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Entered Apri 2), 1903 tit Piems, S. C., na -ccid chiss Inatte-r 111 o
--CKENS -. -., - rM h
1' " _ PICK ENS, S. C., WKD)NESDAY,~ OCTOBER, 14 1903i~y1TN
Slayor oRIkonzales PlacLA on1
the 'witiness Stmd.
Refere to Editorials In The Columbla
State, -,yrng They Wore Very Sit
ter-Did Not Mailto Threats in Edge
field, He Say. '
Lexington, S. C., Oct. U.-ITe exai
nation of James If. Tillimmt, who went
on the stand du ing the last hour yes
tol'day as a witness in his own behal.'
was resumed tod-ay when court co:*n
Venod. An argumnent emwued whe-.
questions w i ake(d the defendant
relative to ditoials in ihe State. Mr.
Tillman, in line of ruling of the court,
rendored after it hour's argumenit by
council, was asked what impression
was made upiion him by the editorials
Written by M r. GOizalcs. ile renlie:
that they were intensely bitter. He
said he did not make the threaIts inI
Edgefleld or on the train going from
Johnstown to ColumbIa, as testified
to by Witnesses for the state; lie also
bald that he had no Conllversa tion In
a livpry stable at F. geleld relative
to Gonzales as has been stated in tes
ie was questioned relative to the
conversation which teck place In a
hotol in Columbia onill the nght of
August 21, when Dr. Adams and Col.
Bloase, a witness of yesterday. were
present. M'. Tilhman said that the
statements were made by him in re)ly
to remar'ks as to threats made to him.
le said he had been told in a dozen
places in South Carolina that h could
not come to Columbia and say what
he had said on the sump;i eL-sewhere
about Gonzales. Also he said it had
been reportod to him that the opeira
house in Columbia, where he was to
speak, was to be packed. and lie was
not to be lot out alive. He said he
said, "If that threat was carried out
it would- be tho d- tragedy in South
Tells of Shooting.
Mr. Tillman, giving his version of
the shooting, sAid lie was walking'
down from the state house after the
adjournment of the state senate, fJan.
uary 15, in conlmiy with Senators
Talbird and Brown, the former b(ing
on the outside, the latter on the in
side. Before reaclhing the trans fer
station lie said lie noticed Mir. Gan.
zales down tMe strect looking at ilim
very intently. He said he (.lefendant)
had oi his overcoat, buttoned. He said
he never took his eyes fioni Mr. Gion
zalos and that Gonzales did not turn
his eyos from him.
He s'aid Gonzales had on an ovc-r
coat tightly buttoned, with hands in
hIs pockots, thumbs sticki-ng out. Mr.
Gonzales cut diagonally across in front
of him, and the thumb of his right
hand disnppeared in his l)oziiet. lie
said lie thought Mr. Gonzales was go
ing to draw a weapon and lie flred
first, saying: "I got your message."
Refers to Message.
'The message, lhe said, referred to
the statements reported to him by wit.
nosses White audi H-olsenbach. Thiese
statements wore to the effect that
Gonzales had said that he hand runade
Tillmian show thie whIte fent her twice
before, and would (10 It again. The
defendant said lie did( no(tfire a see.
ondl shot as Mr. Gonzales did not .dlravw
a pistol. Mr. Tillmian concluded hiis
tostluimoy shortly before noon when
General llinger of counsel f'or the
stale entered upon01 the (rOSS examnina.
On cross exa mination thie def'endant
~aid he had a reason to explet fromi
the momlent- he saw Gonzales that ho
(Gonzales) wou-1:1 shoot when they
met, Hie also saId he sent wvordi to,
Gonzalea to come to the meetIng at
the opera house l-i Coilumnbia and make
his char'ge: there, sayIng lie did this
no he could reply to them.
The cross examination consumed
just one hour.
Bankruptcy Threatens Sultan.
New York, Oct. 9-'rhe taxat Ion has
not been collected for two years, says
a Times dispatch from Tangier. rThe
E~uropoans who have sutpplied the sul
tan of Morocco wvith western luxuries
hold bills for large sums, seuroed by
the customs, and holding preceece
over aany now laon raIsed. The cr
respondent says something like bank
ruiptcy app~oars inevitable unle-ss the
powvers Come to his aidl.
