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i PICKENS SENT EL, Established', 1871.-..***
Uden o OEAHAM,11 - PICKENS, 8. oy, JUL 6 98
Tho'o who are gaining fiesh
anc1 i.Lrenth by regular treat
monat wth
Scott's Emulsion
should continue the treatnent
In tc 'Weather; ma ler dose
and ilttke cool milk with Itwiil
do hay with any ob ecton
ducts during the eated
Send for free sample.
SCCT & BOWNE, Cihemists,
409-4:5 Pearl Street, Now York.
5"c. and $x.oo; all druggists.
The announcoment that the big coal
companies are now producing more
coal than over before may not bN
particularly timely information in the
midst of a July hot wave, but It a good
fact to file away for future referenc
hext winter, when the word fuel will
havO 4 moro kindly sound than it nowY
With snowstorms reported from
somo of the mountain states and sun.
strokes from several other quarters, i
would seem that the United States haE
climate and temperature in sufficleni
yarlety to suit the most fastidious.
There is more Catarrh in this sectior
of the country than all other diseasei
put together, and until the last fem
years was supposed to be incurable. Foi
a great many years doctors pronounce
it a local disease and prescribed loca
remedies, and by constantly failing t(
cure with local treatment, pronounced
it incurable. Soience has proven catarri
to be a constitutional disease and there
fore requires constitutional treatment
IHall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured b
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is thi
only constitutional cure on the tinarket
It is taken internally in doses fron 1
drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directi
on tho blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. They offer one hundred dollar
for any case it fails to cure. Send foi
circulars and testimonials.
Address, F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, 0.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
A Pittsburg doctor has received E1
fee of $34,000 for treating a man whc
died. It Is Idlc to speculate as to the
amount he might have received had
the patient lived.
A Dakota judge has ruled thai
polygamy Is legal on the Indian reser.
vation, though his finding is not likely
to precipitate a rush to the frontier.
It may be observed that the mari
wh. Is grumbling about the. hot July
Is te same fOllow who \-as growling
abof the cold June.
t COUnt Boni de rteln 'ts
u rather sorry figure M fteidin In the
Paris courts against the payment of
loans made to enable him to pay debts
of honor (gambling debts) on the
ground that there was a technical Ir
regularity in the form of the notes h(
gave. This Is almost as contemptible
as It Is for an olicial to take refuge Ii
"the statute of limitations" wher
charged with defrauding the govern
Silr Thomasuhas not been so lacking
in discretIon as to drop hInts about the
kind of tea he would prefer when he
is being entertained.
havIng lost his job), poor Mr. Schwab~
wvill have to live on his Income from
$30,000,000 until lie can find somecthing
else to do.
irta~Jy Toemituredl.
A case camne to light that for persist
ent and unmerciful torture has pc m hap
niever lbeen equaled. Joe Golobick o
Colusa, Cal., wvrites. "For 15 years
endured insu fferable pain from Rheuma
tiam and nothing relieved me though
tried everything known. I came acres
Electric liitters and it's the greates
-medicine on earth for that trouble. J
few bottles of it complett ly relieved an
- curoed me." J ist as good for Liver an
KIdlney troublies and general debility
Only 50c. Satisfaction guaranteed b2
Pickens Drug Co., druggist.
9'Whe Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths
* l'here is a disease prevaIlIng in thi
*urntry most dan erous because so decej
- . tIve. Many suddel
41 . deaths are caused b
it -heart dIsease
pneumonia, hear
* failure or apopler
I'll Vare often the resul
I of kIdney dIsease. I
kIdney trouble Is a]
-lowed to advance th
Il- idney - p ois o ne<
blood will attack th<
..vItal organs or th<
kIdneys themselves break down and wast<
away cell by celia
Bladder troubles most always result fron
a derangement of the kidneys and a cure I
obtained quickest by a proper treatment a
the kidneys. If you are feelIng badly yol
can make no mIstake by takin gDr. Kilmer'
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver an<
bladder remedy.
*It corrects inability to hold urIne and scald
ing pain in passing It, and overcomes tha
unpleasant necessity of being compelled t
go often during the day, and to get up man:
times during the night. The mild and thi
e~lttraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is, soo:
realIzed. It standq the highest for Its won
derful cures of the most distressIng cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sol<
by all druggists in fIfty-cent and one-dolial
sized bottles. You may
~t have a sample bottle of
this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that
tells all about it, both nomoorsnap~i.noo.
sent free by mall. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co,
BInghamton, N. Y. When writing mentior
- - reading this generous offer in this paper.
