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Entered at Pickens PostofIce aS Second Olass
Mal Matter
Thursday, Aug. 20, 190:1.
While in Pickenws, Governor Hoy.
Vard was the guest of Col. J. E. Ila
good. From 3 to 5 p. m.. was spt i
by hin on the streets shaking ha1nds
and chatting with the voters of tis
county. It is needless to say that
lie made himself solid with the boys
for a second, third, and even ia fourth
term in the Gubornatorial chair.
When wo remembor the wave of
horror that swept over the country
at one of tho earlier of the negro.
burnings which took plac5o a few
yoars ago, and contrast it with the
almost acquiescent feeling that ex
ists to(ay, we can hardly help con
cluding that inany of us aro the vie
tims of a sad degeneration in this
Congressinan Landis hIas a nOw
remedy for lynching. He would
have every stato legislature pass a
law making the sheriff from whose
custody a prisoner is taken, lose his
position and become ineligible to any
other. Ho would further mako the
county in which the outrage is coin
imitted liablo to damages of from $1,
500 to '2,500 to be forfeited to the
beirs of the lynched. And the idea
is not a bad one.
Now York sooms to hold out some
mysterious attraction to distinguish
ed politicians with an "LX" before
their names. Tomi Reed wont there
and made a fortune in the practice of
lai, and now foriuer Speaker lun I
dorson is following in his foot-steps.
Others have preceded them, among
the number being Grover Cleveland,
John G. Oarlisle, Lyman J. Gage
nd other federal ofio holders. 1i
i' ly their utew'ises have beeni
tain ed I itho logal fiel(d.
Countess Isse., !he .hritisl peIAr
es who married it hack driver in dor
the mistaken ideam that he wias a I ins
sian) prinCe, has forgivent her hmant'imd
the deception and will continuo to
live with him. It is possible tho
countess finds her husbanid moure of at
gentleman than the averago pr ince,
and the infusion of at little brains
and commiion sense inito the nobility
of England may be profitable to the
All good citizens doplore lynch ings
and are anxious that they should be
suippressed. But they will niot be
sup1prossed so long ias the (otlcers of
the law~ regard the votes of the law
breakers of mocre valuno t han the en
forcemnent of lawv and order. We0
noeod a larger stuppliy of shmoriffs of the.
WVhitlock variety, and the sooner we*
proceed to puit such men in oflice the
sooner we wvill be freed from the dis.
grace now resting upon us in this to
Somec of the newspapers are again
talking about the farmers of the west
holding their wheat till the pri1ce
reaches a dollar a bushel. Tt would
be a great scheme for the farmiers i
it would wvork, but there are too
many wvheat raisers who would rat her
have fifty cents spot cash thani one
dollar a long wvay off. Hence theore
is no reasoin to believe that the wheat
will be held. A bird in hand is
generally consideredI to be worth two
in the bush.
One of the groatost safeguards of
a democratic form of government is
the primary, for it pilaces in the
hands of all the people the imnitiativye
in the matter of nominations for of
lice. Many people (10 not realize this
and fail to take sufficient interest in
such matters to attend the prinmaries
and turn them to the popular good.
W~e get government for the poeople
only when we get it of the people by
the people. WVe get this when the
people turn out at the primaries and
really choose their own agents to doe.
liborato,, free of Bircas anti pressure,
chicanery or sharp practice in the
uhoice of candidates.
"In time of peace preparol for war,"
applies to other things than a conflict
between armies. For yeatrs the gas'~
fionable element in polities has been
straining every nerve t) nint; n
their asceondency inl polities, anid this
hJ~as been mado possible by thme fact
that the bettor p: ,pho, those of cloean
lives and cfltlommedallo morals, have
remained away from the polls5 in p~r(:f
erenco to mningling with the things,
? thieves, gamblers atnd gutter p)oliti
'cians who swarm in such places. But
this is all wrong and should be roe
.died. Our duty is to attendl the pr-i
marf and the election and stampil out,
the element that continually seeks to
K rruyt the ballet liox. .By our pros
enoe and our ballots only can th is be
To0 Mothers IN 'J'ow n.
ehlfn wvho are delmicato, feveriu' inud erox'
) I g I uwnediaite relief frome Mother onrly's
9 hid~ for (fhildren. 'lhey cenN0~ iii.
