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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, January 27, 1904, Image 2

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W! I
I <
: nil
^Hcnino t<>
^fTlio MisHBki
1 tli
id World'* js
>' -, Teun., i?.
A Trt'J
^yn^\ill ruisu l'io^ i)i.(] 10
fiU'l ci ((on
prico ho will not In' ,|1(
H 1>jKHH9&gra IK)
I ii^^H^^Kvu'isonci's Jlirniin^H
't on
B^rtu.'d while threo other
' Bfyajgifrvori' cremated.
that the I intcil Stnt< s j K"'
^Lwill abolish the oflice of
L lit'
^tood commissiom r, lately ,,j
^LL* mgatreot. io:
H$ announced additions
mills amounted to,
niid 1<?,:U3 looms,
Ifriyoslment ol about. .j
6%... En
|||ra |
lnul killed t'oi
^^Lndnw Il.o 1 ;
^ Mirt and
IB-* m
I . 1 I \
?|k, Vi . on .....
I '
the p-.'iiiten <li10
3 ear old . V "
Hr to douth.
Huntington, \V.
|?|p|Pr\vo miles from that ' "'
|^Kl l>y students TIiuik-^^
^Beaten into iiiso^iM|^^7'
^V^iij[.ped oim' | ^'!
MFirgest rabbit dtive in ibr '1U;
J^of the Northwest (incurred ou 'l>
pTer Butte Creek, Oregon, on Mo::(lay.
Seven bumhvil men, wouu-n ^ ,
I- children participated and ovn
1,000 rabbits wore killed l^jj
Daniel J. hitllty, !he bull cotton | ^
JOiUlUI ) I1IIO JM?U till- ?'l V. t?l I ??J ^y .
|?p to 1(5 cents for ay d< 'livery. I>m|
tho farmer should not bo elated, fur \\
wlion ho goes to fell, next fall, will
bo thankful to take nnv <>M price \n
What has become of the new school '
building project? It is niccisary to t,
he prepared, in case of an eim rgeuey, for
the old one lia.s caught on lire a
few times and may burn d avu fiome
time, and why not prepare in seas'in' .v..
All cotton planters, wh > can ?1 > s ,
bin uhi make contracts for their out- .)
but of cotton on a 10 co t basin. II
H: next crop cau 1 o s ild for Ibis i,
die farmer will he
I fBSHwK1'1'':in'' business will Y<.
Bt. Hut ill a lrts bicii re?
' T I Stales senator by I lie:
W llio Ohio Strili: Ti^is
'^r :I ht*K.?ion. Tins joint
'tor I lamia a major- !
oil II. ('luiko, of ('l?:vo '
t im unit,oil I K inuei at if '
m II. Iville, of <irc<!i*
I in
iv nnnonnccd hh a canu.
ioi I c.iiiunissioncr. I'll e r< o
s m t yet boon launched, ma
Lt o afraid Io wail too lat<
ti | oil tlio liOKt iii tlio Slate. v
gn i .. nif r (IfUTiH will probably , W(,
HPuml fi?r ro election. net
i Iho Ijf^i.slaturo lias lucn in scs- s!i|
pslon foi two wo 1cm, but nothing stm t- to
has been (1.?no vol. Tlio usual
1 W I
^wulitio of fool hi!U luivo boon pro
' I ( H|
Ijfat UB Jivo in hopetj that, ho
>*.. ilio oiul of tho mission that tiny ?r
R;?l put through Homo pfood tni-aa |>o.
H'ch. This is a Imro possibility. Mll<
11 "Your Undo Ben" Tillman bold up j),
pat rain tho other day, l?nt ho < 1 i< I not '
||git it of anything but time. Ho loft
^^uibifoio breakfast, to go to At
lut roat'ht'ii lie , 'I
liu woH^J
Albion, Town, bas u cily council
liob requires its citiifua to takuoutj
icoDso if they want to ?lnucc. The
ico id ?15 per capita.
A Wry Close Call.
"1 stuck to my engine, although every
ut nohoil ami every nerve \vu;i racked
111 pain," writes W. llellainy, a lo
motivo fireman, of llurli igton, Iowa,
was weak ami pile, without any up
tifo iiml all run down. A-* I was about
give up, I got a bottle of I'Ve?'lric i'.it
s, aud after t Uin^ it, 1 !c't as well as
>ver did in my life." Wed*, sickly.
