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Come~~Hewar Supt Martinnal and* PASt d nt C
Entered A pril 211, 10 at Pickensi H. (J., afs second class moatter,'ur ato ogeso ae3 89
c1OL.X X1b
..' N O 1 2
JMU )so4.
~~~~~~~I --ENL -81e~~ii89~i o ogoaf~oo~8 89- O.
We like best to call
a food because it stands soem
- )phlitcally for perfect nutrition.
0 Aul yt inl the iatter of restor
0 ig appelite, (if giving new
a uI:tih o the tissues, especially
to the nIrves, its action is that
of a mledicine,.
0 n . for free atmple.
( s((TLT & ;OW N HC, Chenists,
+ o415 eIrl mAt !t, New York.
SeC- n1M oo, all druggists.
Greenville's Water Supply.
For stvoral woomks past, many
(hlmiging reports havo been cirdu
T laletl coneorning tile wator firi3isi
4(1 Greenvil'e by the Paris Moun
tain Water Companiy. 'I he mallttor
Iras b) een takgnl up: by th I boardi of
health alid, al'ter a mootini hold,
.0l'aCtillow ing 'solu il o was miin
imously alopt<-d .
'-111 vilw of recenlt. mlislearilng
an11d conlic ingll Statem1 s1111 ma1do
10ConCeIl Irin Lho water antI its suir
roLndings, i mla ljority of the board
rc'eeitly visiteld tha reservoirs of
tho Pal is Mountain Water Com
pany and l)Orsonally examinio(l the
(:.. ndlition of the sa1110. The hoard,
there fore, feel warratited in aessur.
itig the peoplo that the water is
goo(d, al1 the board will continue
to inako every eitort to havo as
p)erf(ect silitary cotidlitios 11a 118s
sil)eo. We further sttate that tie
health ollicer has visitel thle res
ervoirs on ala aiverago of once a
week (ur aing tho suimaner."
Violent At iack of Difarrho a Cured by
ChalIlam's Colkes Ch10oera
ad 1iarrlhoei 11Ie14dy
and14 Fl'ehaps S:Ived1
a Life.
"A L.ort time ago I was taken with a
violent attaeic of )iarrhoara an(d believe
I w lmidhave died if I had not gotten
rlief," Pays Johin J. Piatton, a h ading
cit izol of Patton, A Ia. "A frienad raec
Civimen<'eW~d Chiamrrin-al's Colic, Cholera
mlad Diarrhoea Riemley. I bolght a
.-flye cent bott leanafetkig
three lows of it ts entirely cured. I
considel it th hest renI.(( dy ill the world
r r L.owel collplailts. For saile by
Pien-a.< DIrug (Co. and E Il's Drug
Store, Piecker.s and T. N. Hutnte.r, Liber
t y.
Trouble With Whites and Blacks.
Serious trouble between iegroes
and(1 whites is throtolled it Hen
riet ta, N. C. , the loca I ion of (ane
(I I h l Irgest cotton mills Iin North
Otis Bird and Virgil Cid', no
groes, were cut Thursdlay nighitand
thoI formoer wvill d(ie.
Thei cause of t he trol0 l wvas t he
allege~d dIisuifng (of a colored
mee~tina g by wh iteLs anld tihe (cursinrg
of a whitle boy by ai negro.
An armelid crowd( ot nlegroos wais
(dispots sd by th1e extraVi loro of
--i severiai years amy wife was
troullledl withi whiat phyI3sichuisl called
alck hteadachec of a very severeQ chaau
to -. S it) doctoae 1 wvih se veral emainlent
physicitan iat ai great ex pe:lse, oaly
to g.row worse~ trutil sihe wats una2ble to
da anly k ir d of workc. A' ault a year
a1go shet beigani takiang chambe~~~rilinl's
$'omnach & LIAver Tiab lets aind today
weaighi' morie thiuan she eiver did befo
anid is real wel'," anys Mr. George E.
Wrgtof New lIldon New York.
J''or a-l e by) P'iickenls )rng (.o. al Earltt's
1lantg StoreI, PnickenIs, and1( T. N. f lnter,
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w I get immlles iinte I relief froml) .\lthr (orny's
Sweet I i'iwers 14or4 Chilatren. Th'Iey eiena the 11
HtOimneh1t, net oni Ihe. liver,. mnking a sickay ch1 ild
idtrong and h iealthly. A vertaill enilre for wolr:n1S.
Sold b~y uil dIruggists, '2dv. 51am1ihIIe free. Ad
t drett A lien '4. Calmlsted., [by. N. Y.
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impuire Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
.The kidneys are your
-. blood purifiers, they fill
ter out the waste or
- ' . ipurities in the blood,
if they are sick or out
, a of order, they fail to do
their work.
- - Pains, aches and rheu
matism come frqm ex
cess of uric acid inghe
--ntol.- blood, due to neglected
KiIne~y trouble causes quick or unsteady
hteart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned b)lood through veins and arteries.
It used to b3 considered that oanly urinary
troublei were to be traced to tile kidneys,
but niow modern science proves that nearly
all coastitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidney trouble.