S t.oithe liver, mealu g a islekly chlild~
h i. A oottofa cr for woraw.
I'drhk0 . Siample fre.. Ad
- 0 L01 , N. Y
The Uit :uinghaiu (Ala.) N'ow it; of
(he epihiou that ini order ,t', abolish
the lynching of negroe8 ill tais coul.
try for assailts upon white woimen,
two things are necssary, the devel.
opmnit of a public sentiment to look
upou lynching itself as a form of
barbarisin which is demoralizing to
any commlunit), and ri co-operationl
Of the negrous t henmelves in thlir
kfitris by worl and OXun plo to abol
ill tho crime for which so many pa
the ponalty at tho hands of th lynch
ort, Thero is ever ronsonl to see
that CIO nogro is 1.4 s io VeIlco1o inl
tho iorth as Ie i ii the south. In
vien of thie may aeei' il ts of negroes
uM defeiseles"s uinto women1li in the
norti I!h., Z'eople ,of tindat sect ion are
tooltng ug the r-i With sus8pi
i n. an beneI o are 1 n11111i gener
I t 'ck IO. 1gr1S in Vall ions pamrts
of the north with 1ho avowed puir
pose of runnuing them entirely out of
the(3 conu1nun11ities where the crimos
are committed. ,Frequently innocent
negroes thus suffer for the crimes of
the guilty.
A Munice, Ind., Methodhist minister
has declared warfare against dancing,
card playing and other kindre
amluseeiouls, says anl exchange. In
it recout address he declared the
datnici was the straight road to ruin
ation and hell, and that card playing
was littlo behind. Ho said that no
one could be a ineLer of the church
and at the same time dance and play
cards,. 1e also paid his respects to
women wearing low-necked and short
sleeved dresses, even when lace yokes
and sleoves are used, and called such
persons half nude. Hardly a Sunday
passes but Some clergyman devOtes
his sermon to a discussion much like
the abovo. The intentions are ovi
eently excellent, but we seriously
doubt if th good results are notice
able. Dianing and card playing are
right or wrong according to the tWil
perainelt of the participants. Manly
y0OL" g pOODio have been started oin
the road to ruin by each of these
am'semenits, and yet to thousands
and thousands of others dancing has
been but an enjoyable pastimo and
games of cords have provided a pleas
ant Way of passing an evening. Both
diversions will continue to be enjoyed
.I the future as8 th0y have in the past.
Ltt Satunlay1' Va1-4 a lred leer
day for. lI eduatlion .i Pickens county.
A cruwd e stiniated Irom t1500 to 2000 .
as545obled at. thu stanid on thio slpe
of t be hill in front of Mr's. Ann
Gi'lin's. The ~01seats provided were
lber presenl~lt. A casuial glanco would
convinjce an ivonie that t he audiice
wasl1 thiorou)ghily r'epresenitativo,. Peo)
Iple caml from 11o1 very ection. Th1is
fact ini itself was signiificant of tihe
imiportancoe of the gatthering of tihe
strength of the educational sentlimont
in the county. T1here never was a
time or place in the coun11ty that the
saiiio spbeakers could have done more
o0.d forii tilt Calis0i.
TIhie meetinig was called to order by'
1 Ion. 10 T. H [alluin, Count y Super.
ineilentiof Ftlucat ion. PTh e xori'C
SeS w.ere opem-:dl wu vithi prayer~3 by R~ev.
0. M. Ab 1buy. Hion. .J. E. Boggs wias
callhed uiponi and made a brief add ross
of welcome. The first speaker in
tr >dneed wvas Hon. 0. B1. Martin,
State Sup~erinltndenIt of Elucation.
H le was enthiusiastically received and
ver'y haippy~ ini his reinamrks and illus
tlnttions . It wats plini tha ~t he( had1(
been makiug a close study oif the
coniion of the public schools in the
cntics and1( the strength ainnd weak
nes ofr the puiblic school system was
atbly d iscuissed antd niany impor'Itn
and uisefulI suggestions made to
trustees, teachers and patrons
.'Te next speaker waIs D)r. George
11B. Cronmer, President of tihe Nowber
ry Col lege, I Io)11( (idnt proceeded
very far ini hiis modest unassumeng
way until it was easy to see thn.t he
had canghit every car' in t he vast au
dion cc. ie opened s) atnucli in ear
niest without making any great fuss
about it, that every hearer seemed
coniviniced thiat he' was not only a
man11 with a1 messago buCt 01n0 with an
imoportant message, and every one
listIeed as intently as if he thoeughit
it was intend~ed for him. Through
ou t this splendid speech of forty
minuites he( was clear, forceful and
earniest. The interest of the groat
CrIowd never abated for a moment.