11 down people always gain now life,
ength and vigor from th er use. Try
0111. Satisfaction Kuurnrdoi d by i'icks
Drug Co. Price DO ci tits'.
c Lost Corner of Pickens County.
io Pickens Sentinel Journal.
I am a cit m n of l'ickc ns county
(I live on tin; road hading fiom
>n<l!nf w\ f.? ('\i inv,/?ii ( - !!*??./? \W
h now recognize :11:^ c oner ns the
>st, corn cm* of I'iekens ountv," as
e C ?untj* authorities <l<>;i*t r*c?<jf
w n i only jih u bomitc of revenue?
e tux collector 8ei him to bo tlio only
io?*i* that finds wluro \v ? live.
The above road i ; a ve>y important
ad and to my know! ige lias not
1 a liclc of work done on it in
dit.< en months, except ihat done at
'> expense of mo citi/. n, who is not
bio to r?>:id d itv. O i this road
ero is a public jurist iniil. cotton gin,
w i. i. 1 and a brick ynrd, besides it
,i 11! i'a! mail route. It jre is aL;>
n bridges, ranging i width from
veil to thirty t<et. all of which 1ms
<m kept up n( tlio < xp( ie*<' of same
11villuuI, while IIiom i<ls lis) it
in?j to ('Ion.son and t thes? pub-;
mills. We now haveiM llio bounds j
this road fourteen in< n liable to
ad duly and no aulh-' i/.nl ovorr.
Lust year all binds on tliis
ml paid tuxes (xcej t three and;
i-ir tux money was aj opriutod to
iter sections, and tho 1 nee that did
t pay wont soot I free.
Toll tho tax mil*i l?> st t" out of this
rut r nnd we will con. nun to take
re of ours* Ives l>y ci? itin;^ a do
iii >:l of our own. 1 n i sure if we
it salir>lv Uoo>ove'it ;;r\t wo huvo
mo DBj,'iM!s down hv and will1
id a il( le?r.il< in his 1 1 r to tho
xt convention, ho Will -surely l'cco;.;- j
'.o tlio independence o* our doniiu).
Yourx to con: lf'tld,
J. Ktribling.
??? I
In Loving Remembrance.
Mrs. Mary Wilson Wyatl, wife of
I'. Wyutt, died nt his home, nt>ar
.sh.'V, Weiinesdin inorniiiir.'January
lit, 100!, aij <1 07 yi.?n:v. 0 luonli s
I S Oj.v i. Sho hful b t-n a sulFeicr
t.10 | asl lliiitv veins-, mt slio wan
hristian woman ami b>r? 11? r snfiilt,'
with patience. Si 10 Wirt ft i
. I (!n?.l luvii)? wil'o ivmiI i!ioih?>r, j
il was loved !?y iiii Mint Ici'Ovv her.
Silo was ft r f Mr. illlil
rj. J. \V. W'il.so:?, of l'^Ueus, S O.
il 11;li11 ;I w itii tho l'\iii\i?r.v Metho
t chinch when she /was quite,
iiif* ami h:'H ever b-jen an eaj^g^^
i hi r. She was mnrri I
H. Wynlt of to
I m sides a v ^
'' "vos shvom
?.:'i a'i<h'liilcir-.ii,
j^reat ^randchi <iren. The
Mich are: .J. (J. ami S. N. W.yatt,
(Ireenvili", S. ; I? I"'. Wiatt,
s. A ]j. Clardv, Mrs. T. I.'\ fi - iev
i ?W I'S. W ill l/lbo.l! (if Ivinlcv,
I ??i rs. J. A. (/Dell, of Dinningin,
ore i-i an hour A j>e:n f < 1 ro.it
J\> nu urnin<,' wander rs ;,'ivo:i;
ere is n joy f >r .souls di.-tressed,
I in for i very wound- I breast;
l'i- 1'nund alone in Heaven
ere is a s-oft, a downy li d,
Ti-4 fitir us I>icatii of !! aver>;
irouch for weary niortasprei 1
lien* Usey may re?t 1 lie r.f;l>iulieftil
Ami liud r< pose in i f i en.
Iiy should our bars in * .rro.v 'low,
When <ioiI n ealls his r,
ii bids I'm tn leave a wie'ld of woe,
i\>r an immortal er<>.\ t
... i . ... .. i ... ii
11' i i ? i ii ? t . 11 i i 11 ;; '.in i' i lit ?. i *
Whose liti" to (1 xl wa- '.riv n?
