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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, January 20, 1904, Image 3

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Mens Miiel-kriial.
Happenings ol a Local and Personal Nature.
? If yon turned over n now loaf on
tho 1st inst., don't fsoi! it. '
? Do not n? ?l(;ct to uialco roui' tax
return to tljo County Auditor.
? You will li11<i u U'ltnploto lino of
jewtliy at It. C. Ourtur'H, Liborty.
? Hand II. (A (Sartor's new nil nnd
yon wiil find piiutss tlmt will savo\ou
? 11 0, Carter h s ii I irgo stov?U o
buggies uiul wagons to ki:11 cheap for ;
casli or on times.
KT r. rn I I I
? Hits lscxi irip . j>. xiivior wi.i
mnko l<? I'ioUous will be tins 2 1 and
!M >1 1 Sru.uy.
? A lur^o ruinbor of dnunm r.T
nvo now viiitin^ l'iuli? uh taking orders
for Spring? ^ iO'Is.
'i*! i . i. :..i
1 ll(! iWIU CIIICKI'll ill*.'
prevalent in hihiio i<ucti.)iiH of tin;
county, wo arc informed.
--Horn to Mr and Miv. M. ()
Lonpur, on the JTili inst.uit, a koii.
Motlu r and bahe are d>ing wi ll.
? I!. L. H?>nd(!iHon, the p'.iotogra
plier, is now ready for work again.
Call on him for good pliotogmpliH.
- All woik done by inn lor iho
prosennt year 11)01, will bo done
Btriclly for ensh. J. II. It roc; It.
? Miss Iim lloggn, oliit5.-?t daughter
of Cl?!ii{ A. J. h;is bed!) <j iiIt*
nick, but it> ji^rtiu u! 1 i to ntt . ndschool.
? For Side One milk imw, with
yoniiff calf, also scvornl li"< shunts, j
'Address Mrs. N. S. Mosclev, Jlu'o,!
S. C.
? In hoiiio Ht'dioi'.a our f>irii)fr? are
l;rtuo ovi r the j ro.sjx els of I lie. wiml! '
K.fui" crops, wliilo soino say tluy;
luKvo no fears.
( ? A. A. IVo lias opono<l lip a genv-i
nt r< tmir hIi d in tou i uiMiti^ occn
\>io.l !y W. H. Joliiiyon. Jtoiul liis
ad. in another column.
^ . ?J. 1*. AltftrtftV, of V:Htam nit,
Hfr west of I'iokoiiB, ortui'8 It is HcrvittcH In
W tlic public as a Hurvoyoi', all woik at
totaled to promptly. t;
? Another crti* of lii.it, ^ooil llotir
\uu imvo uoi'ii usiujj. ii. .v u.eiifiv.
?Tilts voico of I Ins candidata will J
KO )ii lie bcaid in tho land and lii.s j
^ri p felt in 1110 hand.
? N. 1). 'L'a.v ii?r will bo in bis studio j
in l'iukons o.i tbo 2 I and 1 of Fob ;
i'uai\y. Ilu cannot bo lioio ntxt|
w ook.
?You 1 iii?l better pay tuxes (lin ing i
.January, if \on Imvo not alnady
done ho. The | ( unity thi.i month iunly
one per cent.
- If \<,u mo locking bargain# in
il l :*oits of i^oo.is lead closely sill the J
a.l wi t is* in< hin i;; 'i in- Scutiuc! Jour |
nnl niul you wi.l Un??w where to liud !
Lh 111.
? All persons indebted to the lirin
nf )ii'i?!?_jt'S ?fc Hammond will pleaso
make puvsnent, at once, hi Kidding!
A. Jjcwi.i.
i> i . f. it .. i
t\ I Llllll ill J?i?l.
? Ivcv. I). \V lliutt will (ill lis
i inr :ii>i> lint ui'Mit ut tin; ii.iptist
uliim-ii al i'u-ic n ; iu'.\t Sunday Tin?
I in 1*1 c is cordially i.ivitoil to atteinl
? T <. 11.1: < 11111o lfnidenci'of (m>o.
lltMirdie', of (\;i iiou n, was dofelroyoii
I ... i I. V. I I .. . : l. i ' l \
il\ Nil* Oil I I HI M I I^IH. I ll?
ition is that llio lire .stnrteil from a
del'eclive 11 no. Only a .-mall portion
<if the hoiiMt; furnishings wero suvril
Till* value of llio house was about
$3,000. Xo itiKurat.ee.
