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HappDongs of a Local and Personal Nature.
--B. A. H-lagood is on a visit to
-A full lino of Buiits turnip seed
just received at R. 0. Cartor's, Libor
Mrs . 1). orrip, who lis been
quito ill for some i ino, is slowly jiff
-Don't fail to reai the oil mill (d.
inl this isue. It cQ otains imilportant
newS to you.
---rs. LJ. L. Tloriley is oil a visit.
to her *ighter, Mrs. R. E. Ol.iver,
at Cla.ks'ville, Tenui.
-Wi'ter II. Oriflla, of Greenville,
fpetJ last. we'ek N Mth his mothe'r, Mrs.
APO, Florence Grif.in in Pickens.
--Misses lessio and Antonia
Smith, of 13etOnl, isited tie MlieSses
Clayton, near Liberty last week.
--pFlgolr & Thorley's store is rap
icdly namg comph-tion and will be
ready for occupancy by Sept. 1st.
--We want, 500 dozen eggs weekly
and will pay a good price for them,
ltrado or (ensh. Craig Broy.
-Mr. and Mrs. William 1lummer,
who have been sponding some time
in Pickens, left for Seneca Tuesday.
-The PickOem Railroad wi!l ostab
lish a joint ticket agency at Eatsley,
in conect ot with the Southerti, on
Sept. I1st.
-WV. L. Fleming, wife and chil.
dren, of 11ona Patli, visited the faim.
ily of W. I.." Garrison in Pickens
Situ) rday.
-All interested il the Bethlehem
eemeleiy and Church aro requested
to ni et there on) Friday, August 28,
to clean off the yard.
-Protracted mceting was begnn
at Antioch church last Sunday by
Rev. A. J. Manly. Much interost is
l'eing manifested in the services.
-11. A. Looper, of Loopers,
dropped in to sco us Sal .riy an1d
reports evorythimig mnovinig atlong sat
isfactory inl his parnt. of the county.
-Prof. and Mrs. W. E. Dendy
and son1, W. E. Jr., rotirned last
week from i pleaait outilig spot
with r'elatives and frien'Ds ii York
---Ma-ried, at the residence of t-.
bwide's father., W. L. Parrott, on tLio
tl inst., Mr. Harry Stone to Miss
Eula Pariott, Rev. . F. Murphree
-'quairo Mattliew Gillespie, an
olid and honlored frmner citizen of
this coumity, but now i residenat of the
GresmNillo side, was in Pickenas a few
days last wee-k.
-s. T. A. 1htinekyt, wife of con
ductor Tomn Rtiiney, oIf then Southern
Railway, and( children. of A12:anta,
are on a visit to hor sister MrIcs. J. T1.
Talrin Pickemns.
--N. D). Taylor, photographer, wvill
bo in is at udio, Carey boalding, oii
ToOsday and Wednesday, Aug. 25th
and 2dth. Remember the date, and
call on him for nlice wvork.
-Great crowds of ieople from
neighboring cimnticsa, and peopl)e
wvho hadio neverJ been here before, w~te
hero Saturday; they went away
greatly iminpressed with P~ickens and
her pe(ople.
--MIrs. James F. Hlendr'icks, near'
Lib~ert y, whiilo coming down the steps
onie day lost, week, fell and broke a
rib andt brui'ised ha-r'se(l f conisidlerably.
S3he is uinder tie ca- :re of a phliysicianl
and is imp jroving niicely.
--There will be an E~ducat'onal
Rally at Shuady G rove school house
on next Tuesday, the 25th inst. The
S patrons and trustees have dlecided to
have a picnic and several promiinut
speakeis have been invited.
- Miss lairy Syxmes, who has
been visitinig relatives in Pickens for
somec tinmo left for her home in Green
vjill Mlonday; she was accomnpaniodl
by Aliss Lucia .lolger, whlo wiil spend
sonme time with friends ani relatives.
-Frank Ariail, of Sanford, Fla., is
on a visit to his father and mother,
Mr. and M rs. WV. H. 1I. Ariail, of the
Enion section of the county. Frank
is a portly, fine-looking man,, and is
scecoeding acdmiirably in his neow
-RI. V. Royall, Professor in High
school at C:harlestoa, camne up with
his friend, Dr. WV. J. Blowen, and en
--jye1sme of t his purio mountain
air, that blows cool fromi thce Bicio
Ridge. 1He was pea fectly delighted
with Pickens.
