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Eutered April '2, 1903 at PickenA, 8. 0., as second las matter, undei act of Congress of Marh .3, 1879.
_____II -___________ES'__1_OURNA I Fe3alsii,181-? L g- S
T~ !S EMiLiON msrves as a
Nl- ito c.irey the veakcied and
d :ym aloo iunti it can find
S r pot i (:rdinary food.
S lf(r fic:ztv ,
SCOTi'j. & 11w iN -l, Chiimis,
4o') .. l 8 , Now York.
N. -,'o an (i1 amagu.
Alyl)o(ly that has an idea thit
its a soft snap to run a ilewspaper
such weather its this and itint u
news whon there is nothing to
writo a bout shotid undeceive thei
solvts by undertaking the job for
awhil. -G a ffly Ledger.
Senator Tillman finds a pleasant
field in Wisconsin to diCscu9 the
tingro problom and is giving them
hi4is usual "hot st tIf." Eight
thusand paid their half-dollar a
few ovenings ago to hoar him.
Well could Tillman cxclaim:
"What fools these mortals b,!"
Dorchester Dimocrat.
'Tho Chicago papers insist that
Tillman has beeii eating 'em ip
alive oi the negro 1uostion and
then they call upon tle . managers
of the joint dubnt to send a bigger
boy to mill than lBurson. The
matter is that Tillman ihas the
facts, the figures and the real son.,
timont to start with and thus
armed he canl cope with the best of
them. -Carolina Spartan.
* * *
Sonator Tilliman has reached a
,position wher) lie can h0lp South
Carolina, if ho w ill dirEct. his efforts
in a propor lirectioni. Ito cani go
aiong tho home-sotEkers and turn
th tido of immigration in this dit.
rection, We need a good class of
immigrants to flvelop our lands
and if we can get them here it will
add a great force to the solving ot
0111 labior prublemn.-Mamning
Several iewspalpers in the Stato
atro criticising Sonator Tillia n bo
cauiso' of what he said n the do.
bate with Senator liurton, of Kan
saa, on the) negro question. Sona.
tor Tillman was vrl.y mihl il hu
talk int what he sai(l Was true.
As le was invited to make Ih<
sppecli, thero is no good roason
why he~ shouild ha~ criticised foi
tolling the truth.--Col umbia Rtec.
'"The facet that thlero are mnen ii
t hat county,'" savs the (Columinhi
stato, ini speakinig of the recali
r ~ trial of Jett and W'hito in Breathill
county3, ''who will go on the stant
when by doting so they are certair
their lives are imnperilled, is muel
in Kentucky's favor. Ilow many
are there ini that class who woukl
so act ini South Carolina?'" Thii
Stato shouldni't ask suich pertmneo
Ejuestions. It might make somni
patriot blush.-Dillon Herald.
Sicidbe Prerenitedi.
The startlinig annlounfcement that
prevent1ivo0 of siciide' had been discover
e.. will initerest many. A run dowi
system, or desponden cy in variably pre
cede suiicide~ and1 somhiLI1ing has het
found that wvill proenti that coniditiom
-which maitkes suiceide likely. A t the flrs
thought of self destru'ition take Electrit
lIitters. It bering a great tonic and ner
vinoa will strengthen the nerves an'
build up the system. It,'s also a grea
r~tomaich, liver' and kidney regular. On
ly !00. Sitisfactioni giiuaranteijd by ti
The Cause of Many
9Sudden Deaths
rhere Is a disease prevailing In th
country most dangerous because so dece)
U' tive. Many sudde
II deaths are caused b
It -heart diseasi
pneumonia, hea:
I failure or apoplex
are often the resu
- 4 rof kidney disease.
kidney trouble is a
lowed to advance th~
- kidney - p o iso n e
blood will attack thi
Svital organs or th
kldneys themselves break down and wasi
awa cIt by cell.
Bla ddecr troublcs most always result fror
a derangoment of the kidneys and a cure
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the k'idneys. I you are feellng hadly yo
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limes during the nIght. The mIld and lb
iextraordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is sool
realized, it stands the hIghest for Its woni
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
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-Don't make any mIstake, but remembei
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'i
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bl. Y., on overy bottle.
