide of inmigra- I
cn to the northwest and to pro- a
ote the industrial development p
our State by bringing in desir- ti
>le white more capital f,
eking i n t.
"w writing you to ascer
sin definitely whether or not we ,a
'ould hope to have the exhibit at
b. Louis.I feel that this is my duty 3,
>the people of our State, whose dl
iterest should be promoted when- ci
rer possible. C
"In view of the fact that if we m
cto have this exhibit the work is
Lust be beguzn immediately. I
sve deemed it wise, in the a
>sence of the opportunity to reach a
>n by special message, to write p
id ask that you sound your con- y
ituents and let me know definite- re
whether or not we should hope et
Shave the exhibit at St. Louis. jA
"I would be glad if ycu see fit m
Sdo so if you would give me ata
ice in writing the assurance of im
>ur support of an appropiation ti
*25,000 at the opening of the be
~xt session of the general assem
v. In case the majority of the
embers assure me of their sup- a,
>rt of such an appropriation. I
ill proceed at once to arrange for
commission along the lines of the sa
11 pending in the I ouse, and also ot
arrange for the i.eaessary finan- iD
al details,.h
,P)iindly let me hear frozn you at W
lur earliest convenierca soithat I
ay know what steps to take. ro
"Very sincerely yours,n
. "D. C. Heyward, ci
"Governzr." sh
Demonstration ot What Chamberlain's
olic, Cholera and Diarrhees Remedy inl
Can Do.
"One of our customers, a highly
~pected citizen of this place, had J
en for ten years a sufferer from ny
ronic diarrhoea,'' writes Walden & w
irtin, druggists, of Enterprise, Ala. Co
[e had used various patent prepara- Si(
ns and been treated by physicians b
thout any permanent benefit. A Bi
v months ago he comnmencoed tak m
;Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera and tii
arrhoea Remedy and in a short
ue was entirely cured. Many citi- sh
as of Enterprise who know the ax
ntlemnan will testify to the truth
[ness of this statement." For sale
Dr. 0. W. Earle, Pickens, and Dr.
F. Smith, Eaisley. td
His Majesty's Prference.
Royal Chamberlain-And when
ur majesty steps forth the people P
i all cry out, "Hail! hail to the t1
ng!" Will that be his majest'y's of
yal pleasure-?y
King -(refiectively)-I suppose to
Lat is proper and according toe
oyle, but I thin what the country
~eds is. a. goo-d, long, steady reign.
-Baltimore American.
The best physic: Chamberlain's st,
omnach and Liver Tablets. Easy to oC
ke; pleasant in effect. For sale by tr
r. G. W. Earle, Pichess, and Dr. B. o
Will Be Offered to the S .nth Carolini
The Williamston college o
Greenwood, was chartered by th<
Secretary of State on the 23d inst.
This is the institution which wil
succeed the Williamston Female
college. Greenwjod was among
the leading cities in the State 'i
the rivalry for the location of the
Columbia Female college-which,
bythe way, was not removed from
Columbia. The corporators of the
new institution are C. A. C. Wal.
ler, J. B. Park, R. B. Epting, J. L
Andrews, R. P. Black, J. T. Med
lock and A. Rosenberg of Green.
wood, and Rev. Dr. S. Lander of
Williamston. In the application
for charter it is declared that the
institution 1will be offered to the
South Carolina conference in per
petuity, and in case it is not ae
septed by the conference it will be
)perated by the board of corpora
tote in Seneca Entered by Robbers. No
A boldr y was' attem ted
tt Seneea on the night of the 20t
instant, when the store room of J.
r. Laur-nce & Co, was entered.
'he glass in the front doorres
mashed, through which entrance
was secured, but it is thought that
he loss is slight. The sheriff's
>Joodhounds were brought on at
Ince, but nothing satisfactory was
loisoned Package of Prepared Food Does
Its Work Quickly.
Pensacola, Fla., Special.--Ro
wd L. Morgan of Elgin, Ili., died
addenly Monday afternoon at his
ountry home six miles from this
ity. He received a package- of
repared food by mail and within
5 minutes after eating was dead.
[is mother and wife miraculously
scaped death, though they only
Lated the contents of the package.
he food was in an original pack
,e, wrapped in white paper. The
>stmark is too indistinct to give
te offincers a clue-as e thlace
om which it was mailed.
mes Burns Must Hang For His Crime.