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~t1tW' Early E~ses
Tihe famnoupIsettle pille.
Charged With tho Greatest
Swindle of entury.
Palaic do Justice In Pais Besieged by
Eager and Morbid Crowd to Hear
Testimony in One of the Most Cele.
brated Cases Known.
Paris, Augusst 10.-The . notorious
Hiuzmbert family today faced t judge
and jury to met the charge of having
porpetiatod what former Premier Wal
deck-losseau described as "the great
est swindlo of the century." Investi
gating Magistrate Leydet in May decid
ed to commit Therese - Humbert, her
husban.d Frederic, and her brother, for
trial on the charges of forgery, the
use of forged documents and swindling.
He dismitod the cases against iEve
Humbert (Therese's daughter) and
Marie d'Aurignac (her sistee).
Publi! ctiriosity which has followed
the fortunes of the family since the
days of its social brilliance is again
intenseiy wrought up, the chief inter
est centering in "La Grande Therese,"
who has promised to produce at this
trial the mystorious American million
aires, the brothers Crawford, on whom
he based tier story of an inheritance
of $20,000,000, which she put forwaird
as the security for the loans she ob
tainod, amounting to about $10,000,000.
Curious Crowds Assmeble.
The Pl'ais do Justice was early this
morning surrounded by large crowds
eager to gain admittance to the court
roon. A heavy force of municipal
guards preiserved order. Mlany excur
SGons came from distant points, the
railroads treating the trial as they
would a national holiday. One of the
excursions eame from Molun which
was the constituent that larederie
Humbert represonted in the chamber
of dopudes and where was located the
famous lumbert ,chateau, with its
parks, yachts and a fleet of gondolas.
Of the tbousands who sought admission
only a few hundred of the highly fa
vorod gained an entrance to the court.
Coquelin. the celebrated actor. was
among the throng of artists, actors and
authors seeki-ng admission and when
he was turned back he remarked that
the trial nould be "one of the greatest
dramas ever enacted." The scene
within the courtroom recalled the tense
days of the Dreyfus and Zola trials.
The andience included diplomats,
aoadomlcinns and menibers of the Le
gion of Honor. 'Many ladies were pres.
ant, their rich gray gowns contrasting
with the gravity of their surrou-ndings.
Manyof the ladies carried dainty
luncheon bags, evidently expecting to
spend the day in court.
To the right of the judges was the
prisoneo's dock, raised four feet above
the level of the room and bringing out
the faces of the prisoners against the
dark back-ground. They were riought
in from the prison of tihe concier
gerie, through a subterranean passage
leading to the couirt room.
Mine. Humbert Defiant.
As tihey entered every eye was
strained tow ards them. Thmerese Ii um
bor't cari. first, thon her husband loredi.
eric, followed by lie!' brother's IEmile
and Rouimain d'Aurignac. Amne. Hum-in
bert's lace wvas pale fr'om lher' long
con fluoment. Heir wvhole b~ea rinug, as
she cohily surveyed the spectators,
indieatedi scor'n and tieflance. She
wore a bocomiing steel gown andl a
dainty rCund hat, bearing a cut steel
ornament~ and a cluster of wvhite roses.
Frederic Humbert wasR the picture of,
a cruishali, miserable nman. Hie hore
a haggard expression, showing more
despair than defiance. Ils scainty
beard has. become ver'y gray. IEmile
d'Aurignae has grown thin anid cadav
crous looking, but his brother, Ro,
main, stili looks the type of thme sleelt
Mmio. Hlumbert had a whispered con
forence with her cdunsel, Maltr'e La.
bori, who defended Dreyfus, at the
Rlennes coutrmartial, whbile the
indictmont was being read. There
was a large ar'ray of counsel, repro
senting the numerous interests oni
both aides. The ear'ly hours of the
hearing weore occupied by the reaing
of the irdietment, the formal plead'
ing and the selecting of the Jury fromn
the regular panel.
Mmne. Hu ijmbert frequently interrupt
ed the reading of the indictment with
scornful exclamations, which could be
board throughout t-he couirtroom. When
askced whore she lived, as anawtorod:
"In prison."
Judge French Opens Argument In
Jett-White Trial
Cynithila, Ky,, August 10.-In tthd
case of Curtis Jett andl TIhomas White
on trial here for tihe mumrdler of 'J, 33
Matrcum, May 4 last, Judlge 3. 1"miltor
Fronch' of Winchesmter, Ky., oponed
hec ar'gument for' the defendants.
Ils specch was mainly deCvotedl to
the testimony of Qaptain 1D. J. IEwen,
the main witness of t-he priosecumtion,
and to theo attempted imfpd3achnment of
Iw'svu' reputation for truthfulness. Af,
andl iyinm.l in tihe case, lie dleclar'ed that
"(God nevfii gave a truthftul tongue and
a cowan-dly heart to the same man."
Suicide PrevenCited.
