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_Entered April 28 1908 at Pickeon 8. ., ar Beoond ohmas watter, uudei aet of Odudes of Maoh8 id9
(TiIE PICK IHNS SENTIN IEL, Estabishaed, 1871. - - T-T V -".
"'ll I PE) Pi s'.OU 10URNA 1,, Es;tablished, 1891 7-,
,o o - ., -X
Mother's Ear
A Worio v. ? 1.9o r 3ArI I JWit
NIj&(.,PI tJ I'FAurT, AgIO gY Thg
~LA '?'Hi TI H.T COM&t Ltepo-MN YT-AY
u.9 :9 rs e~xTRA 6~rREoYrN Al
.1*1, J&'B1l%1611Vf SO A0CfP-tR FOR
-f lALT/f 0 AJOTl Mo'-rn jRAN1 1
Send for freo sninnple.
'COT & iIowUNE, *Chemists .
4)4 I5 l'carl treet. NewYr
sot. 3a $.oo; all dns ists.
How a Good scheme to Seenro Aid Was
atried Ti rouga.
(Jhestor, S. C., Special.-In re
sponse to t.he announcement made
by the county commissioners that
work on permanent roads would
be begun in that part of the coun
ty which offered the greatest in
ducement in the way of money
and rock, many enthusiastic meet
ings have ben held by the farmers
throughout the county.. Monday
the board decided that the Colum
bia road should be worked .first,
$1,500 having been donated. The
work will extend to the threo
mile post, and will then be begun
on the Roseville road and worked
to the third mile post on that road.
Padn's bridge road will also be
worked to the three 'Milo post.
Other portions of the county of
fered great inducements. In Mr.
T. J. Cunningham's neighborhood
about Woodward church, money
and rock were offered and a team
of eight mules for a part of the
time. Rodman section donated a
$500. From the Brick house on
that road to Rocky creek, a die- I
tance of two miles, $400 was dona- J
ted. The people are much inter
ested in this work, and in a few i
yeats bad roads in this county will
be a matter of history. Mr. An
derson of Lowryville, was elected
oversoor of road machinery.
Rev. Papu4 Rsler, pastor of Asbury i
Methodist Episcopal church at St. t
Paul, is losing his eyesight as a result it
of injuries he received last fall while a
engaged in playing football,,. . -
Teho Rev. IV. Henri M. Field, thb
last of the fatuous Field brother .
reached his eighty-first birthday a few
days ago. Dr. Field was for many
years editor of the New York Evangel
The United Presbyterian church is t
tl$ only American church with mis
sions in Egypt. The mission was be- t
gun at Cairo in 1854 by Messrs. Me- a
Cagne and Barnet and has become a
great influence throughout the land
among Mohammedans and the Copts.
That witnesses to a will were In the
same room with eatch other and the tes
tator is held, ini ro Claflin's will (Vt.) ~
58 L. R. A. 201, not to be sufficient to ~
m iake the attestation valid If they wverec'
-- not s in the presaenco of one another
that each could see the others sign.
A telegraph company which upon
order by telegraph issues and delivers
its check by mistake to the wrong par
ty is held. in Burrows versus Western
Union Telegraph company (Minn.), -4
L. Rt. A. 483, to be liable In the amoetun,
thereof to an iiAocent purchaser for
STwo Definitions of a Gentleman.
To be a gentleman "is to bie honest,
to be gentle, to bo generous, to be
brave, to be wise, and, possessed of all e
these qualities, to exercise thenm in the
most graceful manner," says the great ~
novelist Thackeray.
A diner In a) cyrtatin hotel became so
otat fhe proprietor directed his
reratkaI. The wvaiter who successfully
necomnpli.9hcd this, on returning to the 1
r-oem, expressed his regret at having c
been obligtl to put the indIvidual out,
for, sa(ui 1J, with emphasIs, "lhe's a
perfect gentleman," adding after a i
pause, as if to explain howv he arrived
at so decided a conclusIon, "lie give
me 'alf a cr-own."--Notes and Queries.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by a
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambitIon: beauty, vigor ~
and cheerfuness soon
neys are out of order
or diseased.