Ashevite Railroad Man Arresteel on ti<
Charge of Making False Returne
in iteports.
Asheville, N. 0., Specil.-As
toniliment prevailed in railroam
circles when it becamo knowi
Monday that 0. 1). Guiro had beet
arrosted on the charge of embezzle
mont. .uire hold the position o
yardmastor with the Southern rail
way eC(iulany and a wnrrani
which was served during the fore
noon charges him with having em
bezzled $1,000 by reporting over
time on the agts of the lnrg'
numbor of men employed undo
him and putting the balance if
his pocket.
When detected two dayb ago
Guire sought to compromise, bul
the law departieut of the railwa.3
coilpany declined to entertaii
such a proposition . Guire, wh(
had hoped to escape snch einar.
rassnont, was very much affocted
whon placed under arrest, and is
said to have made surprising ad
iissions, saying, among othei
things, that his peculations had
covered a long period and involved
an am.unt much larger than that
nand in the warrant,
Guire has a wife and two chil.
dren who reside on Park avenue.
le tried to give bond and thus vs.
cape the necessity of having to re
main in jail that mght. Several
citizens had a conference in thf
offico of Justice James just befor<
dark, but they decided not to sigi
the bond.
Datardly Attack In the Country Neat
Charlotto by N# groes on White Men
Charlotte, N. C., Siecial.-AE
Messrs. Alexander Aten, Sam
Phillips and Sam and John Law,
ton, of Long Creek township, wer(
retuni'llig from a camp-meoting al
Rock Springs Sunday afternoonl
they were met by four negrons whc
had been attending a colored camif
meeting, and, as the result of -
quarrel, three of the white mon
were shot by one of the negroes,
Sol. Shuford. The white men
who were traveling in two vehi.
cles, turned to the right to nllowN
the negroes to pass, but it is said
that the negroes, who were bois.
torous and in an ugly humor, de
liberately brought about a collis
ion bet weon the vehicles in whici
the parties were traveling.
Sluford, who appeared to be th.
loader of thle negroes, dIrew a re
volver and, with an oath, begmt
firing. The first shot took efi'eci
in Auton's body. The negro con,
tinnedl to fire until lbehad emuptiet
his revolver, striking and sh~ghtly
wouinding Sami and John Lawton
The woun ded men were catrried(
to Davidson College and giver
medical attention. The negroes
have not yet been arrested.
In the early days of marital dis
sensmon, in the first consciousnesi
of deflection from fidolity, it seemi
marvellous that meni and womei
are not visited by visions of thei
clhildren 's faces, appealing, he
seeching them: "Forgive, for
bear, bo true; think what it wil
be to us to lose the love and life c
home and] be worse than orphane(
by your volence todey.''
That a man should willingly an<
wilfully make his children afrai<
-of him and ashamed to hear hi
name is incredible, even though w,
- se it (done ev'ery day of our liven
That a woman should forsake th
children to whomi she has givoi
*birth, or for any cause forfeit he
Sright to call them hers, is more as
n ton ishing than that ehe should de
ibrtly take their lives. Al
'i excess of insanity might make he
tfillf to tbe, for them, but
dutflblessing.- That she shorul'
shut them out of her he-art ane
d wound andl inuo them by dit
Sgracing herself andl~ deser ting then
B couid only be the p~roduict of snel
moral aberrat ion as to seemn beyon<
s our eimiprehensioni.
Patience scomns a mengre wor'
sto apply to the situations out c
which snehi tragic cone guences air
- slowly evolved. Yet if in thos
crucial days of testing in which th
r' character and force of the love o
men01 and women are found out an<
- disclose themselves, this homol;
but pathietic virtue could he brough
to bear; many a deoserted homn
would find the wife at her post e
duty, many a mother, now absent
would bless8 and kiss her boy good
night.-The Knigh t.
Th'Ie IBejt Prescriptiolla for Mai
Chills and Fevor Is a bottle of Gnovu S TAAM
LUPSCIOmr.,.'rOmo. n f asihay Iron anfiu(ni
In a tstlessM form, M euro-ito pay.,id
Boy Adrift at Sea.
