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:r. A as seond'olase atter, unde
ip, * PICKENS, S .,EPT EMB14P 17 1903.9 VOL XXXT
rIN ()rit,l'J34URNAL,.].:tEikilibbC 1, 189U* j 1., CSi 0.. A TBE4VUL~)1 L~ ~I I
(1 - NO0 1f TM 9a.PC E 8
Scott's Emulsion ~ is th(
means of life and of the en.
joyment of life of thousands ol
men, women an0d children.
To the men Scott's Emul
sion gives the flesh and
strength so necessary for the
cure of consum ption and the
repairing of body losses froI
any wasting disease.
For volnen Scott's Emul.
sion does this and more. It is
a most sustaining food and
tonic for the special trials tha
women have to bear.
To children Scott's Enud
sion gives food and strengt'h
for growth of flesh and bone
and 1lood. For pale girls
for thin and sickly boys Scott',
Emulsion is a great help.
Send for free samplo.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists,
409-416 Poarl Street, 'New York
60c. and $1,.00; all druggists.
Held Under Charge of Murdering Ne
gro by Coroner.
On Saturday night last, in the
coun.ty of Saluda, at. the county
seat, those who ran out of their
plaCOS of businOss uponii henaring
soveral pistol shots, found the ibody
of Bob Church, a nWgro IVinig in
street nair the corr.er of Miti, and
Church strmets. Ther was a bul,
let hole through his heiad and in a
fiv minutes thonegro lid breathed
his last. There was no one in
A great saaimat ion wns created
oi Mond aevming whlni-the Cor
o. er'a% Jury, Which h ad enl-ol inl
sOcret secsion since th oceuranco,
adjourinid mnd the Coroir w%'it h)
out intimiting t.) ati one the mi
tuiroiof thl1e verdict, w ali.ed arcrss
theptF rcet tti d goii g into a l-toie.
laid his ha:dl upon l 0 c r.)m of WA,
I oe Rh<6-denvi, the shr-ril' Idf Padlud'
count., and-informed lim that lie
was uinder alrrest ipon the chlrgP
of murdor. 'h,) e ,roier to:,k him
to th1 sheril's 0flice and ho is still
iA tho custody of. that oflieiil.
Hfaving arrested tho sherit, the
coroner let it I known that hai al
so wanted Matt N. Ib *rry, a young
maln who residedI abot 8 miiles
from towvn. Berry had b'en ini
town the day of the crime arcd had0
left the morning after. IIleairing
t hat he was wanted, he camne t,
the conty sont and eurrendered
himself, It now transpires thiat
the Coroner's juriy ronder'ed a vor
diet char'ging thie sheiolff and B.r
'y with the crime upon the testi
mony of 11op) Coloman and Johni
Jotor, ndigroes, who swore thant thle
fatnl shot was fired by Berry or
Rhodeni they could not toll whiich.
Coleman also swore that he, heard
Berry tell1 Rhoden a fewy minutes
beoforeC the shootin'g that ho( mtni
dadl toi kill a manui atid Rhoden
p)'rmised to helpj himu. Noene of
the white men tvhio were near the
se mo11 or the~ crtimet eomld telI who
firtd the fatal shot.
~--~i' Has worldI-wvide famet for miarelousi
cuires.Tt sunrpasseis any other salve, Io
tioni ointment, or bah n for cute, corns,
Imrnis, boilsB,sorde, chaippedl bands. skin
rhteumn fever sores; infiile for piles.
Olure guiarantceed. Only 25c. Pickeni
Drug Co. I --
Negro Capitured by Negr'oes.
Johnsdton, S. (I., Special.-A no
gio waIs capijturedC hi-re Wedneiedal~y
afternicoon by two of hiis ownI coloir
fro'mn one of whomi it is chari god ho
hadI~ ste~o i aj -ci w ~Vihi ich hie bro ught
hiere andt had( o isposed o1 before ihe
wi as tiaken ini tow. it. i8 stated t hat
he wns lromiisedI that no furtlher
progeedings wvouhli e taken against
him~i if he whuldl tur in over the
che cek for $24 he had reiceive, biut
he' refiused and his catotra, w~ho
were't muh?-bw1ik , h)adt him i( to01 mout
edt fori tcdgefid, but whet her or
not they a rrived wi h thiri pris
onor' 14 yet to be leauriied as he
euvidetly 3 hiade the opptni11ty of
sliding off' lilam's kicking puaar
ters aned maik in g th rouigh the
woods. The niegroe's cime fro
te up-eonuntry several u milhes from
Bears the lhin Killd aicMGAbIW BOUght
hi ceand ovee 14Um Io no aY
Moeting Regarded As Very
Not Since Baleful Days When Cabinet
Framed Answer to Kruger Ultima.
tum Has interest Been ;So Markied.
Gightccore Gather in Downing.
