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Entered April 28, 1903 nt Pickens, E. C., as sco-mld olass matter, nuder act of Congess of March 3, 1879.
'(,' N_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SO VOL X XII DA, ' E1)210.8AY 0
Purther Proooedings In the
the Celebrated Oaao,
Editor Terrill, of a Newspaper in Fior
once County, is Queationed by So
licitor Thurmond Regarding Thsuate
Made by Tillman.
Lexington, S. C., Ovt. 2.--Tho read
ing of the editorials from The Stato
was concluded shortly after the trial
of Jaeios 11. Tillmnan was resumod to
day. F. C. Withers, an onployo of
Tho State, testilled that ho assisted N.
G. Goinzais into tho office of The
State froI the street after the shoot
Ing, and that SR1Dl)LTJ 1 UPUPU
Ing. Ho was asked if he saw any
weapon in the garments of Mr. Gon
zales at that time and replied that
ho did not. J. W. Wallace testified
lie was in the office of Tihe State with'
N. G. Gonzales after the shooting and
that Gonzales said to him that he was
fatally shot.
L. G. Wood, of the editorial staff of
The State, said he Saw no weapons
lin the ga-rments taken off. Mr. Gon
tales in The Stato office andl he never
saw a pistol in t-he editorial roonis of
The State. M. C. Wallace, an employo
of The State, saidl he removed tho over
coat from Editor Gonzales when he
was carried into The State officeo af
ter the shooting, and that he saw no
weapons in the pockets of the coat.
C. J. Terrill, editor of a newspaper
in Florence county, was asked by So
licitor Thurmond if ho ever hoard Till.
Iran make any threats. lie replied
4hat he was walking along the streets
of 10dgefleld with Oolonel Tillman in
the early summer of 1902, ho thought
it was, and he (Tillman) said he was
going for 'the governor and if Go'n
szales attacked him ho was going down
then and kill him, and I think he said,
like a dog.
On c ross-exantIntionm , the witness
was asked if it was a fact that he had
not made the statement he made to
day when appienatioi was ma-de for
bail for the defendant. He sald he
had not. Witnies3awas questioned by
Counsel for the defense as to his pe
sonal feelings against the (ofeilant,
and as to an editoral ho had written
conce-rning the shooting. He said ho
had never written a line in his pa
per denouncing the defendant as an
Dr. C. L. Adams testilled to a con
versation ho had with the defendant
during the campaign in which ho said
he told NMr. Tiiman If he wished to
be governo-r of South Carolina he
would have to fight Gonzales, to which
he said the defendant replied:
"That won't do, because I'm the lieu
tenant governor and will be at peace."
The witness testifled that Mr. Till.
man made the further statement:
"You boys need not worry. ly
,# I'll snuff his life with this," time
witness adding, "pulling .his p~istol from
his grip).''
Continuing, witness said the defen
dant said, among other things:
"I'll make it the . . .. tragedy that
ever' happened l'n South Carolina."
On cross-examination said he judlgedh
the relations between the defendant
and Mr. Gonzales to be unfriendly. Hoe
said he supported and voted for Till.
man for governor.
Witness testified to further state.
ments which he said TPillmnan mlade. lie
said Colonel Tillman was loved by his
men of his regimont i the Spanish
war. Witness wvas a memb~er of the
0. E. Leftar-go was lput upon the
- stand, to identify a map showing the
intersoction of Main and Gervais
atreets in Cohunnibia.
Iron Men Meet In Birmingham.
Birmingham, Ala., Oet. 2.-Trhe load
ig Iron manufactur-ors of the south
are in executive session he-ro today to
determine if they shall curtail pro.
duction in accordance with the action
of the northern furnaces. T.hmre is
understood to be0 a strong senilment
against such a reduction. It is un
derstoold, however', that a reduction in
the price of aIron is likely to -result
as a measure of reliof for the situa
tion. Nothing definite will be given
out until the meeting adjourned this
Wheun troubled wvithm conetipation try
Ch amberlain's Stomach and I iver T1ab
lets, They are easy to take and prcduce
noe griping or o.huer unpleasant effects.
For sale by Pickens Drug (Co., Edarle's
Drug Store, TP. N. Huntm-, Liberty.
Men In Southern Shops Demand la,.
crease in Pay.
Atlanta, Oot. 2.-JI'he boiler makhera
of the Southern shops, 15 in numb~er,
went out on a strike yesterdlay morn
ing. The strike was caused by a do
mund on the part of the strikers for
an increase in pay.
