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J. 11. 0. 'rHOIMPSOF,'FIrroit.
ibsoription $1.00 'Per Annum.
Advesrtii gates Reasonable.
red at Pluceki 4M eriteo as Socond OlasS
Tifir6dy, Aug. 6, 1908.
r ms of interest and Terse Comment.
'he race suicide question has re
jved'itself into a race war.
it is never too late to mend, but
no wives find it too much trouble.
Some more fools are planning to
earth the buried treasures of Cap.
in Kidd.
With the assistance of the family
iysician Now York's 400 hae some.
hat increased of late.
The tramp fraternity is just now
;Aunning Kansas as if the land wore
mficted with a pestilence.
If you want to get the beat of a
oman in an argument just intimate
0at her hat is not on straight,
Western editor declares that all
& the babies are born at night now
n order to find some one at home.
*If Cuba wants a loan of $85,000,.
100, we might. as well buy the
Plamed island and be through with it.
We admire the sagacity of the pro.
essor who remarked that "a flying
nachine if properly conducted should
The lynching pastime goes mer
:ily on. Last wook Tennessee 'w-A
efore the footlights with a iiipec
uwa . -
The stee rust 'g it exchangO
some of its doprec ating stock for ra
dium, which is selling for $75,000 an
A Government expert asserts that
the devil lurks in soda fountains. In
that case we are all dead willing to
go to the devil.
-IF 4Ihore aro any men left in the
p~ostoffice department who are not
under suspicion, they should be tick
eted with a rod ribbon.
Things got so rotten in Chicago
last week that the heavens opened
and the hail fell and smashed all the
windows and a few plug hats.
With the college boys at wvork in
the harvest filkla and t~he girls at
wvork in] the kitchens, who cares
whether school keeps or not?
The hens of the United States last
year laid 16,000,000,000 eggs, worth
in the market $150.000,000. Who
sal's the hoen is a small chicken?
An exchange contains a long ac
count of "how we foed our army."
As a matter of fact, we don't do it.
The Government des the feeding
1* .* *
The president is credited with be
inig extremely anxious to end the pos
tal investigation. The public will
have no objections-after the guilty
*are punished.
If Roosevelt and Cleveland should
* happen to be opposing candidates
next year, the manufacturers of b-iby
carriages would have to contribute to
bo0th campaign funds.
The crimes for which negro lynch
ing seems to be the penalty are alarm
ingly on the increase, and seems to
the more prevalent in the north tihan
hesouth of late.
Booker Washington was hissed by
a negro audience in Boston because
lhe advooated respect for law and do
ceoy. Another link forged in the
* * *
Asuicide in Paris left this wvorld
hi bouse he said the weather was too
hot. Since then ho has failed to re
por on conditions prevailing in his
< 9rz8 abiding place.
SThe owners of watered Wall street
stocks are having their troubles, but
togeneral publie cares but little
attheir losses, so 'long as the
~A~~esent prosperous conditions pre
~ hale M. Schwab, the President
Spteetrrst with a million dol
~lary, i 1d to ~be oowhere
~iio W6. ~ut the West isn't
f~' dk~tying to find him.
lb~4d Qg~ re of far more
8peaking abou truwt busting, the
Allial noat needed just now Is a
mob disperser.
So far the great rides of history are
Paul Revere'P,. Sheridan's, Tam
O'Shauter's and Miles'.
When people quarrel over dogs
and go shooting it shows that the
dog is the wisest of the trio.'
The best way to stop lynchings is
to see that the negroes who assault
innocent women are promptly pun.
Advertising small men for large
places is a common pastime with
some paper s. We prefer even a big
man for a small place.
There are a good many blisters to
the equare inch in those Kansas
counties where the soft banded ama
tour harvesters are at work.
Don't worry if you meet with op
position when you suggest improve
ment3. No improvement was ever
made that was not opposed by some
S* *
Russia and America seem to be
conducting a contest in barbarity.
There they massacre the Jews and
here we lynch the nogroes. Now,
which is entitled to the ribbon?
'the newepapers are talking of the
passing of J. Pierpont Morgan.
