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Vp i 6
j~j~i&~iIose eonble.
Ree as dee 1d olass
anii iattorI
Heat proetrations weke rather piQ
rati tng this year.
Teport comes from Princeton
P at Mr. Cleveland is at least not un
The South is slyly giving the North
tho horse laugh over the lynching
vt was a dull time for the nowspa
and King Pete furnished con
le copy.
motion to restrain a man
um' i away from his wife is
the 110!d 4 wrinkle.
Tht. 1 ui ith which the Pope
has clunt I" iie is truly wonderful.
Its equal L not to be found.
Rather than keep in the back.
ground, Iddiana is having a little set
to with the gentlemen of color.
California has an oil gusher flowing
forty barrels a minute, and it keeps
the town busy carrying barrels.
Sir Thomas Lipton says he has
spent $2,000,000 in trying to lift that
cup. He can have the bloomin' thing
for half the money.
A New Jersey minister has organ
ized a.whistling choir. They are ex
pected to whistle the black sheep of
the fold through the pearly gates.
It would be a genuine diversion to
see Mark Hanna as a Salvation army
preacher. But the Hon Marcus
d refer to be a politi/ ox
If J. Pierpont Morgan's watered
trust stocks keep on tumbling the old
man may soon be hanging around
the corner grocery looking for a little
trust on his own account.
"The good old summer time" ar
rived promptly with the 1st of July.
Being a trifle late it is naturally try
ing to wgke up for lost time, and ie
succeeding remarkably well.
King Edward has been saying
some very nice things to the jolly
American tars in the European
squadron, for which the tars gave his
majesty a lusty three and a tiger,
Isn't it about time to discover some
Civilized way to celebrate the Fourth?
Of course, giant crackers and toy pis
tols mean business for the undertak
ers, but there are other things to be
considered once in a while.
Mrs. Eliza Boardman .Burnz, who r.
died in Pennsylvania recently at the r
advanced age of eighty, was general- ~
ly known as the "mnother of women g
stenographers," and as such, will e
doubtless long be held in grateful re- t
membrance by the yearly increasing s
army of wage-earning women.
Notwithstanding the hard exercise ~
to which he subjects himself, Presi
dent Roosevelt is said to be steadily i
gaining in weight. He hans tied all a
the known methods for reducing ,i
weight except that of running a ii
newspaper, and he is not likely to P
emulate the example of Mr. Br-yan. tL
Marion Harland says that no girl s,
should be ashamed to do housework; b<
it is'-a most womanly accomplish- vi
ment. One can never be a really ga
good housekeeper unless one has a di
practical knowledge of even the hum- in
,bst work in the house. It is a fal- m
lacy, for no one can command well fe
who has not served. Learn to do
and know how to-direct.
Leutenant-General Nelson A.
nosee will retire frem the command
~<~tthe amy next month, and will ba C
soceeded by Major General S. B. M.
oung. General Miles may have his -~
s. , but he has been a gallant *o'n
~"~' ~er nd the American people will
~~ hold him in grateful reme~m- ci
~nee. iegsrdless of his disputes t
~ *4k ~o Wt~ Department, his posi- ,
~ ~4o~i 4~ ory will be secure. #is th
~ w~ the kind that cannot be for
4n~4 ' wIghty big infant on t
qtlpwter, as shown by the, ca
~ medricn *European ulj
~~ttuaI, whose country et
&~ lJ~adhehonor of being be
'%~* B~aln ba. inyiqd .lit
~ ~ i~~o~a oter gr
t the tal
e i
t i nin if he asks youf
(In bot enough.
Tho Iing of Servia will now pass
int Oblivion. The baseball season is
at had.
Senator Hanna bas retired from
bueinqs. It is presumed he will now
enter jolitics.
;It 'is intimated that Mr. Hanna
will again manage the Republican
The postmaster at Quincy, Ill.,']
on to have any leaks in
i in a big sup.
hands, but
grinders ana A I tddlers, men
who go to fill up the slums of our
great cities.
A Alichigan paper says that in
Ohillicothe they are telling a good
story on a young man who holds a
humble position in a printing offico,
says the Kansas City Star. The
young man is very fond of the daugh
ter of a minist6r, but his devotion to
her is comparatively new. The other
Sunday he wont to church to hear the
father of his inamorata preach and un
fortunately set down where every
body could see him. The text was:
"My daughter is grievously tormented
with a devil."
