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-r Anuum.
J30tes Recasonable
e an second *las
h yJuly 23, 1903.
neAeds' enterprises; she-me
14keenly, this fact, there
going to gb all the nmanu
Ing enterprisob she can. Hai
ro NO .citizens have -p)ut thei:
tthe wheel and are push,
a hmwill for anything that will
41e town .and county, "and il
'b follow . 'an the night the day'
hei they get together you cat
no enterprise calls, for another;
0 t~ig, brings another; dividende
a ning from thet operation of one
plalt caupes the people to want divi
dends from other sources so it goes.
-Th6Bfirst project under way is au
0 kil I This will be capitalizd atl
18000 and have a complet ginnry
q Is 11,at thed. The prot ers mot
O e store of W. T. McFall Monday
sc.rganized by the election of W.
Fball, president; J. Sam Wilson,
vic0 O:esidsnt; R. E. Bruce, secretary
and 'treasurer, and It. H. Cureton,
goereal mankger.
hoy are pushing things and have
atked for the first installmnt of stock
bythe 6th of August and the second
pyment by Seaptember 15th and the
reimainder to be'called for. -as needed.
e . W ior home enter
prise people are given
the are p f taking stock, for
All realize that we are vitally intor
bsted in building up the waste places
of our county.
The ginnery system will be such
that you bring your cotton and in 20
minutes it is ginned, balod and on
your wagon and your seed ready to
sell. This will put you on a gooting
with other markets for tho sale.
cotton here will be greater than er
0 U. and mnay lead to outsidg I.uy
ore com.. hare to purefe
This enter i bring other
yourprisgs and I sd truy gadI t
sl.his coming utyo a ooting hr
ctoeowill be noreatip up"aabout it
Notean may ld toldorts~by
Thisenerviv 0 bing sode adsiohr
of the State or Confederate States in
the late war between the states, in
Pickens county, are requested to
meet in each towvnship the first Sat
* urday in August, 19)03, for the pur
pose of electing a representative to
meet at the court house the first
Monday in September to elect a
County Board of Pensioners for the
year 1904.
The place and time of meeting in
- each township shall be at 4 o'clock
p. mn., at the following named places:
Easley township, at Easley.
Liberty township, a~t Liberty.
Central township, at Central.
Pickens township, at Pickens.
Hurricane township, at Mile Creek
Eastatee towvnship, at Antioch
Pumpkintown township, at Suth
erland's store.
Dacuaville township, at Looper's
When assembled they shall organ
ize by electing a chairman and a sec
retary and shall then olect by ballot,
an, ex-Confederate soldier not a holder
of nor applicant for a pension, as the
representative of the veterans of said,
township. J. B. Newbury,
Pension Commissioner.
To The PeoOple of Plokens Vounty.
Westar inster, S. C., July 20, 1903.I
Being under the employ of D. B.
Johnson, President of 'Hinthr~op Col.
lege, Rocek Hill, S. C., to visit the
schools of Oconee and Pickens conn
ties, I make the following appoint
Johnston's Chapel, Monday August
3d, 1903.
Ruhamnah, Tuesday, August 4th,
Zion, Wecdnesday, August 5th. t
Croswell, Thursday, Aug. 6th. e
Lenhardt, Fr-iday, Aug. 7th. t
Minynard, Monday, Aug. 10th, t
Boethleheom, Tuesday, Aug. 11th.j
Gahtes, Wednesday, Aug. 12th. i
Six Mile, Thursday, Aug. 13th. a
Pickens, U. H., Friday, Aug. 14th. b(
17lassy Mountain, M honday, Aug. 0
Carperiter's Creek, Tuesday, Aug. U
18th. 1
Oolonoy, Wednesday, Aug. 19th, ba
Grove, Thursday, Aug. 20th. 1
Holly Springs, Friday, Aug. 21st. (1
Antioch, Mondav, Aug. 24th. I:
Shad Grove, Tuesday, Aug. 25th. t
Gap iill, Wednesday, Aug. 26th. "
Iearnestly request all the trustees 1i
* and patrons of the surrounding comn- E
aMiitties of the abovo named die. ti
trictd to meet me on the above named if
*Atesaf~ et every one come and bring 'n
'*dhi~ Wprepared to stay all day.
