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Eutored April 23, 1903 nt Pickeus, S. U., as secud clium ut i, under act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
V1 C1 K N S SE 8N TN E~ I,, Ixib1hIe'1 M. I " - -,-PICE,-'NS , S. C., AUGUST, 27, 1 - V X
__S11mll.'i 11()I c~ i4 E .
Tho ~ wiho are ralninug fiosht
, ~ tha by regular tre.at
,StWs Em usion
h1ou:J continuo tho treatment
1:1 lot wonther; Sr'naller dloso
11r-l alitxtl cool milk with it will
C a) with ansy objection
which Is attachod to fatty pro
clucts during tho hoated
SeSi. r frce rmnple.
SIi'T & nOWNE, Chemists,
49-41 Plii Strect New York.
5C. amld I. a.o ; all druggist.
Ile Tranlferred tho 1at-kles to 11h0 Sieela
hig Omicr, Stole H1i Weapon
an1d Laft.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Spocial.-Al
bert Ecklund, alias Georgo Jolin
011, who was captured at Rawlins
and was being taken back to Chi..
eago to answer t> the chargo of
graid larceny, effected a rnmark
ab1lo escape from Detectivo Wil
liai Mlarsdon. Marsden left Raw
liis Tuesday iiilght witI Ecilund,
and to make sure of his lman shack
led him to a seat in thb smoking
comparitment of a chair car. VhIle
Marsden was sleeping beside his
prisoner Eukluid wont through the
dele.tives -pockots, secured the
keys to the shackles, released himt
self and then shackled the officer
to tho steam pipes. Iaving re
('ivl the otlicer's w'oapons and
other property, Ecklund left the
train at Larame. Marsdei was
not awakened by the conductor
until Choyenne was reached, when
ho called for assistanco. As Mars
don had absoltutely nothing oil Iiis
personi to provo that he wias not a
prisoner, the trainucii would not
relea!o himii. The railroad auithor
ities telegraphed to Clicago for
instru(ion, an( when the train
reachedl Syndoy M larsdon was final
ly released froll Iis predicaielnt.
Wadlnesday Inight 110 passod through
Chovonne on routo to Larame to
I ry to 0l'.,ct the recapturo of his
prisne)r. -
A Smooth Negress.
Boalufort, S. C., Special.-Pen
n1011 Ilnspeutor 1). If, AlexandeIor
has dettted another pension
fraid, This timo it is Diana Jenk
ins, colored, living at Island Tank,
a few miles from here. It was
discovered that she had been
drawiing her deceased mother's
pelsion frol the United States
government since 1899. She drew
$576 under the name of Sarah Gur
vin, having assumed her mother's
lhLInuo for the lurpose. I1Ir hus
band, Ephriamn Jenkins, is also
said to bo0 a party to the fraud,
b.ut he is still at large. ,Diana is
nlow hehi ind tho bars in the coun
ty jail. She will have a hearinag
before the United St ates court.
Run Over By A Buggy.
Tluoesday. about 2 o'clock, at (Gaff
ney, as little Carl Sarratt, a son
of Mr. .J. V . Sarrautt, was crossing
theO street ini front Of the G4affney
Live St ock Company's stable, he
was run over by a bugl gy. A lady
was dIriving thme buggy and was
reaching for the whip, and conse
squenO~tly did not see the little fel
low. IIe was knocked down and
ranu over one hand. One leg wasn
badly bruised. TJhe lady failed to
stop) to see the damage done, but
dIrove on. Some gentlemen near
by pickedl the little fellow up and1(
carried hlim home. In a short
time lie was able to raesulme his
play. __
Slaako a nio Y'our Shlae
A llenaa l''aot-I-',ax. It resits the feet. Cu res
'ornas, Itantonaas, Inagroawinag Nails, Swallena andaa
Swenalinag ft. Ai aull druagg.Ist andl shoae store
Ask loay.u
Kidney Trouble Makes You MIserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
cures made by Dr.
Khimer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver
and bladder remedy.
.It ls the great medi
-.-cal triumph of the nine
teenth century; dis
covered after years of
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-- -nent kidney arid blad
-. -e--der sipecialist, and is
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Dreadful Orima Discovered ha North Car
oli,,a-Mo)b Making Dioubly Sure
of Negro's Unlit.