: I!/ to 1 ito th> ir f-yos t i y el'SO
\> op.n tiicin in it av, ii.
( ir toils am past,
' ii' ii work is doiio
'I Ih< y arc I'nih !>h-s|:
1'1'i v full;.* lit I i i < li^hlt . victory won
! r!iti.Tcil into i Iuavo;>
irest loved on -- I ii >ii had left n-':
lii it- thy Ids i wo deep' fm 1, 1
! ':iw (! i . I w iio ha! hi t ! '.is,
I If can all o il- sorr.iw. h^al.
t ?ij??nn w. hojjo to in her i
VVIi? n the; day of lifo i II <1,
' :i in Hi iv.-n nidi j iy ! i^l'Oct th"c
V\ 111) IllfWi'1! I ( :ll ; !!! ( -iliol.
A 11 >vinrf !) ui^litor.
Joseph W. Prior.
\il" .JoH<>}>1) W. l'lifO, ft of I 'i'*!v
i count v's most \\\>r iv citi/ona,
il ill In* home nour k'ov.oe nvor
the 2'2<l iitKf., nt <!c\< i. o'clock 11.
, from tiic i IV ct.s of i; ti.ulo llirow;
l.im m;il .stumping I 1111 in tlie
tifst, somctliiii^ in no in n vc ?r
i, from wliicli ho r.cvor t liorou;.;lilv j (
iVIIf'tl HI M' II . 111 -4 r#>
iim \v> i e Imi.I !'? K-t at K<nwc(- j
neb mi tiic 2 tiii insl. i i tlir prcH
c (if il liii'^e coi!j;v/ <f.|> mi of rehl ,
is and Iriends. Knm r I scrvic-s
lis conducted I?v Km \l <'. I?rv
Ho leaves a dovl'i! compan
, oil" K.?n and (wo d;i I liters, l>ecs
a lo t ol relatives nnd Iriemlimom
n Ins deal 11. i1 is t r>m a
?d man hurt gone frQi i ur nr 1st.
loir li" ni'Vi r mud'* nnv | iil>!'c pro- |
?nr, ii'.r at Inched liin .?<?!l' to nn v
nvii, hn Hrknowlcdj/.'d hi I In
iter and Others 11:at In* li e I made (
ice with (ind, wnv 11im iv.iv dear i
I was only waitin > h . cnll. lie j
s a trim hushntnl and lo%nif* father. ,
nlli (vniif svitli itM ";<'Y !i m-l" J
Viul lii-4 |i?viii*j li .rf,
t lod.iy t o liv s in :i i. Ilir laiiJfl
IV111 10 tlt'tlll ( i iiuvo I > |>ui t.
i life |<i sIkmI and
iJig Lumber Company.
A $500,000 lumber coticorn of
Pickens was enmmissioncd today by
tho Secretary of Stale, tbo commission
staling tbat tbo t?lock waa t*? be
j>iid in at once according t?.> a cull by
tlio directors. 1 Uo company is known
us the Moiitvnlo Lumber company,
capitalized at $500,000, tti d soitio of
the shareholders nio U. K Wood, .J.
15. Painter r.nd E Ij. Warren, t,(
Baltimore; II. E. John-oil. of (Iroon
vtlh', ami <J. l\ O.ircy, of Pick' in.
Columbia Record. 2Gt.i inst.
Ground Hog Day.
Next Tuesday, tho '2d of February,
is "'Jround Ih><^ Day,' and the weatlivr
pro phots will be on the lookout to
see wiiat kind of a day it wiU be. If
cloudy there will l>o an curly spring;
if e'.cur it means that there will bo a
Lie s-priiijLj and lots of cold weather
Toe tradition is that if llto ground
ii sees I is *ln d >w when he comes
lit he will back into bis hole, but
if lie d.'cy iioi sec liis shadow he will
know tliere is not iis<j to be much
moro coi l and will stay out.
'J'lu-ro are some people who do not
believe in the ;>ronn I ii >.* t.ho<>ry: b it
they will b<> very nri?h inte rest <1 all
the saive to see win-1 her Tuesday is
c'o ir or cloudy.
Sh;ill Wa rtnl?
Tlio f blowing c mimunk'atio.i has
been tent to 111 i.s office. Wo concur
with its eontontf. It is up to our
citizens to act.
