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adge Fessteen f. Bas'sa's it
a "frud on the- commity. to al
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er maiden. name, where. there is a
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It is a mistake- to -suppose. that- Mr.
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The eqar i -willingh to
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jiEn is "the most -ditiguished
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that. Mr., Cleveland se s
then shouldn't
-24466 Its bet
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is win t take tW.agr se into
- labor unions, nor can. they per
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Is nthot the Tennssiee
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aofthe rcsiatiflino the
en~'th requiring a column
in short, the Tennessee
"played up big" in cn.~
ow the very much rnort'
~nstter of the ras--::~ :fl
*.Pennsylvania some days ag
aW-orely afflicted with rheumatisu
sured by being stung ly bees
A1ittlesrsica and dampened tobacc
leaves cured the bee stings, and th
man was all right. In New York
few days later a man who si ffere
from epilepsy was cured of that ail
, Pent by being bitten by a mai dog
The Pasteur treatment cured the dol
bite, and this man is now well a8
happy. Whether these instances ar
ot value to science is an open quei
tion, nevertheless, they are interes
Out in Missouri the papers spea
frankly, especially if the subject i
politics. In more polite parts of th
world it is the custom to make sue
hints as in the following item onl
regarding persons of another race c
nationality, not of friends and neigl
bors. "The Centralia Courier" ha
just rapped a successful candidat
over the head in the following iter
in praise of the defeated man. "Pro
Green of Sturgeon is a clean, abl
master of the science of pedagogic
He would have made a splendi
school commissioner, but, alas! he i
a man who bathes and wears stox
clothes and hold himself up like
man. Hard to elect any one wb
takes his baths regularly."
Connecticut has developed one
the most picturesque prevaricatoi
that has broken into the public prini
for some time. The other day b
3ld to several of the New York newi
papers a story-alleged news story
of a pond in the midst of a tamarac
swamp near Warren, that "rose fro'
its bed 100 feet in the air and the
dropped back again to its origini
place with a terrific crash." In pro
of this assertion of the feat of th
athletic pond, the corresponder
points to the fact that Jim AngeviE
came home with his clothes wet, a.
sering that he had been sprinkle
by the high jumping body of watei
The auto 'ies ought-certai I '.
vestigate of booze that i
bein pensed in Connecticut.
in Memorlum.
"cWe are Aeeping for our loved on,
Who so bravely passed from sigh
On our hearth stone rests a shadoi
And our home has lost a light."
Passed from earth's suffering f
eternity-the great beyond-on tb
morning of April 27, Dr. J. J. Mo:
gan, at his home at Dacusville, S. C
He was 42 years. old, and the thir
son of Mr. B. F. and-Mrs. M.kA
Morgan. In early life, having all tb
benefits of a liberal education he chos
medicine as his profession. He grai
ated with honor from the Baltimor
Medical College and returned. to hi
howe to practice. On the 3d of Del
1890 be was most happily marriedt
Miss Elinor Lathem; Six cbildre
bessed this union, two of whom pri
ceded their father to a better work
He is stirvived by his devoted wift
four children and six brothers an
sisters, as follows:' James H., Mar
A., and B. A. Morgan, of Greenville
rs. Florence Griffin and Mrs. R. A
Bowen, of Pickens, and Mrs. Jepth
N. Morgan, of Central. He was tt
stay of a devoted mother and widov
ed sister, both of whom had passe
on before. The little church yar
now seems doubly dear since it col
tals the caskets of so many of 01
loved ones. It is a bright sunny apo
Dr. Morgan had been ill for tu
years aad though for this length
time unable to pursue his belove~d vi
cation, his passing away created
profound sense of bereavement, n<
only to his devoted family, but to tl
whole community. He had lived hei
all his life and had grown into oi
hearts and homes. A man of an ui
usually high order of attainment, d
voted alike to his profession and tl
highest good-he filled a place not
ad ever filled before, and the vacan<
in the affections of the people ca
never be filled again.
