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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, January 27, 1904, Image 4

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H 11
Wfri PWlwi
light tit
wf BillIV Wit
?!.'! of the
tl?o names of tli
^nlislcd from Kalcoi
B^iit was :?1>H? to ai
fearful tlin
Hi i.i's whom the
HFpresident's wil
V further ir.i|uiri(
ifils worth
IK; i.. i. nine ..n
IB-\s nn.vltody in Fa
Immediately cn
a single volnnteo
Bioi illy lie ho stale
^Rust then his ollk
^ rlieanl llio
lo up and Siticl Hi;
10 use.! to work I
Sic." I.id joined (li
^^Uanfla. The baul
ivn and foun
ion of Iko Jacl
Hfi'il from Falco:
Iff .3
ilnnteei' of whom Fa
k n'r'i could boast llioro was sow
was frit that tlio honor of tin.' tow
By a small majorit;
those sudden turn
ion oft?*it takes tti
as made liiiirli oi
y desired t<> licitIc
in their midst eaile
so with panels at)
lint they wished t
frii'iid, M r. .lacksun.
that was sent t>> tli
i.'ontained a Kit-ate
i. Uver.vthiiiK. fi'ni
tier snaps, was inns
into the Christina
['ndinji matter union
h'iy deseription an>
oo numerous to men
ras finally 111 led an
lour men to ltnid :
iviifjwn ? IIH.I1 v.,is it) 1141 11 It t
^^Fin:,' packed tho box and startci
|^ppa<,Uau,e on its way across tin; <nn
lit. IIiom; concerned lu tin ir wor!
l It my upon I
Bff writ' .! h mi (hat lie mi-.til Know t
Hj wiiOiu U1 o tho proper credit.
In cninp one ni^iil tho linys of Com
pany K were discussing the appruac
of Christinas and speculating upo:
what they tnlyht u>'t from lioine. I'on
.Jackson took no par! in (lie eonvcrsii
Hon. He had no roln'ivox 11 \ iutr. nir
HP /? I ? ? .* i
r.., ,.io i< ii. l- 11ii . v..i lei! nn;
ono lr Aineri'm w !m? frotild 1 k>t 1 m?
about sendinK I''!" even :i (Miri.-lma
card. When nsked !f he hoped to fx*
:i package lie - In i?l: Ills head mml Hali
rtlit l In* would 1?! the hi ;l 111:iii iu Mil
Mr. Wn/ S. ('r.uii', of California, M I
flnlWed for yon is from rlniimiti<iu am
Itirn?<n^ >. ifo was frailly (ulviHitd I i tn
CTianibfilniii'H I'ain IJulin, which he >h(
find if flit r.t? ! a complete cur", l*\i
HfUp by I'ickn s I >rii( o.; Karlr't* I >: u^
Swffro; Hunter .V I'icIo'iih, liberty.
Humous Ko^lfxh Con^h S.vrnp ;urei
eouglts, colli:-*, bronchitis and ail kiildret
tataj^jubliis. 25 : at I! r e l)ni<{ Htoije, J
r ~
! ullu that tlio folks lu the United Sta
HL,v.nui,i remomber.
Christians ovo flu? first soi'irm
Ioniicecl Unit thirty-eight letters i
Ikristmns box that weighed "ob
K' were watting to be receipted
.Jackson. Company K 1
B merry Christinas, but tliroi
Kike maintained liis visual st<
Bnini'ss. Tlie amount of stuff t
Bui received, together with the
Hv with which he distributed
Hi to be circulated through
BMit a story to the effect that
millionaire ill disguise.?Mm
hi'istiiniN TiikIc I''or llomvl)
B SIierloH, the Dclci'llvc.
was tho day after Clirlstu
Iii'Iik'U Kherles and I sat in
^Klicr street rooms cursing
By, sloppy woatlior.
?Jl(,ss me! Mulroon's loine Ik
^ r!" he suddenly renin r'.;eil as
H; of a dug came in fiv.n the ha I
ilow on earth can you < 11V" I n
W ed, no sou nil ol
V en heard.
"Beenuse his dog doesn't know hi
answered tny friend, with n gleam
W his oyo. "For a vcteriusiry surg
' | you let a great many 'horses' got
l' > you, "''I man."