Dour Sir: At ii in?e? mooting cf i
tlio citizens ??f Aiken, held on Saturday,
tho 2ild iiist , tlio following resolution
was unanimously adoptoil:
"Whereas, i:i iho opinion of the
ussoinlil-d oit'z.ms of Aiken o aintv,
tlio prevalence of lynch law anil othor
forma of lawlessness aro caused
Inrgoly l>y tho general fueling tint
uiii ui? imjiikm eii'inoi no ronou on lo
c; >nviot the guilty, therefore, hn it
"Resolved, Tint the Li.^ishiture
now in session 1>h 1 to provitlu
for a commission of lea-Iinj* jurists,
a dieitors tuul bunim-as moo, who
shall consider what changes are necessary
in our laws iitnl t!io rules <>f our
courts lo insuro tin; prompt !in>l corijiiii
a hninistr iti iU of jost sai<l
commission lo submit its report to
tlit- Legislature, at it^ next session."
Your attention is earnestly e-.dlod
i > iu:s resolution ami you are uryonlh
ri-(|?ioslt:.-l lo use your i;:ilti< <:cc to
have similar acti ?n taVon in your
tnwii. Arihur I'. For:!,
W. L Washburn.
A ikon, S. C , .J??u. '2"), (OKI,
Mr. Lathcm Appointed oil Washington!
Washington, Jan 20. ,
lul!v<! Wvatl Ailcon h^g^^^T1'',,se!1
hnvioj* Volta in (
villi* 11 j111<;m, of (ir.cn
I' <)U Washington
g^^cToree. Commissioner Ilenrv
1j Weat, who has a warm place in
his heart tor all South 'Carolfnians,
in reim mhranco of his memorable
visit M t ;u li lt slot) Willi*! [)IOSl<l"llt -il
llio Gridiron club, proved to Ihj Mr.
Aiken's friend i.i nood.
There win) several can lid ites for
the vucanev on the local polico forco,
no of them bein^f Mr. Aikon\s coni!-.! :st,
ijit'ioni. After t!j?? usM'i.l
examination it was found that four
of tin! applicants ha 1 p iss-d v.-rv
i*re lit ahle oxui'iiiiiitions. Commission
ur West took tho matter uj? nrul d.!
ivced in f ivtir ol tlie (1 neii\die ninn.
Mr. Aiken Ini I several interviews
with tho c >uitnis.sio:icr on tho snhj-ct,
mi I tlie latter wns jjlail ilia! cirenmstaiic.'rt
justified hiin in appointing
Mi Aiken's candidate.
.Nil1. Ijiitiium is n son of J. II !
Lithcin of Hie ]>a\U-:villo section of j
this county, I nit I'm- >10:11 j tini ) iris j
Ij.m'ii in Cuoenviil", in tlio employ of
the H. K. .Stuniiv.int <'<>., whore, liv
hi.s cum t!y in iniH'i-, hear i:
in^ mi l strict nt I (.ill i n to I>11 sit:cs.x, |
hn was a vniu.ililo addition to tlicj
cotn]>an% lor whom ho worliod, an?l t
in uhi friends with all with whom ho j
nun in i ney, 111 c.oMunor),
jt i I is inunv fri -mls, an<l clas* !
riitrs.^n I'uis comity \v!!! b<; ^'la I t*?
know of his ! uero sful ?t]>|><>ii?tiiicnf,
Itll'l f< ol HI I IV tllllt t IK; Kfl'llO liW-lllodi
fill ji?i! 1 iiiiinst ikin^ attention to do
I ii!h, (hat ho ah.ii}'!) employed, will '
h1 ill l/o put lorth l>y him in t! o disivmr?{o
of his new dilic-s.