The startling announcelment that a
preventive of suloido had been discovem.
ed will interest nmathy. A run dow~m 1
ey tem, or despondenoy invariably pn.
c o uicide and something has been
found that will prevent that con I ton
which~ mhaes suicide likely. At thme first
thought of -self destru'ftion take* Electric
Bitters. It beinmg a great tonic anid ner
vine will rtrengthen the nerves and
build ump the rsystem. It's also a. great
stomi'ch,-liver and kL ney. regular. On.
O0O. Sattafactio i guaramnteed by the
cne a uu~ tG -
Sudden Death of Well Known Mont
gomery Lawyer.
Montgomery,, Ala., August 10..5Mi'.
Thonias Stubbs, a well known lawyer
of this city. was found dead sitting in
the Exchange hotel billiard parlors
about 10 o'clcwk Friday mornjing. Mr.
Stubbs was seen to enter the billiard
room and take a seat in one of the
cushioned chairs around the wall for
spoctato)rs, but there being few per
sons in the billiard parlors at the time
his condition was not noticed. The
negro boys who wait on ithe parlors
were Outily engaged at the tine lie
ontered in cleaning up and passed
near him several times. Ie was seen
sitting vth his head droopel to one
side, buit it was thought by those
who kInw him that he had fallen
asleep. When Albert Corzelius, who
attends the billiard parlors, came
down In the morning to go on duty
he observed Mr. Stubbs In the -hair
with his eyes closed wnd apparently
asleep, but looking unusually pale.
ie wer, to him, caught hold of him
and fommn I Stubbs dead. The coroner
was notilled and the remains were re
The decease;l was about 57 years
old and had been postoffice inspector
during the Cleveland administration.
Reuben Barbee, of Durham, N. C.,
Charged with Conspiracy.
Raleigh. N. C., August 10.-Reubeni
Barbee, a white m~ain, has been arrest.
ed at Durham for conspiracy, his of
fense beinmg the hiring Qf Frank I-low
nrd to whip a Russian Jew, name1 F.
It is charged that Barbee offered
any one $10 to whip the Jew, against
whom he had a grudge, and that How
tArd took i) the offer. He attacked
the Jew en the street, knocking him
down ani inflicting a baI wound on
the head. lie claimed that the Jew
had called him a liar, when the lat
ter had never seen him before. HIow,
Rrd is i jail and when Darbee refused
to take :Iiu out the whole plot was re.
After lloward's arrest Harbee took
down the money, which lie had put in
the la-ids of a third person. anld this
Idds to the indignation of the friends
3f howard.
After Pope's Coronation He Will Visit
Castle Gandolfo.
tonmo, August 1.--The Assoelated
Press -orropondeiit Iolay saw Cardi.
al Gibbois and found him almost re.
!overed from hIs indisposition which
le thinks was due to over-fatiguo on
Wednesday, whon lie stood about three
iours at the vatican in order to pre
ient the American pilgrims to the pope.
Today the cardinal went for a drive.
After the coronation of Plus X tonior.
rowl he intends to go for some days'
rest to Castle Goidolfo, o tile beati
[ul lake cf Albano, near Htome, where
Ehe AmerIlean collego has magnificent
Bummer quarters.
The p1li 1,1n order to ald the Catho
lIc uiIverritly at WashIngton, has prioml
Ised ltec2tor O'Connell that :he will
shortly issue a bull1 granting the anpos.
tolie bened1iction to all the faithful
partii~iting In the yearly collection
whlh h e arch bIshops and bishops ini
the Unmited States will raise for the
"Tfhe institution is dostlaned,"' 8said
the pope), "to become the heart and
center of the clergy and of Catholili
in America."
Trho Rev JT. J. H~arty, of St. LouIs,
will be canlsecrateud aLrchlbJshop of Ma.
nila by Cardi-nal SatollI on Aug. 15.
Brazil Admonished to Build Up Strong
Navy at Once.
New York, August 10.--While dliscus.
sing nraval estimates in the chamber
of deputies Thowmas Caivalcante has,
accordjing5 to a Herald dlispateh fromi
Rio Jaaiero, warneal the members of
the possibility of a foreign aggres
sioni andi pleadled that Brazil should
place herself ill a i)osition to opp~ose
the attacke of any IKuropeani country.
Partleula'r stress was placed on the
dangor -' aggression by Germa'ny and
the -dieputy urgeti that Brazil build up
i navy at once.
World's Fair Commission.
St. ILouf<. August 10-The Missouri
world's fair commission closed a thlree
days' session today during which re
ports wore su-bmlttedl showing that the
collection o1 exhibits represe-:iting the
different resources of the state were
progressihg rapidly. Ground will be
broken at once for the orec*tion of
the British and Oklahoma buildIngs.
Jamelis M, l.4mbehrt, exe(*utlve officer
of thme Pennsiylvanl4h world's faisr coij,
mis-slon, wrItes froim Phiiladlelphilq
that the contract for t'he Orection of
Pemnnsylvania's buildings at the wor'ld's
fair has bcoun let. Among the feat.
uires of tihe building willl be0 the exhl
bition of tehe famous old liberty 1)011.
