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PK N 8 .,'NINEG U801111 1871.PCES .CJJ ,2 93 O.XXJTIN
W. B. Heyburn, the new senator
chosen in Idaho, was born In Delaware
county, Pa., in 1852.
- Major tieneral Henry C. Hasbrouck,
who has been retired on long service,
will make Newburg, N. Y., his home.
. M. Ture, a French naval officer, has
set about to solve the problem of vessel
construction to prevent 'rolling and
:e Andrew Carnegie has presented Aber
deen university, of which he is lord rec
0 tor, nine acres of land as a recreation
ground for the students.
;e Do Vries, the great.. Dutch experi
y Mental evolutionist, has by long con
P tinued selection produced a variety of
clover which has normally four leaves.
e Mr., Von Ogden Vogt of Beloit, Wis.,
f has been unanimously selected as gen
eral secretary of the United Society of
Christian Endeavor to succeed John
Willis Baer.
General Fitz-Hugh Lee, referring to
B Virginia's proposal to place a statue of
Robert E. Lee in the national capitol,
says he thinks they should honor
S Washington, the successful, as well as
- Lee, the defeated.
d John Dillon, who has been ordered
to abandon public life for a season and
withdraw to the warmer climate of
r Egypt, had once before, In the early
eighties, to retire from parliament for
a prolonged period owing to ill health.
Senator Alger of Michigan has an
t nounced that he will give $75 a year
until further notice for the purpose of
providing medals for the six honor
men who represent the University of
Michigan in'the annual intercollegiate
e debating contests.
Charles Lauri, the English pantomi
mist, is dead. His specialty was the
imitation of animals, and no Drury
lane Christmas pantomime was con
plete without him. He was the son of
a father equally famous as a clown, so
0 that a Lauri had been on the London
e stage for nearly sixty years.
John Drew's pictures are as popular
as ever with the matinee girl.
Alfred Aarons' latest venture, "The
a Knickerbocker Girl," has scored a big
e E. 11. Sothern's entire season next
t year will be taken up between New
York and London.
M. Antoine has procured the French
right of Tolstol's new play, somewhat
startlingly called "The Corpse."
Clyde Fitch has contracted to write
no less than five plays for next season,
and there will probably be more com
Robert Edeson has accepted a new
play, as yet unnamed, by Charles
Bradley, business manager of the Bos
James K. Hackett.-has bought thu
dramatic rights of Frederic Reming
ton's story, "John Ermine of the Yel
-Paula Edwardes has been added to
the list of stars who will be under
the management of Messrs. Sam S.
.and Lee Schubert next season.
Glass vessels in which radium has
been washed acquire its power of emit.
ting rays.
A bit of radium as big as a grain of
sand sends out enough rays to blister
the skin.
Radium has been known to give out
heat for a year or two with no percep
tible diminution. Nobody knows wheth
er this process can be kept up indefi
.nitely or not.
-A ton of radium, according to Sir
William Crookes, might be worth the
whole national debt of Great BrItain,
not allowing for any further decline in
the price of consols.
Sir William Crookes still believes
that the amount of energy in the uni
verse is a constant quantity, and he
thinks that in some way not yet ex
plained tihe radium replenishes its en
ergy from the movements of the mole
cueles of air surrounding it.
The chauffeur who kills and runs
away will live to kill another day.
Houston Chronicle.
If ether people wouldn't burn so
much money, Mr. Rockefeller wouldn'tI
have so much to burn.-Detroit Trib.
It's a very poor rooter who cannot
pick out the winning club even this
early in the season~ihmond Times. I
President Roosevelt was probably
"not thinking" when ho let an old
bachelor into the cabinet-St. Louis
Patti will receive $150 a minute forC
her concert appearances in America.
She has nlo need to utter counterfeit
nlotes.-Philadelphia North Amerieau,
If you like any one, his mistakes are
almost as easy to excuse as your own.
It costs more to keep a chafing dish
than it does to keep a horse and buggy.
Compliments, like love letters, are
very silly when addressed to some oth
er person.
Shortly after a married woman in
herita money from her kin her husband I
embarks ou some new business enter-I
prise.--Atchison Globe.