The Locn! Mule Market. (
An iMUHuully lar^o nnmher of Tenliessco
iiiitl Kt I.lucky n.ni. s liavo ;
heun f-.oiil in Ander.ion lliis winter. ,
and tliO demand is still jj" ^
yroul many more will l.o sol 1 lie
I vc.iii now an<l tho opening of th'*
A newspaper man was in nnn of i
I'm !>i<,' Hales t !d?'m Him other <! iy
.... I i: ; i ii... r<
..... .... .... I 'II' 1 I III" I 'I > ' i 1
iiiiiins. "1'Yoin I "?0 hj was
!li(! reply. j 1
"Aro not in<i!? :< higher now than
Iiioy worn a few years ag >? ' Id* a<d<f(d. I <
"It, would sci in so," l'< i 1 if*.I tl.o <
ii)tllo dealer, "hiif us (i in itt< !' of fact I
tlicv me (Kit. The explanation li< h ,
in the fact tl.ut tin* people <! 11i tn. 1 a I
both i* class of iiiiiIch u >w than they I
lid a few wars ago "
"Wo can hardly Hull u plug at any I
d ieIn- went on, "people want only i
he very bi'.'ge-?t an I best miller. We i
l ive the bigge-d demand for mnhs I
It. Iiilhls III ;! 1 iilS' I \W I, I'M! ;
tixI 1,?! () |> -iin< 1 A ftiw \ours f
!io Snll iiikI '.Mi) pouini in j! wore
ho nil' It the jtc >;>!'! \v<>ii 1 I lift Hiit
slicd with tho Hinullcr mules wo;'
I illji I Hell 111 IlllOIlt (lie old p. ici'H, I I
^iiif i.|i<l he I.
|h c nirs Hh v art! \
WL( all I
^ttlo J
joaucraK. I
>n\ (' ?r?;/ nh 1
n -i\ Xufl * ' iLH. Vy a A
f&fcjnt vnstrJ-'JMBOWD
8 441 have made a most thorough
il trial of Ayer's Cherry Sectoral and
b am prepared to say i!iat for all disS
eases of the lungs it never disapt]
J. Early l:inley, fronton, O.
K Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
a won't cure rheumatism;
jj we never said it would.
i{ It won't cure dyspepsia;
|? we never claimed it. But
jj it will cure coughs and
u cokss or an Kinds. We I
\ first said this sixty years 3
[ ago; we've been saying it 9
h ever since.
jj Thrco sizes: 25c., SOc., SI. All drugglsti. I
B Con?:iIt your <lm?tor. If ho s:?yg take It, I
M then ii<i us lio %ty*. if h<> tellii you not Q
jS to f:ikr it. then ilmi't lake it. 11o knows. R
B Lo;:vc it with him. \W nro yrll'lng.
a ^ .i.e. a v Kit to., i.owon. Ma??. q
Largo Area in Pickens and Oconee;
Counties Boughl by a Balti- 'j
inure liiiiiwui i>umpmiy.
Clroonvilio, Jan. 21. ? Ono of tliw
largest individual Hales that lnis ever
been made to ono company bus just
'n? on cmsummatod by Copt. It. E
.lohnstoM of this city.
Capt. Jolinst ?u has suld tleoriu to
10,000 noma <>f viiyiu timber land
iucited in Ooouoo and Pickens counties
on the waters of K/iowce, Toxaway,
White Water and Horso Pasture
This timber was purchased by the
i\. E. Wood Lumber company of
Baltimore. It in understood that it
is the object of the company to build
u railroad up the Keowee rivor and
convort all the timber into commercial
goods by the establishment of wooden
ware works, furniture factories, tan*
nories, etc.
The dep-.hs of Uie mountains of
(hut section will also bo investigated
t> find the hidden wealth that no
doubt exists. The company that has
made thin purchase has unlimited
means at it.s disposal. It was
learned from Mr, Johnston that the
land was paid for in cash on the
transfer of tho deeds.
The Wood Lumber company will
establish its Southern oflice in Green
vtlK; und will do their banking busi
nefis lioio. Tho Baio of tltiHirmjyfti**'*"
tract of timber
r , , ,iit*^Tii iio the means
;, ^, jiJ^^vTiist 11 molt 111 of mono}'
^^ffTTiiect ion toother with utiiimiti-'l
energy. Through thi? tract
if laud arc innumerable walor falls
with thousands of horse power which
_';ui l;u converted into use ami thereby
open up u country that hits laid
lormiitit for centuries.
This is by no mentis the ft rat bi^
lumber dual that Mr. Johnston has
made. In the last several months he
has sold over 50,000 actus of timber
land in the upper portion of Greenville
county besides ho has recently
closed a di al for 20,000 acres in North
(,'arolinn, and now has others pendin.'
(':inf .1 c >li n>ston linn lm?n tnnl
iiicii.fi of nearly $1,"00,000 being
=*pci11, in State in tho ii\8t twelve
:Mintlis. The money invested in the
v irions enterprises, all of which Mr.
Johnston is connected with, have unIi
in ito<l capital and (he section of
ciuntry proposed t> develop lmv?
laid dormant for centuries.
anothek account.