The best thinig we could have dono1
for the counitv and state would have
been to hai vei v't word of it takeni
down anmd prin ted in all t~he ippers.
If we ennit secure a~ copy of it, we
shall he1 triuily glad at anly tie t)
give it I > 'tredersi of theo SentIiael.
.Jom nii. 'llT school0 auth lorities
couldIC tmkeh n10 betIer or safer inlvest.
1m11nt thani i to indCJuco Dr. Cr'omier to)
givo it ti the press of the StNate. But,
while it. was stron'g aind made of
caiifuli earniest t ho nght thIiat is im
perishableh, the intensity of the aud i
once antd the spoeke were miutually
respoinsible for the splendid uhimprs
sion lie made. We were in the east
(irn parit, of the county' Mondaylt and~
one of the most prospc rouis and in
telligent farmers said1, "WVhat wa~s t.hio
namo of that man from Nowborry? 1
want to kcson it antd remember it. I
ihioll never forget his speechm. It is
hle hest I ever heard." It was the
D~octor's first visit to thin county. WoV(
ec1 t~l rhat lie ill aippreciato thle I
nity warmi friends who shall be glad I
atny timo to welcomo him to the ~
It goes without saying that (Jov
irnor HeQyward h,:atl a Im1ost enthusi
natic reception wliuti lie was intro
duce(. Anl nono can lknov. better
than he does how to r. ceivo ai(n ap
precinfe tihe he arty WIOl)nO acortided
him. His speleh was quite charac
?uristic ill being .vell timod and ap.
propriIt 10 1111 was liput) Itutet!
bnt iughout with gone-lous aipplatuls
fr ,l the aui(lience. 110 was Coll,
polle!d to be briOf as warned by ai
apllproacinng cloud, but ho tialisld
ul) in elegant and graceful'style, anl(d
wis loudil applaudedl. Alt agether it
was at good (lly anId a great Ie. ting
for Picke'ri. Everything went right.
Saiturday wos i great 11ay in the
uducationatl aals of Pickous conltv
Tbe interest shownvu by the l,eo plO of
Pickens county augurs voll for the
educational outlook in this part of a
great comllloinwealth.
The initeret taken in this oCian
by the people at, large far Oxceeded
the most sanguine expectations of the
promotors and the speakers them
stlvcs. Gov. Ileyward was very hap
pr inl his allusion to the size of the
crowd, when ho said that he had
about coneluded that 1'oxaway damin
had broken looso anti wavioIed down a
big crowd of "Tar Heels."
Early in the morning poople begani
to arrive from overy section of the
county. A fair ostimato of the crowd
may be placed at 2,000-cortitinly
the largest crowd1 of peoplo tilat ovec
assembled in Pickens county at a
puraly educational meeting,
Our eflicient County Supt. of EKu
cation, R. T. Haiilium, prosi(led.
Rev. 0. M. Abney opene(d the ox
ercisos of the day with a fervent
SAlivitor Julius E. Boggs in his
chalict'eristic, i happy an( original
mainer (luiV(red a beautiful address
of wocotmo. Thon followed State
Supt. of Elocation, 0. B. Mn-ti,
Who ropond(led britfl' to tihe aidress
of welcome. Said that lie felt at
home--that it was f duty also to
welcome tile distinguished speakers
to his native county. He then took
up the subject of educ-ition, payiig
particular attiention to the rural
schools. Oli made a strong )1pio for
Comon11101 school education, for better
teachers, bretter schlool. houses iimd
better euipment.
He strongly atvocatdl the estab
lishment of libra -ies in every public
schoo01l He said, hotwever, that thed
terml public school was oflten-t imies
mlisust d -they might be better
totied co-operative schools. Mr.