Halifax, N. C., Special.-Thurs
day overting butweon 7 and 8
o'clock the dead body of Mary
Jenkins, 13 years ol(, was found
in the stable of Capt Griffin, hor
grandfather. Hor throat was cut
from ear to ear, and the body was
tied up in a bag.
The girl's grandmother had
been looking for her, and goig to
the stable, found it locked. She
put Mary's little sister through an
opening in the door, and the girl
stumbled over the body in the bag.
A negro who is employed at the
hotel and also by Capt. Griffin is
suspectod of the crime. Whon
searcheld, he was lound to have the
koys of the stablo in his pocket, a
blcody knife and bloOd on his
lianda and his clothes. Ile is now
under guard of a large number of
citizens, as well as deputies and
constables, awaiting tho arrival of
bloodhounds from Weldon, to be
used to track him from the stable.
The whole town is thoioughly
aroused, and crowds of men have
come in from Weldon armed with
rifles. ft is not thought the negro,
whose name is Manna Ponton, will
live to see daylight.
Later.-A crowd gathered and
sceured the negro, hangod him to a
treo and riddled his body with buil.
lets. The negro after the nooso
had been placed around his neck
conf-sed to the murder of tholittle
child, and to having criminally as,
saulted her.
After disposing of the negro the
crowd which had made no attempt
at conceal munt, disparsed without
any further disorder.
End of Bitter Fight.
"'wo physicians had a long and stub
born fight with an abscess on my right
lung" writes J. F. Hughes of DuPont.
Ga. "and gave me up. Everybody
thought my time had come. As a last
resort I triEd Dr. Kings New Discovery
for consumption. The Qenolit I received
was striking and I was on my feet in i
few days. Now I've entirely regained
my health." Tt conquers all Coughs,
Colds and Throat and Lung troubles.
Guaranteed by the Pickens Drug Co.
Price 150c and $1.00. Trial bottles free.
South Carolina Not in It.
A dispatch to the Chicago Roc
ord-Herald from New Orlans says:
The organization of the Southern
Textile company, a combine of
southern cotton yarn mills, has
beena practically completed, and the
mills will soon be taken over.
This is the largest cott'n miorgeri
that has ever taken place.
The company3, which is capital
ized at $1d,000,000, will take over
about 70 mills in North Carolina,
Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and
Oholera InfIatuim.
TIhis~ dIisease has1 lost its teorsi' sjince
Chmambierlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoen Remedy came into general use.
The uniform success whlich attendIs the
use of tis remedly in all eases of bowel
complaints in childi en has made it a
favorite wherever its value has become
known. For sale by Pickens Drug Co.
and Earle's drug store, Pickens and 'T.
N. Hlunter, Liberty.
A Sad Accident.
Congaree, S. C., Special.
Trl sdaH~fy morning at 2 :85 o'clock,
Milton Jones of Sumter, the ~10
year-old son of Mr. Thios. M. JTones
was killed b~y traini 84, a fast
freight on the Atlantic Coast Line.
There were tour white boys boating
their way from Columbia to Sumi
ter' and( were dliscovered by the
brakemian who told them to get
down. As the train was runing
about 35 miles an hour, he told
them to get off as soon as the train
stopped at tihe woodl rack here to
tak e wood. When the train slowed
up the unfortunate h~oy, wvho was
standiog between the tender and
the first car, attempted to getdown
and ho missed his footing and fell
between the rails, the brake rodl
striking him on the heati and
breas andkling im instantly.
Toyoung felwwsonil
way to seo his mother.
Bishop Capers' illness,
A telephone miessage from Cedar
Mountain, N. CI., wvhere Bishop
Capers is spending the summer,
says that he has a well dleveloped
case of pneunmonia, his r'ight lung
being badly affosted wvhile h is left
lung is lpartially congestedl.
Thme D~eatha Penally,
A little thing sometimes results hi
death. Thus a mere scratch, insignifl
c mnt cuts or puny boils have paid the
death penalty. It, is wise to have Buck
len's Arnica salvo ever handy. It's the
best salve on earth andh will prevent
fatality, when burns, sores, ulcers and
piles threaten. Only 2ic at the Pickea
lDrug C..