Jackson, Misis., Special-The
iprcme court has affirmed the
sath sentence of James Burns,
nvicted in the circuit court of
ovington county on the charge of
arder, and the date of ezecution
fixed for June 9th.
Burns is a white man, formerly
citizen of Massachusettes, and~he
as convicted of killing a com,
nion in a railroad camp near
illiamsburg. When the jury
turned a-verdict of guilty, Burns
Irpribed the court by cursing
Ldge Enochs, who was presiding,
a most abusive manner. The
4peal was taken merely as a
eans of delay, no bill of excep
>nis or suggestion of error having
en filed with the court.
isband Did Deed in Fit of Jealous
A. Cumberland, Wis., special|
ys that in a fit ot jealbus rage the
her night, John Neymeiser, liv- '
g south of here, shot and killed
a wife, chopped up the remains 0
tb an axe and set fire to his barn.
Neymeiser escaj~ed, but was sur.
unded by a posse in the woods
ar Clayton, and after holding the
owd at bay for over an hour, he Q
ot and killed himself. Neymei. 6
e was formerly aninmate of the
sane asylum.
Robbed the Grave.
A. startling incident, is narrated by
hn Oliver of Philadelphia, as follows:
was in an awful condition. My skin
is almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue
a~trd, pain continually in back and
lee, no appetite, growing weaker day
day. Three physicians had given me
.Then I was advised to use Electric
tters; to my great joy, the first bottle
ide a decided improvement. I con
tued their use for three weeks, and am
w a well man. I know they robbed
a grave of another victim." No one
ould fail to try them. Only 50c, guar
teed at Pickens Drug Co's. drug store.
Lhecks for Pensioner.
The comptroller general says
at checks for the pensioners will
sent out the latter part of next
~ek. The lists are being pre- 1
red as rapidly as possible with|
is end in view. The distribution|
the artificial limb fund has not[
t been made. Those who failed
come in last year may get a|
anee this time.
A Thoughtful Man.
Ni. M. Austin of Winchester, Ind.,
Lew what to do in the hourA need.
is wife had such an uu -~Fcase of
mach and liver trouble, physicians
uld not help her. He thought of 'and
ied Dr. King's New Life Pills and she
it relief at once and was finally cmxed.
11y 25c, at Pickens Drug Co's. drug
Assistant Attorney Genera
Tyner Summarily
His Wife Had His Safe Blown Open an
Removed Papers.
Washington, D. C., Special.
Postmaster General Payne ha
summarily dismissed Assistant Al
torney General Tyner from th
His wife visited the departmen
after the close of business on th
22d inst., with a safe expert and
had Tyner's safe opened and re
moved all the papers.
She has since refused to retur
them to the government or to allov
Tyner to be seen.
Tyner resigned his position lasi
week at the request of the govern
This has been the greatest sensa
tion of the poetoffice scandal. An
investigation has been in progress
for two weeks and several ugl.
things have been discovered, but
this far eclipses anything yet un
earthed. It is supposed Tyner's
wife removed papers that- would
ht~fffinated him and possibly
Four Bighwaymen Parsued and Captured
By Men In Locomotive.
Near Cunberland, Md., four
.ighwaymn were chased four miles
along the Baltimore and Ohio Rail.
way one might last week by an en
gine crew, while their victim, res8
cued from almost certain death,
sat in the cab and guided the pur
Robert McDonald went to Con.
nellsville in search of work. While
on his way to the shops he was at.
tacked by four negroes, who knock
ed him senseless, and after robbing
him, threw his helpless body
across the tracks. The engine
stopped just bi fore it crushed the
body. He was taken in the cab
and the engine started at full speed.
eittiie ss't of Dawsn the f6ua
negroes were sighted and the train
crew arrested them. McDonald
identified the men and the money
was recovered.
obert Huii Shot Down by Father of His
Sweet heart.
News from Pine Mountain, in
lampbell county, Tennessee, says
'L~afe'' Chadwell shot and killed
obert Hill when the latt.er went
~u Chadwell's house to claim the
laughter of Chad well as his bride.
t is said the young people were en
aged to be married, but that Chad.
well had objected. When Hill
'eached Chadwell's house words
~nsued, and Hill was shot and in
tantly hilled. The dead man is
aid to have uttered threats against
)hadwell's life before going to the
louse. Hill is said to have been
a. half brother of Lee Turner, o-fI
he "Quarter H ouse" farme. Chad.
ell is known throughout Camip
ell county as the only man in his
ection of the county who chain
ioned the cause cof the Confed-r
~cy during the civil war.
osoned whiskey Was Given in Order to
Accompish Eobbery.
