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Pj^pp '
Entered April 23,1903 at Pickens, S. C., n? 8cooml oIrhb matter, under net of Congress of Maroli 3, 1879.
: Ki
tlany Pooplo Hoportuc] Killod t0
'v- | 11]
at Moundsvillo. i u
; \v
i ni
Tuscaloosa Doctors Arc Hurried to cj,
the Sccna to Render Assistance. al
Death List Is Reported at Thirty
So Far. tl
. j. >\ Birmingham, Ala., Jan. '22.- A ape- '(
dial to Tho News trom Tuscaloosa,
Ala., says:
Monnd vllhv u trnvn 1(1 milr^ s^oiilli
of hero, was totally destroyed at 1 ^
o'clock tlitu morning by a cyclone. '
A great many people were killed or
fatally hurt. A negro section labor*
er, who arrived hero on a handcar,
reports* that the country is laid bare .
for miles around Moundville. ' o
He saw the bodies ot many people
lying around. 13ver> doctor in Tusca- .
loosa, including the surgeons at the
"etato insane hospital, have gone to j
the scene. !
r? ... . i - i... . .
xvufjui luunvuu in'n; iiy t*.1 fjiiiDii*; ^
eay that the (loath 1* I so far Is esti j 4|
matod at 30.
The merchants of Tuscaloosa have ' ^
offered every assistance to the destitute.
Limited Train No. 1 on the Alabama
(Jreat Southern railroad missed the g
Storm by only a few mifiutes.
Thomas 15. All<n, a well known
planter, who lives at Moundvllle, h:v; !
arrived here and reports that A. II. i
\ Warren, of Montgomery, tiavelins! a
salesman for the Alabama Grocery j
. company, of Ilirmingham; Itolx rt ' $
vpwers; u small l>oy. name unknown; t
w,"nlKlit telegraph operator ;i? Mound;
'''o rtinl the man in charge! ve
f" / ijyw*? *
tt (//,, .inroad tank there, were amoni;
mj :.o killed. he
These bodies will he brought here lai
on the noon train ' op
Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 22.?Offlcir's nii
of the Alabama Groat Southern rail sti
road hero have Just received a ines eu
sage by tho way of Selma from Con- I
ductor Caphart, of the Limited Train th
No. 2, northbound, dated at Akron, cu
Baying that when his tram reached
Mound vilk: shortly hcfoiv o'clock!
this morning, ho waa unable to pass'
because ol' wreckage on the track. j Qf
lie says that the entiro north end of!
tin* town of Moundvlllc was wrecked
by a tornado about 2 o'clock this, by
morning. I
iMoundvllle is a town of about Son j
peoplt> on Ilic line id' Hah; and Tusca- s>'
loosa counties I od
It Is 70 miIcs southwest ot here and 0,1
r.!;-iiit If) milcH south of T -tcsilnosa.
10 very wire to the piaco is down as l''1
the result of the storm, hut a wreck- ao
ing train witl.( ' lir.cmen on hoar.i
has pone irom 1. re to repair the dam *01
The wrecking train Is in charge <?f l>
Superintendent C.riggs, of th railroad. ^v<
Struck North tai:*?iingham. ca
j3iruiingha:n, Ala., .Ian. 1!^ A lorua-1
do struck tlii" town of North Hirmiug- '
ham at 'J o'clock tiii. morning and do-:
niolishcl or damaged :!(; houses, most
of whicli were m-v.ro cabins. A nnmher
ot industrial plants were also (lamaped
hy having tacks hlown down. nl)
The store of l'osey Uro . was destroy- Wf
ed. There were a number of narrow
escapes, hut no one was hurt.
Tolcgrnphic Communication la Demor- 'ni
nlizccl In Mississippi Valley. , 'u>
Atlanta, (hi. Jan. Tl l?\>r? -easier 1
Marhuty, of the local weather bureau, ,,)l
tlus morning statiMl tlint the storm 11
winch has In en prevalent throughout
the southwest for the |>;i:;t two days,'
an I winch was central nv< r Vioh'-.hurg,'
Miss., last nigUi, has spread over the Fc
northwestern port ion ef Tennessee and
the Mississippi valley, and will doubt
le.^s increase in intensity in that sec VV
tlon. ot
Heavy rainfalls are reported in Ten
nesHee, the precipitation reaching 1 CO
inch and threeipiarlers at Nashville. <"i
Telegraphic conintunicai ion Is do
moralized to the west, nearly all the lyi
wires being down west or (Sadsden, ?d
The storm is moving in n northeast !
rly direction.