Martin paid a beautiful tribute to the
late W. W. F. Bright for tile laithiful
work lie had1( (1011 ' the pub~ilic
schools of Pickens county. Saidt that
this county is a model10 iu the number
and plain of tile districts it conltainsi,
as it is laid oll in accordance with the
conistitution and there can be no
moure changes ini the sizo of the dis
tricts. Mr. M~ar-tini's adidress was
one -' '.ho strongest and most praIc
tical iver dlo'ivered ini tis county.
Thevn followed Dr. Geo. B. Cromier,
thle scholarl i 're mosidenit of Neu' crry
col1lege. Thlougha a si ranger here,
Dra. Cr0omer soon1 initroducjed 11imiisel f
to Pickenas county peCople inl a wayl
that they' will not soon1 forget. Hie
at 0onco won the a1pprlobation of his
hearers, and dhelivered1 one( of the(
11101 scholarly add resses ever heard
lie said( thlat 12 per cent of the
white voters of this State could
neither read nor wr-ite-thlat of 3,18G
voters inl Pickens county, 089 are
classed as illiter'ato. Drt. Cromier
stated that there was spenlt in the
United States last yenr the eniormouis
sum of $200,000,000 'r edulcation,
that $950,412 of this amoumt was
spen11t iln South Cairol ina.
lie stated that Ilhe average paiid to
thle public school teachlers in South
Carolina wvas $195; in Pickens county
$147. lie said the on11y hope for the
y'ounlg mian engagedl in teaching was
to get malirried, for it was a sorry
woman that could not support one
Sa1id that mlone~y put in) education
w~as not spent but money invested.
Gov, Hecywa*rd wvas then ini '~trCoce
and1( met with a storm of applause.
lie was par'ticub~tirly hlappy in his in.
tr'oduction, referring~ to his love for
the m~ountan and11 hllis1 app1reciat,ion
of the citizenship of thlis part ofi our
g 0roat common11)woel1th. Gov. HeIy ward
said that the two most impo)0rtaintI
things for the consideration of Souith
Carolinlians8 todaf' 4 (1,) Ed ucation;
(2,) Highways. Gov. Hfeywa rd well
1m1 rits thbe aippellationi of the "El u.
(cat ina Giovernor," because (of the
deep) interest hie lhas e mstan thy shown
in tue(1bII*1h edetinl d evelopmen ilt of the
State. He wo lily comnplimenltedl
Pickens connty onl the record boin1g
mado(1 by heCr worthy son, 0. B. Mar.
till, as State Superintiedot.
Glov. Iey'wardt said( that he( still
stouod on his wellI knlownl platformi, (1,)
More~ schlool 11ou18s; (2,) Better' school)
hioiisos; (3,) Better teachers. H e
made11 a strong plea for tile 'ommllonl
~chools of thle State.
lie walrmly hpraised thel noble1, sel f.
aeriticinlg spirit of the womlenl teach
rs of tihe State.
Some of t.he old soldiers, who were
littinlg near the~ stand, jumpiled tup
lear ouat of thelir' seats and1( hatted
heir eyes freely ill excitemen~t., whenO~
lie Governor said( thait he hadl lost
mou of his lovol for the old so >llnea.
Tho exitemlent ub-tted h nover
whon boe explined that Gen. Johu
13. Gordon had been kissed by 600
young ladios at Winthrop College.
About this timo a heavy thunder
storm cano tp, and the Governor
said heswould never be able to stand
beforo the charge that lie had boonl
tho caums of getting th( indies' hats
'vet So be fo thwith 0losed ainidst
heets ind fl )iver.
Thus tinded the most successful
.ducati4.na' meetings ever held in
Pickons Con ity, - a n iotin i thIt will
go far tovarsd builAin4 up a healthy,
totive, eduentional Sentiment
Nick 1.lleadache.
"For sevoral yO.,rs ily wife wt a
troubled wiLlt what phiyiceianis calietd
sick headache of a very severe charac
to:-. Shes dutored with several eminent
phsicianis anid at a great expense, <nly
to erow woise until she was unable tW
do-any kind of work. About a year
ago she began taking kliatmherlain a
Stomach & Liver Ta' lets and today
weighs m->re than sho ever did befors
and is real well," says Mr. George E.
Wright of New London N w Yo k.
For elo by Pickens Drug Co. and E arlo's
Drug Store, Picken, and T. N. inter,
Fino Trio', oil Land ror Sale.
