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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, January 20, 1904, Image 4

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crs, Hanged !
and Riddled j
s?Mob V/ore
.Ian. 13.?A negro
^jsffiin.'.ho Clark has boon
Spring. |
Hminally asaulted Miss
H 1 !yearold gill, while
to school.
H ,;oon reported to the*
immediately there
|^T:: t'.eareh ol' the oHens'.
captured 7 miles from
Clark was taken
B ;.ti 1 matlo to coniYont
) > IdentlUecl Mini.
Ht'<ith tHe prisoner for
county seat, hut t.liey
".'K's ,rom the phire
?n trnm llio;n.
Huts eouvicteik tree and
Inn. Think of
M . .in<l ni> mii'Miu
tho lynching ocHrsburg,
Va., Jan. 15.?Ini'orma a
been received hore of ?h? ng*
'n Sussex county, Virginia,
inojiro named Elmore Moscly, by
l? of negroes. Moaely was tried
[ho comity court this week for
Ig another neKro on the public
pay, in the presence oi' tin: vie^^^^aud
child. Ho was acipiit"'oh
oi necroea, com ,
< * ^
o ^
^8 ^
I ^ ' o ' -V ^ S/'?>
^F\ ? ^fne
gjf 1 I'O
mf y*j^*z?/u:r ",s
- w*111,1 m; ^
5 ? ? * fc JrB<uiy "
r :> -v, r
y I Mercantile I
vo.?S )ec'nl tele-.
O'n ospoiulonta of Tho
William,nnl Mercantile Agcncy
,ut the UnlUul States and Cannes
I .)t;i rrll?<r tlw> tinfn /.I I n ? />
jyamnnn i/.cd as follows:
I Tli'> event of the butiino:? v/oek has
been (I13 di.covory of a i- .itly improved
I'o.r.and for pi? iron and wire
nails, and for some forms el .,;ael, notably
shoots, Lars and Tan. Increased
de;nand for steel t inducts has
started some of the largest plants, 1
and prices for various kinds mentioned
is higher per ton. Wire nails'
have advanced still further. T?*i or
iilteen thousand more industrials em
I ployes have gone back lo \vorli with
| in a week, but in nioht nii'.aneerf at a
iowor rato of wages. Th > < rag in the 1
stool tratio market results :ro:n unwill
ing new:; ot railroad cumpani ? to p.:>
$f> in ore per ton than ! ; -.hii? inter
ost.s are offering rail; abt>
in New Kngland it k; btiil p ruble ::v
atleal how much the <nitpt>' <>i" cotton
| goods will bo curtailed by ilio higi.
j price ot cotton.
Spring trade outlook in ktnplo llnoii
! in unexpectedly !:*.v?.i .uio .\t (Miico
^o ord.-rs compare iavorab'y with last
| year. and at St. I.oiiis ti ey oxceeu
j those <>t the lil<o period in llKC}. A
' both 1'itL-dntrg and lJhilad( ipiua bus
j moss men report a good < fleet from
I the improved .situation it. ron am.
j-teel; orders have increased. tnftorios
and foundries have started up. Textile
stocks at Philadelphia art' lijjht,
and increased outputs aro pr.'dieted.
Tlit' volume of railway traffic at
Chicago is 2 per cent larj t i than a
year ago, with slightly Increased earn|
lngs. At i'itt.shuik Ilio ro; i/. art; car j
ryniK 1> per cent less tha i in January
lust year.
Merrill Calloway Takes Charge of;
Georgia Car Company.
Savannah, (la., Jan. lii. rim Oenr- I
jn Car and Manufacturing company
"yiiA l)foa placnl in thn lunula of a ro/coiN.--.
Morrill 15. Cnllav iv, of Macon,
was appointed rociiv> i by Jud^t
Emory Spoor, of tho L'ni;;il Stato?
The order t:ik< n before .1 Sp'ior
yesterday provider Unit ti receiver
take immediate possession < ;" the company's
property and that h< negotiate
a loan of sufficient money to inoet
all pressing claims and pay employes.
The order ol I In- < <> '?
Panamanian Troops Are Pro*
pared For Aotion .
Indians of the Interior Have Deen
Anr.cd and Have Agreed to Join .
