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An Easy swindle.
The South Catrolinja Banikorsc' 118s4
ciition throngh its scoretary Joseph
Norwood, of (Grotoiville, i n;
- out the following ltterreeve ,'l
E ns1lio Nicholsond (ft11a0 uginn
of Unicon. ..
"Dolor Sir-Frte totah
of the association it '?4.h, bo r
you to repoit. IItoh foll14)w''"g s" 'c,
who, it a ppeiarr,1 ltli operating
it, this vicillily, l. ho midocod one
of our ctstolters to cash-4 i (heeik for
him wvihicht profved to b t forgfer8.
-"Him planl of operaitionl is to all
proach i lmchaniliiit, buy i a smlw I bill
of gotds, then tender in payiu-nt. i
check dIai n by another paty to his
order, apparently certified by ile
bankjl on m bich it was dr.m n.
"In- the caso which <cu ired here
h1o gave his name1 1.s \. It M11ir01,
aind prescmited a calrd giving his tId
duores ats Sparttiui;1rg nitd rlprescti -
ing that hie was wiith the N. T. '.
clInpally. The clhiek putpoited to
ho drian Iby, W. A. Dickisn on the
First Nnotiolmi Bank (f 7rI.)i1stownt,
To tmeseve, and wag appairuntly e ti
fled by Said banlk.
"Tho following description of
Morrell imav bei o somel1 service:
"Nale, vv. I. MoIrtell; residence
SprtnurS. C.; nativity,' U. k.A
ccei pation, with the Ame rican Tel,
guaphu and Telephl'-c compan; crim
inial oepllation, forgers1; age. 25:
height, about. six feet; weight, libout
170 poundl,: conlexion, mediuim
dark; color of hair, nuedium dark;
eyeCS, wore glasses; clean sliavell
"IProinl wait ourl eltstolliel' has
be u able to leiro'u I1inwce 11ho ablove
cccurrenco, this par-ty has also beo
opt rating in Spartcmhurg."
Distillery on State Line.
A spe.,ial to the State from i:iiT
ney t.iiys the people of thel Antioch
sectionl of (herokee county are hot
after a- government. distillerv o0 J. P".
enlkins. It is Cttilied tlat the dis
tilleiy i within tMe two milte limit.
Mr. R1. 0. :8'ams went ilp theri. 8:at
iltlday to suiv4'y Iho (hst anco. 'll is
distillely i1 on the State l1cc, the he
runningI 111 1ough Ile buildin gr. It iS
cliimed thai V whn onie fromi this
idtate waints to purch'1ase whiskey he is
tiken to the Noith Carolina tide and
visa veisa. Je akins ws u1) before
lungistira1.L Speer lust week oi the
charge of F'1ling wih iskey , Ibut the
case had not b(een ithiojrouighlV workI('d
p1). It. will colll' ut1p igsain iext
week. J. C. Otts, Eq. has been ro
talined by the Antiocli people il
Col. T. B. Bu-tler is itained by Jent -
hills. Whiien Ilie e ic coles c up a
batle i royal will be. fou-0ht. MIfr. Oil-,
will appear before the State board it
its next meeting and aisk timea t the
peimit be revoked on the ground I.ha
it is wNi hin the two-mile limit and
is D nuisance to tile communllity.
Free Service at Clemson.
It gies 11e. pleasur to ani1ouncee
to the farmers of South Carolina
that the South CaroIlill Experiment
Ill Station at Clenison Colk-go is now
esta1blishiig a h rd of pue bred calt
the, which wrill be compos)ued of the
following b)re( ds:
Jerseys , Ayer~shires, Devorus and(
Shto tlhoins.
A first-classt )11 bl'Jr each' oif t heQse
breedi' will be kept, andi~ irf the.turi
ers wish to breed cattle to these bulls1
they canl (d so) free of chiarge, pro
videdl thtt the cat the are niot inifected
with T[exats fever ticks. Thxen fore,itul
cal tle, b)e fore beinug bted, tmuset be ill
sp~ctedA by' the vetrlimarliant. We
havec on handi at pir-sent two Jetrecy
buill.4, 0110 Her (efit d bull, and one
Ants bill, all re'gistered, thqt wiii!
be roht ini the near' future. 'The Sta
tion hopes to b)3 5y1w1me good calves
froma scrubi cowsi atid pure bre d i ed
bo115 lla nxt. yearim, theriefore, we ari'
an1xioustfo thi Ile fartmiers to bice (( I
our' beef bulls, for in so doing thtey
wvill also0 assist in inctroducinog into
South Car'olina t he long tneded beef
cattle for our own miarlo ts.