Tried to Beat Out Brains.
New Yoirk, Oct. f.--John WV. Good
win, a well diressedl young mIani w~hose
home is said to lhe Olneinnati, has lheen
arrested in a South aveonne stoz e,
whore specIal officers allege that lie
was trying to mtako off with several
bronze statuoettes. At the police sta
tlon hie broke loose and tr'iedl to beat
his head against the wvall. It was
found that lie was suffering from an
old fracture of the skull and he wvas
takeon to a hospital for treatment.
Will Winter at Lakewood, N. J.
Now York, Oct. 9.--For'mer Presi.
dont and Mr's. Clevelandl have taken
a cottage at lakeowood, N. J., wVhere,
it is understood they will spend nmuch
of the winter season. It Is for the
benefit of Mr's. Cleveland's health th-at
the temporary change has been made.
She has .not iregaincd her (strength
slne~o the birth of the baby Francis
ltetter' Thaln illIs. -
Thec question ha~s been asked-Tn
whbat way a o Chiamberlin's Stomachi and
Liver Taiblets superior to the ordhinariy
('at hati( and~ liver' pillu Our' answer -
'JIi' 111y me eaS'r antd more pleasant to
tiake aind their effect'ma so gentIo anid so
agro able that, (ne hard ly re:ilizeth at
it is preduceed by a meicino. Thouae they
not only move the bowels but improve
the appetrhe and aid te digests m., For
a-lo at 25 ci( it' pear bl)~lio by Piokonta
Drng)'u (Co.; E-rio's Drng Stoic; 'T.N
Jllnoter', Liberty.
/eatibulo Hits Work Train With Slight
Charlotte,. N. C., Oct. A8.--A apecial
from Greensboro, N. C., says:
the throu6Ih voetibuted train between
Washington and Atlanta ran into a
material train 2 milos north of here,
badly shaki-ng up a nurpher of passen
gers, many of whom were at supper,
but doing no serious damage to any
ino. V. 6. Duvall, of Hy-atgville,
Mld.; H. D. Baker, of WashingtoA, mall
:lerk; L. A. Stone, express messenger,
ef Pilot Mountain, N. C., and Jim
Wright, 'a negro ilreman of No. 29, of
Spuncer, were slightly injured by be
ig hurled against the side of the car.
Two white boys, 15 years of ago, of
Danvillo, who were heating the vesti
bule on the first blind, were injured
n the head, but 'e;caped before a phy
&iein arrived, their names not being
No. 29 was comi-ng at a rate of 25
miles an, hour. The mnterial 1rain
had uot reached he siding, the ongi
neer sent a flagman ahead to see it
the track was clear, -and the ilalman
reported all hight a few inIuutle be
fole the collision occurred. The
pilot of the vec.tibule was untirely de
stroyed, but thore was no- material
damage to the cars or track.
Meeting of Savannah Citizens at the
City Exchange.
Seavannah, Ga., Oct. 8.-An important
meeting has been held at the city ex
2hange. The mcvement that has as
its object .the securing of- a cha-nnel
for the *.Avannali river of a depth of 30
fect from the city to the sea was
launched. Kvery effort will be made
by the business men of Savannah to
induce congress to make an appropri
ation in the next river and.harbor bill
Lhr.t. will admit of this project being
earrie:l out. , It has been reporte~d as
feasib!e and pra.eticable by Colon-cl
James 13. Quinn, 4he engineering offi
cer in charge of the work of this dis
trict, and he citizens want to see i
put in execution.
Mayor llorman My-ers Ir-icled over
the mveting, which was attendd by
practically .all of the members of the
several cornmittees namied from the
board of alermen and the various
trade Crganizaions.
Savannah now has a dopth of 28 feet
romn the city to the sona. it is urged
tha. the comme1re.e of the pom't is of
such a tremondous volume. however,
andl such a wide section of the south
[s c'm orned, that there should be :"I!
feMt of water, which would mean suri
flvimnt depth for the largest of the
tramp steam shi-ps that ply between
his country and foreign p)orts.