' | Another period of silence, and t
11 Sherles reached up his ong wl
0 j hand and look down the hottle of
^ I innni of lliic'" lin ?il.
l" ; "Now begins a period of liuril w
a ! for ine."
"Hard work?" 1 asked wondcripj
? ! "Why, 1 haven't hoard of any rot
; murders, robberies or disappearaniM
L" | "None of these this lime, old in
? All mysteries. Every young man
8 i town will soon be hero tj have
s liud out whal the ('hristmus pre*
l" i his girl gave him is intended for, d<
0 . you know."?New York Journal.
1 ? ?
Involution of l/lirl-.tiiiitM.
II is saiii that Christmas was at i
v time (piite a movable feast and k
' when 1110 weather and ciieiinistan
' permitted and that one ?? " the on
^ popes lixod on Doe. < "> radually
1 custom ot' singing eantichs and c?i
" was introduced by the church in
niembraucc of those stings of the lie
'' enly liost that uiua/.ed the sheplio
' on the Galilean hills and hi at thorn
i in hot haste to find the wot.droits lui
n i Tito holly and mistletoe d; < irations
! course, descended from the ilruids, ;
:1 1 a pretty fancy reigned wh.ch suggi
i ed that the sylvan spirits \.ouh1 he
dined to follow Ihe evergioon bra tie
' into houHe and church tmil rout
| there, sheltered <tio?l Utmost rl
i of Avii t .itsfev, \\'< i\,iioihen
2011), lv\>^ ..\OvvV" eN" i
tclieil a an 1 4'0 X<'(. n
| ('atiillefiM.^,' v? ",o:.,,n\sooui
: Wrl I'ttl I ll . I I.. !...< I!..?
.. ... V4UI4IIK I I i V^T LUiML'hl WIM
while people sal around il e hearth i
amused themselves with liot tool
ami snapdragon, conjuring and
felts and <iiii>?fcd spiced ale and put
| much as their descendant* crack jo
: "over the walnuts and the wine"
i these days between Christmas and
new year, when business is at a sla
st ill mill the children claiaor for i
ties and pantomimes.
OliMTvanccH li> II./; 1 ii :I<1.
The Uphill'.;; of ChriMmas cam
and the burning id' the "Christi
block" wei\! the sure hi raids of
season in old Knulatid, md the c
toins still sY.rvlvi> in . >
the country, in sonic unties a pi
of tin; Yulo Ion i>' kept t'ro.n uni'vcai
the next, in order to ii jht tliu n
year's lo.^. In ancient, ti. ics tlii.-s fi
inent was supposed to li a protecl
against lire and thunder, its as
were jriveii to animals to;- certain s
in ; anil were scattered > er die 1;
to Ueep the corn from hl;;lit.
In Devonshire what is U.iown as
"Asldon fajrnt" Is I>11 rii (i on (Mil
in:!.-; eve, and a conipau; watches
falling apart of the hoi. \ with wl
the f.r-'ot is hound as tl. l.urst
tho heat. In some par. of Ihij-'la
1 iil'ler the church servie . t!:? pec
express their Joy hv crying out
i cliuiv.s: "Vulo! Yule!"
,H i
Si'liNiiiialtlc A<1; < ?-.
"I shan't waul our," s.iitl Kilty, "
los - it lias ival u-rlli.
N'l-vcr Ionic a ClirNtinai <!<>| 1 in
inotitli, Killy," counseli-il Iht unci
<'lilcuuo Tribune.
I lly .fuiiK'H \\ lil(?'t?n>l> llll^y,
. A w< i ?l hi :i11<I j. I ( heor
'I'n a II i n i .h i 11 i?p i i r or 11 ir,
0 Or frl. n I >.r I'm-. <>i ililno or inlno.
" In ?tIu> < !' tin* v? !* ?? illviiuu
ln ii llie iitar bl?j"!iie<l forth i
'' In
I' Tho worlil'M fao-, \\ 1111 Clod's nmilo on 1
it it>' III'II Ioiiso i,
S I Klnj: tin- birth wa.H I> >: > Ioi IkIiI,
, Tl)c iitit Ik r loth nf lire i nil liKht.
Tho fiiiR<l :><> <1M ii'hiimI It,
Aii'l lUo tlib rnvlnhcil ?lu phordn na
- Who haw i!i ' lh;ht ;:i<I \vitl- iifrnid,
iy.a sv.iii ui <1 ant) true tiioy found
lly Sir Wnlter Scult,
(( ("Munition"!