Worst of all Eprenmees,
Can anything be worse than to feel
that every minute will be your last?
Suoch was thme experience of Mra S. II.I
Neweon, Decatur, Ala, "For three
Iyears" she writes, "I endured insuffer
able pain from indigestion, stomach and I
bowel trouble, Death seemed inevita
ble when doctors and all remedies failed
At length I was induced to try Electrie i
Bitters and the result was miraculous. I
Improved at once anmd now I'm complete
ly recovered.'' For .14ver, Kidney,8tomi- ,
ach and Bowel troubles Electrio Bitters e
isI the only medicine. Only S0o. It's
guaranteed by Pickens Drug Co., drug- E
We like best to call
a food because it stands so etn
phatically for perfect nitritibn.
And yet in the matter of restor
ing appetite, of giving new 4
strength to the tissues, especially 4
to the nerves, its action is that 4
of a medicine. 4
Send for free sample.
SCoTT & 1OWNE, Chemists,
409-415 Pearl Street, NewYork.
Soc. and $.oo I all drugglsts.
A Vialtor In the Olty TalkIs About Olaanj
of Vemue.
"The gran ting of change of venu
in- the Tillinan case by Jud
Townsend at Columbia. yestorda
afternoon means that the first ate
in the acquittal of the prisoner h
been made," said H. L. Raines, c
Sumter county, who was in Colum
bia during the hearing, and who i
SOending today in this city.
"I heard Judge Buchanan'
speech yesterday afternoon," con
tinued Mr. Raines, "and after hi
rabid attack and bitter denunchF
tion of newspapers in general an
the State newspaper in particular
I expected that the motion fc
change of venue would be rofuset
for such demonstrations of uncon
trollable ill-feeling usually resul
disastrously, especi.lly when ex
hibited before a court.
"Columbia people in the mail
were surprised that the motion wa
granted. but I heard no oxpression
of any contemptuous fooling. I ar
anxious to know where Judge Towr
sond will'send the case. The tria
will, in my opinion, be one of th
hardest fought legal battles in th
hi story of the State,.-G reenvill
Daily Herald, 25th nlt.
Chamberlain Colile, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Renedy
Is everywhere recognized as the on
remedy that can always be depende
upon and that is pleasant to take. It i
especially valuable for summer diai
rtooa in children and is undoubtedly th
means of saving the lives of a grea
many chil Ir n each year. For sale b,
Dr. G. W. le,.4cens, and Dr. R. F
smlith, Easl ,
Its Owner II to Wait Twenty Y lip
Before onpIting ilao
A miembe -New tirk .44ehig
fraternity has probably the queerest
deck of cards in the world. It took hin
twenty years to collect the pack, and
he is exceedingly proud of it. He be.
gan by picking up playing cards ill th<
street whenever he happened to rur
across them. ie got fifteen or mor<
before he began striking duplicates
Sonme days he would find two or three
and then it would be mionths before hi
would see another stray pasteboard
But ho was alwvays watching for op
portunities to add to his strange col
In ten" years he was thirteen card:
short of a complete deck. In the nex
three years lhe considered himself luck:
in finding all but four. The miissinj
ones were the jack of clubs, the douc<
and eight of diamonds and the trey o:
spades. In the course of another yea:
lie pickedl up the eight of diamond:
and six months later was overjoyed F<
find what he at first thought was a ful
deck of cards lying con the sidewalk ci
Broad way, niea r Forty-second street
The jack of clubs and the trey o:
spades were there all right, but live o1
six cards were missing, anid amonig
these was the deuce of diamondcs.
*It seemied as It lie nev'er would bi
able to obtain his fifty-second card, bu
the other clay lhe entered cne of thi
suburbain trains on the Jersey Centra
railroad, and almost the first thing h<
saw was the deuce of diamonds faci
upward in the aisle, says the New
York World. It was gilt edged ani
glossy backed, this finest of them all
Hle had been searchuing for' this iden
ti~cal card for fthe and a half years ant
doi breathed a sigh of relief.
The e is composed of cards of al
qualities F rm the cheapest to the
highest pe3d. Some are clean ani
bright; othi\ o re soiled and worn.