Woman Presents Spouue With Two
Boys and Two Girls.
Sturke, Fla., Oct. 8.--A negro nam
od Willia.m Tison was presente"wd With
two boys and two gi-ris by his wife Sun
(lay morning albut 8 o'eloek. Tihe
babies had regular features every way,
but only lived about six hc.rms.
T'he mother was planting strawber
rics last we-cek and did a half day's
washing Saturday. Thie family lives
about a mile from town, and grow
strawbeieos. Quito a crowd went 0out
l'rom town during the day to see them.
Tra'n Collides With Wagon.
Good water, Ala., Oct.. 8.-Thme east
houn d piassenger of the Central of
Cleorgia railway collided with the wvag
an of C. A. Young, a farmer from
I fn(-kneyville. The wagon wvas (1
mel ished i'n whih lr.\lm* Y'oung was
and he received several iteverc injur.
los, from which he hs not yet regain'
ad (consc(iousness, butt the dloctors have
mopes of his recovery. The accident
was caused by his attemptIng to e-ross
a front of a movin-g tr'ain at the pub
lc crossing.
Old Board Rio-Elected.
Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 8.--At the an
nual meeting hero of the stockhmolders
r? the Alab~ama G-roat Southern rail
roadl, a division of thme Queenl and Cres
cen-t sysStem, tihe o11ld oarnd of direc
Lorns w-as re-elected. The board of di
rectors will meet soon1 ini New York
snd it is expected that the presenit of
fleers will 1)e re-elected.
Case of the Sala Clims.
San D~omingo, Repiublic of Santo Do.
mingo, Ot.' 8.-The Dominican goy
cmnmenat yesterday appointed Maimrio
Deballon to be0 arbitrator in tho jsse
tf the Sala claims. 'rhe country is
jumiet; hut biusines-s is (lull. 'rie Sala
25as0 is that of a Frenchman who lent
mfon-ey and( supplied nmuni tions of wa-r
iggregating about $216,000 to the then
,residenmt Heorrenux, of Santa Domingo.
F'he government at first recognized the
2laiml but afterwardl contestedi it.
Another Victim of Wreck,
Atlanta, Oct. 8.-A dispatoh from
)anyilie says that Lewis WV. Spies,
ne of the mail clerks injur-ed in the
vreck of the f-ast .mail Sunday a week
igo, (lied last night. Spies had his
og amnputatedl last Friday and yester
lay afternoon he was takeon worse.
['his malkes the eleventh victim .pt the
Noted Music Composer Dead.
New York, Oct. 8.-Pter' A. Schone
ker, known as a composer' of church
music. has. boen foutnd dead in bed at
his home here. During the past 842
year~s he sernved as organist of the Weat
Presbyterian church, haviD.g been a'>
sent only four times.
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ures.It surpasses any other salve, 14)..
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ru; tions, felons, uilcers, tetter, salt
heum, fever sores; infallible for piles.
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)rug Co.
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Ii a tastoes f r No Onrn----n nsi' rrjem. x
Further Proceedings In Celebrated
South Carolina Case.
Lexin-gton, a. C., Oct. 8.--4ames Da
vin, of Edgefleld, was oi the stand
when the trial of James H. TImian
was resumed today. He said he did
not hear the defendant make any
th'reats Pn the presence of C. D. Black,
while riding on the train from John
ston to Columbia. On cross-oxamina
tioni he said he did not know Black.
Colonel L. Bleaso was asked. to state
what was said In the defendant's
roomi at the hotel in Columbla at the
time Dr. Adams was present. lie'
said he was reading editorials from
The State on the night of Aug. 20 or
21, of last year. le said Dr. Adams
ad-vised defendant to go down to The
State office and whip Mr. Gonzales,
anti that Mr. Tillman replied that
would not do, as lie was lieutenant
governor and he would be impeached.
Asked as to a statement made on the
stand by Dr. Adams, Tillman said:
"You boys need not worry. If lie
attacks me I'll enuff his lifo out with
Continuin-g, the witness said that
Mr. Tillman's .response to something
Mr. Gonzales was stated to have sat
about mock threats was: "If he at
temped to carry out one of his threats
I'll make it the d- tragedy that
ever occurred in South Carolina."