Dori't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-.Root, br. Kllmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, BInghamton,
N. Y., on every bottle,
(Chills and.Seevet is a bottleo p.y rp
n /atsa or
Riesult of a tteadon Colision In Virkinti
on the 7th inst.
Washington, D. '0., Specil.
Tw'enty-three persons, including
the engineers and firemen of both
trains were 'killed and nine per.,
sons were injured in a headon col
lision on the Virginia Midland di
vision of the Southern -railway at
Rookfish, Va., at 12 rinutos after
8 o'clock this afternoon. Passen,
ger train No. 85, leaving Wash
ington at 11:15 a. in. for Atlanta,
Ga., dashed into local, freight. No.
68, standing on the main line of
the road at that point, wrecking
both engines and the baggage and
expriis cars of No. 35. The bag
gage car and second class pa8sen.
ger coach immediately following
it telesoopod. The coach was oc
cupied mostly by colored people.
Charlottesville, Va., Special.
The work of identification of the
22 dead taken from the wreck on
the Southern railroad at Rockfish
station twenty miles south of this
city yesterday afternoon, when
passenger No. 85 ran into an open
switch and crashed into freight
No. 68, was completed at noon
tuday. All the bodies- have been
recovered except that of passenger
engineer Davis of Alexandria, Va.
The tracks are now clear and
trains are running on schedule
time. The cause of the disaster
has been officially reported as in
attention to orders, the freight
conductor, W. B, Brubeck, reading
his orders to mean that the pas
senger was one hour and twenty
minutes late when it should have
been 20 minutes. He allowed the
switch to remain open.' Brubeck
is insane from mental anguish.
About ten small children es
caped injury, who, being foreign
ors, cannot tell anything about
their parents, who were killed in
the wrock. The litle ones are be
ing cared for by the people of the
"For years fate was afto me continu
ously" writes F. A. Gulledge, Verbena,
Ala, !'I had a terrible case of Piles
causing 24 tumors. When all- failed,
Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured me."
Equally good for Burns and all aches
and pains. Only 25c at Pickens Drug
Co's., drug store.
Negro Died in Awful Agony At Hands of
A West Virginia Mob For the Usual
Roanoke, Vat., Special.--Several
days ago a young white girl, living
at Dovon, in Ming county, WV. Va.,
was mysteriously .kidnapped and
all efforts to find her were vain
until Thursday night. A searching
party found her three miles from
the town, tied to a tree in the
woodls. She told the meon'that she
had been kidnapiied by a burly
negro, and carried to this point,
r where she had been since Tfues
C (lay.
After hearing the girl's pitiful
story, theu meon left her as they had
Sfound her, tied to a tree. They
bid in the bushes close by to await
developments. After some time
the negro returned, bringing with
him some food for the girl to eat.
When she told him that her friends
had seen her, he threatened to kill
her, and was in the act of doing so
when the men rusbed forward
from their hiding place and caught
the brute, lie made a desperate
fight for his life, but it was vain.
He was skinnued alive from head to
foot by his captors, and died int
awful agony. .
IThe negro's victim is in a. seri
ous condition.
Slight injuries of ten ' disable a man
a ~nd oauso several days' loss of time and
when blood poison develops, fometinmes
result in the loss of a hand or limb.
, (hamber lain's Pain Blalm is an antisep
I tic liniment. When applied to cutsi,
Sbruises and burns it causes th~ern to heal
qi:ickly and without maturation, and
prevents any danger of blood poison.
- For sale by Pickens Drug Co., Pickens,
t and 'T. N. Hunter, Liberty.
--The building contractors and
the strikers of Charleston are still
apart. The master tradesmen are
importing mechanics and guaran..
teeing theia steady employment for
year. Both sides are confident of
winning out.
-Night waes Iter Terror.
"I would coughy nearly all night long"'
writes Afra. OChas.Appilegate, of Alex
andria, Ind., "and could hardly get any
sleep :I had consumption so bad that if
I wafredi a block I would cough, fright
fully and spit blood, but, whent all other
medicines failed, three $1.00 bottles of
Dr. King's New' Dielovery-w*holl~ oured
me and I gained 68 pouads. Its abso
lutelyguarA teed to oare 0oug)s, Ools
La (Itipe Bronchisl and' S Thiraa
Sand 'I' roublee. Price 80o and $1,#0
TrimlbttJ fe at Piokons Drfa Oo'sW
Daughter of .Barnwelve sheriff Defiaes
Herbert Sanders was shot Satur
day July 4th, 1y Soaborn Moore
and it is said the wound is fatal
It is said there was a deuce a
Lewis Oreeoh's, near Olinos an
during the danca these young me
had some unpleasautnose. whic
resulted as above. Mfoore is i
jail having sirrenderQd himself t
Sheriff Creech.