T'hottsands Have Kidney 'Trouble
and. Don't Know it.
Hlow To Find Out,
Fill a bottle or common glass with youi
water and let it stand twenty-four hours;
~,sediment or set
thing indicates ar
a unhealthy condi
neys; if it utalna
o your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; toc
-frequent desire tc
.-.""the back is als
-4q convincing proof that the kidneys and blad.
der are out of order,
What to Do,
There is comfort in the knowledge se
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp.
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curiag rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every par
of the urinary passage. it corrects Inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go ofter
S during the day,and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is 8001
realized. It stands the highest for its won.
dertul cures of the most distressing cases,
SIf you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50o. anud$I sizes,
You m~.y have a sample bottle- of this
wonderful discovery
and a bpook that tells
more about it, both sent
absolutely free by, mail..
Address Dr. Kilmer &r Rome ot ihwamp-noot
Ce, Binghamton, N4. Y. When writing tnen.
tion reading this generous offer in this Mppr
Don't make any mistake, but remembei
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton
phY, on every bottle,
ie Graduatiug Exerclses at Yale colege.
Many southern Boys in Graduathng
lasses.--9. Q. Boy in the List.
A special to the Atlanta Con
stitution from New Haven, Conn.,
Commencement week has begun
a~t Yale and soon the great Univer
sity will be deserted. Among the
mem bors of, the graduating classes
of the various sections of the' uni
versity are these from Florida,
Georgia, South Carolina and Ala
bama, who have by hard work and
steady application won the degrees
whioh soon will be conferred upon
, Florida-University, William
Alexander Blount, Jr., Pensacola;
Julian Hartridge, Jacksonville.
Georgia-Univeretty, Antonio
Johnson Waring, Savannah; law
school, John Harris Lewis, Thom
South Carolina-Divinity school,
Henry Kuhns Spearman, New
Alabama-Law school, George
Williamson Crawford, Biriningham,
Paul Alexis Savage, Birmingham.
Many School CJaihdrean are Sickly.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children
used by Motho Gray, a nurse in Children's Hot. e
New York, lreak up Colds in 24 hours, cure 1o
verishnesm, Headache, Stomach trounler, Teeth.
lng iDisorders, and destroy Worms At i druij
lsts, 25e. sample ailed R E. Address, A
en t. Oimsted, LeRoy, N. Y
The Charlotle News says: "The
double tracking of the Southern is
being pushed rapidly. A large force
of hands is at work now at Orange
and another force is near Aloxan.
dria, These will continue to push
the work until it is completed be
ween these points
Owing to the immense amount
Af trouble, such as wrecks, floods
ind landslides, the furce of hands
hat was to have been put to work
it Charlotte and Spencer, have
been detained at other points. Just
is soin as these damages are re
paired and the main line is in
good running order, these forces
will be put at work double track
ng between Greensboro and Char
One of the - prominent Southern
fticials says that just as soon as
,he Southern can get over the big
;rouble that it has encountered
within the past 80 days, a large
orce of hands will be located south
f Danville laying the double track.
Already the engineers and survey
>rs are on the ground laying off
lie lines for the extra trackage.
These are now at wvork between
[ynchburg and Danville. They
will finish up that division within
bhe next ten days. Then these
will go to Danville and work south.
Thlat Throbbing Headache
would quickly leave you, if you used
Dr. King's New . Life Pills. Thlouseands
>f sufferers have proved their matchless
nerit for Sick and Nervous Ifeadaches.
'hey make pure blood and build up
rour health, Only 25 nents, money back
f not cured.* Soldby Piokens Drug Uo.,
Bheriff Buiford arrested in Gain
,sville, Fla., Faturday, Elijah Ed
yards, alias Jim Anderson, alias
Elenry Williams, for the murder of
F, Butler Kinard at Newberry a
rear ago. Requisition papers have
een sent there.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
r'ablets are just what you need when
rou have no appetite, feel dull after eat
ng and wake up with a bad taste in
rour mnouth. They will improve your
bppetite, cleanse and invigorate your
tomach and give you a relish for your
ood. For sale by Dr. 0. W. Earle.
'Ickens, and Dr. R. Ii. Smith, Easley.
