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a ~~~~~~~~~ U - Etered A pril 28, 1903 at P(4enls, S. U., all reondi cena dhr . 1rr- fCnrs fMrh3 89
IC D ).A.
W. T. MoFALL, ' J- ' I-s,
The Pickell Oil
1i Cotton Seed Meal, Hu
Ginning Cottoi
capacity 50 Hiz
R - ..C IRETON, Mgr.
Our:Gi n.
Day anl
B ri i s I
Spikes Had Been Removed
From Rails on Bridge.
Train Was Filled With Eastoin Bank
era Returning From the Convention
at San Francisco-Ten or Twelve
Passengers Moro or Less Injured.
PIuoblo, Colu., Oct. 30.--The east
bound Chic-ago "Flyer" on the Santa
F0 road was wrocked at 1:30 this
morning at Apispha creek, .1 miles
east of Fowler.
Tile s)Ikes had beenl. re0moved from1
one rail oi the bridge Gver the cree(
3r when the engiinei left the track
one spma ot' the bridge 100 teet loln:
went down.
T-wo cars with the en)gine fell into
ree-ck. EnierJohn Walker
I)O~badly sca'ldd. Tenl jor twelve
grsons. were injurld.
'Thie private carl occuplied by A.
'' Wimii be'ly 1111d IL party Of easC111
ban kers return 'li ng f rom t he' an'u al
n41ylalven tfin of the Nainl01 llankers'
socatonat-san F1,'rancisco, was, at
tached to the train, hut so far at; as
colMt1di none of this party was in
jured. There was but littl water in
the creek.
The Pullman oach left with the
el ~ging (or , the bridge, but
2to I'n% ithle other *x cars. all
full of passunugers. tncluding a inumber
of Kimberley's special car's, remnain-d
on the track.
Autopsy Is Held on Body of Chicago
Millionaire Contractor'.
Chicago, Oct. 30.-In or'der' to dis
pel dloubts that had arison rogardIng
the true nature of' theo illness wIckh
caused thie dleath of H, .J. Sexston, the
.mIllionaire 'onitractor, on WVednesday,
an autopsy hats been1 held at the rosi
dene 13n MIchigan ave~'nue.
Vague rumor had1' been lC'3 fluain)I g
about duiirtn g the ti me sublsetluen t to1
Mr'. Sexton's dth~ i to the effect t hat
ars.en ical po15isnng wa's1 id iented in
pearanice of' the bodly a1fter' dleath1.
NeIther thle wi'd->w nor' the sons. Lwo'
of wvhom suriv~ .e, pla~ced anly Cdcrono
in the rumor101S, biut to set t hem at rest
they arranlgod for a post mortem.i ex
amhinatlon. This was(l to make 1c ilear
the cause of dea1t h as deterior'atlonl of
the splinall Chord, aittenided by3 neurii'n'
nlia anid anem'aehk had( deelope~d. '
Trhe quIckness with which the col.
lapse came 'Itnally is thbought to have~'
gIven rjae''to tho bas~lessL1 rumors0'.
~~ ~Wie FrIends Congratulate, Young
Girl is Stricken Down.
Now Yoik. Oct. 30..--While being
congratLIa ted biy a numbher of woenn
fimius onl 11er twenty-fIfth b)irtha at11.' 1
hter temnporarmy resdence in hlrook(lyn,
M'iss I keatric Htosenthal, celdest daui
ter of fteI ate Adlph~l Rosenthal, a
wOalthy jeweler, of Char'lesta'wn, N.
at the feet of' 1h(r well-wi'4hers. \Vhen
mledicalI a h ii' rved lie wafs dlea.
TPwo yearirs ago~ Miss fleatrice and
her siter. Tihe former came hore
to study.
Masonic Conclave Ended.
Macon, On., Oct. :Io.--f'he M~asoa
conelavo camte to an end( Thuriisday
- and dur'ing thle afteinooni and( early
evonling the delegat (s to the grand
lodIge all left for t heIr homes. Con'
sideration of reorit.Hwa th1 on1ly011 poin t
of Intere~st to the delegates at todayi's
Bsession. About ai tholluad del'gi . 0
wore ini at tenacfhil'e, makinug the 'on.
clave tihe largest ('ver' kn1own' In the
history of GeorgIa Masonry.'