Two hundred amid twenty thre
(223) acros lying 6 miles southwest
of 'ickens, C. II. 100 acres in
woomlaid, iinolv timberied. Lying
almost level. Every acre can be cul
tivated. 60 acres in cultiviation. 2
dwellings on tho placo. Well water
ed, 2 branches running through farm
Fine pasture Fine location. Pub
lie roadh around and through the
farm. On the main Pickens road
About 25 acres in fino bottom land.
Ono fino black lead mine the qualily
of the lead is line and other minerals
found in the lead. It tins boon tes
tod by ininerologist of New York
aind pronounced valuablo. Thore is
50 acres in forest if clearod would
'm'ako a bilo of cotton per acre.
Known as tho ('hapman plaeo within
one Mile of hT elve Mile Camp ground
and joining lands of Tompkinls, M1ra
A t to av acd others. The above
land is oxvned by Sallie M. King.
Add. ess:
H. R3. A. King,
Tokoona, :'. C.
Internal Revenue Service,
District of South Carolina,
Deputy Collector's Of1ice.
Pickens, S. C., Aug. 1, 1903.
The following described property hav
ing been seized for violation of Sectionls
3'57 and 34-50, Revised Statutes of the
United States.
Anymv person claimingr same must file
boid as required under provisions of
Section :10, Revised Statutes, within
tirtiy (30)) d-tys from thme dlate herecof or
ti samte will be declared forfeited to
the United Status:
One copper still. one copper cap and
wormiii, one woo den doubler and piping,
one copper Iiw box, two woodent cis
t(erns, twelve fermenting tubs, thirteen
pa~ckages--5%. 1 gallIons-corn whiskey.
oneO mash tub., JTohni P. Bruggs,
Deputy Collector.
Beare thme A ho Kind You Have AlwayS Bought
At a meeting of the Board of Direc
tors of the ~ibmerty Cotton Mills held
July 21, 190:3, the following resolutions
were admopted: Rtesolved,
I. T1hat the President and Treasurer
be instrutctedl to call a meeting of the
Stockhtolders of the Liberty Cotton Mills
on the 20th day of August, 19)03, for the
purp~jose of considering the issuing of 300
shares of Preferredl stock in the par
value of $1G lelacht.
11. That the Preferred stock be en
lit led tm a cumulative dividend of 7 pmer
(cellt per alnH ni.
1ll. 'Thlat the ho'.ders of Preferred
stock shall have thme right at any time
withint teni yearsl to exchatnge their Pre
ferred stock for ai like amount of Com
mon stock, and u pon exchange they
shall only be entitled to such rights,
prtiv'ileges5 and dlividends as the Common
stockholders, but the Liberty Cotton
Mills reserves the right at any time after
tive yeairs, and before the exchange is
mnade to retire the Preferred stockl or
any part thereof, as thme Diretors shall
elect, by paying thme holders of Prefer
red stock the face value thi roof, with
any uidt Ul cumuttlativ d~(ividlends to
date of such paynment.
I V. Inm case of l ituidation at any Itie,
the Prefe rredI stock shall hav ~e preference
overi Common stock, that is to say, the
P'referred stock shall be pa id in full iith
'till unpaid eunt idat ive dividends thereon,
before any p~aymuent is made to Common
V. That thme Preferred stock shall he
entitled to thle saimet votinug privileges as
t lhe Comnmon stock.
VI. Thairt each stockholder of the
cotmpany shahll be entttitled to subscribe
for his pro rata share of said issue of
Preferred stock.
J1. P. Smith, Pres, and Treat'.
WV 11. Chapiman, Sec.
Pairtneorship Dissolution.
Notice is horobhy given [hat on this
day t bo partnership heretofore exist
ing between L. N. (Geer anid WV. E
Stevenson, by wvhich patrtnership the
Pickets Briek Yard has b~een opera
ted sin'e the 10th~ day of January,
1903, is, by virtue of the sale of the
interest of WV. E. S'tevensona therein
to L4. N. (Geer, dissolved.
All debts due by tho saidl partner
ship will be paid by L4. N. Geer and
all persons indebted to the~ said part
norshlip will please make prompt pay.
men~it to LI. N. (Geer.
