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q, e retnb N i" ickens
t b l y1ov 11, themS lves ofr
ve'nOR lhiv itationl extointed byv
16 (I ater U. D. C.
-rly,(Oc people boganl to como1
Itoy uitinud to pour into thle
1ry road hl Ing lo 1,tkhons unAil
th 16town11( h witin bor hospitable
btlg o people eVOgat here
Votoran sldiers 0a l iember
*ow loyal me n wm from every
quao4 r and gav teir best efforts to
elty redoom ihio Stao and' roinstate
her it h odginatl jovereignty when1
Hhe waw ioddnti dow by L'hine incom
pet.i an ti h!o alient. It tooli stern
iomures thtn and those meaosures
per canedont by'mnon who meant
t1oaccomp.1ish thi even as they
ha10 accomphshoi.1 thinofa in the more t
trying, days o)f unI war. 111 thoseo
dae m1c euln cae 11ad1 thw itroets of
Pichos, Vh11 ,I oI - rvibig, took on
an hir of ns hf- mdado all 8
pet( n11 p 1i O(L i. l( j. i, ti . steri
'o Un rciz (ut ifhi td~ isstes
rotin crti-.' woro rewl problews and
Ani Oh t ec Anplaythign of timte y I
Whd cmpiy r ws o hemobered r
olyn -aI,, 0 hc h of it rclled thoe
oi (i! of ron n t d. Oapressed d
ilk" d t'.- b ) tiIer.\ of ie South
r shli w ra fiiau' face
Ohw oi broulght,. \w inu.1to theru
ohicarie9 alko~nsof dayst
ul ia : ti y ps
'41 't.0V I ' I tVQ t otf the So th
IkI~ ~ ita-i,,0 t o Memorial
Th- I . a helocal chaptcr of
n' a. ih ouhto I o the'ConFed
-o:.y1 IT1 itupntetsolves to
omkoo a dayM-dydevoted
j, %)I' c 'i in n ofn' who
t i h i is LIN nbaino
<h-ih v- s a hd p -t(teyoral
a : af w a lite i way ~homerdf
mn: I -i~ltr a of ho (ord
i be h. i y t.~ tOopdootnd
I) I ~:n. aie of ah
-i wu i'a them.li rin
t ut ij Iesofe onh
e' t i,:ts of distinc.
v;,u no way, their
a y ' o ed isappointed,
runi ~ht' f.: the 1)IoinlI~tmet of
ih. vedt .:' . 'is mluti , nlo d:>ubt, as
'I.n~ufe-lora i .e. .ims'i o ~Honor are
snd V 'a of hitOum Iid ('very veteran
it i't." ttpfit:aub.n in due time
A I 0 me \* ,1ts! el all nocessary
.n's ..t o ' wi be comple1)ited and
h0' rt .iI ho t\iatributed.
Thl ( iii 's L hiu titing was due to
the hi..no of thu organization of
1 he em rcrops in 0our community
aireIok(ini;;, very woll, whlile the cotton
hast. o.:-i ii s,'ible until recently it
h. v J I' Si rgleton~ is supplyinig
1)* i i-l l~( nontI Grove Overy
$.,C i. if ire ii'l " R . p. mn., and
I il ~Ukjnilg, doubtless
aI . er hot cfore. 'We have
Sun a w' -'ool't and singing
r~'iv "iun .-t' 'ven hI that is cortain
r iM dl 1. Wa arei~ thankful that
hae I. Em~i C'lnk to load our
agiig, RIt whelin he~ sounhds the chro.
atio '~a i' "pponts like bo0th old
~d yoI'uni ttntel I' the~ sound~ with
* ~yent pu t t.ni to raise the hymns in
~. S . Whitmiiro is preaching
t. J;alutda .1 lill, anid tho report is out
that they are g(oingi to wash feet up
h tore thase coming~ Sunitday mioraing.
Waimf1 f::ha not boon in exis
4 nco10 saw V been) goingi to church.
Whe1ta -' roW. i' giously clone away
i~th .1, W) Mas 10 appears like
te pn wi r are: aifraid to say any
thmrg lb:a feet wahin;', and I am
not wel I i..d'1 on the tIublject, and
wo iL,' 1. hear' fromi the preach-.
(rs on t1 lb r:,-et.
Alimi \lair MuIalugh has retuirned
to her, ol ,bono~1 fromn Groenville to
T'aomtas \nrdoroon has returned
hon'ic from Hauda High schiool in
(d Carolina mmcd in visiting his
aiter, Mrn. J. F. bgdon, in this
community. A. B.