Ie Adopts Retaliatory Measures ' Against
Ills Accusers.
Alderman Patrick Galvin, who
vas openly charged in the Court
f Session at Charleston last Fri
lay with election frauds, hias sworn
mut warrants for his accusers,
harging them with perjury.
Mr. Galvin Is a inember of the
Jity -Council of Charleston. In
de case against R.. E. Schroeder,
harged With "repeating" in the
Von Kolmitz-Grace primary last
~eptember', in which a mistulal
vas h~ad yesterday, C. 13. Vincent
md T. E.L Fishor both swore that'
hey saw and .heard Galvin, assist
ng Schroeder to vote un'der the
lame of Butler.
'rhe perjury charge will be heard
>efore Magistrate O'Shaughnessy
omorrow, The trial promises to
>e a most sensational affair, and
t is thought tonight that a num
>er of prominent politicians will
lrawn into it before it is cone
led. __ _ _ _ _ _ _
To Mothers in Town,
Children who are de~ to feverih And orr
weet Powders for Children. They cleanse t e
tomach, act on the liver, making a ailklyehild
tron gand healthy. A certain cure for worms.
old by all druggita 2c. sample free, Ad
For Murder of Bullard guilty -Negroes
Paid With Their Lives.
Albany, Ga., June 20.-Baker
county was the scene of a triple
lynching early this morning. The
affair took place about a mile
from Newton, thecounty seat, and
twenty-one miles below Albany.
The mob's victims wore George
McKinney, Garfield McCoy and
Wiley Anette, negroes who on last
Saturday night cowardly murdered
F. S. Bullard, a respectable Baker
county farmer.
Bullard had gone to the house
occupied by one ot the tenants oh
his place in order to quiet a free
for-all fight that had started among
a company of negroes who wore en
gaged in a Saturday night frolic.
Bullard's interference was resented
by 14cKinney, McCoy and Anette,
who were from Miller county, und
they opened fire o1 the white man
with revolvers, inflicting wounds
from which death resulted on
Six negroes present were more
or less seriously wounded during
the shooting, and one may die.
McKinney, McCoy and Anette
were captured Monday and placed
in jail at Newton. Their guilt
was fully established at a commit
ment trial oil Tuesday. There
was some talk of a lynching, but
little attention was paid to it,
there being an apparent willingness
to allow the law to take its courso.
The three murderers were not
destined, however, to be legally
tried and punished. It was just
at midnight last night that Jailor
William Screws was called from
his bed by Bailiff B. 0. Tucker,
who had arrested the three mur
d(.rers The officer stated that he
had another prisoner for jail, where
upon the jailor hastily dressed and
procended to the jail, accompanied
by the bailiff. The front door of
the prison was opened and the
jailor entered. In the twinkling
of an eye, it seemed, a dozen men
sprang out of the darkness and
pistols were thrust in the face of
Jailor Screws, the light of his
lantern at the same time being ex
"Open the Inner <oor," was the
stern command of a gruff voiee.
Jailor Screws obeyed with alacrity.
In a minute McKintey, McCoy
and Anette were in the hands of
the mob. James 8tory, who is
charged with the murder of John1
Leonard, colored, about a year ago,
was also confined in the jail, but
he was not molested. 1.1 the ex
citement of the mob's attack, Bai
liff Tucker's prisoner made his
The mob wasted no time. Fromn
the jail it patssed out'of town, going
directly wvest. A mile beyond the
town ligfhs it found a tree that
evidently suited its pu1rpose. The
pi isoners' hands had ahi eady been
tied behind them, and nooses of
hemp rope weoro quickly slipped
over their heads. The three pieces
of rope were throwvn over a strong
limb, eager halnds pulled on the
frfae ends and the three bodies were
drawn clear of the ground.
The swinigin~g bodies were then
riddled with bullets. it is stated
that hundreds of shots were fIred,
the clothing being literally shot
from the bodies.
The lynching is deplored by
most of the people of Baker county.
It was totally unexpected, the mob
having perfected its plans without
attracting attention. Tile fact that
Bullard's family is left in destitute
circumstances, his wife being a
hlopeless invalid, helped to inflame
public feeling against the murder,
tarung Evidence.