- Kidney trouble has p
- .- become so prevalent
that it is net uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
..n sa . te ates too often, if the
urin sca theflesh or if, when the childk
teaches a age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet aff licted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be t'awards the treatment of ~
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is duo to a diseased condition of the it
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
T'he mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It. ia sold
by .drugglsts, ini fifty
eent and one dollar
sites. You ma have a
sarnple bottle ymail
ree, also pamphlet tell' Wnomep snapRneo
n'g all about it, inoluding mnany of the
thousands of -testimonial lettiers received
sfQ~ ufferer4.dured, In writtfin'r. Kilnief
~,i haton, N. Y4 soatre and:
~4~ '~li~mak Rf~tmistake, buit renfemder
hatmen i*snp-lkoot Dr. :Kihasri.
)odge county Is Stirred Up by Attroolous
Eastman, Gn., Special.-One of
3he most atrocious-crimes ever
iommitted has jnst been brought
,o light at DeBois, twelve miles
kbove hete. The story is thpt
[Zichard Tucker was given a dose
)f strychnine by a-farm hand.
The alleged facts as reported are
The farm hand was infatuated
vith Mrs. Tucker, who it is alleged
.eturned his affection. To get rid
)f Tucker he mixed strychnine
vith some peach brandy.
Mr. Joel Horn, while visiting
dr. Tucker, complained of fooling
)adly, and Mr. Tucker gave him a
Irink of the brandy. Mr. Horn
lied within an hour.
Having failed in accomplishing
he and aimed at, the farm hand
ixed somo capsules with the
itrychnine, which were given Mi .
Pucker on his complaint of feeling
)adly. Mr. Tucker died soon
Upon their arrest and incarcera
ion in the county jail Mrs. Tucker
Lnd the farm hand accused each
other of the killing.
Public feeling is at fever heat, t
nd but for the timey arrival of
sberiff Rogers, the farih hand would 1
iave been summarily dealt with,
nd there is strong talk of lynch..
Drs. J. D. Herrman and J. B. i
."ark cut out Tucker's stomach t
.nd carried it to Atlanta for analy- f
lis by the state chemist, and rela. I
iives wish an analysis made of Joel I
horn's stomach.
All the parties are of good fam- I
lies. +
A special term of Dodge Super. I
or court will probably convene to t
ry the cases, as the public de- A
nand it. t
'ery Henmarkable Cure of Diarrhoea.
"About six years ago for the first tine C
i n.y life I had a sudden add severe at
ick of diarrhoea," says Mrs. Alice MI
r, of Morgan, Texas. "I got tempor- C
ry relief, but it came back again and i
kuiaf, and six long years 1 have suffered
iore misery and agony than agony than
can tell. It was worse than death.
ly husband spent hundreds of dollars '
or physicians' prescriptions and treat- t
aent without avail. Finally we moved 8
o Bosque county, our present home,
nd one day I happened to see an adver
isoment of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
nd Diarrhoea Remedy with a testimon- t
,d of a man who had been cured by it. t
hie case was so similar to my own that f
concluded to try the remedy. The re- .
uit was wonderful. I could hardly
calizo that I was well again, cr believe
Scould be so after having suffered so
ong, but that one bottle of miedicine,
osting but a few cents, cured me." For a
ale by Pickens Drug Co., Pickens, and t
'. N. Hunter, Liberty.(
rive Stores. Livery stabie, the Depot and
Aai theo Warehouses nurned.
Kershaw. S. 0., Special.-At i
.1:30 o'clock Wednesday night fire
Lestroyed five stores, one livery C
table, the depot and all the ware,
Louses at Heath Springs.
The fire is supposed to have
tarted in a vacant store where t
onme boys were seen) smoking.
Lancaster, S. 0., Specal.-Fire a
Iroke out in the town of Heath e
;prings, this county, at about mid- C
iight Wednesday night, destroy- C
ng the main business houses and I
he depot platforms of the South., C
rn railway.