T Uhidor 1)OltIy of hu, 1g, all persona
M4 boeey giveli y1tethat we prohibiit
e 701.on Io la y hia g, fishin in
ong @roam4dor for any
ft ypurpoSe 1 O U o forbiddeih
-to sit or aC1 'bto, to range or
na tu e it r '~y e timber.
w Oa greatlain storm"PI
urit in the mountgnj of
onee, Piokens, Green'vill 'and
Spartanburg counties in this State
tud the adjoiMing counties ofNorth
Oarolina, on Friday night,
The full extent -f the disaster
as not been learned as we go to
pross, und it will probably be Mni
)ral days before the tul) du lails of
;he story is known. It seems oert
ain, however, that many lives and
nillions of dollars worth of prop
ety have been lost.
The first intimation of the dis
ster that reached 'Piokene was
whon older inhabitants talked of
be hard rain of the night before,
whilh, they said, was worse than
the June Freshest," and reports
ame from the County that the
ridges across -the little streams
rere gone; then, naturally, they
ogan to think about the artificial
ake at Sapphire, and when the
)olenoy, Little and Big Eastatoe
ias said to be on a rampage, then
hey began to wonder as to the Sa.
uda and Keowee. Reports began
o come in of bridges on both
troams being gone and when a
aessage stated that the Seneca
iver had began to rise at a rapid
ate they knew their fears-wero a
A newspaper representative went
o Seneca Saturday afternoon. At
he railroad bridge tho Seneca river
vas a raging torrent, fully a mile
vide, the rushing water extending
rom the hills on one side of the
treani to the'ther. The magni.
tcent bottom fands on the C y
lantation, which have plant.,
d in cotton which ust begin..
ing to con Ip, were covered
ithi wate jm three to seven feet
everal persons wer seen at the
iver who were raised ' n 0
nd they said the ter was higher
han the -ever seen it. The
go was inspected by the train
rew and by Superintendent An,
lerson, who was along, and the
rain proceeded to Seneca.
At Seneca it was learned that
;hore had been great damage along
bhe streams in the upper part of
Dconee and Pickens counties but
letails were mogro.
At the Newry cotton mills three
operatives cottages were reported
wvashed away, and it is said that
(0 bales'dof cotton had been washed
away from the warehouse. No
lives wvere reported lost.
It was said the water was in the
second story of the mill building.
Nothing defite could be learnied
~rom1 the Norris cotton mills, at
3ateechiee, but the water was re
>orted very high there.
All trains were annulled between
Tharl otte and Greenville Saturday
ifternoon. It is reported that sov
aral trestles were washed away near
Bpartanburg Baturday afternoon.
Trhe trestle over Seneca, between
Seneca and Central, was standing
it 6 o'clock Saturday afternoon,
but a later report reached here that
it had been swept away. A train
passed over it about 4 o'clock, but
shortly afterward it was moved
several inches by the force of the
current, but has boon kept stand.
ing by being weighted down by
oars of coal. Repairs have been
made on it and it is now safe and
:rains are passing over it.
The flood which came down
seneca river seems to have been
caused by a heavy rainstorm which
swept over the entire mountain
district during Friday night.
A telegram was received at Sen
eca Saturday afternoon saying that
the dam at Sapphire Lake, N. C.,
had broken at 12 o'clock that day.
T'his 's the dam at the big pleasure.
lake built by the Toxaway Comn
pan~y in the mountains of North
Carolina last summer. The lake
is said to be 21 miles in circurnfer
ance. It is situated on the head
wvaters of the Keowee river, which
nmpties into Seneca river, and the
full force of the released waters
from the lake probably came down
Seneca river Friday night.
Thle dam was built between two
high bluffs at the foot of Hogback
mountain, and is said to have been
built of earth alone, without a con
crete core and wvithout the protec
tion- of riprap work. Attention was
first called to the unsafe condition
of the dam in the Daily Mail about
two months ago, and copied in this
Commnunication has been cut off,
thie trains not running and tele.
phone and telegraph wires being
dlown, but the worst of the flood
was in Spartanburg, along Pacolet
river, where it was reported, and
the report confirmed that the Pac
olet Mills No. 1 anid 2, and two
mills at Clifton, in Spai'tanburg
county, had been washed away, en
tailing a property loss of over two
million dollars, and that one hun-'
dred lives had been loat. Further
details of the loss in the Spartan-.
burg distriot are given ini another
part of this paper.
