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n er Alnn.
ntos teasonable,
ce as second olaie
aJuly 2, 1900.
~0apanut trust is being
Y I ' heard of that ministe
en you come to toll us about
40',g fsh you caught just bring
n. 1, the fish.
Some wise mon make predictions
acernitg 'a corn crop before the
mel has been planted.
Three million dollars were shipped
beer kegs to the Philippines.
tat is a libel on Pabst of Milwau.
Dr. Parkhurst refers to President
osevelt as "an accident." Park.
rst is a sort of accidental accident
Even the presidency pales into in
fnificance with Grover when a brook
,)t is nibbling at the end of his
hing line.
Dr. Parkhurst has been praising
.eveland. It is about the first time
s ever praised any one but himself.
arky must have an axe to grind.
Now that the youngster has re
nived so much free advertising the
2others are all sore because it wasn't
heir kid that yelled "Teddy" at the
A rarity has been in
own. A man
..m oind voluntarily
air ime public road that he
polled to pass over daily, and
iis neighbors were nearly killed by
he shock.
Mrs. Cleveland is said to be op.
osed to her husband re-entering
>olitics. If the wives of some sona
>rs and congressmen would *&
imilar sta~d "
.- g maa~ nulting passersby must be
ong to the skunkc variety. And yet
r skunk might object to the compari
Governor Yates of Illinois has an
nounced his in tontion of taking a
trip to Europo. WVe believe it will
be about the first times a governor ini
oflice has made such a journey and it
wvil. be interesting to note the rocop
tion lie recoives across the0 watoer.
. On the theory that "what is sauco
for the goose is sauce for the gandeor,"
there can) be no objection imado by
the labor unions to the s-top) taken by
the employers of the country in form
ing like organizations. T je country
is runiniing ibion mad and( we are
fast drifting away from our old time
freedom of action and business inter
ests9. Somue day the storm will break
and its results will be fearful to con
A con temporary very pirtLinen td'
remarks that reasonable men will ul
timately come to understand that the
destruction of capital incident to time
suspension of labor and the closing
down of planlts in strikes catnot
make for thme ultimate good of either
party contributing to the geuneral
welfare. The union of employers
will make mediation or arbitration
absolutl necessary in the adjust
ment of differences, for if the union
idea were carried to a logical conclu
sion and all the employers were or.
ganized against all-the employes, in
dustry must presently come to a
standstill and barbarism take the
place of civilization.
We notice a disposition en the part
of the press of the country to crii,
cise the veterans of the Spanish
American war because a number of
themn have applied for pens5ions for
Cisabilities contracted in the service
of the government. This is all wrong
'and exhibits a spirit of ungrateful
eson the part of those oflering the
criticism. Out of tihe large army the
government placed in the field~ 'It is
to be expected that a number of
them will make exageratedi claitms
upo~ the pension rolli bu the au
thtties gre amply aetoproktec h
tw~ry against such raids. B3ut it
~P,.&~dos not justify us ini condemning
'tm inn for ths short comings of
t4j fw Let, us who remained at
a sho as much patriotIsm in
;: hbse wyho- went to the
:A, their response to the
~ Ira other words let
h were they are
&~i~an1 n' anti
t e d Jnfat :md lwhenu m
Woben defluitely a. U10
Sade to of thle UniteiStn d
e*or$cially dosignated as' moaiib,
and our embassies Ibad l be
known as the "AImerican Embassy,"
Instead of the "mtabaosey of the
United States," as heretofore. To
Secrotary Hay belongs the credit of
.driwing this fine distinction and
Causing its recognition by the govern
ments of the old woild. It is as it
should be Residenta of the United
States of Mexica are known as Mexi
cans, those of the United Status of
Colombia as Colombians, and those
of the United States of Brazil as
Brazilians. 8o why should we not
bo termed Americans? 'Tis the
proudest distiinction that can be con
forred upon a human being. t
Easley Locals.
Easley, S. C., June 29, 1908.
Tbis lnco was xisited by something
on the order of a cloud burst Satur. <
day afternoon. Fer over an hour the
rain fell in torrents and the streets I
w.;ro convorted into rivulets. Buti I
for hard work the Easloy Mill reser.
voir would have been washed away. Y
The extent of the rain was only a r
fow miles in area and only for some (
small bridges being washed away,
little dimnago is reported.
A large number of our people, tak. t
ing advantage of tio excursion rates
have gone to Atlanta today.