Rnr!'u .1 \vr- 5i mi 11 > I in1 ri ml when
i>|i| ChriHirniiH bronnht 11i:* pporla njftal'
| 'TvvaM I!l J' ..l;.i.i;l l/iuaclii 1 I Ik: lill^ht
I ",05
"I'Wii < 'nrliiiiii;im t'liil ilio rirrrl-'Ht talc
K A < miiih A'.itnhoi "I t v .nliI clioor
ii A poor 11iiiii s h' art (Iuoii;.m halt the y<
li>- Mnrriet lliM'clicr Slowc,
i (Written til tin :ik of ,;lity-twO.)
I, II ill, Mi .? ? ?i ('liiistni i:t morn!
\\ In n CIiiIkI. :i child, wail born
Of Mar., holy nml.l,
' In liu'ivi lily prf,.-n nrrnyil.
i- Amen! ilallclnlnh:
" I
y II> It ii<1 > n i'?l IV r i> 1111 ur.
r; MIkIi ik.'Hi !>' Iillld Him ta ma.'l.sl.h t Ih> i
Is h<t nbovii uh
As nt >i? rn?* ti?" ClulnlmnH <1ny In brei
Injc vviiii.
il Tli??y will <lr!nl< our hen'thn nt <11nr
. ! '..lii I'll uh lir*w (hoy love u
AimI forgo; uh till nnotlar ywir Iks kj
^ , ?
I Vo'itnhlc CK: rity.
I "I> ! \on lulu; a j t uny out
- your bank, Hobby?"
1 "You, inn."
' "Why, Hobby! Wh.il for?"
I ''I flow ;i poor li !Ic boy wl
i looked hungry, and I took it out
1! give to hiiii to got koiik thing to (
1 willi."
''That wns noble of you, liobl
, NVns the poor boy thai kful?" A
II, you m in-.), iK!i'?iroJ?
to wliuro the poor little Ihj^I
lint I ?
llU! KV /I ISTEIt NEW YEAU. como crlong;
out l\/J Mako a mighty show!
for 1 Y Jl Shigln' or do same olo song
1U,1 I Kver'body know:
'p'1 "Howdy, howdy do, suit;
! Happy days tor you, suh!
lint i l.ots or money,
HI,. I Weather sunny,
U En do whole uUy blue. Bull's**
t'10 , Mlsler Now Year comln' 'long,
lie Trompln" erost do snow:
liltl Say he kwIuc tor right de wrong:
j Make de roses grow!
' r H
i '
lien / ^-a. fft :! '(
'! ? LhA ei&W
mi. ^ . ,1
)I1 t
' .
"I TOO WIH13 l-'EH YOU, SUll!"
"Howdy, howdy <lo, suh;
Hc-ah's my lovo tor you, suh I
('l't Give you money,
ccs Milk cm honey,
j.jy Make dat ole coat new, suh!"
. Mister New Year, k" yo' ways!
u 1 done had my selioolln';
ro- Been a lot or Now Year days;
UV- 1 too old fer l'oolin'!
... 1 too wise fer you. suh,
11 Wld yo1 "Ilowdy do, suh!"
Talk too cheap;
, of (!o few en reap
llHj Ea brim* dem skies or l?luo, suh!
?Atlanta Constitution.
a 111
DInIiom llot Colli Sulliilile Cor
lliu Uny. .
lll(! .> it i i: .. Ul' 1
111(1 I,.," "UlIl~. -l ,l .,uk of hot !l!)d cold
?ru 4 's s sul..iulo to be served informally
! Oil. V ' V . ,
< ^ ,>!l' H dny:
tj. Ilot?Chicken consomme, hoef ten,
clear Kroon tin tie soup, chlckcn ok.ru
. in cups, oyster ponletle, chicken, lobj.
Hter and sweetbread, cro(|iiettes and
^ patties, lobster Newbury.
I ( ^ Cold l'ickled oysters, roast turkey,
'j, partridge, quail, boiled ham, tongue.
Salads Chicken, lobster, potato, crab.
Sandwiches llani, chicken, touiioc.
nd- ,, ...
naI'dine, cheese, nut, lioel, turkey.