The Springs Banking and Mer- 1
antile company was the heaviest*
oser. The company 's large store, s
tables and warehouses' were all U
testroyed; los si1,000, insurance t
.6,000. a
H. W. Mobley lost his store and I
tack of goods; loss $8,000, insur- j
nce *1,400.
The Enterprise Mercantile comi- t
any lost a building worth $200; t
o insurance. ' f
The erection of new brick build- r
)gs will be commenced at once. r
The origin of the fire is not h
Mllany School Clalldrena are Sickly.
Mother Gray's sweet P'owders for ChIldren,
sed by M(othe oray, a nurse In Children's Home
ow York, Break up Colds In 24 hours, cure Fe
irishness, Heoadache, Stomach troubles Teeth
ni sorders, aind destroy worms At all drug.
it ,. Ornsted, eRoy, N. YRE Adre A - 0
Would that wvee een14
wih b stasthy asuuon wee.. s
Dr. King's 0
The query, "Is kissing danger.
)Um,' will not be pressed at the
iummer resorts.
0 0 *
The question of whether the
lose application of an electric
ight will cure cancer is still open,
aut there is no doubt that it w'ill
)heck the spread of the kissing
The Baltimore people have been
worried, it seems, about whether
'o call the 2,000 ladies accompany
.ng the Elkp Elkarinas or Elksses.
'hey would probably be more un
)ending if just called deer.
"Temporarily insane from the
xcessive use of cigarettes," a Buf
'alo man committed suicide -by
umping off a train going 60 miles
in hour. le had more wisdom
han the vast majority of his
,lass--ho know when and how to
*I. P
Blind is the man who does not
ecognize the great grouid s%+ell
broughout South Carolina in
'avor of law and order. But a
mall fraction of the people are in
ympathy with these lynchings
id murders. Now wuuld be the
ino for a strong personality not
mnly to perform a sacred duty but
o win popular applause by vigor
)us action.
Gov, Heyward makes this state
nent: "I regret to say that,
hough I have waited several days
or oflicial notice regarding this I
awless act, ..not one report has I
eached me through officers of the I
aw.'' He refers to the murder of
lead in Aiken county. As the
aw requires these reports to be
>romptly made, it is evident that
,he lav, has been violatcd. This
vould be an excellent opportunity
,o let the c'Uers of the law under- I
tand that they will be required to
lo their duty.
As it is unlawful to "take, kill E
,r sell," or "cause to be taken, t
illed or sold or exposod for sale," N
,ny mocking bird as well as other i
ong and insectivorous birds in 1
louth Carolina, should it not be
Lnlawful for any person to have
uch birds in captivity? Those
oersons who purchase. such birds
re responsible for the breaking of
he law against robbing of nests,.or f
rapping. The birds are Atolen e
rom the public; those who buy and I
Lold them imiprisonedl are, inorally,
he receivers of stoleni goods.
According to the report of the '
uditor of the treasury, the collec- d
or of the port at Albermarle, N.
).. receives a salary of $1,000
rhile the receipts of customs at
hat port have been $1.80 a year for
he last five years. At Beaufort, N.
J., the average annual receipts are
46.30 and the collector's salary is
1,000 with *404 in fees, and the
ollector has two deputies. These
re only samples, as it is said other
ports make little better showings. ~
Dverybody seems to 1be after put
ing his hand deep into Uncle
Lam's pocket.
We find ourselves compelled to ~
issent for once from an opinion ~
xpressed by the Kershaw Era
ne of the county papers which has ~
pinions all of its owns, and ex.
resses them fearlessly. The Era
ommends Judge Gage for requir
nig witnesses to put oni their coats
'efore coming into court to testify. c
'There is too prevalent an idea,''
ays The Era, "that the courts are I
omewhat of a makeshift (possibly I
ot without some reason) and the
ooner this idea is gotten rid of the I
otter it will be for the cause of
Lustioe." While we might com
1end the action of Judge Gage on
he same grounds as The Eia, yet
here is another view. We would,
)r the cause of justice, reverse his r
uling and require that every wit- f
ess and juror should appear in J
is shirt-sleeves and that their hip s
ock ets and the contents thereof g
bould he6 exposed to view. We t
rould extend the ruling to the gen.
emen of the bar and are confident a
hat if required to remove their 1
eate in the presence of the judge .1
averal lawyers would be found'
ith pistols in their pockets. t
ertainly, according to reports, u
uich would have been the result c
urmng, the recent session of the
riminal court held in Columbia.---- a
olumbia State., t
yora lazy liver'- tay Ohaniberlal 'k
bormach and ,Liver Tablt.'0
fgorate'the liver', aid the digestlo
W. R. Taley Staba W. R.Guliamin-Wound
ad Man in Bad Condition.