Fresh testimony in great quanti'ty is
donstantly coming In, dieclarinlg Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumiption
Couhi nd Colde to. be unequaled . A
recent oxp~ression from T. J. AlcFarland
Biontorvil le, Va. serves as example, Heu
writes: "I[ hsd Bronohitis for three
years (ind doctored all thme time without
beinggheiee tted. Tfhen I began tsking
Pr, King's. New Discovery. ain a few
b~ottles'wholly oured me."? Equally ef
fectivye in curing all Lung and '1'rioat,
troubles, Consumption, Pneumonia and
Grip. . uaranteed by Pickeons Drug Co.
D~ruigist. Trial bottles free, regular
dizes 50c, and $1.00,
'-BUNOHI" Mi'lllE I.EVE4 TnE $lEA.
At the meeting of the directors
of the Seaboard Air pinb Railway
hleld in New Yor r/ast week, Capt.
V. E gJJe,,.fo rth vice-president
er~ied his resignation to take
fect July 1. Capt. McBee pro,
poses to take a vacation before
takig up any additional work.
The duties of the fourth vice-.presi
dent will be divided among tlie
other onficers of the company, and
eoffice of fourth vlee-presideint
wi not be filled at the present
shocking List of Vatanittes SaturdaY from
Ralroad Wreaks In Miany Places.
Richmond, Va., June 27.-The
Cannon Ball train which left Rich
mond for lorfolk today, was
wrecked near Petersburg. The dis,
aster was caused by an open switch,
on which a freight train was stand.
ing., The Cannon Ball crashed in
to the freight. Both engines were
badly smashe'l; Harry Covington,
the engineer on the Cannon Ball,
and his nephew, Robert Covington,
fireman, were killed. The engineer
of the freight snvedl himself by
jumping.: The passengers were
badly shaken up, but none were
seriously hurt, Express Messen
ger Hawkirs, of Richmond, was
painfully hurt,
Des Moines, Iowa, June 97.-Two
men are dead and five seriously
injured as the result of a head-on
d dlision that occurred in the yards
of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St.
Paul railroad In this city today
between an accommodation train
and a freight train drawn by two
engines. The dead are:
John Erickson, Das Moines.
James Howard, brakeman, of
Des Moines.
The injured are:
J. W. Morning, engineer.
Fied Selsor, fireman.
M. J. Pluite, conductor.
C. W. Robinson,
F. W. Bein, brakeman.
No passengers were injured.'The
wreck was caused by the outt ound
train pulling out without orders
under the impression that the
freight traim had pulled in.
A special to the Charlotte Chron
icle from Raleigh yesterday says:
This morning an attempt was
made to wreck a passenger train
on the Southern railway near Gar
ner, seven miles from here. Rails
were put on the track at a curve
in the cut. They were discovered
just in time by a section master,
who saw a negro hiding in the
bushes. A special engine was sent
to the penitentiary here for blood
hounds, which were hurried to the
scene. Deputy 8heriffs plgo wi'pt.
The blood hounds failed to track
the persons who attempted to
wreck the train near Garner.
Rion, Va., June 27.--A passen
ger' tramn on the Norfolk & Wes
tern which left Norfolk yesterday
afternoon, wvas ditched near this
place last night. Engineer Spald,.
ing and Firemnan hooker were in.
stamntly killed aind Express Messen.
gers htey and W~ood wore Injured,
No passenigers wero hurt.
So an~y the Export Englneers who were
Emipiled to Inspect the Dam.
The Textile Excelsior say that
the Toxaway Darn in the Sapphire
country, is creating much concern,
and several engineers have been
sent there for the purpose of in
specting its condition. Trhe result
of this of this insp4SOtion is being
awaited with great interest by the
people in the. valley below, who
havh recently experienced a flood
disaster and ~if the investigation
results inl a condemniition of the
dam, they would be tool-hardy to
remain in reach of it, as this dam
holds tile waters of a lake twenty
seveil miles in circumference, and
in some places fifty feet deep.
A correspondent to the Observer
Saturday says experts have exam-~
ined the Toxaway dain and pro
nonnee it as sate as hu~man skill
ean make it,
Ills Last Iloyo Itaalised.
