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- -E e d p 2 , 9 . P k n C., n H s o > d c aiss 2 ,n tter, "nder net . of Cong l oa of i aiach 3, 1879.
T8 KENS SENTIN El,, Establishe2,, 1819
1U """"''' PICKIONS,903 S. Co . T E E ER2, 93
me 01ak
Timbers of oak keep the old
homestead standing througl
the years. It pays to use the
right stuff.
" Men of oak" ar 11en in
rugged health, ien whose
bodices are made of the sound
est materials.
Childhood is the time to lay
the foundation for a sturdy con
stitution that will last for years.
Scott's Emulsion is the right
Scott's Emu'sion stimulates
the growing powers of children,
helps them build a firm
foundation for a sturdy consti
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chmists,
409-416 Pearl Street, New York
60c. and $1.00 x all druagsts.
With Fire and Sword De
struotioi Wrought.
Terrible Turk Slaughters Indiscrimli
nately Bulgarians and Greeks, Men,
Women and Children-Peasant Wo
men Horribly Mutilated.
Sofia, Bulgaria, Sept. 18.--urther
reports fron Kastoria say the city is
burning and that the massacre of its
p-opulation (estimated to have been
4umbered at 10,001) persons) Was in
describably terrible. The 'Tutlrk"s
slaughtered indiserimhinately liulgari
ans and Greeks, men, women and chil
A Turkish war balloon is reported
to have been seen hovering for the
last three da% * .so to the Bulgaria-n
frontier in the .cinity of laskovo.
A severe fight has occurred at Uliv-t
sa in the muountains of Kratovo be
tween 2,000 Turks and 80 insurgents.
It continued for eighit hours. The
Insurgents used bombs with doadly of
feet. About 100 Turks are reported
to have boon killed a-ni: many were
wounded. The insurgents had two
men wounded.
A fight is also reported to have tak
e1n place at IupelIpaso, near Sores,
where insurgent bands recently sur
rounded and an-nihilated a whole con
pany of Turks. The bands then Iled
to the mountains. Three battalions
of Turkish troops have been sent fronm
flalonica to pursnie them.
A small body of peasant refugeos,
near Prosba, who wore starving i~n
the mountains, started to se'ek food.
At Nakaletz they were met by Turk
is soldiers who killed them all and
horribly mutilated the wvomen.
Turkish AtrocitIes Are Said to Have
Been UnderestImated.
L-ondon, Sept. 18.-The WVestmiinster
Gazette says a well known London
journalist c-ables from Delgrade as
"Starting with pro-Turkish sympa
thies, I have found overwhelming evi
dence convincingly proving that thc
Turkish atrocities are rather under
estimated in tho reports of Blritlsh con
suis, bankers and u.n prej ud i cd people.
Foreign Minister Tzokoff tells me he
knows cases of starving women in the
forests killing two of their own chil
dren to preserve the third. Thue for
est ,#anderers wvill all perish of cold
lhin two months."
F~urop~e, adlds the Westminster G-a
sette, d-ealing with the Kastorla re
ports, is bound to interfere whethoer by
conference or as a concert.
14cln A rmenc Salvie
11as wv rb.l -wide famie for mar-velous
tion 0o1 int met, or b~alm for cuts, corns.
burns, boils, 0'eS, chaupped hads, skini
crul1 tions, felons, ulcers, tetter, salt
rheum, fover- soi o:; infallible for piles.
Cure guai ante d. Only 25c. P'ickenu'
Drug Co.
Three Acquitted--Those ConvIcted
Recommended to Mercy.
~iGreenville, S. C., Sept. 19--I--n goner
gi sessions courlt WVIll Norton, Sol
ONor ton, Polnsott Gosnell, Itufus Sta
ten, Amor Gosnoll and Mori-ls 00o11011
were tried for tihe - murder- of Nini
Oosnell, which occurred in "dark cor
nor" sectiona of tils counaty April last.
Wi.: Norton, 8o1 Norton1 and Poin
sett Gosnell wore convicted, with a
recommendation to mercy. The others
were acquitted.
Robert Gunnells, a white man charg
ed with criminally assaulting a 4-year
old neg~ro girl, will be tried today. ils
attorneys will enter a plea of insan
Otnnnolls wag brought to Greenville
from Spartanburg jail.
Eiditress Dead.
'Louisville, Ky., Sept. 19.-,Mrs. Eliz
abeth Cherry Waltz, the novelist and
literary editor of The Courier-Journal.
Bied at her home i Beechmont this
afternoon after an iluness of a month.
Tihe lesit Irescr~iptiEIon o M:.
(hills anfd rever is a bottle of Gaovx s 'rA~qr
rawda (lst. TIOxIO, it ix sahnplyiron andi < ubeuin
u ai ut~sekes tarm. ANe enre-no pay. I rice 151
Sensational Family Tragedy
at Nashville, Tenn.
Miss Loulla -unnigham Lodged in Jail
For the Murder of the Wife of John
F. Wilson-She Says Providence Di.
rooted the Dc- -1.
Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 19.-Tho wife
of John E. Wilson was shot and kill
ed this movning at her hoiv in Eist
Nashvillo, and Miss I.oulla Cunning
ain is in jail charged with the mur
The women were living in the house
and no differences had arlsen between
them. Soveral years ago Wilsoni mar
red the sister of Miss Cun-ningham,
who went to live with them and coa
tinned to make her houe with her
brother-In-law fater the death of her
Wilson married Miss Allca Caroy,
of Louisville, 'last sunday -morninj,
end brought his bride at once to Nash
ville. There was no objection to the
marriage on the part of Misa Cun
ningham. and all went well until thim
morning, when without warning, she
snatched a pislol that was lying on
the mantel and fired four timos in rap.
ki succession. One bullet ,pierced the
heart of Mrs. Wilson and another went
through her liandl.
No cause is known for the deed,
other than the statement made by the
nurderer, who says that providenco di
rected her to commit the crimo.
Several Measures of Importance Pass.
ed by Legislature.
Montgomnery, Ala., Sept. 19.-The
house of representatives has passed
t'he senate bill extending the terms of
the two associate railroad commission
ers, W. T. Sanders and W. C. Tun
stall, ,wo years.
Debate was cut off by the advocates
of the bill by moving the previous ques
A bill to rearrange the judieiary elr
cults, making seventeen circults, was
also passed.
The house voted down the bill to
periIt book keoping and selling and
buying of pools on horse races.
Quite a sensation was created in
the senate by a motion to reconsidoer
the adcption of the resolution giving
one of Alabama's places in statuary
hall of famo to DIr. J. L. M. Curry. The
motion was carried, but was later ruled
out of order because the house did
not have the resolution. It will be
recalled. The purpose of the motion
Is not k-nown.
The senate adopted the numbered
ballot in the election bill, but has not!
as yet passed the bill.
Wedded In Haste to Get Fourtune of
Binghamton, N. Y., Sept. 18.-Thom
as P. Uaker and 1lisis Marie Wells, oft
Atlanta, were married by telephoneo,
the bride being at (Glenwood, Pa., and
the groom in Bul'falo, N. YI.
'fle couple had been e'ngagedl for
sonme time, the wedding being a famn
ily march. The dlate was set for Oct.
1, but it was learned thbat an aged
aunt, who had set her hiear't on the
match, had decreed in her will that
unless the masrriage took place before
her death p.roperty to thbe amount of
$20,000 woul diver-t fromi Miss Wells
to othier relatives.
-1 The aunt was stricken with apo,
Plexy a-nd pronounced dying. The
groom, who is a traveling man, was
located at Buffalo, and the marr-iage
arrIanged over- the telephone. A mini
ister officiated at each end and the
ceremony was con-ludced 10 minutes be.
fore the aunt breathed her last.
MissIssIppi's Valuable FInd.
,Jacksonville, Miss., Sept. 18.-While
Mississippi cannot -rival the fanious
peotriflod forest in~ Arizona, she yet ri
joices in a recent flad along this linq
that is attracting the attention Uftg
ologists anid curiosity seekers. Th~e
find is (dn the farm of A. 11. PradIley,
niear Flora, and is said to consist of
some "la-i-go, beautiful and wvonder.
fuli petrilications." State Commis.
sioner- to thme St. Tonis Fair lHenry has
visited the "petrifiod forot" and made
arrangements for n-n exhibit of its
wonders at the big fair.
Mourned as Dead for Years.
New York, Sei, 18.-After being
mnomyrned as dead by parents andi
friends for 18 year's, Walter Fi-azeo,
a formeir resident of Scotchm Plain~s, N.
J., has returned to that village. His~
aged mother was over-comno with joy'
andl swoonied. When F'razeo disappear.$
ed the woods and p)ondsl were scoured
in vai~n and he wvas given up as d.oad.
He says lie was insiriled to r-un away
by stories of adventuro and traveled
all over the globe,
insane from Sunstroke He Suicides,
Newv Yom'k, Sept. 19,--Floyd Knox,
aged 23 year's, disappear-ed from hIs
home in ilillsdale two weeks age~
while temporarily insane from thme of'
focts of a sunstroko. Hie has jus~t
boen found dlead. In thme wvoods by hunt.
Qra. , Knox had climbed a tall trec%
secured himself ther-e and then ecom,
Kitted suicide by shootinag,
Whlal. is JLifer
In the last analysis nobody knIOws,bm I
we do kn'>w that it is uder strict law.
Al use th'mt law even ilighily, pain re
t'-u Irregular living meanas derange
mont of organs, resulting ini constipma
tion, headache or liver trouble. D~r.
King's new life p~lls quickly re-ad jausts
this. It's-gentie, yet thmorough. Onmly
25co at Pickons Drug Co.
Death Ovorta~kes uA all and~ thou
Cmm(, Ax xhn (i(Ju,ke.
Prominent Duelneus Men Have Fatal
Altercation--One Dead.