To Have a New Bank.
A new batik is being organiz.-d
at Ilontea Path and will be ready
for husitiess by the 15th of Octo
ber. Mr. It. M. Shirley, an enter.
prising merchant, is eigiieering
tho schemo and more than $15,000
has already been ubscribed, 'I'ie
capital stock will be placed at
about $25,000. Mr. Shirley is
one of the substantial businesS
mon of this place aid 'will be
president of the bank. le has
seyveral of the leading bnsiness
men interested in the enterprise
and it is sauo to say that it will be
a paYing investlnlt A commis
sion fur a charter will be applied
for at once aid the organization
perfectod in a very short time.
'T7he eiterprisn will doubtless he
known as the Bank of Honea 1Path.
Tuesday morning at 5 o'clock,
Mr. J. Black Mcride, who lives on
M r. II. S. 0's place, som,,, dis
tanco from F'loronce, breathed his
last, as the result of a lick re
ceived on his head Monday after.
10011. It occurred in this way:
Mr. McBridi was Eaoted on the
tongue of a log wagon doing some
work, when tho team moved a fowt
steps, which caused the winidlasa
to becomo unhitched and coming
around, struck Mr. McBrido onl tho
'he lick was reithor severo but
not so Inuch as to stun him, or
Causo him" to cease work. le
worked for some timo after neci
deut, treating the lick he had re
ceived rather jokingly.
Shortly be strolled of' in tile
woods a piece, soon roturned,
taking a seat. on a log and asked
for a glass of- water. Before the
water could be given him Ile fainit
ed and had to be carried to his t
hor.e, whOre lhe died early Tuos a
day morning. -
Puis il En,1d to itAll.
A grievous wail o)ftiIianes coIes 11 8
result of unbearablo pain from overtaxed
organs. Dizziness, backacle, liver com- e
plaint and constipation. But thanks to
Dr. Kings New Life Pills they put an
011d to it all. They are gentle but C
thorough. Try them. Only 25r(. (ar- t
anteed by Pickens Drug (.10.
Laurcns, S. C., Special.-A telo.
gram recoived here Monday imorn,
ing from Dr. Ben Martin announces.
the death of his son, Ben Martin,
Jr., which occurrod Sunday nigh t
m a hospital in Chattanooga, 'enn.
Ihis (loath was the rouiil t of a rail
road accident somewhere b~etwvoonm
Ch attanooga anid Knoxville Irri
(lay afteornoon last. lIe had a leg ~
cutL oil' and was imjuredi internallyi. il
liis parenits were prlomIptly noti a
fled and left on the fi rd train for e
their son's bedside. Theo young
man had1( been railroading ini To n. 5
nessee for somte t ime, runlninig on a 8
freight out of Chattanooga. ie1
was about 21I yearis of age and uin
mlarried . The remins~ 15wore hiur
iod hero TFuesday, 1
Suicide Preteted.t
Trhe startling announ(emnt that a
preventive of suicide had beeni dlicover- 1l
e3d will interest mny. A run dlown t
system, or detsponldency invariably pre- t
cedle snicide and siomtethiing hais huln
found that will prevenlt, that cnditlion
which makes suicidle likelyv. A t th e firsti
thought of self des5tru!tion1 take Electric v'
Bitters. it being a great t'mic and( nier- y
vine will strengthen tihe nlerves and1(
build1( up the systtemu. It's also a great
stomach, liver andl kidntey reguulair. On
ly 50c. -Satisfaction guaraunteed hy the
P'ciens d .ug Co.
Tourists Poisonedi By Cream.
M~'oro than 50 pleople, the major
ity of whom are tourist at Color-ado C
Springs, Col., from all parts of ii
the country and Manitou have C
boen poisoned from eating ice c
cream received Sunday morning I
from one of the largest creameries J
and dairies in the stato, situated j
near Denver. Analysis by the I
.health oflicers of Colorml-o Springs, d
rveals the fact that the cream was t
charged with for-maldohyde to keop t
it from sowiniig. No deafths have t
r-esuilted, although several cases are t
critical. Health Oflicor Ihanford
of that city states that arrests will
1)e miade at once.