Now York, Special.-The Mor
gan lino steamor Eldorado, whici
arrived hero Thursday from Oal
veston, had on board i twelve
year-old boy who was found adrifi
in an open ljoatabout 100 miles of
the Georgia coast on August 10.
Ile was linked and Ilmilost dOac
from exhaustion. After tho lat
ihad boeii revivod some ho told Capt
Prescott that with two other boyl
he was fishing outsido the harbor
of Havana when the boac broke
adrift and they wero unable tc
row it ashore. Two of the lads
seeing the land rapidly receding,
plungod into the witer and swam
for tho shore. The other was un.
able to swim so far and remained
inl the )oat Without food or wator
util picked up by tho Eldorado.
Make Norfolk Great.
Norfolk, Va , Special. -The
Great Rock Island and Seaboard
Air Line raihway interest, whose
comblhi nat,ion was affected Wodnes.
day, has obtained options on the
entire water front of Portsmouth,
Va., giving it tho greatost deep
water terminus in America.
Information has been received
hero that the Rock Island, now in
control of the Seaboard, will have
division headquarte-rs in Washinug.
ton, an(d will operate a close sche(.
ule of through traiins by agreement
with tho other roads.
Were Lock(-d in a Hoaue by Their Patrents
Who wet Away to Attend Cturch.
Spartanburg, S. C., Special.-In,
formation has reaciol the city of
a harrowing tragedy, by which the
four children of Charley Iine-,
colored, were burned alive lit their
home o the farm of Ernest Weber,
near Wingo mills, 18 miles above
the city. Charlely IIiniesq a(d ( his
wife decided to go to nwetiig Sun
day night at a church of worship
for colored people abo;ut one or two
miles from their home. Like great
many people, whit" and colored,
they thonght the best thing to do
was to lock the children up in the
house whilo they wore gone. This
was quickly detormined on, and
foir little colored childrei, rang
in1g in age from 3 to 12 years,
were locked lp in tho house. Or,
their return the Parents were
greeted with the appallinig sight of
smouldering ruins an(d charrod
obl)jects where their quniet, unpre
tentiouis cottage had boon1 sitiuated.
Durmitg t he night, in their abI sene,~
tihl house (caught on firo by sonic
mean andlSI 1( t he clhildron I, the en t ire
hiousehiold effeicts and thle buiild inig
wo.re redileced to ashes.
Two stories out1--one that It onues to Htck
Jaland,,-The~ Other any. A. 0. 1.
ased! )4outhern tionahit It.
Thle report was conifrodl in Now
York Thrsa of the sale of the
Seaboard Air Line raiiroadl. Tfher
are two reports in circulation.
One to the effect that the Rock Is
and1( and St. Loutis4 & P'an Fran..i
ciSCO interests desireid to puirchlase
the Seaboard Air Line, and the
other was that the now owners of
the line were the At lntic Coast
11ne anid Southerni irailway, joint
While no authorized statement
could be0 obtained it. is Jearned
from unofflcial sources that capi
talists representing the Rock Is.
lan and ito St. Lotuis & Sant Franicia.
CO titheri had1( bou~ght, or were
likely to buy, coiitiol of tile Sea.
board Air Lino on the curlb.
r ThecSe4aoad Air Line stockI
advnce 24and2!! on rumi~ors that
.the control hatd changed hands.
1End or Bitter Fight.
r '"Two physicians had aL long and stnhl
a born light with an ablscRss Oin miy righi
Slung" writes J. F. Ilughes ol DutPont
thmoughit my3 time hadl comei. As a las
resort I tricdl Dr. Kings New Discovery
for conlsumflptioni. Th'ie beneitfit I re(ceive(
was strikcing anid I wa':s on my feet in
few day's. Now I've entirely regainet
my health."' It c'onqtuers all Coughs
(lolds and( TIhroat an Lun ~i Ig troubles
1 (uarnteed by the P'iekens Druig Co
PrI iie 50 andiu $1 .03. Ti ial bottles free.