STrying to Foment StrIke.
flarc(elonia, Oct. 30..- Thle an' r'hi1sts
hero are tryIng to foment a general
strike in siymplathy with the strike at
Ililboat. TIhe (captain general has hur-'
riedlly left Halon'(01a forl\ Madrlid. Al
r'eady la'ge numtbers of pieopl( are o''(ll
of work in 'onsinlenc~e of thle shut'
ting down o~f many factoie.
Historian Stricken with Apoplexy.
IMo:'1in, Oct. 301 .-p -Pofessor' Momsen0.1
the hIstorian, whom was born In 1817
has suifferedi a str'oke of apoplexy, lit
is uineonscious. His left sid !(par
-. alyzed, and thero is littlo 11o1) of his
Ohamrberlatuis iStoma)ch and( Liver
Tablets are bneomuing a favoiie for
etA3maoh troublo and conlstil>atIlon. For
sale by Plokens D)rug 00, a~rte .DHug
ftore and T. N, Einter, iiber'ty,
)Nl, P. E BRUCE,
Vier -Pres. See. & Treas
Mil Companye
11s, Oil and Liters.
i A Speci:ilty.
11 P-r Day.
-y is Now
I Night
Our Cotton.
Flordn's State Treasurer Will Ask
for Re-elestlo'n.
Talflahamsee-, Flat., Oct. 30.-Statte
Treasurer William V. Knott has an
nounced that he will be a candidate inl
the next I)enocratic state primary
election for lnlinatioll to the offico
of sita- treasurer occasioned by the
transfer of Treasurer Whitileld to the
attorney gencralship.
For several yea'rH prie-r to that time
he held the office of state examiner
---nol lown ats state auditor and iII
that !:-pacity rendered service of
groat valtuo to the stato. As s-tate
troasurir his sOrvICeA have given on
tire satisfiltion to the pooplo.
Mr. Knott has no opposition for the
noninatimn which he seeks.
Test Case Prepared.
Now Yc:'k, Oct. 30.-A test case
has hee'n prepared by the corI)oratiol
couivel ami will be heard shortly to
eitablish the (ity's right to collect in
penalties $15,000,000 for alleged violt
tions of an ord iaialce proh ibiting 'he
huiliing of "vaults under the sido
wial Ik." The Ilmtter has been u~lhae
diseum15ion a long time, but has just
been placed beforb the courts for the
.fl1st time. It is claimed by the city
officialIs th-at 1510.000 property holdors
have violated the ordinance by makin'g
excavatliis under front of stores. The
penally is $100, and the payment of a
regul.tr rental to be fIxed by the city
Muidnr on Excursion Train.
Littleton. N. C., Oct. 30.-A hidecus
murder was committed on an excur
soi train from the Weldon fair last
right by an unknown nogmo a-nd for
no apparent cause. While the train
was dichargiiig passengers at Sum
mji'. this~ state, a nlegr'o walked up
beside Levy Alligood, a negro man
of Mlaeon, N. C., saying: "Hello, Ai:
good! an 11d thrus18t a knife into his
throat, I severing all th enmain arter
ios~ and1 windipe. Aligoodl ran into
the ouar andl~ died inI lessq than ten min
1ltes. TIhe. 1 mairderer miado good his
Colomblia. has troops In re-adiness to
send to 'Panaoma inl case of ai attempt
at seessuion.
It1 i reorted thait the D)omlinlican
reibels will miovo on the capItal. Mar-.
tial law hu:ts been declared.
Tihe~ situation ini UhllbOa, Spain, is
ot1 IIcritlicail. Tihe rioters are building
barrkeadoa and defying the troops.
Thl- ;u blic health association, in
SeSSion 'it Washingtoni, has pronounced
in favor of1 the ro-e(stablishmen~ut of tile
a rmny posi office.
Tihomas IICc'htcl, 1held at Allentown,
Pa., oni thbe chargo of mnurder'ing his
iOter comit ted suicidle in his cell
by (uttinag his throat.
E~mployer's have met in Chicago and(
formed an anc:ociation to cope with
the labor problemn. A large sum ol
m~oney was1 raised.
A generIal striko has beeni ordlered by
the inlternationlal Unzic.n of Bridge
Workers to force recognition of bo.
2 at New York.
ilutssianI troops have reocclupiedl Muk-'
den in Manchuria. 'The action was
taken herausie of tgie weakness of the
Chinese authorities.
The Mississippi Soldiers' home at
IBonvoir will ho oppnied Doc. 1. F~or
the prOse~nt it will be maintained by
Iprivate funds.
