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v be ble rable.
'4, 0611.
''Q)Q~l~yi~ ag1e -gbts off' the
me and A be so bloiedl )Io ro.
Iv. I dot mean indiscrio iate
yt-that ia disgu'sting. Y mean
. aencou1ragemen. t of that vbich
u8 good. Tou notieu' that the
61ic man oi your post is appai-ontly
ying to do his duty. You mention
# to your neighbur, perhaps, bit you
uovor spok of it to the polideman
1thiml~f. So far s he knows you are
'xo bottor ploased tban you ivotild be
o took nu- paina. The natural of
,l1,oOL of this its to discourage hia of.
oite. You ride with a street oar
dietor who does somothing better
) the common run of conductors
1 --for instane, callf all tho streets
17, Evory person in the car in
Ommlllded him for it, but if
* dy spoaks to hitm about it, be is
't o think it is not approoiated.
e a kind word of onecouragement
. inflence him to try to excel
1t oly in thin particular but in
h10e1s. Most of us are free enough
ith our advorse criticiam, ospecially
,f persona who occupy plaese in the
ublic eye, It we smchU Iake the
tronble to Ipat bese p(rons on the
* ak oven for those thingaS which we
nust heartily approvo. If an author
"or editor offl)(1m e!ven by Him Smallest
Slie of the pen, we Cr ur(~ y "J enough
to luneti on hhi but he tnAY please
us till he (ow 8om0 hvOme wit
(4- U.? o LMl we are
plelscdI 'The a .on that we con
iend ).,I olihndy by reading his
b1oOi .r par f ' .1:- 1W uanswer at all. If
we w (ould oml:wiv tako the trou
I~ - , it-it him i h nm o0 r opinion be
doC for (fpp.'ui t'amrl.le!s : r preisi
de It?
Hann i slhd..l and wvill
pulb: auh auI.I(: v.. I Roose
Euleint ndet Mmhenlois been
*r'su.p ~ Bt why cog attht
Grdhr in the wuole pack~ lite post
It is eatiumtv' i d A nOw'~ Car
mlgi:e has; yi a :vy $100)',000,OO
for ljirary )U~e'*: I pu:u H might do
(3lfennlmies to ILof 0 grifts of mion.
-i. tr her4 refuoal tIo make up the
bed in wivhich .Uo'bker Wa.shington
Ti orsethe& Tu-s lir wyill be
-pulled oli 90: I, m ' a' a' olvrtised.
ingti them1- a lit 13 . .ti to rcpr
lIt io aunced luti o u 'i I.i.ltteji nt funds
havo e 'ui subbul~ei for' 11 relief
b1 the3.301 I doodsul'rer. T1 he pople of
th 11 do n t obly osp 0 ondd, and it is
-Wa't~ ? g th at the 11) of s~ubstaintial
oynt.ma has an~ yed( rathier
than(1 (ure on' no hoonr
neighbom anld the world ir general?
If so, y:,u haovi a big yb. When D.r
Lymn)1 Bvecher wai gri n ig oli.
ra~cefully he iiet a fi.md on the
street one mninirg wvho si to him:
"H1 ow are you, Doet~ lb his onn?
"Oh 1 un gvettjing on Iin.ly, and am
g oito hapy snc Iv iC f <pii. tryinlg to
muanage., the woerl," was; IhIe wiso re
F'ifty girl stud 'nt ts in a Cicago art
school thin o)ther dayl' (.uehit a man
oldin on hem duinig tl;iir amateur
theatrienlo. lHe not p. m de a
sketoh of them in costume 0, but pub
li~hed il t. TPhe girh<~ 'ni~tI . thea dar
ming followv, threwo~ hhu do'wn, t.ro lisa
withi greeni and yellowv, lhen st uck fly
pap)(1erver' h is mouthb andl uyes All
of whih hiwal. very neat and artistic,
and sh1ows that the girlsn are well up
in~ the ethics of 'orrcft dephotment.