Union, 8. C., Special.-Stabbed
terribl - in many places, W. R.,
bettor own as '"Rillj," Gilliam,
of this county, is in a critical con
dition as the result: of a cutting
affray on Monday night.
It seems that Gilliam, who lives
on the old "Gov. Gist place," about
12 miles from U~nion, was in town
Monday, and on., his way home
stopped to see his daughter, Mrs.
W. R. Talley, who lives a mile
and a half below town, He and
his son-in-law had supper together
but afterwards in t*he yard a dis
pute arose and Talley slashed his
rather-in-law with a knife on the
jaw, barely missing the jugular
vein, and stabbed him several
times in the body, striking one of
the ribs, which alone kept the
blade from entering his heart.
Gilliam bled profusely aird it was
bhougbt would die on Monday
night, but is still alive, though in
% very critical condition.
Cholera Imuranumltin.
Thin has long been regarded as one of
bhe most dangerous and fatal diseases to
which infants are subject. It can be
mured, however, when properly treated.
Ml that is necessary Is to give Chambpr
.inii's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and castor oil, as directed with
mach bottle, and a cure is certain. For
iale'by Pickens Drug Co., Pickens, and
'. N. Hunter, Liberty.
It is unlikely that the reward
)ffered by Gov. Heyward for the
Lrrest of the murdererg of Dennis
Elead will be claimed. Doubtless
t dozen neighbors of these inur
lerers know their identity, just as
ie lynchers at Norway are proba,
Ay known. But even if any of
;he neighbors are not in hearty
tympathy with the lawlessness
hey would probably fear to ap.
?ear as prostcutora. In such cases,
re in the courts, the State is at a
lisadvantage. If the govenor or
he solicitors had the power to
mploy detectives and did utilize
heir services on occasion, there
vould be some results; the crimi
ially inclined would at least be
nore circumspect.
Night Was Igor Terror
"I would cough nearly all nighL long"
vrites Mrs. Chas. Applegate, of Alex
ndria, Ind., "and could hardly get any
leep. I had consumption so bad that if
walked a block I would cough fright
ully and spit blood. but, when all other
nedicines failed, three $1.00 bottles of
)r. King's New Discovery wholly cured
no and I gained 58 p)ounds," It's abso
urtely guaranteed to cure Coughs, Colds,
2a (rippe. Bronchitis and all TIhroat
nd1 Lung Troubles. Price 50c and $1.00
2rial bottle free at Pickens Drug Co's,
trug store.
"The fact that $30-an-acre land
n Texas produces as much as the
1100 land mn Iowa and Missouri -is
>ound to toll in Texas' favor event
Lally.'"-Dallas Morning News.
knd there is just as good land to
e bought in South Carolina for
3 and $5 per acre that is await.
ng the intelligent work of the
usbandmian to make it worth *50
.nd $100. Yet there are people
vho will ask, What good will im
riigrants do except in the immcedi
te locality in which they settle?
lesidos being object lessons to
heir neighbors, they are the poo
>Ic who "do;'' the people -.ho
'ush forward and improve; they
re the people who make property
o tax.
"For years fate was afto mec continu
usly" writes F. A. Gulledge, Verbena,
Lla. "I had a terrible case of Piles
ausing 21 tumors. When all failed,
lucklen's Arnica Salve cured me."
:qually good for Burns and all aches
nd pains. Only 2?5c at Pickens Drug
~o's., drug store.
nfurlated Because the Man~ Had Eined
li Wife..