Camden, Ark., Special-J. W.
nryear, a printer from Shreveport,
nd a stationary engineer named
miith, from Fordyce, Ark., are
ead, presumably from the effects
f whiskey which they drank and
'hich is 'supposed to have been
Joe Cameron, of Pittsblirg, Pa.,
ud J. T. Tremont, of Jackson,
isn., are in jail here, held unde~r
uspicion of having given the pois
ned drink to the dead men. A
oroner's jury is now investigating
he case. Smith had quite a sum
f money in his possessioli. Pur
ear was a uaion printer and is
aid to be well known to the news
aner men of Louisiana.
I Prominent Minister Recommends
Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
Rev. Francis J. Davidson, pastor of
he St Matthew Baptist church and
desident of the Tnird District Bap
ist Associd ion, 2731 Second St., New
)rleanis, wvrites as followsa: "I have
sed Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
md Di oea Remedy for cramps
Ld pain n the stomach and found
t excelle~ It is in fact the best
~ramnp andlcolic remedy I have ever
ised. Alsd several of my parishion
~rs have need it with equally satisfac
ory results." For sale by Dr. 0. W.
Earle, Pilckens, and Dr. R. F. Smith,
Shake into Yeur shoes .
t-Ease. It rests the feet. Cures|
o ions, Ingrowing Nails, Swollen andI
w 'feet. At all druggists and shoe stores!
e. ay.
Horrible Penalty Paid by Chinaman
Guilty of Sixty Murders.
Victoria, Brit'sh Columbia, Spec
ial.-Ad.vices by the steamer Em
press of China tell of the crucifix
d ion of a Chinese- desperado in
Kwang Tung, who confessed to
- sixty murders. When he confessed
a it was decided that decapitation
was too lenient a punishment and
a he was crucified. He wis nailed
by his hands to a wooden cross and
t placed im a public place ias a warn
ing to malefactors. He lingered
I for three days before he succumb A
to his terrible suffering.
Made HiU Wife and Caller Gv_1 on Kures
and Corfaea
Out at Lorain, 0., Wm. Myers,
at the point of a revolver, the other
day, made.Ais wife get on her
knees,-and confess her unfaithful
ness. After getting her confession,
Myers went to the Lorain & Ely.
ria Electric Line car barns and,
finding Ed. Gifford, a street car
conductor, marched him up the
street at the point of the same re
volver to his (Myers') home and
made him, on his knees, confess of
his relations with ' Is ers' wife.
Gifford h 'bs~ated at first, but Mr'
Mye ke up: "You might as
e 1, Ed, I have told all." Myers
then called Gifford's wife and
mother-in-law to his home ar.d told
them all. One divorce suit was at
once filed an-1 another is expected to
be filed in a few days.
White Woman and a Negro Living in the
Same House in Bloomington, Ind.,
Whipped by Whit-cap*.
Thirty-eight unmasked men
broke into a house at Bloomington,
Ind., Sunday and white-capped I
Misses Rebecca and Ida Stephens, i
white, aged 18 ani 16 years, and I
whipped Joe Shively, a negro, aged
50 years. The Stephens lived with
their mother, in the same house in
which Shively had a room. The
negro was whipped with a barbed t
wire and was hit in the eye with 1
brass nuckJur.JThe older girl was
whipped with barbed wire and the e
younger one with apple switches, c
but neither is dangerously injured. i:
Many of the white-caps were rec- g
ognized and warrants will be sworn ii
out for tLeir arrest. u
rhe Well-deserved Fate of a Brut-Who Ill
Assaulted a Four-year-old Child. I
Neiws from Longview, Texas, ona
Sunday tells of the lynching at
Carthage Friday inight, of a negro
ncamed Hensely Johnson, who crimi.
nally assaulted a four-year-old
white girl of that place. The negro
was captured by the officers of Pa
nola county and placed in jail, but
was released on bo~nd Saturday. It
Hle left f .r the country, where he
was captured that night by a mob
from Carthago and hanged on the
public square, where his body was
found nent morning suspended to a
telap!.one pole. The mob was quiet T
and the pe..p!e of Carthage knew c<
nothing of the affair until the body t<
was found on the next morning. g
Miss Morrison Coulan't Live Wlthout Mrs.b
lackmur's Husband.