The State's First Bale,
Augusla recoivo(d its first bale o
f the ne0w .cottoni crop Wednesdal
1 nigh t. It was5 giownl by II. C
r Folkc, of il-mbe~rg, and was con
t signed to Popo & Fleming, oif An
a gusta.
Puts an Endl to itAll.
,A grievous wall ottimnes comes as
- result of unbeaotrable pain from overtaxes
organs. Dizziness, backaohe, livcr comn
plaint andi constipation. Bunt thanks ti
i Dr. Kings Newv Life Pills they piut at
end to it all. They are gentie bu
Sthorough. Try them. Only 25c. Guitr
o anteed by Plckens Drug (jo.
Engineer Averill and Fireman Air Killed
in the Death Trap at Melrose.
Urakos Ealed to Work.
Spartan burg, Aug. 13.-Another
disastrous wreck occurred this af
ternoon it 2:15 o'clock ol that
death trap of the Southern railway
known as the Melroso grade, where
so many people have boon inijired,
sone killed and thousands of dol
lars worth of property destroyed
A freight made up of a big mo
gul engine and thirteen box cars
loaded with coal, was coming down
the mountain side on the Melrose
When Saluida was reached Etigi
ticer Averill found that the train
was beyond his control, and the
brakes would not work. Down
the heavy grade, one of the stop
est in the United States, the train
literally flew.
There was no opportunity for the
engineer or fireman to jump. They
remained at their posts until the
huge locomotive diverged from the
track and plunged with indescrib
able force down an embankimient,
carrying death and desolation and
destruction of property in its
The engineer, J. II. Averill, Jr.,
was killed outright ; tho fireman,
H1. Air, of Asheville, N. C., was
also crushed to death. A brake
man, whose home was at Biltmore,
had both of his legs cut off by the
car wieelps, and there is littlo, if
ally, hope (-f his recovery.'
Eleven of the thirteen cars aid
the mammoth engine were totally
wre"lced, andl(] the oal is heaped
about th scene of the tragic acci
denit in heavy, black mounds.
Engineer Averill wasi a son of
Col. J. 1H. A verill, of Charlostoni.
Col. and Mrs. Averill, and the
wife and children of the deceased
are spending the summer at Saluda,
only a short distance from the scoe
of the wreck.
Man Who eat Diinond Queen Must
Leave His Job).
Atlanta, Ga., Special.-Warden
Allagood will be discharged freni
his poBitioll at the stato prison
farm, and there will be no more
whipping of feialo con victs in
Georgia, as a result of tho story
told by Mamio Decrist to the in
vest igatiing comm iittee. That story,
alleginlg thalt she was whaip1:ed bo
caiuse she nieg'cted thle amorous
advances of WaVrden Allago.>d, hasi
caused such a shock throughout the
state as has never hwforo been ex
Governor Tekrrell1 has requested
that thin prison comm~iission dis
clhairgo AlIlagood, and th is regn.tit
will undoubtedly ho grantod.
The p~ublic is divided as to the
truth of the woman's charge that
she was improperly approached by
Warden Allagood, but whet her the
condunct of the wvoman was goodl or'
bad ; w hether her character was
blemished or spotless, wvhot her
she has told the truth or not
these questions are not argued for
the present. A white woman has
been flngged by a white man-one
a convict at the mercy of a man
olothed w'ithi authority of the law
-the other the m'an above all oth
es supposed to see that the pitiful
creatures under his charge ale hus
inanely treated. It is also probable
that Mamio Decrist will be par
dlonecd, and1 it is certain that the
developments in her case will
eliminate many of the brutalities
whlich have disgraced Georgia's
convict system.
Atlants, da., Spoial.-Rill
Adams, a negro laborer of Green
ville, S. C., camne to A tlanta Mon
dayV with a wairrant for Rosa Ad
ams, his wife, chiarginig that she
committed larceny by dlisp)osing of
Imortgaged property. A iderd by
Patrolman Cooper the nogro ar
rostiid hiis wife a nd she was sent to
police barracks.