To one who knew him as did il
writer, it is a most difficult task 1
tell his good traits, because words at
such poor things they wvill not portra
the real hen: t beats nor can they e:
press the sentiment of love thi
bursts out when the angel of deal
has visited us. Those who ha'
talked with Dr. Morgan, laughed
his inimitable jokes, wept under Ul
sorrows he tried to lighten, or hai
in any way been associated with hi
will feel that the heart sinks whao
they realize that no more on earl
will we see him. Young and old w
whisper stories of his love and kin
nss to them while he ministere
among us. They will miss that cou
teous mein, that gentlemanly cultur
te unfailing smile of gladness an
words of joy and comfort that sto
into our hearts 'ere we were awa;
and will not fade away.
He lived an open. simple, genero1
life among his fellow men. In h
home he was a kind affectionate *so:
broter,- husban 1 and father. I
exemplified in these home relatior
the noblest traits of Christian mal
The vast coneourse of all class<
and conditions of men who assemble
at his funeral was a eloquent test
mony of the esteem in which he w.
held. No one in real distress ev
appealed to Dr. Morgan in vain, ar
eternity alone can reveal the full frt
tion of the noble generous deeds. I
stood in his community a miarkt
man for all that was good and rigl
He was a wan of great heart a!
strong friendship. and so did his pr
feston weigh upon his sympathi
that no doubt his continued practi,
after his strength began to fa; cause
him much suffering. He was ev
unselfish and his loving ministrati':
will be sadly missed. His liberali
and large heartedness and kindne
have left an enduring impression, n
only on his home circle, bat his cor
munity, his State, his nation. I
did his work not that he mighti
eulogized, but that the world wig
be made happier and better and tu
ther advanced in all that makes for
ue. high, noble civilization. E
r&L and culture would have w<
nma and honor aniywhei
the associates of his youth and thus
uplift his fellowman. But God had a
higher work for .im and toik liim
unto Himself. He rests and his!
works do follow him. He has left us
a memory of a simple, earueat, hell?
ful life-the only truly great life -
For this we will ever thank God.;
Always cheerful, always kind, he
was a de)l.ight and help to us all.
He is gone into the world of light,
S Aid we alone sit lingering bere,
His very memory is pure and bright,
e And our sad thoughts doth cheer.
After all "death is the crown of
d life." This change is necessary in
order to live with Him who is "the
way, the truth, an I the life." "I am
k come that they might have life and
s that they might have it more abund
antly." So he has left us to possess
"that more abundant life." The "sil
ver cord" that bound him to his
Y earthly life "being loosed" bis spirit
r passed into the realms of eternity.
"Oh! how sweet it will be in that
a beautiful land,
"'o freejrom all sorrow and pain,
With songs on our lips ani harps in
our hands,
To meet one another again." L.
Quick Arrest.
J. A. Gulledge of Verbena, Ala. was
twice in the hospital from a severe case
8 of piles causing 24 tumors. After doc
tors and all remedies failed, Bucklen's
e Arnica Salve quickly arrested further
a inflammation and cured him. It con
0 quers aches and kills pain. 25c. at the
Pickens Drug Co., Druggists.
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Court.
e Complaint not Served.
M, F. Hester, Plaintiff,
k T. Clingman Powell, Catherine
a Powell, Mary A. Alexander, Jo
seph Powell. William Powell,
0 Hampton Aiken, Mary Aiken,
Leathie Aiken, Conley Aiken,
Martha Aiken,Ephriaim Powell,
f Calvin Powell, Pick Allison
e Powell, Oije Powell, Liceny
Powell and Emiline Anderson,
and required toonswer the complaint in
this action, which is- i +
Clerk of Court of Pickens county and to
s serve a copy of your answer to said com
plaint on thethe subscribers at their office
at Pickens, C. H., S. C. within twenty
days after the service hereof, exclusive
of the day of such service; and if you
fail to answer the complaint within the
time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this :ction
T, will apply to the Court for the relief de
manded in the complaint..
Dated Apr. 1, A. D. 1903..