In att tmpting to crops the tracks C
of the Souithiornl railway early I
Monday miorninag while0 the south- E
boutnd freight wasn shfiung at
Hlonoa PathI Patick BradIy, an
Irish pedler, was instaItntly kill- (
ed. Ihis neck was1 brokein back II
br-okeni anid his body oth~orwis) I
ma tngled.- T1he deceased was Ipn -
old1 Confedef-ate votertan, being a
member of the Manning Guard,
Hampton Legion. lie was a quiet I
inoffenisivo citizen and is known
throughout the Piedmont sect ion.
Over *200) dlhlai-s was found on his
Wo havo hoard onough pleas fc
to the poor negro; lot us Viow hea
something for the children, th
beautiful, innocent young girli
-c knowing and thinking no wrong
d crowned with Virgin innocence aTh
h purity, flitting about their home
3 liko stray sunbeams from heaven
n when suddenly this dark, nameles
i horror falls on then and the sun
light of love and heaven is lost ii
j. a fate infinitely worse tban death
j. Let us hear something of the hal:
1 py homes which those negro ravish
tt ors have destroyed, the fathers an
d mothers who are bowed to 1h,
t. earth withi insupportable atguisl
is and a horror so groat that th
y light of day and the morcy of Go
3 s0em a mockery to them. Lyncl
a law is irregular and unlawful, bu
.u is the crime which is avengoic
p There is but one way. Just s
. long as white girls are ravished b;
black fiends just so long will nt
,f groos bo burned at the stako. Le
them read the writing on the wall
k "Let white girls alone," for just a
long as they commit th's crime th
fathers,brothers and sons will aris
s in their wrath and scourgo then
d from the face of the earth. Tih
g law is to protect law-abiding cit
g izons. Lynflching is to aveng
wrongs so deep dark, and hellisi
SI liat no torture that can1 be in
flicted is commensurate with th
- crimo. If the negroes will le
white girls alone they can enijoj
with all other citizons the equa
r justice of the laws.-Ida A. L
Wright in the Ringhampton, N. Y.
I Herald.
.1oh11 It. Dumena, Soi of Col. 1). P. Daints,
Fails Whie Olling the Enginio.
Columbia, S. C. , Special.-Jusl
i six miles from liere, near ltookter',
( trestle, while oiling the valves Oi
'pass-nger engino No. 1,004, of the
r Southern Railway, Mr. John It
l Duncan, Sol of Col. D. P. Duncar
0 socretary of the railroad commis
S81011, lost his footing and was in.
: stantly hurled under the engine
- and his body was run over b)
thirtoen passenger coaches.
Mr.Duncan left Ashevillo Thurs.
day morning at 7 o'clock oi the
regular- passenger train No. 14.
loI had been put on this run on
O August 12 as fireman an(d was
under Engineer J, R. Hunter, who
says that youing Duncan. was iii
.his usual goodI Spirits all the morn
ing. As the train was nearing
- hooktor's trestle the speed of the
train was slacked to six miles an
hour and D)uncan went out of the
left of the engine to oil the valves
on his sido of the engine. This is
not at) unusual thing for ai firemnan
to do, Duncan having oiled 'the
engine at Skyhmnd when the train
wals going at a~ speed of thirty-five
'miles ani hour. After a short
Swhile E ngineer H-unmter thought
Sthat his firoman was taking an un
-usually long time and asked En
gineeur Will Gteeni, who was on
thme engine with him, if lhe saw
D uncan oni the other side. Wheni
Sit was found that the young fire
man was miiissing the engine was
stojped aimnd thrnee hundred yards
Iup) the road his prostrate bodly was
seen lying across the track. The
entire train hadl passed1 over him
and death was instantaneous,. the
top) of his skoull being crushed and
both feet badly mangled,
Young lDuncan had boen work
ing on the railroad about three
years and( his ambition was to be.
s como1 anl engineer. In addition
3 to liking the practical experience
1 of running on the engine h.e had
s beetn ,working hard for months~
in with a courao. Just ton cdays age
f he had been priomfoted from a
V freight run, and hofore lie wvas 21
" years old hA been) given a position
-as fIreman on the Ashevillo train,
'VT body wats taken to Sutei
U b~y Col. D). P. Duncan for burial.
l)A N rzm-AEtOT~T
- A. D). Dantzier of Orangeburg
~the unegro who is conteting~ thu
seat of Congressmaun Lover, is ii
*the city. Hre has been securlont
the original retitus of the election
Sin e'very voting precinct in Rich.