Fell From Second Story.
cOCk, of Douglas, (Ga., fell from a Pfe
r11nd story wvindow of the .newV Albany
hotel and sustalned serious, but not
fatal, injluries. Mr'. Peacock wvas
stanl~ingj near the window .when hem
FaInted, having recently been 8-ick< He
married Al iss Georgia llaldwin, of
Nlarshallvilie, last Monday, ini Dawson,
and the' coule1 are Spenldinig their
bionieymoonm hore.
End or itter' Fight.
"T'I wo phiciandis had1( a long anld stub
>orn fight with an abscess on my right
uiig" wvrites J. F, Hughes of DuPont.
la. "and gave me up. Everybody
bought my'timne had come. As a last
esort I tried Dr. Kings New Discovery
or consumption. T1ho benefit I receivedl
as striking and I wvas on my feet in a
ew days. Now IPve e, tirely regained
ny healith." Tt conquer, all Coughs,
Jolds an I Throat and Lun t trcjubles.
luaranteed by the Picken; Drug~ Q
~rice 50c anid #1.00t Trial bon-l ,..ee
Uprising Reported In Four
Bulgarian Villages.
In the District of .Krushevo the Gov
ernment Telegraph Offices Have
Been Dynamited-Trouble Ma)
Spread Outside of Macedonia.
Constantinople, August 10.-The In
surrcctionary movement in Macedonia
apiears to be widening. Dianils are
reported to be active in the Sanja.l
of Uskub and the d-istrict of Krushe
vo. whre the government telegrapi
offices have been dynamited; whik
in the district of Dibra, four Bulga
rian villages have risen, provoking a
corresponding rising in the neighbor
Ing Albanian villages. According to
the sta'enents of the porte, however
the authorities have succeeded in cain
ing the Albanians and inducing then
to return to their homes.
The dtplonats here are uneasy, fear
Ing that the trouble may spread out
side the bounds of Macedonia. Sc
long as the trouble is conilned t.0
the usual ski-rmishing bands and occa
sional dynanite outrages, it is not be
lieved that there will be any serious
cause foi alarm.
Up to the ,present time the embas
sy has Leon confined to advising the
porte E Vlprevent the Musselmon pop
ulation from engaging in fights with
the liurgents.
Twelva battalions of rellefs in the
Sanjak of Se-fije and the vilayet of
Monastir have been called out.
Mamie DeCris Whipped at Prison Farm
For insubordination.
Atlanta, August 10.-Mamil I)eCris,
young, pretty and cultivated-though
a convict-has been put under the
Jash at the state prison farm at Mil
ledgevill3 and beaten into submission,
This took place last June, but the
mattor has been kept a secr'et until
the present. 1low long it might have
remained unknown is a matter of con
jecture; the ap)proaching (late for elect.
Ing a suIl,eriitendoit of the farm is
respon1all.le for the fact being known
now. -
M amie DeCris. it will be renemnber.
ed, was the young woman who last
winter pained considerable notoriety
as a munch wanted diamond thief-her
adventurer gaining her the niel'naine
"Dianond Queen."
S'he was formerly a stenog
rapher in Savannah a'nd was accus
toined to Sit atmosphere of refliieInt
and luxury. She became concernod
in several thefts of diamonds in Sa
vannali. Her arrest in Atlanta am
subse-uient tirlal anatd enicti in her
home elty are well known to the gen.
eral publllic.
It now develops that she 8a insu.
ordinate end that, to conqjuer her' a
prIson official, after a dloctor had said
she was strong enough to survive aj
beating, laid the lash to her until she
wvas conquellred.
'There are runmrs now extant that
Superintendent K. Rt. lVoster, of the
farm, is not to b)e re-elerted by the
prison cmmission this mont11h, his
term of <>ffice expiring .Jan. 1, 190.1.
He rnay b. re-elected or may niot, but
whatever action the prii comnmis
sion takes place wvill not be gov-erneldu
by the whipping of' Ma mi" ICris, for
lations that was not iproper.
Trouble Between Representative Hous
ton and Lawyer Spaiding.
Atlani a, Ga., August 10.--Jack J.
Spalding, the wecll known1 Atinnita law.
yer, anji C. C. Hloustonl, of Fulton's
rep~resentatilvos to the legisItlatur en.
gagod ii. a fight tis afternoon at the
corner of~ Washington anld Hunter
The difficult ywns5 the outcome of
the lobbin~g investigation which .hag
boen goig on at tihe capitol for sev
eral days
-rThis mlorning cm.' the floor of the
house Mrin. Houstonj bitterly deonlced
Mr. Sp)ahjhng, He called hi mna "cud
dlifwh" and Rppliod ot~her eplithets to
Shortly after 1 o'clock thuis after
noon Mr. Spaldinlg met Mr. Hloustoni
on WVtuhiijston~ street near the capi
tol. He lilt him with a wvalkinxg cane.
Mir. Houston showved fight, but befous
the dlifficeulty could proceed any fur
thor, friends of the two mxen sop
arated them.