T ho Virginia-Caraolin.a Chemical
Comnpany was3 amiong thae hrst to re.
podto the call for aid with a
~j'Ioek for $300. This is the same
h'oa tion that not muore than aI
y'~i agot was iiol upi to the pol
>io this Stto as a mlonster' sucking
ntheir very li blood. Thin eon
,tibnituim la like honlpinlg coals of fire
thR hiadcI of .the amnagog~ues.
typyto po(ut, pirelimi- *
tenr elee1ojaon the
? . 0. Taliaforo, of Roanoke
57, a'well known and high
ted woman, identified witt
t ky bebelolent associations, wai
knockeddown and run over by i
colored bicyolist and injured so se
verely that she died.
The former president of the Nov
Orleans city railway, has been finei
$1,100 for not providing partitions 01
screens in the cars to separate tb
races. It is said that it is pretty hari
to toll when one race ends and the
other begins-in the Crescent City.
A German army officer beat hil
wife because he felt that there was nc
other way to vindicate his honor as a
soldier after she had told him he was
too big a coward to beat her. Th(
world appears to be getting ne
ideas every day about the honor of v
soldier in the German army.
Assessing railroad and like corpor
ation property at their full value ie
all right, but the same should b(
done with all other property. Theri
is absolutely no justice in allowinE
the general taxpayer to return his
property at 00 per cent or less of its
value and compelling corporations te
return theirs at full value.
The Kansas Utopian Association is
an illegal organization, according tc
the Supreme court at Topeka, Kan.,
which handed down a decision in an
appeal in the case of a lodge keeper
from Brown county. "Stripped ol
its subtorrage and pretense, it is
simply a whiskey saloon," says the
court. The decision will result in
the closing of 200 "lodges," with 65,
000 members.
A lot of young fellows in an Ohio
town had a good time with a tramp
last week. They took him into a shed
and out his hair. They then bought a
new suit of clothes, wvhite shirt and
standing collar and dressed him out
complete. But when they attempted
to burn his hobo clothes heyeted
and fought for them withsuch des
jjbration the Ispicione Jvere aroused
they found $1,
in the coat.
The man who represented himself
to be Lord F. Seymour Barrington,
lieutenant colonel of the Light Horse
Guards of London, and who, after
marrying Miss Grace W. Cochrane,
of Kansas City, was a few days later
b-' 1 ~ brother at St. Louis
-~ ' 'i~io the work house for
he charge of disturb
:as released last week
.. vo months of his sen,
's he will live in St
shall have cleared his
a made by the police
but which have not been proved.
That postal ring at Washingtou
seems to bo about the rottenest gang
of thoives that ever disgraced the
govern~ment. The rascals should be
forreted out and punished to the ex.
tent of the law, regardless of the of.
fect it may have en any p~olitical par.
ty. The people have a right to do.
mand an honest administration of
the affairs of the department, and
they wvill insist that this be done.
We want no screening of the guilty
bec,aruse they have powerful political
backing. That but adds to the
shame of it.
Miss Francls Pettit, of Ballston
Spa, N. Y., is a careful and mothodi
cal wvomnan. When Jim Tittemore
began sparking her, fourteen years
ago, and kissed her, she cut a notch
in a stick; and from that time until
Jim proved fickle, a few months ago,
she kept tally faithfully of the kisses
Jim got. When Jim quit coining,
Francis sued him for breach of prom
ise. At the trial she testified that
her tally-stick or s'icks showved 1,253
notches. She asked $5,000 damages.
The jury gave her $3,000. That
mnakes the rate per kiss $2.42.
The largest tobacco farm in this
country and perhaps in the world is
in Decatur county, Ga., and is owned
by A. Cohn & Co. TIheir property
as worth about a quarter of a million
iollatrs and they ship 1,500,000
piounds of the finest Sumatra tobacco
yearly. TVhore are nearly 8,000 hangs
'a the farm. There are 18,000 acres
in the tract, but only 1,600 acres in
tobacco. Every acre a ovorod by a
framei arbor and that overlaid with
choese cloth. There are 20 sections
withi 20 esuperntendon ts. There are
[82 curing barns averaging 200 by
300 foot. There are 900 houses on
he far'n occupied by the laborers,
,vhich are negroes.
Victor *Smith, the free lance of the
hw York Press, o1Cnce ore puts the
3ountry under obligations to him.