When Miss Ida Morrison, of New o
York, a beautiful woman of 23. n
named as co-respondent in the di- al
vorce suit of Mrs. Rebecca A. Black- 1,
mur, learned from his lips that he w
and his wife had become reconciled a
she drank the contents of a two- b
ounce vial of carbolic acid and is h
dying in a Br.ooklyn boapital. e
Blackmur called on Miss M~orri- n
son the same night and about a tr
half hour later sent a messenger y
for a physician, who, upou his ar- t
rival, found that Blackmur had t(
been administering warm milk with p
salt in it to Miss Morrison, in an t
effort to save her life. The doctor it
used a stomach pump and sent for a
an ambulance and the young wo- c
man was taken to the hospital. e,
Mr. Blackmur told the ghysician o,
that he talked with Miss Morrison
for perhaps half an hour. -Then ~
she went to a medicine chest to A
take a dose of p~eppermnint- Ac- of
cordIing to his statement, she must
have made a mistake, for she drank S
carbolic acid instead.
A disordered stomach may cause no H
end of trouble.- When the stomach
fails to perform its functions the bow- di
ets become deranged, the liver and fa
kidneys congested, causing numerous C
diseases, the most fatal of which areT
painless and therefore the more to be ti
dreaded. The important thing is to
restore the stomach and liver to a:
healthy condition, and for this pur- i,
pose no better preparation can be, S
used than Chamberlain's Stomach and ci
Liver Tablets. For sale by Dr. G.i"
W. Earle, Pickens, and Dr. R. F. I
Smith, Easlay.
The Naval Reserves Marched to Jail an
Ecqrted Sheriff and His rrisoners
to Depot.
Beaufort, S. C., Special.-I
c'>mpliance with a notification fron
Sheriff Porter that their e r
would be needed on the 2P iust,
the Beaufort 'Artiller Nayal Re
serves, 34 stron , under commai
of Capt. H. F. Scheper, occupiei
their armor, last night and -at (
is morning marched tc
ti -front of the jail.
The first thing done was clearing
the green without conflict of a num
ber of negroes who had been around
the jail all night. -
The sheriff then brought out the
two prisoners, Simon and -Ben
Meyors, and proceeded to the rail
waj station, where they were deliv
ered into the hands of Sheriff Liglht
say of Hampton county and several
deputies, who left on the train for
The. civil and military escort
then returned t. town.
The peaceful terminaion of what
threatened to be a serious riot oc
.asioned great relief to our citizens
wvho are grateful to the brave young
ed-to Governor Heyward rr
to render all necessary aid to the
sheriff in performing his duty.
Praise is also given the inten.ant
md other citiz-ms and visitors
rom Hampton county.
Lhree Convictions and One Acquittal at
Kingetree, S. C.
Out of four homicide casescalled
it the present session of the crimi
ial court at Kingstree, Williams.
urg county, there were three con
,ictions and one acquittal. The
nost impnrtant of these were those
f Lennie C. Myers for the killing
if his brother-in -law, .who received
life sentence in the penitentiary,
.nd that of J. W. Boddiford for
be murder of his son, Robert, in
)ecember last.
It seems that Boddiford met sev
ral members of the Gaines family
n the night of the day ot the kill
ag not far from his home and a
uarrel ensued. A battle followed
i which pistols and guns were
sed. When the smoke cleared,
~oddiford's son was found lying
ead on the ground with a bullet
i his head., It seems the father
id not know his son was anywhere
boiut the place of shooting. The
ullet in young Boddiford's head
'as the Same size as the other bul
~ts the defendant fired and it ws
~stified that this was the only pis
Sof that callibre in use.
A verdict of manslaughter was
>und and Boddiford was sentenced
> five years in the penitentiary.
ew Law Causes Shortage of Men at the
A dispatch from Columbia says:
he passage of the law allowing 4
>nvicts sentenced fo'r ten yearst
>be retiained on the county chain t
ingsis havirig a serious effect on I
ie penitentiary Since the first ofc
ie year"- only about five able
)died men have been receivedj
ithin the walls, while there are
rer a hundred aged, infirm andi
aimed who are of no value att
I. Several counties have recent,.
rmade r pplcation for con vics to
ork on the highw ays, which they
*e allowed to do under the law,
at the penitentiary authorities
lven't got them to lease, Not
ily that, but they are short the
amber they are required by con
act to furnish the- hosiery mill.s
rith a continuance of this sort of
iing it will not take many years
Splace the penitentiary on the ex
inse account rather than have it
irn revenue into the state which
has heretofore done. There are
tore useless and unproductive 1
>nvicts within the walls now than
rer before, they being able to do I
ily the lightest sort of labor. .
