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-3 M -IG.
U e1 mal Comany
- ~I~t~sN & RicHrx, Paors.
~~3iptOfl$1.00 Per Annum.
'.dvertsing R ates Reasonable.
no Sostoffice as second Class
S. C.
April, 30,1903.
above caption, "C"
e Keowee Courier under
.17th, gives an interest
!-Vi:6the tax payers of
k --
t O
feg e eye to tWe in.
eounty, promptly refused
bid. Being prevailed
:the bidding the work
to Mr. S. L. Richardson
saving the counties of
ens one hundred dol
that many minutes.'
be true; bat if that be
why could not our Supervi
Commissioners have an
~:Eye" and discover that the
-too high? Is our board less
g than the board of our sis
or were they in collusion
e person making the first bid!
b it was understood with the
pal -bidder and our board that i
.'was accepted that Pickens
al get the en.i
w in or
1b will make them.
possible that this is an
;of "extravagance on the
that we have heard
"on lately?
~7j~~t must be, (to use at
-spoken in our pres
ort time~o~A ago.by...perviso
as,- tht he 're. u-yg te
'eXsased fromx .L. pri b
Maas ben ac mast st - ar
- "7' . . 0. Levet
pcion, byar i d 'eie rat
.'adec areen at o ::nres tohii
avyw e t wri to brng ien
e >- . -dn
- .~ ~- alf
aedicaeiaion iroeres reetla
Aode aon the eer than' aers
Uice are cen ad fCuiongss th<
avriy was athrizeing brinise en
t stengthel thatJ00 the n.Fod
we lr m~ons recrut itin. oficb
ninsdeanedofth vtrnd
rce aree thatite Americant fand jti
2iedi iscriexminatingon requr ofha
heyns sanlase stogbo artt. haTby
lost ofdsen th egerefore, arelnoe
*nding thae aytinto dhe navah ter
,iare cookwis andviscullion theboa
rity bofct the gberig.apanes
Ier grems pity that nth Conceder.
aas ill occe pt mar the blckjitoyme
fhe occasions by that cith. ohe
Inionstoemandeaad oftevern
haonlys bunhofn bands was ampon i
o play brogh th parade inThe ost
cae repidartt didr not eeks auti
:ied in iscraidintheinvestigators ofav
fgnst gncass ora~f labo7r atst.ofTh
m~iio bandsmn, theoe ig ade
arade andnwil adieall in vlbor
of the occsi byth5e Sothns old
oros bnchof sandls anou
fice Department. -Fo soe eksa
anntigtio ha beni progress
sider4hese ihmgs it
nomlity and
A girl worker laughed in Philadel
phia, and was discharged, in conse
quence of which there is a strike. A
puzzling question is, why shonld a i
girl have laughed in Philadelphia?
A Penasylvania preacher the other
day declined to permit a gifted young
homan to sing in the choir of Hs
chu ch becauase of her convection with
a trical company and the fact that
she "sits for money and the ap
plause of me and not for the glory
of God."
Philadelphians m4Now resume
their dying. The strike ol grave dig
gers in North Laurel Hill (5mietery
has collapsed because it was imposk
bleto get all of the grave diggers in
ill of the cemeteiies to demand and
insist on interments only in union
made graves.
That vanity way go beyond the
grave was illustrated a few days ago,
when a New York woman made the
dying request that her age be not re
vealed, no inscription of it even being
placed on her coffin or tombstone.
No doubt she will rest easier because
of having her great secret buried with
A department of physical culture
has been added to the Cook county
(Chicago) jail. After taking a course
under the "professor" who has been
employed at public expense, it is to
be expected that the discharged crooks
will be able to h->ld up or sand-bag a
victim with much greater grace and
When Barnum and Bailey's circus
was in England a season or two ago
Prrder Johnson, a clown, sent his
grandfather two tickets to the per
formance. A day or t
son reeivpeJ*4efesition that his
ad died leaving to him
a fortune o $150,000. The clown
-ays the tvd' ikets did it.
There is to be a shortage of the
maple sugar crop this year, according
to reports from Vermont. But that
will not- bother consumers a bit.
There will be just as much "maple
sugar" in the maiket as ever before
And for another matter, consumers
do not care so much for maple syrup
now as they used to before the advent
of Georgia cane syrup, which is a
more tasty and nutritous as well as
cheaper article.
IWe have been expecting it. The
story comes from Buffalo that Mrs.