The trouble in Evansville, Ind., in
which a mob attempted to take a ne
gro prisoner from a militia company;
and were soundly trounced for their
trouble, only emphasizes the necessity
of having the military force of the
state at all time in condition to meet
any emergency that may arise. Cap
tain Blum, the commander of the
local company, seems to have been
entirely equal to the emergency, and
as 'a result a dozen of the mob are
under the ground and fifteen or
twenty are nursing their wounds.
We applaud the sentiment of the
South Bend (Ind.) Times when it
Btates that one of the most successful
businessmen-of Tiis country says he
alwafs made it a point to sell any
propertv h
ou iron clad rule can be applied to
nuoney-prod ucing deals and transac
bions. A cool head, a good brain and
perseverence are all that is needed.
Steamship companies have numer
:>us agents scattered over Euro~pe
whoso business it is to drum up im
migrants to this country. Every vil
Loge in thoso countries is visited by
~oving agonts who do not only solicit
imigration to the United States, but
vho also instruct and coach persons
low to answecr the various questions
hvhich may be put to thoem for the
purpose of ascertaining whether they
oelong to the desirable class of immni
grants. Those agents do not repro.
iont the steamship) companies direct
y, but act for some general agent, i
his agent of course being simply a o
niddle man. l
A brother of the quill remarks that
be articles by Raymond, the Chicago
ribuno's splendid Washington cor
espondont, from the South on the ~
ace question are remarkable as show
ig actual conditions and the diver
once of epinion as to the possible
ittlement. The consensus of opin- a
n just now seems to be that the mn
:uth wants to be left alone to deal lo
ith the question. At the same time o
uany unlawful things are being doneo
sat should be stopped and conditions ci:
1 many places, notably in Georgia,
re not as good as they were before
deo war. In the light of forty years tii
would seorm that a wrong was per. 91
strated when the negro was given t
mo political power he now holds, and
iss. m'ore than possible that the i
>uth can handle the matter even hi
aftter than Northern enthusiasts and h<
sionaries. At the miost it can only cc
il, and thben the North canl perhaps "
>viso some better plans than those
vogue for thirt~y years, which have (O
t resulted as their promoters hoped fe
Colonel E~d ward E. Britton, of New hi
ork, is one of the foremost advocates w
an efficient militia in the country, or
id it must be admitted that the re- hec
mt actions of the mobs have de. 7
onstrated the necessity of maintain- ~
g such an organization. It is aTn
mentable fact that in a majority of in
ses when a mob becomes ugly the it
vil authorities become timid and sa
eir eyesight is suddenly impaired.
many eases they openly side with
e lawless element. It is a shame
id disgrace to our country that such
rharlty exists in the greatest of all Pm
tions, and the only way in which it lam
n be checked is by promptly callin~ieI
on the state troops to suppress all 2
ch dlemonstrations In their incipi- j
cy. For years Colonel Britton has frl
Qun advocating law and order, and a
keral use. of the troops'in order to
aure it, and for the past few weolO
b press .of the country has been
dualI takimng the aposition main
ned bythe coldhel, and denmand- u
(of the toa horis the prompt
)PtSnanm-f 'yo101r00 at tha nQIntL j.
" P"'
I. B. Moore in Jail Charged
With the Crime.
.%tha and Uame Aiken Chargd an Acces
abries and With Keeping a $inance
Are also in ,711.
On the night of the 13th insf aut,
L. Walker Mauldin was shot 6a
dIled, at a house in which Lethia
mud Came Aiken, two notoriously
owd women, were living, from a gun
ihot fired by one M. B. Moore, near
)alton,'postoffice, in Pickons county.
From the best information obtain
ible at the inquest on Tuesday, con.
lucted by Coroner D. F. Parsons, the
Ividence shows that Moore had left
Ais home-quit his wifo-and bad
Laken up with tho Aiken women. On
;he night of the homicido some five
)r six citizons of that community, at
,he request of Mrs. Moore, that they
alk to her husband and get him to
ry and do bettor, had met at the
chool house near the scono of the
dilling and had gone to the house of
,he Aiken's and asked for Moore. An
inintelligiblo answer was returned
hen by one of the women, and im
nodiately a doub~le barrel gun was
Ired, both loads of shot taking effect
n the body of Mauldin, some of the
ihot piercing his liver, lungs and
ieart. He fell, arose, walked about
ivo or six stops, s'aid "boys, I am
killed," fell again and was dead whon
Iiis friends reached his side.