The many friends of Mrs. J. E. )
Kinch will be sorry to learn of her 2
(loath which odcurred at her home
horo last Thursday, the 25th. Her
remains were carried to Pickons Fri
day for burial. t
Edward Hamilton, who we men
tioned last week as being seriously
ill, died Wednesday night and was
buried the following day at the Moth.
odist cometery. He leaves a wife, a
mother and one brother and a host
of friends and relatives to mourn his
0. B. Smith and sister, Miss Char
lotte, spent the day in Easley Satur
Miss Nell West and Miss Mackey,
of Greenvillo, are spending a few days
with the former's sister, Mrs. Moss
1k'Ere this appears in print the wed.
dn boll will sound ' ey.1
~V ;uiss Nina Boggs, is one
of Easley's society leaders, who num
bors her friends as she does her ac
quaintances. The groom-elect is one
of Pickens' most popular, prosporin g
and accommodating young mon, Dr.
J. N. Hallum. Our good wishes will
follow this young couple; in this all
their uany friends join me. The
ceremony will be performed at the
first Presbyterian church tomorrow
ovening at 8:30 o'clock by Rev. J. T.
'att, of Anderson county,
iy yesterday.
* allahamn paid his grand
* Callabamn, a visit yester
. ports his grand-father in
* aelth.
1 ~,hikung seems to be in a rush
hero this week. Everyone is talking
Fourth of July talk. So I had bet
ter do up) the budget for the present.
Dull Needle.
It Keeps the Feet WVarm axtd Dry.
.\sk today for Allett's Ioot, lEasa power. It
ilig iap~ feet. A t all drtiggists atit HhoO
Norris Items.
Not having observed through your
welcome visitor, any locals from our
favored, busy section we venture to
cull a few at least.
We have recently been visited with
good raUins and vegetation allppears to
have taken on new lift', therefore
giving new life to the "man with the
Crops are not very promising at
this date. The harvest season is over
but the yield somewhat belowv an av
<rage crop.
The lBon Inumber comnpany stands
next to the man who "tills the soil"
as ro, ards over busy at present. This,
company is just completinlg the six
toen new cottages at the Easley Cot
ton Mills; and Monday the first cot
tage of the forty was framed at Con
tratl, and thme forty will now be rushed
to completion for the Isaqueena Cot
ton Mill. T1he p)oet tells us that:
"Lives of great mon all remind us
We should make our lives sub~limol,
And departing leave behind us,
Foot prints on the sandIs of time."
However the niames of two cotton
mills suggests that p~erhap~s a wvoman
had something to do wvith it while,
the Norris Cotton Mills is not known
as "Cateechee" br~t on account of her
postoffioo bearing that name it is
largely known as Cateechee Cotton
Mill. A new hotel was recently erc-~
Led at that place and several new cot
tages also and others under way.
This is preparatory to the erdarge
mont of the mill. Actual work on
mill building lhas already been comrn
monced. The operatives will have
ho:liday on the 4th and the young '
people think it - wve l to initiate the ~
hotel by a "light foot exercise." The g
national holiday will be observed N
quietly as no arrangements for a eele
bratioun have beeni made,
The schools in this dlistrict will
have a vouner t',rm, opening July v
13th. Theli Norris Gramimar subool &
will bo taught by J. P. Dendy, who i
for the paist three years has taught a
successful schools in Anderson coun a
' he Johnston male and female
schools are consolidated nd there
fore a now roll offected. 'Tho trustees
are discussing the question of build
ing a nowv acadenmy and on a mnore
desirable site. We sincorely trust
this will ho done, for the moSt im
portant issue with the diffarent trus
tees now is "how can we have better
schools?" Answeor. Offer better
school buildings, better -salary for
teachers and as a result better teach. A
ers. This is not a plan to experi
ment, but a result after duly experi
mental w~ork dono in other states. I
The school at Cateechee. will be ~
under the supervision of Mlsn IHttie
Wilson, who has tdught there sue.
ce'ssfully the past two years.
il Phwihda~j TTn m. . C
N~ tl
~liett Barnett, Wi ? of ig ED.~
W6nh,,formerly of 9lekeUs, but low
oreman of the Easley Progress, de..
arted this life on. last Thursday
,norning, June-25th, at 10:20.o'clook,
iftor an illness of only, eleven days,
'rom an attack of acute brights' dis
a(e, at the home of her husband in
gasley. $he was the mother of eight.
,hildren, soveu of whom, four son
ind three small daughters with the
ausband survive her. Two sons, the
Ildest and third, who were residing
n Hundersonville, N. C., were sum
inoned by telegraph Monday and
-oachod their mother's bodside Tues
lay morning, two days before her
lemise, but sorrowful to relate, she
md lost consciousness and did not
'ecognize them.