Charlotte, N. C.. Sept. iS.--As thi1'
result of an allegod altereation betweel
Itussell Sherill, a y'ulg mnn of a
prominent family, and Tlomlas 1and
Chal Whito, well known buei:ns men
of Concei n, N. C., Sherril 'va shot
and killed at his homaio in Rowan coun
ty early this. . morning.. by the two
It is stated that Sherrill ha:'., been
approached previously by the Whites
who had imade roqetue-sts Ilhat Sherrill
grant certaiin apologIes. 'I his morning
lio \Vhites called on Sherrill and re.
peatodl their request, and upon his r
fusal, both oened fte, mortally wound
ing Sherrill, who died in a few min
utos afterward. I
The Whites nimediately surrender
ed to the autioritie ,.
All the paitties concerned are well
Hot Fight To Be Waged at Salisbury,
North Carolina.
Salisbury, N. C., Solt. 10.--'Lho anti.
saloon people of Salisbury are waging
a hot canipaigi aga!-nst the barrooms.
While the election is yet six weeks off.
the forces are pretty well lined up
and the contest is dally gron lig in
interest and bItterness.
Next wok will be the -red letter pe
riod with the drys, for they will have
their star speaker, the Rev. Sam P
Jones, here. Ile has long had his eye
upon Salisbury as a place, in his opin
Ion, of more than its share of wicked
Ile has oftein said lh would like the
opportunity of getting at the saloon
men here. Mr. Jones op ens u1p the
war on whisky in the big tabern-acle
on Sunday afternoon. Ile will preach
twice a (lay for a week or more.
Engagement of Frederick Bowers and.
Miss Charlotte Marchall.
Cleveland, 0., Sept. 1.-The engage
mnent Is announced of Frodorlck V.
Bowers, actor and writer of popular
songs, to Miss Charlotte Marshall, of
Mobile, Ala., heiress to $200,000.
Two years ago Bowers' wifo elope:1
from Chicago With (Corge M . Pu)
Imain, the miillionaire. llowcrs suiv I
him for $100,000, bit the action was
dropped alter 1uilllman's deatlh.
Nliks Marshall is beautiut. Sho
is not yo- of ago. and her Viuardiam
knows nothing oft he ent gageomicn t. She
hearu llower's sinp in New York. antlI
fell in love with him.
Bowe-rs has writon "eliiause I l.t'e
You," "Wlit, "When the li'iairt Peats
True." etc.
Miss Marshall is an intimjate friend
of the ianna family, and has visited
Miss Ruth lianna.
Men Were Abandoned on icy Shore of
East Cape.
Chicago, Sept. 18.--- It reports be true
there are 30 prospoetors dying of star
vat-lon at East Cape. I1*rIIhi'i.g sea.
Ole .Johnso$(n, a D~ane, mlembei of
the crew of' thin Danis:h ship l. an'nz,
just arrivedh at Seaittle frm Alaska,
has madle formal ebaI:rges against the
cap.tain (of tihe ship for hainltg aban
doned a man named Nelson, a D~ane,
(Wnd 29 otherts on the icy shore of ti;c
East Cape.
HeI ha~s also written to thlo secretary
of state giving full :etils of the (.a1
talini's teri'b d)0eed, an a~l;skinog for a
relief' ship to hr sent at ojnre to te
rosenie of the suffering meni.
One of the men thius abaitulonsi is
PhIlly Mclean, of CThi'ago. Thl~e ship
wvill be' held u11ntil the ('barge Is in.~
ves tIgat ed.
Professor Commrits SuIcide.
Fred C. Clarke, of' tile Ohio State uni
vers'ity, ('omlflTite(d snie'l-!e thiis min -
lag bly shootin.g. It Ia suiplos'ed thai
the cause wvas3UI iunfotunatel inv'estmenbts
in minin lg comnies110. Professor
Clarke leavesg a id'ow and two small
children, THe was a graduate of 'he
University of M k'higan, and was an as.
sistanT pr'ofessor in Llandl~t Stanford
university ior twio yen-rs- lie was
at the head of the departmenti (If eCo.
nomnics and sociology at the Ohio Stat,
The New Orleans longshoremen
have gone on another strike. TLhey
now claim that their leaders betr'ayedl
thorm in signing the c~ontrlact w~it-h the
I pjpbermenil.
Doo4ker' Was~hIigto- mJ.aiide LInI addruess
to the diele'gtes of the colored Bap
tiat coinforence at Phliladelphia, in
which he said that one of the prob
lomns ahe~ad would b~e to find( employ.
mont for the negr'o.
Mrst. Ma-r'y WillI-ams, formerly of
Chattanooga, Trenan., b~ecamle insano ai
Milford, Utah, and s-hot at her bus.
band.~ then commlte'd suiclde.
United States Minister Powell non b
a strong protest to San D~omingo gzov
ornmen('tt againust t he prloject of etab
lsh In g t he nieuItrali ty of D~omintlear
watersa and1 making certaIn ports Firee
T1her'e wvas a rumor0! cur 1rent In 'Pari13
yesterd(ay that 1King Peter of Ser via
lhad been asasassi tnated. it p-r'Oved itn.
T.' E. WIillims. a promiiiunent farmeri('
of Tfwiggs county, r~hot and~ instanlt .'
1k1110( h1Is son-lin-la w, .1. WV. Collis, Fr.
(lay afternoon. It is said that Collium
abused his wife andl who-n her' fat het
objected, drew a ail'k on himn.
111a1 Sold a I'ile of' (l hambet lin i
('oughi iltemed4y.