13. 11. H an1,
Acting Aiir al ItHusadrymanit.
An Exhibit of Women's Handiwork
T[ho Sopth Carolina F~eeratiott ol
nWumen Ulubs, nt its recent coniven
ton Columi ta, dr eided to estab
.....---.thle purp'iose of st tim ulating in tereol
iii the homie industr'ies amtonig th<'
womn of lie St ato. This exibit iS
to be dhisplayed ini e.very tiwni wheri
thtere is a Federatel1 Club to take i
ini chiarge, iandt wiill conis~t of hand
worko of (eery descip ltion1. LaIce,
embrl~oidery', basketry', wood-car'vin ~,
desigtns of waill paper', ete., wev1t
rugis, cartpetC, qjuilts-in fact antvthi
made(1O by the handl(s of a South (Jimo
lina womatn. Eh~very efllitt ill >
mado(1 t) create ai oinumd foi' e
wor'k, anid orders1 will be solici' d.
All womien ini the State arei ur ge< 14o
send ramiiples of thleiru hanid irk./
It i-i espeiLcilly d(eslired thiigh
thuis mfovLeet to) reach t he n nitei
of to irura'l distictsa, show it the
poss'ibilhit ies open1 to themi hbol 1n1
walgo eairneris aldlot 11!:1 makers'i long
these lines~ -to) revive, if p )isib , the
oldl fashioned art 'ojf wiinig, -hi ch
eveni in itsa simpler forms is su :'pt i
blo of excellent results '-wov I lag
rugs, for examnple, whien wror It i
-arttstic lesignsu andl hiurmuoiot coor
schees, are in great dem i antmd
bring hi1!h pi'cs.
No articlo wvil be accepted .>r this
exhibit une) wIQHuell made an d ih tract.
ivo ini appearaniice. Exhuibito y must
also0 piut a reasonle~h pr' upo
their work.
All commun~iiictions) shtou be ad
dressed~o to
Alecs. T. Fraser' Jau H,
Chi'm Arts and Cra Com).
Darlingt , S. U.
Noticoa to~ nehtorg andto C dators.
A'll p~erstons holding claini against the
estiate of Aibne'r Mitcell, )eaised, ar
r''egnsted to presenit thie sa c', pr'oper;
attested, to the unlderaigni by the 15tIl
day of %Deoe'mber', 1903, Porsonsl in
deb('hteI to said estate must ake paymnen
to J. 11 tauldin,
ouh28wv2, A )inistraltor.
low Clay Rebuked an tiI Mannered
Student at Yale.
Thae In to General Cassius M. Clav
was a graduate of Yale, a membe'r
of the class of '32. Somet'imes he
would tell of a rebuke that he once
gave at Yale to an impertinent
lie was sitting in his room writ
ing a letter to a young girl. Three
or four of his friends were with
him. h'lIev amused themselves sinok
ing and card playing, much as young
men at college amuse themselves to
day, but there was one youth, seat
ed at the table beside Clay, who pre
tended to be absorbed in a book,
whereas in reality he was slyly read
ing le somewhat ardent sentene
that flowed fron the Kentucky stu
dent's pen.
Clay suddenly becaime aware of
his illpropriety, but he made 11o
sign. Only lie wrote in his letter:
"I would be more frank than I
aim--.1 would ay more than this
but there is an imputenit cad look
ing over my shouler, reading every
word I write."
The youth referred to in thai
way paled. lie leaped 11o his feet.
Clay," lie said. "you are a liar.
I haven't been looking over youi
shoulder, and I lven't read a syli
ble of your infernal letter."
Remembering the Children.
When the ex-Queen Margheritu
and King Ilumabert of Italy cele
brated their silver wedd ing tle Ger
mn1an emperor and eiipress went to
ltomne to help e(lebrate.