Adams claims lie was deputized
to Comle to A tlanta and arecat his
wvife, bu1t, as the proceeding was
rather uniusual, the woman is he
ing held at police barrascki until
the authorities at Groenvillo can
h)0 boardl from.
Cholera Infraitumi.
This disease lhas lost its terrors since
Chiamberlaln's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhioea Remedy caimo into general use.
-The uniform suiccess which attends thie
utse of this remedy in all cases of b)owel
complaints in chilbben has made it a
favoite whecrever its valnse has~ become
known. For sale by P'ickens D~rug Co.
and Earle's drug store, Pickens and 'T.
.c.Hunter- Liberty.
Marlboro After Scotch Immigrants.
Bennettsvillo, F. U , SpecinL.
An effort is on foot by A. J. Math
oson, who has visited Europe sav
crai times, to induce a colony of
bra wny ScAtch men from the onorth
of Scotland to como to this coun
try and tako the place of the no.
grt.os who have left hero in such
largoi numbiers within the last few
years The "Scots" are p or but
intelligent, hard workers, indus.
trious and would nake good citi
wmus. The question of farim labor
ors is a serious one, the poor white
laborers have gone t-, tih citton
mills, the negr<.es have cong'ega
ted in towns and cit 1 nld em i
grated to Georgia aid FluriJa,
while largo iumbers have voi.o to
New York, New Jersey, Washing
ton, 1). 0., and other northern
statos. ft is claimed that these
immigrants in laIge numbers can
be put in South Carolina for $15
each, provided the railroads can
be interested and furnish local
I find nothing better for stomach and
liver derangement and consti pation than
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tiab.
lets.-L. F. Andrews, Des Moines, Iowa.
For Sale by Pickiens Dcug (Co. and
Eirles Drug Store, Pickens, and T. N.
liunter. Liberty
SOUT dEutN L ,ilORiR4 (10 TO VIlt
Charlotte, N. C., Special.-A
par'ty of about 25 negro mon left
Charlotto Sunday night for Inlet,
Va., where they aro to join the
forces alrealy there in the work of
double- tracking the Sou thern rail,
way. Another party of about 25
men left Tuesday morning for that
place to a'so help in the work.
The crowd that went up the other
night camo mostly from White
Oa.ks, Sh(O., while those that left
this morning were from atound
Charlotto. The forens that are
nlow egaged on this work nun
her soveral hundrod, and nearly
overy day large nubners are ad
The Death Penalty.
A little thiing sometimes results in
death. Thus a mere scratch, insignifi
cilit cuts or puny boils have paid the
death penlty. IL is wise to have Buck
len'S ArnIicaL salve ever handy. It's the
best salvo on earth and will prevent
fatality, when burns, cores, ulcers and
piles threaten. Only 25c at the Pickens
Drug Co.
Thel' Pmcolet Manufacturing Co.,
is sItill rt covern g property that
wa losat ini the, lmod ot' soveral
mnonthIs ngo.
Ftor the last severail days the
company has had a wagon going
thlirough then Colut ry gathmerinmg up
cloth that was carried from along
the0 river banks since the June
Iloods b~y thme popple. It sems
I hat imanhy people u em t to the rivoer
an elpei~ld t hmelvyes, says tihe
J1.urnal1i, b)oth white aind colored,
tcloth anld otheri things from
the wicknge, all of nhich was en
tirely wrong and now they are
having to give up their booty or
be0 prosecuted and( brmo ugh t hofore
the mnajesty of thme law.
Thio company is prepPared to is
sue search warrants for all houses
where they are refused admnission.
TIhey have a magistrate with their
wagon) ready to issuo warrants wvhen
they meet resistance. They bring
a wvagon lead, anywhere from 40 to
125 bolts. This cloth is found in
many houses whore it would be
least expected. It is a lhttle funny
to hear how some people have the
good3s hid away.
Th'le cloth is returned to the.
miills and1( what is not damaged is
rC-arranged and sold and thoe dam-.
a'ged is worked over and disposed
of with the other damaged goods.
Taikeni WYith Crampse.