(leniu)ii C/u'le.o, Jan. 21.? 11 ^ k
learned hero that tho Beocdict-ljo*. e
Lmnher company, which has been
operating a largo saw mill at the
point where tho Southern Railway
crosses Seneca river, has sold o it to
luo Audi! lj'iinl>er company of baltimore.
The sale includes tho lartro
siw iniIi and largo tracts of timber
land in tin- mountains.
Tli(; Benodict-Liove company, it is
thought, has not been prospering,
hut I lie i.mv company has ample cap
iial behind it and will push tho business
more vigorously.
A Prisoner on Her own House.
Mih. \V. If. Liayha, of J(M) 1 Agues
Ave., K uisas City, Mo., lias for several
years been troubled with Severn hoarseness
and at times a hard cough, which
she says, "Would Keep mo in d >ors for
tiys. I was prescribed for l>y physicians
with no i.otioeahlo rc-ults. A
friend gave mo part of a botth' of Chainl)"i''hiii's
('ough Remedy with instruc?
... i i.. f.n..,.. 4i .iu i
Mill** i > nipri ) i"inn> tut: mi ici iwiirt iiuti
I wish to st it? lli\t jiftiM" tilt? first day I
>nl<l notice a derided change for the
I) ttor, and at this time after using it for
two weeks, have no hesitation in Haying
\ realize that I am entirely cured." This
le.nelv is for sale l>y I'iekens Urng Co.;
I'.urle's Drugstore; Hunter l'lckeus,
Mrs. B. F. Gantt Dead.
Mrs. Alice Gantt, willow of the Into
Boiijimin l'\ (Jaiitt, and post mist reon
at I'endleton, died at liar homo at
that place yosterdav idler an illnoHS
if several weeka. Thu funeral serlieo
will bo held in the I'reshjtorian
Inircli at I'endloton at 11 o'clock toI
iv, alter which the interment wi 1
.. I . . . .) i.l ll.n MM ..1 1.
I,. HIT ..u ..... V'..
,Mn. < i.mtt was a daughter of the
it;i IvUaid McCrury, one of tho
icst citizens of tho county in hi* day,
iikI was in her f?lst year. She
I< nvrr four children -three (laughters
md one son. Her mother survives,
nut she is also survived by three sis
ers?Mrs. K. (). lirown of Anderson,
\Iin I<>liii fl. X ichnry, wife of the
in per visor of Oooneo county, and
Mis J. A. 1'iico of Mauley.
Mrs. Gantt had for many year*
?een a consistent member of th*
'resby terian church. She p iss.'ssed
ivuiy ran* and excellent qualities, and
v??s greatly iovr? i 1?v ii iar<{0 cireio ot
Natives ami friends. All lei SO i
dail, '2'2 I inst.
To The Public.
I wish l?: state for lh<> social benait
of Messrs. (leo^^n Brcazoalo and
f. Thomas lowers, both of whom
invo Imd small pox in their families,
ihat thcro is now no danger in visit
* Vs th(-.ir families, for there is now no.
r\ x"?nut thorn nor in their houses.,
1^ ' ^^^^^ronslmiT, M I)., \
Our business is ii
to double it. Yc
By giving our cu<
money. VVe hav
to your interest t<
We have on banc
expect to sell at a
will pay you to e;
We have a nice 1!
are always ready
H. A
Ilumbiirg and An
in Pricts I bouf
Roods and tll08rt ?
Store. I tell you
a 1 w??yb will come
1 have t\ lot o
at a bargain.
Cnll on in?. Ron
thy youth.
And Stil
Not How
The good people k
We linvo also anothe
h'-raes and hogs.
Our Rooms are
Parties owing on notes o
LE T US 11A V 1<
Bfcgf-Wo need it NOW a
if you want to.
W W o Hi
Happy Ne
I take this m
friends for the lii;
ended, and hope
ness in the futui
Stock of the gooc
Lowi-sr poss
Thanking yc
me in the past wi
line, before buyin
. J T* , . 1
1 ..Dill' I
^ wish to t
A VV cash tracl
2 We wish also to
^ As we can alvvay
/ on a Credit.