! mi
nuyiu rxnieu Ijy L il t"l U S110 O. | 111
Charleston. S. Jan. 2U. At Alkon
a landslide occurred while several no ('r
groes were at work 0:1 an excavation oa
on the line of the city sewerage ox- a
tension, and one negro named Wnl
lace Tumbull was buried under a nias?
of day am] timber**, while the oilier
laborers narrowly (reaped. Turn- 1,1
bull's body ban not yet boon rocov R'1
?rod. | 1'
Many Return to Work.
V Now York, Jan. 22.- More than 1,501 , 'st
^ tnon In tho building trades at I'ntor
Bon, N. J., who havo boon locked out
for a month, havo returned to work
Their difference** will ho settled by K<>
Arbitration. , J?'
L . ? I
Orders Amnesty. j
, Coh&n.silnoplo, Jan. 22. P1?g sultftl
iiiiH ordered that t^mual amnesty he
pruntiid to the and Mace ^
Ionian* who have libon Imprisoned fol
rivticlpatlon In the dlHturlmncoH o'
! . ou
last summer.
.. . >? t
"^ 1^ Appointments for Pickens Circuit for
the Year 1904, l
| Firfct ttiunluv Poller's ( Impc1, 11 \?,
1 j>. iA.j t'Hikons, 7 |. in joi
5 ' ^ ' I rt- 111 '?
Tiling {rintxluy -ttnlliloho >i 11 n. Di
Kgtft : fvVOlVo p, m.
I bLT ""'' ''1111;
Twolvo Milo, .11 h. Vr
I H" '' ' '
?? ! FSO!
jmrr.ary of the International Meroan- 0
tile Agency. ff"i
Now York, Jan. 22.?Special tolo- U
niiiK from correspondents of tho Iniruational
Mercantile agoncy respect- j- ^
ig tho state of trade throughout the
nited btate.i are summarized as tol \
"The most cneor raging develop* GREA
Lents of tho woolc are tho widening
omaiul for all forms of iron and steel Weath
L Pittsburg and Chicago with increas111
;1 confidence that bottom prices have
Ron reached. Others features are Scct
10 fading of war prospects ami the jcc ^
aaI pleothra ol' money in Now York
lid western centers and the highest Pill
rices for wheat since 18!>8 due to in Ridge1
reused milling demand for homo and Ing th
ircign products and a greatly over- miles
:>ld May option at Chicago. Other gheny
(lvances in prices were for corn, oats, this n
lot lis, cotton, coffee leather, hides, The
n and copper, with partial reactions everyt
i tho last two. Silk ploco Roods were Hoods
1 hotter demand and prices are hard- The
nin:?. Huston's wool shipments ex- ont n
ood those of a year ago. Shoes and house;
nit her wore lirm at advances. The The
lost important industrial union want miles
0 per cent higher wages tor pleTto-i gheny
oai and more than that for machine ing.
lined. Bituminous miners operators The
ii four states want a reduction. deal c
"Philadelphia textile manufactories, Cap
xcept cottons, are busy. lie sa'
seen i
intlre Plant of City Mills at Columbus So I
Brouyht to Standstill. thc S
Columbus, (5a.. Jan. 22.?A big eel tj w
topped a 75-horsepowcr water wheel
,t the city mills Thursday.
Tho eel going in through the water ^
:nte limb formed such a lump that
in' wim'im wus iiiiiiuiu 10 iiuivu. ' n?: Boat
.tor was ...? ,,fj- illuj ,|lo millers instigated
tlio cause. (
The first man to go down though* I Jn
had found a baby in tho wheel, so |
-g was tho mass of (losli. Tin
1 had to 1)0 taken out in sections. '. \ .'ft
is as largo as tho small part of a '
ill's leg and G foot long. Tho ol> Mfs s
jetton removed, tho wat< r whool re- )jaK JU)
mod operation. Show
It was the iirsl time !n h.-oal history (>n
at such an unusual incident oo- tjj(>
rro'l- tlit* oit
eat Presbyterian Institution W i 11 Be throu^i
founded There. nn (imJ
Atlanta, .inn. 22.?Tho groat Pros- wR{j (>i
t< rian university will be founded In ^ ' ()f)
1,111 ' ort 1)111
Ti e special conference, in which the ropeH
nods of seven states were represent- q
, by a vote of la to 15. has so reo- ,.
. . tho mil
liiiemlcd uid the prevailing opinion |)oat v
the confi-iY.os is that the Presby- m,'owo
rians of the south will abide by tho M()11
lion of the conf< ronco.
