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Tho Sontinel-Journal Company.
TmonsoN & RicuEY, Puois.
J. Is. 0. kiOMPSON, EuI-ron.
Subscription $1.00 Per Aunum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
ntered at Pickens PIlostofluce al Second Cass
Mal Matter
Thursday, Aug. 27, 1903.
The navy has been indu Iging in
another series of Lloodless battles,
and the dear boys are all victors.
Judged by the substantial rewards
offered him, the world loves a prizo
fighter better than it does a proach
e r.
"Russia's fleet alarms Europe," is
the cry of the daily press. But then
Europe alvays was easily alarmed.
Why is a society woman unlike an
ugly female circus rider? Because
one. busts her show and the other
shows her bust.
'Tis said the Filipinos do not take
kindly to the new coins minted by
Uncle Sam. Well they are about the
only people on earth not willing to
accept our coins at their face value.
A few wooks ago the newspapers
were running coleimns about Pope
Pius X. Today the space. allotted to
him has been reduced to few lines.
All of which serve to remind us that
whatever may be our greatness today
tomorrow we ai a practically forgot
The negro might do worse than to
go back to his southern homo. It is
true he may not enjoy the right of
sufferage to such an eXtot as ho does
in the north, but tho southern man
understands him better than anyono
else. Climate, environment, and ov
erything else will be in his favor, and
the plow and the hoe are the best
tools on earth for him to caive out
his future with.
Stuyvesant Fish, president of,. 'Jel
linois Contral Railwa nya there
art present than 800 rail
ron fl o and that before very
long these wIf bo merged into twen
ty or thirty corporations. Mr. Fish
maintains that corporation mnergore
are a necessity and in the interest of
the general public, but the commnor
people will reserve the right to forn
their own opinions on this subject
and it is more than likely that they
will have somnething to say aboul
such a wholesale morger whien tlhc
propPer time comes.
Ladies ,beware of high-heeled
shoes, as death and disease are stalk.
ing in their wvake. Physicians of re
nown are emphatie in condomingi
the stilted heel shoes decreed by the
society leaders, and unhoesitatingl3
declare that they atrc a menace te
the health of both the mother and thc
off'spring. WVo often comment on the
harberous habit of binding the foot
practiced in China, but the boather
is little worse in tPHs respect thai
some of our latter day leaders of
The promoters of the St. Lonie
E~xposition are laboring with an ex
aspor-ating proposition, and oneo tt
threatons to interfere to a considera
ble extent, with the attendance at the
fair next year. The city has for a
long time been under the grasp of a
horde of i-ailroad ticket scalpers, and
the legislature failed to give any re.
lief in this line during the last seu
sion, and now the railroads absolute
ly refuse to make any better rates t(
the fair than the usual excursior1
prices, if scalpers are permitted t0
'ontinueO during the fair-. The coun.
try at large is sufficiently inteorested
in the success of the exposition to de
mand that some ar-rangemnents be
madle whereby the lowvest possible
- rates will be granted by the roads,
The negro problem is now con
fronting the author-ities of the war
and navy departments. Heretofor-e
negroes have been allowved to enlistt
in the army and navy, and in a few
j istances in the army commissions
have been issued to them. One ne.
gro is now captain in the army, hav
ing graduated froma West Point soe
years ago. -So fatr ho has been as
* signed to color-ed regiments and no
material emibarrassm ent has been en -
countered. But in the ceourse of
time and our system of piromotioti lie
will become a colonel and entitled to
* command a regimnent,ther-eby placing
him over white oflicors- and theu the
trouble will commence. As a result
of the present race agitation, and the
problem presented by this colored
oficer, It is nt likely that commis.
sbons will be issued to any)3 mor0e nc
* roos.
A Federal judge in St. Louis has
rendered a decision in which he holds
that the Western Union Telegraph
Company has a legal , ight to dlis
charge employee for belonging to un
* ons, or to discharge them for tno
ieason at all, if no contr aot exists,
and that the company is within the
law when it places the names of dibs
argeTSd ernployes on te blacklist anid
furnishes the list to othe:'s for I o..
mation. The decision will bea hesvy
blow to oganized labor, which has a.
ways contended that corporatioun had
no tuch rights to discharge an om.
ploye unless he had been guilty of
some special infriaction of the rulks
of the company.
UnAer the caption of "Turning on
The Light," we printed som14 articles
some time ago, relative to the doings
of the County Commissioners. After
the Grand Jury stated to us tihey
would make a thorough investigatiou,
we turned off ithe light. They mnudu
the examination and fully sustainied
the position we hai taken inl the
matter. After they had agreed to
make thib examination we thought it
useless to make further exposuros.