Two more deaths from yellow fever
wore reported at San Antonio, Tox.,
yesterdaiy. 'Pie situation wase report
odl letter at La~redo, and at N'uovo
TPhe grand jury of Buncomibo coun
ty, Northl Cairolinar, will, It is st ated,
aummonl~u a numnber of witnesses to
gi ve tostimlonly concerning thei actions
of emiployen of the Uiltmore estate.
Tlhe secrtarlmy of war has ordered
te op'eninag of proccodlings to romov'
the damu ini the Ilipochoe canal which.
will giv aO continluous inland1( water
wa y from Kissemmco, Fla., to thu
gl f.
TheLl Misassippi tsynod' which meetP
In November will probably recomtrjent
th~e establishmrr nt of the big Presby
torian univerjt~ in Atlanta. 'Tho Tr,
nomw synod had the inratter uinde,
(conlsidr-ation - yeaterday. An adver.u.
repoirt from t.hio comminhtteo did nel
roaCh ai vote.
JIoAI) TO 1,.I.
On t~he 18th day of November,
190O3, ot. 1.1 o'clock a. mn., I will be atl
Jess.e Cronutshauw's to let to thle lowesi
rE Sponlsib1)1 bidder, thlo clhanp..!ing of
.o i-btrad from Jesso C2renzshaw's to
Fred Jiones'.
Joity Oommnissionor,.
aOct, 21 ,.td, .Wtlon
Pays Death Ponalty For HL
S-wootheart's Murder.
Went to, Gallow Without a Tremoi
Laet Words Were "Have Read M:
Bible and Made Peace With My dod
I sm Ready to Die."
.Atlanta, Oct. 30.-For the murde
of Aliss Lila May Suttlos, his playmat,
from childhood and with whom h
was afterwards in love, Millard IAc
who has for months and months bee
confined in jail awaiting the flual d(
elsion of the courts In his caso, wa
thia morning hanged in the Futta
county jail.
Lee went oil the gallows without
tremor. Ile stood the ordeal well
Ilo did not flinch. He walked wit
a firm step, and when his friends bad
hiii goo-by he replied in a Stead,
Sheriff J. W. Nelms conducted .th
hanging. He had known lillard Le<
from boylhood, and it was a difficul
matter for the sheriff to pull the trig
gor which sent the -you-ng murdero
into the great heroafter. -
Very few pex)plo wero I* the gal
lows rooi. Only the offiilas ani
three newspaper men were allowed
I.e.e was proiounced dead shortly al
ter the drop fell by Dr. W. C. Fisher
the county Lhysiciani.
Millard Lee's Last Words.
Milliard Lee's last words were:
"I have read my Bible and hav<
nade peace with my God; I a-m read;
to (ie, ald know that I will go t
Aiter this Leo munmbled in a lov
ionotono several sentences that wer<
'not allible to those gathered a-bou
the gallows.
loust night Loe slept well. A
times ho would awake, but the dea.
watch says he would Immediately g<
to sloe) again. 'This morning he at
sparingly of the broakfast which wai
given him and was rather moody. H<
h-ad but little to say to those aroun
him. He knew that he had to die
anid was prepared for it.
When Sheriff Nelms appeared at thi
cell door and read the death warran
to the condemied man he failed sligIrt
13, but quickly recovered himself ano
annow'imecd that ho was ready to gc
Ile dressed in a suit of black for thi
gallows, and was led to the gallow;
room by Deputy Sheriff Shropshire
Thero his feet, and legs and hand:
were tied with ropes, tho black cal
pu-t In readiness, and after Lee mado
fow farewell remarks, the black cal
was adjusted an(i the trigger whic
held the trap door was pulled. Lee'
body shot down six feet; then it bound
ed back about four and then whirle<
around and arousd for flye or si:
minutes. After that it was almos
mc-tAnmless, except for a swaying t4
ald fro. Shortly afterwards Dr
Fisher felt his pulse, and listened fo
his hart beat. Then he was prc
nlounicedI dead, the body wvas cut dlowi
andl pla(ced in a coffin and turned o ve
to his re'lativos.
The funeral will 1)0 held out at Bei
11111 this afternon.
Story of the Crime.
The crime for which Mvlillard 1*
paidi the (leat pblenalty t.oday wa1s'cot)
mitld en May 2(0, 1902, when lie she
and billed Miss Lila May Suttles,
beautiful 17-year-old girl, who lived a
Ber~n J El1, a counitry vilhlage, sove'ra
miles from Atlanta.
