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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, January 20, 1904, Image 1

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Eutorcd April 23,1U03 nt Pickeun, S. O., ns Boooud clans malt- r, under net of Congrosfl of Maroh 8, 1879. /
At the Laying of the Corner S
lis Cotton Mill, Catcecliee,
III il tormnr ("Iintnnnicii! ion li>!
tiiiH paper we snnl we hope I to l>o i
ulile to nivr> |)io speech in full ol ,
\*~N - .1 m<1 u** . N. Hook, .1 u*t ice of ('leiiit-on
Collet?.. IhCi-rp I'aiion and S? c*
r. tarv ot till* Snot ll (' III! i :i I'V
I>t!riint'ii tnl Hint ion, en (I I)c-|
cum I km* 1'.><);}, on oci'asinn
ol' laying of tin* cm nor hl<>no < I
Hie cxicii-i hi (1 Hi .Norn* ('<>!I ni
Mills. Biiii'o tli('i), through !li?'
kindness of II >ok, w<? li ivh
i111 < 1 a copy ul liii hpouch :iii<l
liopo f h:tt< ovi?ry hod v that ree-iv :<
;i copy o! this paper will read tint
spied), ;>s it isj Wolh insti n<;liv??
it ml i 11 (?lestinj.
" Vi r. IVo-iiient, ladi-'s ;it,<1 ?i?1
men: I um ?le? ply n< n-i 1>I<> <<f the
honor coniaincl in t lie in vi I n t ion
10 aw niw yi?u io?iny, 11 ^iv<m in ?
l>lt>?iBuro lo saint > tiiin ns-i in!i|;ig i
with my most cordi-t| con^ratuln'
iollfl. 1 .(oii^lMlulato you on t ho :
iiQnir'iliiit event that (.m'U im fo
rier. JiK.?.liiip von with words
? J. AltiiAfty, of \ slain i!
went of l'lokoiis, olV'-i s hi-. taTviivs
tho pubiiu as !i surveyor, all woi U
tendi d to prompt I v. i!
? \Y A N r H I Vr,iA^^^
a. J. H. HOOK,
tnnn nf flio I7vffmcinn nf Mah
iviw ui mil uAibiioiun ui rnnS.
C., December 10, 1903.
I>y ili?' pn?w of (ho ship of the
gallant old Spanish admiral in 1-11)2
t?s il i.i today in l'JO.'j. 1 >111 land
values me envolved l?y the exertion
of tln> power ol' the liurn in brain
.mid intfll"et upon Ihfiu. The sites
"f th?? cities of (JrotMivilie and
Anderson or ev.*n the site of this
I>11",( i) ft conlury nj(<> could have
l?. ( ii purchased !'?r ft very small
mud and Hkmo have h-on no goo*
f|ral>hi<;al <>r CrfS^ntial chang<-':< in
tiiosi> lo.'ftUoiiH from llial I iino l<>
1.H-; licVcriliclc.ss it ivipiires a very
larg.f sum of money to nuiv.!;:ne
even a vi ry email portion of tho
hitt'.s i>l' either e.ity named, and of
lliirt plaee may he said thai whil a
paltry Mim ouiiid ha\e puie'.insed
it n century ago, it now apl iv?ximates
a possible value of <>ne-l?alf
.??: 11: i i i ? ? i.i- ?
million (iii| 1,11 S. >\ 11 < 1 1 111 COIOHHSl I
onhiincement in value, nindo with
nlmost clnciriciii ccluiity, is the resuit
Hfilcly of tlic power of intimity,
h !; i! I and intellect. In tlio
11 "r.,.ti of the rtpirit of pro^;ro6H our
ill .S.miip YiiY?,,";H'8 l-ceii
(u ih i'mI iit 11io i (?111"*bf' iii'(>, and
i >)ii?l ('uiii Hi isnion, ron<loi'(!(l u..