The Jury gave tlleir finidings to the
court atid we publishud them at Lhe
time. We thought then, and tlinkl
now, that we acted right and faii in
the matter. We turned off tho light
because the Grand Jury promised to
investigate, and not because we were
bought off.
We thus publicly make this stato
ment becauso we have been repoated
ly asked why we had hold up on the
commissioners We repeat, wo ac
complished what wo set out to do
get aln examination of the cominis
sioners oflico. This was dono and
we had nothing more to say or do
along this line. We think we acted
not only wisely, but right. Don't
Croswell News Notes.
Tile health of our community was
never bettor; hardly over sco a doctor
on this side of the county.
Crops are fairly good whore they
wero worked rogular.
W. D. and J. H. Garrison have the
finest field of tip land corn we have
seen anywhere. They planted it in
Mareb, and it was bit down by frost,
but to see it now you would not
think it had boon frost bit.
Robt. Snoddy has tie finest cotton
we have Beet), if what fruit it has on
it iatures, can't see how the stalks
will hold it Up.
We had good rains Friday and
Saturday, but up the railroad at
Lathoim's sido track they are dry.
Our good old friends, uncle Wood
Garrison mnd Johi LaBoon are still
able to go to mail box for Sentinel
Mrs. Frank Proctor, of Sumter, is
on a visit to tior brother, J. I'. Lark.
It has been twonty-two years siince
sho was in this county, and many
chlangos has took place in that time.
Mris. Proctor irformed us that
tob~ace. is grown sutcesfully ini hte
county, anid that they begin to cure
it about the middtle of J1 uly.
The colored raco had a "farmers
aid society" barbiecume at their school
house near hero last week; tihe wholo
hill wvas covered with them. The
"society" wais well represen ted from
A nderson and 0Grceenileo coun ties.
We heard soveral of the dlarkeys say
that there was plenty of grub on the
ground for all, but those that were
not members of the "society" had1( to
stand back till the delegates ate, and
as soon as they ate, the rations were
rolled oiY' inito th~e baskets. T1he re
stilt w~as thait many of themn went
away yery hungry.
It, is claimed by al11 who have seen
it, that Mrs. Elizabeth Snodkly has
the largest calf for its ago in the
cotunty. There wou1ld1 cortaini~ly be
money made in raising beef cattle
could we all grow thonm to weigh six
or' seven hlundred( pounds in eight
mxoths, na she has this one.
WVe attended the protracted mooct
ing thlat has been going 0on at George's
Creek for thle p~ast two weeks occa
sionally', and find thlat thle house wvill
not hold all t~hat go at night. Rev.
Lenm Freeman is certainly dloing good
work and1 lots of it. Heb has p~reacl'ed1
two sermons a (lay every sinlce the
moeotinlg began. If I aml correctly
informed he will baptize about thirty.
Aug. 17, 1903. X.
Union Meeting.
The union of tihe second division of
the Piedmon01t association will meet
with the Liberty Baptist church onl
Saturday before the fifth Sunday in
this mnonth.
10 a. mn. Prayer and praise service
.by Rev. J. WV. Sheriff.
Reports from thte chiurchoes.
11 a. m. Introductory sermon by3
Rev. F. 8. Samples.
1st. Wh~at does1 thle unlion scok to
accomplishI? By J. A. Hinton.
2d. What spiritual and financial
obligations' (10 we assume when we
become chturch members? By J1. T.
3d. Who is responsible for the
coldness ill tile church? By W. TI.
4th. WVhat is real Christian giving?
By RI. T. liallum.
10 a. mn. Sunday schoeol mass mel'et
ing. Addresses by WV. A. Christo
11 aI. ml. Al iSsionary Sermlonl by
Rev. 1). W. Iliott.
L~abanl Maiuldini,
CJhairmn CJonmmitteo.
A Good Meeting at Mt. Tabor.
We have just closed one of the best
me1(etings at Cenit ral Mount Tabor
thatt we hiav'e had in yoears. TI e
churich was greatly revived( 4 and sin
n1or5 saved. Reov. F. M. Jordan of
TIoxaiway, N. C., assistedl tile pastor
feyv. L. Al. Lida. Raptizing will
take pla2ce thle secotnd Snday ini Sep1
tembher. Tfhe chu~lrch seems1 to have
taken on noew life. Bro. ,Jordlan hans
been preaching for moure than) fift~y
yesara. Hie is an able preachler atnd
has baptized ever 4,000 people. We
thank Giod for the mieeting. X.
Bears the ,Rlhe~ind YOU aeA Mays Bought
Signaturo -
To Cutro a Cold in (hue Ilay
Take Laxativo Biromo Quinine T1ablets.