-At present they are paid 80 cents
-an hour. The boilermakers' stato that
their labor is worth more than tihis and
that all t-he members of their tradte in
the country are better pai<d. On thig
account dissatisfaction has existed
among the men, and this culminated
in a demand made by them about two
weeks ago for an increase in pay of
B cents an hour. The demand was
presented by the ghairman of the com
mitto of the union and weont th-rough
the regular channel. Yesterd-ay morn
. ing, the day appointed for the begin
nining of the utrike in casa no answver
was made, no reply had been received
and t-he strike began.
There are 15 meon In the Southern
shops and~alh of thomn wont Out. A
meeting was hela yesterday and an
other one will take place today. A.
the members of the organization are
thoroughly in sympathy with the
The Fight is Over=
Ever since our first Mill En
have been fighting to get this s:
-all the people, would be able
we are at last able to announce
Marvelous "D
and will last just as long as the mill syndicate can supply us
with Remnants, Odds and Ends, Short lots and Job lots, act
ual ly below cost of manufacture.
The Public Will Never Know
the ups and downs which we have had to con
tend with in order to secure for them this great MONEY
SAVING EVENT at this time of the year.
They tried to argue to us that it would be cutting our own
throats to have a sale now-at the very time when we ought
to be making a legitimate profit on goods.
We told them that many of our customers could not come
to toin in the bad weather of January, while many more had
to buy their winter goods at the beginhing of the fall, and
that it was for these two classes of our customers that we in
sisted on the sale taking place this fall.
The Rest of our Customers
Those living in town, and those who could come
in January could just as well be here in the fall, hence our
claim that our MILL END SALE at this time will serve all
the people.
Greenville's Greatest Store.
OF HER BROTHERate ethtre
Alleged Deserter From tho lrnsfrihihawihh
Oruisor Topeka. isrcint oiyrltos n n
SISTER VISITED HIM iN HIS CELL hlatrttetatedeidhs
Taking Advantage of an Opportunitybefwad1tDvi1.Mltci
She is Alleged To Have Forced MerWahnonD..
Silm Hand Through the Grating and AtrSes elUcneos
Unlocked, the Door. (Zlao c.2- iptht h
lHazelton, 'Pa., Oct. 2.-4Carl Treisch.HerCrgmebrothhoe
man, an alleged deserter from the cmosadawelhlubra
cruiser Topeka, has boon confined in fl nosiu sh 5 6~,I~ h
a coil at the city hall awa~ting thehooyetraafrnnatr k
transfer to the League Island navy
yard, Philadelphia. Igavgru peh ede a
The police allowed Treischeman's o h Primnthue
father, mother and sister to convorse ________
with hini and gave the prisoner and MotmeylangMiBue.
his visitor the liberty of rhocorridor, MntorAlOc.2-nlm
the door of which was locked, with the ~w, iiejls ih yafr
key on the outside.thtdsrydteD .oripann
Taking advantage of an opportunt.i- n wlin we yM
Ly, Miss Treischman is alleged to have (ore h osi bu ,owt
forced her slim hand throug-h the grat-$300isan.
ing of the door and turned the key. ________
'rho prisoner darted out, jescaping by~ EERPI R~~a~
a side door.
Miss Ttrolsch-man and her father
have been locked up on the charge ot r a aegN . o h iln
aiding a government prisoner to es- o ~do kne.'h a a
cape and the girl is in the cell former- cnuidI euigajr.~ai
ly occupied by her brother,.aino inse ilbgntdy
'rho prisoner has eluded capture so
STATUE OF GORBEL. , if erg .Baer m tt
Will Be Unveiled on Anniversary ~ orf op~iyi hezsa ru
Governor's Death. MyrSt ~,o e ok a
New York, O'ot. 2.-Arthur Gleele, tZ rti ttebnut h ii
brother of the late Governor William gmaosINe Yrk Myo
Goebel, is in this city to inspect the Hwlo tatwsa h aqe
model of a statue to be erected i-n DrGegeHwdposorfhi
memory of t-he assassin's victim,. oya h slest fCiao d
Thue monument, which is to cost vctsgvrmn oto fmr
$16,000, donated by public subscription,riesatesouonfthdvrc
will stand in the 1Prankfort, Ky., cemn-evl
etory. TeDmcaso escuet
The figure is 10 feet high. It willhaeomntdolelWA.ato
.show Mr. Qoebol standing by a Goth- fr gvrrz h ltomd
Ic column, his loft hand slightly benucstuaoadapohbtr a
-hind him, holding a manuscript, while ~
tho right arm fails naturally with the 'TeemrtsfRhdIla ay
hand firmly clenched.- The stats, omiae.F ' Gri o oe
with its pedestal when complete, will
rise 82e.feot from the base.