A. 3. BOGGS,~
Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To Omie Powell and Martha Aiken
minors over the ages of fourteen (14)
yesrs defendents: Take notice that unless
-you procure for yourselves the appoint
ament of a guardian ad litem to represent
a you in this action within twenty (20)
days after service of this summons upon
you, the plaintiff will apply to the court
to have such guardian ad litem nppoint
Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
I. Pizintiffs Attorneys.
~April, 1 A. D). 1903.
aTo Joseph Powell and William Pow
eli, and Emiine Anderson absent de
fendants:- Take notice that the
complaint and the summons of
which the foregoing is a copy were filed
in the office of the Clerk of Court, Pick
ens county on the 1 (lay of April 1 A. D).
Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
d ~ Plaintiff's Attorneys.
~Apr. 1, A. D. 1903.
Notice of Final Settlement.
I will apply to J. B. Newbery Probate
Judge for Pickens county on the 11th
~day of June 1903 for a, nal settlement
a witt- wards, Nora 'ebecca Edens,
t Marar ens and Kate Vilanta Edens
and ask to dismissed as guardian.
e A. K. Edens,
e m7w4. Guardian.
I- Would that we could
e wit the strn a mo voiees
,A sallow comnplexion, dizziness,
e biliousness and a coated tongue
are common indications of liver
sand kidney diseases. Stomach and
Sbowel troubles, severe as they are,
give immediate warning by pain,
s but liver and kidney troubles,
d though less painful at the start, are
-much harder to cure. Thedford's
Black-Draught never fails to bene
a fit disae liver and weakened kid
r neys. It stirs up the torpid liver
d to throw off the germs of fever and
i. ague.It is a certain preventive
- ofchoeraand Brighit's disease of
.e thednys With kidneys re
d( inforced by Thedford's Black
t. Draught thousands of persons have
d dwelt immune in the midst of yel
Dlow fever. Many families live in
perfect health and have no other
sdoctor than Thedford's Black
e Draught. It is always on hand for
d use in an emergency and saves
r many expensive calls of a doctor.
s Mullins, S. C., March 10, 1902.
I have used Thedford's Black-Draught
for three years and!I have not had to go
s5 to a doctor since I have been taking it.
t It is the best medicine for me that Is
aon the market for liver~ and kidney
troubles and dyspepsia and other
complaiats. Rev. A. 0. L.EWIS.
.a S. E. Brunson, of Florence coun
i ty was struck by lightning during
. a hail storm on Monday and may
. ie from the effects.
hair cane out by the hand
Sful, 1d '.e gray hairs began to
cree in. I tried Ayer's Hair Vigor,
and it stopped the hair from com
ing Ont and restored the color."
Mrs. M. D. Gray, No. Salem, Mass.
T1ere's a pleasure in
oliering such a prepara
tion as Ayer's HairVigor.
It gives to all who use it
such satisfactionc The
lhair becomes thicker,
onger, softer, and more
glossv. And you feel so
s e cuar% in using such an
old and reliable prepara
tiOL. si.00 a Mle. AU dmrst.
SIf your druggrist car-not sup.ply YOU,
send us one dolar and we - express
vou a bottle. Be sure and give the name
I2 your newas " express office. Address,
J. C. AYEIL CO., Lowell. MW&s
Notice of Election.
There wi:1 be an election held
the Latham Schiool House
school district number 17, on Ms
30, to vote on a sp'cial levy of
mills on all theiaxable property
said.school district. Funds acci
mulated thereby' to be applied f<
purposes in said district. TI
Board of Trustets will act as ma:
.agers of election. The election
be conducted according to rul
and regulations laid down in t]
school law.
By order of County Board
Co. Supt E
Always on hand a sele
stock of - Tewelry, Watche
Clocks, Eu 'ttons, Brooch<
&c. A( few sets of Silvi
_Kni "'and Forks, Tea 1
Repairing promptly dot
and guaranteed.
H. 1DER.
gjElison's store room
the Lthem Block, Easley, S. I
Stoves, and Tinware, Reache
Base Ball Goods, Sewing
Machines and Organs
Cheaper than the
a.gents prices.
Bellows, Anvils,
Blacksmith Hammers
IIron, Pea Hujlersg A~ar
r~ws, Binders, Cut-a-way He
rows, Etc.