Alt druggists refund the money if it fa ils
to cutre. E. W. Grove's signatutre is on
each box. 21kc,
"Bill Arp" is no More.
Cartersville, Gat., Aug. 25.-- Major
C. H. Smith, "Bill Arp," breathed his
last at 10:30 o'clock. last night. The
end came peacefully; there was not a
struggle, but he passed -away as at
child going to sloop.
The closing scono in the life of the
man whoso hmnor and quaint philos
phy' has touched thousands was tru!y I
pathetic. to has be1i unconscious i
for several days.
Members of the family and friends
whon it wis soen that the end was
*ipproaching, gathered at his bedsido.
They sought to gain some sign of r- -
cognition from him but be was un
able to responl.
MajLjor Smith w as oriat ed oi by
physicians last Friday itt which time
several hundred gil stones w. i re
moved from hi-S bladder. It wis tsen
at the tiin that lie could not recover,
but life was prolonged for a few
(la * NS.
icsterilay afternooii he g:i dually
IfroWwWeakecr anld after suppor siank
rapidly uttil the end,
All the mambers of the family with
the exception of three sons wore at
his bedsido when he died. The al..
sont sons, Frank Smith C 8 it Anto.
nio, Texas; Victor Smith ai Now Yor' j
and Carl Smtith, of Mexico, are en
route. Three sons, Dr. Ralph Smith
of Jacksonville, Flit., was ono of the
attending physicians; Hines Snith of
I1om1e; and Royal Smith of Carters
villo, wore at the bedsido. There
are four daughteis, Mrs. G. H. Au.
brey, Mrs. Stolla Brumby, Mrs. V.
W. Young and Nliss Mariat Smith,
all of whoi live iln Cartersville.
Mil1 Meni Think That Price of Maniufate
tured Goods Must 1iie--Cotton
Will Bring Fancy 'ricoes.
The Olympia and Granby closed
We1dnesday afternoon to remaitin
idle for the rest of the week. This
is made necessary on account of
the cotton famine. The Whaley
mills stuck it out as long as they
possibly could, and will not ha
force(d to operate on half time long
er than a month, and may be run
ning on t'ull time befoie the laid
dio of September.
Mill mon are not, disp)sod to
worry over the situation. They
fefel assured that tile price of man
ufactured goods wiil go up to the
placo it should occupy ill propor
tion to the price of raw cotton.
The full will he a prospurous sea
son for the price of cotton will bo
over 10 cents, and the producttion
will be heavy. The condition of
the crops would indicatLe a fall in
the prico of cotton, but there is
but a sm1all supply of unu1 e tid cot.
ton, whereas usnally the sonson is
started with a million hal p of old
A well known mill oflicial of
Columbia said that the neCw cottoni
will be Sorviceable beforo ver~y
long. It is not used alone, buLt is
imixedl with old cotton for a wvhile,
unutil1 the new crop dries out a lit.
tIe. Hlad the season not been so
lateo, the supply1', of new cotton
would have beecn availabule very
much earlher*, and it mnigh t have
beeni that the miills coulId have
pulled through without boinig
forced to shut down a day.-Co.
lubi State. -
A Strong Denial--This Statement
Should Suffice.
Editor Sentinel-Journal: On muy
return from Andlerson where I hiad
IJOeen engaged in suimmier school work
miy attentIion wa's (called to a rumor
that had been given circulation in
town by somne evil designiing person or
peronsii to the ell'ect that I had ad
vised the colored women of the town
not to wash, iron and cook for the
wvhito 1)eop)1. I desire to brand th1
rumor as an in famous falsohiood, ai
falsehood or'gi uated in at black end
liendhish heart and uttered by a
tongue fithy and dlangerous to the
peace of any community.
In ordoer that therE may not be a
lingering doubt as to the falsity' of
this rumor loft iln the mind of umy
man or woman, I herewith submiiit
tile following statemo ut:
To whom it miay concern: This is
to certify that Mr. RI. K. Mocin has
not advised the undersigned neither
have we heard of his having advised
aiiy 0on0 else niot to wash, iron and
cook far white pleople. Furthermore
we do niot believe that lie has given
such advice to aniy womran in the
town of Pickens.