London, Sept. 14.--irom all parts of
tle (oullitry and th econtinent rBritish
cabinot iunInte3rs cam4e to Lonu2don to.
day to attend the abilnet meeting
which is regnrdioj a-3 bing the most
important phlaso in the recent histopy
of tho United Kingdom. The Timae
voiced tablic ..sentiment 4in rahing it
with a "great occasion1," more impor.
tait .evon than the historic -meeting
when ,home rules wjr. uppern*ost, fur
the main issue today is the unity of the
Not since the baleful day when the
cabinet framed an a.nswer to 'President
Krugor's ultimatumi has such crowva
gathe-rod( around Downing street. From
early 1moarning loitorers amsenrblod here
in the hove of enCteing a glmpse of
th political luders. However, when
it ws announced that the cabinot
would .not fniet u-ntil 3 o'clock ,the
spectators dwindled away.
Ir. Dalfour, who arrivdd in London
from Scotland yesterdlay even-ing, went
to Downing street early. Tihere a
number of treasury officials were clow
oted all the morning with Mr. Dal
four's sodrotaries, gcong Qver the sta
tluties on which the cabinet is sup
bosed to base its doeIlon for or against
free tratrie. Mr. -Chamberlain, who
was the central figure in today's pro
coed ings, left Dirmingham, acconipa
iel by his wife.
A large crowd bid them farewell tat
the railway station. On their arrlv.-l
hero Mrs. Chamberlain went to their
London home an.d Mr. Ohamborlain
Proceoded to the Clonstal office.
Ferdinand Has Secret Passage Lead.
Ing From 'Palace.
Berlin, Sept. 14.-An oxterc-ordinary
lettef, purixrting to have been written
by .a Bulgarian tta.tes-man, appears.in
the Kloine Journal. The writer as
snits that a -"iibtorra'nean passage
I ids from the castle of liuxinograd,
where Prince Forinand lives, as
thtolh bocig6d,to the -river, through
which the princc can oscape by Water
WLf-n convinced that his position is no
longer ten-able.
It is added that the Princese Clamen
tine, uotlir of Prince For4inand, saw
King IOdward at Vietna, told him tha.t
her son was in a teplonable condition
and1 In darnger of his life, a.:d begged
the king to have a vessel in readiness
to carry him mway from Bulgaria.
King Edward, it is further asserted,
assu red Princess Clemontine that
Pirinco Ferdinand would always 'Ind
an asylum ki England.
Maddened Horse Ci'sates Consternaa
tion in Brooklyn.
Now York, Sept. 14.-At least 50~
persons have been injured, one fatally,
by a horse that was lPfig broken to
hiarness in flrooklyn. Women and
children fled in terror, but some not
quick enough to escape the hoors of
the animal.
(Ocorge Lane, the only person ser
curly hurt, had gathorced three small
chdhi ren hn his arms and was running
away from the madrdened animal when
he was kngockedl down. TPhe children
wore slightly hurt, 1but .JIn's skull
was crushod and he will probably (lie.
The horse, after dashing throu.ly
several streets, collidle-I with a trolley
car and was knocked down.
Woman Who Left England With Por
tune Disappears.
Wilhosharro, Pa.., Sept. 14.--Mrs.
Aus;tin Flynn, of this city, sailed from
England Aug. 10 with a fortune of sov
oral thousand dollars left hor by a
reiative. -Shlo landed in Now York,
Atig. 19) andl since then her family
hero has hontti nothing from her They
believe rho confided to some one on the
ship the fact that she hadl a large
sum of monecy and that .she was robbed
and murdered aftor she landed.
Well Known Artist Dead.
New York, Sept. 14.--Otto Sarony,
who, for nearly 30 yes hal an initer
national reputation for his work in
portrait photography, is (leash at his
home in this city from lphthi5is. He
was the sonm of Napoleon Sarony, the
crayon artist, andl~ was well 1:nown
among members of the theatrical -pro,
Senator Scott Reported lii.
'San F3rancisco, S(ept. 14.-Beoutior
N$ath'an B. Scott, of West Virginia, is
ill at the Brown Palace hotel in this
city. He ia suffering from injuries
in a wreck near Chicago oxi F'riday,
and also fronm malaria fever, and is
in a serious conditlonl.
First Ascent of the KInd.
Mount Washington, N. HI., Sept. 14.
TI. P. D~river, of Melroo, Mass., and F.
H., Peabody, of Bristol, have made the
first ascent of Mount Weiahington in
a 4-hrourso powver gas'oline rutnfbout.
The actual run.ing time wa 8 houta
and 20 minutes..
In the Inst analysis nobody kcnows,bu t
we (d0 know that ,t is und~er atiot, law
A hitne that law evenm 'al-ghtly. pain me.
suilts. iregulamr living means derange
oment, of organs, re uilting in consItipa..
tiou, hendache or' liver troubale. Dr.
King's new life pills (qnickly ren-adnjusts
i bl.; Ii' gentle, yet. thirough. O
25c at Pickena Drim~ Co.
Turkish Troovers Nearing
Bulgarian Border.
If Turkey's Advance Cofntlauoe There
Will Be a Generai - Mobiliza
tion of the Bulgarian lorceo-_Atti.
tude of Ruiela.and Austria.