Hv an overwhelming vote It was do- . ,
, , ,, , below
mimed to recommend tho consolida- . .
ui of Columbia I heologioal univorsi- ,.
at Columbia, S. ( ., and the South- ...
or Slwi
stern Presbvierian university .at
. . up, wa
arksvillo, I enn., in one larger odu
tioual institution here in Atlanta. ^
fjhcst Price of Season Paid for Hundred
Bales. * ' 1 "
Klhcrtou. (In., .Ian. 22.?Thursday hnvo '
out one hundred bales of cotton hnvt' v
M (' sold on tho public square at I !>,<> coul" '
nta. " >'
I'lils Is tho highest price yet paid ' n''
r cotton horo. and cotton nion frooprod
let its going easily to 1;", eenC:;. 1,10 "
Some cotton is still on hand, but tho 11,011 1
rgost part of the crop has boon mar
led. Tract h
It is estimated that the average price ^ '' ''
r the crop marketed here has been
cents. proper
V QTRAfjr.l it r\ n \J rnon tioll CO
W i_ >-> I vur.u VYUUU,
the l/>;
. a toot
II from Pile of Wood and Stick o( ci|jc
Wood Fell on Him. train
Charlotte, N. .Ian. 22.?John
ells, the I year-old son of John Well:' ,
. . Flood
tins county, was strangle 1 to death. ( |( V
l'ae child was playing on a pile of ,
, ... . ioo I?rc
rd wood when a stick rolled down .
. ,. Hood (
d crushod lit in. , a
When found, the stick of wood was
, , . stennu
ing on liirt throat, death having end- ,|mvn
the rhild's differing an hour before . ,
Auto Tourney for Savannah. )t j
Savannah. f?a., Jan. 22. Arrange |)rj,|rr,
nts have been made for :i trial ol ' _
151 IH t"?
i? speed of tho automobiles of liar- jnmni0
y Oldileld, of Detroit, and ChnrlOH (lm,t
aham, of Now York, at Savannah stroani
rly in February. Thoy will liavo thn (]]
iVmllo rac-f for 'he championship <>l
c worhl. This race will 1)0 run (
tin- circular track hero. Tho terms* cmc
tho track will ho hanked more than (n tfl(.
presold to admit of the machines u,|s p,
ttm? around them without accident Co?,.,n
if contestant# will stop over on their j(>w t)1
i> hack from Ormond Iloach, Fin. ,(n? )(t
vend other well known automobll- m,. ...
? will participate In other oventH. )s |f
iiiK of
Ice Gorge Gives Way. nnd to
Cincinnati, .Ian. 21 ?The larpje lea tin; eil
I'K'1 in the Ohio river between laid* r?ef, a
iv, Ky., and the western part of this
y, r.ave way today. As 11 was bo- ,
,v Cincinnati harbor no damage was [(,r,
ne here, Imi lower iMdnts have been
irncd. (ireat apprehension in felt
# ? . I arse
re on account or the lee gorges up
.nics n
o river that are expccted to break |.jV'M. j
on. aM It has rained steadily through- . ,
t the Ohio Valley.
was net
Iain's t
Wonderful Nfil'VO. realize
, up t,o-d
Is displayed by nvtnv a man endnvinR ,,np>r.
ins of ae?,.i(i',i>t.d Wounds. ^ _i >
nisoH, linrirt, Ho.il Ih, Sort- foot or ntiIT | lit?ovl\
nlrt. Hut iIhto'h no iittctl for if. H iok?
i'h Arnica Silvo will kill tho pain and Li
ro tho trouble. Ii'h t'io bout Hulvo on
ill for 1'iloa, loo. at Pio'ions * '"s
\\2 Co. Chupol
view; 1
Rheumatic pain* nro qnicjkly n-liovod .
?ppll"fttioii? of Rnmonn Norvo ami 11
uio Oil: try it. 2.r>o at Furiosi l>rug|w ,,ml
Jorgos Aro Breaking Up
Vith Rush In Rivera,
/M? rnnfi^linr \A/nr.vt r\
Worst Floods In History of the
ion of Country Is Feared?Great
Macsoc Arc Moving.
sburg, Jan. 22.?Forecaster
>vay has received a telegram slat
aU the ie,: gorge at Free port, 40
north of this city on the Alio
liver, started with a rush early
weather continues warm and
.liing indicates one of the worst
in tho city'rt history.
police department has patrols
otilying residents and business
3 in the threatened districts,
ice irortio ?\t Snrinirdnle. 1(
north of this city on the AUe
river, began to move thin morn
.start of the Ice caused a greai
>f excitement and apprehension
tain J. M. Hemp Wright snli
iv the largest mass of ico ho hat
here in 40 years.
flat boats along tho riverside
caught and crushed.
far no damage has been done U
pringdale dam, and it was
lit by experienced observers tha
at or was too high for any to h<
Battered to Pieces and V/lfe o
Man Drowned.
ianapolls, Ind., Jan. 22.?The ie<
---riod dU a house
g Sliowe unu
.1 anchored in
boat wan battered to pieces f"*1
ho we was drowned. H-? body
l been recovered*
,'c ciiugh' \ -.."or some bushet
5tu;>inertjo?i'inland in the inhldlo
liver opposite the island beloW
y. His cries for help were
md an effort was mado to rosn.