St. Louis, Mo., Special.--A mob
rlado a desperate but unsuccess
ul effort Thursday night to lynch
olhn Davis, a negro, who had just
hot and killed his wire during a
unrrel. Thue woman (lied wvhile
eing taken to the hospital.,
Two poliemen arrested Davis
ud took him to a street oorner
atrol box, when a mob of nearly
00 negroes rushed ;eg:
'Lynch him,'' shoute neigro in
ho crowd, and theiy was taken
LIp as the mob surf oundedl the Ofli't
ers and pr*isong.~
Davis Cr9 J(febed to the ground
nd begg d the officers for' protec
ion hTf officere drew ioir revol..
a hogdn uing therm as clubs,
lng eerl tlespbers ~f the
Spartaihurg, 8. U., Speolal.-As
a result of the difficulty Monday
night between Dock Jones and
Hood Flax, negroes, the former
died at an early hour Thursday
morning. It seems that on the
night mentioned, Jones and three
women were pn Main street and
encountered Flax, who forthwith
got up a scrap with Jones and in
the melee inflicted terrible injur
ies. The negro fell unconscious
and (lied of paralysis due to wounds
on the head. Flax eaosped and
has not yet been arrested.
-There are more Swedes In Chicago
than in any Swedish city except Stock
Owing to the wonderful strides of
the American cotton industry the con
sumption of the raw staple in the Unit
ed States has Increased 01 per cent in
ten years.
TheOAuew animal housA In New
York'oological gardens give wild
beasts a wider range of comfort than
the tenement dwellers in the crowded
districts on the east side of Manhattan
have known for generations.
The hopes that the mammoth tusks
so abundant in the arctic regions
would replace the tusks of the vanish
ing elephant have not been realised.
Only about- 80 per cent of the mam
moth tusks make good ivory.
The most wonderful of aboriginal
American monuments is. the famous
Aztec calendar now in the Mexican
National museum. It is a zodiac, elev
en feet In diameter and carved from
solid rock. The monks of Cortez
buried it in a marsh, and it was lost for
232 years.
The newest cure of anomia Is to
take the suf'erer uip in a captive bal
looni and let him stay at a certain alti
tude for two hours. Half a dozen as
cents of this kind during as many
weeks will effect a marvelous cure and
are equal to a three months' sojourn
at a health resort.
They have found the proper name for
It at last-autophobia.-Atlanta Con
st itution.
"Too many babies spoil the flat,"
say tie real estate agents. But too
few spoll life. Room for the babies!
Louisville Post.
Pennsylshinia has voted the amazing
sum of $0,500,000 for good roads at the
present session of its legislature. This
breaks all records.--Hartford Courant.
The dynamite cruiser Vesuvius Is
headed for the scrap pile. It will be
recalled that we indulged in consider.
able "boasting and blustering" when
this vessel was launched.-Washington
Indications are growing that China
Is to become the world's storm center.
The old struggle between a dying out,
stubborn pas and a strenuous, un
truthful present Is on in the Celestial
empire and can have but one ending.
Louisville- Herald.
Eniperor William has declined to ac
cept a legacy of $500,000 left to him
by the Baroness Oppenheim and has
handed the money over to the military
The Prince and Princess of Wales
will receive the honorary degree of
-doctor of laws and doctor of music re
spectively from the University of Lon
don on Junme 24.
King Alexander of Servia has no son
or cousin in -line for the throne. Civil
war and three hating each other pre
tenders would come into evidence
were he to die today.
When Victor Emmanuel II. died the
sum of $400,000 was in a short time
mubscribed for a monument. The gov
emnment added $1,000,000. The esti
mate now is that the total cost wvil
reach about $0,000,000. The monument
is to be the most beautiful and costly
in nlodern Italy.
There are at present twenty-four wo
-men students in the University of Ar
gentina. In the public schools of
Buenos Ayres 88 of the teachers are
men anid 1,459 women.
Trhe most notable feature of United
States Commissioner of Education Har
ris' new report is the great Increase In
the number of college students. There
are, he says, 75,472 men in colleges and
Universities as agaInst 44,020 ten years
ego and 27,870 women students as
gainst 10,701.