(Fromi the Sentinel, (Gebp, Mont.)
In the first opening of Okiahonma to
settlers in 1889, the editor of this paper
was among the many seekers after for
tune who made the big race one fine day
in April. During his traveling about
and( afterwards is camping uponl his
claim, lie encounteredl much bad wvater,
which, together with. the severe heat,
gave him a very severe diarrhoea which
it seemed almost impossible to check,
and along in June the oase became so
bad he 4xpected to die. One day one of
his neighbors brought himi one small
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and1( Diarrhoea fitermedy as a last hope.
A big doie was given him while he was
rolling about. on the ground In great
agony, and in a few minutes the dose
was repeatedl. The good effect of the
medicine was soon noticed and within
an hour the patient was takilig his first
sound sleep for a.. lortnight. That one
little bottle workedl a complete cure, and~c
he, cannot help. bpst feel ratefil. The
seasaon for bowel diorderwg being at had
suggests this Item. For salo byg Dr. 0.
W. Earle, Plckeras,'tiid 19i. R. F. Amith,
A eramon In WIImUbgton Calculated to
Cause Yurther ITrouble.
Wilmington, Del., Spepial.-The
Rev. Montrose W. Thornton, col
ored, paStor of the First A. M. E.
church of this city, preached a
sensational sermon. to his congre
gation Sunday night. The church
was crowded in the expectation
that the Rev. Mr. Thornton would
have suothing to say of the events
of the past week, He said in part:
"The white man in face of his
boasted civilization stands before
my eyes tonight the demon of the
world's races, a monster incarnate;
and insofar as the negro race is
concerned seetas to g ive no quat.
ter, The white man is a heathen,
a fiend, a monstrosity before God
and is equal to any act in the cate.
gory of crime. I would sooner
trust myself in a den of hyenas as
In his arms. With a court of law
and officere of the law in his hands
the despised negro can expect nc
mercy, justice or protection. The
negro is unsafe anywhere in this
country. He is the open prey at
all times of barbarians who know
no restraint and will not be re
"There is but one part left for
the Perda*tued nag6o when charged
with ci'inh -and when innocent,
Be a laW unto yourself, You are
tailght by this l9sson of outrege tc
save youiself from torture at the
hands 0f tlio blood-seeking public.
SaVe your race from insult and
shame. Be your own sheriff, court
and jury as was the outlaw Tracy,
Die in your tracks, perhaps drink,
ing thle blood Qf your pursuers.
Booker T. Washitngton's charity,
humanity, advice of forgiveness,
love, iniduetry and so on will never
be reciprocated by white men."
The physicians of Walhalla and
Oconee county aro on a strike. Re.
cently the board of county com.
missioners decided that $8 wolld
be sufficiont to pny physicians to
make a lunacy exaiuimation. The
doctors think that said amount is
not sufficient. A prospective in,
mate for the hospital for the in
sape is now in jail there and has
not yet been sent to Columbia, for
the reason that no one can be made
to make the necessary examination.
Doubtless some adjustment will
be made in a short time,
A Colony F'or Georgetown
The Sinking IFund Commission
ere has sold five thousand acres of
public land in (X'eorgetown County
to T. J. Doyle, of the Atlantic
Coast Lumber Company, tihe price
being *1.25~ per acre. Mr. Doyle
intends to colonize the tract and
experiment with the raising of su
gar beets and cranberries, the land,
it is said, being suitable for both.
An unusual accident on the S.
& C. division of the Southern oc
curred recently near Columbia.
The intense heat expanded the rails
causing them to becomne warped
and making travel unsafe. The
train crew formed a bucket brigade
and poured water on the rails un
til they had4 contvacted to their
normal condition. The rails in
some plaeces -were six inches out of
line on account of the intense
pressure. In huilding tracks the
rails are alway0 placed so that a
space of halt an inch or, over re,.
mains between them, thus provid
ing for expansion in hot weather.
Saturday about 9 o'clock at tfie
old Coosdaw Mines an altercation
occurred in the field between Thos.