> Morrison startod for him
1 the ico with a boat. After
ir he reached him, but Shown
nzed by the coTH and fought
r. Morrison llnally overpowerj,
tied him in the boat with
i?. .1 i r..
4 11 \i OICU u:u 1U1 nuui t*.
crushing Ice and straggles of
m threw Morrison out. and the
/out on down the river with
tied to the bottom. j
ison followed the boat with
in it ns far as Maywood, 1 milen
thf city, where a hayou profurther
pursuit. As the boat
;ared around a bond of the riviwe
was seen to raise himself
ive his hands and fall back.
h Breaks Record For 20 Years
For Hicih Wr.ter.
, Ind.. .1 an. 22.?Many families
noved out of their loinos oi"
rp.cnted tho first doors on ac?r
tho wator and Ire in the Waiver.
which roKO 2 foot during
;ht, and is still rising.
record t'or 20 years is broken,
owe factory has closed and 600
re idle. It is feared the new
of the Indianapolis Northern
)UH Will K<).
aratlonsi are being made to dyIt
if necessary to save other
Kurt Way no Southwestern Trac*
iiipnny has stopped its cars and
K.'insport lino Is running through
Of water.
Cincinnati and I>oiilsvill6
ervlce has been abandoned.
of Water Sweeps Down River.
eland, ()., Jan. 22.?A sorgo ol
>kn about the city today and a
>r water swopt down the Cu.variver
tearing away throe bfjj
rs. The vessels wore carried
tream and crushed into the big
idg? oi the Superior street viaAll
woro badly damaged, tin i
loliovod the foundation of thfl
has been damaged. The rtv
nupieieiy niocKeu Dy tho vorfscl.l
(1 about tho piers of the via
The vosKOla carried clown tho
won; large Mcamern owned by
kited States Steel corporation.
Comparatively Small Loea.
innatl, Jan. 22.?The breakup
Ice gorges In tho Ohio river at
tint has boon accompanied v
ratively small loss. So far a
irges have been crushed and a
hers tor n from their mooring.1),
fscape from heavy damage
>'y duo to the fortunate breakihe
gorge bolow tho city first,
I lie checking of tlio ice above
(y. Tho river Is now 23 7-10
rise of 10 foet slnco yesterday.
Steamers Break Mcorlnga.
in. ().. Jan. 22. -(Jreat loss has
caused by heavy rain. Two
;t am< rs broke from their moor*
nd now llo at the mouth of the
in a dangerous position. Tho
Plato river bridge has been
I away. Tho ship yards of tin1
ii 1 i ioih try ? ?1??ho of ('limnlior
-itomuoh an*I I/vor TaMota and
for oiui" how qniakly a ttrxt olnsn
ate nmlioino will norr ot tlio dinFor
Hale by Piokons Drue C*??.;
l?nig Store; Hunter <fc Pickens,
bcrty Circuit Appointments
t Siinility?11 oV, 1* Kik \ V i 11 i h
; ft o'clock Uulmmali.
?n<l Sufwtay?11 o'clcok Fair
' o'?:l"c!< (uijwjiii y;
i) S\1IH
k' "C ^ ?
yvmorican bnipnuiming company ar?
under water. Many small vessols
have been wrecked. Tho Baltimoro
Is going down tho rivor with tho
rush of lco.
Wldo Sections Inundated.
Dayton, O., Jan. 22.?Wide seotlons
of iho Miami valley south of Dayton
are inundated. Traction traffic between
Dayton and Cincinnati has been
suspended owing to damage to the1
trestle work south of Franklin. The j
immense Ice gorge north of Dayton;
broke away in time to prevent tho
Hooding of tho eity. The Miami riv- .
er Is still rising.
Passes Danger Point.
Columbus, O., Jan. 22.?Tho Scioto
river lias passed the danger point. The
1 lowlands have been inundated. The
electric streets lights were dark dur- :
lug tho night, the electric company i
having raised their dynamos so as to ,
I be above the danger line in caso tho
levee breaks. They will bo out of
service until tho ilood dunger is pass1
Now York State In Gracp of Very
Rough Weather.
Buffalo, Jan. 22.?Within the pant
t I 18 hours western New York has been
subjected to meteorological conditions
' aucn as nave not prevailed here in a
score of years and the situation now
is terrifying the resident a in low-lying
5 sections particularly in the river valleys
and Hood districts in South But?
* Aitor a heavy fall of wot snow lastt
lug all day tho temperature fell below
2 freezing, then rose again and a heavy
rain sot In, which still continues.
Owing to tho fact that ice has formed
beneath the snow and all streams
j are icc-hound, there is no opportunity
f for tho wator to soak Into tho earth
or to pass away through the regular
3 channels, and, consequently, tho water,
!" unless tho temperature falls again in
! a few iiours, win nood uic .^,)W-lylng
distrlc'* again and groat damage wur
I r/? ?\ t.