Sweet liishes- Icecream, biscuit, Tor
toni, biscuit K'ace, cafe parfait, straw*
uerr.v [iat'1'lll, CllOI'IOllO I'ltsse, Iliei'illgUO
glare, nicrin in- a la erenie, New Year's
' eookies, ? !:<)> oiate, lemon. orange ami
huh jelly layer ea kes, fruit cake, tninrc,-apl'll>
pie ami pumpkin pics, fruit tarts, all
us- varieties of fresh fruits, varieties of
ol cheeses, crackers, hiseuits, wafers.
Hevcragos Lemonade, tea, cotfeo,
i' to chocolate,
':lK' Xi'\v Year'* CooklcH,
10,1 He;1.t to a cream three-quarters of a
pound of hotter anil a poiuul of sugar.
Add three eggs ami heat them through
1 lu' the hutter ami sugar till thoroughly
liiiir. led. '1 hen add half a pint of sour
|'1U mliU anil a level teaspoouful of salera,s|"
111s (liHS'olvcd in a tiiblespoonfui of in>t
1\v:.;? i\ Ne:t put In a ;;i!l of t-arawsiy
l'r'1 seeds and a level ?nfill of tnace.
'll1 ttllr in Hour till tin- dou^h Is stitT
1 eimu'.'li l<? roll out thin. After it is
l'''* rolled as thin us pie crust cut the
co .' : s out wit!) a scalloped round cuttor.
lilt tliein with a pancakc Unit"
from tl.c pastry board, put tliem in a
dripping pun, sprinl.Ie over each cooky
till it little siiL(ar and bake ilieiu in a modcrate
Tin* New Vi'ar'N WilHsnil Oll|i.
Throughout all Kuropo the wassail
x.,. ... tMi< I'M III \JI ,iu"iiir| I'.y 21 I CilUll ''
of the tl;i>*. In old times one cup of
Klganlle size served the cut Ire ??n uy,
iitid wlicn a mail arose and took
tlii' huge vessel in both hands to drink
to tin" quests a trusted friend lose with
him and with drawn sword stood l?y
find his side lest he should lie traitorously
slabbed in the breast while drinking.?
A Year iiml 11 Day.
"I always feel a pity for the poor
1(j young men of (ircenland, those Kskiino
chaps, you know," said ClaiAiue. "No
it. matter if those poor fellows keep their
New Year's resolutions a whole year
people would throw it tip to them that
they could luirdly Rtnnd 1 ?y their principle*
for two days. Siul, isn't itV
lest Very." ChiniKo Tribune.
VcurN iiikI Men,
>nr Tli'1 year is dying; noon 'twill llo
Itehlnd u.s In tlu! fading pant.
We wat< li It ;r?>1 ii--T. and w<- ?li:h
To think It coidilirt iiIv.mvh laat.
All pon.sive for a lilt!? while
We eoiint the vanished years nnd fret.
Then j;reel the new one with a .sialic
Anil hurry onward and forgot.
Thft passim? years are like the moil
Wc have (<> ii-rvr- -they i>i?hh nwuy.
Wo mourn tin* master (loud, and (her;
The now one welcome and obey,
nun \Vo soon forgot, If ho Ih Ulnd.
Tho virtues of the kindly dead:
f*'1* Wo do iK.t mourn the years In hind
If h< i>(! lies in the one ahead.
>ei". ?t K KIs.r In ChlcaK<? llocord-llernM
3. ^ ?
mL wL :i'l
<l^'^k mL that produce I
ignHHHun^t is ti
r&ts f
The walking sick, what B
;i crowd of them there are: v
Persons who are thin and P
weak but not sick enough 'J
to :;o to bo J.. t
' C.".-.ronie cases" that's J
what the doctors call them, t
which in common IIn<>lish '
? ! ?
- ivy.i1' :>iv^ls.i I ,
To slop the continued '
[or,:', of llesh they need J
Scott's IZmulsion. For the i
feeling* of weakness they \
need Scott's IZmulsion. I
Ii makes new llesh and '
-ives new life to the weak ,
system. v 1
Scotl's IZmulsion gets
thin and weak persons out
.)f the rut. It makes new,
rich blood, strengthens the
nerves and gives appetite
for ordinary food.
Scott's 7 'Iiinkinn nn
taken as long as sickness
lasts and do good all the (
There's new strength i
md ( csh in every close.