,ware of Oirtrnenlt for Catarrh that
Contains Mercury.
s mercury will surely destroy the sense
smell and completely derange the
h~ole system when entering it through
e mucous surfaces. Such articles
ould never be used except on prescrip
>nls from reputable physicians, as the]
smage they will do is ten fold to tbe]
id you- can potsibly derive from them.
all's Catarrh Cure, manufacted by F.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0., contains noi
ercury, and is taken internally, acting
rectly upon the blood and mucous sur
ces of the system. In buying Hall's
ata:-rh Cure be sure you get the genu-'
e. ltris taken internally and made in
>ledo, 0., by F. J. Cheney & Co. Tes
nonials frec.
Sold by all Druggists, 7.5c. 1
Hall's Family Pills are the best. '
:other Gray's Sweet Powders for Children
recessfuliy used by Mother Gray, nurse in the
iidren's Home in New York, Cure Feverish
~ss. Bad Stomach, Teething Disorders, move
Ld regulate the Bowels and Destroy worms.
~er 30,6 testimoniss They neve fal.A
nien S. Olmsted. L~e Roy. N. Y.
Som Publish Quarter
-tatutes Require.
The Co ambia0orrespodet C
the N . w and Cou~ier, writing un
dedate of April 24, says:
There is a statute on Ahe book
Swhich require all Sta~bank t<
publish quaa teiy statemenrd
their financial condition.de oom
banks are complying with the
ute while others seem to pa
no attention to it or not - to know
the rguirement of the law.
Attorney General Gunter, in
talking about the matter this morn
ing, said that he eXpected to give
attention to the natter, and he
thought that those banks ought, in
prtection to 'their depositors and
for their own good,- to publish
these statements as required by
The national bankt all, of course
publish their statements, as re
quired by the national banking
laws, and most of the State banks
do so, but if all banks complied
with the law and depositors were
fully advised as to the condition of
the banks, and the banks adver
tised the prosperity, there would
be general good and no harm that
can be seen.
T2egatute upon the enbject
Section 1,'766.- i
doing business in u TI
ing money and receamig deposits
under acts of incorporation grant
ed by the State are hereby required
under penalty of the forfeiture of
their charter to pubish in a news
paper in the city, town or village
where they or any branch thereof
my do business, at the end of ev
ery three months a correct report of
the'condition and business of such
institution, which report shall
contai a statement, under oiath,
by the president or cashier of such
institution of the amount of the
capital stock paia in, deposits, dis
counts, property and liabilities of
said institution, verified by three
of the directors thereof.
mu 11 Year-Od Girl A ttacted by aStrang. r
From south Caroina.
A dispatch from Asheville says:
An unspeakable brutal rape oc
surred in this city tonight.' Two
lays ago a young man of very good
cppearonce came here from South
Carolhna and engaged board with
the Galloway family. o Sprig
istreet. In the family there are
several children, one of them a lit'
aie girl eleven years old, and while
ohe adult members of the house
iold were out Harris returned to
he house and criminally assaulted
~his child as she lay helpless on a
tink bed. This was about 10
>'elock and Harris then fled, in
htich direction no one was able
~o say.
When the news of the assua! be
~ame known many men, wr en told r
he circumstances, were inflamed r
o anger, and at this hour, 2 a. mn., 5
>odies of men are looking for the g
~hild's assailant in all directions. t
i. number of railroad men havet
oined thiS search, some of themt
going west while another search
ng party is in the Biltmore sec.- i
A Great Sensation.
There was a big sensation in ILeesville, 5
:nd., when W. U. Brown of that place, i
vho was expected to die, had his life
aved by Dr. King's New Discovery for t
onsumptionl. He writes: --I enidured
nauffrrable agonies from Asthma, but
tour New Discovery give me imn~ediate l
elief and soon thereafter effected a comn
dete cure." Similar cures of Contump
ion, Pneumonia. Broi~chitis,. and- Grip
~re numerous. It's the peerless remedy
or all throa t and lung troubles. Price
Oc, and e1.00. Guaranteed by PaL kens
)rug D)ompanly. Trial bottles free.
Roman Justice.
Curious ideas of justice seem to
>revail in Rome. A woman who
i-as being ' annoyed by an officer ~
;urned round and boxed his ears.