Remarks of Former Assistant Attorney
General Beck.
I Now York, Jan. 22.?An attack on
labor anions made by tormer Assist-j
nnt Attorney (Jeneral Hock, ot I'hila-1
t deluhia, was the canso for the remarks
made by William .J. Hryan in departing
from the text of his speech at the I
Holland society dinner just held hero.'
Mr. Hryan declared there it; greater j
1 danger from "corporations which dofy
the law" than from labor unions.
I Mr. Deck, in his speech, said:
| "if 1 do not misread history, the,
prosperity of the Dutch pooj>'?v "has
| founded upon a principle which is viI
tally essential to the progress and hap;
plncss of any people, and that is the
unalienable right of every man to
| work for whom he pleases and at
what wage ho pleases and to enjoy ]
ireeiy the fruits of his toil. This principle
lit in some need of vindication in
this country and at this hour. Man :
was not brought into the world to ;
work. It is only his burden. 71 is
right and any form of social tyranny
which contravenes this right is inftn1
itely mischievous.
"The tyranny of boycott in its at
i tempt to club the free labor of our
, land into slavish submission to u la;
bor oligarchy has boon strongly illustrated
within a few months 111 the elty
j of Chicago, where its people were not
; evon given permission to bury their
Callod from their Bunks During Raging
3llzzard by Alarm.
San Antonio, Tex.. Jan. 22.?In a,
aging bll/./ard r?00 infantrymen and!
i artillerymen thinly clad foil mil <>l
| their bunk? at Port Sain Houston early
I thin morning In answer to a .signal
, cannon, and general lire alarm to savo
the officers' quarters from dost ruction
A row of two story frame house
was on lire opposite the adjutant's oflice,
bachelor quarters, and a line of J
two story officers' quarters, enveloping >
' the government buildings In flames.
.Major hoftus Nil' s, artillery corps,
had live bucket brigades at work with
20ft men In reserve until a procession
of hose rai t:-, and steamers arrived.
Several of the quarters are badly
scorcbc d and I!00 yards of fence and
outhouses were destroyed. The total
damage will amount to less than $1/
000. hut nearly $!)<>.000 L'ovnfiimnnl
property was In danger, and was only
saved by the prompt response of or
Kanlzod troops to the alarm.
Transatlantic Cable To Do Leased for
One Hour. V '
New York, Jan. 22,?Plana havo
boon mado by tho Pilgrim Society to
put Into practical effect the principle
of tho club.
'l'hitf will occur during a dinner on
Jan. 2'J, In honor of Sir Henry Mortii
mor Durand, tho Ilrltlsh ambassador,
when, for tho first time In tho history
of any dinner in this city, a transatlan
tie cable will bo loaned for one hour,
and while tho Now York Pilgrims will
have charge of this and tho organlzatlon
la London, at which Karl Roberts
is to be tho Kuost of honor, will havo
(.hargo of tho other.
The guests at tho two dinners will
exchange mo:snages of good will.
Found n Cure lor Indigestion.
I n?o Chamber!.tin's Stomach and
Liver Tablets for indigestion ami
Ihft' tli.iv unit, mv a inn iiAtli i> Hum m?v.
lyjpap<:A remedy I Imve ovor liie l ami
I Inivo nsotl m<iuy <1 It-'ront rome lion I
urn n< fti-ly ftfly-ono .vauvh of ag<? nn?l ImvrpuiTurod
a giea*. <leal from ind'gooion, I
I- III cut 11 nioHt .til vfiiii!' ! w.i i, t now.?
0o ?. W. Emory. H nk Mill*. A1.. Foi
huIo by I'iokoun Drug Oo.; K rlt'n Drug
Hlorn; A Pipkeos, Liberty.
His Transactions on tl\o New lit
Orleans Mai ket.
?^ I1U
Bid 15.13 for 15,000 Balea of May?The alt
Present Priccs Highest Since War ^
Times and Since Futuro Market Was foi
Established. , ^o
New Orleans, Jan. 22.?xirowu sur- KCi
prisod the ring at the cotton exchange Gv
this morning by telling trn;ti i s to in
to his brokers and g.vo tnem everything
they had for sale fcr May dolivery
at the market price. lie ::;u1 a
tie was willing to buy everything oi- Se
feted up to half a million bales. ra
liefore he niado this offer the bid in
was 15.18 for 25,000 bales oi May. His io:
purchases were heavy.
The market remains in a healthy ar
condition in spite of the high levels al
that havo been attained. fa
Present prices are the highest since
war times and since tho future market so
has been established. There appears
j to be no weak long interest In the mar- ea
I kct, and brokers are exacting heavy
margins on all purchases.