; huand, O)rangeburg, Su o' ter an<(
SLexington counties for the purpos<5
a of showing to the conltest comrnit
too of the niext con~greos thanit Re
puhhans were not allowed to vote
I his lawyer has pr1ocured book
Y of the enrolle~d IWopnblican votert
in oeh precinct, Mir. Lover'
dlawyer has securedl aflidavits fron
.n these iepublican voters saying tha
Sf.,w of themi wsn t to the polls, bui
Swould~ have ben unrestrained ha<
t hmey wished to. tdo so.--Columi
ilited 1our nid Woundegd Nine Vh1
Moss--tesult of Bail on Hil Patch.
A special from Hlollin, Ala
i tys: News has just reached hei
jhat four men have booin kille
md n11ie woun(dd in Randoli
ounty by a negro nameid Sledgi
1'o1 sheriff and posso aro noiw i
pursuit, but havo not yot capture
.he muvirderor.
The troublo started over a difi
multy in a watermolon patch Sa
irday. A party of white in
Yore working the public road t
Beavor Creek, near Lamar, an1
when they finished work they as]
d permission to eat a few inelu:
n the negro's melon patch. 'Ihle
x9ro told to help thenmslves. Th
1131n began to cut and slash melor
ud vines, while Sledge looked oa
l'he nogro warited then to sto
tnd then went after his gun. It
urning lie emplibd the weaponi ii
0 the crowd, wounading 9 out
Immediately Sledge Ibid.
)osso headed by the shrill, ove
Pook the negro neir a bridge ove
he Tallapoosa river, fivo mnile
rom Wodowee. lie was ordere
o surronder, but replied by firin
s shiotguni, infstantly killin
l'homas Ebbott and Robert Fort
Sledge was accosted on the roal
honday by James Moore and Bu,
Vilson. Without warning, th
,egro raised his gun and fired, ii
tantly killing Moore and mortall
voundiig Wilson. No furthe
letnils have been received hero
kt last accoints the passe was stil
11 pursuit.
Locked in Each Other's Arms.
During an electric storm on S1
Ieleiia Island a low nights ag
wo little negro childreni, whil
sleep, were struck by lightnin
id killed. Their mothor wa
wakened by tho smell of brimn
tone and was hiorrifieid to discove
er children dead. The )olt ha,
utered an open window. 'T'li
ittlo ones were lockod in eacl
therR arms. , They won buried ii
bie same cuflin, having been great
attached to each other durin
I'he Itest PIreseription for. Mll
Ili s and tiever is a itle of (irovIv s TA.,T
s (ula TiI. It is sliuply Iron aild qu ini1
a tastel"oss f trmn. No cu re-nso piy. - PriceC
pipor Casroia Isippdg Mu ilos to Teni
nue,.sue-Will Como lst ac.
Anderson, S. C., Spe cial.-Se ver
,1 deoalors are engaged in b~uying
ules in theo county which will bl
hippedr~ to Tleessee to bo fatten
ii during the fall and winter
~ext spring thue anlimals wull bh
biipped south againI and1 8sold fo
OOd pricos. It is said thiat a ver
urge cor'n crop is being miade ii
enossee80 this year iiaid that
00(d profit cani ho made~ in buyinag
ules in this section and sh ippingI
bom11 there to be fed on the corni
great manyfl of the mules that air
ow going to T'ennaessee camo f ron
hat state last Spring. As a rul
be mules are of second giad
uaility 111an mny of the mare hciai
skenl by the dealers from pe0 apI
-ho bought thomn on credit ani
ill not be able to pay for thiemi.
ijadal foru Trespam ss nthe Property of
(Jottons Mll Clatims Col tumias
ais Homse.