Wmiu. Kirmse', a member of the b~ridge
g~img working near Litt leport was taken
sudndenly ill 'I huiday night withm cramps
ndl a kind of cholera. Ilis case wa's sno
sever~e that hie had to have thme members
of the crewV wait on him and Mr. (Gifford
was called and consulted, ie told themi
hei hand a medicine in thme form Chambem -
lain's (Colie, (Choera andi Diarrhoea ibm
edy that ',he thoiughat would hl.p him
ou t andu accordingl y several doses were
admiinistered wit~h the result that thme
fellow was able to ho arounmd next day.
Thme inidelant speaksc quite highly oft Mr.
(lilforwd's imedoicines.-EI kader, Iowa,
A rgue.
This remedy3 never fails. Keep It in
youmr home, it. may suae life. F'or sale
by Picke'ns D~rug Co aind Earle's Drmut
Stoie, Pickens, aind TV. N. 1Innter, Lib
Masny Scisool 01alldreu nyre Sickly.
Mothecr Gray's Sweet 'owders for Chmilren,
us.edi by Motho (oray, a nurse iu Chtidrenm's Ilmon
New York, nreak up Coldns in 24 hmours, cure i'e
verihness~, Iieadachu~ie, Stomachei trouities, Teeth
tng iskorders, andt desitroy w~ormsi AL t l rug
gi4tsm, 2c. mpiile mallit ~i tRFt K. Addiress, A
hien O.mmhnsted, Ie RoyI, N. Y
".JVf* Early. Rlsors
The famous ilitle pills.
IVY PO1004,, 1hUT T11F. Vimi'r
Mob Took Both Mea A way aad LIynched
Them Qulekly.
Albany, Ga., Aug. 14 -Reporth
recoived here this morning are to
the effoct that a white man narned
l'hompson, atnd King Wrigitman,
a negro, wero lynched yesterday
afternoon at Hartsfleld, a ltti
village, in Colquitt county, sixty
miles southeast of this place, for
assaulting a white woman near
[lartefield last S aturday night.
Full details of the lynching have
riot been receivedi hero yet, but it
is known that a posse which had
boon searching for the nogro
Wrightan :n had Caltured himin ten
miles south of Albany yostorday
Thompson, the white man, it is
reported, had not endeavored t,
escape, and was at his home whl n
the mob captured him.
Thle two men were lynched to
gether by the band of infuriated
men who had 0been pursuing
Wrightman since the ight of his
As soon as the assault upon the
white woman was reported a posse
was instantly organized, and the
iunt for the two meu begun.
Wriglitman fleLnd had been in
aiding in the different swamps of
Dougherty and Colquitt counties.
Thompson had remained quietly
it ho re, and it is said, had made
1o attempl)t to escape.
After the mob had secured
Wrightruan, yestordity afterno),
hey welt t inmmediatcly to Thiomp
on's louse, whore they found
in, and taking him with the iio
;ro, carried him to the outskirts
f Hartsfield, and hanged thimn to
t nearby treo.
On Saturday night, Augi.st 1st,
Widow Mathis was called to the
loor of her home, in tie little vil
age of Hartsfield, Colquitt coun
,y. On opening the door she was
;eized by two men, dragged into
;he yard and assaulted. Sho ree
)gitized her assailants to be a
vhite man namen Thonipson and
t, negro, King Wrightman. Be.
.ore parties whom her cries at.
ractedl arrived the assailants had
Thompson went to his hlome', not
~hinking that he would be moles
ed, and the negro took to the
wamps. ~~
TJhursday miorn ing iniformnati:>ni
a tj his whereabouts was receivedl
md a posse of seven men) startedl
iut in pursuit of him. H~e was
aught in Dougherty county, ten
niles below Albany, and carried
>ack to Hartsfield.
On the way back to Hiartsfield
vith tihe negro the posse called by
rhomlpsonl's house.
Ho, too, was tamken in charge by
he mien.
Late ~i tihe afternoon they reach
ad the little village where tihe
ri me occurred1; and there TLhomp
on and his negro confedcrate
yere strung to tile samne tr:e.