The total assets of Chicago univer
ilty are $15,128,875.05. President Har
er wishes to increase the salaries as
follows: Professors, from $8,000 to $4,
000; associate professors, from $2,500
to $3,000; assistant professors, from
2,000 to $2,500. A pension system is
also being considered.
Hair Splits
"I have used A er's Hair Vigor
for thirty years. it Is elegant for
a hair dressing and for keeping the
hair from splitting at the ends"
J. A. Gruenenfelde r, Grantfork,lli.
-Hair-splittin gsplits
.friendships. If the halir
illtting 1s done on your
own lead it loses friends
for y- u, or every hair of
your head is a friend.
Ayer's Hair Vigor in
-advance will prevent the
splitting. If the splitting
has begun, it will-stop it.
Mrs. Painter, of North Varolina, impliea
ted in the Norrolk amd Western
. -.tatlroad Disaster.
Boanoke, Va., SpOcial.--Detec.
tive ,Wm. B. Baldwin Wednesday
night, last, arrefted JAmes W,
Bailey and ,Tohn W. Kennedy,
near Shenandoah, charged with
wrecking a Norfolk and Western
passenger train on the night of
December 28, last, when- engineer
Wesley Bailey was killed. The
men had a hearing and plead guilty
and were sent to Staunton jail
without bond. They are charged
with murder. In a sworn confess.
ion they say they planned with
Mrs. 1llen Painter to wreck the
train and kill any passengers whom
might escape in the wreck. Only
the engineer was killed and the
plan for wholesale murder was
abandoned. Mrs. Painter comes
from N->rth Carolino and will be
arrested later.
Jackson, Ky., Speial.-The
special grand jury continued its
session today. From the witnesses
that are being called it is believed
that the jurors are considering the
cases of the county officials who
are said to have furnished the
$5,000 that Gardner Plummer of
fared B. J. Ewen if the latter
would not testify against Curtis
Jett and Thomas 'Wh4ein the
Marcum murder- case, also' at
the inquisition is extending iinto
the murders of Cox, Cockrill and
Capt. Ewen caused -uite a stir
in camp last night by' yelling in
his sleep and when aroused told
the soldiers he was dreaming that
he was being killed.
A SUIT FOR 61,000.
In the court of Common Pleas
at Greenville last week, the case
of A. H. Dagnall against the South.
ern Railway was tried. The plain
tiff asked for $1,900 damages.
The attorneys interested were Mc
Cullough & McSwaln, Tribble and
Prince, of Anderson, for the plain.
tiff, Dean, Cothran & Cothran for
the defendant.
During September 1001, Mr.
Dagnall bought a ticket over the
Southern railway from Easley to
Seneca. After purchasing the
tibket however, he did not take
the trip to Seneca, but kept the
ticket in his possession.
On the 23d day of April, 1908,
he decided to go to Seneca and
brought his ticket into use. When
it was presented to Conductor C.
F, Marshall it was refused and Mr.
Dagnall was put off the train at
The arguments in the case were
concluded Thursday and after the
judges charge the case was given
tb the jury.
Brutally Tortured.
A case came to light that for persist
ant and unmerciful torture has perhaps
never been equaled. Joe Golobick of
Colusa, Cal., writes. "For 15 years I
endured insufferable pain from Rheuma
tism and nothing relieved me though I
tried everything known. I came across
Electric Bitters and it's the greatest
medicine on earth for that trouble. A
few bottles of it comnpletely relieved and
curedl me." Just as good1 for Liver and
Kidney troubles and general debility.
Only 50c. Satisfaction guaraniteed by
Pickens Drug Co., druggist,
Upon orders of walking dele.
gates, about 150 men, struictural
iron workets and roofers on the
machinery building at the world's
fair grounds, are on a strike, their
claims being that workmen build,.
ing the elevated track are not
unmon. A fight ensued resulting
in the non-union men fleeing for
safety. Several men were hurt,
Jos. Meyeir's skull being fractured.