One iight, at dinner tlie cutieena
notiecd that Emperor Williani had
emptied a sinall plate of sweets tla
was before hin. She had it refilleld.
and when the emperor emptiel
them into his pocket a second til<
she said:
"I did not kniow that you wen
so fond of sweets."
"I never eat them '," replied the
clipero. "T'lese are for the chil.
dren. I always send them sonic
tling every day when I am away."
London Answers.
Both Going Over.
Sail Sichubert, tihe theat ricl
mniager, who recently returned
from Europe, tells a story of a con.
versa tion lie heard on board ship
while going over and whieb he says
illustrates how passeigers t ry to -0
lieve lie mionotony of lie trip by
discussing almost any subject and
engaging in the most innie conver
sat ion.
The boat was three davs out when.
one of the passengers was able to
o on deck, where lie met an old
"liello, old chap!" he exclaimed.
"Are you going across?"
"Ye'-s," replied his friend. "Arc
yOu ?"
A Mark Twain Story.
Marik Twa~ini once told an in ter
viewer lie often felt a desire to ctit
loose from civil izatIion anid to gel
away by himasel f where lie could rio:
and1( yell to his lhenart's coniten t. I i
thiis connect ion t here is a story
about thle hu morist anmd C'anon
Kingsley. Walking along tihe stireets
of Lonidon onie day, Ma rk felt the(
impulse to yell coming on him with
irresistible force and said to Kings
"I want to yell. I must yell."
Tlhe canon said: "All right, yell
away. I do0n't mind."
"And withm that," said1 Mar-k, "I
stepp1edl hack a few steps and, thirow
ing myn arm-is abov-e miy head, let out
a war whoop that could be heard forl
miles, aind in less time than you
could conti Canon Kingsley an md
mydel were' surr~ounded by a multi-.
udofanxious citizens wvho want
(ed to know what was the mat ter.
tol thiemi nothiing was the matter-.
1 jud wanted to yell and hind
Chiamberlahi's tough Rlemedly la Pleas
ant to Take.
Thle finest quality of granulated lonf
sugar is used in the mnanufitur- of
Chiimbehrlains Cough Remnedy, and to
roota used ini its preparation givo it a
flavor- similar to mafplo syrup, miaking it
pleasant to take. Mr. \V. 1L. Rodoeriok,
of Poolville, Md., iln speaking of thia
remedcy says: "'I have used Chiamber
laiins CJoughi Romody with my childr-en
for severl years and cani truithfully say'it
is the best preoparationi of the kind I ev
er saw. The children like to t:'ko it and
I it has nio bai fler eft'ot. For sale biy
Picksens Drna Co , F 'rh's Drug Store,
Plnkana andl T. NT .-nnte TLity
Pickens Drug Company.
oTuesday, D-cember the I St. Our I.line of
Christmas Goods will all be displayed on our
shelves and counters that day.
Come then and don't wait until the goods are all
picked over. There is lots of people il this iricin
ity who will apprcciate a present more hiighly if it is
some of our Perfumes, Toilet Articles, 'Albums,
Silverware, or other handsomrie and useful articleis
which we have procured for the occasion.
We can't name pric' s-you will have to see the
goods to judtge whether prices and quality are right.
W1re arbe So Siire that bohi are raht th-z.t we
ile it. 1011 to Comn pfl-re tle.ll.
Pickens Drug Company
D'Lgs and Faicy StaUoiey.
Our Lower Pres :
peaK U1, 01 eISiV.e8
Ou1' Pleased Patron1' 0otiuu11 tile Coilvesatio.
W t 11ind inll Iing in stlch hir-e' quantitins; th it the' very smaIlled
n gm of p pys u.; as w.l1 as1- hI. r prodlus other houss hve.
r( nolcko. Thr ouI..and4 , 1' 1d ,'o 1. llr l t 1i a vertIis"Iin 'cheme,; we aId
ri l be ind the 1ou11h1-.. t is ll wh . we say It) get you inl (.ur
tore: it. is whatl other, t1h m-1:1 w twe n e u in b ying an ;U o
tVOIds. Our DI\'iO OS nl SIi(F tr has iibled itse f in the
-st six r-onths, :tiid tile e Ise <h nen g on the small proin
.%hich wo get. Ue'ow v e mcinenti a Ow i c th ngs we will have on
Ua; for the next f-w (1y.