The witness said the -reiaks were
made by defondant in response to
statoments as to the threats reporte:
to him.
. Asked if he knew whether relations
between Mr. Gonzales and defendant
were un-friendly Colonel Glass said he
had heard' Gonzales say he did not
want to be in the same room with Mr.
Tillman. le said he had l.card Mr.
Tillman sa.y on several cecasions that
he wanted to avoid difficulty with Mr.
Gonzales. Mr. Tillman had a pistol
on the night of the campaign in Co
lumbia, witness said, because trouble
at the opera house was anticipated
and witness further said it was expect
ed Mr. TIl'man would be attacked by
Mr. Gonzales, as' it was expected that
Mr. TIlIman would reply to some of his
J. A. Mehaffoy, a niember 6f the
state legislature at the last session.
said he saw a bottle neck sticking out
of the defendant's pcket at the state
hou. e as defendwnt was about to leave
there on tie day bforer tile silcoting.
On eross-examin-itio:n he said the
bottle wits in a hip pocket and that it
was the neck of a bottle and not the
han-dle of a pistol.
Doctor Schoonkoff Visits New York
on Benevolent Mission.
New York, Oct. 8.-Dr. S-cloom!off,
of the Macedonian Benevolent conmmit.
te of Sofia,. has arrived here on a
mission to secure aid for the Mac'edo.
nia-ns. He Is L a gniduate of the ;Ie.
partment of plhilosopihy of tile Univer.
sIy of Pennsylvania and also a gradu
ate of tile Univcraity of Chicago. Re
cently he retu-rad to his native coui
"We have waited fr(>, 25 years." I,.
said, "since the treaty of Herlin for tile
In aluguratIlo of the reform-s and for til
establishment of the homje -rule that
we're pr~omlised by it. Instead, we3 have
been made the slaves of the Tfur:
disfraneblised in every court; our wvo
men takenl Iuthlessly from~ our- homes.
our' goods and our lives Placed ahiso
lutely at the mercy of thtose whio are
merciful only when they kill.
"It may seem strange to .-ty we arc
not trying to form a governmnt in
Macedonia, but such Is the fact. Our
Warfaro ie conductced simply with a
view to force Bulgaria to f:eht Tiurkey.
Her people arec doing it, with fcod, re
crults, arms and funds, but her gov-.
ennumfent has stood like the rest of the
powers and looked on,"
North Alabama Presbytery.
Goodwater, Ala., Oct. 8.--The~ Northi
Alabama preshytery met here' at 7
o'clock last night, S. L. Handley, a;
Birm inghamn, preached the in troduic.
tory sermon. J. WV. Orr, of l-nsley,
was elected mlodorator. D. N. MeAl
pine, formerly of Chester, S. C., wvas
FeceIVed as a. member of / e presbytery
hind Is called to preac~h at the F'i-rst
Presyter.Lan church of Anniaton. ii.
preached the 11 o'clock ser'mon to
day, a very able addr'ess. Rober-t D.
Carmichael, of Gloodlwater, and Thomas
Parker, of Mon,tevallo, are being ex.
amined for ordination to preach.
peath at Hand. of Playmates.
AMba-ey, N. Y., Oct. 8.-Thomas
Brewver, aged 17, Is dearl at the Al
bany -hc.epital fromh the effects of
sm-all rifle bullet wvound rOceived in
May, 1902, accidentally -at tho hands
of a playma-te. PTe bullet lodged in
the boy's sp~ine and for 17 months lie
had been in the hospital practically
motionless in a bath tub of water and
susponded on elastic bandls. He was
almost wholly p~aralyzedI and wasted
Will Be Married at Hospital.
Alban-y N. Y,, Oct. 8.--Mists Mabel
Martin, a niece of Mrs. Brzadley-Martig1
0-f New York, will be lntrried next
week in Albany hospital. Hecr wed
ding had been set when sho was tak
en ill and had to undergo an openiation.
It was determined, however, not to
change the date.
McCord Bucceeds Harris.
ffontgomier~y, Ala., Oct. 8.--Leorn
McCord, a youtng lawyer of Gunters,
ville, Ala., ha~s been appointedl by
OThlef ,Jiptice 'icClellan as private sec.
retary to the supreme court justices
to succeed the late WV. II, Iarris, who
died in New York.