Londohn, Spt. 14.-The foreig-ai of
filce advices show that dissatisfaction
is growing more serious owing to re
ports that the Turkleh troops are 0low
1y iea-iug the border. If their ad
vance continueji there will be a gen
eral mobilization of the Bulgara-n
force preparatory to meeting even
A' Iusso-Austrian note to the pow
era has been received here an~d lo now
under consideration. It sets forth
tha.t in time event of hostilities between
Turkey and Bulgaria, Rusala' and As
tria will not give thIr oupport to
either of the parties but will hold each
of them to. a strict accountability, for
their actions. It Is expected that
France will adhere to the Ruealan-Aua
trian atttitude.
Demands intervention.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 14.-The Novoe
Vreymya. today demands active later
vention in Macedonia and proposes as
h solution of the difficulties tho at
taching of offices of the foreign pow
era to'all Turkish repressive expedi
tions with authority to prevent un
necessary cruelty.
Turkish Troops Make Raid.
Berlini Sept. 14.-A .dispatch to the
Frankfurth Zoltung from Sofia, Bul
garia, says the Turkish troops have
raided the Bulg'arian frontior neal, Te
kendsche and have driven off three
herds of sheep. The dis'patcI adds
that Turkish solsliers at Kirk Kilisseh,
in Turkish territory, fired on the
French consulate, breaking the wIin
dows. A party of Turks bivouack
ing near Giohtope hai with theoa
Bulgaria.n women a-nd girls. Five hun
dred fugitive women and children have
arrived at Tekeindsche.
Longshoremen Strike.
Now Orleans, Sept. 14.-The strike
of the laigehorenon haw beeni settled,
the longshoremen agreeing to waive
the demand that eight men be ptrt in
a hatch and this morning they were
all put to work on the '8 shipe wait
ing for a cargo. The Southern Pa
cific company has won its fight entire
ly with the imlon of its freight hand
lors.. 'l'he ,members of this union to
day returned in a body and a.sked-for
their old plicos, which wore refused
with some few' exceptions. These
froig-ht harvllers were getting 80 cents
an hour and struck for 40 cents, the
same ae the longshoremen were get
Political 'Situation at Bogota.
New York, Sept. 1 4.--The govern
ment's doeelaration in the house at 1Bo.
gota has lad a caiming effect but eon
sideriable political .uneasiness is felt,
according to a Herald dlispatch from
Panama. PrtesLent M arriquein doold
edly oppo)ses the pr'oposals to put up
either himself for his son as a cand~idate'
for the nomination for the pr1esidency,
and will not give his official support
to any one for' the nomination. Hke
intends to allowv his par-ty free scope
in making the s'elections gf candidate.
No decision has b)o0n ar-rived al so 'far.
In the excitomient of the political sit
nation canal affairs appear to be 1g
"iOld Folks Day" Observed.
New York, Sept. 14.--'Old Folks
Day" has been observedl for the 14"
consecutive time at the 'Prosbytorn
church at Vineland, N. 3. The gath
ering wvas a most remarkable one.
There wvas present g hundrej - people
over 50, twenty-four octogonarians and
t'hree amonogenarians.
Emory College Opens Fail Tenn.
l0mory College, Oxford, Ga., Scet.
14.--inory college will op~en her
doors for the beginning of. heor 66th
session on Wednesday'. 'Phe pr-ospocts
for the largest att'endance in recent
years is, very bright, anvA unless all
signs fail more students will register
Wednesday than on any similar day
for the past five years.
Wife of PormerGeorgian Suicides.
New .York, Sept. 14.--As a result of
ill-health Mr-s. Louise I. Piuxton, the
young wife of a barrel manufacturer
of Worcester, Mass.: has commtted
suicide by asphyciation. Mrs. flux,
ton was t'he daughter of Thiomas 0.
Lombard, of Ohicago, formerly a ree,
ident of Georgia,
'Put To Death in Eleotric Chair.
Auburn, N. Y,, .Sept. 14.-Clarence
IDgnor, of Buffalo, was today put to
death in the electric chair for the mur
der of Archibaldt Benedict, a keoper
in Auburn prison. IOgnor was 28
years of ago and adreved in the war
with Spain under .another name.
Outlaw Surrenders to Polio.
Butte, Mont., Sept. 14.--Llewellyn
Felker, one of the six prisoners who
escapod~ from the county jail here a~n
Aug. 12, walked into the sherIff's of
flee last night and gave himself up.
Fo lkor was charged with murder and
was conaldiered 0one pf the most dan
gerous the escaped prisonorar
Boy's Wildl Ride for Life.
WV - ''--' around expecting him to
die, nd'a son riding 18 miles for life, to
get r. King's New Discovery for I on
so tion. Coughi and Colds, W. HI.
Bro n of Leesville, Ind., endured death
ago lee from asthma; but this wonder
ful edicino gave instanti telief and soon
our himi. He writo. "I now sleep
a - adly everynight." L, e marvelous
ree of Conguniiytion, pneumonia, bron
t U "and gip proves its
matcll s nrrit fr all throat and lung
tronbles.s Guaratedbottles 50o and
Miners WaI Rbtur'n 46 Wo~k if - Pr'
teoteO-Italan Exodus.