Ella WVakefield, SuIsio Ainderson,
Minnie Hagood, BI~esey Ferguson
(Gertrnde Sm ith, 1tossie Griftin, Lan
cindla Anderson, M yra Curtis, L~uge
nua Clin kscales, Lula Ilenidricks, Ala
hala Agnewv, Ella IIarris~on, Alice
Jackson, Haninahi Littlejohin, Lizztie
Curtis, Diley Bowon, A da loiomod,
M aria lRofom ad, Sallie iemp hill,
Addie Go~ldman~i, Silva TIol bert, Ihoosa
Blowen, Ann Anderson, LuIla McEI
Now I call upon the originattor~ of
this rumor to cameo forth with theo
proof that I have given such advice
or keep his~ lilthy mouth (I closed. T1hie
fiond fromi whiichi it originiated should
be k nownu and a brand1 of eternal con
dleminntionu lalced ablout him so that
the worlId miighit know~ thle iienidishi
ness andi c-orruiness that tillIs hiis
black anid dirty heart.
1 I1 m su.icien tly in forumi'd to k now
that the whito pepl a~nong whomi
wo live aro our our best friends. Il[ow
could they be otherwise; how could I
helheve or' teach othetr-viso, w lhen I
know that our very existence to" a
great extoiit depenOids upon the feeling
of the white people towarId us. They
own the land wvhich wo wvork, the
housos in wvhich we live, the railroads
upon which woe ride, the baniks from
whlich we borrow money, the stores
at which'iwe trade, to them we look
for favom s when in need. Thiey con.
trol the government and to them we
must look for justice when we are
brought into the courts oif thme land,
inl fact, they control every einterpriso,
and have the key ,to) every iv luue
through which we must go for a live.
hood. Nou' I would ask a roason
a'>lO pub~lic, if it couild, in Lbo face of
liy klowledge of all these facts, ble
hove that I would thoach .such doe
trino. God firbid that tho time
will evor com0 when I will be guiltv
of say ing or encouraging any thing
that would causo friotion between the
Agaiti, I biand the rumor as being
falso *ntoto, an1d a dastardly attempt
to pijtidice tho minds of t1h . wlIito
peopl of the towi against io. , -
It. K [oon.
Bears the lilo Kinil You llavo Alwa s Bought
$too IEWA It 1) $1().
The reatders of this paper will be
pleased to le,1arn that there is at least olle
dreaded disvas.e t! at scielle hs been
able to Cure inl all its staes aind that is
catarrh. Ilull's Catarrih cure is the Jon
ly positive curo now known lo the med
ical fraternity. Catnrrh being ia consti
tiutiotnil disease. reqiires a conslitution
al treatmnoit. Iall z ( Catarrhi Cure is
taken internally, thing directly upon
the blood and mnucols surfacen of the
system, thereby destroying the founda
tion of lie disease., and giving the lm
tient strength by building 111) the Col
stititioni and assisting nature in doing
its work. h'le proprietor': hav se
much faith in its curative powers, that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for amt v
aly Case that it fails to cure. Send for
list of testimonials.
Arkdress,- 1. J. Cheney & Co , .
Toledo, (.
Sold by all Druggists, 75e.
1ail's Family Pills aie the best.
Fine Tract of Land For a1le,
Two hundred antd twenty. tlree
(223) acres lying G miles southwest
of Pickens, 0. It. 160 acres in
woodlld, finely timbored. Lvinhg
almost level. Every acro can boe il
tivated. 60 acres in cultivation. 2
dwhellings oil the placo. Well Water
ed, 2 branches running through farm
Fine pasturo. Fino location. Pub
lie roads tround tind throlgh the
farm. On the itin -Pickons road.
About 25 acros in ino bottom land.
One fine black lead mino the quality
of the lead is fine andl other minerals
found inl the load. It has beon tes
ted by ininerologist of New Ymrk
ainld pronotuced valuable. Thore is
50 acres in forest if cleariedl would
1mak(e a bale of cotton per Ice.
Knuowni as the (hapmani placo with in
one milo of T-veivo Mile Camp ground
and joinin;g ho1ilds of Tompkins, 1Mrs.
Attouay and Others. Tho above
ilnd is o sned by Sillie M. King.
H. Rt. A. King,
Tlokeena, S. C.
Internal leiven ue Service,
District of South Ctarolina,
Deputy (ollector's Oflice.
Pickens, S. C., A ug. 1, 1003.
The following deserieid piroperty hav
inug been Seized for violation of Sections
:27 and 341-50, levise:Vd Statutes of the
Unittd States.
A ly persoll climing sam ie 1m11ust file
bonl as re(puir-ed imidelr provisions of
Section 3460. Revised Statutes, within
thirty (:10) d ays from the date hiereof or
the samne w'ill he declared forfeited to
the Uniited States;
One copiper still. 0one coppemr cap andl~
worm , oneo wooden0 doubller andI piping,
('ne copp)~er flow lhox, two woodlen cis
ternls, twelv'e fermenting tubs, tirteen)
packages--58:3. galloins-orn whliskecy,
onme maiShI tu b. ,Joh n P. Sruusgs,
Deputy Collector.