51 Inch Lldi,d 8 kh i n : -Ih'l b. - o9 1ent S.
54 ilie Ladijes. CI. th In ibhik )ly -15 cents.
54 inch Eng i L lr< ili. w I1 .- . 98 eents.
54 inch -I(t:v at l g Skr C Gotds, -1I 4 en .
36 ii.ch All \\ owl S e i '' iii t --r, i2-1 cenS.
'10 inch Serg.' and (' assimSoe :wmw . hIn 1; :u..d pnt '25c.
011itiIg V:wvap, r 0i-: yl I':: get from the toin s. Anly as
s i tment at. n, o Vtliig 1i'r 5, (1, 8 and .10C.
Iig lin. of stripeo W aistin, 10, 12j, L.
Al W Red Fboinel 1, Io, 20, 25, 85, and 50.
('otton la"nel, s.omet'n lthig boughit in n rtek. G(L d havy
w( igh 1 t , 6 t, S, ac 10 e itA.
BRfore hning l1 your FA i.L StlT GI(ood , All 'VO(.1 Ki4nev, black
or colors, *3 48. 1 g as-orten ini eta r ,ood s, .$5.( 0O to 8i15.00.
O)V IERCO>( #10'i4 ( OV iC t OiS
E.xtra long all wrO o!, ;A o, $:. -I . $.-! to $-12.50. WAe wil inte
.st 3011 if SOuI wid c('. andh .hk tL s CIliing o flany desciption.
Little ee Hive.
106i North \la in: Stire, -. C - -. (e~.nvillo, Fl. C.
W. T ,j F }( I 1s.., w*3 Ih; *(':. I.. i:. IlLUCM,
Prei'lhi n. \' --Pri . . &4 iC na(
--+ ePike ili+1 Celp y -
~.Cotton~ Seed H:eai, !lll, (ii andl Lhtmr..4
(hIunir: ('ouon41 A s'tjjeily
Our (Girmery is Now
Day a .1Ngh
President . Casier.
CA PIT A L, - - $ 20,500.00.
PROFITS, - - $ 10,312.09.
DEPOSITS, - -- $100,055.29.
Interest paid on time Deposits. Careful Management.
Liberal Treatment to all it's Customers.
Ii. .\. 111011 EV, .1. Ni. WchEW .\ liT. ..3i .\l1 . tC ,
Read the
and be Convinced,
Three years ago when we plant(
e(t the Poople to m ake Pickens th
is Vp to you to say whethe-r Awe h
Our 1. b uusi .ess has grown frorm C
(t7ai trtade of any tr ading house in
naie the support of our friends and
>oug'ht 1 n ( IOr ous stock of GE NE'
bai' of good( t 1 j 4.~lg
Sr of Vo0d m rolling in. every d ay
ire going to (AT.,er- some prices that v
We are especially proud
of this department and take
--pleasure inl shiowing the
A"A -great values we have in our
S Broadcloths,Zi bulines,Cash
-mires Henriettas, Worsteds
Dress Flannels. All of this
stock is the lattest weaves
and patterns. Here are a
fe w special prices we are
A nic(e B ro)adcloth, worth 75c., at S0c.
Lot 54 inches wide, worth $i.oo, at 75c
" all colors, chcap
at $I .25, our price only $m .00
ipccial in Zihlline2s, w'orth 75c., at 6o
Brilhlintns, regular price 6oc, our special price 35
" 5c, " " "50
Worseds " 11and 20C, ." "10
25 " "15
Big Drive in Outings:
ot full 27 wiuI, nice heavy lleece, would
be cheap at 81.'c , while they last only 5c
i ot extra heavy Outing, worth loc anywhere, 81''
iHere is a snap. We were looking ahead and con
tracted for a big lot of Sheeting before the advance.
1 0,000 yards of Easley Sheeting 36 inches wide, 5c
1,5o0 yards Standard Prints, regular price 64c.,
as long as it lasts you can have all you want at 5c. pr. yd
Our line is too large to quote here-comC and see it
Ladies Ready-to-wear Skirts:
__ A big4 line of skirts to o
~ 2 \~ chea~p.
