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d Be gAe en'onable
- ter&d at pogee ax SeeondCIM
Thursday, Nay 7, 194
an article last week from the
eowee" Courier, signed "C," our
~mmisbnndr; A. J. Welborn, takes
ex t 3ons. Mr. Welborn says the
facteianthe case are these: "Soper
o Stephens conld not go and Com
nissioners Welborn and Talley met
Suipervisor MeAlister and Commis
sioner Zachery at the Old Pickens
near Bennett Hill's, for the
~rpoe- t; Mfr(Weiborn
the iddig; Mr. S. frih
' at $3%76 this,Seeerd.
to Mr. Welborn's thiaking, was
talking the matter over,
-t;and MAlister,),deci
the contract; Meklister
ii off and-juggles with
backgnd at the see
_,_'di g..,Wchardson's bid was
Mr. Welborn claims to have
the "eagle eye" that 'C 'said
14eAA'tw's. -This settles the
so far as we are concern
-There was no "collusions" or
akeofs," and Mr. Welborn's ex
s atsin seems to clear away all the
7 this connection, we will state a
f the authority for which is Com
n isoner A. B.Tally. The pier
(which was afterward relet) t the
bridge was accepted by the two sup
ervisor', Messrs McAlister and Steph.
aanId hen Messrs Tally and Wel
- ot te ridge they
-dinement, according to specifi
but s : n the out
side in cewe"- they A.
-it.ijweget time, for the infor
Th.is conrset faS e at $376
we for repairi-ag the Cld Piekens
id go.3zr or ubaili pier under
..e pier'ta :a s njud~7 by Messrs.
2i3.' mi Weidy' was fjr the bridge
acros Keou 2'tren' ford, on-the
Oconee side of the Keowee.
7N o far thisahas been a remarkable
yearin South Carolina in the way of
the taalsmn of small cotton
-seed oil miltR and in the ibere e of
capitat atbek of cotton mills.
Governor Heyward's selection of
Gen, Wilie Jones to fill the vacancy
on the State Board of Control is a
opose. He is aman of fine char
~ nd thorough business train
SThe Jacksonvile(Fla.) Times
Union makes this good point about
~ood roads: "If it isgood iolicy for
t~cty to bond itself for pavements,
ys it not good policy for a state
~~o pend some money, even if it has
>jo ssuebonds, for good roads!"
Boston is enjoying a new and de.
Ightful sensation. A genius of that
city has set some of Walt Whitman's
most jagged poems to music. After
this it would not be surprising to
hear that Boston had done a barbed
wire fence into an oratorio.
Atlanta's $80 per month bank clerk
who embezzled $94,000 gets six years
in the penitentiary for his stealing.
That makes his penal servitude count
up at a little better than $15,000 per
year, or about fifteen times as much
as he was able to earn as a bank
A Chicago dispatch says that Mrs.
Luetgert, wife of the Chiersgo sausage
maker, who was supposed to have
been murdered by her husband and
possibly worked up into frankfurters,
had been discovered at Spartanburg,
S. C. Maybe Tom- Collins, Charlie
Ross and ths man that struck Billy
Patterson are with her.
In Utah a girl who had been
asleep for fifty-seven days was awak
ened the other day by being doused
with cold water. Physicians had
tried electrical currents and other ex
pedients without success, when final
ly the inspiration of the water cure
occurred to somebody and it proved
to be the right thing.
The United States Steel Corpora
tion has acquired extensive mineral
lands in the Birmingham district, a
few miles distant from that city. The
understanding is that it will erect
four furnaces and a big steel mill on
the land at a cost approximating $10,
000,000. The trend of new iron and
steel mills appears to be towards the
any semaSI annare are siekly.
j ankOwm seeIoowder3 for Chaldren,
~~k-umMO~snSi mboum e Fe
The Charleston exposition claias
have been- at last settled at, 65 cents
yn the dollar. Capt. F. W. Wagener,
who spent $140,000 for the exposi
Ion, gets back $95,000.