It could1 not be learned by the
non1 jusit wVhat part eacih performed
nI tihe crime.
Thle actual assauilt being charged
o thle other by each.
So the posse0 lynched bo0th the
wegro and tile white manl.
[)ropped Dead Two Hours After the
Charleston, S. C., Special.
Wednesday night Miss S. Malone
was married to Mr. Charles Cal
ho0un1 Tyles. A t 8 o'clock, two
htours later, the bride died in the
arms of her grief distracted bus
b~and. The yountg couple had boon
enlgagedt for mon thl. Miss Malone
wats anl invalid, suflierinlg from con
sumption. Lately, however. hl( r
healthi had greatly improvedI and
WVednesday nl )igh t Mr. TFyle and
htersel f determnined to wait no lon
ger. The marriage ceremony was.
performiel by thle Rov. A. E. Cor
nish~, of St. .Johnis Hlomeitead, ini
tim prelsence of a fow frienlds. Tlhie
newly married couple held at brief
reception) at the home of tile bridec's
aunlt and theu rep~aired to the
home wvhich tihe groom had pre
p~aredl at 93 Nassau stree-t. As they
crossedi the thlreehhlold the bride
fainted, a sta eamn of blood pouting
from hler mlonth. She wias pro
niouniced dead within all hlour,
Both of tihe youngl people were well
k'nown nnd( nonnular inl the city.
* The Pickens
('!Cotten Seed Meal,I
Ginning Cott
Capacity 50 J
We want to buy all th<
top of the market for them.
A first-class ginnery.
Satisfactory turnout and a f
As soon ae the season
meal and hulls for sale.
We will be ready to gi
your last one.
Help us to make a su,
giving us your patronage at
measure and running over.'
The Pic
U. S. S. Cinconnati,
Colombo, Coylon,
July 6, 1903
The Pickens-Sentnel Journal:
Mr. Editor: Enclosed you will
find some clippings from the Coy
lon Standard that might )e of in
torust to some of the readers of
your valuablo paper if you soo fit
to publish them.
I am glad to say that I am on
joying myself fine. We left Ville
Franche, France, on the 21st of
May and arrived at this )Ilaco the
20th of June. We had a very line
trip with the exceptions of the
heat coming through the Red son,
and we had four days of very
rough sons on the run from Aden,
Arabia, to this place. We are on
our way to Cii Fu, China; and
expected to get thero about the
middle of July, but we have been
dalaved already about fifteen days
on account of the Raleigh which
broko down just after loaving
Adeni and had to return to Aden
for repairs. She left there about
the 3d and expect hor here about
the 13th.
Although we are in the tropics,
it is very pleasant here, there is a
Iine( sea b.reeze all the time. We
are living high and~ having great
spot driving in Rick Shaws. I
Irovo all about the island near
Dolombo. On every side one is
mrrounded by almost all kinds of
tropical fruits, Bananas and pine
apples can be had for the trouble
of taking thoem, as many as you
Ban carry.
I will send you a picture of a
Rick Shaw and a singalese lady.
1 received one copy of the Senti
10l on arriving at this place. I
hope there will be several ot thenm
waiting for me at our destination.
It is like receivmng a letter from
home to get the paper. You will
pleaso send paper care of Postmas
ter, Sanfrancisco, Cal., instead of
Navy Department, at Washing
toln. Wishing you much success,
I elose. Your friend,
Joe 1H. Keith.
IR,low are some clip~pinlgs from
the Ceylon Standard, published on
the island of Coylon, sent us by
Mr. Keith:
"We extend our deep sympa
thies to the officers and men of the
Royal Artillery in the terrible ac
cidernt whlich occulrredl on Saturday
morning, while a salute was being
fired in honour of Independence
Day. No less (1o wo extend otur
condolences to the relatives and
friends of the deceased men, inl tihe
old count ry. It is long since Co.
lombo has beon the scene of such
a dellorable occurrence, but it
was 0one of those occurrences, con
stantly met with In life, wvhich
come at the most unlookod-for
ti moos, and from causes which are
not always easy to dliscover. One
hiundred and1( twenty-seven years
ago on) Saturday British soldiers
woie dying in) contending against
the flag which now British soldiers
have died in honouring. The
tranislation furnishes much food
for thoulght and--though the event
wre, unfortunately, attended by
sneh iain ful accomnpaniment--also
thannregiving, that the great En
glish-speaking Powers of the world
are, no0w bound together in a b)0nd(
whlich shall never be broken. The
eloquent andI sympathetic words
sp~okeon by Capt. Rodgers of the
Vicc-Pres. Sec. & Treas
161 Mill Compa ly,4
lulls, Oil and Liuters.,-"1
on A Specialty.