Morgan is sliding down the tobog
gan, and every editor in tho country
is giving him a kick as he passes,
Chicago negroes are predicting
that this country will soon be ruled
by the negroes. Tho making of such
fool statements is about the best way
possible of keeping alive the lynching
A't. Louis couple went dIown to
th >enitentiary to have the chaplain
ie the Gordian knot for them, and
the Alinneapolis Times wickedly re
marks that they had a true concep
tion of the eternal fitness of things.
* * *
Governor Yates was out of the
state when needed to prevent the
lynching at Danville, Ill. But in
order to even up things a bit he is
swearing vengeance against the mob.
Which reminde us somewhat of the
boy who kicked the dog.
If the officers of the law would use
as stern methods before a mob gath
era in force ats they do afterwards, we
would have less of mob rule in this
country. Too many of these officers
think umore of a few votes at election
time than they do of their oath of of
flee and their duty to the peop~le.
Glovornor Heyward and Presidlent
Cromeor will be in .Lickens the 15th
instant. This will be a gala day for
the old town. The County, at large,
and out lying neighborhooda are cor
dially invited to come to this educa
tional feast. You will never rogiet
Pickens is comning to the front,
slowly, but snrely. It is a gradual,
healthy growth; it is no mush room
growth. W'atch her, for in the next
five years her growth will be more
rapid and phenomenal, even, than in
the past five and you will not knowv
the old town.
People who made a practice of
sending into the city for their sup.
p~lies should never complain of hard
times. The way to prevent hard
times is to get all the money from
abroad you can and keep it in your
owvn town. In other words, patron
ize your local merchants.
* 0*
Senator Tillman has been giving
the northern p~eople some hot shots
over the numerous lynchings during
the past two months. Tillmnan glee
full3 announces that the north is get.
ting a dose of the anme medicine the
south has been getting for years.
And the same remedy is applied in
each case.
The Pickeons Oil Mill is on a firm
footing; the first installment of stock
has been called for, and the conti act
for building will be let next weekc.
Everything now points to an early
comp 1letion and the smooth running
oif this enterprise. With the set of
executive officers at its head, who
will heartily co-operate with the man
ager of the mill, it is bound to sue.
coed, and pay its promoters hand.
some dividends.
Pickens coudty is one of the most
latent in this grand old State, but
she is rapidly waking from her Rip
Van Winkle sleep and her lethargy
is past. She has awoke to a realiza.
tioni of her vast resources and possi
bilities and is putting her best foot
forward and making a good impress
ion oji all who come in contact with
her. She, wye are proud~ to say, is
not waiting "for the stranger within
her gates," to even suggest, much
1085 nake inprovement, but is going
rghb mho aking permanent a tl
o A u W q n I g'-O whoX
Gene Gillev, a ouig man who
was raised in Carroll.county, Geor.
Sia, is in jail, No was lidieted for
bigamy at the April terni of Car.
roll superior-court on presontment
of citizens, his first wife not push
ing the oase.
Tillman Duncan, a young white
man of Spartanburg was struck by
lightning and it.stantly killed last
Tuesday night while seated at a
table in his ho;ne on Austin street.
His mother who was at tha tablo
with her son was uninjured.
During a severe jain and thun
der storm at Covington, Ga., Wed
nesday evening lightning struck
the residence of 0. H. White, dam
aging the house and severely shock
ing Mrs. White.
She soop rocovored from the
shook, and is all right now.
Leroy Masterson, a foreman at
the steel works, at Pueblo Colo,
was murdered shortly attor mid
night Wednesday night while lyiig
asleep. Sixteen of the gang who
had worked for him have been ar
rested on the charge of complicity,
as it is alleged there had been
trouble with them.
Maggie Moore, a resident of
Augusta, Ga., committed'suicido
Tuesday night in her room by
taking morphine.
An epidemic of suicide seems to
be raging in that quarter, this be.
ing the third attempt within a
The dead woman was a member
of one of the leading fanilies of
Columbia county, and was a re
markably handsome woman. She
had been in ill health fir some
time, which is supposed to be the
c ause of her suicide.
An interesting case, that of Ray
vs. Cliton M'f'g Company, ocen
pied the entire time of Magistrate
Garris' court Thursday. The facts
in the case are as follows: The
plaintiff brought suit against the
cotton mills for some forty odd
dollars which he as father claimed
to be due him as the wages of his
son who is a minor. The cotton
mills claimed that the money had
been paid the son, all that was duc
him as wages. The court decided
in favor of the mnills.-Spartanburg
Decline of Oriental Art.