Holnies, ti negro, 19 years old, arid
two youths of the same color,
named Richard Cuthlbert and Ank
drew Porter, each about 15 years
old, resditinng .in the stabbing to
the heart of Holmes at the hands
of one of the youths, the other
st'anding by, havirig a drawn knife
in his hand. Two wouds were
inflicted, one in the forehead, the
other in the heart. The coroner
was called in. 'The row took place
near Beaufort.
Deafnesms C~aanotso Curod
by Joel applications as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There
is only one way to uure deafness, and
that is by constitutional remedies. Deaf
ness is caused by an inflamod condlition
of the mucous linng of the Eustachian
Tube, When this tube jg Inflamed you
have a rumbling sound or imperfect,
hearing, and when it is entirely closed.
Deafness is the result, and unless the in
flamation can be taken out and this tube
restored to its normal condition, hearing
will be destroyed forever; nine cases out
of ten atre cause~d by Catarrh, which is
nothing but an inflamed condition of the
mucous services.
We will give Orid Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by oatarrb)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Oure. Semnd for olteulars, tree.
* . J. OH ENEY &CO., Toledo, 0.
Hall's 9'amily Plaare the het.
Judge Townsend Granted Motion and
Named Lexington taig ternuSg.
Judge Townsend has named Lox.
ington as the county to which the
Tillman case will be sent. 0
Lexington court convenes the
third Monday in Septemnber and
Judge Gage will preslde.
Judge Townsend Thursday af.
ternoon decided that a change of
venue should be granted in the
case of Tillman but reserved his
decision as to what county it should
The deferiso asked for Saluda and
the State for Lexington or Ker.
At 5 o'clook Judge Townsend,
without going into any reasons for
his conclusion, announced that he
thought a change of venue ahould
be granted and was ready to hear
suggestions as to what county
should be selected.
Counsel for the defendant said
that as they wanted a speedy trial'
only two counties remained In
whioh court will be held this sum
mer-Edgefield and faluda. They
would not ask for Edgefleld be
cause that is the home of the do
Counsel for the State declared
that to select Saluda would be to
put the State at a great disadvan
tage, because It was practically the
ho.e.Of.tbe de endant and the peo
ple were biise ' avor. Be
sides this the inconvenience o
ing 200 witnesses across a rough
country fourteen miles and where
there are limited accommodations
were pointed out.
There was considerable desul..
tory argument when Judge Town
send directed that the order for
tho change be made out and he
would insert the name of the coun
ty and announce it the next morn
Gadsden, Ala., Special.-Gues
Steadman was shot and killed at
Alabama City late Friday after.
noon by Policemen N. P. Jarrard
and A. N. Barnes, while attempt
ing to make his escape. It is al
leged that John Steadman kidnap
pod Maggie McKnight, the thirteen
yeir-old daughter of R. R. Mc.
Knight, stole seven dollars from
her, and it is said forced her to go
with him to the woods. It is st~ated
that Guss Steadman and Susie
Harvmn, a woman of Chattanooga,
were in hiding from the ofhers.
Stea~dman claims that he intended
marrying the girl. John Stead
man and Snaie Harvin have been
put in jail and the McKnight girl
has been taken home by her father.
There is great indignation at Ala.
bama City.
Knoxville, Tenn., Special .-Hlar.
vey Logan, th& ~alleged Montana
train robber, under sentence of
twenty yeare, escaped from the
K(nox nounty jail Saturday after
noon at 5 o'clock . While his
guard's back was turned Logan
threw a wire over his head and
lassoed him, tbeing him tight to
the bars of his cage. Having one
entire floor of the jail to himself,
Logan next secured two pistols
placed in the corridor of the jaili
for use by officers if needed.
When Jailor Bell appeared in
antSwer to a call from Logan the I
prisoner passed out a bottle, saying
he wanted some medicine. As the
jailer put out his hand Logan cov
ered him with a pistol, forced him ~
to unlock the door and take himi to
the basement of the jail. He then ~
forced Bell to take him to the
sheriff's stable and saddle the
sheriff's horse. 'This done, Logan C
mounted and rode away in the di
rection of the mountains. A posse.
started in pursuit of the desperado
within one hour,
Sheriff J. W. Fox has offered a
reward of $500 for the capture of
Logan, dead or alive.t
The Southern Railway will sell
Excursion ticke to all points east
of the Mississippi and south of the C
Ohio and Potomac rivers at rate
of one anid one-third' fares for the
round trip, minimum charge fifty
cents. Tickets on sale July 2d, 3d
and 4th, with final limit to return
July 8th. C
For full information apply to t
any agent of the Southern Rail. t
way, or
W. H. Tayloe, A. G. P. A.,
Atlanta, Ga.