?Through llio error of our in for
maul \v< mentioned locally lant wed;
llmt til (i (Jal n in ol .M ai.ulaet in in^ C
.vi h c,.i|,'tali/.t;il itl $ 10,000, when the
aiiIlioii/.ml eanilnl hI.oc.U of this mill
is $150,01)1, $100,000 ii!' whieh will
mow In- ealleil 1 c?r and u <1, wiiiIt*
the 850,000 will l?o retained as a re
servo f1111.i and will prohahly '? used
'"i bjtlcriiHJiits, in tlio near l'ui?ir-.
~-Mr.?. Mary l\?rt< r. wifj of Lee
Portor, died at her h jiih*, in the
fvltiouv i\l . k. . nf m i it C(W>! 1 ill 1.1 1 I I
o'c fK'!; on t o n ^lit of t lu lill'i inst ,
tr-.in u c.miplic it i<>n of diseases, n^od
twenty y t-nr.--. !l<r icunii.s were
laid to re I t.t (*:i.Vm church <> i ti e
tl iV following her lentil. >S:m; leave*
a (It \o|( (i hushtii tl, l>Ci?idert !i lies! i f j
iihi'iv.s and friends to mourn h rj
di alii.
-Some tiino h<,'<> (ho AtLomr-y
(iciioi'iil ill. I Ik* i( of III ' Kail j
load Coinu.ih.-iiou, l ftixleroil :iu o|>iii-j
1 ;U) I DIIIM < ! I -11 Lr?'
s, I
B^is ,i |
uuvui ly iiuwoi
Xnnis is over mid tho b >ys lmv? I><>.
f4'an to ?|o olio your>i *vojk i:i 1001.
Born unto Mr. mid Mrs. Billfold \
SI.trill' oil tlr T'.ii inst,, iv foil.
Mm i ii-.I :it tho rosi I !'ipo of t.ii<> of- '
lieiuliiijjf n:ii.ij-l< r, lli-v W. J. SliciiiV
Air. .)c?!i:i Tnj lor to Miss Faniiio
Tom Stevenson, of Abbeville, who
lisiH been vi-ilin<jf hit um:J?', W. \V.
Norri-*, ? ??!urned horn >1 i.^t. M >tidtxy.
Ib v. ]{. W. Nelson ;i!:?1 wife, ('f
W estinir. ter, visited W. H. Niiris
during I hy holidays.
1? ii i) unto Mr. iiml Mrs. Lueim
,... iiw. 7,1. ;..of .... i...;..
" ( '' "" *""" I
.Miss KUi'ltnn, ?>f liasioy visit
(;d Miss Mury Kcunciuorv !;ts! StimUi.V,
Mnrriu.l on .1 inn,ivy 1 '?>, by Rov.
\\\ J. Shci ill", Mr. (1 iton Orr to
Mi>s .Miitniu Merrill. All of Anderson
> . > r i .
j>>iii mm) Jir. ami i?iis. \\ unim
S.vavn^haim, ?>ti tlx- l!h insl., a girl.
Mr--. IIi f Richmond, V i., is
spm.dn.g (lit; winter with her il.iughIcr,
Mrs. N. K. K ikh inoro.
I'iim ! *<>i:11::>n school opened on ,
)..!,nary 11, under tliu managein -lit
of Mi-.'. May MelManiihau.
Mi l. \V. S. N .iris Ins Iism-ii sick
with grippo f jr the pud few days,
hut is improving.
Miss 15 rtic limbos--. <d (iiv.ciivillc.
visiti'il relatives in 11 ji? section ruconlI.V.
\\ .1. 1 has niovi (1 into hta
new I ti.siiIoiit'o near liberty on t*ie
ns road.
II ii tou Wils >11, of Duo West, lias
I).en i n a vit.it lu r?-lalivi h aiiil friends
near here*.
I'll.' 1*1 111 11 I V <*ll!lill I' 111" 1 I J1 <5 (llllH>
s ?m I work on t!ici Jjihorty ftinl
I'j Colli I.
I<00 Sjicioiiiftn, of Oconoo county,
visitoil ceiativfH in this socti >11 lust
\V< CIJ.
Tli-! don ii im^el visitdl tho homo
of Mr. 11 iul Mrs .) hn Duvis lust wook
anl c.hii 11 it; I for its victim iiirf oldest
c li'.d. Mr. Duvis \v?is formerly tit
lJf.'ci ly, lnt liw.- in Ainh chon now.
I):;vis SUvall and family, of Day
tmi. vihiUnl Mr. mi.I Airs. A. L-f-I y
1 i.->t Sunday.