Mrs. Ench was forty.four years,
'ight months and three days old at
he time of her death. She was a
a consistent christian and member
>f the Methodist church. Her re
nains were laid to rest in the Pickens
eometery on Friday afternoon, the
>bsequies being conducteI by Rev.
F. M. Stewart, assisted by Rovs. 0.
4i. Abney and D. W. Hiott, in the
resonco of a large cont ourse or sor
owitig friends. The sympathy of
nany friends is express:l for the sEr
owing husband and motherloss chil
Drivn to iDesperation.
Living at an out of the way place, re
note from civilization, a family is often
Irivon to desporation in case of accident
esulting in Burns, Cuts, Wounds, Ul
ere, etc. Lay in a supply of iucklen's
Lrniza Salve. It's tho best on earth.
5o, at Pickens Drug Co's., drug store.
Notice is hereby given that by vir
ue of a commission issued to the
indersigned by the Secretary of State
3ooks of Subscription to the capital
itock of the "New York Bankers In
liustrial Insurance Company" will be
>pened on Monday the 6th day of
fuly 1903 at 11 a. in. at the post of
ice at Liberty, S. C.
J. Palmer DaPri.
rhe I1aw Department of the
South Carolina College.
In addition to the regular lectuyes by
khe professors of 14w of the South Car
flina College, the trustees and faculty
are pleased to be able to announce for
the coming. session a very attractive
merisA of lectures to be contributed by
somefthej dng members of the
' Bar o flouth Carolina.
Among those who have consented to
leliver one or more lectui'es to the law
alasses of the College are: "fon. Charles
R. Simonton, U. S. Circuit 'tjge; Hon.
William H. Brawley, U. s. District
ludge; Hon. Y. J. Pope, Chief Justice
3f South Carolir t; Hoi. C. A. Woods,
Associate Justice; 'Hon. Eugene B.
3ary, Associate Justige; Hon. Edward
McCrady, Hon. J. C. 'sjeppard, Hon.
7. Duncan Bellinger, Hoi. S. J. Simp
ma, Hon. J. P. Carey, and Hon. Andr4i
Drawford. %
The trustees and faculty feel that in
securing the assistance of these dis
tinguished judges and lawyers they
ave accomplished something that will
prove of the greatest benenit to those
taking the law course in the South
Carolina College. The number of those
enrolled in the law department during
the last two years has been the largest
in the history of the college, and the
hope is entertained that the prospect
of these additional lectures may still
further increase the growing number
af .law students.
The great value of the training af
forded tby schools of law has been too
thosoughiy demonstrated to render
'iecessary any arguments in their sup
port. The day of preparation for the
har by solitary study in a iawyer's
>ffice has practically passed. Everyone
~amnliar with the working of a law
chool must have been impressed with
he increased interest and zeal that re
muit from the mere association of young
nen who have conme together for the
~ommon qurpose of studying law. The
Sally discussions of questions of law,
sot only with the professors, but also
with each other, beget an enthusiasm
for the law which possibly, in somne in
stances, could never have been acquired
The advantage of attending a profes
sional school in the State in wvhich a
man is to practice his profession Is in
no case more obvious than in that of a
lawyer. Besides the familiarity gained
with the decisious and statute law of
the State, the friendships that he formns
mt such a school add very materially to
his3 future usefulness as a citizen. The
career of lawyers as a class is more apt
to be of a public nature than that of
those engaged in any other profession
Dr business. Not only are all of the
Judges of the State drawn from the bar.
but the occupants of the legislative and
executive offices are also drawn very
Largely from the same source. As so
many of the members of the legal pro
fession are naturally destined to public
careers, it is of no little importance
that the young men who have decided
to become lawyers should come into
siose touch with other young men of
their own State who have chosen the
same life-work.
The most lasting friendships are net
nfrequentiy forme4 during the part of
A man's life that is usually devoted to
preparation for the bar; and it is un
~ortunate if this period should be spent
n a State other than that in which he
a to live. Several years spent at a pro
ression school in another State some
imes thnd the student so completely out
if touch with the young men of his
awn State that wvhen he returns to
practice his profession he finds himself
laboring under a serious disadvantags,
which is' some instances is never over
A law school, h&ywever, should be
patronised not alone by those intending
to practich law. There is hardly a call
ing in life for Which one would not be
better prepared by having taken a
3ourse in law. Altnost everyone who
tas made an earnest study of the law
wirl agree with Dlurke that it is a
inee which does more to quicken
bud invigorate the understanding than
kli other kinds of human lparning put
ogether." The hope Is indtilged there.