Seth T. Paine, who became famous
by being mentioned in connection
with the Burdick mystery, will write
a book, and that a theatrical manager
has made Mrs. Burdick an offer to go
on the stage. How our stage would
be elevated if Roland Molineaux
would dramatize Mrs. Paine's book
to fit Mrs. B3urdick in the role of
The annual election of officers of
the United States Steel Corporation
will be held this montb. Notwith
standing all the talk there has been
about the retirement of Charles M.
Schwab from the presidency of 'the
-corporation, a director is quoted in
the New York EveninglPost as saying
that Mr. Schwab will be re-elected
without opposition, It-seems to be
the plan, however, to create a number
of vice presidencies, whose holders
will exercise supervision over certain
Idepartments and thus relieve Mr.
Schwab of much detail work
'We had the pleasure yesterday to
meet our old friend Col. Bill Neal.
He is as fat and rotund as ever and
seems to be enjoying life. Mr. Neal
has been a victim of circumstances,
but we like him. We like his style,
we like his treatment of his fellsws,
and wve wish him well, for he is do
-ing niore good niow in selling good
roads machinery than in any other
calling: and if he will but keep it up
he will have accomplished more in a
few years than most men who profess
to love their country but d-> a mighty
little to show their devotion-except
talk.-Gaffney Ledger.
It was of the late William H. Mil
brn, the blind preacher, chaplain of
the House and afterward of the Sen
ate, that William R Morrison once
said: "Mr. Milburn is a man who
Ifears God, hates the devil and votes
Ithe straight Democratic ticket." Mr.
Milurn's life illustrates what one can
do in the face of hardships. He was
totally blind before becoming of age,
but became a Methodist clergyman,
successful lecturer and author, keep
iing at his work until a few months
before his death, at the age of 80.
The newspapers were read to him
every day and he kept fully posted
on passing events.
Ordinarily the self respecting vege
table declines to produce one crop
above ground and another below it,
but at the University of Minnesota
experiment station a professor claims
to have been able to overcome this
Idisiclination of the vegetable king
dom to do double duty. He has a
number of potato plants upon which
he has grafted tomatoes, and asserts
hat both of the vegetables are doing
jely. The potato roots, he claims,
j~I compare favorably with those of
.x.s 4 to ne nron. while the
Pe..ru-na a Prompt and Permanent
Cure for Nervousness.
Mrs. Lulu Larmer, Stoughton, Wis.
"For two years I sired with ner
vous trouble and stomach dis6wlkers until
it seemed that there was nothik to .me
but a bundle of nerves.
"I was very irritable, could not sleeA
rest or compose myself, and was certain
ly unfit to take care of a household.
"I took nerve tonics and pills without
benefit. When I began taking Peruna
I grew steadily better, my nerves grew
stronger, my rest was no longer fitful,
and to-day I consider myself in perfect
health and strength.
" My recovery was slow but sure, but.
persevered and was rewarded by perfect
health."-Mrs. Lulu Larmer.
Mrs. Anna B. Fleharty, reoent Super
intendent of the W. C. T. U. headquar
ters, at Galesburg, Il.L, was for ten years
one of the leading women there. Hex
husband, when living, was first Presi
dent of the Nebraska Wesleyan Uni
versity at Lincoln, Neb.
In a letter written from 401 Sixty
seventh street, W., Chicago, Ill., she
"I would not be without Peruna for
ten times its cost."-M-rs.,-Arns' B.
erCatrrh," abook written by
Dr, Hartman on the subject of the ner
ous disturbances peculiar to summer,
sent free to any address by The Peruna
Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
In Washington some of the street
cars are being fitted with letter boxes,
into which pass ngers and others may
drop matter intended for the mails.
A Chicago labor union recently en
tered a protest against a similar
scheme, on the ground that it would
give such cars the protection of the
government in times of labor troubles
and prevent strikers from stopping
General Assembly of the Presbyterian
Church in the United States.
On account of the General Assem
bly of the Presbyterian churc-h in the
U. S. A., to be held at Los A ng*les,
California, May 21st to June 2d, 1903,
the Southern Railway will sell tic-kets
at greatly reduced rates to Los An
geles and San Francisco, Qal. Tick
ets will be sold May 2d and 11th to
17th, 1903, inclusive, with final return
init .July 15th. Stop overs will be
allowed in Colorado and all points
west thereof.
All information as to rates, sched
ues, etc., cheerfully furniishedt on ap
plication to any agent of the Southern
Railway, or,
RI. W. Hunt, D. P. A.,
Charleston, S. C.