Elo announces on authority that the
sorrect waiy to pronounce Harry
[anhr's nams. is not "'Leer,' which is
mggestivo of what the monkey does,
)ut "Lurr," wvith a slight rolling of
ho r's. LFurthiermore, Mr. Smith tells
fa new way of using ai napkin, in
ren ted biy Mr. Lirr, who at a fashion
iblo lunchoon, spread the napkin on
schi~r and sat upon it. '-One per
I (- so poneh ' bto drawvled, "and as
1hav. o w) hite Ilannelc I do not pro
'0t.o A a peoplO a chance to mnake
iiommon . ' "His examnple," Mr.
mOah~ dedaros0, "was followed by the
de:piotei on high life who had on
ark s welhl as light trousers." Now,
you ar'in society," you know
SUo people se0tu determined to
stir up sectional animosity between
the north and south. Cut it out,. If
ypu can't live in peace in this country
go over to Turkey or Russia.
The school teaghers 'of. Bethlehem,
Pa., have formed a labor union and
will demand increased pay and
shorter hours. They now teach
about twenty-seven hours per week,
and think they are overiworked.
Booker T. Washingten says lynch.
logs are the causo of sending a groat
many negroes of the south to the
largo cities. He claims they are as
sured of police protection there
wheioas they are not in smaller
Thirty-two years ago the site on
which now stands the city of Bir
mingham, Ala., was a corn field.
Today the city and its suburbs con
tain not less than 100,000 inhabitants
and millions of dollars worth of busi.
ness is transacted thero every month.
Birmingham has been called "the
liveliest city in the South," and the i
probabilities are that she comes very
near to deserving the title. She is
flourishing and prosperous, and gives
promise of being one of the world's
greatest iron and steel conters. Th<
Birmingham Ledger a few days ag<.
published 'a special edition, giving
the history of the growth of this
magic city of the iron regions.
Until a few weeks ago George A.
Kennard was a prosperous wholesalt
grocer in St. Joseph, Mo. Hte had a
comfortable fortune, a good home and
an interesting family. But he want.
ed more money, and wanted it quick.
ly. He had recently boon reading of
the great fortunes made in Wall
street by Sully and others, and do .
cided that what they could do, he
could duplicate. He therefore sold i
out hig business in St. Joseph, moved I
to New York and eUtiee i jret.
It took.W street just two weeks to
wipe him out. He was left penniless
He had a revolver; he used it. Hi
widow and little daughter are in pov
erty. And Wall street goes inerrilI
along, looking for othera like him.
Trespass Notice.
Under penalty of the law, all person
are hereby given notice that we prohibit*
entry on our land for hunting, fishing in
our streams, digging roots, or for any 4
other purpose; also they aro forbiddeni
to start or set out fires, or to range or
graze any live stock thereon, or to com
mit any wvaste or injury to lh~o timber.
Land For Sale.
In less than one-half mile of the
corporate limits of the towvn of Pick
ens; on wvhich is a fine water power~
on Town Creek. Fine grove around
shoal and sixty or eighty acres of fine
farming land. Pumpkintown, Peter's
Creek, Eastatoe and Greenville roads
crosses on head of shoal. Easy of
access. B. Holder,
12mtf. Pickens, 8. C.
It Hoops the Feet WVarum and Dry.
Ask today for Alien's i'oot Ease, a power. It
cnres CilblaIns, Swollen, Sweatung,Sore', A ch-]
latoreau feet. At all druggists and shoe
Shako Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-gase. it rests th~e feet. Cures i
Corns, Bunions, Ingrowing Nails, Swollen andiuc
wean fta. A t ali druggists and shoe s tore
Chamberlain's Pain Balm is an anti
septic liniment, and wh~en applied to
cuts, bruises and burns, causes them to
heal without maturation and much
more quckly than by the usual ti ea'
nient. For sale by Dr. G. W. Earle,
Pick ens, and Dir. R. F. Smith, Easih y,
B. A. MonloA. 'r. J1. MAUJ.BN. Ivy1 M. MIAIf1nIN
Prnettee in all the courts. P'romipt attention
givenu to all business. Ofice always open. jbO
and bring your~
Do as you did a few
years ago and sell
your produce to. . .. i
I will sell yon goods
as cheap as ever bo,
fore. Biring me your
Chickens, Eggs, Raw
Hidles, Beeswax, Tal.
low and anything you
want to seil or buy . a
QFI pay Cash or Trade.