Easley Hardware Co.,
Easley, S. C.
and bring your ,~
Do as you did a few
years ago and sell
y our produce to....
I will sell you goods
as cheap as ever be,
fore. Bring me your
Chickens, Eggs, Raw
Hides, Beeswar, Tal
low and anything you
want to sell or buy.
W"I pay Cash or Trade..
Assignee's Sale.
The entire stock of goods of W.
Dickson & Co., Meet, S. C., will
sold in bulk on Saturday, the 1(
day of May, A D. 1903.
Bids addressed to the undersign
will be taken up on the day of s
and considered. If no satisfact<
bids are received, the stock will
disposed of at public outcry- at i
store hiouse, Meet, S. C.,. on that di
Terms Cash On Day of Sale.
s30w3. Assignie
Notice to Debtors~and Creditors.
Parties having claims against 1
estate of Dr. J. J. Morgan, der~ased.v
present the same properly attested
the undersigned for payment by the f
day of July, 1903. Those indebted
the said estate must make rayment t<
-J. K. Lathem,
B. A. Morgan,
Notices of Final Settlement.
I will apply to J. B. Newbery Pr<
ate Judge of Pickens County on the 2!
day of May, 1903, for a final settlemeh
with my ward, Hattie Harris, and
to be dismaised as gnardia'n.
James A. Hendricks,
apr30td Guardian,
Pickens, South Carolina,
Office upstairs (in re ir rooms) o~
Earle's Drug Store. Offers his prof
sional services to the publie.
B. A. 3OGAN. T. .J. S1Al'LDIN. IVY X-. aE
Pratte in all the courts. Prompt attent
given to all business. Oflice always open.
Mny School Children are sickly
ue by oh r a nurse in Children's Hc
rsues. He ahe. Stomach trounles, re~
iDrders, and destro Wors At aldr
nS.Omsted, Leoy, N. Y.
A er's il ~ as mos jer-kaletonic proper
ties for all who live in malarial dis
Malaria and tricts. A never-failing remedy for
[A g r e all malarial diseases. '
0 TRY-=A-BUY !
* $2.00, $2.50, $3.00.
Pride & Patton.
-A Bargaill ill Clothing.
Thirty Black and Blue Clay Worsted
Cutaway Coats and Vests at $4.50.
each, These goods cost more than twice this moiey. The
sizes are broken, but if your size is amor.g them you will
get great value if you buy one.
Nine Prince Albert
Coats and Vests -:
Same materials worth from $10.C to $IS. 00;-your el oice ft r $0.0.
...Don't Miss a Bargain Like This...
Main Street, Greenville, S. C.
But when in need of anything in our line give us a
call and we will make you feel good.
WTe have always on hand a full supply of Fresh
'~.' Groceries at Lowest Prices. Our Spring Dry,. Goods
are now arriving. 'Will tell you about them later, but
call and see them when in town.
Our Notion Department is tullof. Bargains. Our motto
is"te same goods for less money, more and better goods for
the same money." Yours for trade,
The Oldest Dry Goods Firm in Greenville.~
The Original West End DryGoods Store,
SI can supply all of your wants in
Dry Goods, Notions and Shoes.
Myh house is full of new Spring and Summer Goods,
Sbought at the lowest Market price and will be sold as
echeap as good reliable goods can be sold for. It is impos
ysible to tell you intelligently or describe my goods in this
Sadvertisement, but if you will call at my store. It will
hgive us pleasure to show you what we have and giethe
lowest price tilat such goods can be sold for. Anything
in ladie" goods from a cheap lawn to a fine silk. My
White Coods are very strong. Men's Dress Shirts. A
strong line of Men's and Womens Underwear. Shoes to
hIsuit all-High Cuts, Low Cuts, Fine: Shoes and Cheap
Shoes. It will coxst you nothing to- look at my goods.
e1Some people say they save money by looking here before
"buying. Polite attention guaranteed.
-A. K. PA RK,.
West End. GRlEEN~VILLE,S. C.
Rleel Estate For Sale.
One 5 room house, Lot 70x210 feet, Price, $600.00.