-Work on the Oil Mill is progroes
sing finely; the ginnery will be readoy
for the first bade of cotton and thme
null will be crushing sceed by Octo
ber. They w anit 500 cords of pine
wood1. See thteir advertisementI on
-- the front page (If this issue.
-Erniest Folger, of the firm oIf
Folger & TrIleyC, left Monday for
tho norltern marketsa to pcurchase
their line ol f:mll and winter goodls.
Ernest is a close buyer ando will have
all of the sealsonm's ncovelties for his
customers ait reasonable pirices.
-A good meeting at, Six Mile
whlaich wa- 4 cooanuted( by, Rev. B. C.
* A thinson., cloa'ed on last Sumnday. It
was a spl'-ndid revival of religion and1(
with the elchie. They wilh he b~ap
tizedl the second Suntday in Septeom
ber at 10 a. mu.
--At the election for cotton weigh.
or held ini Pickens Saituirday, theto
were 358 votes cast; of this nutmbe-r
J. D). Ild ar received 198 votes ando
+ F. Bradley Fieldl receivedl 100 votes.
Mr. Holder was elected by a majolrity
of 38. Jo ff huas been weigher for sev
eral termis ad lie will conitinue to
serve the people to the best of his
-We cal your attention to the
ad. of the Pickens 0Oraded School,
wvhich appears (elseiwhero in ihis issue.
+- This is oun of the best secools ini the
up-country, anywhe~re, and with the
corps of teachers at, its htead it will
continue to hold its own and gain
strength. No bntter place could be0
found anywhere to educate youir
childreon. For rates, terms and fuill
informatiton apply to the Superin
Lonudent WV. E Dndn.
--Mrs. R. E. Bowen is visiting
her son, Charles M. Rowen, in At.
I anata.
-Supt. of lMducation 0. B. Mar.
tin reminiied in Piokons until Sun
day evening.
-B. T. McDaniel returned from
Columbia Monday and will finish his
interrupted vacation in Pickons.
-My mill will be oponod for busi.
IIous again Tuesday iorning, Aug.
18. B. P. Kelley.
-J. F. Bannister and wife, of Ca.
teechee, visited the latter's parents,
ir. and Mrs. R. E. Bowen, lasi
-Miss Oral Mitcholl, of Prince.
lon, 8 C., is visiting the family of
ltcr uncle, Jaies Ht. (Jlaytol, near
-R. C. Carter, Liborly, has re
eoived a lot of tlt colobrated "Thorn.
hill" wagonis which he Will sell at Ile
right price.
-The lower part of the county
was blesse d with a line rain last Fri
(lay afternoon, aind on Saturday and
Sunday Pickens was given a good
- -Give us your ordet for job print.
ing. Our line of stationery is com.
)loto and we can do your work with
neatness and despatch. Call and get
our Pr-ices. We call save you money.
-That. reliable clothier, L. Roths
child, of Greenville, spent Monday in
Pickens. He has added a tailoring
department and can cut to fit and
mako to order a suit of clothes while
you wait for it,
-R. C. Carter is connected with
two other very large stores and they
buy their goods in such quantities
that it enables him to save you money
on most everything you buy from
him. See his chango in ad.
--Pickens again has a first-class
imeRt market. J. D. Mooro has
bought a refrigerator and has fixed to
run a good market and1 will have
fresh meats on hand and at all tines.
Give him a call; he also pays the top
of the market for good, fat, beef cat
-The seventeen-months old daugh.
t, r oF Mr. and Mrs. B. 1). Mauldin,
1-f the Stewart section, died on thbe
11th inst., after only one night's ill.
ness. Tle remains of the little one
was laid to rest the (lay following at
Gap Hill church. The bereaved pa.
rents have the sympathby of manly
friends in their sore bereavement.
-That excellent citizen, good far
mor, and staunch friend of this pia
per, B. D. Lendardt, of the Easley
sect-ion, wis in Pickons Saturday and
dropped in to see us. H*e reports
everything as running smoothly in
his section; ho says hard times and
laziness have run away from his see
Lion and that euergy, push and vim
have won the (liy.
--This paper is pui shed t~o dis
seminiate the news, aund we can onily
give the news whenever we learn of
it. Woe want to give you valuo ri-.
ceived for your money and~ all the
news we can, so wvill appreciate very'3
mtuchi any itemts you will send( un.