11 i
,>oii wouhl hav'i to understand
n. lnetliinjj of tlio Athens fif Solon,
j >So \\'u nuibt nltuly the South in the
j broad, htminoitH pag^s of iho |>.ist
i I?uL if history is s<-mot hint; mote
Ithun ;i fable, if ii is a great edifice
) C r i h., 1 -;
I . ? ... ? J iurvi V.UIWII il?|U ntUI lllg
' il.o Irulh lor thoee w h > como after
! in, :>n?l to w hosn <i 11 rino gen or at inns
| inu?t eoino to learn tlio most illuajlrinus
less:mis of human life, then
' l?'t. ns enter iis glittering thic.dndd
with uny:iii'.liiN)(i fe>t and tread its
I /?, ,|||||,| 1 i I . .. * . ~ - 4 ! I * ' * -
I <"1|| 1.-1 miiii II'VUIUIIUIII H p I I 1 r . It
1 is out; thing I ) venoiato tlie past,
land another tiling to reoognizo tlie
[ dnmamls of (lie living present. It
; m tlt-TH vt ry little which way civ*
I iiiynlimi llinu lw> imin .
| J < "
S iiilli, ftnst or West, backward or
forward, tho result, will l?o tho snino
t<> thofjo who will not movo with
ilif procession ; they must ^ot out
oI tho way or h?? hopelessly over
! wh?*lmod. Wo have n<? tinio to
l1 >s>) and ii ? shciiifth to waste in
snppoit of institutions and thoorios
Unit l ave vanished, and to d< lend
nyatem.s of eiviliz?tion? that have
nri-ii swept iiw.iv by the moving J
avalanche <( i n?* x o liil > 1?? power.
Tho burning question of till tlio
people of every community m not '
what th'?y liavo boon, hut what *1 ?> |
Ihev reSolve t<> I o, not what their'
progt'iiiiora were, but, what their
descendants will he. Slid a grout
man: "1 am not t > light the hattins
of mv lathors, hut my hoys.
? {i? i' '
Y?-i * ^ nr.
n ''I V H ft !>"? M i f? '1
>1) ill
t-t i'i 1
favored by providence than onrs,
barren in soil, cheerless and uninviting
in climate, with inferi >r
natural jwl VfllltjlfPH hn?u ciirnfiaouil
us in th) rsic-i for wealth, in po:>ulalion,
in l.tbor schools, in technological
institutions, in industrial
colleges, and in all elements of an
advancing civilization? Mi-ro than
thirty years nK"> 11?i ? question wuh
A K.. ? - -- I ..
jo-inxnw 1/y niitb OrtJlfll'
I and statesman, Senator H-n Hill
| of (leorgia. lie t-aid: "It is no j
1 extravayenco of thought. nor
. (draining of language* to nHirm that
for two generati us Southern prog
, reap, Southern development and
I Southern power have hm?n in bond-1
age ( ? the nogro, and Southern
! r . i
lauun", fsouiiiern ilepeiuloitc.' and
Southern sorrow are the heavy penalties
Wis sutler for that bondage.
Kor m-ire than thirty years Southern
gonius, with all itw glorious
natural pridn of l'rometlienn dar-!
ing and vent tiro, has beon chained
by so;11<! ofl'-'iid -d j?od of jealous
to tli18 solid rock of
. blavury, and vultures liavo preyed
ii[)on it. ' 1'is loosed! Wo inquire
n<?t li >w, whi'thor by fate or N>y I'ol
ly; whether in right or in hat?>; 1
nor whother tho hunuu agency ,
win wicked in purpose or criud in
Dvinnt']'; we thank tlio gruci ?ih Vio I ,
for tho tiici?'tin loose 1 * * *
Go into our laundries, our kitchcns.
our chnmbtH'H and our pailora and
t(:!! nv> how many of Lhu comfort*,1
c-nvcni"ii''C^. tjie eltitmncio*
on i
I school ' .stublislieil in l h-> South.