Two 4 room houses, Lot 70x210 feet, Price each, 400 00.
Two micely shaded lots, 100x200, fe-et, on corner, 500.00.
rOne Farym-comprising seventy-oe acres-oue-half m 00o~
$14.00 per acre.-147 acres on Southern Railway two miles from
- two.otton mills. 75 acres in cultivation, 12 acres g~gd bottom land.
"~The wood alone on this place wort .e money. Come quick or some
130 are fr near Six Mile chprch, 2-story dwelling, 60 acres good
onheart timber; 60 acres in cultivation; i~lenty of runnumg streams $132o
For farther inforfuation call on
Nanted Oa As. Um
A. S. BYERS. CO., Atlanta, Ga,
Will pay SPOT CASH for Oak, Pop
lar, Ash or Walnut. They will send a
man to receive the lumber at loading
point. They will pay you the highest
market price. Write them stating what
you have in the way of HARDWOODS
A. S. BYERS COMPANY, Atlanta, Ga.
Yes, we are going to continue the business found
We are pleased to state that our stock is larger and
:omplete than ever before. If you need a Cook St
Range, we have Brand New Patterns for you to choose
Die Box Oven is the latest style of stove. Come and see i
In the past we have sold PAINT and OIL to a num
rery particular folk. The result was satisfactory, both to
Lnd the buyer. We want YOUR patronage in this
ation; we have both.
Best of Sheet Metal work executedori oshbrt notice.
tre oflering splendid bargains, in China, Agate, Tin aid G1
zoods. Awaiting your inspection of our stock, we e
Yours truly,
We have bought the largest an'd most complete stock of
:handise this Fall that we have ever carried, with the greatest
n New Goods and Low Prices. We invite a comparison with
n South Carolina in Styles, Quality, Qnantity and Price. We
cad the procession this Fall and will not be undermold by ny
,vill be easy for you to buy at Richey's when you stop and ex
>retty goods and get the prices, and it certainly will pay you.
taved is a d.llar made. Do yovr tradina at Richey's and save
We can show iou exceptional values in Dress Goods in Black a
i.11 Grades aitd Prices. Beautiful Waist Flannels in Plain ad'any.
degant. line of Dressee and Tritumiogs-special values.
We make a specialty of our Shoe Department. We have t'.em in.
trades for Ladies, Men and Children. The best makes from the 1
actories in Aicriea. Buy your Shoes from us and you will be pl
We guarantee satisfactioi.
Gohod Calicoes. Good Outings, Good Red Flannel, best yard wi
White Homespun, be-t C>.nton F'lainnel, best Checkedl Homespun. -
No matter a hat prIices are qnoted you we will sell you for gs
-For Cut Prices to suit the Dull Seasonlonl
A Full line of
Canned Goods, Pickles, Oat Meal, Crak
Cakes, Candies, Fruits, Nuts, Tea,
Molasses. -->The Best Cheese on lEa
laiic Stock ai Polli Food.
Used and recommended by all the Stock and Poultry raiser.
Agts Liquid Shoe polish.
Country -Produce tak
in Exchange for G
nhere neve hasbeen atim n or gret nuruehaebenI e ,[email protected] '
ab~shtefee fcnem..anlorine fnely.
The York Tmpra
Ths ere P rin cyred afWepples o odez htk, adrt
Api. t bihtdcolo andms eee ut lt akeIa a d a.e n
Write for free caao.Harison Nrseies, Berli, 3d.
ChidreaofA Age.'
AS st Gay5ma AF
* rmal st cents toe.J MOPFETT. .D., ST. LOUWS, MO,
in achtow totake orders for our new High
New1903 Mode
sde~ts gFP Complete
"ss atk Guaranteed High Gra $070
"slhsi" A Beauty - $ 1
sewlo: Road Racer $147
no bette iyl at any pe.
price2W. Choice o* anya stnard tires and bs
equipment on all our bicycles ogest guacte
We 1HP ON APPROVAL C. 0. D. to anl
idihout a ccden~t and allow 10 DAYS ER
TRIALbefo~r ~
takn itrde y or hicgo e~toru, tO

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