0,0, that the attendance upon ihe law
ahool of the South Carolina College
rmay inejude some who have not de
sarwiped to make law thefr profession.
Coltimbia as the capital of the State
iresents many advantages for the law
tudent. The sessions of the Supreme
rourt of the State, of the State Circuit
?ourte, and of the Federal Courts, give
Sim freguent opportunity to bear argu
itents by the leading lawyet- of the
tate, and to witness the practical ad
ministratIon of the principles of thme
uw. In prosecuting his studies he will
Iw0 find that having access to the law'
brary of the Supreme Coitrt, as weli;
a to the Cones bailbFy.libeof the
reatest value to him. e .
County of Pickons.
Court of Common Pleas.
'lekens County Farmer's Alliance Ware
house Compriny, a Corporation duly
chartered by lauw.
AGAINST Plaintiff.
.W. Fiolger7. A. Robinson, et. al.,
Pursuant to an order inade by Hon.
. 0. Purdy, in the above stated case,
ated March 19th, 1903, all Stockhmold.
re in the Pleke~ns County Farmer's Al.
ance Warehouse Vompany mustap
ear before me, as "Speo a) Referee,"
nd prove said stock on or by the 15thl
av of August, 1908, or be barred from
"I have used Ayer's ikirVigor
for a great inuty yeats, and al
though I aml past cight years of
age, yet I hiav not a gray hair in
my head."
Gco. Yellolt, Towson. Md
We inean all that rich
dark color our hair used
to have. I it's gray now,
no matter; for Ayer's
Hair Vigor always re
stores color to gray hair.
Sometimes it makes the
hair grow very heavy and
long; and it stops falling
of the hair, too.
51.00 a :ottie. All dnaIggsts.
w~ ad Its one itl:r5(1W wilI exprs
yoti i hol1e. Ji0 suro ntid >ivo Lho pano
cI %our nearest exre oivee. Aci(dress,
J. U. A Ill CO., Lowol, Mass.
"I Shaa been troubled for sono time
wvith indigestion and sour stinmach," says
Mrs. Sarah IV. Curtis, of Leo. Ms.,
..and have been taking Chamberlain's
Stonach and Liver Tablets which have
helped mn0 very much so that now I can
eat many things that before I could not."
If you have any trouble with your
stomach why not tako theso Tablets and
get well? For sile by Dr. 0. IV. Earle
Pickens, and Dr. R, F. Smith, Easley.
If so call on J. D. MOORE
and and got a 10 pound Caddy
Old Reliable, $2.95 per box.
Brown's Mule, $3. 10 per box.
Hatchet, $3.60 per box.
Schnapps, $3.90 per box.
Red Elephant, $3.50 per box.
Cuba~Free, $3,40 per box.
Blind Tom, $3 40 per box.
Other goods at equally as low
prices- Candy 15c a box.
gWBring me your produco.
County of Piolcens.
In Common Pleas Court.
Complaint not Served.
M, F. Hester, Plaintiff,
T. Cliugman Powell, Catherine
Powell, Mary A. Alexander, Jo
seph Powell. William Powell,
Hampton Aiken, Mary Aikon,
Loathic Aiken, Conley Aikon,
Martha A ikon,Ephriam Powoll,
Calvin Powell, Pick Allisn
Powl1, Omio Powell, Licony
Powell and Emilino Andcrson,
and required to answer the coll~mlt in
this nction, which is filed in the oflice of
Clork of Court of Pickons county and to
servo a copy of your answer to said comn
plaint on thetho subscribers at their office
at Pickens, C. H., S. C. within twenty
dlays after the service hereof, exelusive
of the day of such service; and if you
fail to answer the com >laint within the
time aforesaid, the plamntift' in this action
will apply to the Comit for the relief do.
manded in the complaint.
Dated A pr. 1, A.-D. 1903.
- SEAL ' o.O. P.
M~organ, M~auldin & Mauldin.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To Omie Powell and Martha Aiko u
miniors Over the ages of fourteen (14)
years defendents: T1ake notice that unless
you p~roculre for yoursclves the appoint
mewnt of a guardiani ad litomn to represent
you in this action within twecnty (20)
days aifter service of this summons upon
you, the plainmtifl' will apply to the court
to have such guardian ad litomi appoint.
Morgan .Mauldin & Mauldin,
April ~ ~. Plaintiffs Attorneys.