r'st timo in Capt. Thos. J. Duck
tt,'s administration of thle sherifl'
flice thore is imprisonedl iln th
onuty jail a white woman, a gir
7 years of ago. I1or namei
anmo JIones and she was sent ti
ril by Magistrato MoMillan 0
[tinter township to servo a fort,
nys' sentenice for trespassing o
he prenoisos of the Goldvllh Man,
faucturinug comn ~y. It seems thua
lie girl and hier mpotlier resided i
heo mill villago at Goldville unrti
bie authoitilos requested their rov
noval SOmle fe w weeks ago. A fte
brief absenice in a nearby towl
ho giri retur'ned. Her arrest ai<
Qnvictionl on the charge of tres
assinig followod and she wau
traigh tway hn default of thue fini
mnposed sont to tihe counity jail
She is a comel y girl and claimi
)oltumbia1, as her former home. Shi
pears to be takiag her inacarera
ion as8 a ma)Itter 0f coune andi
lot givinag thle authorities an;
roublo whatever.
I find niothinig better for stomach ana
iver derangemient anud constipationa tha~
lhamiberlainu's Stomuach and Liver' Talu
ete.-L. F. Andrews, Des Mojines, Iowa
~or ISale by Pickens l)aug ( M. tin
isarles D ruag Store, Pickenal, awlu' T1.2
Iiiuim.. Enibe
iRemains Packed In a Largo Coftee U4an on
a the Train.
MonongahIna, Pa., Special. -
The blood-stained corpse of a five
year-old boy was discovered Wed.
s nosday night by Baggagetan A.
,B. McDonald, on a Plittsburg,
a Virginia & Charleston Railroad
- train en route to Draversburg.
The little body was packed tight,
ly in a large coffee can two feet
high and 18 inches wida and was
- wrapped in the blood-soaked folds
L of a woman's dress. The only
mark on the body was a bullet
' hole in the breast, probably the
D cause of death. When Dravers
I burg was reached a man and a
woman who had deposited tho can
t in the baggage ear at Waltersburg
were arrested and taken to jail at
SMclKeesport. Their names were
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Jubiler, of
- Tucker, and they said that the
t boy was their sOn, who had acci.
. dentally shot himself with his
D father's revolver. When thev
B found hin he was dead and thoy
3 decided to keep the matter quiet
I and bury him quietly at Dravers.
3 burg.
Dr. Bramlett Hurt.
Campobello, S. C., Special.
While returning from a visit to it
patient Wednesday night Dr. J.
W. Bramlett had a very narrow
Oscape. It was late and the Doctor
I had dropped into a (lose froin
which he was awakoned by the
horse stepping off' into a cave on
the side of the road some 10 or .15
feet deep. The - Doctor escaped
with some slight bruises while the
buggy was badly torn up. The
horse was uninjured and was gut
ten out after sonie tiin9 when the
banks were dug down.
Taken WIth Crampijs.
Wiml. Kirmse, a nember of the bridge
gang working ienar Littleport was taken
suddenly ill 'lurday night with a *
and a kind of cholera. His case was so
severe that ho had to have the members
of the crew wait on him anl Mr. Ujifordi
was called and consulted. le told then
.hu had t medicine in the form Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem
edy that ,hc thought would help himi11
out and accordingly several doses were
administered with the result that the
fellow was able to be around next day. t
The incident speaks quite highly of Mr.
Gifford's mnedicines.-Elkader, lowat,
This remedy never fails. Keep it in
your home, it, may save life. For sale c
by Pickens Drug Co and Earle's Dru
Store, Pickens, and T. N. imInter, ILb
erty. ________
Don't pity the country editor.
HeI is as contente~d as a cow p)uffOd
up b~y eating too( many rose gorane.
umns. Pray for the spindlle-shank
ed gazaba that is living the strenu
ous lif e in the met ropolis, lHe neeods
it. Don't lose any slee'p over the
Rube who edits your home paper.
lie way not know a paunegyric from
a misfit formula for making apple
butter, but lie knows a hypocrite
when lhe sees one and dares call (
him so to his face. H~e probably 1
eats with his knife and woars un-|g
dershirte, with slivers in 'em, hbt~
no domineering managing oditor c
can make himii oat (dirt. Hie is not n
to the manner h~orn, neithior has lie l
an Oecutcheon embroidered on bhi e
linen, but lie has wipedl his aqui...|
line nose on the flour sack of civili-l o
zation and kicked his boots from|
the frozen floor of a farmer 's
kitchen and in the slang of the e
presenit "1Has beeni up against it."