Whlile, they may nomt b~e news to you,
remember that othcors will appreciato
reading them. .Just sendl us the
skeleto oni ai postal card anid we can
put, the clothes on it. tf.
-The educational rally hlcd at
Glassy Mountain school house Mon
(lay wvaR one of time muost successful
yet held in thme county. InI theO mlorn
ing excellent addresses were made
by Miss Marye Shielor, Solicitor .J.
E. Boggs and Prof. WV. E. Dondy.
Much enthusiasm was awakened
along ed ucationall lines, so much so,
ini fac~t, thaut a sumti of $25 wvas appro
priated for the purchase of a school
library, and an order made out for
the books at the close of the meet
--Note change in thbe ad. of J. D.
Holder & Co., Real Estate. There
is a plerfect "hum" in real estate cir
cles now; everybodly is making a rush
for Pickens county dirt and the old
town is gradually forging to the front.
Let everybody get them a nice home
in town where they can come and
school their children. By so doing
they make a good investment in every
way. Ilckens is hound to 1)0 a city,
and that very soon. Nothing can
keep her dlown. Call on those gen
tlemen and they will treat you right.
-The series of meetings held at
Golden's Creek Baptist church, Rev.
B. C. A thinson, pastor, closedl on
Friday 7th inst. There were eleven
additions to the church. Bev. E. A.
Dunlow assisted in the meeting and
the membership was greatly revived
and refreshed by the earnest work of
these consecrated men of God assist
ed in loading members to the church.
At the close of the meeting there
were over twenty pen itent mou rners
at the anxious seat. TIhec member.
ship of tl~e church asks the prayers
of all of God's people ini behalf of
themselves and the miourniers.
-Mr-s. James C. King, and1 child.
ren, of Brevard, N. C., who has been
on a visit to relatives and friends ini
this county for the past two weeks.
i-eltimned home Tuesday, Sh3 will he
pleasantly remomnbered1 by many of
our readers as Miss Ethuer C'renseaw,
being a daughter of "Uncle Jesse"
Croenshaw, of the Tale Mountain
section. We are glad to state that
she is in good health anid she and~
hors has greatly p~rospered1. Mr.
King is thme popular sheriff' of Tra,,
sylvania county and is serving his
second term and his friends till say he
can have the olfloe as long as lie will
- --M~essrs. H. Baker, suiperintend
enh; T. B. Sumner, road master; and
MIr. - --, forem-an of bridges, of
the Southern Railwvay, spent a wvhile
in Pickens Friday. They camne up
on a special C~n the Pickens railroad,
and reported this road itn good cont.
dition. All of these gentlemen ex
priessed themselves as very much
pleased with Pickens and her future
prospects, and stated before leaving
that they saw great possibilities in
the futuxe of Pickens and protmised
to pay this thriving little city a long
visit in the fall. The naive beauty
and charm of the town'and her sur
roundings completely captivated them
and, as they are all true sportsmen,
the excellent shooting privileges lucre.
abouts; will be an added incentive
toward bringing them augain in our
-Wantted new orop of souid dry
peacb Hood; $1.00 1)er bushel in triado.
-A good meeting is in progress
1the Pickens Baptist church this
week, conducted by the pastor, Dr.
A. J. 8. Thomas.
--Prof. Duff Bolding will con lu';t
a ilgiug at Bethel church next Sun.
day. Everybody cordially in vited to
coO and br'mg well-filled baskets
and song boo!. o.
-In tihe comin ication from
Knob it, should read "there are about
185 iles in Pumpkintown township
and about 1100 miles in the county.
On a 5i year contract "B. J. V." "will
tak the contract and keep thoi ronda
in Puipkintown township in firsit
class condition for $4.60 a mile, per
year.'' This would cost 'the county
$382.50.per year, or $1,912.50 for the
5 years. This would be a great sav
ing to the county over the present
syst(m, and, we think, bhould be
-A very interesting protracted
servico has juht closed at Fairview
m. 1', church. Tho pastor, Rev. W.
E. Loudormilk, was most ably assis.
ted by Rev. William Porter, of High
Point, N. C. Much interest was
manifested by all denominations and
all were benetilted by the sound force.
ful sermons. Fourteon wore added
- the church and the only draw
back was that the meeting could not
continuo longer. Mr. L'oudo-milk is
a very popular patstor and he wis
quito fortunate in securing the servi
ces of Mr. Porter. All extend to Mr.
Porter a most cordial invitation to
come 5Caam.