Sunday night .10 masked mei
wont the jail where they demande
Moore and being told by the She
iff's daughter he was at chure:
with her father the sheriff the;
then demanded the keys of th
jail which she told them she woul
got for them from the next roor
and on returning from the - root
she came armed and drawing
loaded weapon she presented
and defied them' thereby runnin
them away. In a short time th
Sheriff returned from church and v
once got up a guard for the ja
consisting of the mayor and man
of the best citizens. Nothin
further took place during th
night and the town has been quie
The Situation In Macedonia.
No doubt the situation In Macedoni
is bad enough, but of all the reports I
eirculation it is impossible to decid
which are true and which false.
A correspondent of the London Time
has been wandering i the reglo
around Strumitza, the district wher
Miss Stone, the American missionarj
was captured, and which is said t
have been the scene of ntny recer
encounters between revolutionar
bands and Turkish troops and oul
rages by the latter. At a place calle
Smerelish It appears a band of fug
tive villagers were mistaken for rev(
lutionists by a Turkish detachment nc
long ago and annihilated. Turkish 1
regulars in search of revolutionists ar
not apt to be particular in the mattc
of identifleation. But the correspont
ent failed to discover hero or In th
neighborhood of Istib, which he als
visited, any extended signs of the reig
of terror which is supposed to preva
everywhere. Poverty and squalor pre
vailed on all sides, and there was
marked disinclination on the pairt c
the natives to have anything to d
with a foreigner, but the inhabitani
of many of the villages were workin
tranquilly enough in their fields. I
the town of Strumitza only twent
three suspects had been arrested, an
all of them except two were release
after a fortnight's imprisonment.
The statement' that the Louislan
Purchase Exposition company has e:
pended in the neighborhood of $9,000
000 in the work already done or whic
is under contract shows that the bus
ness of preparation for the world
fair has been pushed with great vigo
There can be no doubt that everythin
will be completed on April 80, 1004.)
will be something of a-curiosity to at
ana international exposition which i
be in readiness on the appointed da:
but this is promised by St. Louis.
Joseph W. Folk of St. Louis, the dii
trict attorney who has put several off
cial boodlers in jail for corruption an
has more prosecutions in hand, say
the worst enemies of the republic no'
are the givers and takers of bribei
This persuasive evil, whicb is becon
ing altogether too common, demand
prompt and severe treatment ever.)
A St. Louis man who read the ne9
directory diligently as any good cit
zen should rian across a woman's nam~
which pleased him and, hunting u
the bearer, married her. Again we e
the advantage or disadvantage, as th
ease may be, of getting one's name I
Protests against a certain kindc
bathing suits at the president's honw
town seem to Indicate an unwillinj
ness on the part of 'Oyster Bay to Il
served on the half shell.
In the opinion of a Netv York legi
authority there is no punishment fC
betting at race tra'cks. The opinionc
the man who bets on the wrong hors
is different.
If the postal investigation is contih
uod the public may'yot learn what
used for gum on the postage stamps.
--There was ageneral row an
fight in a negro boarding house 11
the Catawba damn near Rock Hi
Saturday, in which two negro wc
men, one of thoem the proprietrei
of the house, were seriously ct
about the face and hands wit
broken plates, tumblers and othe
tableware. The artory and l'eaf
ers of the forearm of one of th~
women were severed and had it n<
been for the presence of some wh'
knew how to stop the flow of bloc
she would have bled to dgatht be
fore a physician could arrive,
Nto man or woman in the State wi
hesitate to speak well of Chamberlain
Stomach and Liver Tablets after on<
trying thema. They always produce
pleasant movement of the bowelss
proi a the appetite -aid strengthlen
digeetion. For sale by Pickoens ri
Eperihgeut.Ist Blunioipal Ownership.
Tld public genertally wil wvatcb with
kcet interest the experiment In the I
municipAl ownersiip and operation of
traction .lines provided for by the P
Muller stroet ' railway act passed by n
the laSt Illinois legislature and now to a
be put in operation In Chicago..
t Briefly the Muller act empowers
any city in Illinois to own, acquire,
construct, maintain and operato street
railways, or to lease them for periods t
1 not longer than twenty years, upon a
popular vote accepting the act- and a
two-thirds vote authorizing the imnic- C
Ipal authorities tq buy or construct and
operate. a - street. railway, and also
two-thirds vote providing for bonds or
other cortificates of indebtedness to f
pay for such road, whether by pur
chase or construction.