To be poked fun at by the ci ty y
brother when his paper~ announces c
to the world in a flourish of long I
primer that "Si Green's choicest .
bull~calf chocked itself to death on
a bag 'oen' ruffle him a particle,
for lhe rests sure in the conscions
ness that it will 'please "Si" and
doesn't hurt theo city 'ohap..
Bold Robberies at White Stone.
Spartanburg, S. C., Special -
Robberies amounting in all to a
total valuation of *500) have oc, i
curred at the White Stono Springs
hotel sinico TuosdIay night and upl)
to,dlinnerO hour Wednesday.
Mrs. J. BI. Morgan of Augusta,
had a watch which cost $13i5 stolon,i
Mrs. Hlough of Columbia had $30 <
I worth of'jewvolr'y stolen and othear
robberies w~(iO c'ffectaod.
-l The opoerationls wvOro conufined to
five rooms of the hotel on the
south sidlo second floor.
* There is a suspIcion las to the
thief, but no tangible proof is forth
a coming. Searches anil investiga,
I tions have as yet revealed nothing.
t Proprietor Hariris wvas in the
I' city on the track of a peonAO supl
I posed to be the guilty party. His
a visit was not rewarded with any
return of thn atala.,nrticles.
W. T. McFALL, J w11. IViI
4The Pickens 0
C"' -Cotton Seed Meal, I
(ining Cott<
Capacity 50 1
We want to buy all the
top of the market for them.
A first-class ginnery.
Satisfactory turnout and a fi
As soon ae the season
meal and hulls for sale.
We will be ready to gil
your last one.
HIelp us to make a sm
giving us your patronage an
nasure and running over.'
The Pic
rho Governo Interests a North Carolina
GWovernor Heyward was in Char
otto for soveral hours last night
)1 his way to Lexington, Va..,
vhere he will spen( a wieok with
,is family. Ie and A. W.
ronos, controller general of Soulith
Jarolin, were guests of D. A.
'ompkins at the Southern Manu
'acturors' Club, and it was there
hat tho Observer roporter was for
.unate enough to renow his ac!
uintance with Governor Hey,
"0, yes, I know Governor Ay
,ock( of this state very Ileasatly,"
0 wasS saying to Mr. Tompki)s.
A little while ago ho was at imy
ious and I remomber I repoated
historical utterance to 110 effect.
xovernoi Aycock Paid lie was on
he water wagon."
"So be always is," said some one.
'Baptist, you know. "
Governor Heyward is probably
lie hardest worked governor in
he United States. His work re
Ily began before he was elected,
Jhn he had to mako speeches in
very county in the state. Such a
lani was part andIL parcel of the
nlachination of Senator T1ilmnan,
rho, when lie wvas governor, do
lared that succeeding governors
Iust wvork and pay for their office
lRocen tf-, Govern or Hey wardl ex
>Iained(, lhe has been busying him
elf attending encamnpmoents, "'I
ient to all four of them," he .said.
I shook hands wvith every 1mn
here, I think. I enjoyed it allim-.
''Governor Heyward," remarked
~eneial Jones, ''has a good many
uties that do not usually fall to
'overn ors For instance, he is
hairman of all college boards ex
ept Clemson College. He is chair
ian of the sinking fund and phos
>hato commissions and has had the
ntiro management of the dispen
ary. lie, like Governor Aycock,
xercises pardoning power unas
isted by a board of pardons.''
"What is the debt of Sauth Car
"Six millions and a half," re
dlied General Jones. ''We have
roated a sinking fund of $500,000
romi phosphate revenues amnd es
''What (10 you think about thro
Governor Hoyward laughed and
aid :
''What do you think of the Watts
)ill atnd why did you pass it?''
Governor Hoyward's position on
,ho dispensary is well known.
since lhe hais boon governor he has
eeon to it that the system should
>e operated as wisely as it could b)o
>porated, and such reforms as lhe
las instituted in connectionl with
t have been helpful financially and
ion is that ho nover antagonmzes
Lthe dispenisary elomnont, and he
igreed, of course, to make thodis
pensar'y a part 01f his political plat
form. lie says without hesitation
that the dispensary is a good thing
for the country andi small towns.