It is hoped to unveil the .statue on A asal Pxangomree
the anniversary of the governor's wstknfo alb o n
Iluckieni's Aromca Salvoeedn h ofrneo h oer
Has world-wide fame for marvelous ?ieasoaln tBeted ~g
cures.It surpasses anty other salve, lo1 an0. n ob nth aoiy
tion oinlmenthor balm for cute, corns, A hfil,~~sls ih
burns, beils,aores, (chapped hands, skin Nme Bloa elee tasec
erultions, felons, ulcers, tetter, Salt wih a en ~ad6~ h is
rheum, fever sores; infallible ftor piles. ev u i ~eAeltomcm
Cure guaranteed. Only 25o. Pickena
Drugsset, Me, jupdfrmtepe
atWetTwlfhstet ody saN
10 etad sn . eeid nl e
=The attle Won
' IS LJR m..
d Sale in January 1901, 'e
ile at a time when the people
to take advantage of it, and .
to you that
1ill Enld Sle"
OBER, 15th, 19O3.
Our Experierice...
with the half dozen Mill End Sales that we have
had in the past, and every one a howling success, we do not
think it boasting to say that this will be the greatest, and most
marvelous Mill End Sale. or Sale of any kind that has ever
happened in Greenville.
We have Engaged a Full Dozen...
Clerks, in addi
tion to our regular force, in order that all 'who come can be
served. In next weeks issue of this-paper you will get a big
circular describing the sale, and giving some of the Mill End
prices, but if one happens not to get in your paper, you come
right along to Greenville any day from Oct. 15th till Christmas
and come right to our store, wher-e you will find the greatest
assortment of merchandise that you ever saw in one store, and
with these great M1lill End renmnants and odds and ends, as
well as all of our mammoth stock marked do wn, you will get
the biggest bargains of your life.
Ha. No Special Political Significar.oe.
Amicable Relations.
New York, Oct. 2.-King Victor Eon'
manuel's journey to Paris has no spc
ulal Poiltieal signifieance ay~s ai Romefli~ Bohrsf~oo~d
dispatch to The TrIbune, except that ~Cniin
it materially..demonst-rates thu re-es--___
Lablishmlent of good relations between
France an-d Italy. it wili have no Ku. CIN A R~~TD
ropean inlternationlai l csequce it
Is said, for Italy has no intontIlon to Lus n fteBohr h a
abandon the triple alliance. which has So yteCtzn nB eiu
just been rengwed, andl which 11as hadd odto hiPyIin a~
a beneficial effect on the malintinance PrbfothBul.
of peace for more than 20 yeaLrs.
It is also believedi that the Mediter- 1~ien,0,Ot2.Tepy
ranoaun question oxist~s blecause of
Italy's understanding with EngI:mnd(411 tndnth ivylries
and the France-Italian convenzt!on lbywhweooud ithri aOx
which Italy has given up any claim fidIs iltfudwowr ruh
to Morocco, and has had right ov eor t rvn ycig eotbt
''ripoll recognized.
Renomination of Governor Bates 13 eluacnlti tatt5 )l~~~1
Boston, 0., Oct. 2.--In the same haillet
which yesterday was filled with Dem. oehSpvy h myrcvr
orate cheering to thle ochio the~ ora' , snsa o bt p~rne lt
tory of their leaders, tho Republicans onad i eki a
of Massachusetts met today to nom- n lvle rmt~efctqo h
inate their state ticket. wiehsfc sas ifgrd
'Phe assembly was large and the 1oo
unanimous renomination of Governor fOtsriuInuyiascl
John L. Dates, Lieutenant- Governorwodwhhwscuedybin
Curtis Guild, J-r., and the remainder of -~ Ri rtesaentvso
the present list of state officers was 03
assured. WgeailEtl ony
Consolidation of Gould Lines. c-dinteenttaratFn
New York, Oct. 1.-Papors are be- otfrahoigt il oi a
ing d-rawn by attorneys identified with rc'tybei~okn nafr o
the Gould interests for the consolida
tion of the Gould lines west of Pitts- dvr tcado~ tBhigvic
burg with the excoption of the .Ann a
Arbor and -tho roads wvest of a dltw,0 h atrwso
Louis, according to TPhe Herald.' The avstt i rte hnte vn
combination wvill iniclude, it Is said,wihldar lhrscitoffcr o
the Wheeling and Lake I~rle, the Pik ttens, tetf~radbcm n
buIrg, Carnegie and Western, with its oiae. Te acie h hl
two underlying companies, and the Wa-.ru~ot hi rnig hc o
When the quantity of food taken'l is~o-i irne a isbs red
too large or the <quality too rich, sonr lrlnnI h fie h rk
Rtpmiach is likely to follow, and espcial truhtocodadctterp
ly so if the. digestion has been wea kene'dthlatmaSiy astrnui
by conatipation. Eat slowly aid not too ls ih. Ba o hnrse
freely of easily digested food. Mlsuneat" pvy110teOxodpiofo
the food thoroughly. het five houira etapag hc e fewrs ?-ug'thmhr
between sneals. rond w he-n you feel a
fullness and weight in the regi(on of the aot.Dptylru. h a
stomach ofter eating lake C'hambnerlain's i hren xodls. ihi
Stomach and~ Li ver Ta'iblets anu( the sour ii~i o~ne~edb an n
stomach mamy bo avoi led. For- sale byJumetipeen uthlyhi.