As to fares and terms of leases, the c
aet leaves all to regulation by the city
council, except that leases or grants of
d franchises must not run more than
1 twenty years. The council may mako
n all rules and regulations, including 4
a fares, when the city operates the road I
Itself and may Incorporafo into leases 8
and grants of franchises such terms
g as It deems for the bot Interest of the
e munIelpality. The act provides also
,t that the street cars may be used to
carry parcels and mail as well as pas
-songers. Provision is made for the
payment of bonds and for the publica
g tion of accounts of municipal rail
e ways.
t Naturally the act was 9pposed by
the existing street railway tompanies
in Chicago, but It passed both branches
of the legislature by an overwhelming
voto and was favored by both the can
didates for mayor in the last Chicago
election. The Chicago corporations will
0* probably fight to retain their present
privileges. But litigation is discour- t
aged by the fact that the Muller bill
was carefuly drawn by prominent at
torneys employed by Chicago and that
the legality of its provisions was pro
0 nounced valid by the attorney general
of the state.
This is the beginning of perhaps the
most important experiment in the
municipal control of street railroads
yet undertaken in this country, and its
success or failure will unquestionably
have a marked effect upon the question
in other cities.
r Deerease In Railroad Building.
According to the figures given by the
Railway Age, the record of railroad
n building during the last half of the
fiscal year lately closed Is smaller than
was expected, the total mileage being
only 2,221 miles.
Doubtless this was largely due to thte
f high price of steel rails and other ma
terial used in construction. With such
g prosperity as the country has been en
n joying tbpr- *-as reason to expect a
great deal of railroad building and to
d see soe'n of the lines needed in this
d country completed, but owing to the
high price of steel railroad companies
evidently concluded to postpone build
Ing for another year.
The work done was mainly in the
way of connecting completed lines and
in the far wvest andi southwest. Rail
hroad building has practically ceased in
the east. There were only two and a
half miles of railroad built in New
.York. and only seven and a half miles
in al~l New -England. Now Jersey,
Maryland and Delaware did not lay a
mile of track. It is somewhat surpris
11nlg to find -that in the northwest, No
'braska, South Dakota aud Wyoming,
also inot a mile of new rails was laid.
Oklahoma and Texas lead in new
mileage. Louisiana added only seven
d ty miles, less than expected and less
than it should have done when the in
vducemxents held out by the state in the
way of exemption from taxation are
considered. It is expected that the
last half of the year will make a better
It Is stated that the extra appropria
tion of $15,000 for tihe bureau of sta
tistics of the department of agriculture
at Washington is nowv available, and
tihe field force of crop inspectors wvill
be Increased at once. There has been
much. complaint irr some quarters re-'
0garding the crop zseports of the bureau,
nit being alleged that the reports were
largely the' resultzof the views of cor
f respondents who:.wereibiased by local
needs. -With the Increase in the ild
0force the crop. reporte should be more
Buchanan on Self-Defence.
il Ex-Judge Buchanan, who made
what good opinion thinks a fool of
thimself by the harangue he deliy.
e ered at the Tiliman change of ven
tie hearing, has been hauled up
with a short turn by the affirma
Lion by the supreme court of a
definition of self.defense made by
him in a charge while lie occupoed
d a seat on the bench, which defini
~t tion could by no possible twist be
II made to apply to J. H. Tillman'%
-excuse for killing N. U, Gonz~ales,.
's The learnoed juage (Buchanan)
Lt said:
h ."Self-defensen is taking the life of
rI a fellow being where it is
1necessary to do so to protect your
e own person and to matke out a ease
t of self-defense you/hnust show he
0 was not guilty qf any wrong ina .
d bringing about 'he diffioulty. Heo
- must have ne means of escape.
If the Le'xington jury and the
suprenae court should take the
sa vi(ew of the Tillman ease ho
,riht as well pl'ead guilty nov.
to Mtothers in Town.
ohlrnwho are deliate, feVerish and cross
- ilntimmnedlate relle rt Mother Gra"'s
sweet Poewders for ohlldreni rThey oleanno tl
oten a eaot the liver. M kin agaoklych i
1he Steel Corporation Apresdenov
The apbointment of an assiitant,1
L. Corey, to President Charles I
chwab of the United States Steel t
oration is taken as a text for wai
owspaper sermons on moderb finan
nd financiers, because it is general
elleved that Mr. Schwab, for well u
eratood reasons, has been remov
romn control of the corporation. .