Dallap4-aept. 14.-A dispatch to The
NoWe from Thurber, Tex,, say":
It to reported, although unofficialy
that M'he Texas -and Pacific compan
Will etart to work in 'Mine No. 9 tO
morrow agornling steady employmenW
to those of the miners who h've do
clared a willingneS to remain and
who indicated that they want, protoo
tion.~ At yeaterday's mass meeting
Natiovai. Organiser Wadjan, of the
United Mine Wdrkers, said he had
been informed that the coal company
was tirying to organize the Mexicans
to operate Mine No. 9 and he a-ppeal
ed to the Mexicans to remain true to
the union. Payment of the men con
tinued at the company's offices today.
T010 exodus from Thurber has begun.
Wagons contaling household effects
dotted the road to the mining camp at
Mineral City and Strawn. Forty-two
Italians left on the noon train for Port
Worth on-route to Italy. Perhape 200
Italians will returh to their native
land within the next two or three days.
Somo Of them had worked in the
Thurber mines for moro than tee
The United Mine NWrkee i'ent for
food supplies to Thurber last night
and agatI% to.iay for the men who need
and again today for the men 'who node
A meoting of the miners is to be
held at Graanttown, near Tharber, to
morrow -afternoon. It has- been an
nounced if the company has not giv
en in by that time, the transportation
will be funir-ish4d to the miners who
want to go t, Indian Territory and
Arktuneas. A 1 of the miners' meet
ings wit.h the offices of the United
Mine Workers of Anmori$a are held
outsido of Thurber and off company
The men are staying away from sa
loons, and there is an absence of dis
Woman a Annapolia Defies Govern.
mont Officials.
A.nnapolis, Sept. 14.-Mre. Kate C.
Realy has circumvented a plan of the
government authorities to secur%. a
Deaceable possession of the house she
occupies in the new grounds Qf the
naVfl tcaemy. Mrs. Kealy always
left home at 4 certain hour for church
and. plans were -maAlo to close the gatesi
of the grounds so she would be un
able to re-enter, but she scented the
danger ath renained at home.
The government does not -dosire to
lay violent han~s on a woman, yot
stronger action against her will now
probably have to be taken. For five
day her water supply has boon out. off,
and it seems she is ready to die in
her castle to maintain her rights as
sehe concelves them to be. 'She means
to remain in posseasion until ttle gov
In 1892 her husband died without a
In 1892 her husaaend died without a
will. The estnte was divided, and a
house on the lot where the present
house stands was assigncd to Mrs.
Kealy as part of her dower. After
the estate was divided it was found
that bhore were so many debts that
some of the property had to be sold
to pay them. Mrs. Kcealy's home was
one of the houses that were sold. John
T. Mullhann bought it, but was never
able to secuire possession. When the
property was condemned by the gov
''niment for the use of d.e naval acaie
my, Mulhann was paid the amount
awarded them, but Mrsi. Ke44y re
fuses to recognize the legality of the
This Year's Gathering of a' Solemn
New York,. Sept. 14.-'rh is year's
gathering of the Danish famnily' here is
of an unusually solemn character says
a Timies dispatoh f-rom Cbopenhagen.
The king will have reigned 40 years
on Nov. .45. It is 50''yoars since he
was recognized as heoir to the throno.
Trho e~own prince, who -lately attaiun
ed his sixtioth year, has boon crown
prince during 40 yea-rB.
tKing Christian's second son, King
George of Greece, celebrates thbe 40th
year of has -cign this year, andi Queen
Alcexandri a celebrates the 40th anni vor
sary o' he wedding day this year.
The . chess of Cumnberland, who will
be 50) years old Sopt. 29, celebrates
her siver w'edding in December.
Kin-g Christian looks as young as
ever and rnudes daily.
Case of Curtis .Jett,
Cynthiana. Ky., Sept. I4.-ln the case
of Jett .indicted for the asmassinalton
of Tiown Marshal' James Cockrell at
Jackson, IKy., July 26, 1902, the defene
today filed an affidavit asking a cory,
tinuence on account of the absence and]
sick~ness of Attorneys J. D). Black and
B.' P. Frbach, for defense. Judge
Osborn orrulled the mobion for con
tinuance and pdjourned court un-tit
1180 p. m. to give the defendant's at.
torneye time to make the necoeary
affidavits for a motion for a change of
venue to another county.
Had Fight With Catamount.
Knoxville, Tonn., Sept. 14.-A special
to The Sentinel from Middlesboro,
Ky., says J. Fi. Qunninglham, a photog.
r'aphor, had a -fight with a monster oat
amount in the edge cf the city this
morning. Ho killed) the ani-mal with a
rock. Cunningham wasp coming to
Milldlesbor-o when the catamount;
sprang upon ham. He knocked tre
animal off and hit him in the hena
with a rock, one blow proving fatal.