The future historian of eastern cul
ture wvill have a somnewhat melancholy
chapter to write on the decline and fall
of oriental art. H~e will show how the
western nations, among which machine
wvork had destroyed handicraft, filled
the east with Brummiagem mnanufac
tures. H~e will explain howv the wvest
dealt the east a still more crippling
blow by requiring of the eastern artist
the work of the western machine. 'The
people of the nineteenth centuiry, he will
say, asked of China, Jap~an, India, P'er
sia, Asia Minor, not their best, bit
their worst-anything, so it bore the
tag oriental. Under this foolish det
nmand, ho will explain, the art of rug
ma king virtually disappeared fromi the
Asiani villages, while the potteies of'
Japan gave themselves to cajjrientulres,
"for export," of their older and finer
products, and Japanese painters cast
away the beautiful linear symblolismn to
the perfecting of which centuries had
gone, and gave themselves to mean
ingless imitation of the p~ainlting of
Pa ris.-Na tion.
Scientifie Study of WVel.
A division of hydrology has been or
ganized in the hydrographic branch of
the United States geologleal survey. A
special feature of Its work will be the
study of wells and of water bearing
strata In the earth's erust. All p~rob
lemns relating to underground water
will be within the scope of the now
division. Not only the western states
and territories where irrigation is r
'luired are to be included In the ild
of active work, but in every state of
the Union special studies will be made
and trustworthy information collected.
Child Insurance In Franee.
In seine parts of France there is a
regular premium on infant mortality,
owing to the custom of child Iusur
anice. Not only the parents can iusure
their babes, but a third person can do
so without the knowvledge of the par
ents. At a recent meeting of the Acad
emy of Medicine M. Biudin cited the
case of a nurse who was thus enabled
to "lose," one after the other, seven
children who had been confided to her
care and to drawv seven insurances.
Our Internal commerce.
In view of the establishment of the
department of commerce and labor, it
mnay be interesting to note that the in
ternal commerce of the Wnited States
last year has been estimated by the
government statistician at $20,000,000,
000. Fifty years ago It was only. $2,
000,000,000. The mianufatuires of the
'United States are nearly double those
of Great BrItain and Ireland and about
equal to those of hi'raince, Germany and
Riussia combined.
Am flecente-ic wnl.
Ab eccentric bachelor In a Bavarian
town left the bulk of his fortune,
amounting to $60,000, to his two nieces
on condition that they should spend1( a
yeoar as comnmon servants. One of the
gis, his sister's daughter, accepted the
conditions. The other, his brother's
*aughter, has brought suit to contest
the will on the ground that the testator
ffa9 of unsomtd mind.
'The books will be open for sub
acription to the capital at >ok of the
Bank of Central Tuesday August 11,
1903 in the office of F. Bi & J. N.
Morgan, Central, S. 0.
HOW a Little COweleOkARSOX
CoAtly to the Farme
;t is the common practice pf
in this locality and probably. .,o
calitios to thelSMVes attend40? t-10
castrating of their young . ls
tvrites W. 1-. Craig of Ohio i atoekc
r111111 1111(i Farmer. Sometimes the yotyng
thing dies, and it is sold that the oj)er.
ation was performed at the "wron3
time of the moon." Thero is'llo doutt'
that often the bungling Imskillflness
of the operation Is the Vause of death,
yet we havo knowi instanc.es wlerfI
tie unclean condition of th1e knife used
Was the eause, and we think tisk ia
frequently the causesof trouble that Is
unjustly laid to tile moon.
Two yllrs ago a neiglhbor (listvatei
forty young lmbs and oo calf for us.
We had employed. hhim for years an(
knov 11111i to be skillful, yet in two
days after the operation fourteen iam1bs
were dem and the rest were stunlte(d
for life. 'ihere wits nullch diussion in
thoe'ielghborhood als to the cause of the
trouble, but wlh1 it was found that
the "sign was Ii the heart" that set
tied it. We were not satisflied with thi.
e-xplalation, and it took us two weeks
to remember that the knife that hla(
been used in tile o1)era-tion had been
In contact WithI a small but virulent
sore found On the first lamib caught.