Furtiher trouble between etho ,two
meon is feared.
Homeless Woman Leaps From SIxth
Story of BuIlding.
New York, August 10.-Rate Smith.
25 years old and -homnelesRs, has tried
to end her life by jumnping fronm the
sixthi floor of aan apartmlent house8 in
11ast WVest Sixteenth street.
Th'lere iP a cIstorn at the bottom of
the air shaft an-d~ tile womnan plunlged
throughl the boards which covered it
and1( inito the water, without ,howover,
serious inuiry.
Whn.the womnan fo-undl she had
failed Io 01nd her homlesqs life
nile vigorously berated the janitor for
leaving thec cistern open.
Tihisu disease has1 lost its terrors since
ChamberlaIn's Colic, Choelera a-nd Diar
rhooen Remedy camon into general use.
The uniiform stuccess which attendsi the
use of tis remedy in all cases of bowvel
comlalinlts inl child(1 on) has made it ii
faivorite wherever its ialue hlaq be omne
knowni. For salte by IIckenis Drug~ Co.
and Earle's drug 8t0 e, Plekens an I TI.
NJ. p~unter, Liberty.
Ber theI, Kinld Yal H8ve Aiw 8 0Ught
Probable Fatal Accident to Charles
A. Gould and Wife.
New Yeqk. August 10.-Charles A.
Gouil, soi of the millionaire car coup
ling nanutacturer and his wife, have
been thrown from their autonobile
in front of their country' home at Bay
Side, L. 1. Three doctors were in
attendauce at 3 o'clock, but the couple
had not regained consciousness, and It
is feared that they will not recover.
It is thought that no liones were
broken, but tiat they suffer from in
ternal injuries of a very serious na
The Goulds occu!)y a h4ndsomo
home just outside of Bay Side on the
Bell road. Mrs. Gould is the daughter
of Richard M. Bell. an old and wealtbiy
resident of the town.
They started cut alone in their big
gasoline touring car, Mr. Gould run.
ning the m1'hne. They covered many
miles 0ione t,he moonlit roads and
started Lo return honk shortly before
midnight. They were descending a
long hill. which terminates in a turn
in front of their home. The road
seemed clear and Gould was giving
the macline full speed down the de
Just as they got to the curve which
is but slight, a horse that had appar
ently escaped from a nearby pasture
julmuped out into tihe roa\ directly in
front of the car. There was no
chance of escape. The big machine
lilt the horse, killing it instantly. The
autoobile jumped over the horse's
body' and the collision piteLoj Mr.
Gould and his wife headlong to the
road. They struck the ground with
great foter. and lay unconscious. Mr.
Gould shut off the power when he saw
the dange, but the automobile was
carried Lalf-way up an opposite hill
by the ninnmentum before it came to q
stop. Near by is the home of John
W. Ilarway. That family hoard the
screams of Mrs. Gould, followed by
the crash, and ran out. They carried
the unconscious couple into the house
and summoned physicians. Despite
the effirts ofthe latter the Goulds show
cd no signs. of recovering two hours
To Save Lives of the Patriotio Chi
nese Reformers.
New York, August 10.-An earnest
appeal to the United States govern
gient through Secretary Ilay asking co
operation with the British ambassador
in ShanghaI in saving the lives of the
patriotic 0hinese reformers now under
his r otection,. has been ma-de in a
telegram just forwarded by the li.
nose E~mpire Reform association of
New York. Kwai Pong, secretary of
the association, said:
"The reform party is not against the
government; we only want better gov.
ernmiaent. We are for the emperor,
who shares in our desire, but we are
op)OSe-i to the dowager empress. There
aro 3,000 rmembes of our association
in New York and 15 branches in Amer
ica. The associatoi's total member
ship is 6,000,000."
Desperate Prisoners Break Jall at Ce.
- lumnbus, 0.
Coluinim, 0., August 10.-At 6:45
this mmie ning L~ewis H-armnon, the con
vie-ted murderl~ler of Gorlge GI'yer necar
Altonm; Robert Shifflett, of Franklin
countty, ( harged with .horse stealing;
Otis Kelhidr, another allegedl 'horse thief,
and Le wis IEyeting, forger-, of Dayton,
esc-aped~ from the e)iunty jail ini broad
daylight by fIling off a bar In the bath
Tiho wor~ik is supposed tb have been
done withi a potato knife filed in the
shape of a saw. H-armion was an ac
comiplir e of Miles WVallingford, waho
rc-ently committed suicide in the
Denison, Tex., jail.
Missouri ?'ostmaster- in Trouble.
St. LoAuis, August 10.-Postmaster
F. A. Visae, of Faird(ealinig, Mo., is in
jail here or, the charge of belng short
mn hIs accounts to the extent of over
$1,000. Hie was arr-iaigned before Unit.
ed States Coimnmsloner O'Brian at
Poplar- Bluff yesterday and in default
of $2,00.) bail wans brougt here to jail.
Vise ran a stor-e in connection wilth
the puostoffice andi the charge is made
that lie raid his bills 'by issuing money
Blast KIlls Two Negroes.