Has Sol'l a l'loe of Chmbmerlin's
Coumgh Itemedy.
I have so1(d Chamberlain's Cough
hlemedy for mere than twenty years
and it has always given satisfaction. 1
have sQld a pile of it and can .-reoom
mzend it highly,,-Joseph Mcolihiney,
Lintonm, Iowa. You will find' this reme
dye a ood, friend wvhen troubled wie
cough or' cold. It always affords quielt
rgief aind is pleasant to ,take, For sale
by Pickens .lDra 0.' o>.arle's D W,4
Str T. ~ N. iieLbr
President Hi'. "'Train Wreok4d-.
fta Shaken Up.
IACresse" -W. . Sept., t4.--A egiaj
tfain eonadttifig of aSe a no &U two
oaclag eptcining 1resg4ent J. J.
1111, of the Nn'rthern SectiKties- compA.
ny; Prestdent Harris, the first asd
Sevond vice prsii.eint, hief 1rineer
BrookonrLdge and otbor ofilais of the
Burlington, Iat ovening ra.n into two
largeo boulders whih ad been Wah,
od on tie track by a svero rainstorm
noar Alm4,- 6nd the engine wda bdly
O'utld'e of a bad ehnking up agn1 a
few bruises, none of the officals on
the train were Injured. A fierce torw
was hra progreas when the ofticial tvain
left Vhi0 0ity late yesterday afternoon
boun-d for 9t. Paul an dthe engineer
was rurming at a very noterato speed
whie-i the train cradhed into the
Much damage was dne -railroaxIs tU
bhis vicinity by the storm numeroua
washouts being roported.
Was 84 Years Old--Voted for Fremiont
for President,
Chicato, Sept. 14.---Clurlep Pilwter,
Qf Maysville, Ity., friend t Cassus
X. Clay and of John C. Prctuont, a-A
A abolit.kmint of note to Kontudy in
antebellum days, LB (lead here at the
LomDe of .hA son, Walter B. 'Peter. Ile
Was 84 yewrs old. The 4eceased who,
was a himber mirchanft for 30 yeara,
waks the only man in Maysville to
vote for Premoi)t for president In 185%.
and was one of only six men to vote
for Lincoln in 1860. Thb other flive
wore burned in effig but Mr. Pfister
wAs spared that Indignity.
I-le built a fort on a hill colhmand
ing the Ohio river for 5 miles and
turned -over to the 'mion army aniv
sought no pay for it, but congress re
munorated him. I-o arratiged a meet
lug at which General Hay .apoke, the
genoiva holding a -revolver in each
hand while he delivered 'his discourse.
John W4iliame Shot by John Bowman
at Statham, Ga.
Stathen, Ga., Sept. 14.-SuWay
nig'hit at Green Arn'old's hop stand,'
about one mile from town, Tohn Wil.
banks shot and fatally woundod Join
Wilbanks and l'nwman were just. out,
side tho hop stand gambling aod a dia
p'ute arose- over the gaeme. which re.
sulted n Wilbanics shooting st Ulow-,
m-an five tilmes, three balls taking of.
feet. .l-owman is now lying at the
piint of death at a house., Ioar the
scene of the crime. Wilbanks inade
his escapo.
Both partiez are white men. Dow.
amn lives about 4 miles from St.t
ham and Wilbanlk's home is at Hiar
monly Grove.
Char ed with Robbing Mails.
Ocala, ' a., Sept. 14.-George Hol,
linshead was arrested hore by Deputy
Marshal Chambers at the instance of
Postoffi. nspoctor Pier, charged with
robblng thIe mails. The Commercial
bank, of thi'place, and 8. 'P. Ia-mib,I
of Anthony, had certain checks stoleni
from thrn which wore fu letters ad
dressod toe the C'onmmercial bank.
Other' checs have been stolen and
caslie~l hcei in a mysterious manner.
Ulnifedl States Commissioner Williamn.
hold flollinshoad on a $500 bond, pend.
tng a preliminary hearing Tuesday.
T-he longshoremon'n strike at New
Orleans lias been concludeod and a
thrce yeare' agreement reachod..
Attorneys for the state in .the 3. HI.
T-illimn ease wid mask for a new judge
to condl~uct the t'rlai, being dissatisfied
with .fudge Tfownsendl.
Senator Qarmackn, of Tennossee, in
to int'odluce a b)il1 in the senate for
the repeal of the fifteenth amerrdmnien
to the constitution.
Salvation Army corps has left Clove.
land, 0., for thea mountai~ns of TIennues.
see and Kentucky to try and Christian.
izo the peop~le.
A cyclone is raging i'n middle Flora
Ida. 1or the past two days the storm
has boon playihg havoc at Mami
and Tamnpa.
'Senator Clay sees a trend -bow.ard
Sonator Georman for the prosidentiali
nomination andi believes GeorgIa ts for
T[he mafia scare at Carbonda-le, Pa.,
has quieted doWn. Agents of t he so
ciety, being watrned, have skippo3 out.