The New York Evening Post thin
llat "the predominant feeling of rig
1Ands, in the presence of Mr. Oharl
1. Schwab's final breakdown, after i
elving many rude buffets of fortui
;. one of pity. Ho seems a victil
Its generation and the system of gre
fnance upon which it was his lot
all have proved too much for hli
'he fino natural abilities with which
et out, the physical vigor, the imml
norgy, the technical training, t
sastery of men-today they all app(
ut as so much splendid prom
vrecked. The vast and remorse)
aachinery of financial speculation 1
rawn him In and left him bruise$ a
oledding. But he has been unc<
ciously a powerful noral teacher. I
as revealed to the observant the tr
iature of that world of 'high finana
ato which he so rashly ventured, wl
J1 its desperato chances and wild i
lacity and gambler's passion, so 4
itructive, as we see, to physical a
noral life alike. He has shown
vhat comes of 'thinking In hunds
aillions' and living in a mad revelry
uxury. The get:-rich-quick method
Wall street appears, in the light of h
chwab's misfortunes, no bet
norally, and not even any more si
,essful in the long run, than fleeel
chemes on the Bowery. And-be I
tone not a little to remind us that i
old fashioned moralities and the vy
ried rules of btusiness are still supret
inancial follies surely como home
oost. New syndicates cannot eni
iow laws of morality. The gambler
nains a * gambler still though
iazard millions."
Interference With Telegraphy.
As might have been expected, Nov
diaskelyne's frank admission that
vas he and his associates who ende
>red the other day to cut off the w1
ess messages sent from Poldhu, Co
vall, England, to Professor -Flemi:
vho was lecturing on the subject
he Royal institution in London, I
aused a commotion in tho Brit
elegraphic and scientific world. I
ecssor Fleming denies, with heat, t
1e was using a syntonic apparatus, i
idds triumphantly that this dispo
itterly of Mr. Maskelyne's prete
liat he had disproved the secrecy
lid Marconi system by intergeptin
nessage with an untuned apparatui
J. Henniker Heaton, the well kno
British postal and telegraphic refoi
r, Joins in the fray with a suggest
.1hat willful Interference of this a
s either a civil or a criminal offei
Ind asks whether it is-truo that I
HIaskelyne's experiment was promp
)y a cable company. He then mal
theo following highly interesting sti
:nent: "One of Mr. Marconi's friel
s, to my knowledge, prepared to wva
EI,000 that he is able to proveni
~able tmessage from being sent by Ii
>r sea In any13 direction without tou
nig the wires. Of course the ca
rompanies have, in the high sense
Lonor of their rival, a sufilcient em
It is a pity that Mr. Hleaton was
i little more expiciet regarding this
Enarkachle power, which might hi
iiuch ahniiost lconceivable consequen
an time of war or desperate spect
Organized labor in Saginaw, Mil
das taken a commendable course
issuming responsibility for a d
which could not otherwise have bi
yollected. During a strike somle ti
igo a co-operative laundry was starn
y the unions. The venture proved
!ailure, and after all the property
iold a debt of $4,000 remnained. 'J
ins now been assumed by the Coni
Labor union, which wams in no y
egally responsible for it.
It is quite appropriate that Chici
ihould hav'e the biggest museum in
wvorld. There are certainly enot
itrange tlhings in the WVindy City
Il such a building many times over
The case of a New Yorkc butcher v
yas chfoked to death wvhilo- eating
f his own steaks wvill Impress m:
)eof consumers as a just retribution.
.Tudging fromn some recent perfoi
incos, Reliance in the cup defen
icems to be well placed.
King Cotton is proving a rather
ratie and arbitrary monarch.
Long Hat
"About a year ago my hair was
coming out very fast, so I bought
a bottle of Ayer's Hair Vigor. lf
stopped tihe falling and mamde siy
hair grow vcry rapiy, enitil now it
is 45 finches [a lengft."-Mrs. A.
B3oydston, Attihlsoni, Kans.
There's another hunger
than that of the stomach.
Hair hunger, for instance.
Hungry hair needs food,
needs hair vigor---Ayer's.
This is why we say that
Ayer's Hair-Vigor always
restores color, and makes
tihe hair growv long and
heavy. . i a e ote. Alldnglu.
If yoa~drg-t cannotsattyp1y o
send um one dollar and we will expreen
ym ,a botne Jto, r n an4giethe na~p
I) t6r retO."Addfi~
. Lesson of Oakford Park Disaster.