Fear-fuli Odds Againtst ili.
Bedlridden, alone and dlestitute. Such
in brief was the condition of an old eol
diler by the name of J. J. Ihnvens, Ver
sailles, 0. For years lhe was
roubied with kidney dlisease and nieith.
er doctors nor modicmne gaveo him relk-f
At length he tried Eletrie Bitters. It
pult hun on hia feet in short order and
now lie testfies, "1 am on the road to
compllete recovery." Best on earthl for
ver and kidney troubles and afl fornie
o tospach and bowel troub!os. Only
50 Gunaranteed byPick uKCo;
College Girls Engage In most
Exiting Contest.
It Vh'as Twenty Minutes Before the
Faculty Could Separate the Two
Bands and Restore Pcao-Witness
ed by Audience of 500 Persons.
Topeka, Kant., Oct. 9-On the big
st'age of the Washburn collego chapel
in front of an audience of 500 persons
there was an exciting color fight be
tween the girls of the Freshman and
Sophomore classes, in which five
sophomore girls tried to rush forty
?reshman girls off the platform. Ta
blus and chairs wore overturne:d, the
president's chair was smashed to
pieces, clothes were torn, hats were
lost and eyes blac-ked In the rough
and tumble fight.
The occasion was he annual cane
rush and the girls of the rival classes
had been trying for an -hour to yell
each .other down from the tops of the
chapol seats. Suddenly one of the
freshmen girls appeared on the phit
fori waving the rival class colors.
Then the clash came. It was at least
20 minutes before the faculty could
weparate the two bande and restoro
Was Auditor For the Postoffice De
Washington, Oct. 9.-Announcement
of the resignation of H. A. Oastle, au
ditor for the postoflice department,
was made today. The resignation was
dated October 7, and was directed to
the secretary of the treasury, who has
indicated- his acceptance. Tbe resig
nation is to take effoect w-hen his sue
cessor is appointed and qualilied-, and
Mr. Castle said today that he would
remain in office until that time. Mr.
Castle also said that he had tendered
his resignation last spring, but that
when the investigation of the post of
fice department affahis was begun Sec
retary Shaw asked him to remain and
he Bad consented to do so. Mr. Cas
tle added that his reason for resign
ing is found in the necessity for his
attendi-ng to his private business, and
as sooun as relieved from the duties
of his office, he will rotu-rn to his home
at St. Paul.
Many indictments Returned.
Chicago, Oct. 9.-A dispatch from
Helena, Ark., says: Twenty-seven in
dictnients have Just been returned in
the Federal court. against white elti.
zens of Cross and Poinsett counties,
who are charged with conapiracy to
deprive certai-n negro citizens of their
rights granted to them un-der the con-I
stitution. Twelve of the defendants
are accused of entering into a censpl- I
racy to drive negro tenants from cor
tain la'nds and with the murder of a
Memphis private detective who sought
to ferret out the por-potrators of the
whitecap outrages.
Found in Robber's Pocket.
IChicago, Oct. 9.-In tihe pockets oi
a robber who was killed last night
neai- Aur-ora, after- having taken par-t
in the holdup~ of an inter-urban car- on
the River-viewv Park line was found a
bottle containing wvhite vitiol and a
rovolver-, said to b)0 of the nmagazins
pattern similar- to that supposed to
have been used in the -recent Carbin
murder. Investigation by the Chicago
Police has revealed the fact that the
vitriol was purchased in a Chicago
dr-ug store.
Turks Attack Blockhouse.
Kostendril, Bulgar-ia, Oct. 9.--A bat
talion of Tutrkish troops occupying
a post at Karamanites, yester'day
crossed the IBulgarilan frontier- a-nd at
tacked a Bulgarian blockhiouse. irj
consoquencee of the Turkish superiori
ty in number's, the Bulgarian detach
ment retired, fir-ing on the inv'aders.
The Tur-ks subsequently attached thte
'village of Guvezvo and' looted a num
betr of houses, but on the approacia
of Bulgarian reinfor-coments, retire..