Dr. W. Joel Bowon, of Mount
Ploasaut, S. C., has been on a visit to
his parents, Mr. and Mira. V. T.
Bowep, near Pickenus After roam
itg over the scenes of his childhiod,
he returned to his practico last Tues.
(lay. He is succeeding tadmirably in
his adopted home, and raiks high in
his profession and is surgeon for tihe
Consolidated Railway Co., but with
all of this, and notwithstanding his
prosperity, deep down in his heart,
there is it secret longIing for the free
and easy life that is etjoyed here in
the foothills of thO 11 Blue Ridgi;
so much so, that he may becomo i
citizen of Pickens.
-A representativo of this paper
spent the night, last week, at the
lovely country home of the Misses
Claytoin, near Liberty. This is one
of the most beautiful homes in the
up country; the houso is well ap
pointed an)d( sits on ani eminence in a
beautiful grovo of majestic oaks, and
the lawn, of so'ne five acres, is weil
laid out and beautifully kept. Their
brothur, I. L. Clayton, who lives
with themt, is very t uch a "hotime
man," but not a "homely one," and
he takles gr at prido in keeping the
placo i p and haiis every appointmaentt
for comfort and enjoymnent. T1ruly13 it
is a Hsplenatd place to visit.
-- The meeting of thte D) s ughters
of t.he Confederacy at Mrs. AloFall's
wvas w(ell tttenided last Thursday.
Several important matters weI 3 (dis
cussed. It was5 decided to send a
delegtt to thle conventloln oIf theit
Stto divisionl atI Camdlon int Decem-i
her, also, if p~rac(ticable, to send onec
to the antnuail Contvoention (of the U. D).
C. in Chairleston int November. As a
means of incaing the ttronsurtyl
fund the Daughlters expect to give an:
entertainmont in the near fture.j
After the chapter was adjourned the
hostess served most del igh tfully re
freshimnts and the members spet
sotmie time in social enjoy mont.
Liberty Locals.
Liberty, S. 0., Atig. 18, 1903.
We certainly have had1 fine rains
the past few days which has great
ly improv'ed the crops.
The addition to the factory buil
(ing is nearing completion and will
soon ho ready for the machinery.
It is a foregone conclusion that the
company will have to erect miore
houses at an early dato.
Work on the new station honse
is prgrssing finely and the walls
are nearly completed.
T1. N. Hunter has broken dirt for
a large and commodions two-story
brick store, wh ich, when (done, will
he one 0f the mnost complete and
uip todate business building in the
country aind an ornament to any
The protracted meeting that wvas
to begin in the Baptist church has
been put off' untilI Monday after tha,
fourth Sunday. It will con tinue
thr ough the wveek, maybe longer.
Rev. L. J. Ehrlich, of Morgan
ton, N. C., arrived hero yesterday
on his way to assist the Rev. Lewis
in a protracted mneetintg in the Pea
Ridge section' Mr. Ehrlich is a
converted .Jew and is said to be an
excel lont preacher.
The looks of the school house
has been woniderfully changed, andl
for the bet~ter, by a liberal appli
cation of paint.
.A fow delegates loft hter' ye'ster
day to attend the Sunday School
Institute niow in session at Rich
land, Oconee county, S. C. c.
Beverley News,
Health of this section is very good
at present.
The Sanday school celebration at
liounion was a gr'and( success. Sev
eral goodl speeches were made. The
ladies around here certainly know
how to please the inner matn.
Mrs. Ben Boggs is still in very
bad health.
T1omn and1 Stam Norii have gone to
Abbeville and other placos for a t wo
weeks' visit.
Crops wverc refreshed witht a good
rain last week.
Elijah Davis, wvho has been nick
for somne timne, is vet'y much im
T1. E Smith has the finest picco of
corni we have seen.
Several of the Beverlovilcs went to
Secona the second1 Smtiday to the
Singing convention.
Willie Bloverley weont to Greenville
Saturday on business.
. Lost Boy'.
If constipateti riious, call for Ra
men's Pills and be certain our clerks give
you the~ genuine Ramoni's; Complete
treatment 25 dloses 250e.
Big Reduction Sale
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Pants, Overalls, Buggies,
Wagons, Harness, Saddles, Blankets, Laprobes
I And All Kinds Of .
My buyer will leave for New York about Aug. 28th to buy one of
the most complete lines of General Merchandise ever kept in this country
and will be sold at the right price.