d. The collapse of the dam at* Oakfor
r. Park, Pa., resulting inl a disaster i
which more than a score of lives wer
ce lost, was reported to have been cause
;y by .a cloudburst. This is a conventer
a. hypothesis. It permits 4hose respoi
d sible for the calamity to take refug
behind "an act of God'! and gives su:
k9 'viviug friends and relatives such, coi
ht solation as may be derived from th
es conviction that. the visitation wa
,. sointhtug not to be averted by huma
le, agebey
n. The impression seems quite generall
at to prevail that clouds are constructe
to somewhat like water bage, which pe:
m. mit their contents to exude harmlessl
he through their porous envelopes, but I
tail these envelopes ro torn or so dan
he aged as to permit them to empty the
ar contents all at once nothing in th
lee way, of ar enq teering structure ca
me stand the disdolving and displacin
,as action of the escaped water. As
nd matter of faet, there is no such thin
>n- as a cloudburst. Normal conditior
Ege may and sometimes do produce a sud
ue den precipitation of great volume, an
ces the outpouring may be paroxysmal an
Ith suggest the descent of floods from t1
iu. upper air, but it is only rain, after al
10. and nothing like a cloudburst ever do<
ad or over can occur. The causes pr
us ducing exceptional precipitation a
ed various and not always recognized; bi
of they are liable to become operative '
of any moment in the mountain district
ir. and when they do the gullies ar
ter quickly congested, not being l4r4
ic- enough at the bottom'to carry awa
ng a great deal more tain than they ord
ias narily have to dispose of. Thus dam
die are swept away.
'oil The reason that Oakford Park dai
uo. gave way, as has been the case <
to many like disasters, can be easily an
let briefly explained. It wds either nc
re- built strong enough or it was not kel
he In repair. For this condition somebod
was responsible, and the matter is or
for the searching inquiry of a-grar
jury. There are,'no 4oubt, many sue
ille dams throughout the country, and th
it lesson of this catastrophe applies wii
av- particular force to those who at
re. charged with their maintenance. The
rn- ough examination of these structur<
should be made as a precautk
at against the recurrence of Such disast,
Ia as that in Pennsylvania. "Clu
ish bursts" aio likely to be as frequent
'ro- the future as- in the past, and t1
hat older the dams t1ir greater the ril
mnd attending the neglect of repairs wh(
sel needed.
of The Chicago Federation of Lab
a strikes a sound note In declaring th
It "will not indorse the action of ax
wn union that violates an agreement al
m. hereby declares that Such action on' t
ion part of any union carries with it t)
ort forfeiture of any support from ti
ase body." Nominally labor as an orgar
ir. zation belleyes in fulfilling its pledgc
ted and, as a rule, does keep its promise
kes though there are occasional exception
t- which are to be regretted, howev
ad But the central body of labor ye
ger cleahy perceives that collective br
a gaining on the questions of omple
ind ment is made impossible unless t
ch- agreements made by the unions a
ble carried out in good faith accordig
of lettor. and spirit.
Upon returning from his weddii
niot tour a Builleld (Conn.) bridegroom w
re. given a "serenade" in the rowdy,
ive sulting fashion common to some rum
ces neighborhoods, lIe loaded his shotgi
ila. with beans and firod into the crowd
defense of his castle anwl his brih
doing slight injury to sundry of t
nh., practical jokers, who had no mc
in sense than to have hlim arrested aw
ebt brought to trial. The court [)rompl
Deen acquitted him, and all decent men a)
mo women wvill say that it (lid right.
I a The second Ziegler expedition sail
vas for the arctic regions the other (lay
his quietly that only brief mention w
tral made of the event in the daily pape
ray The marked contrast between the m<
esty of this start and tho blowing
trumpets which heralded the departs)
igo of the first expedItion gives ground I
the hope that something more imiporta
igh will be accomplished by the second<
to pedition than attended the first.
As a proper precaution the state
tho partment at Washington might incke
ano stamps for return postage in sendi
my that Jewish petition to Rtussia. Oth<
wise the czar is likely to chuckc it Ic
the waste basket as unavailable mar
em-n script.
After the kindness with wi
Kaiser Wilhelm has treated the Amt
er- iczn navy it was no more than rilg
that his American btfilt yacht shoui
win for him a race.
For once at least the innocent b
stander has the Iaaugh oen the pther fi
I loWe, Pn th0 recent automobile rae
in Ireland none of the spectators g
p scratch.
Arnhitious young men who failed
catch a June fIrldo may comfort thei
selves with the fact that they also bi
-fairly well in July.
Mr. Fife designed the Shamrock II
.but there is no occasion yet for him
-do much blowing about it.
*Oom#fimications from the nortli po
hunting expeditions would make time
and seasonable reading just now.