44vish it were such that I could ir
evi~0ery school in the county. As n
i )ave only eighteen days in the le
pty I Qave arranged the dates el
U4pog6 so that every : one can n'
a ~ t ene of the above namead ai
)~'~~OOv .t is ~y purpose to try and
Ak bre interest ili the improve. W
~t fur gountry schools. I r-- 0'
-I~ ~ hq trustees' to ihite one or S
sakers. Hplnt 4that ourh
4: y prove beneficial. a
Yours a
a.-(is) Mary IR. Sholor.
n~4~ 1 to the al
the res p1
~ 'A:
The Kind You Have Always
ii use for over 30 years
All Counterfeits, Imitation
Experiments that trifle -wl
Infants and Children-Exj
What is (
Castoria Is a harmless su
goric, Drops and Soothinj
contains neither Opitun, I
stribstance. Its age is its g
aid allays Feverishness. .
Colic. It relieves Teething
and Flatulency. It assimi
Stomach and Bowels, givi
The Children's Panacea--1
Bears th
The Kind You H
in Use For (
Prom Needmore.
People have begun to layby the
corn and cotton in this section.
Crops have grown very rapidly foi
the past three weeks. If cotton sells
for 10 or 15 cents a pound this fall
and the frost don't got it before it
opens, weo may be in the swim yet. .
. Mr. Eflbert Perry, of the George''s
Creek section, has some of the finest
peaches we have seen. "'He has a
large, well kept orehyd of pears,
peaches, etc., and finda the business
very profitable.
W. A. Morris, of Greenville, and
his father, of Grears, were the guest
of N. A. Christopherst' *week.
Mrs. Dutch .,Wifiains, son and two
a s,'are spending the summer
1ith Richard Lenhardt, Mrs. Wit.
hiais' father.
Byrd Hunt, of San Antonio, Tex.,
is visiting his brother, Jas. W. Hunt,
of the Mt. Carmol section. Mr. Hunt
has been blind 21 years and has
traveled nearly all over the United
States and enjoys hunself wherever
he goes in spite of his blhndness.
Thue Lenhardt school opened Mon
day with W. A. Christopher as prin
Sambo says you may hear from him
soon. H~e will write on divers Bulb
jects, wvhich he says the people must
have if they succeed in fiheir different
pursuits. Ho says ho hasn't as much
education as some of the Bostonian
dude rep~orters, but he will ,vager two
artichokes and an onion that he has
more experience than a printing office
full of 'om, lHe is now.out of the
boo business for the rest of his days,
if he lives to be as old as Methuselah.
Hie's been very busy of late doctoring
his sickly looking cotton and corn.
He says there's only one kind of med
icinlo that will kill grass and make
cotton growv, and that is elbow grease
but he (lon't much like to apply the
(lose -the sun bothers him. He says
this coulntry' is far different from tihe
gardeni of Eden anyhow. He wishes
hie could have been in old Adam 's
pla1ce; lie bets he'd never sinnied, but
would have stayed there and kept
that garden of paradise forever. He
says everything is contrary here for
wvhen you try to grow cotton the grass
will growv knee high, when you try to
grow hay the weeds growv knee high,
md whon you feed the weeds to the
zow she looks high, brings a sigh,
acks high an-i goes diry.