Thtree Trut-ks wet-e killed.
Wright Appointer1 l Umpire.
Scr-anton, Pa., Oct. 9,--Judgo (fray
of the anthracite strikeocommission
Ihas appointed Carr~oll D, Wright um
pire in connection with the question
of the short working day in the
Schuylkili region.
Hamilton Fish il.
New York, Oct. 9.-Hamiltotn Fish,
assistant Unitedl States treasurer, in
chatrge of the t-reasury hter-e, is ill and
the dloctors say he is threatened withi
appiendicitis. Anl oper-ationl is not con.
sidored necessar-y,
Loubet Signed Decree.
Paris, Oct. 9.-Presi.:ent Loubet
signed a dec-ee dluring a meeting ofi
Ithe council of ministers this morning~
convening an extraordinatry session of
the house of eongr-ess Nov. 1.
Earthquake Felt In Havena.
Havjana, Oct. 9.--Three distinel
earthquako shocks wvere felt here eg'rly
todsay. TVito movement was froem we.A
to east. No damage was cono.'
Washout Stope Traffic.
'PTar-ytown, N. Y., Oct. 9.-~All north.
bound traiflc on the New Yor-k Con
tral railroead is stopped -by floods..
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Ahuse that law even slig tiy, pin re
suits. Irregular living mas dlerantge
ment of organs, resulting n a
tion, headache or liver trouble. -
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tis. It a gentle, yet thoroutgh. Only
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Unpreoadented Downpour In
the Metrovolis, '
Many Railroads and Trolley Lines
Were Either Crippled or Delayod
Traffic to Staten Island Over Trolly
Lines Tied Up.
New York, Oct. 9.-After 24 hours
of pouding rain, New York City and
Lho adjaucen;t country suffurcd early
today f-rom severe ilecde. -ix and
twenty-four hundredthu iaches of ralin
had fallen iz the 24 hours ending at
9 a. in., today, and it was still raining
This was believed to be near a ree
ord rainfall. Many trolley lines and
railroads Vere either crippled or do
layed and in Now York city a con
duit containing 70 telegragh wi-res was
so flooded as to disable all the wires.
A heavy flood in the Bronx damaged
the packing houses of Schwartzchild
& Sulsburgor, Swift & Co., and Nel
son. ,Morris & Co., and a portion of
the freight yards of the New York
Central was covered .by 12 feet of
A watchman who had sought refuge
on the top of a car was rescued. From
all parts of the city wore recelved
reports of flood'ed collars, flooded sKew
ers and impassible guttera. Many :el
lars along the North river front wete
flooded and in some instances there
was a loss of goods stored there. West
street was flooded and passengers
were carried across it in drays and
grocers' wagons temporarily pressed
Into service.
Trolly trafie at St. George, Staten
Island, was completely tied up by a
rush of water over the tracks betweei
Stapleton a-nd St. George.
The water was 2 feet deep !n South
street at the New York side of the
Fulton st-roet, Brooklyn ferry.
Passengors arriving on the ferry
boats vaded through the water up to
their knees ,until the dealers in the
Fulton market' used la-rge boxes to
build a bridge acro-a the street. Tie
bridge blocked the street for truck
traffi-, b:t a section c-f the brid-se had
to be removed every few minutes to
admit the paissage of horse cars. Nas
samu stroot between Wall and Pine
streets was closed en account of a
washout in the middle of the street.
'Pcestrinus waded through a foot of
water. The side walk at the corner
of the Sub-'Preasu-y building was un
dermin-ed. Part of a dam across the
Ramapo river near Pompto Lake, N,
J.. was washed out during the heavy
rain today, inuodati-ng- the valley be
low, A number of houses were flocded
but there wore no fatalities.
'rhe water was 2 foot deep in West
street In f-rcat of the ferry house of
the Barclay Estreat ferry to Hioboken.
For nearly an hour working gil-is anil
women vaIted in the ferry house ma
rooned by the fleud until the trick'ien
camne to the rescue. Every ferry-boat
wan met by half a dozen truckmen
an:i the pasen4gers, instead of hoar.
ing the usual "Kobh, kob, korridge, ker
ridge," wecre greeted with "Take yoer
acrost the street for a nickel."