The shiootinig occurred on Sund~a
morninag and in a church of whieh Ml
Sumttlesi and I see wore attend ants. Th
tragody took liace dlirectly after thi
-minuister had pironoeunced thme ben'Iedi(
tion and was dinmissing the con greg:
tion. Le'e, w-ho had~ boon1 very nine
in love with Aliss Suttles, had prt
viously asked to go home with her' an
she had refused, stating she had al
enigagemnat with another, whlich seoon
ed to anger Lee.
During the service I~co had boo:
sea~tedi three seats behind her and a
she starnted out of the church, meetin,
her lace to face in the aisle, fire
three timies at her wIth a pistol. On
of the bullets took effect, killIng Mis
Suttlces nstantly. She fell at the foc
of thme altar.
Leo was afterwvards cap~tur'od an
at ls first trial foand, guilty of mmu
der and wvas soenteinced to (loath. UJpo
the (lay 01f exeution a Iploa oIf insar
ity was filed by his attorneys and
respite was granltedi by Governor Toi
roll. Thle ease wvas carried to the at
perior' comurmt and uplonl a. techinicalit
wa's thirown out. An appeal wvas tal
en to the oupreomo court and the juidi
ment of the lower court wa-s reveract
This action occesiono dIa trial onl th
plea of insanity, and Leo was at
jutdmged sanme. AgaIn time cane wva
appe~aled to th'e court of 1ast resor
wvhich affirmed the suipeior court's d<
ciisioun. WhIle the case was pemnrn
in theo var'ius courts Lee was grante'
sIx tespites.
Rollef Ship Leaves Honolulu.
Hlonolulu, Oct. 30.-Th'le lUnit4
States tug Iroqluois hut just left fc
Mlidiway lsla'nd, with stores on boar
for the .cable statin thore to replac
those lost oni the schooner Julia I
W.~halen, whIch struck on a reof nort
of the lslantd about a wvook ago, becon:
ing a Ic tin I greek, her ('argo andi mail
heing lost. TPhe Ir'oqumos wIll brin
b~at-k the crow of the \Vhalen on he
retur itrmi Gp.
Ch~amberah?,.4 Cough itemedy Is Pleafl
aint to Take.
CTe finest qality of granulated ho:
sugar is used in the manufacture
(hamberlaina Cough Remedy, and th
r'oots Iwed1 in its priepamraiion give it
ft avor similar to maplio 53yrupl, matkinig
piens:int. to takea. Mr'. .W. Li. Rodol
of Il~~ville, ,Md., in speakintg of th
reme1(dy rays: - "'I hamve used~ Chanmblt
Ii us t 'ough Roemedy wilt~h my ohilre
frsoverml yottu's and can I Lltfully say
is the~ best prepar.tionm of lthe kind I e'
.'r naw. Thme c hildren like to taika it an
it has no hnd ,.fter' effeet. F~or -nale b
Picheia DrP 0ug Q, El arts Dr'ug Stot
Pickensa and T. N. Hunnoa TLmety
Case of the International Power Cem-.
pany of New York.
New York, O-ct. 30.-An echo of
tile groat rise and still greater fil
in the price of fntornation-al Power
company shares on the Stock 1x
change in April, 1902, has been heard
in the suproie court. Joseph It.
Hoadley, alleged to have been conliect
od with the pool which worked up the
stock, is charged in an affidavit filed
by Joseph Loiter, his formor partner,
who Induced the witness to take half
an interest in the purchase of 1,000
shares of $180,000, which lie now bo
iteves were sold to Letter and Iload
r Joy by Hloadley himself. Soon they
3 wore forced to sell at $50, MI. Leiter
3 thus being squeezed by his partner, ho
alleges, for the sum of $65,000.
TThe affidavit was brought out by
the defendant firm of Jansa ,M. Loo
a pold & Co.,. whoi have been sued by
Alfred I. 11oadidy, an ts1gnce broth
er of Joseph. The brokers say they
1 have a claim of $80,000 against $160.
000 worth of Ihternational Power coin
pany stock deposited with -th0m by
3 Cyrus Field Judson. The :loadle4ys
aeek to stop a sale, jlleging It i thir
property. Judge Amend haA taken
3 the case under advisement.