'ihey are the most simple in con
struction and lighest running and
most lasting mowers ever made.
_____________ ________ .00CME AND LET ME TEL YOU ABOU? TH1it1.
][Z~oC,, C rterLiberty, S. C.
To Cure a Cold in One Day s.
TakeLaxative Bromo QuinineTaets. on every
Seven Million boxes sold In past 13 months. This sigRature, box.25c.
Hazel Happenings.
Health is good at th a writing.
Prof. J. L. Mui phree is conduct
ing t flourishlig singing shoolVehicles d H n
Mountalin Grovo Baptist church.
W. H. Gilstrap has returned from
a business trip to Easley.
Miss Olive Newton is an (xcellent Take
teacher and knows just how to man- A Look In.
age tile scholars to get along with O o
them withiout trouble. Miss Olive is . OOO
a charming young lady. One of our
neighbor boys is ilshing for her al- Pickens. S. C.0
1*oC5 ~ have sized up the wants of this community in Vehicles and Harness and
ready.are prepared to eet thorn. We make no shoddy orns. We're resi
J. L. Graveloy and wife bavo just dent sales agents for the
returi.ed from a visit to 1. L. Gil-l
strap of Westinester. Ho sail that
"Bob" was as jolly as ever. Mrs
Sallie Gilstirnp cao hack with himin.
She j 1 S ye. You know and everybody else knows there Is nothing yetprior t h a
rMr.t andKnMrs.andu. Pallillo tespoio.haone
returliC ne tm a vist to Brevard, N.toctiad titqik Adtwllbalrcithi tcu s
Recv. A. J. ilianly is coniducting a
series or meeting at Aintiech Bazptistpae agurne
chu irch. He is nasisted1 by Prof. W.
M. WValkor, of Blackwood, S 0., and
Rev. WV. 0. Btren, of Galloway, N.
0. At this writ ing there hats been
three accessions to thie chutrchi, and
the membn ers greatly revi vedl. Prof.
WValker is a deep and1( earnest wt irk r
in his .\iaster'si cause.I
VOnelminute of yourftime tolhear our story.
a Life. PrPickens. CS.hi.r
"Aa rotmeagprws akawihe -~te a ft o nuiyio o sHresa
vioentatackofDiarhoa nd elevent sae agnt fo the
b e f ritth a p rn riat h a sstnon ,u eAn k e . e'a'Atfeti ev ' o o r p a r e
o*mne hmbra Clc.CoeaC PTA L, as-etl k- nm $lt o it2i'syor 0uaane.toa0 er
twenty-lve cent.lottlsiva aftrantein.
Vtolent dtac of iarntrely cured. byEOST,
Chain i hebtrla m edyCo inc, Ch o rler-____~____.
f a oe n iarhin.Fi Remed ) neetpintm eois aeu aaeet
anden D ruh.aps FSaved 1ru
ingintgttc oneniaroneiv
I o have t3i i Ig co cnotoen ~ ~ , ~ i~CTR~
citize of atuton . "A.A.frien. 'riw rec- ~ia
enidertit et remed the worldsth -
andoraicers and Te. J. I. unoter.ibr
Si(o inging \ Cneton.
Pick0ns thatt ladingingn conetio
Ahejonventonwasurpand b tha<oL PE R
pr'senwh readin the 9trnooalS
anderer. byRvW . . F ~ oser~.
dhoays, wer l BJ. r L.ToA.s, RAnTgomMIT~
andon.andF. eli.Netn
Those ht led in tinin afern.p~s k oka u agi
weProf J. . L0sey Mcoper, BaeD.'',l
We. E.er Mc. Weomsind, Bent
OrndW one hort and a1 hafo
Thns wh(l inte afternoon vrPrf.jRI E &AT O
BwePrfs W. . Mmrete, \Vi.B. E.N
Thomas, MGalleBakellA.,J..Ram
poyB M. Bodi I0. LoopDWems
andJ.. e s anio . E elh. ~-- -- - - - - - -.