W. ]'. Stevenson,
L. N. GJee.
This July 30th, 1903.
We have on~ our shelves many reme
(lies for constiptation and biliousness, bit
lihe never-falling, common-sense cure is
foundm only in Ramnon's Liver Pills and
T1omet Pellets. Thbis Treatment cures by
relieving the cause of the troublle; the
Pink Pill arouses the liver, while thes
Tonic Pellets tone tup the organs and in
sture natural and healthy conditions.
Complete TJreatmnent-twvo medicines
25 doses-fiull d'reetiont-oanly 25 cents.
Pickenms Drug Co.
'To (igre a Coid hii One Day
Tnako L axativo Blromo Qu inine Tlabhets.
All1 druggists rofunid the money if it fails
to cure. E. W'. Glrove's signature is oni
each box. 25c,
It 1(eeps theo Feet Warmi and Dry.
Ask todamy for Allen'~s toot tiase, a power. It
cures Ciains~ii, Swonlen, Swenting, Sore, Ach
inug Daiip feet. At talt tdriuggists anid shoe
stoices, 25mc.
Shafte i nto Youir Shoes
Allen's Foot-Enee. It rests theo feet. Cures
(orns., tiunions, Intgrowing NaIls, Swollen and
sweatl g feet. A t all druggIsts anid slhte store
Ack ina.
How a Young Wife ]
and D
W. E. Birch, Afton, Va., an extensive
fruit grower of that place, writes the
following letter to the Peruna Medicine
Co., ot Columbus, Ohio. We priit the
letter in full:
Afton, Va., June 4, 1900.
The Peruna Medicino Co., Columbus, 0.:
Gentleien-"The country isso flooded
with patent medicines of every kind that
are worthless and a humbug, that I for
ono, am glad to be able to say I have
found one that is everything and more
than is claimed for it.
6 My wife was very much run down
and out of sorts in every way. She had
a pelvic disorder which left her very
weak, nervous and no appetite at all.
"One day I happened to be at my
father% store, S. A. lirch, Coresvillo,
Alb county, Va., and noticed your modi
cine he had there for sale.
" I thought it might help my wife, so
I brought a bottie of it home and within
a week she commenced to eat and now
she is hungry all the time and not half
the medicine has been taken. We both
agree that it beats any medicine to bring
on an appetite and to put the nerves In
good shape that we have ever had any
,thing to do with. We had our family
doctor to giva het medicine and he did
all he could, but she did not improve the
Pickens Gro
Mionday, Septei
The school is wyell or-ganliz.:, IN
the samec tunaer:n
Tfhe buildhing ha~s lately beeni eq
new black-board..
Tihe dlemandi for educattedi men
perative each year of the progres:
Pupils from the( county wvill finI
li ve ainlong htospi~itl people. 11
$100 1IEWA RI $ t00.
Th'le readers oif this pimper' will be
pleasedt to learn t hat ther~ie is atL least one
dreadned <h~sease~ ti at scienc~ lais beeni
able to curin I al1 its s tges andII tat is
catarrh. HlI's '1 Catarrh. ture i' te font
ly positi ve' enre nohw knw t1! o t lie mted-.
ical fraterit y. CXaarh beineg a consti -
tutional dIisease, requiires a co nstitut ion
ali treatmetcnt. Hall's ( in1:tar, t are is
the biloodl andliiirtt mon sufaces of the
sytemC~), thetreby de 6l6strinitg t he f. auala
tion oif the disease, aiiil giv ing the pa..
tien)t strength byvIo buithg upi the Con!
stitution and naisting natuore ini doing
its work. ~Thei proietiIori: hav Vt'o,
mtiuch faitdh ini its enratii ive I owers~, thai
they otfer One liu aired D)ollars for asi y
any case that it fmils to curet. Send fotr
list of test imoni ails.
Address. F'. J. Cheney & (Co,
Tfoledot, 0.
Sold by all Druggists, 75)c.
Hall's lFamhily P'ills are 1 the be(st.
Oclmson College, S. C.
Frziday iand Sattu day. All W~ork
Gutarantee 1.
County of Piekonms.
IN 'ifHM coURtT OF PRiOiiATrI.