^ We can liani
\ i * . . t i
?\ muter, neuswax,
*4 all kinds of Furs
j O1'
( <
l - ' , ; V..' T "
NT E D! 1
re Customers j
i More Trade \C
ncreasmg every day, and we expect 1/
>11 will ask how we expect to do it? !
itomers the best goods for the least
e some bargains in Hour. It will be
see ns before you buy :: :: ::
1 a large stock of shoos, which \vc
l bargain for a short time only. It
xamine our line before buying.
ine of Dry Goods and Notions. We li
to serve you. "
gust* broke 1< o^o in Pickens. 1 mean
?bt <>uI UridiM 8 & 1 Iutumonds' slock of
ooda nr.) bound to },?? at. lh?? C'orin r
what's a fact, if \on come otio time you
f SHOES to g-. cheap. DRY OOODS
es of all Kinds.,.
lember the M< at Market in the (l.iys of
Y? urs truly,
Another Car
tr > ?
But Ho^vGood!
now u good tiling when t!.ey KXT \T.
r lot of SHORTS?-m oxc( llont f< o?l for coivf,
3 all Full Up. *
With Fall and \\*inter G ods |
of every description.
JollMMlIld See Us.
accounts will plcaso
lid need it HAD. And on this errand you can i
, M'FALL.j
' )
w Year To You !|?
lethod of thanking my customers and (
?eral patronage througij the year just ;
to have a better share of your busire,
by keeping a more Complete
Is obtainable, and selling them at
>u again for the patronage extended
th the hope that you will see my
Yours truly,
0b ? ID ? I
jli! Til Nro. s m
hank our customers for the liberal
e they have given us during 1903. j "
state that we will continue our ^ A
e, Cash System. g <
s give better values than if we sold ?
h m n
, . a
tile all Chickens, hggs, Good Fresh t&
Dry Hides, Musk Rat Hides and ^
at good prices. L
Yours truly,
aig Brothers ?
One-Price Cash Store g 11
\ M x \ \ x \ \ \ \ \ \
There ie no need of wtaring your Lu?>
hviiki l?l? "lf'tl ir
iijiiii i uj o iivi v/iiviiiui
A. few cloFt-B of tliin Household Kr
A positiue euro for InfliiL'uzt, Dronchit
Spasmodic in Croup.
:\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
fn mmn
NOT II ClcSing Out Snlo, bti
you to wonder how mcl
\'o are offering sonio (liand Bargain
er. All wo ?*k is for you to como .
nd when you s e how much wo can
uu r 5 tons arc IS'ow ana ol the l>
own for tho money. 8lic.CS for tlio !
ji-t us soil you your Slinca.
We hnvo tome Comforts and Bli
nonth at Sinughtcrr-tl l'rioes . If v<
Wo li:?yc a complete lino of GKC
gtiST'W'o appreoiato your trade
- i ! i ill OTmwngiuw.ujii.w^x
The Suit or Ovi
perfectly and 1
position you sta
Our clothing is
i ti 1 (fy^y.!
- wc alter it until i
livery tiling latcs
^ fabrics and tailoi
Sole: Agent lor
Nufangl Trousei
To Bo Giv<
Free of <
Commencing, Momlay inon
inning- throughout the \ car 19c
^ith every purchase made of us
nirchases or COI PONS reach 1
011 may select any of the follow
Soup Howl ? !,ill) w.ii tli of Coupons. : i
():it Men I l)isli 0>) worth df " i
!l mhIio'IVii ami Sa: coy ?3,00 " I
J'icklo Dish sN.OI) worth of "
Croam I'ilclwr ?8.00 worth of " I
in. Ol.li n^ IJi.-li jJX.OO worth " f
in. " " ^rj.(H) \v?D"li "
pt. I'ilchw .-'10.1)1) wort h " ! f
pt. J'lk-linr {'-10.00 worth "
iiitv.v IIo.it 10.0 ) worth " !?
Jmokrr Jar ^"20.!>;) 'vor'li "
iiigiir Bqwi :?J.S 00 woiIh " j
.'ovoroil I Jul t?T Disli >>21.00 worth "
n?icy Dish or Colory Tiny ?20.00 " i
'm l Dish or Or.iugi Uowi ? :!(; "
loll North Main Slroi.'t, - -
Now forChm
In 11 mi midst of winter you will
jlankota, ('onil'-irlH, Shoes ami I' iidt;
oino (I the bent va I lies Mint 1 havo )
'IudmoIp, and Canton Flannels.