Afn explosioni of dyanamite uft B~af
Clty, Mi<:h., killed two~ men and in
juired a nimnbbr of othera.
During the upveolling. of the memo
rial to liDrnest Ilonian, French historb
an, at Traguier, Brittany, violent dem,.
onstrations were made agathet IPremier
Combos, and troops wore called on,
flusmela bias preaented the Chinese
government a new scheme for the eva6.
tation of Manchuria. rIyuce Chingt,
president of the foreign board, bofa.
asedere Rutssla's conditions to be re
T[he cloth .marloot at Manchester re
mains dull, the decline in gcotton hav
ing no apparent effect on rxisiness.
The (diepute between Brasil andl Bo
livia with regard to the Aere territory,
still remains unsettled.
fleshid Iasha, the dism-issed vili of
Beirut, has gone to Oonstantinople.
The pope has given a reception to
the workingmen of Rlomeo.
'I'ho Cape Colony supremeo court haa
decided, says i. Now York dispatch
from Cape Col'ony', that dloath while
engaged in flghbting against the king's
troops doce rnot invalhdate the webei's
fet inhuaace poicy.
Sour Sieomachi.
When the quantity of food taken is
toe large or the quality too rich, sonr
stomach is likely to followv, and especial.
ly so if the digestion has been weakened
by constipation. Eat slowly and not too
freely of easily digested food, Alasticate
the food thoroughly.Let five hours elapse
between meals, and. when you ieel a
fullness and weightitin thie region of LJine
stomach tufter eating take ChamnberilWs
Stomach and Liter Tablete and the sour
etomauch may be avoided. For sale by
Pikn tiu Ce, S ei a armt Store,
Florida Suffers ?2rom Vifit of
Disastrous Torm.
teven Peopte So lfr a. Known rdi1
Death-Great injury Done to Orange
Groves and Homes of Northerners.
Vessels Ashore.
JacksonvIlle, Fla., Sept. 14.-No
wires are 'working south of Jackeon-.
vfile this morning, and details of tiW
hiPriCane which aweet across Obe
southern part of the state Saturday aft
So far as kl)own,. seven people met
death, the b.ipes of five be"eg wash
ed up near Miami, on the qaet coast,
ad two nearby on th6 west side of tihe
Passengers arulving this morning-ou
belated traena report that on the- east
'Coast many vessols haVe been wreck
ed, coastwso and oohers. A'bovo M
aml it is reported that seveft or eight
Vesols are ashore"
Muoh injury has been donte to orange
groves and gardens, amd it is feared
thaot the boa'utiful winter homes of
northern people have boen damaged.
T10 g'eatest damage is reported
from Tampa, an4 autbntic informa.
fion bon that section- of the west
4o1t is aftixiously awaited.
The disturbanke is thie morning
uweepnag dcross Alabama and Missis
sippi. All wires south of fiontgom
el'y are down, fn the neighborhood' of
Flomaton Ala., and Birmingham, Mont.
gomery, fobile and New Orleans r
Dort 'high winds. There is no evidence
of the storm at Charleston, 8. C., al
though precautionary . signale have
been displayed there for two daye.
Loes by Hurricans i Ectimated at
Jacksonville, Pla., Sept. 14.-Pasaon
gere, Who arrived in the city t2hs
morning from 'ampa, Fla., confirm the
firt reports of damages by bhe hurri
Cand in that city. The lose, which is
now estimated at $100,000, may reach
still ligher figures when full infor
mation shatl have been received.
Sevoral vessels are reported to be
delayed, and it is farod that shipping
may have been lost afld daaged by
the windstorm which, swept aoross the
southwestorn coet.
In Tampa build'!ngs were daniageri,
In some instances causing work to 'e
stuipended in factories azil millis. Twe
Almeria hotel roof wAs blown off, a.id
nIamy buillings ip the town were is.
roofed. 'The town 'Ws in total dai k-*
ness last night, the electric hg ht
plant IaUving-been damage4 by t.e
Street cor traffic was interrupted
from 10 o'clock last night until 8 thiC
morning, an4 there seems little chalve
now for regular traf&i to be resumal
aoon on account- of the tangled wires
and upblown poles in the streets.
West Tampa was flooded last night
b ythe heavy Tam- Which follo~ved in
the wake of the storre, and the streets
wereo deluged by the heavy down
No less of lie- is reported in Tamaa,
although several persons Were hurt by
falling trees. All Wires north of
Tanmpa are dpwn, and there is no corn
mnunication with Tampa and southeast.
ern and western. Florida, except by
rail, and all trains north of Jnckson
ville are delayed.
Steamer Reported Loot Is Safe.
Savannah, Ga., Sopt. 14.-The steamn
s~hip N'eW Orleans, from Baltimore,
owned bry the Merchants and Marine
Transportation company, which was
reported last niglit to have'gonra
aground at Hunter's island, 40 miles
north of Beaufort, arrived here at noon
today. The vessel was not Injured
by the storm, but owing to an acoi
dent to her machi'nery was forced to
anchor at lHunter's island until tugs
could be sent to her assistar-e. Ah
of the 20 passengera aboard were re.
pote well.