The most not'oeable feature of today's
market was the absence of sell- B<
ers. Everyone wanted to buy. Livorixjol
was better than expected, and
prices were sent up on this and on u Tl
continued good spot demand at ad
vances over yesterday's prices. to
I "Late in the morning March was 2'. sc
I points higher than yesterday at 11.98 to
and May was 2!) points higher at 15.2/, rc
and July was 21 points higher at 15.50. at
Attacks Made by Corcans?Dowager
Empress of China Aroused. hi
London, .Ian. 22.?A special diupntcli m
* Seoul, Corea, dated today, says o1
Japanese ".'k-iv men have been at b<
tacked by Ooreans several points
along the Seoul-Fusan raih ami
that tho Coroan authorities have b?Jei. * I
notified that unless they prevent a GV.
recurrence of these (Unorders, necessaiy
measures to do so will he taken up ^
by the Japanese troops. hap
The dowager empress of China Is wh
thoroughly alive to the; peril threaten- oth
lng China as a result t?f the llussc- cor
Japanese crisis, and lias, according to L)o!
T!ie Clobe's Shanghai correspondent, <
determined at all costs to light for tlu* till*
freedom ol Manchuria from foreign tire
control. she
Conferences between tho dowager
and the leading statesmen. It Is an
od, tu o convinced her that any other ^
nolifv u-nnl.l ><r? * 1
. ? ?. ??> iu uynas- ?"<
tic suicide as the dishonor of the an me
central tomb supplied by foreign doni- nm
{nation would he unpardonable in the ?f
eyes of tiio Chinese, and unless a vig- mo
orous effort is made to reassert Man- tloi
churiu's authority, the Trappings and y?fl
Kolashuls will attempt to restore the l'ra
Ming dynasty, with the result of the 8ec
complete destruction of China. 8ec
The correspondent adds that the
dowager has been informed that some
of the foreign powers are willing to C
give the Manchus a final opportunity ma
of rehabilitating themselves, even to con
the extent of aiding them by force son
if necessary, provided the Mnmini rad
government is sincerely favorable to vie
reform. Col
The Russian ministers at Pekin, the da>
correspondent adds, has learned of the Ho
results of these conferences and is trat
convinced In the event of war China lloi
will lie forced to participate with the net
result that the whole world will practically
be involved.
In the meanwhile, the dispatch con- (
chi les, Japan, although ostensibly en- doj
gngt"1 with its own quarrel, is really flat
the spearman of tho whole group of the
pov.'t is devoted to tho policy of anti- tor
partition, and who have virtually or
agreed toget-her to defend China. paf
Actor Suicides In Presence of Wife
at Columbus.
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 22.?Colonel
New Fowler, leading man of thu Km- ''
pire Htock company, shot himself ^ll
through the right temple early this hel
morning dying soon after. wll
He was in tho presonce of liis wile, '[
Laura Nelson Mall, whom ho married in
since they rami' hero with tho stock ly <
organization, and Dr. Carlin, who lfud ocr
been called to attend him, pat
Nervousness, due to overwork, 1b as> j
signed an tho causo, ^
Officers Chosen. an(
Home, N. V., Jan. 22.?TTio lA.nber ^hc
Exporters' National association have {
chosen the following officers: \V. H.
Russe, Memphis, president; John Tj.
Alcock, lialthnoro, vloo president; Geo. . (
11. Speigol, Philadelphia, second vice j
president; /'lllott Lang, Memphis, traf* n
lie manager; Ernst Price, New York,
the retiring president, was elected a l(
director, and also chairman of tho ^
ii>iii?i>wrwuion, noin or wnieh positions
had boon hold by tho now progidont. 1
Revival at Douglasvllle. wll
Douglasvllle, CJa., Jan. 22.?Hov. 8. cx'
R. 0. Adams, of Atlanta, Is holding a
aeries of meetings at tho Baptist Hta
church at thin plaoo. ])r. Adams In 1
a noted divine, and a groat deal of In- soi
torest la bolng manlfostod In tho nor- bo<
vices. Ins
Saved Kn.m Ten Iblc D?ftt i. ^
Tlin family of Mip. M. I,. B bhitf, of cur
Birgeitot'i IVnn,, ?v?lvii?R ami
?%hie poworljyw,^ miJM /f,
:rc Playing With Blasting Powdar
In Mississippi.
Columbus, Miss., Jan. 22.?Willi?