I have sold C1'iamberlain's (Cough
Remedy for' moere thian twenty y'ears
and it hasi always giv'en ntat isfatel ton. I
have sold a pIlaC of it and1( cani recom.~
mlend it, highly..-Jose'ph MlcElbtiney,
FLiton, Iowa, You ill find this retme
dly a good friend when trubled wilt:
cough or cold. It, always affords quiie4f
relief anld is plleasant to take, For salet
by icIkens Drt'ug Co,, E-le's Dhit
It 13 Now tho Solo Topic of
Nominations For Cabinct Va,:anckO
Will Probably Then Be Pres.ented.
Roseberry Cabinc-t a Possible Con.
Contingcnsy-Pt 1i smic,' Is Being So
verely Criticised.
LAJIondon, Sett. 19.--The poilt'.cal cr:
als is still the solo tople on' discusio.l
Lalfour is expectesi. to have an audi -
eilee oft Kiilg Edward at Dalnior.l t>
day, when doubtless ho will p5lsit
the nominations for tile cabinuJt vacan
eles. The exact nature of theso at)
politllilts still continus at n matter
of varied surmise. Itegarding the I
Oventful ioeult of the upheaval The
Spectator forecasts that Mr. Balfour,
When he appeals to the couiltry, will I
be boateni and succee4ded by a lose
bery caiinet, which will not last long,
aLtracts the greatest attelItion.
A curious phitase of tho Sittailtiol is
tho severe criticism regar'iless Of )ar1
ty lines bestowed on Mr. Balfour's
action in publishing his views and
solling them iII pamliplilet form. The
premlioer's keen sense of chivalry and
honor is far too deeply appreliat'd'
by all pai'ties to ov'er permit the sug
gestion that 1he iuriposely adopted the
doubtful practico. By Mr. SIlfour'l
Own adilissjion ho is a "nero child lII
such mattors," and ils inexperience in
busine'ss affairs now appears to have
put him at the mierey of the pulblish
cirs of tile palplilet, who are colnillg
monley over the vital issue in nation
al affairs. That Mr. Balfour will de
vote his o-rtioi of the procceds to
som1e1 charity la gonerally assumed, but
it is rveg retted that he did not mien
t,ion some such Iitelltion in tle pref
aco of the palmplilet.
The Outlook, which is a warm up
por-ter of the preier, dIecla.reS Mr.
11altouiis indiscretion "'strikesl' a ruL~de
bNow at. one's revernc(el for the tradli
tions (of En gliish public life. when a
public Eervan it's po(sitionl1 senvts to ha
usedc( for privatte gain, no0 mat1Lter
The Outtlook adds that the fact that
a nat' was s0nt to the: edit:-s wi:.h
the pay mcint, only a'liig 11e1 to
[11ioto l.V nI wo1(;rds, (Xtu:flly it; " n18 .-f
theo w r .)tur1 iln this deplorhia be
hits Is."
The Spectator and (ether periodic i is
also expreised c'onlcerni' on1 the lItte r
point. The Outloolk cstiinates that
the exp'nses of onle hu id I CI copieus
alone Would cover $17.00, of wh'Ileh
MIr-. 11111fIlu will recivC a ,a share.
Thle Pamp111fhlet Proilises to reac'h a
siile of a illliion copics. - Tho copie i
printed have' reachd 'eiimiu. many
(if them seling for 5( (),ts, double the
prie of thc issue.
Ssev'e'al of the conservatvI e agelts
have g()lie so far' as to threaten to r
Fign. The publislh( s make 1o !is.
coun11t to party organuS even.~ thou;.ch
thousand ar~e 01rdered and a ctually5 de
mfain thle mloney In ad~vantce. Theii
Asi'so'l 'ted P'ress 1 larna fi' :n i,.
petts \l-r. Cihmerlain to ic enlter tih'
abine(t ill (event that an appt'al to thez
counItry3 r'eturnlS Mr'. 1Hlfour 1 to ow)\ter.
i:oh di 'esi re, howeOver, that th1e elC-z.C
tion s he~ poCstlionld an lonig a1s possi
hi" In Order to give M-r. Ci herllin
h~e olpportun11it y to 13m1press h is v iew's
Is ret a-nodl in pamw'.er only a short.i tile.
NIrI. Hal Ifour' an1ticipa1tI's tila t he anad
Mru. ChaunbelaIn will r'e-org~nanize a
Pew'. 1111uii- r.Y. A C('0rlingl to :1h in11
thor'ity thorouI~ghlyt cogniztanr with Alir.
Llen iliid Mir. C'uher'lan~ 1w ynyiin
h.0 Join him1).
1 parllty of his own ai11( 110 maty takle
ridvanltalge of the piresent oilportun ity
to carry'3 out his in'tnition. ills repiti
Latin 11s tho 011ny 1111 pu li man in Iing.
alanti wt ith a plerfet polli'y ccoiplod with~
his strength of wIll and1 abilty uhay
e~nablo h111m to ae~hlleve' h!n ambllitioni.
[n1 cas5 oIf the suiccess a~t t ho 011e tion~s
:> h Is advance]. pr'ogr'am of.preifceey.
tial talriffs, he wouh'li formi 11is oiwn (13h.