Weather Bureau's Bulletin.
Washington, Sept. 14.--The weather
bureau today issued the following rpe
eial bulletin: "Tropical storm has
crossed the gulf coast line east of Pen
sacola, I'la., and will move northwardi
Qovr the interior with diminlahing
srength, causing heavy rain in theo
southean Apalachian mountain dis.
tricts. There are no present indica,.
tione that it will cause dangerous gales
on the -middle anti north Atlantic
coasts. F'rst -is Indicated in the
corn belt tonight as far south as north
ern Ka'nsase, eoiem'e notrthern Missouri
and all of lowe and Itorthern Illinois."
Mrs. Gordon Has Accepted.
Chiicago, Sept. 14--Mys. W. W. gr
dozi, of Savannah, Ga., granddaughteor
of tihe first settler in Chicago, cceopta
an -invit'ation to b)0 tlae guest of honor
at the centenbnial next week.
Many injured in Collision.
Chicago, Sept. 14.--four lpersons
were injurett, one Henry Wakofieid
of Chicago, baggagenman, probably fa
tally, hnd many pasngers badly ha-k
on up Ln a collision on the Chic ago
and Northweostern railroad at De
Plain. early today. An open~ swtitc
is saiid to have causaed- the accident, te
passonger train, west bound, crari I
into the rear of a treight on a slidag.
Fearfule Odda AgainstI iilu.
Bedridden, alone and dlestituto. Paiel
In brief was the condition of an ol 901-si
11cer by the name of J. J7. Hlavern, ve~r
sililes, 0. For years he was
troubled with kidney disease and rwith
er doctors nor medlicines gave him relicf
A a nigbh he tried Elcotrio Bitters. It
put hist on hiaffeet i short order and
now lie testifies, "1 am on the roadi (o
rom prete recovery." Best on learth fore
liver andl kididiy troubles gr.nd all forms
Cf stontelofMid boivel troubles. Only
SOc., Guiiranteed by Pickens Drug 4o,
W. T. cFALr nt.* J. 8. WILSoN, VIllIII
-+The Pickens Oil Mill Compay
t *Cotton Seed Meal, Hiflls, Oil and Linters..
Ginning Cottoin A Specialty.
Capacity 60 Unles Per )ay.
We want to buy all the seed you have and will pay
top of the market for them.
A first-class ginnery. Capacity 50 bales per day.
Satisfactory turnout and a fine ;ample is our guarantee.
As soon ae the season opens we will have plenty of
meal and hulls for sale.
We will be ready to gin your first bale as well as
your last one.
WANTED AT ONCE-5oo cords of 4 foot pine
Help us to make a success of this enterprise by
giving us your patronage and we will assure you "good
.measure and running over."
The Pickens Oil Mill Co.
"THE LORD BOND CASE" IS Over-Work Weakens
SETTLED. Your Kidneys.
Supremabe Court Has Filed a uecision Un- Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
ler Which the State Treasurer
will Now Proceed. All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
The State treaFurer will "write To he kidneys are your
off of his books" the outstanding - . blood purifiers, they fil.
ter out the waste or
bonds of the old State bank. le impurities In the blood.
was aulorized and required by if they are sick or out
act < tho legislature to take suof order, they fall to do
action, but i as res'trained by tem. Pains, aches andrheu..
. . , matism come from ex..
porary injunction pending the de- cess of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
cision of ani appeal. The s0premo11 kidney trouble. -
court has sustaine. ti-e legality of Kidrey trouble causes quick or unstead
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
the act 4f tihe leilature, thle opin- they had heart trouble,,because the heart is
ion being filed 'I'hursday . *Thesie over-working in pumph thick, kidne
poisoned blood through veisand'I
bonfds %%,cr-4 (f1 a 111ier Iot-t (1111'- It used to be considered that only urinary
ing the War Bletween the S,,etio,, troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
is 'aidbut nowv modern science proves that nearly,
and there nre, it is aaid, so un- tconstitutional diseases have their begin
paid bouds in the lianls of Cnarl,.s ning in kidney trouble. ,-, *
ton people. If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild.
The decision A t he su Inom and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's.
Swarp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
court is that ti3 .MLate trOasnll soon realized. It stands the highest for its
should strik) ofl of the louks about wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and Is sold on its merits P
$37,030 %lic jijt wis oainie '1 by all druggists in fifty
State owed to 'the fornier holdtrs cent and one-dollar siz- i
es. ..You may have a
of the so called Lord b I(L. that sample bottle by mail nornoorswap-noot.
afree. also pamphlet telling you how to find
wore either loit.or deitroyed dlr-Iout if you have kidney or bladder. trouble.
ing the war. Al r. Lor I was the; Mention this paper when writing Dr. KIlmer
f>mer receiver of the b mk, The & Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
. Don't make any mistake, but remember
opinion is by Atsociate Justice Ira the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
B. Jones, and the entire c >rt on- Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
Bur. Thne) Call thekn~wn " Y., on every bottle.