Hard, oon of T. F. Dlllard; Fred and
gene Hnyslotto, sons of Mr. W. CJ-.
lyslolto, and a young man named
Inln, who llvos In tho Mobile and
iio de;H>t neighborhood. with tho
j othor three boys, wore playing
nr tho city powder houao Tuesday
A. cnn of old blasting powder that
d been thrown out of storage waa
ind near the houao and tho four
ys begun scraping tho can and pulrl/.ing
tho lumps of powder thoy
raped out. Thoy rprinklod tho stuff
er tho dry grass and also put somo
their pockets for experiments upon
elr arrival home.
before they left the can they struck
match to the ground and tho next
cond the quartet was ablaze. Thoy
n to a ditch near by and Jumped
some stagnant water, all their bod^
being frightfully scarred.
Willie Dlllard and Fred Haysletto
e dead. Eugene Hayslette Is still
ive. though suffering greatly from
ce and body burns.
Young (IrifTln fared tho best and will
on bo well.
All the boys wore well known and
,ch about 15 years old.
3dy of Lady Teacher Found Mutilated
In Indiana.
Ixmlsvlile, Jan. 22.?A special to MTie
linos from Bedford. Ind., any a:
The body of Miss Sarah Schaefer, o
acher of Latin in the Bedford High
ihool, was found in a carriage houuo
day. Shn had been assaulted and
>t)b jd, a!id the body was bad'y inuti.
The appearance of the shed Indlited
a tcrrlflc struggle with her aaUlant.
Miss Schaefer came here from Elkirt
a year ago. and was much ad'.red
There Is much excitement
ror the murder, and bloodhounds will
c iuu scenu
i?r.ccol Cacere3 and Forces Have Engoa-.^ment?Seven
?'e\v York, .lu.:'v 22.?Qeneral Cncoroa
! fought another battle, during
Ich rin 111011 Tanarez u-.r-,y<l seven
ors wo;'ij hilled, cables the Iloravf.1''!"
respondent at Puerto Plata, Santo I
lencral Cnceres now occuplcs Caso
city and General .limine/, has re-!
>d to the fort. His forcea aro now'
nt of amiuuuitlun.
Atlanta Man Hende Chamber,
lugusta, CJa., Jan. 22.?At tiiu null
banquet of the chamber of comrco
with which is combined the anil
cloction, II. II. OabanlsB, manager j
the Augusta Chronicle, wan unani-.
usly elected president by acclaina11.
The officers for the ensuing
ir are: President, II. II. Cabaniss;
t vice president, Maurice Walton;
ond vice president, P. II. Rice, and
rotary and treasurer, George Noes.
Punpr.il nf Mrc ul ~ u
. v.. VI 1*11 I IUUOUII.
Jrcensboro, Ala., Jni?. 22.?The reins
of Mrs. James M. Flobson, ac-|
upanlod by hor son, Richmond I'ler
i Hob son, reached here lroni Coloo
this morning and the funeral Her
es wen* conducted by Rev. It. J I.
>1)H at the ICplecopal church Thnrs'
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Captain
bson's fraternity, the Kappa Alpha,
tiered in a body. Many handsonm
at tokens were sent from far and
Raid on Counterfeiters.
TTilcngo, .Ian. 22.?A raid mode by
>111y United States marshals on o
in Morgan street h?? moiiifmi t..
aricst of John O'Shoa, Henry Cotand
Fn (I Sullivan, a saloon hoopon
the charge of counterfeiting nn<1
ining counterfeit money. They worn
<1 under $l,nno bond each. Moulds]
1 partly completed coins worn
['he annuul convention of the 1'nlted
lighters of the Confederacy will ho
(1 at St. 1/Oiils Oct I to 8. Oct. 7
1 be (Confederate Hay at tho fair
The army appropriation hill was up
tho house, hut tho dehato was largo
mi tho tariff, Mr. WilllamH, the |)om atlc
leader, "attacking tho "stand
" policy of (he ItopnBllcans.
'annum occupied tho attention <>l
! Henate. Mr. Piatt, of Connecticut.
'ended tho course of the president,
1 Mr. Morgan explained hla bill for
s nnnox..tlon of Panama.
Vt tho trial of Machcn nnd hln r.W
ed accoraplloos It was charged that
.chen on a nnlary of $3,500 n year
1 managed to make a presidential
>m for Qonoral Nelson A. MIIoh. \
I'ho recent warm ralnn hnvo caused
? icn irorimn In tho nriwlni'i.
niovo and groat damago In Being
A'hltaker Wright, the promoter on
ill at Ixindon for fraud, has left tho
tnosa stand, after two days of ctohhunlnatlon.