The host .Icniis anybody sells l<:
<\-t ^o.:ds ( v?1 r nnuln lor men's woai
n. lOe, and 12ic. Same ^ooils at h
I'ndcrweur for men and women,
<10 inch Sea Island fdill selling r
f PI.- i ~ K /I... .. ^ . I /M .
I IK! MUM? IW "Ml/ UUJMrt >111(1 \ |IM
11cill bought ftt "closing out'' prices
>r under price.
Don'l give mo out when you wji
My Shoes Mill stand the f-t-t, oh
<*w oriPM with tin m. Ccmo to Hoe uf
?! won't usk you to huy.
A. I
kVcwt ca-i
P. S.: More goods for sain
N'.w is tho time to invest in I'io
, it gof-s to
Half ncro lot opposite depot,
Half aero lot in corporate limits,
1110 J iH'iva within 2 milca of Kan
!;)( ). An ideal stock Turn), $'-()()() <
131J 0-J0 acres in one ini 1m of N<
ivation, balance original forest; wor>r
it. Two framo dwelling* and out
For further information call on
J. D. H0LI1
Offlw at Dopot.
-mt A
(? out, when you can g< t a bottle of fcS
, Mullion and Tar.
medy will give immediate relief. &
in ntt.l LVi.^ v.. r ?ri *- * ?.?' ><
IO nil' I ASM UiVOl5^ WI 1 IllUUb, iV IIV I- v
- IJY ^
A, S. C. |
\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ N 4*2
t rcdurod Prices in DRY GOODS,
lTS, CAPS, KHC., t.batVttt cause
1 goods can bo sold at sncli prices.
S ill lllOMi Hll M t.lirnnnll Tlr>firt r?i -
and inspect our goods, got prices
save you, it means your trado for
SILOES !!^-~
est Quality over ofTetcd in ihis
School Children tlmt will please.
inknts that wo arc soiling this
>u need any of them come early.
)CKRIHS ;it prices that will please,
und will alwajs treat you right.
Si G I i I F IT I N ,
;y_ mak8 jcular.
jrcoat you buy here fits you
looks well 110 matter in what
ml or sit.
made to fit nirii as they are,
lit bev It it does not fit at first
it does tit.
L in style, of the most worthy
<:d in the most perfect manner.
S. C.
11 awes' Hats, Dutchess and
iled China!
on Away
iiino-, January i i th, and con- H
>.j. " We will give COUPONS .
Iroin 5 cents up. When your
lie nmnimts; stw>pifinfl Iv'lnw
ing pieces:
-'iiuc ! Dish 8-.00 in Coupons
> in. J*ls?to $1.00 in " 1
? in. Pint.) $?).O0j in " 1
r in. l'la'o $7.00 in "
Imlividn I iiiittor $1.00 in "
' in. Round Vcg lahlo D.'hIi $0 "
j j., .i .. ^ <<
S <? ?? .. ? J .J
' in. " ' " $1(5 '?
> ill. I'nlt 1- $M 00 in
i 1 in. I I;.tier $10.00 in '?
I i hi. I'lultiM* $'2-l.00 in "
I 1' ii 1 \>t $ii1.00 i;i "
1 lirca I <?r l)i-li $20.00 in "
i C'ovt i?!,l I >is|i .SJ2.C0 hi "
t r~* tt u
rsee nive,
>];rsox company,
(V1X4* KTOltti,
- - Gre nvillo. S. CJ.
turns Buying
iiood f^ood warm Clothing, warm
rwonr. Just now I n 111 offering
i:ul in Wool Dress Goodn, Wool
ir 25c, Duckings, Korfluys, tho
at 50(5 tho yard, Canton Fmnm 1
anio price iih v lion cotton aol(l IV r
, good goi.ds at 25c and 50c a
it, 5c.
kh m now. I have n big lot of
, which onables rao to hcII tfoem-^^
int HI a i j k o t h mid Comforts.
1 custc'inorH Mlick to jno and bring
i and if wo can't tiivc yon monoy
{ I :iOIN V I I J iE, s. c,
e money, Same goods for less
= ? ^ V
Fm sale.
hens real cstuto. Buy before
o high.
illionn, S. C , $100.00. ' T"J
, Calhoun, 8. C? $150 00- A
iloy, known us tho Davie Rob in ton
irris Cotton Mill; 15 ftcros in oulxl
enough on (hid pltice to pay Jfl
hougep, #12 per aero.
>ER & C0>
Piok< us, Sjfl

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