Chattanooga, Tenn., August 10.-A
special t, T[ho News from Bristol says
that George Ayers and 'Tom Woodson,
two negro work men, wer-e tonn to
pieces and killed in the yai-d of the
ittl Iron furinaco while blastling
this morning. Sover-al other. wore
Peacemaker Slashed by Toughs,
Now Yor-k, Augurt 10-Wiliam J.
Moran, assistant secmrary to Mayor
LOW, has been slashed in the thigh
by one of a crowd of rofighs in .Cath
erinie street, where he had stopped to
protest against the taunts of the ganig
aimed at a decrepit female beggar-. HIs
injur-y was not scerious, and after hay
tig it dres-sed ho wont homne,
Panido Reassumes Presidency.
Newv York, August 10.-()en'.al P'an:
do has recassumned the presidencty and
haus granted amnesty, says a IHerald
dII~isptch from La Pazs, l3oli via, to ii
polit1icaI pisioneors except thos.e con
nected wvith the recent Oruro out
Thel Death P'enally.
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.leath. Thus a meret scratch, insignifi
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Great Excitement In Town
of Hillsboro.
Mob Stormed Jail, But Their Would.
Be Vi.tim Had Ben Spirited Away.
Will Renew Efforts When Negro Is
Hillsboro, 0., August 10.-There is
great excitenont hre because of the
attempt, at 2 o'clock this morning
by a mob to sectire and hang the no
gro, Mayi.ard Hudson, who, on Thmsu-r
day night, it is charged, attempted to
assault Penelope ilindmiani, white,
aged 12 years,
The mob was well organized and the
authorities were powerless. Wesley
Limele, 4I policenan, was t'hrown down
the high Jail steps and badly bruised,
while James White was covered at the
same Lime by a dozen guns.
Ent-rance was effected to the Jail.
but the ?igro could not be found, as
he had been taken away a short time
before by Sheriff Elto-n. No evidence
of the mob no wexists, but they are
under orders and will renew the work
as socan as the negro can be located.
More than 100 persons were en,
gaged, till white, andlin viow of the
trouble that occurred a few evonings
ago between the whites-and blacks, it
is feared that a race war is imminent.
Carried to Chillicothe.
C'hillicothe, 0., August 10.-The
sheriff of HIghland county arrived her0
this moruing from Hilllboro with a
colorod prisoner, Mayiard Hludson,
aged 18, charged with assaulting a
white girl, aged 12. lie will be held
hore for safe-keeping as a mob threat.
ens lynching at Hillsboro, 40 mifles
from here.
Pleasure Party Has Narrow Escape
From Death.
New York, August 10.-In the swift
current of Hell Gate a collision has
occurre-i betweeu the scihooner yacht
Celest and the excursion boat Howard
Carroll, which came near costinig the
liVey of Isado.re licaudirias, city attor.
ney of Yonkers, his ranilly and a par
ty of friends.
Whenl tle collision occur'red Mrs.
Heauidrias rushod from the cabin with
her two and a half years old baby,
and throw her into the arms of a decc
hand of the excursion bot, the
mother and other members of the
family in a state of frantic fear. Doth
boats were badly injured. The party
on the Celeste were taken on board
4 lain(ch after the collision and carly
today recovered the baby at a police
station in New York. Tle child wias
Negro Makes Assault Upon Lonely
Road in Tennessee.
NashvtIle, T1enn., August 10.-A spe.
cial from Leadsburg to the Banner
says a rural route carrier was held
up yesterday by a negro.
The carrier is a young white man
namedl Melvin Wheatley who reports
that the regro sprang from the woods
and cut him in the hand as he' at.
tempto.l te ward off the blow. W.teat
Icy had a younger brother with him
who.wont for his knife and the negro
supp1osin~g he was rcehing' for a plistol,
fled. The negro Was5 unknown, but
the case has been repolted to the
Valuable Horses Cremated.
New York, August 10.-Two valu
able horses, Blernaldo, ownled by WViI.
son Chis-holm, of Cleveland, and Dol.
mar, owniod -by Joseph Smit h, of Brook
lyn, w'erj destroyed in a fire early to.
day thu t for a long time throatene'd to
cause the loss of the extenseive sta
blos at the E~mpirec City Trotting track
near Yonkers. Maniy high-p~riced steeds
quartered at the track for the racing
which begins In a fowv days were led
from their stalls and turned loose, Af.
ter a h:hard fight the fire wvas conlquered.
Sulnday jtight, last the stables were
fired in a mysterious manner and t;hd
authorities believe an incendiary start
od botah blazes.
His Body Found In a Swamp.
Valdosta, Ga., August 10.-Informna.
tion has beeni received here of thec
killing of at crosstic contractor, named
Pittmnan, niear Thelma, l-n Clinch courl.
ty. Only meager details have bcomn
learned. Plttmian was found lying
in a swamis with his head crushed in
by a blow from an ax. The body
was ly'ng~ in water 18 inches deepi
and had evidently b)een carried to the
place by the murderer. It is flur
misedl that lhe was waylaid while cut
ting tios i the woods.
inItemafn. Falls to His Death.