OnSa h convention wou eta ooa
againedoon fredn the 100Ith sukno
Pr t ae tr.a.oi noy em
Toela Jhn e An Dkoth, feno
AeoPos Shrif' Od.opr-MD
\Vems, oe. M. ong Bonnett Rth at ~()mntswehv
Oene, W.r lc.arrettanrd R.i hM.yhdtm o e ogbet
Ithetn atrno were~ roi s. J.iU 15
ilg E.s of Bolig, . 1hO Lopr, ~tyn ohnles aycikn
MD.n Was an W.) E.o Cone..Jv to-raer
M.(Th o las wofnthe abopng the o hergoiatior o5(1 eln
gonventtitonoul moit a iit SeVai t dayhratnyjic.agehcks
agai alon forlth popn throughotwl rn uhbte rc n r l
how toamake stragsergetnjoy whem
selve on M. Dukorhthenaswnelen r ngo ead
yearsWanT. MiFs LLhJ.nMhas beenEa
For th prresidenta'e pCasheierli
schol hoks wt CKthNSicBtANKrti
subjet to y suervioF.PIKENIS BC.S
hiterest paid on timeu Oepis. Cau Manageet
Talk About Your
"ill End Sales" and your "Wreck Sales
but they are not "in It" with our
"Knock Down", "Drag Out" Clearance Sale for the
Big lot of Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents Furn
ishing Goods to go at and and bolow New York cost. Over 800 pairs
of mens and boys pants all sizes and colors to go at p:ices never be
fore heard of in the State of Pickens.
Rig lot of Clothing, come and select your suit, name tho prico
and take it.
This is no fairy tale but plain facts we are talking. Wo would
rather 1ave cost for every suit in the house than to the timo and
trouble to Ujovo and rearrange them in our now store.
WO hope to be in our now ;uarters by Sept. 1, and we contem
plate buying the largest stock of General Merchandise, consisting 'of
Clothing, Dry Goods, Shoes, Hats, Gents Furnishings, Groceries, Hard
ware Furniture, Buggies and Wagons ovor brought to this part of the
country. Wo will convert our old store into a wegon and Buggy and
Furniture Depository and by Sopt 15th we will be prepared to show
you a complete and well selectod stock. Have just ordered a car of
Mitchell & Lewis wagons which are the best on the market.
Remember: For the next :30 days we will offer some of the
groatest bargains ever offered in Pickens.
Folger & Thornley
Clothing, Hats, Shoes and Gents Furnishing
A Specialty.
J. L. Bolt, 1M. 1). J. N. 11a11um,1 Ph. 0.
Pickens Drug Company.
We Have Just Received A Nice Line
Tablets, Box Paper
oMYVisiting Cards.
and (wertliig in the line of StapC Station
ery. Tablets firom 5 cents up. Beautiful
\Vriting Papers. Come and see.
An Invitation.
is extended to the tr ading public to call and see the
line of goods I carry. If either the goods or the pri
ces don't suit you don't have to buy ! ! ! ! !
I want your produce, eggs. chickens, etc.) and will pay
the highest market prices for same, either in cash or
trade-Give me a trial and you will never regret it..
Yours for trade,
John F. Harris.
SPECIAL: The best parched and green coffees I can buy.
For The Past Few Weeks
Our store rooms have had somewhat the appearance
of this:
P I n O LU 19
Everything topsy, turvy, upsidle downe, mixed lip, a regular
tear dlown, change about, remodel. Making more room-bet
ter room.
and while at this we found a lot of useful artices that we don't
particularly need and which you can havo powerful cheap.
We have now about completed all this dusty work and wvill be1
glad to have all our friends call in and~ see us--but doin'l all
conmo at onico.
You and Your Folks Come TO-MlY
Your Neighbor and his Folks TOMO1EROW.
Bargains on all the shelves. T1ell them about it.
ANYTHING ! EVERYTHING !No trouble now to find
wvhat You want.
New crop of turnip seed just in-Don't noglect the turnip
patch. Yours truly,
Do You Know
We are having this printed to call your attention to our August
Biargain Sales in Stoves and China.
A No. 7 Cook Stove 22 pieces ware at $7.f60 each.
A large Box OvenI Patent bottom Stove, 26 pieces~ $18.50 ch~l.
One lot No. 8 "Iron King'' Stoves, 26 prioces at $21.50. each.
We are headquarters for Stoves and Ranges and fulfill to the luot
ter every premise made in our ads.
75c. oN T HIE$1
Will huy any article in a lot of ten different patterns of high grade
China. Tholise goods at this price are cheaper than plain white goods
of the samo gradle. WVo want this sale to close by
We are therefore making these sweeping reductions in prices that
it may do so.
Right nowv lot us say, you will loso money if you huy after this
sale closes.
TERMS CASH on everything.
North Main St. EASLEY, S. C.

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