/--.rjnir.st the Colon.bian Force?Mountain
Passes Great Advantage.
Now York, Jan. 15.?Authentic in-i
lonnation lrom the interior is anxious-1
ly awaited hero as tho belief is wide-,
spread, cables the Herald's Panama!
correspondent, that (he Colombian t'
have already stalled to march upon
the isthvmuc. The Panamanian trcop:;
are ready to leave on a moment's
notice. Tl: ~ conscription has bee a '
co'np! led and 12,< i lighting incn can |
uu piarrii in I no Hold.
Tl.? iv is > r.-at bustlo in propara|
Hon lor the ship nvnt ol lilies uii.;
ammunition to the in.Hans of tho interior
who have agreed to join against
tho Colombian lorees. Colonel liaretto
c>l tl>o Panamanian army, said:
"Wo who wen; Cnlo:n!>i::iu: until
yesterday, cannot he doe ived l>y any
tactics tho Colombians may cmulov.
"Four hundred to BOO men, tat ion
ed m the only throe passes available,
can detent an army. \\V have ?ili
the men wo actually need for the
lighting will bo done In the mountains.
"We expoct to quell the Invasion
without calling out all the available
troops. The Indians will certainly
fight on our tiide. The San Mas Indians,
who are Colombian allies, wib
not light at all."
Msitiv liirht Af
oil to those Hint already oxlut In th<
camps ol the United States murines
especially among those who have beet,
serving along the trails. There I
some yellow fov ? in Panama now
uui iiuiiu iiuu appeared m tiu? camps
Adopts Important Resolution.
Now York, Jan. 15.- Tim sonnt" It a
adoptori an important resolution rem
tlvo to tho Panama question, rays i
Herald dispatch from Hnenos Ayivn
m&VMtlll". II MilM lllit III lit I IK <1 . y III
government that the matter was i.n>
that did not concern congrcss as ti.<
executive was the solo judge of al
international questions. There w;
' \ ' '
Loss of Flesh
When you can't eat breakfast,
take Scott's Emulsion.
When you can't eat bread
butter, take Scott's
limuSrion. When you have
)?(n living on a milk diet and
vant something a little more
nourishing, take Scott's
To get fat you must eat
fat. Scott's Emulsion is a
great fattener, a great
sxeir^h giver.
I; L03C Vvho have lost fiesh
want to increase all body
tissues, not oniy fat. Scott's
i'rnn5-on rVI'MCP? Ih*>rv? all
4 JV? VilVIII Vtlly I
bo r.?, flesh, blood and
Per invalids, for convafcscenis,
for consumptives,
for V/c':.\ children, for all
who n:cd flesh, Scott's
Srnubbn h a rich and comfortable
food, and a natural
Scott's Emulsion for bone,
tiesh; blood and nerve.
r-y^. " . *1 V.'c will send yon
t ?.* j free ETiinple.
tl f' V' I P; sur& th.it thts plcturi
i r.} ] 'n t-,: forn of a label i? o?
/ V< "1 t?? - wrjnpt." of cvf.-y bottl*
iv.. {: > J c? knuLlcn >ou haVji
31" 1 W.,J I r r* s-.-T-r- o ti-v it
' \ o ' J \ (< IJ rtlNC
~'.f:. *' '" 40?PcarlS:., Ii.Yi
i t .
. I f.V. an J i .vl <iru3?ii'i
???MMM?t. X- nwI ? > !? *c
Domes! ic Troubles.
11 is ptiiimil to Unci a family win re
ilit ic !ii?' ix> <l<>m< ttic rnpturea oocaaion
lly. but Mioso enn I n 1< asened by linv
injr Dr. Kind's New Ijifo l'ills around.
'< 1 " I>v II,,.'
8oulo Smith of Lexington, Ky., Speaks
of Dead Chieftain.
Lexington. Ky.. Jan. 1G.?The rtonTVi
of Oeneral John D. Gordon wan mourned
throughout Kentucky and at ninny
points the Confederate Veteran camps
mot and drafted resolutions filled with
praise of his life, both ?.* * soldier
aad a citizen.