The State sumier school will be:
ield in Winthrop Cohege, Rock Hill,
from June 23d to July 22d. The
rery best of instructors will be se
eured and-excelleut courses of .study
will be provided.
The managers of the Southern
Optton Oil Company are renewing its
:6-tracts with the small mills over
the State upon expiration of the pres
eut ones. In 'some instances the
plantsare enlarged and new machin
ery put in.
.,Spea7g of the destruction of
timber in tre-State by the lumber
companies, a prcmineiat lumber man
says that- some of the largest compa
nies are cutting tiinber in accord
ance with the- best plans for forest
conservation; in cther words are tak
ing out the ripe timber and leaving
that which is young, recognizing the
fact that their timber lands ca r_-fus
mba M-P 3-nipnent invetment.
A. C. Sims, writing. from some
place, postoffice or State not given,
tthe Home and Farm, says he tried
a little experimental work. He set
apart 51 acres. One acre in Kansas
orn, an early corn, made 20 bushels
with $15.. One acre in velvet beans
made vines in abundance, but no hay
DrMoney. One acre in watermeloas
brought in $80 besides many melons
ror his family and given to neighbors,
Dne acre in eweet potatoes, 100 bush.
els, $50. One acre in cotton, 500
pounds in the seed, $12. One-half
acre ribbon cane, 117 gallons, $58.60.
The melons led; next came ribbon
cane, or an acre in cane would have
made $117.00.
Cleveland (0.) society is standing
agape becaus Oen.-J. Warren . Kei
fer,- rmerly Speake- of the.Hwusc
of~ Repre -. .. es and la.er cow
.. der of a division in the Seventh
Arrey Corps of the Spanish war; in
sists- on wearing -a full dress suit at
all hours of the day-morning, noon
t an eminent
-Ifashion of
i' e -s ,~breakfast
was in the
- -1 dress be.
fore-no~ :.-- mfor Chica
go, has Cleveland any right to object
to the custom?
A football enthusiast of the Illinois
Unitersity-has collecdted data -of -the
game from sixty American colleges.
He finds that about 10 per cent. of
the boys who enter college. succeed
in getting on the football teams. Of
the 22,766 who played the game last
year 654 sustained injuries that
caused them to lose time from their
studies, and one was killed. Thus
far in the last ten years one man out
of every 2,846 players has been in
jured. The percentage of chat~ces of
injury to a player is about 1 to 35.
Opinions of college professors as re
gards the value of football is 27.3 to
1 in favor of the game... Aecident in
surance statistics indicate that many
other sports are more dangerous than
The first exciting show one the .St.
Louiis Exposition grounds occurred a
day oi- two aio. It- was altogether
impromptu, nevertheless it was high.
ly -dramatic and thrilling while it
lasted. The chief actor .was Maj. H.
C. C-orbin, who is to be grand mar
hal of the parade. Gen. Corbin was
walking alone in the grounds -making
an inspection and thinking over the
splendor of the parade when a com
mnon, plebeian, yellow dog slipped up
and nabbed him by the 1o02. The1
warrior tried to shake him of,; but
the dog was persistent. It wasn't
every day that he got a c-ha nce to
pinch the legs of a ceebrity and he.
wvas going to make the most of the
>pportunity. Finally the dog slack
id his grip to get a better hold,
whereupon the major general, whiose
xperience 'in -hostilities has taught
rim when to make a master-ly re
reat,.took to his heels. Eye witniess
a declare that th.e dog d id his best,
out the major general out-ran him in
a fair race and reached the emergency
deadquarters some rods in the lead.
rhe general's lacerated leg was cau
erized and the surgeon told him he
had nothing to fear. At last advices
the log was doing as well as could
be expected under the circumstan
Notice of Election.
The voters of each school district
f this County are requested to meet
at their respective school houses on
May the 9th, 1903, for'the purpose or
electing three trustees to serve from
July 1st, 1903, to .July 1st, 1905.