I For this honor, lor this nlditi >n to
i our Stato'M educational facilitiep,
for tliH right mm of industrial
power, wo are ind<l)>el to tlio
m;tU-hl? ss l.Muloi.ship, Hiippoi l?.il by
It is colleagues of ili? !>'>;u\l < i Iru-tcfp,
of Clcm-ou Coll'g*', of thnt
vvih?', p itri >i ic, f;ir-sijfh toil citizen,
tlm Hon. I) K. X >rri?. In every
ep ch making eiviliz iiion of tl.o
w 11 ill, tlii-ro have b en iru?n lilcoj
Limi, whoso intellect could leap to
the mountain lops ol observation;
in n fill d to look intotmHi w:'h
, ' i ... i
d??cp.m', dov<ivr vipi- n . nn many
of their follow?, ni '1 lien r uno
t ilth to plan for tho ? '.ovation of
t ie miiHsoB ? for the uplifting of ilio
groat common peoplo?t h-> linno
and ?inew of nil civi11z:iC ion, ami ;
to organize such iustiluti >m ot r?d- |
u^ation, and tMitorprisa, commohKti- <
rate with tho demands of tho ago. '
Such a man may ho culled a *
great leader, hut ho wins the raro t
disl:nctii.'ii of leveling hy elevation i
and i<ot hy depreghi >n. (
1 OOllfM' ll Ill.Mtft Villi Mr I'i'il-i !<" I 1
ii11'I n<<nti? iikmi of tlio board of directors
upon tlio grout enterprise '
inauyurntnd liero six years ago 1 '
saluto yon with words of onconr- 1
iig>?uu>nt iiii?l hope upon all the (
stages of your past success, and 1
poeinllv upon t ho auspicious even* 1
of lOilav, that is to coiniuemorato ''
Hint nimk a new oiilaigomnnt of 51
your oquipmont, t-> mat<?i i.illy on- 1
linnoo the vnlu'? of our products,
liol'oiff they 1'iavo 11io hordors of '
hoppful p-ophci
' '' 1- ' ' - . 11' :
Today tho pc?r <v*r?triv
North -l!> 5S, Soutli 50.12. And (Ik
tienfl ot tl?? spind lo cont iiili?'fSin1.!
v.iird to tli?? near neighborhood
nl t11r? cot t ii (ie'ul, when,
within*! I.e near t'lilure, ih> largest
percentage ot li.c en tiro crop will
he worked into Mi ? ' n,>-'
fahriet. TImjo uro n nv 7 10 c >t*
(.' ii mills in the South. The StntoS
c uitaining th<? greatest nu:nl>er of
looms sj>iii<lkM arc:
Stale. Lo'uiih. Spindles.
A lahu lilil 14,2-10, (57 1,218.
Geoririii ?'50.;{ IS. I 9fu?
X. Carolina } 1,00!) 1,7.r> I ,221.
H ( aiv.lina (>(?,lf>2 2, I4S,2T2.
The feeling in favor of tin! orr-cl
on of now mills is, if an) tiling,
^eater tli;tii ever l.oforo, llw n-conl
ihowin^ now mills an?l spmdl 's in
[>roc<?HS ol en?i!liuti in tvi-ry Soul i?
- in but Arkansas an I Misso
iri. In referontri t*> t!io inirtu.soj
f spindloH, it, is iiUeredin^ to note
li.it South Carolina :ib?ne is build- ;
'/ i tj\v mills ami adding to old
nes t)vol* 571,000 spi nlit-s, rtnd
Voi Hi Carolina 20I.G0O.
Tlioro ?iii! tliroo New Kuj'land
elates, Massachusetts, llJi >di; Islan.i
ind Conned ivjut, t'oit have a ^r> at
r divnrsity <>f manufactories than !
\$!i !>n I<>11n< 1 in any oth-r country j
ii t'if w. r'nl. Tliijy bring raw
nat.-i i lis <>f ovury ?l?'sei ipt io;i from
v-ry other r>iiutry of tin? globe
lihI convert, them into article* of;
nercliiindi.n<>. In tho innnufnctuie 1
if sonic (^f thoir cor.sets they us.
itimlnuls < I tons i-f hark obtains!
iom a Mexican plant. In a Cue-,
ii..: i - ?i < ! 1
vi j in I'nu^'jUM-, uiu prunuui is
milling hut (IoII'h sines, in o'lu-rs
hiit artificially curlod hair,
hurnothing but kiys for
fch^lis. Conil(:Oli('U(
B&tkllnm onn
: niid fli.4riots. If. h.? hu<>n t:iiil
*'I ?i th>? pruSMit for mole than nn\
; pivvions age, iil ms govern in.m
kind. Not individuals n<>r societii'H,
ii"i kings, nor emperors, nor iluetu.
iw.r ;?.? i...? : i - * 1
"..<in;n, mil, I' i!li UjJlLMJl/ U V I1UH
tic*, <>v?m I urn ostiilili.shcl systems,
en' vi rt and re jrgHiiiz > g >vom
uu'iiU, revolutionize HOci.il t'liim
ninl dir.ot civili/.^ti ns.'1 W lint
ever ileal we luive of ri<r!:t (if n?.