Piekens Drug Co., Earle's D~rug Store,
T. N. Ihunter, Liberty.
Bears the l h Kind You Have Always Bought Irn
Signatore ~ ~ ~ u..Ts .i ssml rnna ~ ua
Bears helh6 Kid You Have Always Bought S1.( lt)"'a l''
Signature ir''Ia uleiVIn
RESULtod OFi~tiaye B Iwo 4o
Protected by U. S. Government. Soo Patent Ollee Recordsslheo.
IT 4th, 1900. All Infrinigers Prosecuted.
Cleanses Clothes, Floors, Windows, Stove Vessels, Tinware, Glass=
ware, Lamp Chimneys, Stone Vessels, Dishes, Etc.
That awful clay-Wash day-robbed of its terrors. For scouring it is a world beater
>aves wood, Saves time, Saves labor, Saves money. Needed everywhere, every clay by every
Sure death to bed bugs and lice on stock. Some recommend it highly for Hog Cholera. Five
hundred to io,ooo Family Rights can be sold in a county. Ingredients easily obtain
ed. Is within the reach of all, and has a universal sale to good paying customers.
Thi; is to certify that we have exam- Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 1st, 1901.' This is to certify that I have vorked
I1fil th formula used ib Riakinson Rbi about six hours and have sold 15 family
Brfe Bashing Fluid ind Robtt Ir n BrosC.Bleaching rit on the Safe Washing Fluid. .1
Bro's, Bleachitig ('o., ad (d that I here I Pickons, S. 0. bought territory and am well pleased
ko l sing Ii it that will inijire the most IGentlemenn: I have sold the state of with my trade. It is the fasteet, leoIr I
1.liente jabric, if used accordig to d.;i- Pennsylvania in a week and cleared over lve ever seen. I can recommend i
I eCtiOnS. %% e rl Ce to frtin'iiixl ilhgroui- $1,000. I will buy a block of states or any One. JEROME 1) sMIT-I7
,is to make 4 gmil:ons for 2> cents. or a nn interest in the whole thing if we can Liberty, S. c.
[1 gallon barrel for $1.95 a ;ree. I believe tlere is a fortune in it. I have tried the Safe Wish.ng Co.n
W. A. SAELDON & CO., Hoping to see you n001. pond and I cat say it is an excellent
Libery, S. C. Very truly yours, lnr arndtio!i for seaint Woodwork. It
Per C It. PaiIckinia. A. C. I LOOK. is also vr good for lan doriIg.
I lquve tile safe wViiliig Flu inl This is to certify that I have workld sov o I. A rEbTER.
I fimdi, 0hat it save; abou t half teho- e da s anb have made al atvelrage of . This is to certify that I have exam.
limr,! Mln prinvarrtinmi have tver tr n P i y rights a day, I first ought. med the focmula used in making the
Vl ny Lro n I h i liclen and Hurricane townshIps and Safe Wrashing Fluid and find nothing
una.t Whful rec31l1.iLO eci it to any after trying te business I bought Oco- in it that will injure tho most delicate
Alo 31i. LOUIS-E I,. (;O'%DIIRAN. nee county and( am highly ples1edi wviti fa,!rie. if usedl accor1din~g to directions.