The members of the present boards
of trustees will -act as managers. The
clerk of the. board.- is. requested to
send to this office the result of the
election on the following day. It is
of the utmost importance that tvery
one that is interested in education
and the welfare of their school dis
tricts should turn out and vote, for
good trustees means good school
By order of County Board of Edu
cation. R. T. Hallumn,
County Supt. Education.
B' A. XOBGAN. T. J7. XArLD Ivy x. xXAIrD
Jame Taylor oL.vIcted and Iecommend
ed to M.ercLife mprisor,m-nt.
Fraik fort, Ky., Special.-The
jury in the case of James Howard,
accused of murdering Gov. Goebel.
after reporting, couldn't agree.
Jury was sent back and Iater
renderind a veirdict of guilty wit
recommendation to- life imprisoti
Irued Ouw
I was very poorly and could
hardly get about theA hou's. 1 ws
tired out all the time. Then I tried
Ayer's Sarsaperilla, a:;d it Cl1
took two bottles to make me feC
perfectly well."-Mrs. N. S. Swin
ney, Princeton, Mo.
FTred when you go to
bed,'tired when you get
U all the time.
\ ay? Your blood is im
pure, that's the reason.
You are living on the
border line of nerve ex
haustion. Take Ayer's
Sarsaparilla and be%
quickly cured. :
Ask your doctor what ho thin%-s of Ayer'3
sarsaparilla. He knowit all aboutthis grand
old family medicine. Follow his advico and
we will be satis ned.
.C.AmCo., Lowell, TIzs&
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
Be good to your land and your crop
will be good. Plenty of
in the fertilizer spells quality 3.1
and quantity in the har
Vest. Write us and
we will send you,
free, by next mail,
our money winning
books. s. s,
93 Nassau Street, \
New York.
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Court.
Complaint not Served.
M, F. Hester, Plaintiff,
T. Clingman Powell, Catherine
Powell, MaryA. Alexander, Jo
seph Powell. William Powell,
Hampton Aiken, Mary Aiken,
Leathie Aiken, Conley Aiken,
Martba Aiken,Ephri.'m Powell,
Calvin Powell, Piek Allison
Powell, Om)ile Powcll, Liceny
Powell and Emiline Anderson,
and required to answer the c->mplaint in
this notion, which is filed in the office of
Cerk of Court of Pickens county and to
serve a copy of your answer to said com
plaint on thethe subscribers at their office
at Pickens, C. H., S. C. wvitbin twenty
days after the service hereof, exclusive
of the day of such service; and if you
fail to answer the complaint within the
time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this :tction
will apply to the Conit for the relief de
manded in the complaint.
Dated Apr. 1, A. D. 1903.
. SEALI . C. C.P.
Morgan, Mauldin & Maiuldin.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To Omnie Powell and Martha Aike i
minors over the ages of fourteen (14)
years defendents: Take notice that unless
you procure for yourselves the appoint.
ment of a guardian ad litem to represent
you in this action within twenty (20)
dys after service of this summons upon
you, the plaintiff will apply to the court
to have such gua.rdian ad litem nppoint
:Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
Plaintiffs Attorneys.
.April, I A~. D. 1903.
To Joseph Powell and William Pow
el, and Emiline Anderson absent de
fendants:- Take notice that the
ompaint and th:, summons of
whichl the foregoing is a copy were 'iled
in the office of :he Clerk of Co art, Piek.
ens county on the 1 (lay of Apt il 1 A. D.
Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Apr. -1. A. D 1903.- -
-Notice io Debtors and'cditors.
aities having claims against the
estate of Dr. J. J. Morgan, deceased.will
present the same properly attested to
the undersigned for payment by the fir'st
day of July. 1903. Those indebted to
the said estate must make r ayment t>
J. K. Lathem,
B. A. Morgan,
.Notice of Final Se ttlem ent.
I will apply to J. B. Newbery Probate
Judge for Pickens county on the 11th
day of June 1903 for a final settlement
with my wards, Nora Rebecca Edens,
Margaret Edens and Kate Vilanta Edens
and ask to be dismissed as guardian.
A. K. Edens,
m7w4. . Guardian.
Notices of Final Settlement.