Jomwo in~ Yun thfu 'o
50ee md at~s Iru r g.
- Compti
n~w~ MaMhd
W. A. Tuunx,
Pass. Trafflo Mgr.
WAsuia-roxN. .
No H air?
"My hair was falling 'it very
fast and I was greatly slarmed. I
tlien tr-ied A.^.e's 1Hair Vigor and
my hair stopped falling at once."
Mrs. G. A. Aevay, Alexandria, 0.
The trouble is your hair
does not have life enough.
Act promptly. Save your
hair. Feed it with yer's
Hair Vigor. If the gray
hairs are beginning to
show, Ayer's Hair Vigor
\Vill restore color every
time. $l.CO battle. All druggists.
If your druggist caniot supply you,
send us one ditlhar nail wo WI oxprOss
you a% bottle. le 81r0 1ud give tho name
of your nearost ox ares. olee. Address,
d-. C- A Y (It CO., I.owell, Mass.
Driven to Desperatcin.
Living at an out of the way pl4ce, re.
note from civilization, a family is ofter
[riven to desporation in case of accident
esulting in Burns, Cuts, Wounds, UI.
era, etc. Lay in a supply of Bucklen't
k.rnia Salve. It's the best on earth.
Zc, at Pickons Drug Co's., drug store.
riae Best piescri'ption fo lia.
, laria
"hills and Fever 18 a bottle of GOovx 8 TASTIP
.ES hL.L Tl'oNI. It is siiply iron and qutinini
n a tastelesS f orm. No cure-no pay. Price 5U
To Mothers in Town.
Children who are delicate, foverlh and cro
vill get immediate relief from Mother Grays
weet Powders for Children. 'i'hoy cleanse the
tomna1h1, net on the liver. mak lug a sickly child
trong anud healthy. A certain eure for worm.
old b' all druggists, 25e. Samaplo free. Ad
ress, . l10n S. Olmwtled. LeRoy. N. Y.
F or Bic Ycle si,
Bicycle Material of all kinds,
Fine Cigars & Tobaccos, 3
Can Goods. Sugar, Coffee,
GiafhineO Needles,
and many other things too
todious to mention . , .
Bicycle Repairing Carefully Done.
All at the lowest Cash Price.
Call on
C. C. FR ICKS & C00.,
West End CENTRAL, N.
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Court.
Complaint not Served.
M, F. Hester, Plaintiff,
TI. Clingmnan Powvell, Catherine
Powell, Mary A . Alexander, Jo
sophl Powell. WVilli am Powell,
H-ampItonI A iken, Mary Ai kon,
Leath io Ai ken, Conley Ai ken,
Martha Aikon,Ephriam Powoll,
Calvin Poweoll, Pick Allison
Powoll, Omnio Powell, Licony
Powell and Emiline Anderson,
Dofon dants.
nid required to answeor the complllainlt in
his action, which is filed in the office of
3lerk of Court of Pickons county and to~
orve at copy of your naswer to said comn
alaint on thetho subscribers at their oflie
t Pickens, C. H., 5. 0. within twenty
ays after the service hereof, exclusive
f_ the day of such servico; and if you
adl to answe~r tho complaint within the
ime aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action
vill apply to the Conit for the relief de.
Lianded in the complllaint.
Dated Apr. 1, A. D. 1903.
M~organ, Mauildinl & Maulin.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To Omie Powell and Marthan Aike
munors over~ the ages of fourteen (14)
oars defondentis: Take notice that unless
ou proocure for yourselves tihe appoint
sent of a guardian ad litom to represent
ou in this action within twenty (20)
Lys after service of this summons upon
'on, the pluintiff will apply to the court
> have such guardian atd litem appoint
M~organi :1Mauldini & Mauldin,
Plaintiffd Attorneys.
April, 1 A. D. 1903.
To .Jose >h Poweoll and William Pow.
11, and ..a milino Anderson absent de-.
mndants:- Take notice thlat the
>mnplaint and tho summons~ of
hlieh the foregoing is a copy woroe filed
the office of the Clerk of C ourt, Pick
la county on thle 1 day of April 1 A. D.