A t a meWetinlg of the Board of I )iree
I ors of the L~iberty Cotton Mills held(
July 21, 1IJ0!, the following resolutions
were adop~lted: Rtel ved,
I. That the President and T1reasurer
he0- instrw-ted to callI a mteetinig of the
Stockhotlers oif the Liberty Cotton Mills
on) the 211th (hiy of Auigust ,1903, for the
pu0rpose of consi-dering thle issuing~ of 300)
shiares of Preferred stock int the par
value of $100 each.
II . Trhat t he Preferred stock be en
titled to a ciuulative ividend of 7 per
celntI per annumhif.
Ill . Th'lat the ho'ders of Preferred
tociik shall have the right at any3 timei
within ten years to ex change their P're
ferred stock for a like auIntt of Comn
mon01 stock, and upon exchuango they'
shall only be entitledl to such rights,
piriv'ileges and dividends as the Conmmont
stockhohlers, but thme Liberty ('ott on
Mills reserves the right at any time af ter
five years, and b efore the exchange is
mtade to retire the P'referred stock or
anly pariit thiereof, as the Directors shall
elect. by paying the holders of Prefer
red1 stock the face value thi reof, with
any~ unid)5 cumiiulattive dividends to
date of such paLymen~t.
.lv. In case of lislliiationl at any time,
the Preferred stock shall haiive preference
over Commioni stock, that is to say,' tihe
Preferred stock shall be paid in full with
mill unpaid conl~ulative dividends thlereon,
hefore any)) paiymlent is made to Common
V. Thast the Preferredl stock shall be
entit led to the satme v'otinig plrivileges as
the Connmon stock.
V I. Tlhat eatch stock holder of the
comipanly shall be0 entitled to subscribe
for his pro rata share of said issue of
Preferred stock.
J. P'. Smith,. P'res, and T1reas.
W, H . (Chaipman, See.
We have oun our shelves mnany r'ente
dlie for consxtipationi and1 bil ioiuness, but
the never-fail ing, commilonl-sense cure is
founad onhly inl Timon's f~iv'er Pilils andl
Tlome I Pellets. Thbis TPreatme~nt cures by
relieving t he cuso of tihe trouble; the
Pink Pill arouses tile liver, while the~
TIonic 1Pellets tonle u2p the organs andi ini
su~re naituraul and1( ihalthy coniditions.
25 doses0 -full directions--only 25 cents.
Pickenls Drug Co.
The1( reward oi'orod1 by theo Bap is9t
chutrch att East F~ork, Transylvan ia
cotunty, N. C., for the arrecst atnd de
livery oif Lioon WVhitmiro for depreda.
tioni (1011 to thle church building, will
be taken up after tile 28th~ instant,
andic tihe monmey pid backc to the par
ties who5 gatve it.
O. M. Oillespie,
EastL5 Fork, N. C.
IC f o call on J. Di. MOORE
and and got a 10 pound Caddy
Oid Reliable, $2,9)5 per box.
Brown's Mule, $3. 10 per hox.
Hatchet, $3. GO per box.
Schn1appsg, $3.9() per biox.
Redc Nlephaitt, $3.50 per1 box.
Cuba Free, $3,40) per b)ox.
Blind T1omn, $3 40 per box.
Other goods at equal11ly as low
pricos- Candy 15c a box.
5W Brinig mie your produtco.
Pickens Gr
Monday, Septet
'il'he school k wTell organize.), W
lh lae tnagemlelll,
The building has lately been eqj
now black-boards.
'lo dlanlld fo 4.4due0 tlied men
perativo each year of the progrea
1upils fromt the county will 111
livIttl aonlg h'o4pitablnie lople. it,
For particulair (till onl, o ad
W. E.
Of the vast quantltitle's of butter mr
keted ilot over 5) per veit, It is
Clatin ed, relclles the colsiller, or tIe
dealer rather, in prime condition. Of
course every butter imaker alms to iavo
his butter comte oil the nirket in good
Condition. Io Ilikes to have the con
mission 1)in11en pri1se it an1d to see the
return chek miarked I eeit above ex
ti'a. But, ts stated by Mr. . 1,arIsel
In fin Iowa paper, it ftakes "ealre anld
1(ill to supply much a 4supet'rior (1ulity
throughout the different sea1sons of the
year. Onue point vhleh will aid in
keeping thin Jiigh stalditrd Is to liep
the temperature of the rvfrigerator c(oi.
stant and low. I kn11ow froin experiene'
that this iq very oftei neglected. The
ieehox wiln be ulled today. Tom'orrow
it may be uissed, and before the next
day the ice inl the box will aill imvi.
inielted, and the refrigeraitor Will Ive
become 'warm and the butter soft and
deteriorated in quality. Not only are
such conditions favorable to the growti
of undesirable ferments, but they are
Injurious to the texture of butter. Whell
it lutrdens agail, it Will issullme it salvy
an11d (11111 aitpelarance whlh. w ilde
tract from Its salable qulllities." It is3
because of this very condition that so
many butter mallkers ire now installing
refrigerating machinery by itvam of
wh'llicl this irregular cooling is avoided.