In1(t and1( priobably dli~ispht'e MIr.. 01
bothl wenit to 13almiorl today. .Mr.
Br'oderlek goes thlero Moniday.
*Regarded With Satalfactioni.
LOndonf, Sopt. 19.-A Re'uaei- diapnt(eb
D'rm St. Poter'shurg say's Mi-. Chanflio~ I
blin's resilgnautioin a ronr'odl liy t'he -
lIisslan l)ress and publllie wvith satisfac
olas it in confslliderod that 'rt' Mr,.
Dhamnber'lain disappears Cj iE o the
mhost dlanlgerous p)oliticl factor' for
liuropo's pOeacO.
TragedIes In Far North.
aloof San FranlIcisco, hlas boon]
dIrowned in the Chignhik rIver on tile
Alaskan peninsula. A bout . the samle
timo John Noison was'fl killed( by ai
to tho mloulntallna.
Murderer Escapes from 'Jail.
ILondon, Ky., Sept. 21.-Will McCuII.
lum, who was5 !onine1ld inl tihe Man
ch10ster Jail andl held wIthout .hail for
ho 1mu1rder of Ed Ilaker', mla-lo Is ('s.
apo ilast ni ght by cu t ting t h :ough the
floor'. Jlert Bloewart, .1a follow pris.
oner1, also oeaplod with him.
A IHoy' W'ild RIide for I~ili.
With funily ar'oul expeting himti to
lie, an11l Ii 110n riding 13 mlilets foir life, to
e"t lir. King's Newt [)iwcover'y for ( on
umijtionil. Coughs andli Colds, W . J1.
Irown 1 of i.~Lee'ilie, Intd ., enldured- death
uli'd luejin. lie writes. '1 niow .14leep
oullly every igh~lt." Like marvelous
sures' of collnlptionl, pnlenmoia, bron
hit i5, e- u th9, (coll'l 111 nd p1ri pr'oves its
roubiles&. (Ilualran'te(ed bottles 500 and(1
I.00. Plo :eni 1) aug Co,
State School Commissioner Narrowly
Escapes Death,
Atlanta, Sept. t9.-CominIssioner W.
13. Merritt narrowly escaped serious
injury and probably death yesterday
morning in a runaway accident at Val
dosta, whore thb popular commission.
or had gone to spend a few days at
hiO o110 home. That he sustained
nothing but a bad bruise on the body
an I a pailful scrathl1 of the arm is
considered miraculous by eyewitnesses
of the accident. Commissioner M-er
rltt. returned to Atlanta last night a-nd
is n.ow at his home in this city.
Protesuor Merritt stated ii reply to
questions regarding the accident that
he was out' driving yesterday morning
at his old home, was on his way to
P'!no Park. Hls horse, which wa3
hitched. to a light biirgy, bevane fright
ened at a rapidly lia:'sing tiolley cat
and dashed on the trackl iimine(diately
in 'fiont of the car, which was then
going dowi grade. The m10o'1 mmian was
poworloxs to stop the Car before strii
Ing the buggy. The front whoels
were shattered by the force of the
blow, Mr. Merritt receiving the iij
'ios stated above. The horse was
unhu rt.
Professor Merritt spoke lightly V
the accildent and apparently carried
very few marks of. hIs full, bilt his
frIends will be very g-rateful to kno '
that the result was no worse than I-.
Offices Established, Rural Routes, Of.
fices Discontinued, Etc.
lralshingtoll, Sept. 19.-The follow
ing changes have been ordere.i in the
postal szervice in Georgia:
A new office has been establihed at
Lyken, Clinch coonty, with special ser
vice from W.'iregrass, /2 miiles west.
1oh1n F. Patters:m, of Lycen, has been
colnimissloned X)sImast'er.
.I:il ilisellget sc-rvice has been (119
Continued at Blackville, Emnmaniuiel coln
ty, to be supirseded by ruri-al free de
livery fromi Supoertol.
Rural free delivery will cominenc<
Oct. I at Alley, Montgomery couity,
a-id Qiitmtian, P-rooks county, with ad
ditional ser1vice at both points.
Star r ice will be in e.T;ct Sept.
21 from Nalakin to Quitman, six times
a week.
1-Ienry L. Croimatie has been com
missioned 10stnnister at the fourth
elams .nollvy order eice at Wl'linmghaii
.ii ' ul 1101 r11(9, John 11. Saye r
dt13. A"loen n!ave be..za1 vcomm1is.
,i0t.edlI' i lmasters tit .thle fourt-<.!ass
11(tolI1namey or:]er off!ces ,t I.bherty,
P5tcl and Withers, le.; per-t!vL4y.
Judge King, of New Orleans, Struck
by Runaway Team.
New O'ei its. Sept. 19.-Jumdge Frod
Kin1g, of the v rit court, wihiie
erO::!ng C.'anal i-r t - : the intersec.
tin of 11 (liurbon,.wtis striuc(k 13 a i run
awa teai an:1 it is believe.1 iatally
Injiled. !Iis right leg and armn were
brokell. lie s:v(d his I0-year-old son
fro1m injnryt i by piashing hmi~imit of
iolanger. TFhe t'aum hid inn1 amullck
'or t.nm St iaares t hrlu . C:inal11 street
withmou tdril. ing a'n clisraelo.