Morgan, Mauldin & Maulin,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Apr. 1, A; D. 1903.
1iokeni gailrgad Company
Supersedes imne T1ahle No. 1.
Efrectiv8 12:01 A. M., Feob. 1st, 1901.
andl Down. ' ead Up
N o. 12. No. 10. ST 'A TIONS. No.11. No.lir.
Mixed. Mixed. Mixed1. Mixed.
:00 pmt 10:10 am lv. P'Ickens ar.2:55pma 0:45 pmSf
:03h pm 110:15 am leerguson 2:45pms 0:30 pms
:15 pmn 10:55 am *Parsona's 2:30pm 6:15 pim
:20 pmn 11:00 ami *Arills 2:25pm 6:10 pm
:25 pma 1 :05 Sam *Mauld in 2:20pm 0;05, pmn
:40 pm 111:14 aml ar. E'asley lv. 2;1l5p im 0: l5pm
'!lag Stations.
All trains daily except Sunday.
NJo. i10 connaets with Sou thern Railway No. 33.
N4o. 9 connects willh Southern Rtailway No. 12
No. 12 connlets with .Souithaern Railway No 11.
NJo! 11 connects wil-lrSfluthern Railway No.34
PF/Ior any informantion apllly to
J. T1. TiA YLOR. Geon. Mannger.
te Summer Resort Folder
Free to Any Address.
S. H. HAanWicC, W. H. TAvLOR,
Oen't Pass. Agent, MAt. Gen'i Pass. Agt,
Winthrop College soho3arsiabl aud na.
trauce Examinatious.
The examinations for the awprd of
vacant soholarebips in Winthrop Col.
lege and for the admiision of now 3tu.
donts will bd held at the . County
Court House on Friday, July 10th,
tO 9a. i.
, Applicants miust not be lOss ban
tifteen years of age
When scholartihips are vacated
after July 10th, they will be awarded
to those making the highest average
,t this pxaminatiou.
The next session will open about
September 16, 1903.
For fp rther itifvrmation and at cat
logun auddress President D. B. John.
ion, Rock IiHl, S. (.'
Easleys - Jeweler
AlIvaFu 'Iatd to 2ee You.
Have a complete line of Jew
Selry at very close prices........
Just received a lot of Rogers
Z Silver Knives and Forks. . .
Repairing of Watches, Clocks
and anything in the Jowelry
Lille promptly done and guar
~ ntd./
Oall on me at Callahan
Clothing Co., next door to
drug store.
Harvey Snider. I
This signaturo ia on evcry box of tho gonuine
Laxative BromoLQuinitle TabIot9
tho remedy tlt -'-, 1 4- 41 S tu one <lay
* $2.00, $2
]Pride &z
The Oldest Dry Goot
Tfhe Original West I
I can suppjly all of your want
Dry Goods, No'
My house is full of new S]
bought at the lowecst Market
cheap as good reliable good5
sible to tell you~ intelligently
advertisement, but if you wil
give us pleasure to show yoi
lowest price that such goods
in ladies goods from a cheap
White Goods are very strong
strong line of Men's and W<
suit all--High Cuts, Lowv C1
Shoes. It will cost you noth
Some people say they save n
buying. Polite attention gu
A. K. F
Wes~t Enkd. G
llenI Eetnte
One 5 room house, Lot 70x210
Two 4 room houses, Lot 70x210 f<
Two nicely shaded lots, 100x200, f
One Farm-comprising seventy-o
cultivation and only 11 miles frcn
$14.00 per acre.-1.47 acres on S
two cotton mills. 75 acres in culti
Trho wood alone on this place wvort
one will be0 ahead of you.
130 acre farm near Six Mile chui
heart timber; 60 acres in cultivatio:
For further information call on
J. D. [fO LD ER
Ol1ico at Depot.
IBlacksmith s
1-as opened a first class rey
ialty of scientific HORSE S]
Iron and Brass.
oz es, South Carolina,
Offce uapstal '1 roar rooms) ov&
Eairle's Drug Stor Offers hisa profes
slional services to th ubfli,
Our Yale
Corner ain an
Washngto Sts
e seeen1%
50, $3.00.e
LLEL, S. 0.
s Firm in Greenville.
ndl D~ry Goods Store.
s in
[ions and Shoes.