(1he officer challenged the woman's V
musband, who declined to fight, ~
ihereupon the -officer brought gn 14
tction against the woman for as- t,
lault, and she was fined 41 fran~cs. .
Concert Attractionls.
A benefit concert for two mur- 0
lerers whose guilt was proved but r
i-hose friends wanted funds for a
ast appeal, was recently given at
Brisbane, Queensland. After the0
~oncert the father, brother and sis- a
ter of the murderers, who were s
>rothers, appeared on the stage and ii
vere applaudted
Too Great a Eisk.c
A reliable remedy for bowel comn
laints should alwlays be kept at band.
~he risk is too great for anyone to
ake. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera t1
nd Diarrhoea Remedy neveri fails h
nd when reduced with water is
>leasant to take. For sale by IYr. G.
V. Earle, Pickens, and Dr. R~. F.
Smith, Easley.
-There weri.
the' Dncan9-' .
Spartanbu gas -
- -Th4 militiaofS
is to be insyecte 6
Morris of the Uhited
Sunday night iNlast w
gro Baptist .urch
residences. were -sti
-The dispensar
Charleston have been
-horseback so that they)]s
the fleeing tigers.
--Hartsville is to v
menta; tobacco fai
government has se -
there who have beg
-J. A. Banks, of S
has contributed $275 towid ba
ing a sandelay road in $rang14
county as an object lesson in
road construction.
-Boyd tasle, eigby
was shot and kaledin
county with a pistol bY -
Ogbuan" a yoiuaig lady B.h
was' fooling with then
it went off.
--The report of the StAdia b-.
t airt fiscalquar
been o g
ernor. The gioss sales
qluarter were .$656,12645-gaIst
$588,296.26 for the pred6&6
-The Orangeburg nresan
Democrat says: "The pianti
has cut the oat crop-of ab n
half of what it promis<Lto be.a
some sections of the county-the
crop iias been totally destroyed."
-Further investigation in t
defalcat ion64-James S. -Cam 47e
late treasurer of Bichland coint
now deceased, rveals a shorta o
$11,000. Mr. CampbeI
garded as an onest man, e Ihe
shortage is a xhyst
-The p
og convicts ced for tnearA
o be ret -'don econny chEz* -
;angs, is having a serious ef on
he penitentiary. *Si-ice the Sr
f the year only abourt fiveible
>odied men have been reoelvei
vithin the walls, while therere
>ver a hundred aged,,infirped~n
naimed who are of no value ataH~2
-The Columbia Statedays Mr~
lobert M. Anderson, wl has bee
i citizen of that city ' -
'ears, died at her home onPje
ivenue Wednesday, after an illis
>f two weeks. While out trn
vine some time ago, Mrs. And
on got a splinter in one ofsh~
ianda and through this sligb
round contracted blood poison1
-Bud Lee Clinkscales and Lev*.
diller, two negro convicts on
a og of road workers, wentin aw~
niing in a-river at Martin's mi.
ear Abbevfil.._Their shackl4
r'ere not removed and wiin thel
ot beyond their depth we
angled and weighted down by
hem and could not swim obr regain
he bank. Before assistance could
e had they both lost' conscious
ess. Miller was revived, but his ~
ompanion lost his life.
-ybe public of Charleston is
atistied and pleased with the man
2 which Governor Heyward has
3.ken up the outrageons raiding of
lie private residence of Mrs. Tren
olmn on East Battery, and it is not
iought likely that the. constables -
'ill resort to any such similar raidsa
i the future. Chief Howie ap-,
ears to be much exercised over
ae affair, He places the blame
,r the raid on- Chief Constable
[am mett.
-Thomas Nolan, Charles How- $?
rd, William McKinley and Ed.
'ard Duggan were convicted in the ~'
inited States circuit court-at Chsr~
~ston last Thursday and sentenced
five years each in the kederal
euitentiary at Atlanta. The men
ere accused of belonging to a gang.
outlaws who committed,meany .
>bberies in South Carolina. Laiit "
immer and fall a number of posfwa
Rice safes were robbed in v nm
nall towns in the-.State and.di
yme instances large sums oC~
ere secured. The safes wer
Ily blown open with dyn
.t Enoree, S. C., the r
nired over $8,000. ,.
Makes a Clean Se
There's nothing like
ioroughly. Of all the Si
eard of, Bucklen's Aria
est. It sweeps away a
'res, Bruises, Outs,
ruptions and Files;
Lla-anteed to give
ick~nd Drug Co.,

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