-ildgt lKlux is a brthe i'r of Alis
Promninent Georgian Dies at His Home t
in Gaisviile, Ga.
Johnmm It. E-ses; died at his homue in
thils (ity ye'sterday. fils death wa'is
hot unex'\lpetedl, as hel .had beenm i-.
*aln he*- 1th for severl'ti years, thloughl
he ha:1 heonn abilffrniujII tiio to tim1e1 to
it about1 lis--so!s----C1~lnd E~stem, of
Niaeoni mir' l'ert lCetr' of this (-ty
--wr ~~ijvwIth'lhim at the tIme he ox
- As. sold ier jui.-lit and legislater
J udge -Ia.tes- had qite a nlotable ca.
1('(or ini Oool'gia
Coilunmis, Ga,, Sept. 21 .---The bod-i
Ml ChIarles C. Keonel, of Colum111bus, has
rrrivedi fi'om Manila, and1( theC funemr
1 2115cr -from the ride~ce of his
I)rotheor todaiy. Nir. Koene was a1 clerkl
in tile. (tlge'nlas'.or's departmen011t ini
tl he I l l ies. Ii~ 'led it': ~on Ma- y 17.
[1I Iorilns werp sent homlle by tho
e4velrnient,1( 1and arived in ai state of
pohrfoct. Iprendrvatiloll Mr . Keone wans
SIl.Infiliarl of ,one 'of tile Cloorgia regl
mlnt? 'duri-ng the Spis~h-Amermi'can
Wa'ai and wt'i wvell known o'ver the
~Will Ntake Cohl Cheaper..
K~noi'll i'enn I., Seplt. 19.-John Hi.
iainger Pf' .1h0 'VIrginila Ironi, Coa
guda Coko' 'companlIy. has annlouniceil
bhit-'his oompimy will ad(opt a poliey
o- chealpon coal rather thanm to push
1p the prices. Mir. Newton says he
will use his Influence to fix theprices
f coal ait as -lowv figures as sound1(
20mp1lany's mline~s . are largely in tile
rew ini utippr east Tontlessec,
.Earthquake in Cuba.
Santiago, Cubat, Sept,. 19.--T'hc mfost
violont I art1hquake slince 188i5 oc('ur-'
iuook'fo 15a socondos, hust thr wl'ioro
dit tesrlt n ied anld pra'fy,
)d: ))rks;I andi plastering d roppied
bn all- diroctioais anmd a fo*t' walls fell.
Nobody, loweve, wams injurod.
1(1 clfijI Oils Agaiust imt.
.'edithlen01, alonie amnd destituite. Much a
n birief ws~ the coniditioni of an old rol- ~
I i'r by thme'name of J, J, Il[avensa, Ver-'
,ifli4 0; For years 1he waa
:jil, edwi'th kidney dhiseas0 anld nleithm. 1
in do-. (1rs nor nmedicines gave him relie f
At, N y ill imtriedl Electic liitter's, 1t a
)it himii oni Is feot inl shor~t ordler and~ '
l0ow' he testifles, "'1 am on the road to
-omlete~i rec'on r'y.'' Jest on car'th for
iver' P1n( kidney tr'oules~L and all for'ms
,f' stomiachi anid h~owelo troub11es. Only 2
,X'. G uaranteed by Pickons Drug Co, s'
Prtloteoted boy U. t (ovornment. .9Soo Paent OMVic Records, Dw.
N1 41h, 190- All Infringers PrIoseenitedj.
iRA1DI- MARK - -
Cleanses Clothes, Floors, Windows, Stove Vessels, Tinware, Glass=
ware, Lamp Chimneys, Stone Vessels, Dishes, Etc.
That awvful day-W~as day-robbed of its terrors. For scouring it is a world beater
Save. Wood, Saves time, Saves labor, Saves money. Needed everywher, every day by ever
'ami ly.
re death to bed bugs and lice on stock. Some recommend it highly for Hog Cholera. Five
hunidred to io,ooo Family Rights can be sold in a county. Ingredients easily obtain
ed. Is within the reach of all,.and has a universal sale to good paying customers.
' his is to certify khat I have exam- I hn%-c' usedthe Safe Wasing 1luid i I have full: tested Iho Safo Washing
iteti tli i fltim uislad iii ntuakiog the in e txcling aud scouring aml find it Fluid every way ind find it better than
if Wtshi g F l iu r id fith d Iot ill M.cJOlt. Tay S11oap, gold (lust or washiing powders
it it s, c o lgi i dre c II hal4)st. dlicate Mrs. J. L. 0. TIiompson. I have ..ver used. It is all that is claimed
ve agre to furnil th- ingredients to I have used the Safe Washing Fluid Aor it.
Wae four gllons for 25c or a 4i glln andil find it superior to ay pielaration I Mrs. P. A. Lewis.
>aI for I105. have ever tied.