Blood poisoning killed the lambs, and
the small am-11 ount of virus that re
manined on the knife from the sore had
done the business.
The knife had been thoroughly
wiped, but wiping (Oes not answer. Al
ways before any instrunient is used
surgically oni anaimal it should be
held in the flame of a lighted match.
This is a simple and convenient meanis
of e leansing the knife or Instrument,
and doing so illay savo colsiderable
loss many times.
Some tile ago I had quito a itheavy
hog I wished to take to market. I
backed my sleigh ill) to tile hogpen
door and tried to load tile 110g. first by
coaxing, then by compelling, but leI
tier one availed. Strength oil m1ly part
was getting exhausted, and, Aeejng a
neighbor passing, I called for help.
"Give me a al," said he, "and we'll
have that log on the sleigh ill no time.
Get her head in the opposito diretion
from what you want her to go, then
you take a stick and steer, and I will
hold the pail over her nose." WVell,
it didn't take a minute for that hog to
back oil to the sleigh.-Cor. Iloard's
anue Por llogm.
Tlere is more Ilpquiry for rape seed
and the mnethod9 for seeding and feed
lng it than ever before, an,(d it begins
to look as if it were to become a uni
versal farm crop. The swine growers
are beginning to find that there is
nothing like rape for forcIng tile
growth of youlng Pigs while they are
with the brood mother and ill fact up
to tile hard cOVII feeding period.
A.1P1rize W1inninfg Berkshire.
The ail rieillpsted in the illus
tration is the four-yeir-old Berkshire
boar King Malvie, a1 plrze winner at
strong~ aimal. Il bi owned by Etzler
& Aloses of Ohio anld Indiana. ('on
('erninlg the decvelopmient of their
hoar is, I'lr . 'IIoses~ says to Amer(leanl Ag
ri'nIlt urist:
Inl risinig our1 bloarsn we feed mid
dlings, brn and1( chIopped feeds whiceh
aire ichl in proteinl ill order to build up
a str-ong muclal~r biody. Milk is 01n0
of' thle best thlilgs anyl one earuld pos'si
1)1y get, as is also1 a clover' pastur'o dur
ing thle summllfer. ChIopped clover hay'
soaked and1( warmiied is most excellenlt
for a wiuter dilet whenl n'6 gredn~'ood
canl be had. We coinider cornl a poor
feed If used very extenively for tile
building of a large frame, so we feed
it sparinlgly.
Thell boar pigs should1( nlet be allowed
to runi toget her after reachling the age
of flye moth~s, as they begin to fret
and worry one anothler and1( will not
develop prlopecrly. They should be p)ut
ini anl isolate~d place with nIfO oth~er
hlogs. While Ifedinlg a fine youing boar
is toes shloul be kept trilnm~edi close
ini order' to aiId him1 inI staniding erect
and firminly 0n 1his feet.
Halt Ini the Woot Market.
Some weeks ago we called attention
to som1e1 of the obstacles to hligher
prlices for wool and venltured( to sug
gest thlat thle limIit of tile aidvance was
not farl away, says Stockman n'nd
F.armner. Subsequent even1ts hav'e v'eri
fled tlhis. Rlecently the tr'ade has1 beeni
rather dull!, bult theo prices have been
wvell susatained. Thle market hlas ru
ceived a check, but* nlot a setback.
\Vili it will bo hard to pult prices
muchel hlighler than the currenlt level,
thlero Is little reason to anticipate a se
rious break. Tile world's supplies are
not excessive, thlough tile attractive
p~rices have drawn wool from all cor
ncrs. Thie new clip will come to mar:
ket this year with little of thle old in
the country, the supply tuostly in sight
.at market pointy, and the buyer can
operate with more confidence than
usual in view of this fact.
Bears the 100h KInd YoUe Always Bought
Signature -
Would that we could
wihtestrength hof a million voices
Dlr. King's
Ioge ls Conan~ltuA~h~~ on
Wnc.. r.nuonta,ora,, SoreTb-oa6t
Price 80c and $1.00. Trial liottle Free._
For Infants 1Ohildre,
Tha iar Yout HiMikaA
B00Jo usness..