"Will you run again?''
Governor - Heyward (declined( to
o:>mmnit himself for publication,
but his frIands are sure of his re
election next year.
"What are your methods, Gov
nrnne Haowway?
Viec-Pre&s. Se. & Treas
il Mill Company,4
lulls, Oil and Linters.A."s
:mi A Specialty.
Dyes Per Day.
seed you have and will pay
Capacity 50 bales per day.
ne sample is our guarantee.
opens we will have plenty of
a your first bale as well as
-500 cords of 4 foot pine
:cess of this enterprise by
d we will assure you "good
kens Oil Mill Co.
"Yes, one knows your political
platform in a goneral way, )ut in
your personal campaigning what
do you
"Ohl" said .Governor Iloyward,
thoughtf illy. '"Why, I nover ar
gue with a man; that is all. I
stat3 my position clearly and
briefly. Whero a man disagrees
with me I say nothing. Whon he
broaches common ground of belief
I shako hlinds with him again.
But I argue with no man on poli
It was remembered that Talley--5
rand's rule of political conduc as
nover to override until le 1
failod to conuiliate; .ani then the
reporter thought o enator Till
"You are a. young inan for gov
ernor, Mr. Heyward."
"Older than I look ; 1 am 39.''
"What do you think of Senator
Tillman?" asked the reporter,
Governor Heyward laughed si
lently and smoked silently for a
"I think I do not care to speakr
of Senator Tillman," said the gov
"Not of all theso railroad passes,
and his prob~able light on you or
"Senator Tfillmnan is a strong
man--frank, brusqlue'
"Sunatur Tilinm. : is a vory
strong man," said Governor Hey.
ward .-Charl otte Observer.
Sick Hleadachie.
"For several years my wife was
troubled with what physicians called
sick headachte of a very sever~e charac
ter. She dloctoredl with several eminent
phlysicians5 and att a great expense, only
to grow worse until she was unable to
do any kind of workc. Ab~out a year
ago she began taking thamberlain's
stomiachi & Liver 'l'ablets andl today
weighs more than shte ever did before
itnd is real well," says Mr. George E.
Wright of New London New York.
l'or sale by Pickens Druig Co. andl( Earli's
D~rug Store, Pickens, and T. N. hlunter,
Very Damaging.
Georgetown, Ky., Special.-In
the trial of Caleb Powers, the com
monwealth W'ednesday, over ob
jection of the diefee, secured per
mission to introduce the wvitnoss,
Henry Broughton, who ran away
and had to bo captured. Brough
ton told of going to Frankfort at
the instance of Powers and others
with the mountain army ot Jan.
25, .1900. After arriving at Frank
fort he met Powvers and the dlO
fondant asked him to give him tho
names of several men, one of
wvhom could~ be relied on ito "do
the killing'' or to "do the work."
lIe gave Powers the niamos of
Frank Cecil, Zach Steole and An
thonly Broughton as good r.ien to
(1o the shooting.
The defense will attempt to
show that Broughton wvas drunk
and~ irresponsible at Frankfort.
Former United States Senator
WVilliam J. Doeboe took the witness
stand for the (dofonso in the after
nlon. lHe denfied Yigorously over
having any conversation with the
convict, Henry Youtsoy, in which
any reference was mnado to taking
the life of William Goebol.
Many' Nchool) (hialdren tare Nickly.
AIotheor G.ray's Nweet l',owders for ('lhlireni,
u xed1 ly Alot41he G ray, a nurse FCin Chibi41ren'H IIiO
New York, lireak uap Cots in 21 hou rs, eu re l1e
v'erlihnex, tIlendachIe, S tomnehcl troublde,, T'eeth
tng I)IsordIers, aid dest roy Worii A t an dru r
sts, 25c. Sample mited El RNi. Addre4H, Al
en, . Olmstied, Letoy, N. Y
It Keeps) the Feet Warmu and Dry.
Axtc today for A 1len'x 1oot Etae, ft mOwer
I u 1hamp toet. At all druggist's siua in

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