3 Leiter and Hoadley were affiliated
t in the organization of the company,
but the former testified that Af re
r lations between them in t-he marketing
of their stock ceased in 1901. Hoad
ly loft the city last Sunday on his
I way south, but was taken iII at Phila
delbihia, and is said to be in a serious
Boy Killed, and Parent Fatally lnjurod
at Brooklyn.
Now York, Oct. 33.--Disobedience
of his father has led to the death o'
Edward Acton, 7 years old, and the
fatal injury of tho parent. Yqhng
Acton was flying a kite from thero.
of their home in Htooklyn
I-lie father ordered him down and
forbade the boy his dangerous p314t
time. A few hours later Acton fount.
Edward on the r) Of ag-ain, and gave
chaso. The lad ran along the edge,
misexl hi footing and fell to the
yard. a distanice of about 30 feet.
Soeing his son falling apparently
with the idea that he mist' try- I
aave him, Acton jumped out into: spac
and landed nearly 10 feet beyond his
t unconscious boy. Oriplled and 1.
most dead from the fall. the father
I dragged himself to his son and a
an ambulance arrived 11a( clasped ti;,
boy in his arms. Not until the hos
pltal was reached would the father s4.
low the boy to be taken from him. f1.
warid died two hours inter and the
father is not expected to recover.
Acton iJ a well-to-do machinist.
Now Plot Discovered Against Murder.
ere of Servian King and Queen.
Belgrade, Servia, Oct. 30.--After a
t 10ng search Captain Lunjevies,-brother
of the late Queen Draga, has been re
arrosted. lie was oapt ired in tlh
laundery room of the fort here.
The arrest of General Madenlenit.
and other officors is imminent.
it. is understood that a new plot has
been discovered against the murder
ers of King Alexander and Queen
Awarded Prizes.
3 Macon,'Ga., Oct. 30.--Prizes for ex
hibits at the state fai.Ir wore awnardoui
t this morning. Spaulding county won
a first prize,. $1,500; second~ pizio, Jone:
tcounty', $1,200; third prize, H ouston
I county, $900. Five c!ollties were awvrd
ed $200) prizes--CobbI, hlartow, Dod ge.
E Meriwether and( Ilulloc-h, Five seconii
best counties $100 prizes each wert
0 awarded to WVorth, Blibb, L'aurens.
& Camden and Troupe. First prize fo -
iFnd.ividuial exhibit, W. II. WVakes,
Spaulding; second best, George TPruett.
'of Troupe, received prizes of $100 each.
North Rlyer Tunnel.
New York, Oct. 30.-Work men . in
th first tunnel under the North riv
er from New Jersey to Manhattan arec
Sraplidly approaching the end of thel.
a la bors, the b)Orinag h ain g lprocoode
to a point within a few hundred fovi
of the shore. T1he tunnel, whichi
'designedl for trolley lines, wvill not l;
s complotod until spring. It will comle
i to the surface in this city at the f<c
ofMor ton s'treet. The tu-nnel was
Sbegun 25 years ago- but wor~k, was
abandoned after havliig 'been 90lshed
a short di5t.alnce uinder the river.
*Taking Back Defaulting Cashilur.
San Francisco, Oct. 30.-.Shierii
Hoover, of P~Iiua county, Ohio, accom:
-panted by Goorge B. Thompson, eler
of the supreme court of that state.
arrived here today to take back .Tamer
K. Brown, t'he defaulting enaiier o
the Union bank of Now Holland, 0
who embezzled $103,000, which ho le
Sin speculation. They will leave with
their prisoneor immediately.
Heavy Wheat Crop Expected.
New York, Oct. 80.-If the wveathe,
conitinues favorable,- says ..a f orald dis.
patch from Buenos :Ayres, the ?nexl
crop) of wheat gill :be i-5pleggid 01ne
It is estimated, th-at- thef'e .Will be 250
000 bushels of the grain for export:
Designer Cup Defenders Ill.
Briatol, II. 1., Oct. 30.-Captain Na
thianiel H-erreshoff, designor andt but1,
or. of ,America's cup' defenders, is ser~
Sously ill fiofif p'ncumnonia.. .It is 54a1
the disease has not yet rehohed' tht
criticail point, hut the patient is in I:
wvea koned1 coniittion from overwork,
Front11 Sontk Africa.