W. H. Tayloe, A. G. P. A.,
Atlanta, Ga.
Rooster Trying to Hutch a Family.
At Wellsten, 0., Henry Ratliff,
living on the pike between Well
ston and Hamden, has 15 hens and
one rooster. During the past two
weeks the 15 hens each took a no~
tion to set, and as fast as they
showed this disposition Mr. Ratliff
provided them with nests and eggs.
[he rooster, deserted, wandered
about the place for two day's, and
then made himself a nest in the
hay. Mrs. Ratliff told her hnsband.
and, as an experiment, IMr. Ratliff
put 16 eggs in the nest, The roos
ter is attending strictly to business
and has been on the eggs now for
the past four days. The first hen
will be off with her chicks in a~
week and Ratliff is watching the
rooster with much cur.'sity to see
if he ieserts his post when this oc
More Fertilizer Being Used.
We notice from the reports that
the privilege tax for this year up to
the first of April had amounted to
$90,069.80 and the probability is it
will exceed $100,000. Last year it
was only $6.5,140.55. This amount
all goes to Clemson College for the
purpose, ostensibly, of paying for in
spection. This st-.iement indicates
that a great deal more fertilizer .is
being used this fear and that more
cotton is going to be planto-1. We
hope the seasons will be propitious
and that the farmers will realize
handsomely from the large quantity
of fertilizers that they are using.
I Cents
Eight cents a pound is
what a young woman paid for
twelve pounds of flesh.
She was thin and weak and
paid one dollar for a bottle of
Scott's Emulsion, and by tak
ing regular doses had gained
twelve pounds in weight before
the bottle was finished.
Eight cents a pound is
cheap for such valuable ma
terial. Some pay more, some
less, some get nothing for
their money. You get your
money's worth when you buy
Scott's Emulsion.
ewillm senr1 you a -little
Eonor Re,1 of IIe Pickens Graded School
for Mouth of Apr1l. 1903.
Jaret Bolt 97, Sydney Druce 97,
Robert Baker 95, Furman Pace 95,
Nlarv Pri, cc 95, Ahsalown Talley 95,
Eugene Yungue 94, Ralph aester 92,
Earle Hughes 90, Loiie Jennings
DO, ' olviu Smith 90.
Ellen Len is 98, MIeda Boggs.97, Inez
Morris 97, Edna Earle 95, Mattie
Lewis 95, Alerta Yohgae 95, Rub%
Baker 92, Fay McHu'gfi 92, Essie
Freeman 90.
Lucia Earle 94, Evie Smith 94,
Clifford LewiQ 93, George Prince 93,
Mary Lewis 92, Eugene TaUey 91.
May McFall 93, Belle Ybngue 93,
Douglas Yongue 92, Eva Holder 90,
LaMar Lewis 90.
Firra GRADE.
Hagood Bruce 95, Wyatt Jenninr
95, Pati Major 93, Charlie Robinson
93, Ottis Keith 91, Grace Prinre 90,
Sam Curtis 90, Christine Sutherland
90, Sam Ashmure 90, Rufus Durham
ra McFall 97. Eva Ea le 97, John
nie re 95, Maka B.,gs, 94,'Gladys
auli '94, Ira Boggs 93, Dick.Free
man 93Frmuran \l M erris .93, Ethel
Jenkins 91, <urman H.lder 91, Emily
Friday 90. 7
Floride Cmrey 97, die Anthony
97, Eileen Taylor 95, kate Hester 94,
Ola Belle Ricey. 94, Roy (randy 90,
Corrio LaB )ou 90, J,.y Robinson 90.
Gnssic Cureton 97, 'Vesta Ashmore
L G, Bvr ta Bridges 95, James Carey,
jr., 95, Thomas Garrett 95, Nellie
Grandy 94, Lala Garrett 94, Hattie
E trle 92, Edua Hester 91, Pearla
Hester 90.
N2is. GRADE.
Cecil Hester 94, Heoey Earle 92,
Edwin Earle 90.
Cheap Rates to New
Orleatns, La., via
On accouit of the Confederate
Veterans' Reunion, to be held at
New Orleans, La., May 19th to
'22nd, 1903, the SOUTHERN
RAILWAY will sell round-trip
tickets from all points to New Or.
leans, La. and return, at rate of
one cent per mile distance traveled.