-Iee and Refrigeration.
A . lae IIxIstein-Frieslan.
Plillphall Jessl, 2308; record, 10
pounds 6.0 ounces of butter lin seven
H.FA,12 i a ,
eray. There ae whe ner wo know thie
do notA. 1002w all they shouliknow
aboutn Mhator ot.,rs knownoter but
terwmakinoutusinesstand therefote tae
11n't(ifere lnetinds and buttr 1iter
atre, an e here are thos ie 1whey
doIt no 1w tall the areomany of1us
whou kntothert whilew teytn theyt
kntow all the tioknow about1 butirlter
mainge ml t there arera thons oher)
know which they do not know.
Die Careful WVith thne Ilifer'.
I [elfer' nii'ves should1( he! handled1( very
often to keep them~l gentle, a1nd frequent
nmnllipulaiftion of' the ud~der dluring tile
first pr'egnlancty will do mluchi to stimnu
iate dievelopment. 'is fre~luen~1t han
(linlg of tihe l(er is of 1no lIttle lim
portanlce, 110t 0on1y inl secuinmg its better
developmnt, but1 also to maike tihe lieu'
er so familar with tihe operationl that
wh'ien her' cnlf is dIropped 1411 will tako
the miilklig 1as a Ilmtter of course aind
will not reqidro to be "broken."
T'rue4 P'il osopher.
"Well, sir, lihtnin' sot his hlouse
afire, a alrthiiuak wllkCHniowed hail' his
hlnd, anl' thenl tile iv~er iz an' over
flowed the whlie bulsiness5!"
"Well, w1Ihat's hte a-dolin' of' now?"
"Tanlklin' thle LorId thalt lhe kilu
sw1iin 'A ti ht Constituition.
111ard ton Meet Thmemt, T1houlgh.
MhIss Rtoma Intineu (ecstatiealily) - I
gutess in itohemliai (very 011e is Tomd),
Dick and4 Itiarry.
l'auinter Lolt (aI poor artist)--Oh, y'es,
andl~ there' are4 a good many113 bilis thtere
too.--l nd~ialitoiis ,Toir na .
F~eeless.' Informatioan,
Mr. Tlyteophist (at tile Clb)-By the
way13, (100, whait is good for inldigestion?
D oetor (fellow~ club1 mni)-Well, a
Welshiu rauibt is somnetlImes good1 for
abou~lt thre4e (ihlyS 01' It.- Chicago Trib-l)
0O10 ting is clear to me)-that 110 in
dlgence' of passionl destroys the spirit
u111l natuire so0 muiich as respiectablei self
ishnessC$.--Ge orge MacDonalId.
County of Pickons.
By J. B. Nowbory, Esquiro., Probate
WVhuereas, ,J, II. Mauildin mado1( sutt to
me to grant him Letters of Administra
Lion of the Entato and1( oillets of Abntor
M iteho! ; densed
These areo thoerefore to (3ito and1 aldmlon
isht all and sinlguilr the k~l(ired nd
or'editors of thie said4 Abn~er Miteholt~
deOcease9d, that (~hwy alippear betfor'o me, in)
the1( Court of Probute, to be helid ait Piokl
OnlS Court I10onso, i. c. , Oil thio 3rid day'
of Sept.. I1903, aftair pullliatLin horeof0I,
rut i1 oJ'clock ill 1110 forenloon, to) sho(w
cause, if any13 theoy haIvO, whiy tile sauid
Adm))iisht.10ion shold~ inot, h10 granltedl.
GI[Vii uder my hiandl and1 seal, thiis
I7 daiy of Ang. 190:1,11m the 128 year of
0our In~dopendOnco.
SK \LJud1go of Probate,
Pickona clonnIty, S. (3.
Forn1 YOIINO L.%DEIENS, llonaoke, Vn.
Op emnx seit. '21, 19103. Oune of tihne lead ling scihoolsx
form \ onting 1.nies~ ini t hec south. New' buniiinng..
lnnlsn aitnd en nipnnnennt. (annn Ien. nHerex.