I have been trying to persuade
uim to go into the dairy business, but
te is such a pessimist when he is in
he grass that he'd swear wvhite was
>lack, and vice versa, and that every
loud was a "sly coon," Mlonday was
lunday, and~ so on into infinity. He
.ays cows are all rogues and he be
ieves they all sprung from Achan,
vhuo stole the Babylonian garment,
ilver and gold from the enomy's
~amp during the conquest of Canaan
>y Joshuma. lHe ,says ,t. will take four
eon with axes and double barrel, an
omat ic, round lock, self-loading, shell
xtracting, breech-loading shot guns
a koop two, like the one he has, in
bie p~asture. He says dairy cows can
imp a ten rail fence and not touch
, eat up two acres of corn, or an
are and three-quarters of oats, b~ar
y or rye before you can run them
ait with the best our in the country,
rid can kick the shortening out of a
iscuit bofore you say scnt and eat a
eck of bran or cotton seed meal and<
u1118 before you milk one teat dry;
oiler for tihe calf till it would run a
oad man crazy and make the sky
azy, a smart man lazy, a sober man
oozy, till he would call his wife Susy
pnt-you get me-Balittle supper sweet
ulik and-soda-ete. I saw it was no
se to argue with him, but I sugges
d lie raise beef cattle and figured
out for him and told him lie coul I
rake $5, hide iand tallow clear profit.
Shucks," says' lhe,. hidesl no money<
I hides since they've gone to skini ,I
ng negroes in the North." "Cow
ather won't be worth as much as
raw and shucks, for them Northern
angro lovers will all hav'e a belt, cap
1(1 bots made out. of nigger hides.
Well I left Sambho just then and he t
histled for Sancho, wended his way
rer them bll humming "Au'd Lang a
yeo,' as lhe went and in a little while
ri appeared with his nmulecyclone.ori a
little knoll and began to Jay rooks 3
'ound lis cotton. He whistled
are (but ne er Yankee Doodle,) and
s old yalr ITg yelped lazily arOund I
ter a cotton~ tail. The horn blew,
yclonie br'ayed, baoced his earp and
arted for the bouse with' Sanbo,
dew stoek and1 all. It' wie a *lrous
'~ &w Ot~ a-mule,:bute rta0 to R
~'9~~~g and didE600 the
Bought, and wideh has been
ias borne the signature of
has been made urider his pee
I supervision since its infIncy.
w no one to deceive you in this.
s and "Just-as-good "1 are bub
th and endanger the health 'of
oerience against Experiment.
bstititte for Castor Oil, Pare
r Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
Vlorphino nor other Narcotio
narantee. It destroys Worms
[t cures Diarrlica atnd Wind
, Troubles, cures Constipation
1lates the Food, regulates the.
ng healthy and natural sleep.
ie Mother's Friend.
Signature of
LYe Always Bought
)ver 30 Years.
Nunn"Y GThKC, Ne~w YORK W"1
I wil not be in my office after Aug.
1st, except on Saturdays and on first
Mondays and Tuesdays. I expect to
visit the schools of the county. The
public will please take duo notice of
the above and govern, yourself ac
cordingiv. R. T. Hallum,
Ju9tf. Co. Supt. Education.
$20.00 REWARD.'
The East Fork 13aptit'church will
pay twenty..dolrs to any person
.vho will airest and bring safely se
cund, to C. M. Gillespie, one Loon
Whitmire, age 22 years, 5 feet 4 nr 6
inches high, slim made and slim face.
Has light hair and complexion, down.
ward look, cannot arrest his attention
and hold his eye. Blue eyes, smoothe
faco. Money paid on delivery.
0. M. Gillespie,
East Fork, N. C.
Transylvania county.
Singing Convention.
The~ Pickens county singing con.
venition will meet with the Secona
church on Saturday before the serond
Sunday in August at 10 o'clock a.m
WVe hope that great interest will
be manifested in the convention and
that we will have the best meeting in
history of the convention. Accord iing
to the constitution the convention is
composed of three delegates from
each church, Sunday 8schoo1 and sing. I
ing choir in the county.
Laban Mauldin,
Chairman Executive Coin.
nridge to Lot.
Bids will be received. and contract
awarded to lowest bidder at 12 noon,
August 8th, at Old Pickens bridge
on Keowee river, between Oconee
and Pickeus counties, for building
tihe Old Pickens and ia wrence bridges
Plans and1 specifications may be
seen at Oconee or Pickenis court
house. Board reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
L. D). Stephens,
Supervisor Pickenms Co.