The proaocutlng attory
denounced aoveral of Wright's
tome.its an lion. MHfeL
Pho rovolutlon In J^T
loUB thrtn ,H more
jn bdnton In throe barn. t>,s h?vo
{ killed and *ound?i' many bo
7 Ho*'* Thlet i
v < Hui|dr<>d Dollar* Itowtml. f I
M , viibo r?f cauurh that cannot I e! li
"i / Hull's C'ntnrrl? rnr<?. MP
VV\ J. OHRNEV& Co .Tpledo.O. Jx"
* th(? unfl(T?l?np<J, Imvu.known ^
"J^V f<v lliM
)H W. T. McI'ALL,
Jg President
By Careful and constant
Hank largely increases evei
1 \j We solicit your business
^ every reasonable accomod;
-4-The Pickens Oil
1) 10 ALE
O Cotton Seed Meal, Hull
Now rra(Iv fi
I Our Ginnery lias been running
and we thank our patrons 1
Our Mill is now grinding rc
plenty of hulls, meal or "Ik
1 >rin<4 your SEK1) ancl exchar
or we will pay you the hit>
seed just as you prefer.
Come to i:s and see how \v<
are not eontrolled by outs
I much, or more, lor your sc
jr~~~ 1
i ) i It TTk
y .i ncKens i'rui
r I 'v
) | ^
S 0 1 ^'ir,stmas Stock./
8 VY < This will bo clo!
S \ i
f || | V, ^ 3 next two weeks.
S curvy it over till n<
S all our customers the benefit
? 9
^ W e sell nice
/ ! l{(klll(Mllh(Ma wo soil I
) | tor all tho soaioob.
I j Pickens Dru<
^ The Completcst
Wm. T. Quintan, or Albany, N. Y., Ore
From Consumption, Was Cure
by Duffy's Puro ,
Mmm im Ik
\ /
flFft ft? v wt en
ilaffys Pair? 8
Has Cured Thoujandi of Cas
Mnny of thorn worso ovoa than Mr. Quintan'
i(?rn prescribed l>y over 7,<XX) doctors, and uwjd i
euro for consumption, coughs, colds, hi
chills, astlimn, plciirisr, pnoumonin, cAtnrrli and
(\: .*:i: ! ^ of f.hrrtlLt. mill liiiifru? iarllorncHrm ili-cnnn
vmm. - - - - ^ r?" ' 1 ' J " | " | 'j
find cvory form of ?toinnch trouble; tiorvousn
imtiariu, and nil low fovern. It in invnlunblo for
weakened, run-dow.i, diseased conditions of bo
Lr&in, nerve and inusclo.
Tim groat Hiicci-s:t of Duffy's Puro >Tnlt Whls
l'o:; i i the fact that it riot only ):illa tho germs i
kiicc'. ; t i i o disease. but also purifies tho bl>od, si
^Litost! )clrculatton, strengthens tho heart's act!
^Vllics tho norves, and invigorates nn<l builds
' hole system and puts it into condition to thi
resist disease.
tCL TyMy' ^ I AVhislccy pt*(>mote^ ben
> BLv.[
2 1 i 'j^^^BoBM^^BffijShj^^
:)N 'flj
ro l'AiH
work thc^B
ry yeaj. V
and will tfl
, ..M
Vic -Pros.
Mill CoiiipaS^^H
Is, Oil and Linters.^Tfc^
i)r husiril^H
?' on lull time: all this s<?
or their patronage, ?
:^uuui) ;uiu you M
)ge them for meal a fl
hest market price
t'll we can treat - fl
;icle prices
:ecl than anyZg?T^^^^B
_^^rrc) pickens 1
few ^ boxes of nacle.
"C I uui'l S ^ ^
Wc do -,4. faF
j\L season, ana \sTji ^
i/VERY I "',
Of all kinds. S /"j
[IIP M'ilUUlj IfOUItS \
? Company (
Drug Store. S
if CUBED.'1
lerod to Hot Springs to Save His LB
(1 at Nome in Two rionthOg^M^^
Mf.it Whiskey. jfl
" I Began to Improve," Hcfl
the First Dosej Quickly
Pounds and Am To<<!^^H^
solutely Perfect
Duffy's Saved My^j
{l I nlways had tendencies . ,
trouble, and for many years liavo k
prcat deal with heavy colds and co>
of tho lungs. Was growing wor?w
M v family and friends know I had soiucurnhlo
consnmption and urged mo
to Hot Springs or tho Northern Wood
last resort. But I was too weak to travt..^^H
nnd savo up li<?j?o.
--?iv uociwimmiiyproscriDoa wuiiy srairo
Malt Whiskey. and with tho flrst tloso ini?
Iiroveinent not in nut! hope revived. I stayed
i i>-, 111. at homo in Albany and kept on taking fl
Duffy's ami in two months my lungs wore as ^
sound as a dollar. I had gained t%venty
ikuiikIs, and am to-day in absolutely porfecfi
neultli. Duffy's saved my life."
Iii3 Second St., Albany, N. Y.
ffaii Whiskey "
ici Where All Else Failed.
s. It. will euro you. For fifty year# it hna
n '.;,(KX) leading hospitals as tho ono positive
on- I
sift. l
0Sli ^

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