Tickets will be on sale May 19th to
21st, inclusive, with final date to
leave New Orleans without valida
ion May 24th, 1903. Original
purchasers of such tickets may
secure an extension of the limit to
June 15, 1903, by depositing tickets
with the Special .Agent at New
Orleans not earlieithan May 19th
or later than May 24th, upon pay
ment of a fee of fifty cents.
The Southern =Riilway offers
convenient schedu-les and most ex
cellent service, and every effort
will be made to assure Veterans
and their friends attending the
Reunion a most pleasant and comn
fortable trip. Unsurpassed Pull
man accommodations will be af
orded, and the service in every
respect will be all that could 'be
desired. Full information and
particlars as to schedules, etc.,
will be cheerfully furnished on ap
plication hy any Agent of the
Soutern Railway, or,
Division Pass. Agent.
.Charleston, S C.
Asst. Gen.- Pans. Agt.
Atlanta, Ga.
Fat Field
makes a fat purse.
A fertilizer without
is not complete.
our books are complete treatises
on fertilizers, written by
men who know.'
Write for them.
New .ork
Deferred Publications.
Mr. Bacon-I notice all of the
articles of that woman which are
now appearing in this magazine are
about things which happened years
and years ago.
Mrs. Bacon-Perhaps she gave
the articles to her husband to mail.
-Yonkers Statesman.
His Badly Chosen Phrase.
"Don't you think that young
Hunker wants to marry Miss Dol
lyers -for her money?" asked Ho
"I think so," replied Tomdik. "I
heard him say that he loved her
for all she was worthYi-Judge.
Plants and Anasshetica.
Ether and chloroform~, so useful
in sending men to sleep, have the
very opposite effect on plants, which
are stimulated to the greatest possi
ble activity by these drugs. In Den
mark and Germany advantage has
been taken of this fact to force flow
ers in rooms and glasshouses and to
make them bloom out of season.
similating thefod andeg ula
ting the Stomnachs andLaowcls of
Promotes Digesiion.Cheer!- F.
ness andRest.Contains neither
Opium,Morpin nor Nineral.
Aperfeci Remedy forConstipa
Tion, Sour Stomch,Diarrhoea
ness and Loss CF- SLEEP.
FacSimite Signature oF
er'10S kpsi
Malaria and poison
A g e C r edySper
Ague vreisPr
Costs Oaly 25 ca'
2rma 5 cents to C,
tith ou baby whe he was butaer yon nt as
t It was useful In teething trulsand Its effect ha
b"aense*"' t u"po".T e Iuse e'ru *not"ng
w tako peasure in recommendnItoou frends it
Land For Sale.
In leES than one-half mile of thi
corporate limnita of the town of Pick
ens; on which is a line water powei
on Town Creek. Fine grove around
shoal and sihty or eighty acres of fine
farming land. Pumpkiutown, Peter'
Creek, Eastatoe and Greenville roadh
crosses on head of shoal. Easy ol
access. B3. Holder,
12mtf. Pickens, S. C.
- Notices of Final Settlement.
I aill apply to J. B3. Newbery Prob.
ate Jndge of Pickens County on the 28t1L
day of May, 1903, for a final apttlement
with my ward, Hattie Hnrris, :and asi
to be dismised as gaardiLn.
James A. Hendricks,
apr30td - Guardian.
. A. Mxronai. -r. J. XAULDiN. IVY 3. XAULDIN
Prettee in all the courts. Prompt attentlor
given to all business. Office always open. j84
To Mothers In Towan.
Children who are delicate, feverish and crosa
will get immediate relief from Mother Gray'
weet Powders for Children. They cleanse thi
stomach, act oin the liver, making a sickly chilc
strong and healthy. A certain cure for worms
Sold by all druggists, 25c. Sample free. Ad
dress. Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy. N. Y.
Beaatl ~The Kind you Have Always Bought
- e
e E d
For infants and Children.
he Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
- A
Fvr Over
Tbirty Years
ive specific for bilious fever,
, chills and fever, "Malarial
ng, malarial debility, malarial
sia, dumb ague. .
P ertiir an Eat'
PIT' Cures CloIiera-Iafatas,
Aidsat n
.. MOFFETT, M. D., ST. L.OUiS, MO.
yuar a 'm h snaIn Chr s-estnousenger.)JS
bon f R oesidy entudsfrm nes
y In thmmos n Pnt lt e a te Cig ouere. e, n
ompslintPrve .I
T. Clin smal owe, artiin.
PowellA. Aeander, Jo
Naon eident Smmo Akn.