G.ranmn 10minlamn snienem y in \-nhIey- ,. 'o,
fanedri for Ihalth. I-:nro-nnan anini \.nieirlenu
teachers - Ini I-.umrse. Conser0v'ltorly ntdvn-uta
ges ini .\ 1t. IIinsli' atui i:mlornthn. Stnients Iromin
thinty sliates. t lilienlles \\-lle~sha-y. For ena
logane addnress. 0114
ial.\'"' F.$ I.li s ee . l n o e .'
ided School
DN 1%1, ..
uber 7th, 1903.
v'il grade 1. Fourth year u iler
LiIpped I hroiinlghouit V.ith (!xcel'ilet
Iiad womenl become.-I 1.ort! im
,Ie g in which we live.
L li i-kens a IdIelIghI fu I 110 It )Ia. o
rard- at lw ra41tes.
,4 .8F1,
DEN IT, Jur--r.
B Easles 8.- Jeweler i
A I wa.N 4I 11t to S4.4e % oa.
dr1 ty a very* cluso prices ........
Just, ree i do a hit of I toger 1.1
el iver Knivvs f~ml 1ork. . .
I-a iring oif Watchs. ( loc'kst
111.,I m.ay thing il the JewelryN'
I he- proin p.il IV done a114 guar.
(fill onl m . at. ('nllinham1
"so; iing 4 o., next door, to
dru. tr.
Harvey Siiider.
Picksn-, South Carolina.
Ofiio upstniais ( n1 to.r roomm) ovelr
Earlo's Drug Storv. Olheri; Is iprofes
1sional services to the public.
For Bicycles
Bicycle Material of all kinds,
Fine Cigars & Tobaccos,
Ca n Goods. Sugar, Coffee,
Machine Needles,
)Id many othor thiigs too
tediouis to mention.. ,.
Bicycle Repairing Carefully Done.
All at tihe lowest Cash I'rico.
Cai on
1C. C. F1kKS ()& CO.
with tho utrmattu <of ai mlilliot voiceen
C ES JIrorie~htti4,~nthmat.PletarIsy,
Prico 15oc ande $1.00. Trial flott'o F-roLr
bR J. f. B(JRQESS,
It. A. otn 80 .ut. st-it n . (h ivi~ y o:. l~uid,
iltle.\oN.butt\ g'lohu NA it \1- uliiN.
.\oii 'C"I' ar Nle 1-; vs . lT s ll..\ \v,
a t <e i t i hea oug rtit. ot'ronis ae ti
twive.toa J.)iirnc. inhe aaryinti ope
Itis notTso mch the <iuntCity otfui
ineliin io that milkinlgta cutsa doe th
stobe owsitt are oler and~ lespofait anl
carry te (hinu Thantiiunt. r
with at dampiJ cloth antd scealdinig uten
sils with a live ntreamn of hoiling watter
wvill not only reduIce theo biieteriai COnl
tent of the ilk, buIt increase the~ keep
ing quality of the ilk imaterial.
Dniry) IIuU1banfdry Field Work.
Th'ie department of dairy hiusba ndry
of the U.niverstity of Illinois has for the
past year beeni condutcting field work
among the dairyimn of the tjtate. An
attempt hais been madue to get them to
w'.eigh and snmp)lie the milk of each
cow ini their herds (svery Hevenith week,
the object being to determine whieh of
the iniiduaIil~l COWs4i a'thte mlost profit
abie, so thait the farmer may be able
to weed out the poor cowsa and keel)
only the profitable ontes. Mr. A. J.
Glover' la looking after this work, and1(
nil ne(c(ssatry aIppaIratu its 15furntished
by the untiversilty. The farmers who
take up the work aire required every
seventlh week to weigh anud niamplle tho
mnilk fromn eac'h cow in the herd for'
fourteen conecutive muilkinigs. F~romn
these results ar'e estiimttl the
amounts of milk and of butter fat
each cow hais produced for' the three
~''weks befotro anid will produce for the
three weeks following the tent. Th'e
cow's yealyi3 record1 la madeth upi fronm
these tests, anid in this way the total
atmoumnis of muilkc and1 of buttter fat that
shte hats prtoduiced duriing the enttiro
year are'( determIinetd.
TIhe, Mhik Strainer.
F'iiters a111ndrstimnr are of great
value in purifying milk miechanieally,
are cnpablo oif remiov.ing a large puor
tion of' the filthI from milk if applied
before it hasn gone inito solutioni. A
milk str'ainer siihul be simple in its
counstut, all parts of it should1 be
(easily aecessible to br'usth and clo0th, its
-mneshen should be line enough .to re
miove all tho solid foreigitn mtter and
at the saime time allow. the milk to
pass8 through the filter with a reason
able degreo of rupidity.