I lave te. ted the Safo Washing Fluid, my trade. I can rcoelmendl it to any We agre to furnish th e ingredients to
ied am highly please.' with it. nne as a great monoy Weking busines, mare fourn gllios for 5c or a 48 gallon
MRS. T. N. HUNTER, It is all that is claimed for it. barrell for alo.5.
I-lave you tried this wonderful preparation? If not bring your jug to the Gilreath Hotel
md get a free sample. It is twice as cheap as Soap and saves half the labor.
$10.00 to $.00 a Day Selling It.
We want 100 Live, Energetic, Young Men to advertise and sell this preparation
heres a fortune m it. I you want to get into a money making btusiness, we have it for you
all and let us talk the matter over.
Road To Be Extended.
KnoxvIllo, 'lPenn., Ocet. 2.-A special W P CArJ' ISNPBBUE
to Trhe sentinel from Johnson City,
says: oeorge L. C'arter, prosiident of Peiet IC-is& P a
the road. an'ncOuncees that the South
and \Westorn railroad, formerly the
on1ce extended from Johnson City toj-D A RS N
the West virginia coal fields land fromi
Johanson C'ity to the West Virginia coal,'CttneeMelHll,01adLtrs~
fields, and from its present North Oar.
olina terminus to the Atlantic coast.IGnigCtonASoily
The extensio-ns will aggregate several Carct50BlsP Dy
hundred miles. The road was origi- R .C REO ,M r
nally lyrojoetedl from Oharleston to
Chicago, via cincinnati.
Opene Twelfth Term.Wewntobyalteseyohvend ilpy
Chicago, Oct. 2.-The University of toofhemrtfrte.
Chicago has begun its twveath term
with the largest regIstration in its Afrtcasgney aaiy5 ae ly
history with sir now buildings and Stsatr unitadafu sml sorgaate
with the Univorsity High school and
the secondary departments of school A ona h esnoesw ilhv lnyo
of education opening doors to conduct meladhlsfrae.
the children from the kIndergarten to
the college recitation room.W ilb ed ognyu is aea ela
Fearul Odds Against Himt.WA TDA ON -oocrsf4fotpe
Bedridden, alone and destitute. Such
in brief was the condition of an old sol-od
lier by the name of J. J. Havens, Ver-le st aeasceso hsb
milles, 0. For years lhe w~as )etris
~roubledl with kidney dlisease and neith- gvn syu arng n e~il~sr o go
re dhoctors nor medlicinies gave himu relief mesranru igov.'
At hngth lhe tried Eletric Bitters. ItM l
put him on his feet in short order andTh Pik n OlCo
WoT.lMcFAeLtf.eJ. ".1WILSONthe r. BRUto
President.recovery.res.st oec.a& Treor
iver andhkidney trilbIesillidomlanform
f4 ottnn Seedaneal, Hllltrol and Linters.
SCapacityr50 Harether Day.
vienna, OctR..H-A disptcNfrMmr.
Moc'.ietg SyrasasthWeeu ant Eobuslfte sedF ou ha e.dwl a
tiunary topaofrthea enrkor thr tafm.
(ly.Thfiecrlreto-frcl ssnry a pa(~ ity alspe dy
nottr~nl~relbu fes (~tl~ ~ Sa Itiatory20 fornu and a.0 f'einesm sorgaate
thehunin d~trctwhre llmov 13 10Acrs witn ac mle saof Nopns wettu ill 4hacve illenltyon
hlbitd (luing he ti es thmeaa and wtr 'I ofam (eh s r d ousale. on a 12pr ce
EmprorFracisJosph re unt~g. 130ace will benea dy tol cginh yorst ba a wellng 6 acrs g
bee taento uad te potocupid 30Jacelp uih tof Emhkent o succer A of eaistonterprse $200
gytecirdrngtecamvmgie. l.0cce os Crowuree~ patronaean wei llt a suere you( "oto d
flo m se and unmn house."i.
JocheyPickensromlIMilr Co.
nt ou tsIfs, "Icam 2.-.o te rola to lett sgigi ars o.Cm loicdgtpc n hie
Siopet reovery."n et In aaeat forute iiomti~ alo
atve Dad tkidednbesdand allftroon,
didafteguarssor aith Okanrl.J.lb I OI PDA
in eath resulted.frodiconcchsirom
oitbri, styia, nsayr regaineecon. RA~ET'' lA~
tonosy afeaure taen rtesft
not tramnspiredpbut frishonetachme0.
of gndares hve c~n rderd t
the untig dstrit, w ere all ove
met ofu atoie pro saepo

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