CLuatyhie ikenole. ikn
Math Commnprm PleO elt,
T.Clian Powell, Cter li-e
Powell, OMieA Powelandr Li
ceph Powell.WilmPoe,
artuienanswe owemlaini
Chsain, whisled initheAofficeo
PoClerk ofmrtoiek ouny and o
en oy oell. nwe o ad o
plait onthetesuscrieantsei.fc
TOy aTE EENDANThrSo, abousve
fandqire to answer the complaint inh
tie actoea, he pistid in thisfficeof
serve apoy of yhour answr the reief coe
pante on theh bcripl sait terofc
atcens ACp. , . . witi03. nt
fa Morganrh maint &wMthlin.th
tim afresidtheplaintiff'i s Ations
minors~pi o the Cgof furtherelie (14)
youe procure ompuslvesnt.eapit
me ogaan adlie to represnt
mors oin th agsof outeten (14)
dys after service of this summons upon
you, the plaintiff will apply to the court
Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
Plhintiffs Att~arneys.
April, 1 A. D. 1903.
yAo Joseph Powell and William Pow
el, absent defendants:- Take ntte
that the complaint and the summons of
which the foregoing is a copy-were filed
inm nlemfc of the COrk c.f Court, Piek
Ne are always
'lad to see you
-buying the b
The best is the cheapest. It is economy to buy t e
We like to sell the best because the best always gives sati
This applies to all classes of goods
Stoves, Axes, Saws, Table and Pocke
Cutlery, Hammers, Hand Saws &
as well as to
Shoes, Hats, Clothing, Jeans; Sheetings, Checks,
Yarns, Drills, Oil Cloths,
and hundredsof other useful alticlas which we always
REMEMBER! Good goods cost but little' more
shoddy goods. Call in, look through our stock in its,
lines and give us your valued business. Our stock is now
plete in every way.
W. T. McoFAL
Yes, we are going to continue the business foun
We are pleased to state that our stock is larger
complete than ever before. If you- need a Cook
Range, we have Brand New Patterns for you to choos
The Box Oven is the latest style of stove. Come and
In the past we have sold PAINT and OIL to a riu
very particular folk. The result 'Was satisfactory,
and the buyer. We want YOUR patronage in t
nation; we have both.
Best of Sheet Metal work executed on short noti
are offering splendid bargains in China,.Agate, Tin an
Goods. Awaiting your inspection of our stock, we ar
-Yours truly,.
We~ havi bought the largest and mnost comnp'Cte stock of flelia
chnhse this Fall that we have ever Carlried, ~th the greatet att
in New Goods and! Low Prices. We invite a conarison with an
in South Carolina in Styles, Quality, Qiantity n i IPrice. We
lead the procession this Fail and will not he und -old by anyt
,-I b ei n to buy at Richey's when you .a
pretty good:> anat thec priCces, and it certainly ill pay yoo.
save<I is a d.dlla , '-Do your t radng at Ri e's and save t
We cant showv yog - values in1 oods in Blank a
all Grades nd Prices, en' . .. lannels in Plain a;:d F-~
elegant line of Dressee and Trimings-special valoes.
We make a speciahty of our Shoec Department. We have t'.
grades for Lntdien, Men an.! Children. The best mtakes from~ tht
act orics in America. Buy your Shoes from us and you will be
We guarantee satisfact ion.
Ocod Calicoes. Good Out ings, Good Red Flannel, best y'
White Horrespun, h'e-t Canton Flannel, best Cihecked Homespun.
Ni) ntter what [rices are quoted you we will sell you--for
For Cut Piices to suit the Dull Season on
A Full line of
Canned Goods, Pickles, Oat Meal,
Cakes, Candies, Fruits, Nats,. Tea,
Molasses. The Best Cheese o
Used and recommended by all the Stock and Poultry raiser.
Country Produce
in Exchange for
Gu aratn to tyes orders for our new
New 1903 N
2ellise,' Complete
"Cossck,"Guaranteed High Grtde
"Sierin," A Beauty $$
s" ledr, Road Race -1
*no better bicycl at any price.
*usual pr-ice. Choice of any standard tires
equipment on all our bicycles. Btrongest
We 8111? ON APPROVAL.C. 0. D. ta
w tithout a cent dXeposic and allow to DAYSj
TRILbfr rcaes in
300 SecondHand
takenintrade by our Chicago retail, stores.

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