Wi~ the i%.ast1
)> the A'nerion doigttit ha. W
alien this section. tniay be se
ral days before the full extent o
it will be known,
The Beoediot-Love Lumber cow
pany, whicb has a large .plant oi
3eneca river at the Air Line tres
Ae, was a heavy loser, nauy hun
Ireds ofalukble logs being washq
tway. A great.nutuber of the log
,assed over Pertman dam and ar,
loubtless scattered all the wa1
'rom the-lumber mill to Augusta
The bridge known as Posesun
Vapey over the Oolenoy, as wel
ke other bridges over the creelt
tnd various branches throughou
he county, are washed away. 0i
3aluda river the Mayfield bridge il
,unken in and a part of it gone
;he McHugh bridge is gone, a
Runt's bridge, Cox bridge an<
Dunharn's bridge. The railroa
>ridge over Paluda was badly bat
-ered and trains could not "pas
wer it. On Twelve Mile nearl;
wery bridge from its head to it
mouth has'been washed away, a
ias several on Town Creek; th
sarah Alexander bridge on Easta
oe is gone, while it has been ow
ill over the bottoms and rII fe
he crops aloug the vall.. 01
Keowee the Lawre ridge an
he bridge at Old ickens are bot
zone. Wyli oody, on Saluda
lad fo ables, three large shel
er big crib, 3,000 bundles o
odder, a tenant house with all o
Its furnishings, a saddle, buggyan<
harness washed away; he recover,
Bd the buggy and harness but i
were badly damaged. d a ar
and race was als ashed awa3
H is between $50
This county has never exper
enced such a calamity before. Wit
the internal damage to the count
and the damage to the farmer
taxation will be something to kic
about next year. With the preF
ent incumbence of the county an
the enormous amoULit required t
put back the bridges in the count
we will have to levy a tax equal t
that required a few years ago t
retire the railroad bonds; in fac
we think the debt of the counut
this fall will be greater than thoi
Cromwell Happenings.
Since writing last we have ha
rain in abundance and it must ha'
been a general rain all over the com
ty from the amount of water tha
came down Saluda river. Old me
claim it was higher Saturday nigi
than they had over sooni t. Fra
best information up to Monday morr
ing Easley and Hunt bridge are a
that is left on Saluda, and the Easlk
bridge is reported damaged to som
extent. The iron bridge below usi
also gone.
The Southern Railway is tied u]
on account of several trestles bein]
nashed away. Hundreds of peopl
visited Saluda trestle Sunday to sc
a large force of hands at wvork on i
The mad'waters had underminde
three or four of the mud sills an
threw the track badly out of lin
Capt. Tom Saimley with fifty or se
enty-five hands in wvater five or si
feet deep soon backed up mud sill
and let freight trains over. 1Had n
passenger. trains since Saturday an
not likely to have any until three<
four trestles are built between hei
and Spartabburg. We are told ti
mail will ...e very uncertain for th
next ten days.
We made a very unexpected tri
to Clinton last Tuesday, and wivu
there wvas shown through the orpha:
age by Mrs. Flora Lathem. It was
sight to see the teachers with all t1:
little ones in one large dining ha
eating. Every morning after breal
fast, big, little, old and young repa
to the chapel where they have a larg
pipe organ. Tihe music those o
phans make is .perfect and graml
Everything is done like clock worn
Several of our farmers began
cut wheat last Saturday. Uncle Woe
Garrison has a field that is hardi
There is strong talk, (in case ti
Easley bridge is much damaged,)<
consolidating the (lox bridge and
into one and put it above the Rai
road trestle.
Master Ben Bentley and Mr. Pe:
Iuman, of Furman visited at Mrs
JDentley Saturday and Sunday. An
one wishing a teacher would do we
to give themi a trial as they are hot
scholars and up-to-date boys.
If the farmers were not brave mei
they would be scared clear out<
their socks when they look out in th
cotton fields. Grassl so much of
that the top of the ground looli
The health of this community wei
never better. X.
Perisonalm Fromn the clinton Ohironacee
Mr. E. B. Lathem, of Easley, wi
in town Tuesday and Wednesday.
Miss Alice Little left Thursday fc
Easley, where she will spend the sun
mner with her sister, Mrs. F. J, M.
Miss Mary Lathem, who has be
visiting Miss Miamle Little, returne
to her home in Easley,
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. ]
J. McMahan, of Easley, was burie
here .Wetnesdaay June 3d. We o:
tend our sincere symipatby to the pa
ents in their bereavement.
Miiss Olga Blcobey, of P ickens,
visiting her sister, Mrs. Flora Lathen
at the Orphanage.