Mnany thousands of meni and~ woenion
were unable to reach thei-r places e
business today c-wing to washouts.
Custodian cf Cup
New York, Oct, 9.-10t has beenj do.
Vide-i that the Atlantie Yacht cilb
8hail be the cuistodiani of tho $2.500O
cupl which Sir 'I'homuas Lipton has of.
fered for an ocean race from Sandy
Hlook to The Needles ini May next.
The cuip will be0 a challenge trophy
and Sir Thomas Lipton hopes that it
will become an international prize of
prominence. H~e has been assured by
distinguished' yachtsmen that it will
be0 raced for by famous ocean going
boats. The Atlamntic Yacht club will
give thr-eo a:Iditional ('upS. Sir- Thom
as believes that the German ompomrof
Inay send his Mleteor over for the
rgce, and the Amorican yachits will
probably take part in the i-ace, Do
ver-Hellogoland contest, and others at
Kiel. It is believed IEngland will be
inlterested' in the contest.
Anarchist MoQueen In London.
Now York, Oct. 9--William Mo
QJueon, the anarchist, w~1() was Convict,
et of rioting i-mi Paterson, N, J., 5on,
tonced toe serve live years in prison,
and escaped justice by jumping his
bail, has beoen heard from inI London,
where ho has taken to wrIting lettord
to various newsiiper~s. H-e asserts
that he was indluced to flee by the
"Conymittee of defense" on the groundi~
that his bondsman was a canitalist,
William 'Grossman, who fled at the
t-imne fromi Watterson tp escape impri-t
oniment, is in Chiicago.
Confessed to Theftg,
Clhica~o, IIl,, Oct. SR--Lucy Miles, 22
years-. old, who woss crltically- ill at,, the
county hospital as the result of an op.
VIrat1in for aj.pndic~tis, confessed to
day to having commItted. thefts of
vernware and clothing valued at $700
fronm the Colonial hotel, Coney islandl
while employed there as maid.
Probably KIlled by Tramp..
MInneapolis, Minn., Oct. 9.--Leon,
aRid C. Dare, of Walkorton, Ind., was
muriiderod on a Norther'n Pacifie box
car- at North Towvn Junction hast nIght
It is supposed that ho was killed by
tramnpa who sought to rob him.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Alten's loot-Ease. It rests theo fool. Unres
Conrfl, llmnions, Inugrowi mg Nadis, Swolenm and1
Swealing feot. A t all druggists and shoe stores
Ask today.
TIo Uinr' a (Cohl ini One Day
Take Lanxtivo Biromno Quinine Tiablets.
All druggists rofund the money if it fails
to cut'-, E-. W. GJrove's signature is on
each box. 211o.
I? Oonstipated or bilious call far Rla
imon's Pills and be certain our clerks give
ou th eun ..Ram n's; Complete
- P891ona Drug Co.
"S A F E
11H I
IN ry Proeoted i'y U 1 (jovorutiet a9 pateId Oflleo Rocords, Doo.
'N1lfi ugci q Pt osN'entt dj
fl(AIl. MRK -TH~ g*RATE T CLtAif 0? O THE BE
Cleanses Clothes, Floors, Windows, Stove Vessels, Tinware, Glass .
ware, Lamp Chimneys, Stone Vessels, Dishes, Etc.
That awful day-Wash day-robbed of its terrors. For scouring it is a world beater.
Saves wood, Saves time, Saves labor, Saves money. Needed everywhere, evcry clay by every
This it to cerlify that wi have .xam- Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 1s, 1003. ' his is to cortify th-ia I have worked
ind the. oatFlud isl 1y Hoif n ig Rti Bros. Bleaching Co0., about six hours and have sold 15 family
5 tfe IVIIlunfg Filuid NOWld Iy l1obia; -,(I)S C. risz.4 oil Life Sariu WIvshilig F4liuid, I
Bro''. Uleaching Co., amd finl lat. there Pic'n u, S. C. bought tehriory ad at weil Fpleasd
is nothing in it that will injimt un' r'ost Gentlemen: I have sold the stato of with hty trrde. It th faeat seller I
delicate fabric, if used accordingr to (I- Pennsylvania it a week and cleared over have evi* seell. I ca recome d It to
rectiolls. We fagzree to furf~~liuaraurh $1,0 *10. 1 will buly a lolck of slates o1r fitly onle. JE 10ME 1) 8MI'VF,
ts to ral 4., 'tl 0115 for 21 cents. 01' a :it interest, il the whole tliit. iif wo c alle Lise.rty, S. C.