Atlantaa August 10-While trying
to repsair' an electric lighit wire oil the
top of a Folo at the corner of Peac~h
tree an i B aker streets yest.oay af
tornloonl about 5:30 o'clock, TPaoomas
Patmllo, a lineman for the OGeorgia Rail
gvay ani.1 ECloctric coinpany, fe i andi
was Instantly kIlled. It is believed
he accideratally tou~chedl a live wire
as there were two burned places onl
his right leg.
Mnany Nehbool Ohidren are Sickly.
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hinntar Liheatye
Carolina Band Failed to Serenade.
In a driving rain storm at Oys,
ter Bay, lass., Wednesday after.
110011, a brass band, conpsel of
colored boys fronm the Jenkins Or
phanago at Charleston, S. C.,
marched from the village to Saga
more 11l1i, about three miles, to
sorenado t he President ali his
family. The band will not reach
the President's residence, being
turned back to Oyster Bay by the
secret service officer-on duty.
Two Killed by Boiler.
Tuscaloosa, Ala, Special.-The
boiler of the Tuscaloosa Light and
Power Company exploded Wed,
Ileday evening, instantly killing
Adolph Johnston and N. Johnston,
negroor, severely bruising Mana
ger Mcce and Engineer Crawford
and wrecking the plant. The city
is in dark ness. .fho boj Ir was car.
ried two blocks, on its wiay passiing
through thrco brick walls and land
Ing in a depar t wont 500 fet away.
Several st or We re badly damaged.
Losy $50,000; insuran.ca partial.
Whole South interested.
Norfolk, Va., Special. -The in
land watt- way board, consisting
of thre army engineers-Col. 0.
J. Allen of Washington, Lieut.
Cul. (uiinn ot Savannah and Capt.
E. E. Winslow of Norlolk-met
here to consider reports received
frin, Norfolk and other sonihern
cities upon the feasibility and ads.
visability of the construction by
the United States government of
an inland waterway between Nor.
folk and Beaulfort, N. C.
The board formulated a r, pori
to the chief engineer, but nothing
regarding the nature of 1h3 re-port
was made public.
Fireman Scalded to Death. -
Whoeling, V. Va., Special.--The
limited Pani handlo passenger tiain
from tho wost m1lovinig toward J.itts
buirg at the rate of sixty miles an
hour was derailed at Lumley's
Crossing, betweon .Iewett and Sclo,
0., Thursday night. Fireman
John W. Smith, of Dennisoi,, 0.,
35 years old, was scalded to death
uinder tho e'ngiie, and several
other persons wero ba(ly injnrod.
There is a sharp curve in the
road near tlhe scene of the accident.
Tho engineer baw a mn walking
o1 the traek and immediately ap
plied the air brakes. The effect
was to miake the engine leave the
r'ails on the ( astlbound~ track, leap
aCross the westbounl~d t rack and1
Coninuoii11 over a hiigh ombnkmlon1(1t
wh'lero it wvas partially t urned on
its side1. 'fie tender wvas calrriedl
with it, but the remlainider of the
train was simply13 carriedi off the
Brave Sailor Lad.
Clhicago, Ill., Spec i: -A ro
mance begun dutrin~g the bioxer
u prisinhg in China has just cauhui,=
nated in the marriage in Chicago
of' Philip I lerbort, formuer gu inner
of thu navy, and M rs. Pearl Sea
manh, the Amierican widow of a
Shanghai meIrchlant.
(Gunnc-r Herbert served on the
Olympia iln the battle of Manilla
andio alf~rwards saw service in)
Chinece waters (luring the boxer
uplrising. While on shore leave
one iiht lhe encodutored all over
turnedP~ pzainiqulin inl one of Shan1
gai's narrow streets.
The occupanit was pdinn~ed be.
necat~h the vehicle and was scream
ig for help while thie beareis
fought to keep off a dozoni Chinelse
(clamoIrinug for blood of "4f. reign
dievils.'" A few blows drove themi
away and Ilerbert eari ted her sov.
ora Il bleks to saflety.
Thel gunnor01 recturnedl to his ship
but when he left Shanghai he car
ried with him the heart of the
young ido.w and thle promise thait
shie would beome1 his wife on the
'ixplratLion of Is enlistmlient. Thie
sailor was dIischlarged1 ij Jiobrua ry.
Hie was not1ified Iate toyhat lio had
become heir to $20,00 in England.
Tiakeni With ('rialns.
W a'. Kirmse, a memb ter of the br-idge
ildnlyl il 'I hurday night with cramps
and1( ai kind1 of chiolerat. Ilis case was 8o
severe that hee lhad to hiave the )0, membes
of thle Vcw wvait on him and Mr. (Gifford
waIs calleid and 'onsuilted. ie told theml
he* had a medicinie in the form ('hambei
lain's Colic, ( hIolera and ilarrhoea Re'm
nely thuat *lhe thnugilht wonld help him11
out and accordingly several doses were*
sdm~linisteredl with the result that the'
fellow was able to be around next dlay.