D. F. McAlister,
Supervisor Oconee Co.
July 23w3.
Shake into Your shoes
A iien'~s Foot-E~asc. It rests the feet. Cures
Corns, niuions, Ingrowing NaIls, Swollen, and
vwea tig fet. A t all diruggists anid shoe store
sale of Rl Estate.
By virtue of a power of 'attorney &
axecutedi to me by the heirs of Amelia
Dole'nan, deceased, I will sell at
areeniville Court House, in the city /d
f Greenville, S. 0., on Monday the >
3d day of August, 1903, at 11 o''clock A
t. in., for cash, to the highest bidder, N
til that piece, parcel and tract of <
and situate andt lying in the State of /
south Ciarolina'aiud County of Pick
ma, containing one hundred and hf.
~een (115) aores, more or less, lying a1
mn south Saluda river, and bounded
>y lands of T. T. Hughes, Rev. J. E. a
i'oster, estate lands of Mrs. Susan
[Tunt, deceased, and estate lands of
Meorge 8. Whitmiro, deceased, and
emng the place on which said Amelia ~
Joleman resided at the time of her
Purchaser to pay for deed. -
J. 0. Coleman,.
j28w2. A ttorney in Fact.
It Keeps the Feet Warm and Dry.
Ask today for Allen's Foot Ease, a power. It
nres Chilblains, Swollen, Swahg Soe Ach
ig inp feet. At all druggists and ho
nurmese Girls.
The Burmese girl begins smoking
vihen she is about three years of age.
L. group of schoolgirls in Mandalay
vill sit in a circle passing around the
igarette, just as Ameriean girls would'
ass round the bag of caramels. It
m~'t a weedy little thing two inches
ang and no thickness that the Bur
aese girl smokes. It is a whacking big,
heroot, nearly a foot long and weigh
ng about three-quarters of a pounid.
Nine National capitala.
Ilow many readers could tell offhand
he number of national capitals tis
ountry's congress. has sat in and give
lie names? Not many probably. Well,
ere have been nine of themn-Wash-.
igton; Baltimore and Annapolis, In -
[aryland; Trenton andc Princeton, in
row Jersey; Philadelphia, Lancaster
nd York, In Pennsylvania, and New
ork city.-National Magazine,
"For one's wits to go Wolgather.
ig*' Is an allusion to a pitiful industry
)metimles seen Inl older countries. In
wts of Frtice, Gernmany and Spain
iry old people are Sometimes employ.
IU ifgathering wool from bushes in
idepn tmo where it has bieen pluck. .
ii thileoen tn anm.als.-. as.
OldtBrit in
ue'thuin anuy otbe*, R6 row
and Fj.auco turth.
AwtE~Ian ~atIer,
InrFtuce old abo ,aroioniht 4p I
quantities by rag dealoid inid sold t
factories, where 'they are, taken .apaa
and submitted to long'processes yhic
turn them into paste, frdin wWeh ti
inaterial Is trantforimed int ,o an.it
tion leather, appearing mucir like th
f(nest Aiiorocco.
.(Glnnt Tortoleca.
The giant tortoises from the Qalla
pagos -Ilands in the Loridon zoologiei
gardens are said by . biologists to b
botweeni 2,600 and 8,000 ynsrs old.
Ox T4l soup.
Ox tail soup, now regarded as a na
tional English dish, wits first made b;
the very poor Huguenot refugees fror
France, after the revocation of th
edict of Natites.. because ox tails thel
had no narket value.
A Iardy P'Ile.
A dealer in the Paris H1alles was un
packing a hamper of ilsh which ha<
come packed in ice from Gonda, ir
Holland, when a pike of four pound
weight was seeni to faintly move iti
fins and was forthwith plunged into a
trough of fresh wiator, where in tw<
-hours it was frisking about as lustily
as if it had never been caught.
Why Gunta Diane.
A correspondent, noting what is fair
ly well known among entomologists
that many species of flies congregate
together to dance, says it is weil knowi
that this is for a very utilitarian pur
pose--the selection of a mate.