T1o Josephl Powvell and William Powv
ell, and Emnilino Anderrson absent do
fendlants:- Take notice that the
complaint and the summons of
which the foregoing is a copy were filed
in the oflice of tho Clork of Conrt, Pick
ens county on the 1 day of April 1 A. D.
Morgan, Mauldin & Manldin,
Apr.1, A P. Plaintiff's Attorneys.
SFor Bicycles
Bicycle Material of all kinds,
Fine Cigars & Tobaccos,
Ca n Goods. Sugar, Coffee,
Machine Needies,
tedious to mention.: ,,
SBicycle Repairing Carefully Done. ~
SAll at. the lowest (Cash Price,
caln on
0 . C. FI[CKS & 00.,
~West Em. OENTH AIL, N, C.
Plckons, South Carolina.
O111ce npstauirs (in re-ar rooms) ever
Earle's Drng Store. Offers his profes
sional services to the public.
SEasley's -.- Jeweler i
Ahvarw unaato see icou.'
Have a complete line of Jewv
elry at very close prices....
Just received alot of Rogers ~i
R lepairin g of Watches, Clocks
and anyvthi ng in the Jewelry
?i Line prmtydone and guar
Call on mec at Callahiami
Clothing Co., next door to
drug store.
W. T. MoFAM, a
CAPITAL, - - $ 20;500.'00
PROFITS, - - $ 10,312.09.
DEPOSITS, - - $100,055.29.
Interest paid on time Deposits. Careful Management,
Liberal Treatment to all'it's Customers.
J . . tAG O,), 3 . 1) . ItI."'A a., 'III. l Nius
M A. IC IY, J. MN. SIV-1wART,1 . MCI). HRU E
J. L. Holt, Al. D. J. N. Ilallun, Ph. G.
Picken s Drug Company.
For that cold in the head try our
Our Diarrhoea Mixture Cures. Try it.
If you have dandruff or your hair falls out try our
Quinine Hair Tonic 50c.
Another lot of "NUNNALLY'S CANDIES" just
Pickens Drug Company.
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Dry Goods, Notions and Shoes.
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Two rncely shaded lots, 1.00x200, feet, on corner, 500.00.
One Farm--comprising seventy-ono acres--ono-half in
cul. ivation and only 1.4 miles from Pickons, price, 854.00.
$1.4.00 por acre.--147 acres on Southern iRailwvay twvo miles from
two cotton mills. 75 acres ini cultivation, 12 acres good bottom land.
The wvood alone on this place wort the money. Come quick or some
one will be0 ahead of ..you.
130 ncre farm near Six Mile church, 2-story dwelling, GO acres good
heart timber; 60 acres in) cultivation; plenty of running streams $1325
For further information call on.
Oficeo at Depot. Pickous, 8. 0.
~hpm minl muf~ Diarrhoea, Dysentery, and
the Dowel Troubles of
~~~children of AnAe
E3TH INOPO O the Bowels, tes
Costs Oaly 25 cents at Druiggists, the Child and Maes
Or mall 95 eents to C. .1. MOPP'ETT, M. D., ST. L.OUIS, MO.
0.h, we Nov.26. 100 -I1 was first avised by our fly ysilcian in Charleston to use TERtTHINTA
Ater it wasn useful in teothing tronbies, an Is effect has been found to beovr bto am and sw feee fhromach.r
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Question Where
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China at a Sacrifice.
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For Cut Priices to suit the D~ull Season on
A Full line of
CainnedI Goods(1, Pickles, Oat Meal, Crakers,
Cakes, Canidles, Fruits, Nuts, Tea, Coffee,
Molasses. eThe~ Best Cheese on Earth.
Used andl recoimmendord by all the Stock and Poultry raiser.
Black illi Shoe8 Polilv
Affps LiqilShe poclishi.
Country P'rodupIe takeni
in Exchanige -for' Goodls.
te ring Fivr1llo~ ae
Stc'IngSle ig ilverlawae.
Cut Glass, Art Potter~y, Blric-a-Br'ac and(1
Novelti. .
809 North Main Street- CREENVILLE. 8, C.
lg tt/ Sc Scene li neering .So t
't o. Carolhna, Ent rance exarnminations hold
09 e ifis$at foriu ati t -~ Cuet 1)intenden of h.
(t metaillo boxe.g aaed with btue ribbon. 0- Tut O $4. oard andl furnishod
stnen a sn'sts,r . "~M(1IW r,r.,ahq.. room. in Dormitory, $10 per month. All
.Il4Ii , ~ intann for VI ar as-se, .' . t

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