$6.oo skirts at only $5-oo
$5.0o " "' " S3.5
\~ ~*J$3.50 " "' " $-0
$12o -(3"$15
'\\. e have enroute one lot
- ade Jackets. These were
boughlt direcct fr om the manufacturers, which will enable
us5 to Offer special inducements. As to style and lit there
is nothing e'ver been show n in this section to equtal them.
You will m'ake a bigv mistake if you buy your fall Jauckets
Corst sCorsets.
Any) Piie.
Any style.
Any size.
Ou ieof or-sets is the ms
complete it has ever been and1 we
have all the latest styles and they
ar price~d veriy reasonable.
WAe' are always glad to shbw yo
atrad Pa ad. 800
1?JE1~Coua.a Olord. Seven Miflon boxes sold in past la r
fMORROW colpigV
tore. Fall Tr a
d o ur feet on P1icens soil we
fradiiIg eoiter of th is secti 0r
ve flfinlled our promise Or noi
by to day until 'we enjoy the 1
upper South Caoin a. W1 a
Customervs and'to that end we h
RA L M A E I I N)ISE. Car dr
and f*rom now unli January1s
1 astonisi the natives.
Millinery department.
When it comes to our Millinery Department, weVl
not bow to anybody. We have all the latest t[hings'
Hats and Millinery Novelties. We use nothing but ti
best material and the prices are vcry reasonable.
Clothing ahd Gents Furnishings.
'TRADE MARIK \e are showimgt a -
S' Theie is no man too
-SEA large, or too small
long, or short, for us
to lit. We make a
specialty of slims and
*\WVe are sole agents
IC or the famuous
lne. IKnown everywherc for its style
n fit. Ery suit is guaranteed to fit, to hold its Col
and shape. Prices from $10.oo to $ 5.00.
Here are a few Specials to Close Out:
1 2-50 suits at .$7-5 1,000 pair, of Pants to cioso'k
i o.oo suits at 6..5o o
7-50 suits at 5.50 pants for
0. suits at 3.98
5-0o suits at 29 8
5.0 s it 4 ~175 pants fo r
They will not last long at 1.25 pants for
these pr . .oo pants for
Big Stock of Hardware, Stoves
and Ra~g&
anduns, L oaded Shells, Blacksmith Tools, Barbed
an Tails. A solid car Barb WVire to arrive ti
All kinds of l1'arming Implements. Oliver Chilled -
SSyracuse Turn Plows, Disc H arrows, Disc Plows, Grii
D)rills. Come and see our stock; it's too big to metit~~
in this limited space. '
Big stock of Furneture, Carpets and Rugs 't
the prices are right.
Wag nsBuggies and Surreys:
Wh~en it comes to W\agonls everyb~ody knows thKj
"Studlebaker" is thle best mlade. It will cost you al~i e .
more than othler wago ns, bilt it is wvorth the mon
Anothler car load will arrive in a few days. We sell
eral other makes of wvagons. You can get what
wanlt he:re. A nice assortmlent to pick froml. .
Another Solid garload of
Rock Hill Bugg~
to arrive this week. This is the third car for thlis sca5
The factory has advanced the price on Rock Hill Bug~
but we were lookingt ahead anld made a contract fo. f
jobs and as long as they last they will go at the 'same~
price. WVe handle eighteen different makes of bugg~
We have a fewv Barlbour Buggies, madec at South Bost
Va., that we will close out cheap. if you are in the n~
ket for buggies wec will make it to your interest to se
All of our departments are comple
We have bought by far the largest stock in our
ry, andl it is going to be sold regardless of price..
Bring your cottonl to Pickens. We will pay you4
We wish to Thank
our friends anld cu stonbers for their liberal patronig2
Our mlotto) is; "luderbuy anid Undersell"'
Coime to see us and mlake Thei Big .Storg oux
quariters. Wh ether you b uiy 0or not, you are wgf'c -
u through.
re a Cold in One Day'
ilO QgUrilie Tabets.~7
sonths. This signat ,

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