By J. B3. Newhery, E~quiro., Priobato
Whalrnas, J, 1B. Manildin made suit to
noe to grtii himii Letters of Administi a
ion of the Estate anid oil' ets of Abner
Si-chol; deco sed
T1hoese atre threfore to cito and admioi
shi all andi singhlair thle kit. dred andit
reditors of the s'idl Abnleir Mileltol
leeased, t.I'at thiey appea(ilr before me, in
he Court oif Proibato, to be held att Pick
ina Court honse, H. C., on) the 3r'd day
if Sept1. 1903, atfter pubilication hiereof,
it 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to shoiw.
ause0, if anty they have, why the said
bhni inistration should( not hec gran ted.
(lIVEN under my) handiu iand seal, this
7 (liy of Aug. 1903, in the 128 year of
mrit Iindope'ncc.
SK A LJudge of Probatte,
Pickeno county, S. C.
I f s0 call on .J. D). MOORE
and and got a 10 pounid Caddy
Old Reliable, $2.95 per' box.
Brown 's Mutle, $3. 10 per1 box.
Hatchet, $3:00) per1 box.
Sch napps, $3l.90 per botx.
Red1 MI'ephaut, $3 50 por box.
Cuba Fr'oe, $3A0) per box.
Blind T1om, $3 40 per box.
Other' goods at equally ats low
pr'icos- Candy I50 a box.
g"'Bring me your produtco.
3IontGA N. MILII~Nx A )I.1-.l1l,
ALT'olt N I-'S A'iT I,. tV,
P'ratt c li nil thie courts. l'rouipi 'attenmtoni
riven to1 all bimm. Olien aiwnys ln,~ i
Regained Hecr Health
stumpilon inl her fami
i1-y and Uhlo wais inl
suich bad shiapo; so
r un down, nervouts,
Weak, anld could not
cat, that I had begunl
to g0t ve'ry uneas-y, buit your medici 'no
mado an entirely now woman of her. I
believe sho cats and feels e-tter now
than sho has for years.
SI isave not the slightest doub~t but
that your mc'leitc has saved hwr from
a long of If nothing
more. All nry ftmily had begun to
get uneasy, but, of course, she did not
know It and I have only lust told her
of it since has has Improved souuch.
I had no Ide It would do half what It
has and don't think thecre is another
medcIne mnade that will begin to com
pare with It. "--- W. E. Birch, Fruit
Grower, Afton, Alb county, Va.
If you do not derivolprompt and satie
factory rsl from the use of Perunia,
write at once to Dr. ortman, giving a
full statement of your case andl ho will
bo plsed to it you his valuablo ad
vice gat tr.
Addres Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, 0.
oer, Aft, A o V3.
ell grade. Fourt yr un-ler
hanl~d o becies ynor hin-labe
ive aein hc w.ie
AddPices ar deihaf tc.. rent f
ar a l w raes
Mb~ 'Th, 1903
Alple nrougot ito sec lent.
Iv i Inple ye lieo ew
.fi ii I r ~i i l I ' iog
tiEparing ofWtho,(
ali nthn'i:tr Jewelry
I i j roiily 'a-e anali guar
dr~ iii g r . ,di i/
H farvey Snider.
Pickens, South Carolina.
Omflee nylstatir ; (!ui ror rooms1) over
J'arlo's Drug StoJr.. Offers his prfos.
Eiunli services to the publi)c1.
Fo)ls'NG **( L.it). ( ) no k i h( e Va.ShO
Opens sept. , Id . Oe Mofth e v u ien l di gschol
liIIIf r ott il httisiite 'uuiith e ti
Ii ned i fo heal.~*uti Iluo eanu Sud i .\nrietnn
tli~ ,~ie~ t to <'e lienttes \Vellesley. I-or inta
l.\'"' I, Pu r 1\H s Pe .Ho o e.\
Fo r Bicycles
Matyc e ri1'al of' all kin(ds,
SFine Cigars & Tobaccos,
SCan Goods. Sugar, Coffee
Machine Needles,
and1( nmny otheri thiings too>
todlius t) mentioni . ; V, .
810ic0cl Rlcpalring Carefully Done .
All a, (ihe Iowest (ush Price.
0 . O. FRICKS & 00.,
Woubl that we coiu
with the .trentt~sa oa millon voleen
IDr. King's
CURES (3o11tN,4'::".fflnmpft.n
...-e Paenaunonta,Gripj. Norol'hroat
Prlcj6 00 and $1.00. Trial Bottle Free.