I t
riot i - in, < I all line.s of industrial
oducation, of economic, a< ciil ami
pollti(N't 1 problems, what ever excelI
<nci?-s we may possess of family
of Stat", of nation, <>f race 1.1. us
I>ui!d (liem into mind. Take tin
ease of Closes. Thirty-livo hundred
years a^o :\n lC^ypli.in piiuctSt<>
ik a po( r man's child and trained
him. Tim results of that cduci
tion is not ov. r yot. Build our
id-.wils into mind. That in an iinperi-diftble
triumph. For such ft
work l!? * great industrial college?
hi?of South Carolina n ]>c
culiarly adapted. It embraces i:i c
large measure, and in many re.
f-j-ects, the trinity of our li- ?
agricultural, tm-'ilnnncal, lexiiU*.
It is iho lising sun (>! iitihif!rml
ml ural ion in South Carolina
Tl? >ii#h only cin?<rg nu from bulow
tli liorison u short whilu o^o, ii
h iH high no the altitUilu of the
heavens. Tin.' hopi- is ih.it it may
11 tvr cu! ii.imilo, hut resting in li.<
/. Miilh, ( outimi*; to onlnrgo tho ?\r
Ho of i:s glorious light, mnl p|io>i
forili briglil -i'iiii i more roHplftu'.ei t
rays for ih?? bloating of all our jiOu
!>'<;, ami I h > direct ion of our grand
old com in in a eul I li u pon an ox a 1 tod
miswiini uf i i. "I'm > i <i'?'?
... .v.? . .iitvi iiimuun; I'n'mrri
siou. 1{.
\ Very ( lose Call.
' I htm-K to my engine, nltliongh ovci'a>
i >ii)t <iell<> I mid mrrv iiitvc whs
I with pain," writes ('. \V. Ho l imy, a lo
U!oin?)t;\i- lirnnmn, ol Ihnlii'Kl Iowa.
\m ak and p do. without any tip
run down. A - ! was atxiiil
- ???
He Is Interviowod^
National OutloolH
"i think we wili^I
Ncbraskan Seems to ThlnK
Dark Horse Will Capture the^|
nation?William R. Hears* ao I
sible Candidate for NomlnatloH
St. Jan. 15.?
linlnta ?< "
w y iuiury, Muys WlUiaHH
I ilrynn, wliu spoilt an hour in St.
| today, enrouto homo to Lincoln, 7 ' ','VH
in answer to u question asltod by.
Post-Dispatch as to tho DoinoA '.^^9
national outlook. 'V? J
"i think we will win, and I um' \ J pB
Convinced that a dark horao willow ) VI
turo the nomination," Bo contiu ^
"Wli n t /!< '
v.., juu uuuk aooul J %
lJiu,|<i>r, or X i' \v York?" ho XvtiH a&
"l am not thinking about Parkc^JBBBI
"How w.oi!'!^tetor OoflB
u prol'o^PH
would write do. ?*^iQ|INjj|gBj
about .Mr. Hearst.'11
o thon dictated the^H
"1 appreciate the_worlc_jn
hnfl for tho Dnmocratio^^^^^^H^H
mnl count 111 in among my
friends. hut 1 am not udy' *"*" ^
nomination or that of anj^\\\tt vV\ 'v,/' i!1'n|H
6on. 1 am avoiding any e. \>mY>o<
of preforooce for anybody." -a^o {
"Aro you'-n candidate, Mr.;BvyVlo y JH
"1 think I Imvo already niudo i
perfectly plain that I not."! {/^ V
"Would you becomo ohxv If cV
lions .should Indicate the my- A. ?
your making tho nico7" /
"1 can Imagine no oycuinBtancosM
Under which It would 1>6 either wlacM
or iHCesHary for l>eoomo ft
dldato." v-^-m JH
Mr. llryan wpuld not com m ltrHfnt itj" H
ns to the eligibility of Mayor MfA
Inn, of Mow York, for tho E>ejnc/Ifl.
nomination. J
"Old your yournoy modify
way your vlewa on tiio.,'e
Hon?" Mr. niyAy.. "?'/ov?..
I wll/
now idea
,.VV ^<it sumo i\a\\TolUn^^^00^^^^

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