Police restored quiet andi tihe strik
ers wvere forced to leave the build
ing. No arrests were made.
-A special from Charleston
says: Negotiations will be com-.
plated in a few days by which the
cotton compresses of the East Shore
terminal railroad will pass into
the hands of R. 0. Rhett, W. E ,
Huger and John Fi. Maybankr, and
it is proposed to further improve
the already fine machinery and
every effort will be made "to use
the compress..facilities as one of
the means for increasing the cotton
trade of Charleston. The presses
will be leased froin the railroad and
1.lbe entirejy (nder Charleston
re notl#i aTtown.~ ob
-Twenty-one contractors in Co.
lumbia have signed an agreement
not to employ any union man con.
neoted with the B uilding Trades
--Assistant ChiefConstable Howi
has tesigned his position from the
force, but It in not known yet
his successor will be. Howie,
will be remembered, was chief 6
stable in Charleston but was aft"k
wards transferred to Beaufo,;A
from which point ho resigned a
went to Chester.
-In Columbia Tuesday morni0
Judge Gary rendered a decision
the case of Brookshire vs. the Fir
mors AlliandeW xohange, order
that a receiver be appointed for
fund now on hand, about $17,0
or that bond be furnished
twice the amount involved un
this-fund is distributed.
-Anderson .is to have a firft
class business men's club, such us
exists in other cities. The 4ed
of such an organization has been
felt there for a long time, and no"
It is believed that it can be securedl'
The club will have well furnisheA
rooms where visitors to that oify*
can be carried and entertaine'd, and
where the members themselves dan
spend their leisure time pleasantl
and to advantage.
-The Newberry Real Estate
company, which is capitalized
$25,000, has been organized. Thi
organization of this company
means a great deal to the people
of Newberry, as it will place u
the market some of the mo -d.
sirable and valuable b j' ing lots
~ of theO
10th copr limits o h
-0. Ward, the t'ail carrier on
route No. 2, from Trenton, drove
into town Saturday afternoon and
left his horse hitched on the
streets. When he got ready to
leave for home he foutidsthe horso
missing. Later he went in pursuit
of the animal and was fortunate
in finding him. He had been
used by a negro in making his way
from Trenton to Edgefield.
Slight injuries often disable a man
and oause several days' loss of time and
when blood poison develops, sometimes
result in the loss of a hand or limb.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm is an antisel.
tic liniment. When applied to ents,
bruises and burns it causes thenm to heal
quickly and without maturation, and.
prevents any danger of blood poison.
For sale by Pickens Drug Co., Pickens,
and T. N. Hunter, Liberty.
Wont to Porch Ostensibly to Wash Fees
and Joined Her Sweetheart In the
Cotton Fild.
Charlotte, N. 0.-A special from
Troutman, Iredell county, N. C.,
News has just -reached here of
the exciting and novel marriage
of Mr. Toem Eryin and Miss Ramia
Eagle. Miss Eagle lives with Mr.
J. D. CIroker and he, was bitterly
opposed to her marriage with young
Ervin and kept a strict suirveilance
over all hejr movements. The young
people couldn't gdt away and but
for the tin'iely assistance of Orin
Hlarwell they would yet be trying.
Harwell laid the plans and the
others carried them out. It was
this way, Miss Eagle having taken
off her shoes on the eve ot her mar
riage walked out on the porch os
ton sibly for the purpose of washing
her feet when she suddenly darted
across the yard and through a
field of cotton where she was miet
by her lover and young Harwell.
There was a buggy in awaiting and
in less time than it takes to tell it
they were offY with the horse
stretched at a dead run.
Hlarwell, however, strayed at his
post to arrest the progi'ess of the
pursuing Croker. Mr. Croker is a
fierce man and everybody else was
afraid of him. Just wvhy lie went
no0 further than the cotton field
nobody knows but thmo two men.
Har well could tell but he just grins
and won't. However, the bare
footed, baro~headed bride and the
groom soon reached the home of
Marriage Artist 0. 0. Harwell who
being called out of bed stepped on
the porch also bareheaded and
barefooted and as time was pre
cious they were married in short
order. Young Erviln thon drove
with his Trilby bride to his own
home as well content as if ho had
mnarried in the church .with the
seliction of the whole world.