For Infants and Childreni.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
SIftr athe
C| Genuine
Slaughter Sale of
300 Men's Suits
Ranging in Price from $6.5O to $22.50
to go ol sale Monday July, I 3th at- . .
33 D Iscoun
Think what it means to have One-Third on a
suit of Clothes. We are dloing this to convert
the gootls into money and to clear the tables for
a magnifkcent stock for Fall and Winter now be
ing manufactured for us.
The old pricecs are m arkedl in plain figuires on
each suit, and you take oie-third oI. I lere are:
some of thc prices:
#5.-00 Suits now . - 810.00
12,5 "- . . 8 .35i~
10.00 " ".7
A0 " "(;.00 ;
5.50 - " .. . .i
7.50 " - .. .. 50
In this lot are Regulars, Slims, Stouts and ex
tra sizes.
Also i io Child's .nee Pant Suits anol 72 Bo)s
Lorg "ant Suits at 33%1/j per cent discount.
, i nrs of this sale wvill be carried out to the
letc.-, ,nd a boy will receiv he disunei treatment
as if accompanied by a parent
Everything sOd for cash, and no alterations
paid for by us,
IlenI Eetnte For isl.
41 1ots 100 X 2r0 for $175.0) t'ach.
71 acrie frm 1n i les i from P ieonis. (One-hlf in cinliiva Iion fr C(,851.00.
1M3 a-10 nes witihm on ile of Norri G' Ntton Mili. 45 acr . m iti ation
balane inl origianal forest. . Nearly wonough on this Pla to pay for i. (A
water. 'I' wo f'rameu d wei igs and out huses. ( oing at $ 12 per nere.
130 acr form nearl Six Mile chtu roh, 2- story d wullinug, (GO aeros go (
heart tuiber: 60 :ur in cu Iiuitia : plenly oi -rm ing streams $1825
ikalu estate is goting in' at rush~ niow. < ,ne - a i ;.t L ick aml eici e.i
J. D). H OL DER & CO,
~We havet bough. the largest anid miost COmpletei sto(ck of lielijable M'rs
cha rnd Ise this ["all that.li we havI (en Cer cari ed wh thet ii10r~.LSI an r oi 11
mi Now Goodsn and~ Li wI Prices. We inivite a comparn 1101withI any bioui:o
im South Cariolini in Si 3IPs, Quarl iy, Qianity and o Price. We menna to
lead th(le pr'oceSSjon b his Ial n d w 111 ill nit be um01 ler C sold b 3iy e-b y - .
wil be eas ftS~or you to buty at. li Sy's whieni you sm 0 n [1Ot nmCX00ittC i
pretcty goo's and get iihe piOcs, ai t it ceritauil will pay you. A dollar
saIved is ai ldlar matde. Do y( 'our timiihg ati i t.iches 's and save the dollaris.
Ci Ii can0 sho (Xouxcpt i (nal'II vlies mi Dress Goods ini l ack and (bolors,
all Grades and(1~ Pices. ittiful V1Waist iannels inl lin and ldancy. Au
elegant, [ine ol Dresses auti Trimmiuings.- 'pec0ial values
We mak ai ' ~ sp0eially1 ofi our Shoe DepatmenIt.i W hVl~ave t cem ini all
grad(1es for Lai 1.s, MeIn antd Children~tii. lThe besO'. ma1ke CfrIoiim tho 11t leadi
illeCtories ini Amien~i . Buy youri Shoes m-om uts and you will be pleased
We guaraniteo sat isfactilon.
G;ood Calicoes. (Goodl (.ii lings, (oodl lied 1"lanniol, best yn rdswide
Wite omespun'$t i, bes-t C 101In ion Flanel, Iet. StChlecked I 11mespun'1 I.
No mtn ter w hat. prices are quoted you (1 wC will sell you for less.
eterdig SiPEonlo W Vr,
(Cut. lass, Art Pott ery, Bie--a.-Irae and(
Dia Ilolds, Wa~tches an .11Jewvelry.
109 North Main itrcct. CREENVILLE, S, C.
.-' Cures Cholera- Infastuni
DiarrhoeaDysentery and
the lBowel Truble of
Children ofA'tA .
tTCK ETNIN 0the Bowels, Stren hens.
-.SP Cos t l 25 cents at Druggists, the Ch i ad Maes
CostOr luai 95 cents to 0. a1. MOFFETT, M. D., ST. L.0UI0, MO.
IFscalsua its ertais ly miore .atLsJaotor an tss
abno~A ,3,.' Y M tt e t oune 0 -- Atrul90

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