A pair of shoes, hat and violin,
found in the house was identified ae
Moore's; as was also a sack of flour
which J. S. Bowen had let him have
that evening. It seems Moore ap
prehended trouble, for; from the state
ment of the Aiken women, he was
'estless . and kept listening and re.
marked to them, "Liston; hear them
These women testify that they
iever saw no gun and that the shot
Yas fired from the side of the house.
Right now, it is only circutr stantial
widence that Moore snot. No posi.
tive testimony was taken that any one
He -was brought to jail Tuesday
norning. The Aiken women was
odged in jail that evening on the
iharges of being accessories and
reeping a nuisance.
The Good and The Had.
iv riry A. Boggs.
iome that are gone
Are not lost,
'hey are with the Saviour
Who died on the Cross.
le died and He suffered
For US alone,
.Aut many a sinner
Has turned from Him and gone.
They are drinking and cursing
Their lives away,
Committing some sin
Every day.
Poor sinners, they'll wish,
In the judgment day,
That they had never sinned
Their lives away.
Some are living Christians,
Doing good every day,
While their mothers and fathers
In their dark graves lay.
Those are the ones
That will reach that land,
And join in the fair angels' band.
I want to be one
Who goes to that land,
And cross the river
Of the golden strand.
Be not afraid;
Join the Saviour's bathl,
B3e one of His Soldiers,
Figh t for His land.
This poetry wvas comlposedl and1 written
y Harry Boggs, theo 11-year-old son of
homnas H. Boggs. lie is a grand-son
f W. H. HI. Ariail and a nephew of So.
citor Julius E. Boggs. Heo will be a
oted poet if lie lives and cultivates his
dlent. [Editor.]
It Xeeps the Feet WVarm, and D~ry.
Ask today for Alen's Foot IEase, a power. it
ires Cilblalins, Swollen, Swenting, sore, A ch
.g D~atup feet. At alil druggists and1( shoe
>res, 25c.
N ot Our Style.
A young man in Greenwood1 took
a best girl out for a rido. She foill
t of the buggy, and lie drove two
iles before he discovered she was
issing. WVhen we wore a young
ver the hind wheel mnight come off,
e spring break or the horse fall out
the shafts without our knowmng it
it the girl was always afely an
ored.--Abboville Medium.
Young Miiuster's Prayer.
An Easton (Md.) paper published
e following: "An nmarried
eachor who was young and now in
e barness, was leading the services
the young folks' prayer meeting:
~, Lord,' ho prayed with forvent
)gnence, "give us clean hearts,
uinble hearts, pure hearts, sweet
art." A titter wvent around te
ngregation, but the girls all ro
unded 'Amoenl' "
Shake anto Your Shmos
len's Foot-IEase. It rests the foot. Cures
runs, iunions, Ingrowing Nails, Swollen iami
,entlug ect. At all druggists and shoe store
The Hen is Doing Fine.
One of our young men wont to see
i best girl near Abbovillo some few
seks ago. As ho was about to leave
e of the girl's brothers wven't out to
Ip hitch up. After hitching up the
ung man wvont to look in the bung
for his gloves and found a hen
iich he had brought frm home.
keep the girl's brother frm think
? he had stole the chicken ho throw
out and loft it with his girl. She
we the hen is doing fine.-Andersorj
sabbath School Institutes.
Arrangements have been made for
o Sabbath School Instittts within
a bounds of the South Carolina
esbytory; one to be hold at Rich.
id church, Aug, 17 anid 18; the
ter at Hlonea Path, Aug. 19 and
Eorsare being made for prac
ali, helpful discusoionsedf ilive sub.
t.Teofficers, teachers and
engds of the Sabbath schools of the
esbytery are urged to attend. For
'ther information, wvrite
F. H. Wardlaw, Ohm.,
Oom. on Sabbath Schools,
-Pied mont, S. C.
'The Uncertntinty of Oil," is the
iject of a loader in an eibchge,
it is John D. Rockefeller's oil there
io uncertainty about it, We are
4 nuro Qf a risn of n cnmt f ah n.
$0 -~
71 7T, P~
m -V
ix~~~xft Wif , 100M
sunxday evedng toe
fed y dt out that after1noosa
* " Ib ut a saucer and p Spoon
To wa task not rimn
And, are 1ea0sed," laughed
Suncy 11."