After killing one man and fatal
ly wounding another at Middl
burg, Ky., Thursday, RIbrt Le1
a minister at Linnie, in Case;
county, said grace at the jail tabl
in Liberty. Lee became involve(
in a quarrel with'Ellis Woods'ant
the latter's son and the shoOtIn
followed. The "fighting parson'
was then arrested and taken to jail
at Liberty, where he peacefully ro.
turned thanlrs at the table witi
the other prisoners.
Leavenworth, Kan., Special.
Beiij. W. Starnes, alias Stratton,
a ouie armed train rob~ber fro-n
Oklahoma, escaped from the. fed
eral penitentiary here early Friday
morning. Starnes dug his way out
of the crankhouse into the prison
yard, then climbed a blanket rope
to the top wall twenty-five feet
high, using his teeth and one arm.
Starnes is the man who put on a
false armp and held a revolver with
it while holding up a train.
Cleveland Wood, 18 years old,
of Edgefield, S. C., and Charles
Smith, 28 years old, of Bohcn,
were shot Thursday morning in
Atlanta, about 3 o'clock by Dr.
0. M. Green, in whose store they
were committing a burglary.
Dr. Green, hearing a noise in his
store, took his Winchester rifle and
fired sbveral shots through the
panel of a door, without seeing the
mon he was shooting at. Wood
was shots in the thigh and Smith
in the hand.
Later both men w arrested
and lodged In the Tower.f hey
are said to be wanted for burgfi
ies in other places.
No man or wonian in the State will
hesitate to speak well of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets after once
trying them. They always produce a
pleasant movement of the bowels, im
prove the appetite and strengthen the
digestion. For sale by Pickens Drug
Co., Pickens, and T. N. Hunter, Liberty
The Southern Railway has com
pleted the work of clearing up the
wreckage of 13 cars and an engine
which ran away on the heavy grade
up Saluda Mountain last week and
were almost annihilated. The
train of cars after gaining a fright
ful speed left the track and landed
in a valley some distance from the
main line. A side track wvas
built downi to the wreck and a
large wrecking engine drew the de
railed freight engine back on the
track. One car of the train which
did not leave the track was loaded
with eggs and, strango to say, few
of them were broken. The runa
way was attributed to the fact that
the air brakes'lhad been tampered
with. When the crew saw their
danger they jumped and the train
rushed on down grade for several
miles before leaving the track.
Spartanburg Journal.
There is more Catarrh in thmis section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until thle last few
yoars was supposed to be incurable. For
a great many years doctors pronounced
It a local disease and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to
cure with local treatment, pronounced
it incurable. Soience has proven catarrh
to be a constitutional disease and there
fore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio, is the
only constitutional cure on the mmarket.
It is taken internally in (loses from 10
drops to a teaspoonfuel. It nets directly
on the blood and mucouis surfaces of the
system. T1hey offer one hundred dollars
for any case it fails to cure. Send for
circulaire and testi menials.
Address, F. J. Chenoy & Co.,
Toledo, 0.
S uld by all Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
They Kinled a Merchant While BlurglaraI
mzIng eis Home.
Lexington, Ky., Special-Claude
O'I$rien, aged 23, of Memphis and
Earle Whitney, aged 18, of Nash
ville, were hanged in the jail yard
and from the same scaffold at 8:15
Friday morning. They were brave
to the necks broken.
Whitnoy. struggled and died
hard. O'Brien died easy. Over a
hundred spectators were in the
jail yard. O'Brien walked to the
s'caffold palo and agitated, but
Whitney laughed and called good
bye to some of his friends The
boys were executed for the murder
of Addison B. Chinn, a prominent
merchant of this city, while bur
glarm'zing his home on Oct. 10,
1902. Both denied firing 'the shot
to the last.
working Night anlenay.
The busiest gnd mightiest little thing
that ever was made Is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. These pills change weakness
into strength, listlessness into ene 7
brant. noa pawt. T

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