>ring and Summer Goods,
price and wvill be sold as
can be sold for. It is impos
rV describe my goods in this
1 call at my store. It wvill
what we have and give the
can be sold for. Anything
lawn to a fine silk. My
.Men's Dress Shirts. A
mens Underwear. Shoes to
its, F'ne Shoes and Cheap
ng to look at my goods.
oney by looking here before
R K,
FoF Bale.
foot, Price, $600.00.
iet, Prico each, 400 00.
oct, on corner, 500.00,
ao acros-ono-hlf in
Pickens, price, 854.00,
onithorn iRailwvay two miles from
vation, 12 acres good bottomn land,
the money. Come quick or some
ch, 2-story dIwelling, 00 acres good
3; plenty of running streams $1325
___ Pickens, S. 0.
IRepair Shiop,)
sTAND), Liberty, S. C.
air shop and makes a spec
IOEING. Also buys scrap
ji itf.
Bridge to Let.
On the 20 dlay of June 1903 at 2 o'clock
. ni. 1 will lot t~ the lowest responsible
)Idder the bullng of a new bridge on
leg 0rge~ R E. I~ol comb o'a old*
ni. ans and specifloationH made
<nown on day or lotting.
* 1,. P. Stn >hensl~, 8;1>.
Thi-, 1st day of Jun 100:.
O.Sack Suiti
- OR young men and all
nobby dressers-made on
entirely different lines from the
ordinary ready-to-wear stits
because it is distinctive in cut
and appearance.,
To wear one means to be
properly clothed; 'tis said The e
clothes make the man," but
we sell the "clothes that make
South Uaroliat.
Do You.
Question Wher.
If so coie to SEE US
We haYe the Answer.
China at a Sacrifice.
STOVES and RANGES, We make Specialty of them.
Summer Saving is Winter Pleasure.
in Easley. Save Fruit.
1gtIICome to see us to save money.
W. H. Pickens' Sons.
We have bought the largest and~ miost comnplete stock of Reliable'
3hiandise this Fall that we hiavceover carried, with I he g.reatest. attrae
n New Goods~ and Low Prices. W. invite a 'enmpar~is ''r
ni South Carolina in Styles, Qualily, Quant ity. andl Pic. mean to
end the procession this Fall and will not be underxold by i lybody. Ir.
nl'il be easy3 for yon to buy at RicheyU's whlen you stop aind examine the
>rett~y goods and get the prices, and it certainly will pa' you. A dollar
avedl is a dollar mado. D~o your t radingr at Riche~ 's andt save the dollars.
WVe can showv you exceptional values in Jress Goods in Bilack and Colors
di Grades and PriceS. Beautiful Waijst Flainnels in Plain and Fancy. An'
legant lhne of Dresse and( Timin gs-spciald values.
We make a specialty of' our Shoe Department. We have t'.c in all
trades for Lathes, Men and11 Children. The bies'. makes(0 from then leaidini
actlories in America. B~uy your Shoes fromi us and you will be pleased.
NVO guarantee satisfauct ion.
Ocod Calicoes, Good Out ings, Good Red Flannel, best yardbwido
White kHomespun, best OCanton Flannel, [best Checkecd Home11spun1.
No matter what prices are quoted you we wvill sell you for less.
--FOR THE ---
For Cut Piices to suit the Dull Season on
Full line of
Canned GAoods, Pickles, Oat Meal, Crakers,
Cakes, Caundles, Fr'uits, Nuts, Ten, Coffee,
Molasses. '1- ' lie Best Cheese on Earth.
Used and recomm~nended by all tihe Stock and Poultry raiser.
Mups Liquid Shoe plishid
Country P'roduce takent
in Exchange for Goods.
Sterling Silver HdllowLware,
Steiling Silver Fltware.
lut Giilass, Art Pottery, IBric,-a-Br'ac and1
~iam ndsNovelties.
7pimonsWatches andI Jewelry.
109 N~orth Main Street-. CRE NLL U . ,

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