PICKl ENS DliUO. C.Sineely,
1 PJe J.N D Lum. CO., Pickens, S. C. i re, J. P. Carey. I have thoroughly testodl the Safo
Per J. N. flailluni , Ph. (4 ilew ' Wash~inrg 1,1 id frclnigurtre
I h 'si ive used the Safe Washing Fllui l n ri -
md ind it, o ea t l a is claimed for it.d a ln t all it claims to be. Excellent it .1 great labor saver. I aivise ill hotso
nAr find it to Le rh 1 hat islaitilv. for it. r til work. scouring, etc. keepiers to use it.
iPicke-s, . (! M1\s. J. J. LEWIS, AIRS. J. C. 'I'lIOMPSON
..icken.. .Pi.cens, S. .
I lave you tried this wonderful preparation? If not brng- your jug- to the Gilreath Hotel
mnd g)et a fre( sample. It is twice as cheap as Soap and saves half the labor.
$10.oo to $25.00 a Day Selling It.
We vant ioo Live, Energetic, Young Mn to advertise and sell this preparation
here's a fortune in it. If you want to get into a money making business, we have it for you.
all and let us talk the matter over.
...N' V. W.Employed Meri's University. IT eC ueo
-las Time For Breaking Up of Euro- TeYoung ciien'slCristiani assoela
pean Turkey Arrived? . tionis Of the country a ablout reopsen- Sudde D ats
Behrlin, Sept. 18.--The Ger-mant gov- tng their educational chasses, which last ihr sadsaepealn nt~
rirnmeint holi in vie-w forur points in year numbered 80,0100 students, nearly counre rist adsearos provaulin so dthip
he Banlkatn situation: twico as mainy as are enirolled lit Iar- coutrymos dang o . Mease sudeep
First, does Rlussia regard that the yard, Coalumbhii, Ynle iand Cornell tuni- l eaths ar caused by
time for the break uip ot' Europoan versities. Unttil a fe yer ag pnesumoni-hart hieae,
uriikoy has arrived? The German mlin- clas~ses were designied (scill~Jiy for pn~ aemoriapoplear
stars have been unable to penetrate young men Zn commrercial occupiations. - faiure oe.hreolx
Iussiia udlmate Instentions and( met IAttenfion Is now given especlially to i of kidney dseare I
vithi displeasure thio concer-tedl attacks clasqses for- men eiiprtgedl in inilustiail -okide toublane tha
n any. wh!ch s hel i.pai r.' aG puirits, aitlhouigh the commiierclail fat- __kdey-oivnedh
gininig the hackground~ ad tak utres atre retaited-. blood will attack the
tlauei h xipto fa As showving something of the scpe- -,a vital organs or the
)l Europonn Turey.tilitlno l~ of the work it is noted that tho atsso- kidneys thornselves break down and waste
Secndif rine erdnan isporecation on the Bowery, New York clty, Blatddcr troubles most always result from
undedn that i trno eden'nden Is p sse forty-seven of Its member's for a derangocment of the kidneys and a cure is
Swar with Trkey, theni war Is cer- examinatition as patr-olmenn. 'lThese1 men obtatined quickest by a proper treatment of
alit. Every etoit shld~~i be made to worked In the gymunasliinn in *onnee- the k idneysa. If you are feeling badly you
ranillige Pince FerdInand's miid. tion wIth class'es. 'ilhe eitst sIde m a .oot the gra tkIney Dr.Iler'sn
.- ird, the meetIng of thte soveri-ugns branich, Newv York eity, wIll hatvo a bladder remedy.
Ltteni<led by their forei gn initters Is cIvil service class the coinig wvinter' It corrects inability to hold urine and scald
px~oeted to clear' upl the obtscturitios especIally designed f'or police antd fire- ungpaant inecessingyit, and ovecomels toa
it the situat itn and enable Gei-matn inen. Three lista juist I)lulibed it g ote dui-lu e dyofdbeo ge uople man
tatesmuen to forec-ast the ftutuire. Th'le New York by the civil service ~onnistii- times during th e night. Theo m up an th
~imeiors of' (1e-rmany anid Ausatria meet sion coirtain 500 namt~es of *nein eligible Iextraordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is soon
Lt Vienna todlay. foJarle m frfrmni h realized. It stands the highcst for Its won..
Thle ezar meots I~peo Frantciafrptrhe ttdLu ioini h derful cures of thte most distressing eases.
oseh Spt 29 ad wll he viitfire depatrtment. Thte highest itein i lI Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take and sold
hesking ol 9 t aly i tll th ii three lists were itnemtbers of the east .by all druggists In fifty-cent and one-dollar
Fouith, the project for' an Auistrian- sidie branch. Noeofampe r - le of a .
Itssian joint occupation of Macedonia amnoing these new aptpoinitees for the ,this wonderful new dis- 6 r W1~~
asbewhlyabandoned, and there police for-ce. At New Orleitnis a large covery and a book that ' 1
as beot ho lls likelihood of a reew chaiss is nuow in progre'ss piraing for' tells all abouit it. both inmoorswmpanoo..