?or Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have Always Doug
lears the
Signature of~4 g 4
Antitreating Law In. Vermont,
d There is one phnso of the new Vor.
wont liquor law which, it not unique,
0 is unusual and is not unaimportant. It
I Is a clause' whidh provides that "no
intoKicating liquor shall bo sold or tur'
tnished to a person or any number of
persons, to drink on thojeensed prom
Ises, -in the way commonly known aq
When the bill was before the legis
lature this provision was apparently
ignored, or at least formed no part of
n the rather voluminous discussion of
the measure, and was not brought.to
Y public notice until the authorities in
d license towns warned saloon men that
- they would forfeit their llcenses by
Y violating it. In consequence a serious
f blow has been struck at the American
- habit of treating, which is responsible
r for much of the drunkenness that
* curses the country. In Vermont gt
* least, if the law is enforced, there will
g be ;> more. "lining up" of convivial Ro
a quaiatances before the bar, to pour in
g drink after drink, which often Is not
a wanted, but to absorbed under protest
lost "sociability" suffer. It a Vermout
man feel --that he must treat, his
heart's desire can be accomplished
0 only by the,- roundabout pioess of
It handing his Mend the - money befqre.
H hand or reimbursing him later on. The
law is strict and explicit., Wben two
e men drilk together two checks must
it be rung up and one handed to each
t If the saloon man allows. one man to
; pey for both he does so at the risk of
* losing his license.
* This is not, however, the-rewt at
Y tempt to check the American. trmating
- habit by state statute. It was tried In
a Wisconsin some yeare ago, and for a
time an antitreating law caused con
n vivial Badgers considerable annoyance,
f but it was later declared unconstitu
d tional by the supreme Court of the
>t state.
it The operation of the Green Mountain
y law, which may stand the constitu
Le tional test, will be watched with In
d teret. in the behalf of temperance
h and sobriety it Is to be hoped-thatiI
e will be found valid and workable, as
h there can be no doubt that the excess
'e to which treating Is carried Is one of
r- tiu "ost prolific causes of drunken
is ness. Men an. twppted to drink morE
n than they care for' 6r oegn carry, and
Ir the habit has reached such^iruArA
I- as to become a serious menace to th<
In weaker brethren, who are Its most fro
ie quent victims. Probably more harm Is
;k done by social than by solitary drink
Ing, and for this the treating habit im
in a large measure responsible.
or Consul L. H. Ayme of Guadeloup4
at writes that the wireless telegraph sys
1y tem In operation between Guadeloup
id and blartinique has been thrown opei
le for the use of the public. Message
ie are transmitted from Pointe a Pitre ani
is other points to the- station at Gosle
d- by telephone. 'The tariff of rates i
s, practically that of the French Cabli
s, company, the lines of which have beei
s, broken for some sixteen months. Th
r. service is satisfactory, an average o
i'y sixty messages each way being tram
*r- mitted daily. There are, of cours4
y- occasional interruptions due t
1o weather conditions, but these are nc
rc frequent. Despite the severe shakin
to up they experienced some months ag<
these little islands of the Lesser At
illIes appear to be strictly up to date.
1s In Boston-there Is a law requiring th
n- police to arrest all intoxiented personi
ail and its enforcement is causing the ai
in thorities much difficulty owing to th
in diversity of opinion as to what const:
Ic, tutes Intoxication. The Boston Heoral
Lie suggests that each suspect be require
re to repeat raplidlY a number of time
Id some such sentence as, "She sells sea
1y shells," or relate that old time toucli
id lug narrative about "Theopholus This
tle, the successful thistle sifter,"
man iiwho can trippingly enunciate som
e~d such words as above indicated may b
se considered sufficiently sober, eve
as though his breath does seem to contal
-a slight scent of sarsaparilla.
of Chicago husbands are to effreet I
re counter organization to the House
or wives' union of that city, the object o
nt which is to keep hubby bomne at nighi
SThe chances are that If they persis
in a "walk out" after supper they wil
be confronted with a "lockot" atto
Ic- midnight.
ig King Peter's proposition to banish th4
ir- assassins of his predecessor and giv4
to them a pension indicates that he Is g
u- humorist of the first order..
If any statesman lacks a vice presi
lih dential boom it is because he Is too In
r- different to help himself.
bit -
id -John T. Phillips, of Norway
tho old Confoderate soldier wh
was shot fiye times while at hi
suppor table -by the negro, Charle
E ivans, lynched for the crime, die<
t Sundaiy morning at 6 :50 o'clook
aftor having suffered mortal agon3
for but little less than a week
SThat he lived so long is consider
to ed by the physicians of Norwa:
but little short of a miracle. Thre
of the wounds administered by th
negro fiend were said by the physi
chans to be fatal, and how the 014
man managed to live all this tim
le has puzzled the doctors not a lit
y tie.
'olsoera Infantium.