A. M. ih, Rceiver, yv. State ELEVEN THOUSAND BOUlHT.
Thbe legislature in 1902 passed Over $F30,000 Wnrth, nf'Oy~press Timber
an act authorizing the State tr'eas- IaIInsm i meiiand and suimter
urier to strike from the books the <'onnutlo to ba cleared.
claim tor this money, about $37,. The Savitee River Cypress Lum-.,
000). Gov. McSweeniey refused to hor compIanly, a ne0w concern oper..
sign the act and it was returned to ating in this section with $300,000)
th e legislature and passed oveor his capi'al and modern headquarters
veto. 'mills at Ferguson, has jutit pur'
Thie attorneys for the bond peo- chased 11,000 acres of timber lands
pie secured a tempijorar'y ini junction in Richland1 and Sumter county.
against the treasurer until the case 'ilho consideration was $30,000 aind
could be heard in the supreme rights of way to the river for' float.
court, the point being raisod that ing -pur'poses. TVhe concern 1s the
the necessary two-ti rds Imajor ity lairgest in the south handlling
to) pass an act over tihe governor's cypress5 lumbn er . Its operations
veto meant the whole membership are binig favorable felt ini thlis
of the senate, in which body the State through its pa1y r'oll aind ini
bill origmnated, and not simply a, the extensive pulrchaso of lands.
two-thirds vote of the qunorum hap "You need have no fear of the
penling to be present. As the vote cyrs timbi~'er causing dr'outhsg in
was by a close two--hirds theo a South Carolina," saidl -he general
( 2sion of the sUueme court rested maniager, Mr. F. A. Seeley. "It
upion this point. Justice .Jon~es gr wb back too l'ast for that, even
decies thaft a two-thirds vote wvith the most extensive opcerationis
means two-thirtds of quor'umi, as the likely to he0 saen ini the next die.
constittional, in cae of imenl cade.
men t, states that twvo-th irdls of all "'In spite of the great develop.
members elected shall lhe neces- ment the businoss has reached in
sary for impeachment, but tihat in this State in thle past few years
all other proc'eedinigs the wordl through the operations of the. At
"elcte" s lftout ths hownglantic Coast Lumber company and -
that the intention1 of the framersvaiuim rcoenthlt
was that a two-thirds iole oin anly- ber business is yet inl its infancy
thing else meantI simply two-thmirds in South (Carol ina,~ as iln other soo..
of ai qiuorum . Nu'merous diecisioim, Lions of the south, In the next 8
are cite1.d by t he associate ~justice or 10 years the business wijll have
in su pport of. his decisi< .' growni to prop~ortiois nt thought
It is nmot ki own now whether the of now, and its demvelopmnent wvill
matter will be taken to ihe'e igfupr n h gne-m.i'5
co'urt of the Uniteid Stildae s fiapl y
or n ot, and ,t is a qutestion as to
whjetheri or not the attorineys haven )2 rilllwihcntpto r
til isright.;hambrlain's Stomiachiro an Iie TPab,
lets. , They ame easy to take and prcduco
Emergency Medicenes.. no grlpimg 'or o h r m pleasant oll'ects.
It is a great covnec to .have Fori saile by Pickena Drugm Co., IEarle's
at handm relialeh remcciies for' use in Drug Store, T.' N. H unter, Liberty.
cases of accident and for slight injuries!
and ailments. A g('eod liniment and on'le in Praise of Chmeran Colic Chol.
that is fant b~ecomir g a favorite if not a era' and lDiarrhen Ied~y.
housohli necessity is Chaimbrlain's ''Allow me0 to give youi a~ few words
Pain Balm. By applying it promplitly to in prised or I1 aimbermi.& Collo, Chole.
a cut, brtuise or burn it allaya the pain ra and Diarrhoea Remnedy,"safys Mr. Juho
aind c-iises the injury to heal in, about ii m~lett, of raglo Pascs, TIexas8. '"I atf
one third the time usually reqiuirosl, and fored omne week with howel trouble and
as It is antiseitie it prevenlts any danger took amli kinlds of mnedicline without get
of blood poisoning. Whieni Pin lHalm is ting anly relief, whout my friend Mr. 0.
kept on hanuid a spraihi may lhe treated .J .hm en, a merchant here, advised me
before Inilamation sets In, which maunres * ,. m -- reey A'in r iaking on
a quickc recovery. Four hale by P'Ilkens dose I was g r eatly relievedl and wheri
Drug Co., Earle's lIhug Store, TI. N. had taken 'h t hir I '!ose was entireil *
flunter, Libe -y. cured. I t h- k y 'iu fi om the bottom of'
it 1*tjii lie Ve t ~'srm' lmy heart for puttingx this great remedy?:
renasen, e, ami 1 arr ill the handics of mia'indl." For sale by
'inre4 c~hll,-, .Sw'alcei,. Swe..mne*. .' w. .\ch- Pickens Drug Co., Erit e' a rug 8tQ~re
in heel. aLtoi a m asugmst.no sh(O Ti. N. I lunter. Liberi f.

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