In Lexington at the mooting of the
John C. Breckinridge camp of C?mfedorato
Veterans there were many
sneakers heard, nnma nf thnm
Bomowhat longthy addresses.
| One of the tributes which bus ?tI
tractod inout attention Ik that of J.
Soule Smith, a Loxlngton hlutorlun
and writer. Judge Smith wan grieved
by the deaths at uearly the some
11mr> ti f linnn--' f.-~. I -
~ (ll UUI UUII ItlUl CM OXGovernor
Foster, of Ohio, who was liir.
personal friend. He was n soldier
under General Gordon and hud seen
much of him In battle. lie wrote
a card In a Lexington newspaper expressing
his feelings at the Ions wLWut
came so close to him. He said:
"We old follows die in groups. The
angel of death comes and calls :i.
roll and we stop hack Into the silent ;
majority where 1 have so often wiiiheu |
10 do. Un Saturday last tiled two ,
mon whom 1 knew?one of them ft '
personal frieud, Charles Foster, ot
Ohio, though opposed to him In poll-1
tics; the other, under whom I served
Ui the confederate army, John B. Gor- '
don, and whose cheolt 1 washed v *. I
my canteen of water when he got tho
scare on It which he carried until his
"That near wiih from a fragment of
a shell from Torbctt's Dattory, ol n
federal ariny, up near tho Potomac r!vor
one afternoon. He wan a major .
general then under Jubal Marly, ami
i was a pr'vato in company A, Twelfth
Georgia battalion.
"i only know General Gordon n? a
private soldier could know a general.
Yet, boyllko, 1 was observant of him.
Never but once did I speak with ?
'Murso' Robert 15. Leo, Uod blesed nio
that much in my fruitless life, Imt several
times I have spoken to Gordon.
Once when I tried to turn his horsi!
back In battle, and he made me loose
thQ relll. thrmirh I alrmA
him In hopes to stop Home bullet that
ml^ht elsowlso hurt him; once when I
washed his face from my canteen of
wator, and once <jhen 1 was brought
before him for stealing apples and
had my whole shirt bosom lull. He
?- '
nuc ??. unouHii in n UKnt, but
I onulrln't ?f tjle RppjeB j?
Summons for ltclicf. !
(Complu lit not Served.)
In Court (if Probate.
County of PiekcMiH. \
A. J. IJo,7Ks. C. O. P., us mlmiiiislrntni
Of (III' estate of l'llielilioy, a'i:U ll.tek
llagood, tleoeasoil, 1M untill".
Ileiny Jliiqoi.w, Tan Hii;;i?o:l, Will Hi
|j? ???11 Jiik" .Sii j.l.i iik, the In ir>-at-l;.u
?ii .Miii'.v l!ax?.o.i, <i? sv i-i, i siuioK and
minlier iii.known, Daily 11 iidrieks
ii< < | I* :?i ii;i<> iiendriek.s, minors nndei
the a,;o i f 1 in'eon years.
Del'. n kill's.
Ti> tlio d- feudal.!x a'-ove named:
Yon utu 1-nliv miii nioiied ami re
qr.in (1 to answer llit; eoi..j>Uii:it in llii
we! i* >! i < ! v i i i I s a < p.y .s In re wit li erve?: I
ii|? :j v ;i. it' it to hiv vi! a c:i|'v of you:
I : \\< l t til' ' Mil (' ilsip'sii t I ill li I' Kill)
Si li' i'is a! { tar oHiee at l'iel ct!K (J. il,
S. within twenty days ufli r tho Her
VilV tie. I'u! ; . \i'i||slv<> oT Ullttllj* of Kllcli
witviec; in it if you I i! ;<> answer tli"
Coin|> hi wiiiiiu li.e afon Haiti, the
I>l.ii1111IV in ll,is action \\ii apply to the
/ iini'f r..i- i. .. ?..i. i .1...... .1 i ii.
t"* i*...' i uriii.iituni 111 fin*
compliiii f.
Muiga::, MmiUIui ?V Mmt'din,
i'li.inl lVs atlys.
T. I). X? wbr: i y, ,T. !'. 1'. C.
J-i l.i! .1 iir.di \ M, A. I>. 1 < 01.