Chamberlain's Pain flalmi Is an ant
stoc liniment, and when applied
coxt, bruises and burns, causes them
hea ~ thout maturation and miuc
n'eq aky than, bythe 'usual trea
n~ntVQse bDIr. G. W. Earl
Paokons,/ d 1.B.F. SmIth, Easkyr,
"I hav id ybur, Hitir VC r
for. fivo 6Ars ab' at gr,4 ly I
pleased ith it. It ce'ai re
stores thle orighinal color to gray
hair. It keeps ny lii soft."- s. [
Helen Kilke nny, N ew P'.rtlan I, Me.
Ager's -lair Vigor has t
been restoring colof to
gray, hir for fifty y art,
and it never fls t do
this work, eitli ir.
'You can rely upbn it q
tor stop ping your hair
from falling, for keeping
your s'calp clean, and for
n1king yotir'Lil' grow.
$1.00 n boife. All dtuo:lsis.
ti ia i d r. W wil press
you W/bottile. ibi sure uni give thte name
of yoar.neare e roso o. Address
J. C. A Y R CO., L~owell, Aiasu.
1 thrven to AJespoeratiola.
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moto from Civilization, h family is often
; driven to desperation in case of acident
. resulting in Burns, Cuts, Wounds, Ui.
cers. etc. Lay i a supply of Bicklei's
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.tomach. ict on the liver. making a sickly child
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e esold V! oill (irufgis 2k!. Samlel free. Ad
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f years ago a4
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low and anything you {
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For Bicycles
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Fine Cigars & Tobaccos,
.~ Ca n Goods. Sugar, Coffe e,
Machine Needles,
d and many other thlings too
1-~tedious to mentioti . .
t All at the lowest (Unsh Price.
0. (IC. FRICKS & 0o.,
Y wen~VCt End(. OENTREAL, S. C.
County of Piokons.
g In Common Pleas Court.
0Complaint not Served.
t. M, F. Hester, Plaintiff,
c T. Clingman Powvell, Catherine
d Poweoll, Mary A. Alexander, Jo
0- seph Powoll. William Powell,
Hampton Aiken, Mary Aiken,
x Leathio Aiken, Conley Aiken,
S Matrtha Aikcn,Ephlri:Im Powell,
Calvin Powell, Pick Allison
0 Powell, Omaie Powell, Licony
ciPowell and Emiline Anderson,
>r- Defendants.
t nmed:
and required to answer the omplaint in
, thisention, whliih is filed in tihe office of
Clerk of Court of Pickens county and to
servo a copy of your answver to sald com
-plaint on thetho subscribers at their office
a at Pickens, C. H., S. C. within twenty
Le days after the service hereof, exclusive
11 of the day of such service; and jf you
~. fail to answer tile complaint within the
ir time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action
will apply to the Comit for thle relief do
o manded in the complaint.
r- Dated Apr. 1, A. D). 1903.
c. .SEAL C. C. P.
ci Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin.
Plaintiff' Attorneys.
.o To Omie Powell and Martha Aike o
minors over thle ages of fourteen (14)
0e years defend(ents: Take notice that unless
>f you procure for yourselves tile ap~point
it mont of a guardian ad litem to represent
1. you in, this action within twventy (20)
daiys after service of this sum~mons upon
you, tihe platintift will apply to the-.court
eto huave such guardian ad li appoint.
s- ed.
yMorgan, Mauldin & Mauld in, ]
lPiaintiffs Attorneys.
h. A pril, 1 A. D. 1903.
To Josepyh Powell and William Pow
ell, and Emil inc Anderson absent de
a fondants:- Take notice that the.
>f complaint and the summons 'of
0 which the foregoing is a copy were fled
it in the office of the Clerk of Court, Pisk
s ens county On the 1 day of April 1 A. D.
Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Apr. 1, A. D. 1903.
AT1TORtN iC'us AT LAw,
P'ICK14NS, s. C.
ur Practtee In all the courts. P'romipt attention
gIven to all busIness. Of1ice always open. j86
Would that we could
d with the strength of a million votoos
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re CURES ~n'Ahma, ies:ls .
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be exaitn
adant scobleip In
u and for thi admiual U0 af
lents will be -held 4t Qdo
r11 House On'iy10
Applicants. must not be less tian
ifteen years of age.
When scholoaships are vacated
fter July 10tb,-thoy will be awarded
o those naking the highest. averago
,I this examination.
Tile next ssion- vli open about
leptember 16, 1908.
For further information and a cat.
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Affis LiQIid Shoe polish.
Country Produce takeni
in Exchange for Goods.
Sterling Silver Hollow-ware,
Stetling Silver Flat-ware.
Cut Glass, Art Pottery, Bric-a-Brac and1
Diamonds, Watches and Jewehry.
J. F. BRUNS en BRO.,
109 Northi Main Street- CR EENV1 , L .. (. C

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