IA Uenuine ]
Slaughter Sale of
300 Men's Sit
Ranging in Price from ,6-50 to '$22.50
go on sale' Monday July, 13th at
3 4 D00ow1 t
Think -what it means to have One--Third on a
suit of Clothes. We are doing this to convert
the goods into money and to clear the tables for
a magnificent stock for Fall and Winter now be
ing manufactured for us.
The old prices are marked in plain figures on -
each suit, and you take one-third ofl. iere are
some of the prices:
$15.00 Suits now - 10.00
12.50( " . ..-g
10.00 ". -- (.67
9-00 -6.00
. " " - - 50
In this lot are Regulars, Slims, Stouts and ex
tra sizes.
Also i 1o Child's Knee Pant Suits an(i -2 BO)k!
Long Pant Suits at 33 per cent liscount.
The terms of this sale will be carried out to thc
letter, and a boy will receive the ame treatmlint
as if accompanied by a parent.
Everything sold for cash, and no alterations
paid (or by us.
'~ai&Wmh". 'Sts- I IN.IL C.
4 lots 1010 X 200) for $1Th.0O ceb.
71 acre farn 11 mniles from l'ickens. Onte-hiait' in culu vat ion for $S5.1.00.
13.3 6-10 acres withmn one miie of Nor'ri.s (oi ton Mui. -15 acres in cu li r ion
balnce in original forest. Nearlyv wood enough on thik place to pay for it. Good
water. T wo frame d wciiings and out houses. (inilg at $12 per acre.
130 acre farm near Six Mih-~ ehurebi, 2-.sto d ..ni~ling, (00 anes good
heart timber; 60t verrs in itivatiiu; pletity r aning streams $fl25
Real estate is going~ i ni a idA t'... ('Ino 0). :md gt pick and1( choice
F4or faurthter inflormnal in call on
J. D. H OL D)E R & CO,
We have bough t the largest ad most1108 comnpleir HItock of Relibe Mho ~er%
chianth sO this~ Faill liimt we have~ ever carried, wih 11 hle greatest. attract ions
in New Goods a nd Low P rices. Weo in)vite a comiparisoni withI any~ hmouso
in South Carolitna in Styles, Qualhty, Q iunltuitd Price. We nean to
leadu thme process ion his 1"ullI andi will not be udersohl by i anybody11. Ir
will be easy for y ou to buy at Richey's when you stop) al exam i n t ho
Pretty good!s anid get thei prices, antd it certilIy will pay you. A dollar
<atved is aI dolla r nitale. Do yourm il n tI 1 1liiy's andi save the dlOllars1..
We can lIow you (eetIontal vuln tes in Dress (Goods in Rhwek and Colors,
all Grades and Prices. Bean? iiul W~aist Flannels in P'lauin a:.d Fancy. An
elgat lune of D~resses aini Trimmnings-speal values.
WXe make a spe cially of0 our Shioe Dopatm ient. We hav e '.,cmn in all
gradles for Ladies-, Meni andi Cil dren . The best amakes from11 the loading
i nctris in Amerieni. BHuy youra Shmoe frnm us anid yon will be leasedC.
WeC gumartanlteeO8 isatisfue0on.
(Ocod Calicoes. Good Outings, Gnood liedl Vlannel, best yard-wtkide
White H-omesupun, bes~t C oloon Flaninel, beost Checked H omuespunm.
No mat ter w hat pr'ices are' quj) ('ote yuwe wvii sell you for lesa.
1jty-T11' HEilH EAP'dT STJN)t E IN I10 E~ NS.-*9
Sterling Srilver' Iiollow.ware, '
(ut Glass, Art' P~ottery, Iric--a-.Brac and~
Novelt ies.
Diaunonds, W"atchies and .Jewelr'y.
109 North Main Street- CREENVILLE. S, C.
--- TT'S Cures Cholera- Infantuni
e Boe aubleho
HIGO. Ais Neton.wi g t
Costs Only 25 cents at Drgi th hit nd mae
Or mali 9o conta to 0..8. MOPPETT. M. D., 8T. L.OUIS, MO.
v e ws)ntoe,* 1Jn. Ate *t24 e7

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