K( v. W. -J. Slid ill lill -1 i is rc^u
!ar a |> )int incut at M (. Aiiylnst Si.n
il?iy. ljoit )?"v.
)) $.""),()()() 'AVrort
\\ &'?
if T)rv (iood.J, Cotton
1 lie I )r.>ss (>nI injf to ^
ji r yurd, ami everytl
\\ TV T i
I'lidorsliii ts a til Di
h only IOo.
31 lvvtin heavy Stri jjC*<
// Kiulit. Diiv, half
Yy Coats Tin* cm I f> Oe a <!
[( In t his lino I alii r.
lit nn\ I?<?fIy tiviin tho
)) my-st >-U. You will
ff Sh<>( s Ironi !<> $' ).
sj Full Sto<;k at tho l>
I( Kmsted (J u flee lor -S'l
\j 11?. sacks goo.l white
// ukse at cut price.
I lave .just received
)) II li'in hs, whips and I
i\ t-ave yotiii&eir money.
!:' R
Hazel News.
W'u have hud honi? very cold free/.
ii){( went her the pilot lew days
Jolin M. Gilstrnp nn ! t\v > daughters,
Im x nnd Alio*, vi>iled relatives
an.I friends i.our Seneci mi I Xewry
1 uhWick.
John, Ijilii", J hi lies i nd Joseph
Smith hi.(I Mrs. 1).
I few d:iy
li of Scnsonahie More
i ie^ar.l loss of i Viet
rwrrJem&exL^r^zff:\r7tDr.iCjr: -^wy-si^araarM^^a
Kiai ?'l, "? *, <lv'? l<t,*, and I *. per \ar.l.
D at " '?'. \\'< ii*s| imI a' ! < ! >is m tnl si v !< - 1
ling new r.iul in I'KY (.)()()i),
ins. Notions. Nolio
awt'V.H for Mimi, cxira Ik; ivy K\<; < <! Kit
1 for Men : ill !'? >y.J, Uiiri t>
lioi.r slrilvC, (,lo U-i );>r > I .!>-"> on iy. /
jidv l.> <riv(> you the 1 n'sl vr.K'fS I'm" ill ? I
!i> t lip iioii thai Wears a No. !:?.
filial \1 i\n 'c y lwi(>u I l*i 11?? 11 . i ? . . .11
(to. i lii',ilien's Shoos i: :.i ! ';?* i;i
^ V. CI ? nrF-*' ~x
fst i>rn'i.'S. It) 1 l?s. I)--;) (I r -iifii (' !!'.'> for
()<) In) !!>-;. Stand ml < < rai; ii la til ."mi ;?i
Salt for Flour linci .*! I-1?1
suiothfr Ir.rjjfn shipment of Humeri"*- and
i tp iJob s al.wiys On hand. II.< -uk* to ^
tr-Rif'Bsua r;rM
igrE^'K&fs r-r
33 P. L. ?>, iL M , 1
-t_ >JftS?3
11 l.\\ 1'. opened up a (i<:
hii Idino' I<>rmv 11 \ ( i ipi<
ialeti !
i h n M / 1 i n A i y ft
1 L < I i I V I I > . V y I ? ) \ J
I > -i-l r111: 1 i ty ?>|
I 2 I |.rj?! I'd.- rv\
US. \\
10 1, quality Yj
? - > ill U
Uarm Clocks f,.V. ||
HOES. | j
. >;i<f i nnm.v (%i\\
( Vmiic aii'l iijs|> ct ))
liiniics if
$1(10. 10 Ilia. ((
i l<>r so 0?i 1 '(> iV
up. Kvery thing Jl
Uajjon-J, Had'.Iiex ft
I mv prices ami
*4. 'tm+r W\
mm iffiHD
i E.?siyrH?
KVi' "J
noral l\i'j>air Slioj) in tlio
it 1); W. I I. |ohnson, noxt
i !
>; milky
$ A NOT! IKK bi-- j
% AX!-: SH(')I?
filling in shipment,
Jp a car load.
There are more
any oilier make in
f ihcy arc: the BKSI'
){| the money.
& ()nce you wear ;i
p AXir SllOKS y
R othi r kind,
a ^ (UU
J Folger &
^ (ioods a
M _
TO >V. T. .He FA I.L.
4Jr I'nvsidi tit
y, iF^ ^ K i? M
\ DEP0 33TS
S. This was only a ,|3
but ii was just about
Sold than a f||
the world, because JBH
pair of "i '> VI Jgj
s truly, \ ^
Thorn ley.
j an^l (^

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