3ales Per Day.
seed you have and will pay
Capacity 50 bales per day.
ine sample is our guarantee.
opens we will have plenty of
n your first bale as well as
-500 cords of 4 foot pine
2cess of this enterprise by
id we will assure you "good
kens Oil Mill Co.
ing, at general muster, will be re.
ceived with much appreciation by
all classos of citizens in this Col
TH. E "Gt~ornos Fouirr.''
"Ar HOMF.''
Saturday the 4th of July, as our
readers qre aware, was the nation
il holiday of the United State.of
Amorica. 'The two American cr
-erIs, the "Albany" and theIin
cliati," now il harbo celobra
ted the day in true An rican fash
ion, the rojoicings being thorough.
ly in keeping with the glorious3
traditions of the "Stars and
Stripes." The two vessels present,
ed a gorgeous panorama of colour,
being covered with a wealth of
flags and bunting from stem to
stern, H M S "Highilyer" was
also gaily decorated with flags and
ponnants, prominent among which
the stars and stripes floate(d proud
ly in the breeze. Many of the
other vessels in the harbour also
had lavish displays of flags and
the Larbour wore a gala. holid y
On Saturday last-the "Glori
our Fourth"-an appalling and
most deplorable accident occurred
at the Saluting Battery in the Fort.
The day was one': which all Ameri
cans and Englishmen as well set
apart for uninut errup1ted enjoymen t
and interchange of national salu
tes. It had been dlecided b~y the
Military Authorities in Colomnbo to
honour the A mericans and their
cruisers now in port by firing a
salute of twenty-one guns. Ac
cordingly a detachment of' the 88th
Company of the Royal Garrison
Artillery marched to the Battery
and there commenced the saluting.
All went well until the 21st-and
last-gun was fired, wvhon Gunner
Higgins laced a blank 31b).
charge of powder in the muzzle of
an old muzzle loading gun. The
charge, unfonrunately, exploded a
little too soon1 with the result that
Gunner Higgins was killed on the
spot and Gunner Clarkc, who was
standing closo to the muzzle, in
order to ram the charge home, was
also very severely injured-so
much so that he expired at 4 :45
p. mn., the same day. Prompt ac
tioni, however', was taken in thio
matter, and the deceased as well an
the inljuredl man wvere removed
quickly to the Station Hospital,
where the latter was attended to
with the utmost care. lit proved
of no avail, however, for just as the
funeral party were marching out of
the Barrack Square with the ro
mains of the unfrtunate Gunner
Higgins it was reported that Gun
ner Clarke had also expired.
The Americans, who had looked
forward to an enjoyable day, and
had fixed their Sports Regatta and
Officers' "At Home"' for the after
noon. unanimously abandoned all
enjoyment out of respect for the
men who had (lied wvhilst docing
them honour. In this connection
it must be0 mentioned that the flags
and all signs of decoration that
were seen in the early morning
were iminmediately taken downVI, and
almost every American sailor wvho
had a chance of coming ashore, as
well as all the lhherty muon already
ashore, were p~resent at the ceme
tery. One of' the latter, after the
funeral rites wore over, placed a
beautiful wreath on the grave-an
act which was gratefully appro
ciated lby their British cousins.
Gunner Higgins was a young
man, 23 years of age and~ had served
in the Regiment for only four yearn
and nine months, He was popular
ini his Company and the number
of~ his comrades who fell in quito
spontaneously to participate in the
funeral obsequies wvas quite
enough t I p~rove hi4 pol~ularitY.~*

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