The live' must be gently stirred so
that the biTe will be thrown off in the right
'channel; the system must be invigorated
AN) TONIC PELLETS form the Mild Power Cure
that completely does the work without shlok
or injury to ny part of tha syshen.
2o doses 25 cenIts
an w wh t all dealers. p
rO., s.n
Too 5 Small.
OR the last two mionthis we have
hardly hiad timec to ge(.t a longv breath
I -Ittrying to handle so miany chlickrens.
and we wish to say to the poultry raisers
for their good and ours to stop selling
your chickens so small as they are not wan
ted anywhere at any price. Large chickens
will bring a much better price antd are al
ways wanted. lens are in good demand.
We want all the eggs we can get and will
give the highest market pri for them.
Call on us for all kinds of ierchandiie
at the lowest cash price.
One-Price Cash Store
OM THE Q %e-1RT4
Complet Summner Resort Froider
Mailled Free to Any Address.
AllWAY w. A. Tung. C.H amm: w. H. TAvZ')oAs,
VA-oH rNwTON. D. WA/.(tTi r. D. C. ATL.AnTA, GA.
Th'Ie Be'st Prescri ptio foUr Ma1 I2 ,~ ~ f
C1hinxI i and lever is a bot I Ie of G nov a: s TI.~A - gU IY ~V~~
Liss4 ('nii.a. TONIC. It is simaply irona andu quininew
in a taisteh a rm o . No, cure- 110 Imy . PIte 50 '
nr0age o r~et.If s( call 0on .1. D1. MOORE
Bid wil e rceiedandconra t ad anll git a 101 pondlit Carly
aIward(d( to lowest bidder at 12 noon1, OdRlMI 215prbx
Augusa-t 8th, at Old Pickensi bridge B~i \ ,.I)prbx
on Keowee rivor, bot ween Oconeo v . u erbx
ad l'iekens~ counlt'ts, for buildinag
the Old Pickens and Lu wren'ice bridges ~~ ii'~ aP~I
Plans and sp(ficais ina bek v IE ~iits~ i)prby
sen at Oconeoa or P.ickensj Com i. Cb r:e 31 c'hx
house. Board reserves tho righ io )1( Vo-, $ 1)prbx
reject any or all bids.Otrgod tealyalw
L. D). Stcphbuns, ('i1vIic b.
S)uperv~isor Pickenst CJo.
D). F. McAlister, lg u ot irdue
Supervisor Oconco (Co. J E li0 FE
TheEater Mnufctrin C., f Easlh s ,Je1. 0 er x
Chicago, i~l presetpto e.erpbabybox.
sold ilvr abyspon it th bby' Blindv Tiomlt u $ (4f e ox
give nae egraed o sae. ou o ejthver los t ellyas.lo
not ave o py on cen no buyaBying mei yor prf)oduco.
TesenManufacturing Co.,aelag monf
under nd yoear of e lrnthi aond onehiiago Vila'Co
solid silierababyisoon witththJebaly'
silvenrnare andgraved takn hsmetod do ~ p~iiu'(lfeallg
of advertising their goods. Instead of/ aec./
spending thousands of dollars for/ aionnctCllla
magazine advertising they have decided CoigC.,exdort A
to give it away direct to consumers. du tx
The undersigned firm has beenSndr
made distributing agent for this K H re
locality. Bring your baby to their'k/
store and give its name and age and " \ \'N\\
you will receive one of these beautiful __________________
silver spoons all engraved free %of cost.
This is not a cheap article, but solid
silver of elegant design. Don't fail
Eastern Manufacturing Co.'s goods on Poo~ ot aoia
display at
S.C B'nrossarys -:n roweol)er
Fo Bcyls ..IGIat ver CLopiE......
-AND. ~~~ilver KINiv andl 1 Forks. .EaIIIe . .
Bicycle Materiapairinglofk\Vnsches, Caalaaioks
Line o prnptly done tad Ic g ar e
C ll Illiiall o m a t(1I(r i Cailiah f am .
Pine Ci~~rs & Tbacc~s, ~aiaa oth ring C., naaaexaa tai oornt
ICI irI Harvey SnlIC aowv a idr.als
I Done. ~ A B a B e t
~~ OP-.iAkbnd br uth mearnsa.bd
R. . CARTERK Liery SO. bad .ivarl s AeOrrs Pis re.
~Vet Ed. 1BNIIAS.~' sivnl erils They publico.