I will apply to J. B3. Newbery Prob
ate Judge of Pickens County on the 28th
day of May, 1903, for a final settlement
with my ward, Hattie Harris, arnd ask
to be dismised an'giaadiarn.
James A. Hendricks,
api30td Gnardian.
Sick Headache ?
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Appetite poor? Bowers
consipated? Tongue coated?
It's your liver! Ayer's Pills
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pepsia, biliousness.
25c. All diggists.
want vour Lmo'ustache or heard a beautiful
brown or r.ch bdc Thluse -
One of lndiana's Us
-"I Feel Like
V . .. . . . .
Mr. John W. Meng,-54 Jefferson AT
of Indianapolis Business College, writA
"I firmly believe. that I owe my fin
change of food and water wrought ha
suffered with indigestion and catarrhi
to do -was to give up my oempatioa9
an ad. of Perzn5AS &specf for caW
it faithfully 16r six weeks, when Jie
and I seemed like a new man. I ham
time, and occasionally take a *W os
Johin.W. Meng.
. [HE most common phases of eumme
catarrh are catarrh of the stoinac
and bowels. Perusa is a speci' fe
summer catarrh,. :
Hon. Willis nrewe, Representativ
in Congress' froi It'bama, writes .t
following letter to Dr. rman.- 4
...4 Aprese~ntati.eC,,%
The Peruna Medieinez ., Columbus, b:
Gentlemen-" I have used one bott
of Peruna for assitude,"and I take plea
ure in recommendingt"it to those. wb
W;I Oak,
nt adand
Will pay SPOT C
lar, Ash or Walnu
man to receive th<
-point. They will
market price. Wr
you-.haue-ig the wa
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stock of Jewelry, Watches
Clocks, Cuff Buttons, Brooche
&c. A few sets of Silve
Knives and Forks, Tea Sets
Repairing prompty don
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Og Idlison'sstoe~room r
the Lithem Block, Egley, S. C
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Machines and Organs
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y our produce to. .. .
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f ore. Bring me y.>ur
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* ow and anythingyou .
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"'I pay dash or Trade.
fWould that we tould
with th strength o a munflo Wt***
- CURES eaan C '
eful Educators Says:
a New Man."
.. G.
e., Indimanapolis, Ind., State Representative
i health to Peruna. Consrant travel and
voc with my stomacb, and for months I
Df the stomach. Ifel that the only thing
'hkh I felt very reluctant to do. Seeing
arrh I decided to give it a trial, and used
wad that my troubles had all disappeared
* a bottle of Perua In my grip all the
s which keeps me In excellent health."
*r need agqod remedy. A a tonic it is ex
h 6lle"t'. In the short time I have used
ir it it -has done me a great deal of good."
Willis Brewer.
'a- e.' If you do not derive prompt and satis
e factory results from the use of Peruna,
.writs at onc to Dr. Hartman, giving, a
fullstAtemdatof:your case and he wil
be.pleased to give you his -7aluable ad
;ice gratis.
e'-Address Dr. Hartman, President of
t- The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
o .Ohioi.
Ash . . nm P
30. Atlanta, Ga,
ASH Tor Oak, Pop
t. They will send a
lumber at loading'
pay you the highest
ite them stating what ~,
PANY, Atlanta, Ga,
Jim Dumps wa:
Who lived his i
He'd never:
But trudged
Till " Force" "ori
Since then the;
. - Nver Tires of It.
"I am considerably advanced tow
S of age. I have of late been almost re
use of your very excellent preparation
rightly designated as 'Force.' Ner
Costs Only 25 cen
ME~ndOr mail 25 cents to C.
NC,2o261 1900.-Iwas flst advisdbh
tith our be7whon he was but avery young infant, as a
Laer it was useful in teething'troubles, and its effecthas
tat are cosqus po the use of drugs and uoothing s:
shldriih,.as oneof the necessities when there is anew bal
we take pleesure in .ecomamenn it toonr friends instel
bhr quiet. HATWELIX. A.YEE, C
1,, I.- -
A Fine Building and Good System I
Under Efficient Managemen t.