'V. nona 4~sr w
i pleases everybody
in every way. -
h' We Like It.'
Wo use Force ' at home and liko
It excedingly. *
4 "'ll. R. 8Auxnaus."1
I 1AG enuinel2
Slaughter Sale of
tn 300 Men's Suits
Ranging in Price from $6-50 to $22.50
to go on sale Monday July, 13th at
put .
Think what it means to have One-Third on a
suit of Clothes. We are doing this to convert
the goods into money and to clear the tables for
a magnificent stock for Fall and Winter now be
ing manufactured for us.
- The old prices are marked in plain figures on
each suit, and you take one-third off. -lere are
some of the prices:
. $15,00 Suits no0w - $10.00
12.5(0 " " - - 8.35)
10.0(0 " " . - 66
- 9.0 " .. .00)
8.50 ' - 56
CH;7.50 " " - - 5.00
In this lot are Regulais, Slims, Stouts and ex
tra sizes.
... Also 1 io Child's Knee Pant Suits and 72 Boys
Long Pant Suits at 33% p~er cent discount.
The terms of this sale wvill be carried out to the
letter, and a boy wvill receive the same treatment
as if accompanied by a parent.
Everything sld. for cash, and no alterations
paid for by us.
-Main & Wash. 3ts. GR ENV1ILE S. 0.
Cr E
o 3 A ie con timi
niew good:
shower (
No longer do people haul goods from Hamburg
and Augusta on wagons drawn by tired horpes and
mules neither do they hitch a horse to a hogshcad of
tobacco and roll it to Charleston for market. Instead of
the old way, goods are swiftly carried from ocean to
3 ocean by way of Railroads which are almost like a net
.work. The steamships are constantly conveying mer
chandise from coptinent to continent. Merchants all
over the land, both wholesale and retail are forsaking
the old time way of high p~rices and credit and are adopt
SIng the plaiY of cash buying and cash selling, "'Quick
Sales and 'Small Profits." 'vVe say to the man who has
al ways ought on credit forsake the beaten bath and hue -
for youl-. elf a new and easier way by paying as you go.
__ I*.BI
M r. i l y d l o t.
Miss Nellie,.wore
E. Foster~ Saturdei tpd
Miss E ssie Simil'ov, ho Uas be
quite sick fQr some tin pr
N. 5l. Looper has the best cott<
we have seen this year.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Hughes visit<
E. L. Jones Sunday evening.
Mrs. J. E. FAddle- andJ. I
Hughes visited Rev. J. E.'ost
Sunday evening. - - ;
We think the wedding bells'
ring in this section soon. He y
with his best girl Sunday.
The protracted meeting will beg
at Peter's Crook some time durib
the month of August. We hope
glorious revival will bo had and ma
souls saved. Mountain Boy.
Liberty Locala.
Liborty, S. 0., July 14. 1908.
'There was fourteen Boggs famili
represented at the reunion July 41
instead of fourteen present, as w
published in last week's issuo.
Miss Lizzie Hydo, of Cinlinnati,
visiting her brother, E..,B. Richar
Claude Hutchins, of Citadel Aen
emy, of Charleston, is at home duri
vacation. He will teach tho, F1
Rook school.
Good rains last week and i-o
are growing nicely, and farmer' P
well up with their work.
From present outlook would set
out of the question to get an avera
yield of cotton, owing to bad stan
and much of it late and very small.
Protracted meeting at Presbyteri
church, embracing the fourth St
bath and the week following. R
McLees will conduct* the meeting.
Eaton Smith left -here last we
with 30 or 40 hands for Virginia
work on the double tracking pf I
Southern railway. C.
To make Ice water wholesome I
some sugar and the juice of a lem
Ia it.
A Pennsylvania school board bs
cided that a school principal who t,
god one of his pretty feminine st
ordinates did not commit an act of i
morality. Apparently this board
composed of human beings.
Pickens, South Carolina.
Offico upstairs (in re:ar rooms) ol
Earle's Drug Store. Offers his prof
sional soivices to the publio.
For YOUNG LADIES, Iloanoke, I
for on Iiii in tahe bon ith eo bii
11rnn n~ltilti 1 hC elry iit etene of
f'iiI rfor hea tr l ~r ytt ra at ncii
trty Srtte. Uertiicetn selxc. Frc
logue addIress
AATTIEI P' HIARRIS P'res. Roanuoke, Va
If so call on J. D). MOORE
and and get a 10 pound Caddy
Old1 Reliabfle, $2.t)5 1per box.