Machine Naedles,
Slaughfter Sale of
.300 Men's Suits
Ra)gig in Price from $6.50 to :
to go Onl sale M\[otnday July, I 3th at
Think what it means to have One-Third on a
suit of Clothes. We are doing this to convert
the goods into money and to clear the tables for
a nagniffcent stock for Fall and Winter now be
ing manufactured for us.
The old prices are marked in plain figures on
each suit, and you take one-third ofi. Here are
some of the prices:
$15.00 Suits now . $10.00
. 12.50 " ' - - 8.35
10.00 " - 6.67
9.00 " " 6.00
8.50 " " - - 5.68
7.50 " - 5.00
In this lot are Regulars, Slims, Stouts and ex
tra sizes.
Also i Io Child's Knee Pant Suits and 72 Boys
Long Pant Suits at 33Y per cent discount.
The terms of this sale will be carried out to the
letter, and a boy will receive the same treatment
as if accompanied by a parent.
Everything sold for cash, and no alterations
paid for by us.
Mi0n & Wash. stIs. GlWEENVILLE S. (3.
1eaI Estate For Bale,
O)ne 5 room houso, ot~ '70xi2J0.fect, 6Y00.00.
T wo -l room hiouses;, Lot 70x2 I0' feot, . . each, 100.00.
Oneo Farm-comp1rising sev'en ty*ono acres9--onbo-nf): in
CUlItivationi and1( only 1.1 ile1s from Pickens, price, 854.00.
$14.00 per acre.-- 1 4 ce *fCt onl Souithern ly two milbs fromu
Ao 0cotton mill. 75 atCres'II in Iuti va tion, 12 neros good bottom lanid.
1'h 10wood1 alone on1 llus place wo rt t he mney~. Como quiick or somelo
me) wvill be0 ahead1 ofC you.
130 acre farm in ear S3i x M u- chiu rch , 2-to'y M el ii ng, (l0 acres goo d
l eart timiber- li0 aerr-s mn cultiatW;o pkiy of running streatms $.25
VOr uI- i't~i i)formatioi cill I ~
. D. H OU)DE R & CO,
Ollico aLt I1)opot. p)(I(f),s ~
WVo haveu bought . the hirgest an td m~ost comiplote st1ock of lieliable Mer%
hamnd ISe this l'all that WO hiave ever cairried, with) lie &U'etest. attraictions
ni Now GAoods. an id Low P'rices. Wec inv'ite a comnparisonl withi any hiouso
n SouthI Car'ol iua in St yles, Qial it y, Qaityii and Price. We mIean i to
endt the processin this Fall an d will niot be~ uderi-id by ayod., It
will be easy lor .you to but~y at1 Richey's whlen you stop and( 'xaine 1 ho 1)
oret ty goo'!x and get t lhe prices, anod it cetail'ill pay you. A dolkar
m ved Is a d(lla ma. iitde. D o your tradmel I t l Rihc3's and save the dollars.
We can shiow y ou exceptitnal valiues mi 1)ress Goods9 in Blacwk and Colors
ill Gratdes and1( Pies. Uca tlifl Wnist. Klauiinels in Plain and Iian1cy. An
.leganlt lhno ol Dre'sses and T 'rinin gs -pecial values.
Wc mutihe a specially3 of our Sho' e Dep1 art mn t. We~ hav0 e t'.Cm1 illnil.
~rados 10>r Laidies, Men aind Children. Thei b es. mankes fromi the1 leadlint
:atiest m15 Amrienitf. Iliy your I Shosliom Ii an1 i i d you1 will he pleased.
We gui~aan it satiction.
GOod (Calicoes. Good Oultings, Goodi Rdl Flaunnel, hest yard~widle.
W ito HLomen)Ii be't (Omnion lFlannl , host' Ch(ckedl HIomeispiuni.
No matter whatLIPCC prices arelquote 301 ou we ill sel yi ou fot less.
Steringii SilverII4)IO~V Holo -w r,,
Steuling Silver .Flat-wa&'e.
?ut Glass, Art P)ottery, Bric-a-Brac and1(
Novelities .
Diamuonds, W2atcihes and Jewelry.
09O North Main Street. CRFFp4v!..cs.. ( t
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