R. W. Hunt, D..P. A.,
Charleston, 8 '0.
8cttrke for Tk tntai ourni. , t
-W. P. Okildress, a we
business man of Laurens
Maggie Dillard of T'yersy --
married Tuesday afternoo
bride is a daughter of James
Dillard, a prominent planter. M
Childross is a member of the t
-W.~ E. Prescott's barn, with
500 bushels of eats, 40 bisxhele of
corn and %00 bundles of fodder
was consumed by fire on Saturda
night at Prescott. There had b'en ,AL
no fire about the barn ano it is
hardly thought it was a of
spontaneous combustion.. Th loge
will be .$800 or $ 1,000.
-Emile Schmidt, a white mait
has been arested aboard the steamer
Algonquin upon its arrivtl at
Charleston from Jacksonville by
Constable Knox. The arrest was
made on a telegram from the isher.
itY atJaoksonville. No charge was
preferred in the telegram.
-Politics in Summerville aro
warming up. The contending fac
tions recently came together in one
organization anl the differences
will be fought out in a democratic
primary to be held next month,
and for the first time in years the
colored population of the town
will not hold the balance of power
and elect the officials.
--President P. H. Gadsen of the
Consolidated Company of Charles
I we to Columbia to appear
e ioard of assessors.
He will also co i Adjutant
General Frost in r
the Isle of Palms name
of encampment this summer for
the State troops.
-Miss Mattie Boyce, lady prin
cipal of the female college at Due
West, died 9u that place at 11
o'clock Monday night. She was
for five years a missionary of the
Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Church to Mexico. Miss Boyce
was a native of Mecklenburg coun.
ty, North Carolina.
-Hon. W. S. I3lakeney, of Mon
rce, N. C., was in .Chesterfield re
ently. Mr. Blakenay's business
was that of looking into the ad
visability of the organization of a
bank at Chesterfield. He met
with encouragement on every side.
he citizens of the town are en
thused over the matter and the
ank will be a reality .
--Former Senator John L. Mo.
Laurin of South Carolina, will not
face financial ruin as a result ofhis
baving endorsed notes of Frank A.
Umated of Worcester, Mass., to
the extent of nearly $1,000,000.
Through his attorneys, James W.
Osborne and Otto Hess, lhe has a]-..
ready recovered *25,000 on an at
tachment of Mr. Umted's prop
--A negro, John Ladsden, was
rought to Orangeburg Tuesday
norning and turned over to the
authorities of the county. He was
:uffering from aL dangerous pistol
ball wound through the body. The
'enort is that this negro was at.
Lempting to' break into the kitchen
-r dining room of Adam Crook, a
~oung white farmer of good stand.
is near Cameron. Mr. Crook shot
Lt the negro, who ran away, but
fter some distance he fell as the
pistol ball had hit him.
-The gathering of teachers at
took Hill, has not attracted tho
ttention this year that the people
ave formerly given to the great
hool. However, the city is ready
or these visitors, who are already
ocking in and receiving a most
ordial welcome. At Winthrop
11 preparations have for several
avs been complete and the build..
igs are ready for another term of
fork and pleasure. Two hundred
und fifty-four applications have
keen filed for dormitory room and
here will be possibly fifty or a
undred more who will come in.
-The list of the dispenasary cases
kely to be brought up in the
ourt of general sessions for some
mie was disposed of at Charleston
his week by the grand jury's re.
urn of "no bill'' on the indict
cent drpwn against George Steen
ken and Edward Steencken. The
itizens summoned in Vhese cas,,s
o add their testimony to, 1ko0kii
ho dispensary constables se
ave been unable to furnieli
peoific information, and ano1~
ailure attended the attempt
be dispensary offloials to have
hese eases brought before juries ni
he dessl no eoart,

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