Thle incident speakd qjuite.hilghly oif Mr.
G~ifford's me~i ines.--Ehkader, Iowa,
Th'is remedy never falls. Keep It in
your homie, it may save life. Frv stile
by Pickens Dr-ug Co and1( E'.rlo's IDrmr
Htoro, Pic(kenti, aund. T. N. llinnter, I.1'.
William Hamilton Taken From Jail and
Hanged on Guy Wire.
Asot in, Wash,, Special.-Despite,
the efnorts of the vict im's father
Sheriif Richards, of Asotin county,
IIho had sworn in) twenty-flvo (lp
utics to guard the man, Williatm
Hamilton, a woll-to-do farmer, the
self-confesseid murderer of little
Mabel Richards, was forcibly taken
from the Asotin county jail short.,
ly after midnight and lynched by
amob of more than 1,000 mon
which ind been congregating all
day from all parts of Asotin coun
A bout. 12:1.5 o'clock a band of
men, t heir . faces concoaled with
hIandkorchiiefs, marclled to the jail.
The officors niid guards were swept
asido and the keys taken from the
jailor. The bars of tho cell had
to be saweri bofore, the door could
be oponed. Hamilton was then
dragged froin the prison and into
the yard.
Meanwhilo another band of
ma1bked men had marched to the
jail. They kept back tho crowd
wh ich had been waiting all night
for the lynching. G uarded by sev
eral nasired men the mob cano
from the jail witl familton, fol.
lowed by otlier members. Tion
the ment who bad boon guarding
the jail formed about the captivo
and captors and kept the crowd
When the lynchers, with iamil
ton, roachod First and Filmoro
streets, they halted under a guy
whe connecting electric light poles.
Hamilton was asked if ho wanted
to confess. H1e did so. Finally
he asked that his jewolryppffp4
tunklets lie' had be given hiA fath
er and mother, and it w'its prom
ned thtat this wonld .be (10110.
Then there was another dolay,
Tho maiinner of Iamilton'is deatfi
was beinug disenissed. Some wanted
to torturo him, but it was decided
to hing him. A mask was put
over the man's hean, a rope around
is neck thiown over tho guy wire,
and soized by many of the lynch
ora. When they wore certain he
was dead the body was left sus
ended. ho crowds then left.
New i tr '1'rIieken In t he Oha 'let4,i iluila,
Ch arleston, 8. ( , Special..-Tho'b
stik1 sitn at ion inl Cha~rleson has0
thr oughi its a ttLornov, TP. M\ouiltrio
Mourdncai, Friday filed two comn
lahlints ini the otlice ofI the cler'k of
the court of cuomo ple;s, 0n0
againlst th 0 arpi'Onitor..;' ion 11, thin
other aig .inst the brick layers'
un1ion, askj ing that th iicourt grant
n injulnction re~sIirt ining thle ulnion
men~i fromt initerftin g with the nlon
Lmnon em 'iployed by the sniel, -
mni Company.
TPhe plaintI i alleges that he is
nuder conl r- J*et to mi (et an add ition
to the Memiminger 11igh School
and varions other bu ildhings in the
city; that the uni)ion workmen of
Chiarlestoni have cornbinled, con fed
orated and~ conspired to prevent
the men employe'd b~y the plaintift
rromi goinig to their places of work,
30mpellinig theum to) tnrn back and1(
'etuirn to their homes, threaten
ng to carry onl Ihis~ Iitimidtiton,
>eatung and un law ful assault and
Judge D~antzher, of tho firt judi
sial circuit, has granted aln ordler
'equir'ing tho oflicers of t he car
>enters' uinn anl uud t he bricklayers'
21nion to show caulse beforo 1him onl
Lho 1 5th inst., whby a pormanent
inijnnlmnou shuoul d niot be granted.
A (tachied to the complaint are
iflidavitIs from several workmen
JmpJl oyed by Conitractor Snelson,
illeginig that at various times they
sveeot upon01 by lunion mon and(
1550alllted and11 enopelled to go to
IfI a pCJrltnanan1t infjnnelCion1 is
trated by the couir t, atnd1 thorn is
lvery' I eatson to h)oliE)v( that it will
1e, it will havo a goodl efrect and1(
n the coulrso oif tine will result in
vhite labhor hainug emp1Iloyed inl
3harleston, anud the colored mo-0
yhanics will be comipelled to go
olsewhiero to seek wyork. White
moechnniiics are lb ig impor10ltedl to
Chailostoni e'vry we(ek.
Puits an Enud to It All.
A grievous wail ottlimes coeae nas a
reBlt Ot itnheirnbhie pain from oyertaxed
organaI. Dizzineasn, b~ackatcho, liver com1
plaint anti consitipation. Ihlt thanks to
Dr. Klngsu New Life Pilla they punt an
and~t to It all. T1hecy are gentle but
thoirouigh. Tr themit. 0Only 25e, Guar
a ateed by Plckens Drug (Co..

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