I " i->. >IHi iiiii ick.> ninl iV. r iiw IIcu.i
,,.i ....... i .... i
>11 * r..^, i i i: t i ' 1 II.I' : HI lO.lU'CII
y"is, :ti ?! to .1 miics 1!??:;?Ifitrl-.H witli
\v oin mill miii1 is ii iu?i ;i!id to any nliH?'iit
il foii-In (liint- liii who may l?c
mil.ois mi l to iiny |hmm>:i with \\lioj\
8n?.!i Usi lit minor >t<-ii in!:n,is- n-suli :
'I'niJf ii'ticc lli'i .iii'-'-i \oi; mi.<r:iii>
f I' Mill Si-!VI' iil.d ! .i* tli" Klil;"j > ipuliM
til" of 1< lilt <11 Ai'.iis r< si.I I ;c wit1
>< 11, ih>* ii|>|mii111 till i.f a ih.i i m.
liiciii lo rcj'jt! ciil tin* s.-i'ii minors i:i I in
iu:iioii wiiii.ii l Acn'y da\H Iroin l!m mt
vice of lb s not ? " 11]><>:t y n, I'wl'i.-pv
o; l!it* (M \ ( I Mr.i s?-i \ ii'i-, tin) piit 11)
tilV's nttorii? vh \v:l; j :i iu.> tlio itppoii:I
liuuit <f smili Mil Iilt?:n.
iMoij/.m, MmiMiii .f.' .MuiiMin,
I 'I II I ill's Alt" IH'V h.
Pitted Junuiuy I 1 !>, 1'JOI.
'J'o lln' 'lisi i t limits, to wil: Tlio
heirs i t-'nw < f iVaiy I Inj.< . il, mhikciI, !
lmiiH'S mid i : it mix r niiUiown: Tulto uo-j
tire tliat t!i?> njininotK in tliis action, of
which t ho nhovr * ; ropy, iu.il lli< coin
plaint licioin wcif lil??l in ti.n olVco of
iho Probata feint for llio county of
Piokons, Ktntc aforesaid oil t' c I III: day
January 1904.
Morgan, Manlilin Manldn,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
- - ?u . .
COO! )Hb^O
U A H A "idfl
I ; 1
w o- - - <r_ v
Ins nnr
(f Hug ti
// ? ? ???x\ I
I ^li *v m
^ ^v,l; /0 tu i
ij is very cneap wnen Uu:
I V) * begin with, l>ut wc h
ft } - h>r the next two w<
(\ 1 . ruary ist, 20 per cent. <
/? jj Men's, Youths' and I?t>\
\\ jj'. coals. Our goods are ;
v{ , figures, and you know v
)) jjj means when we take it
// j r4 we can lit you. Terms
\\ j f ation paid lor by us, noi
(( 3 j W inter Underwear inch
| QMITif fir 1
// L'fvAI.'iM'i ('L
V\ Givenvillo
(PW in* T?T
L U i K if i
i n order io close
Ends, wo have out
8q Pairs Clapp's S5.00 and $ft.<
60 Pairs Men's i\-oO and $3.oc
75 Pairs Ladie's S3.50 and S^.<
9S Pairs Ladies and Misses $2.
83 Pairs Ladies, Misses and C I
34 Pairs Misses and Children-;
\ 1 n 11 \r uvn m 1 1 \ I ' 4
.it uii)?oiii(i i *
I >art i
i^PAiiiyT ?
iouyy|\ 1 $
prices are ri^ht to *15 u
;tve determined to ]'; (j\
i !:' //
i:eks or until Fob- \\
ill <>n all Clothing : ' j!'
s' Suits and Over- ;ii )J
-.11 inarketl in plain ^
.hat 20 per cent. .
oil. C ome, while jjg //
cash, aiul no alter- jf jS
exch:mL; :s in.nl.-. 'Ni JJ
id- (1 in this sale. |J|
;!t\ ;! & * ?
'<i,; i '> ?ir > n-i'-toy \^s&y <S?
out all (>clc 1 s and
>o SIuk-s to S3.50 ami <.\.on.
> Shoes to $2.00 \
cm - ~
>u rtiiocs i< > >2.00.
U > Sinn's t<> $1.25.
liMrons ?1.50 Shoes to $1.00. v'-'^
$1.25 Shoe^to 75 cunts.
1 ? jA

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