48 gallon barrel for $1.95 gree. I believe there is a fo
W. A. 811ELDON & Co.- .lopg to see you soonl. ortu' i it. nis is to certify that I have exam.
Librevo. ery trulya. iyttil the formula used in making the
Per C.014. C. Very truly you .s, 0 N Washing Fld and find nothing
Shave give thelsaf Was11h. FuK :i, it- that will ilure the mnost delicate
have g.hrog the Safe Washi:nad 1u1:. hIs is to Cr-tify that I haive w orked fahric if use(t according to directions.
a l.IIOfouignd test itn ias ab ui ha e l - three days and have made an a-'erngo of We agree to fi'nsih the ingredielits.to.
I npt I ha ve->et it rmm about I6,4 O i ten family rights ia day, I lirat bought matok four galloins for 25c or a 48 gallon
ovr anV pre errthifl I harec ome r i -. Tick.ns: ald 1Llu'rcane townships and(I barrell for *1.0.
. call ilts.u: LIM . :Mecamu11n1 i\0 l am. sfter trying the business I bought. Oco- PICKENS DR UG CO.,
0110. h its. LOUIeSE d. (h.ea W 1A N I ne couintv atol ai highly plea-set with I have triedI the Safe a shiing Co..
a hi g t"t the yp ael W ii rg P'i i. 1 my trada. I cn reco tmend it to anly potn- I anl I can say it is an excellent
and alit highly l'as'.l wi thN i. 01lo as a great Iony tuakin g )"nM, rimr. lon for cleaning woodwork. It
SIIt is all that i t C AlNed for it- is also very good for lauindering.
Lit b<r4 Y, ;j. C. 14A N?, ANK ROU(.S. s. R. A. H E8TER.
Ilave you tried Ciis \von(lerftil preparation? If not bi'ng your jug to the Gilreath Hotel
and get a free sample. It Is :\vice as cheap as Soap and saves half the labor.
$Io.oo to 25.00() a Day Selling It.
'We want oo Live, Energetic, Young Men to advertise and sell this preparation -
Ihere's a fortune in it. If you -want to get into a money making business, we have it for you.
Call and let us talk the matter over.
LREATHr 1 ) lioTL . - I KENS, S. C.
S Dry Goods, Notions, .Shoes, Pants, Overalls, Buggies,
Wagons, Harness, Saddles, Blankets, Laprobes
And All Kinds Of
weV have just Rec'eivedl from Newv York the largest line of Dry
Goods and Notions ever brought to this place. We get our buggies and
Swagons at car-load prcs
\Ve will save you money on any'thing you want to buiy. Call and
Ssee me and bring your butter, chickens and eggs.
Yours for Business,
" An attack of La grippe left me~
itd coug'h. Myt friends said--KA~RSI
u I had conIsumi~tonon. I thent trice
Ayer's Chery Pectoral and it~o~nSe el lul,01adLltr.
cured m'e promprly."
iA. K. llandles Nokomis, Ill. nigCotnASeil.
SYou forgot to buy abot- R .C REO ,M r
tic of Ayer's Cher'ry Pee
t or'al when your cold first
came onf, so you Iet it run
alon. Even no0w, with
all youjr hard coughing, O uiti n r i o
will not disappoint you. ~
Tfherc's a record of sixty .dff.1
years to fall back on.
Three sizcea: 25c., 50, SI. All druggisutq,
(.,ath y.u ir aoa tur. If lho t tka Ik .
U? Oa ot i i I n t. tht aat t tac It. - k w.
J1. C. AVElt (O,, Itowoil, ESlaa.
OAT Ora. T.A..
Dears the lho Kind You llave Always Bought B rn's Y u o t n
Prsd n.VioP e.Sc.&frn

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