Brown's Mule, $3.1i0 per box.
Hatcehet, $3.6(0 per b~ox.
Schnapps, $3.00) per. box.
IRod ikephant, $3.50i per box,
Cuba Free, $340 per box.
Blind Tonm, $3 40 per box.
Other goods at equally as 1o
prices- Candy l5e a box.
5&"Bring me your produco,
8 Easley's -.- Jeweler
Alwayu Glad to s~ee You.
Ha3 ai comiplete line of Jew
elrya att ve'ry close prices...
.Just, receiv'ed a lot of Rogers
S Silver Knives and( Forks. ...
S Repairing of WVat clhes, Clocks
and1( anything in the Jewelry
S Line prompt~ly dlone and guar
S aneed,
,Call on me at Callahami
Cl(Jothing Co., next dloor to
drug store.
SHarvey Snider.
Bicycle Material of all kinds,
Fine Cigars & Tobaccos,
SCan Goods. Sugar, Coffee,
SMac'hine Needles,
and many other things too
tedious to mention.. ,.
SBicycle Repairing Carefully Dono.
S All at the lowest Cash Price.
0. .FR KS& 00.
WVest Ettu OENTE A L, 5.0O.
Wonid that we could
with the strength of a ition otee.
Dr. King's
PelOo 80o atid *1.00. Tria( BtottIe Pr.
Mo0wers .'A Rakosa
Full line of repairs for Deering Mowers.
Sample Organ for Sale Cheap.
Summer Lap Robes 25c. Buggy Umbrellas.
Wheeler & Wilson No. 9 ball bearing Sewing Machincg.
Full line Shelf hardware.
DeVoes Lead and Zinc Paint.
Fewer Gallons wears longer.
Easley Hardware Co,
Easley, S. C.
Do You.
Question Where
if SO come to SEE US
We have the Answer.
China at a Sacrifice,
STOVES and RANGES, We make Specialty of them.
Summer Saving is Winter Pleasure.
in Easley. Save Fruit.
JRmCome to see us to save money.
W. H. Pickens' Sons.
We have bought the largest antd most complete stock of Reliable Mern
chindis this Fall that we have ever carried, with Ihe greatest attractions
in New Goods and Low Prices. We invite a comparison with any house
in South Carolina in Styles, Quality, Quantity and Prico. Wo mean to
lead the procession this Fall and will not be un1(der3old by anybody. It
will be easy lhr you to buy at Richey's when you stop and examine the
pretty gools and get the prices, and it certainly will pay you. A dollar
savct is a dtllar made. Do your trailng at Richey's and save the dollars.
We can show .1o e(xceptinal values inl l'ess Goods in Black and Colors,
all Grades and Prices. Boiiifil Waist Flannels in Plain and Fancy. An
elogant hue of Dresses and Triminiiis- "pecial values.
WVe make a specialty of our Shoe Departmen W et \e have themf in all
grades for Ladies, Men and Ch ildren. T.fhe bes'. muakes from the loading
inctoaries in Amierica. Buy your Shioes from us and y'ou wi:l be pleased.
We guarantee satisfiction.
Good Calicocs. Gcood Otings, Good I ad Flannel, best yardswido
White Homespun, best OCaton Fln el, bost C cked~ Hlomospi.
No matter what prices are qi youp w ill sclif.on for ca.
Steringt Silver' HollowJ ware
Cut Glaiss, Art Pottery, Br'ic-a
- 1Diamaonds, Watchies andl~ Jeweik
J. F. BRU NS & BRO.,
109 North Main Street. CREENVILLE. S. C.
Iailly receiving
Si nd offers a
If hot prVices
WVe are not ashamed of our prices but are constant
ly looking out for bargains.
HERE ARE SOME BARGAINS if cotton is 14c a
r o Doz. Men's Work Shirts--not so very many
but all of that kind we could get, 25 to 35 Cents each.
They are eye openers and won't .last long.
A lot of sheeting in remnants 5c the yard. This
would not be considered cheap if cotton was worth 8c. a
pound but remarkably cheap at the present price.
Good drilling at 6% the yard.
Some of the biggest values in Photograph Frames
ever offered for 10oc. See them.

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