The island of Nantucket rests on i
vast peat formation.
Odd Dirds.
Two napoleon bishops and one bla<4
headed nun are among the birds whic
have been presented tg the aviaries hn
the Liverpool parks.
Pussy Willows.
In rural England the blossoming
twigs of willow which our childrer
call "pussy willows" are often used
In churches on Palin Sunday as thc
only available branches which havc
yet begun to show proofs of returning
Five Generations.
A boy born in Berlin the Qther 4ay
is able to look upon his mother, gdid.
mother, great-grandmother and great.
great-grandmother, the last eg niko
ty-eight years old.
h . 0 . MA ALD
Pickens, South Carolina.
Office upstairs (in rear rooms) over
',arle's Drtig Store. Oflers his profes
ional services to the public.
1or YOUIN(O LADIES, Rtonatoke, Vat.
o pens Sept. 21 . 1903. One of th e leadling schools
nr V ttig ILdies its the southti. New b)1udigs,
r ai aao aa ita i ccaiery- ii lea hen nr Va.
lunted for haealih. Euaronenno tad Amearienn'
Datchers. FullI coutrse. Conaservaatory' iadvanta
ex~ ha Art, Mu lsic and Ehaaacutiona. Stuadetaf rom
tin Statte. Certifle.ates Wellesle~y. I'or enta
M'tATT"Il E Pl~l RIS. P'res.. Rotantoke, tva.
J1u l~w8.
I f so call on J. D). MOORE
and and get ai 10 p)ound Caddy
Old Reliable, $2,95 per box.
B ro w n's M ul e, $3. 1(0 per box.
Hatchet, $3.60 per box.
Schnuapp., $3.90 per b)ox.
Red ElJepahant, $3.50 per box.
Cuba Free, $3,40) per box.
Blind T1om, $3 40 per box.
Other goods at oqually ai low
rices' Candy 15o a box.
Dl~rinig me your produce.
J. D. MOO RE.~
Easley's -.- Jeweler ;
AlwaysM 4ilnd to S4ee Yoti.
Have a complete hine of Jew
eiry at very closo prices...
Just receiyed a lot of Rogers
Silver Knives and IForlg. . . .
Itnpairing of Watches. Clookse
and any thing '.n the Jewvelry /
Line prlomphitly (done and guar- s
Call on me at Callahami
Clothing Co0., next door to /
drug store.
Harvey Snider.
For Bicycles
Bicycle Material of all kinds,
Fine Cigars & Tobaccos,
Can Goe. Sugar, Coffee,
rMachine Needles,
md mnany other thinpgs too
todlious to mention . .
Bicycle Repairing Caret'ully 1)Dej
All at the lowest Cash Price.
C. C. FluRcKS8 & C0.,
Wesat Emild. OENTtA L, N. C.
Would that we could
Ith the ets'ength of a aillion voice.L
Dr. King's
What ' . ea
Th4t, *Ithoqt MeI
D ~And in ihe best'of Sui
t- Why,.' Force,' of coi
Tith Rady-to-c
the strength of m
without t]
Exotudos Chos sand StesA
" ' Force' Ist a regular breakfast b
LAndly to the x elusion of steaks or
k the ld standard. A. GUNuo
Slaughter "
300 meno
Ranging inl Price from
to gio o Sale Monday J
Think what it means to h11
suit of Clothes. We are doi
the goods into money and to
a magnificent stock for Fall:
ing manufactured for us.
The old prices are marked
each sulit, and you take one-tl1
some of the prices:
to this lon ae egulay l
Tink Pant it asto per
Theitem of thsW sae di
the goof iccomney an aet
aEva-ferthn sock for cah,
ip anatrd for bysus
omner of heplehulgo
an August on uitos drawnb
'~ '
mulesn nethis othe it-ch aghrsel
toacc sn itzohalstn.o
the olsoay godsila s swiftl anr
Loengb ant ofuRitras whic 3313 e
work.The stermso his ae onstan1
overte, anda boh wlece an 1
thaos time aofpne bygh parent
ingth erno csol buyngan cas,
alay boh by crdtsosaeth.
for yorefaine an Wasier way. bi
t IllI unier long
Lti shall keep u strong,
innser trim?