With two dairy school terms held
during one year and each one success
ful MIinnesota may well be credited
with turning out a good many butter
makers, says Creamery Journal. Pre
ylously the dairy school has been in
session durxig the month of January,
but the ordcer has been so changed as
to hold the session late in the fall, ter
minating just before Christmas. Here
after there will be but one term of four
weeks annually, beginning the litter
part of November.
The Minnesota Dairy school was
founded In is8S, with Professor
I'aecker, the king of 'Minnesota's dai
rying dominions, is principal, in con
junction with the School of Agriculture.
It Is but a part and parcel of the Uni
versity of 'Minnesota and is subject to
such rules and regulations as govern
the different departments of that great
Institution. The School of Agriculture
of Minncsota has attracted the atten
tion of the agricultural world to a
marked degree, and the dairy school
has certa inly accomplishcdJ its full
share In establishing the excellent rep
utation 'which this institution enjoys.
The situation of the school Is a well
chosen one, comnbining the rural and
metropolitan nadvantages necessary to
the maintenance of such an institution
most happily.
The term of four weeks known as
the dairy schoco1s regular course is In
tended for creamery hutter makers. The
work of the school codsisrs of lectures
and prtical work In tlhe- creamery,
the forenoon being- devoted to talks on
creamery work In general, lectures on
chemistry and bacteri'ology, cream
ripening, the butther maker's relation
with his -patrois, etc., and the after
noon to practical work In, the cream
ery, where milk is received and sepa
rated, where the starters are propa
gated and the cream ripened and
churned. The instructors In the school,
who aie engaged for only the four
eeks' session, are assisted in the work
by the regular specalsts at the state
farm, who deliver interesang and in
Sothpiy.tmI 1lig
thMdiry schoularlateulam course isach
teded forll creme e mks. Towe
worsam ofdrdb the same iisso lre
tay. pratialwri the mikecrmertd
nt foepoon beiing afvte -ou alkeo
craeywoIheeBs rs rtio lectre oa
cheistry a bariolgra
Cilsndg tiers btte ofaGer's rlTionr
wit sL pTos Itc.,iml and e inie
nn tseo fpract.a or iueno tay. criem
ateds anfh rieam ripne ad
fhed aheminctrsa n. tescol
woo a fengd oly thie fu
adwees senrvedassti t hohim
byl thim regular sp Jaistm." hestt
rucieigt ecrs onterpriua
lie of wor,.
ETTk eglrya thresamieeafchas
day eqally b te Bowlkns, cos
the Cradb hel sandmik
er. MfossiE. Mil qu S.i.Ul, utO.n
ur Ge f aml tha ilk hareh timue, tdo
rvntikee oroind storipin afste tyuhe ah
-sThawhveB comsto resritio after aththe
ille s and everi ah ten obe ae over and
fte orr a t themt pl any epeuetoke hi
anagefr ail fimendwly Tsmessne.
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which Ias
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signatare
. and has been made under his.e
sonalsupervision since Its
Allowno one todeeeive yeuin
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as good'are
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the healh
Infants and Children-Experience against
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor 00,
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is PenMe
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other N
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destrys W
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhea and W
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regultes
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural
'The Children's Panacea-The Mothereg Friend.
Bears the Signiture of
The Kid YoII H1RN ays
In Use For Over 30 Year.
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Black Kiu~ Shoe Polish
A1pI Liquid Shoe ioilih.
Country Produce
in Exchange for
Muscles aching, bones breaking, str
failing. That's Malaria! The r
Ayer's Malaria and Ague Cure.
We are always
Clad to see you
--buying the b
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This applies to all classes of goods
Stoves, Axes, Saws, Table and Pocket
Cutlery, Hammers, Hand Saws & H
as well as to -
Shoes, Hats, Clothing, Jeans, Sheetings, Cheeks, -"
Yarns, Drills, 01l Cloths,
and hundredsof other useful aiticles which we always hay
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shoddy goods. Call in, look through our stock in its
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plete in every way.
W. WjcjA
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