This has long been regarded as one <
the most dangerous and fatal diseases I
whichi Infants are subject. It can I
cured, however, when properly treate<
All that is necessary is to give Obamibe
ht lain'soo,~ Cholera and fliarrho,
Remdy nd astr olas directed wli
each bottie, and a eire Is certalin. FE
jf' sale by Pickens Drug Co., ikens, a
T3. N- HlUntar, hibe
-An order institutilf
delivery has been tos4"0'
-The annual reu
berry College will be.
Mg!untain on August 7.
-The Second Rgiment
Carolina Mifltia will enOA
the Isle 'of Pai.s.O,,O&.Uvny
wanted all thi'ee Qf e4 sgjimtAn ;
but on being assigned oidy t
Secondregiient deoided . w
did not want any. he
has since been assigund t
mer place.
-The'intense heat in lj
during the.last few dajy
the minds of two negroes, .
'Robinson and Janie S6 e
They were found runnin
about the streets by the polie
sent to the hospital, but neither 6*-.
them could be accommodated and2
were returned to the station house.
-Dr. Willivtm D. Crum, collee.
wr of oustoms, who delivered an
address in Chicago last week, has
returned to Charleston. Dr. Oruin
was quoted in a newspaper iqtero-,
view sent out from Chicago as be.
ing an advocate of lynch law. He
subsequently repudiated the: inter
view, declaring that he had con..: j
demued lynching in the south and
he would not condone it in Chion..
-The Columbia police Tuesday
afternoon arrested-.a white man
named C. D. Shealey on the charge
of larceny and cruelty to animals
Shealey hired a'=o
stable there and .rove over to S
luda county. - He did not returin
for sevor) uays and the horse was
as soon as lie turned up %nd a war
rant was taken out for him.
-0. H.Smith, who lives about
six miles southwest of Yorkville,
had two cows killed by lightning
during an electrical storm last
Monday evening. Five cowA were
chained to ' wire fence. The bolt
struck a tree near by, and passed
thence to the fence. All five of
r the cows went down as if shot..
Two arose to their feet almost in.
stantly and a third recovered sev
eral hours afterward. The other
two had been killed instantly.
, Very Roemarkabie (Juro or Diarrhoea.
3 "About six years ago for the first time
t 'in my life I had a sudden add severo at
Stack of diarrhoea," says Mrs. Alice Mil
~, ier, of Morgain, Texas. "I got ~tompor.
. y' tief, but it cliiie back again and
again, and six; long years 1 have suffered
mnore misery and agony than agony thn
a 1 can tell. It wasI worse than death,
,My husband spent hundreds of dollars
.for physicians' p~rescriptions and treat.
a mont wvithout avail. Finally we moved
to IDosquo COunty,, our present 'home,
1 and one day I happened to see an adver
j tisenment of Chamnberlaini's Colic, Cholera
g and Diarrhoea Remedy with a testimon
. jal of a mnn who had been euxed by it.
- Tihe case was ao simlar to my own that
.I concluded to try the remedy. The re
suit was wonderful. I could hardly
a realize that I wvas well again, cr believe
a it could 1be so after having suffered so
e long, but that one bottle of medicine,
costing but a few cents, cured me." For
sale by Pickens Drug Co., Plicens, and
T. N. Hunter, Liberty.
--Thei Excelsior Granite Co., of
Lancaster county, has applied for a
-commission to open books of sub
scription. 'The company will be
capitalized at $55,000 and proposes
to quarry, manufacture.- and~ sell
granite and other stone. The co%
porators are S. W, Heath, 'E. D,
Blackney, and H. Gould, of Ker
sliaw, and J. M. Heath, of Lancas
ter. This company has posseseloni
of the - fine granite beds formerly
owned by Congressman Strait.
For a lazy liver try Chambertino
Stomach and Liver Tablets. They in.
vigorato tile liver, aid the digestion, reg.
ulate the bowels and prevents bliious
attacks. For sale by Plekgens Drug Co,
Piokons, and T. N. Hiuntir, Liberty.
--Everyithing is quiet at Nor
way. The calling out of the tioops
is considered somewhat of a fiasco.
Workinig Night and Day,
The busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Thelso pills change weakness
into strength, listlessness into energy,
brain-fag into mental power, They're
Lwonderful in buiding up the health.
. Only 2No per box. Sold by Pickens Iig
Mainy Sehdoi Ohladx'on are Siekly.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, .
0 used by Moth Gray, a nursoin Child f'n'sIHomle
Ne rOk, Brak ,' Colds ini 24 hoursclg FC
liihnscadac i, stomach trennie oth
Ito Disorders', and destro wanna A, tif dn i
en81e Ik. sample mnil BEE. Add ress, A
r- . lmte, oo1N, Y.

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