M~r, Arthur C3hapman wvriting from
f a proof that Chlamberlauin's Cough JIem
if edy is a euro suitable for-old and y un
o Ii pen you the following: A ueiglhbor of
a mine load'a chil jost over two n oaths
it old. It had ai vory bad congh and4 the
c, paremnts did not know what to give it. I
ia suiggeted that if they wouilds get a lbottle
-of 1 'har-merla Cough Reedy antd.
ni put tiomol iuon the danmmy ta-nt the baby
it was sucekiang it wei.dd no4 dIoubt cure the
. Q'.iid. .1'hin they'did and br'oughmt aihor I
d at quick relief igdd cinred the baby. Trhis
y rep edy is fp sade by Pickens Di ug Co.,
>, a~li'I g Storeo, Piokous, altd T, N
Hnnptar hmbof
Read the
and be Convilced,
..nThe Bi"
_ rjlree years ago when we plant(
Th people to make Pickens the
up to you to say whether we he
Our business has grown from d&
retail trad of any trading house in
eMate the sipport. of our friends and
bought an enonuous stock of G -E.N E
car of goods are rolling in every day
are going to offer some prices that a
We are especially proud
ol this department and take
pleasure in showing the
greaty values we have in our
meres Hetiriettas, Worsteds
Dress Flannels. All of this
600DS stock is the lattest weaves
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few special prices -we are
A nice Broadcloth, worth .75c., at Soc!.
'I lot 54 inches wide, worth $i.oo, at 75c
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at $1.25, our price only $1 .00
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Big Values
U ootFor The
Store.. Fall.Trade.
3d our feet on Pickens soil we prom
trading center of this section and,
,ve fulfilled our promise or not.
by to day until we enjoy the largest
uipjier South Carolina. We appre
castoiuers and to that end we have
H A L M ERCHAND)SE. (Car after
and iro.m now until January 1st we
il astonish the natives.
Millinery department.
When it comes to our Millinery Department, we do
not bow to anybody. We have all the latest things in
Hats and Millinery Novelties. We use nothing but the
best material and the prices are very reasonable.
Clothing afid Gents Furnishings.
TRADE MARK We arc showing a
There is nlo man too
large, or too small,
long or short, for us \ \
' . to fit. We make a
specialty of slims and
We are sole agents
for the famous
line. Known everywhere for its style.
and [it. Every suit is guaranteed to fit, to hold its color,
and shape. Prices from $Io.oo to $i5.oo.
Here are a few Specials to Close Out:
$1 2-50 suits at $7-50- 1,000 pairs of Pants to Close:
i o.oo sits at 6.50 $3-50 pants for $2.50.
7.50 suits at 5-50 300 pants for 1.90 1",
6.50 suits at 3.98 2.00
2.00 pants fo r 1.25
5.00 suits at 2.98 1.75 pants for 98
They will not last long at 1 .25 pants for 7
these prices. 1 .00 pants for 6
Big Stock of Hardware, Stoves4
and Ranges. j
Gunls, Loaded Shells, Blacksmith Tools, Barbed Wire
and Nails. A solid car Barb Wire to arrive this week. g
All kinds of Farming Implements. Oliver Chilled and
Syracuse Turn Plows, Disc Harrows, Disc Plows, Grain
Drills. Come andl see our stock; it's too big to me
in this himited space.
Bigstckof Fugrneture, Carpets and Rugs~
th rices are night.
Wagons, Buggies and Surreys:
W'hen it comes to Wagons ev'erybod~y knows that the
"Studebaker" is the best madie. it will cost you a little
more than other wvagons, bnt it is wvorth the money.
Another car load will arrive in a few clays. W'e sell sev
eral other makes of wagons. You can get what you
want here. A nice assortment to pick from.
Another Solid yarload of
Rock Hill Buggies
to arrive this week. This is the third car for this season.
Th~e factory has advanced the priice on Rock lill Buggies
but we were looking ahead and macde a contract for 100
jobs and as long as they last they will go at the same old
price. We handle eighteen different makes of buggies.
We have a fewv Barbour Buggies, madec at South Boston,
Va., that we will close out cheap. If you are in the mar
ket for buggies we will make it to your interest to see us.
All of our departments are complete.
W\e have bought by far the largest stock in our histo
ry, and it is going to be sold regardless of prie.
Bring your cotton to Pckens. Wve will pa'y you the
We wish to Thank
our friends and custon,ers for their liberal patronage.
Our motto is "'Uuderbuy and Undersell"'
Conme to see us and make The Big Store your hea di
(quarters. Whethe. you buy or not, you are welcome,
u through.

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