.1 of the preparation. jthe October railway- maiil serviico exam.t sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Decsplte the fact that the Balkan sit- intioit- reingamo N.ou Yr Wh writing mention
latin has grown wor'se, Turkish fund8 The ('hi'-go ceintralh assocIation lurs Don't make any mistake, but rememnber
oso agalin on the bourse today. condutcted a big electrIcal edutciat.lonal the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
citib, of which mnany of tho best y'oimg Swamp-Root, arid the address, Binghamton,
Sour Sfomiach' electricrins In the city arec membners. N. Y., on every bottle,
Whlent the gunnilit y of food taken is At North Adams, Matss., (classes atre to.
Dto large or the <quality too richt, sonrI be condticted for the skilled operaives' Tw- eMl ierAscain
t~lomach is likely to fol lowv, andI especial in the tetle masnufactories for the WlvMieRerA$Cii.
t so if th- dJigt stioni hast been wieakeinest stuidy of textIlo e'nginering. At 110.+- TheO ntxt session1 of this associa
y' Sont ipation. Eat slowly an(1tinot too tont en auto school JM open for mnent who( t1 ionvill bo held wvith Antiochi Bap
ret-ly of isisily digested fooid. Masticate i'ie, rearan-ade uoo list chiurch, ten mtilsnrh sto
hte food thioroughily. het five hours elapse g~ll(1,Fiui-ifUhtri tt~tO jP*I s leinina noThsl
eritween meals. nmri whten you feel a biles and iiotor eas , bg nn Thrdy,8h
utiiness ii wei. lit in tI e region of the Tihese are a few of the mauny in- OclobI er, nex t. 'ho itrodluctory' ser
toimach e fter- tini g taki e Ciihibilin's sttnces which mtighit be cie of the nion will b)e proachord by R1ev. J. E.
tomtatchtiii an Li ver 'Tablets at di tiet soiur eia ok en oeb iheL~oi5ti; atlter'na Rev. J. M. t, wat,
t.omatchl may he avo' i led. I" rt sal y pittca wokbng on tyteM ~ii r sc*Irmoil by RItV B.
'ikenis liruig Co,, Eatrhe's Drutg Store. Younrg Meni's Christiani aissoelatlin totCriii tt~'lt( Rev - -. I eia
' 4. IIunter, I.ibheity betrtecniioso'on.e.Grnl;atenteRv .M i
-btte tlt n ot lt~soatteauti g t letthe .The following cotmiitiiteoa ivl
Emnergenc~y Me'diceiies. Iti o ttiiiittt rplaetm ake repoi'r:
It is a great, convenience to have eining high schools or to give astini gi8mb ofIago.3. .Tal.
t hand0 reliabile irimedtics for use ir academic courses, hurt to furish sup- I';uuation J- . O arrett. -
c~e of ntecient anad for silightt iin~ tuies plementtary training atnd edluention to lhomei Missions-5-O. p. Field,
nad alimients. A gi oil hiniment and one fi8e1frsela oaioa ito isIisios-J. B. nly
uitt i fant becomtir g a favorite if niot at .Foreijin Missions--C. . Robinson.
ouseholi n1 cessity is Chazmber-lainu's n Priuise of ChamberilamNiii Coile (hod. A Red M inistei's --S. HI. Brown't.
'ait lalmt. lUy applyinog it, prmompiitly t A ra ad Diarrh-Ioen Rtemedy. Orp1 haniage--. E, Gillespje.
cut, bruiise or hrnr it atlbays the in Alltw mue to give ymn a few wordsh Temperane-..J. T1. Lewis.
indcue haiutyt i pris of C;harinberha,u Colhc, Chobi - Cj-(~iit Lo crj .Sew,
ncuesteijrtoheal in about ra and1( Diarrhoea R~emtedy,"says Mtr. Jo ne rste-J .Sea
ne third the time uisually require,1, and1( Llatmliett, of Euagle Pass', Texas ''I snaf. Let ihn cShurchies send full di loga.
3 it is anttisep~tie It previents~ auny danoger (eredl onse week withr bowel trttble and bit anid havet- a good1 meetinig.
f1)100od poisonIng. W hen Pain Hlmn i a" ic my ith >ulMr. -.
ept oat hand a sprain may bo i al ed .Jlrhon, Itaimerchant hereC, advised mea Retirmig Clerk.
ofore inflamatiori sets ini, whlich iinsures to I nike this remledy. A fter takinig oe
qtick recoverv. For sale by Pickecns dlosc I was greatly relieved and wvhen I Ihettotie ihcrsi~to r
rtrug Co., Earle's Drutg Store, TI. N. lad taken t he thtird (10s0 w'as en tire'ly Ctme'ai' ~itctadIit-Tb
[tinter, Liborty. . crrd(. I thtanik yout fr-onm the botitomi oIf lt.Tty5- ayt aeadp tc
It ~eo~ te ~eoti~aut uidI~r'. my hieart for putttinig this ga-eat reiiedyi
Ask todait for Allen's root i:.ase, a poke r. t im the hatnds of imankind., F~or sale byiOgrig rohrtieaa eet.
tres chit i dut, Sw >1ieu, swestiit, s5,re, A eb- Pickens Drug Co., Earle's Drug Stot-,re sieb ikn )igC. al'
ig iten> feei. At al diruigisix ts and she T. N. Hutnter*. Liberty. lrg8o-,T .hneLbry

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