-so,' laughed "Sinny
tre Coreal
he heat.
"od In
Sale of
,6.5o to $22.50
uly, 13th at
Ive One-Third on a
ng this to convert
clear the tables for
mnd Winter now be
in plain figures on
ird off. Here are
- $10.00
- - 5.68
- - 5.00
mns, Stouts and ex..
t Suits andl 72 Boys
:ent discount.
>C carried out to the
he same treatment
and no alterations
A r'e conltinual
new goods ai~
shower of I
f'or J1
>ds fromi Hamburg
~tired horses and
to a hogshead of
market. Instead of
ed from ocean to
almost like a net
ly con veyi ng mer
it. Merchants all
et~ail are forsaking
credit and are adopt
1 selling, "'Quick
> the man who has
eatcn bath and huei~
paying as you go.
A t
The liver rivii be gently stirr
that the bile will be thrown off in ti
channel; the system must be in
ANI'> TONIC PE!LLH TS form the Mild P(
that completely-does the work with<
or injury to any part of the
25 doses as cents
at all dealers.
Do You .
Question 4
If so conme to SEE US
We ha11V the An18
China at a Sacr
Si'OVES and RANGES, We make S
Summer Saving is Winter Pleasi
in Easley. Save Fruit.
Come to see us to save money.
SW. H. Pickens'
We Luv11 1ought the largest and most complete
elandise this Fall that we ha eve r carried, wit i
in New Goods and Low I'rjcos. We in.vite a comp
il South Carolina in Siyles, Qualty, Qlanl ily and
lal the processiou tlhis F I l amd will not be tnd
will I easy' for you t1 buy at Iticheoy's when yo
VrtW ty o at)o . d get Iho prices, a ind it certainiy
aved is a1 I' 'Il:r mauide. Do yot1r1 1 trin111111, at Riche
We nCan show lol exeptionald values inl Dress Good"
all G radies .d Prices. Beauti iful Waist ilaiinelu in)
elegantI Iue of Diesses and Tritminigs---spcel alc. 1
W'e matke a spe cily of our Shoec Dep imtet.
graudca for Ladies, Met andu Chtildren. The1 bCs'. m
il (Itis in Amert~ien. Buy your Sh~loes f rom us~ a
WVe guarantecc sat isfaction.
Ood Calicoes. Gbood Outiings, GoM Redu F
White HLomnespJut, bost C anton Flannel, W .(CheekIc
No attter what prices are qutoted yo3ve will s
I+?- Ai(
Cut Glass, Art Potter'y, Bric
109 North Main Street- CRE
Jy receiving
ld offers at
lot pices ~
We are not asham~ed of otfr prices 1:
ly looking out for bargains.
10 Doz. Men's Woi-k Shirts--not
but all of that kind we could get, 25 to
They are eye openers andl won't lastlIon
A lot of sheeting in remnants 5C t
would not be considered cheap if cotton
pound but remarkably cheap at the presc
Good dlrilling at 6%r the ya1rd.
Some of the biggest values in Photc
-ever offered for i oc. See them.
wer Cure .
>ut shock t
We l'.
pecialty of theim. +
ES; Etc.
ERS ever sold
stock of ReliIle)IC Mer%
he Yr1ateSt attractions
IrisOnI With ally honso
Price. We 1111n to
ersolI1 by anybody. It
I Sltp and exn Inin'e tho
vill pay you. A dollar
's and save the dollanrs,
i n Bla-k and Colore,
Plaini and Faucy. An
ACS. '
E\ have t.cm in all
kes l'ron the~ leading
1(1 youI will beO pleased.
(I !IIme puni.
all you fi - less.
.Ilewe Iriy.
ut are confstant
cotton is 14c a
SO very miaiiu
35 Cents each.
U: yard. Thbis
bvas worth Xc. a
Ut prirce.
Pgrap)h Frames (

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