Wj will be pi ad
you a few
. f j c' ::r, ire?.
;'.it t*:" * p'tlurc in
' . i ! i l.i i I i< ?>u tlic
v r .1 ' ry bullie ol
:i }.?U !
. - : . & UOWNE,
I : hi
>: V
I. .. % I I
DoiiU'slie Troubles.
It is cxocpt iouul to liiul a family win-re
there arc no domestic. vuptnreH ooeusion- j
lly, but the.so can bo lessened by iinv- |
ii'K Dr. Kind's New Life l'ills mound. !
Muoli trouble tbev save bv ,}'
work i- / ' "?l-'"'ir K'oiit i
, /.if " ^- .stonnieh niul Liver troubles.
They not < n!y relie vo you, but euro.
'25c, nt 1'ieluMis Drug Co.
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the newspapers
is sure to know of the wonderful
p j i ( cures made by Dr.
'/ II Kilmer's Sv/amp-Root, <
.?, V-Vv^V kld:'c>'- !iv"
?' * T ' J anc* bladder remedy.
-i li j IvCl r* It is the great medi-i
[<_/y cal triumph of the nine|,
VJ I , n tcenth century; dis!
jVyt j| II covered after years of
.( PR?: > vv-w " J, scientific research by
ij Dr. Kilmer, the emlf|
_ L; . * ncnt kidney and bladder
specialist, and Is
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid troubles
and Bright's Disease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swarnp?Root is not recommended
for everything but if you have kid
i.k.j , >ji uiiiuuur irouDic II Will DC lOUi'iu
jur.t the remedy you need. 11 has been tested
in :;o many ways, in hospital work, in private
practice, among the helpless too poor to purchase
relief and has proved so successful in
every ease that a special arrangement has
I ;; made by which all readers of this paper
who have not already tried it, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mail, also a book
telling more about Swamp-Root and how to
find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mention reading this generous
regular fifty cent and nom??f fiw?m5>-noot.
dollar ;,izc3 are sold by all good druggists.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
jwamp Root, and the arlrtrrvss, Binghamton,
N. Y., on every bottle.
yf|lfr\AND Tonic Pellets ar
??low pali
J. D. Mcorc, Craig Ercs. ai
ixi 11.wivx/\ i laivi, diVving
ous germs that infest the Bfi
ic way cures arc effected by Ml
ijV I
l* ' iV"? I
"The only way to prevent poverty
i to convince persons that it in unlecesBary
for tncin to eat."
So says the Baroness Stemscl, and,
irhat is more, she practices what she
iroaches. 1'or many years the bar- A
mess resided in one of the Baltic
trovinces, but recently she removed
o Lisbon, and there she formed,
rith several other women, a club, *
he members of which have pledged
hcmsclves not to cat anything.
L'wo glasses of lemonade a day ev;ry
member may indulge in, but
lotlung more. The baroness says
}\at she has lived n long time on
his allowance of lemonade, and she <]
lelies doctors to prove that she is >
lot as healthy and as vigorous as 11
my ordinary woman of her age. Sol- s
d food, she claims, does much more <:iarm
than good, and she warns ev- v
jry one who desires to become a *
member of the club that instant expulsion
will be her fate if she dares J
io eat even as much as a mouthful ,
of bread.
In this strange experiment both;
the Lisbon doctors and restaurant;
keepers are much interested, and for
obvious reasons.
A Good Ring Trick. :
"Do any of you boys and girls s
know how to place your hand in t
water without wetting it? Let me k
have a bowl full of water, please,"
Baid a boy to a number of persons
r rn *)
bU^..v>vv. ... ....> ...w...,,. o I'llllUl.
"What for?" lie was a.skcd.
"Oh, to show a trick," lie answered.
So the water was brought
in- r i
"Now," said he, "will sonic one ,
please lend me a finger ring?"
One was lent him, and then he
"Now 1 nhall put it into tliis howl
of water and then take it out without
getting my hand wet."
"Pshaw! You can't do that!" cxclainied
11o placed the ring in the howl of
water, and everybody looked to see
that it was really there.
Then from his pocket lie took a
small paper package and from it
emptied out on tho water a powder.
"What's that?" asked some one.
"Oh, that," he answered, "i^anti,r-1
tfr THAT S J W|
Met psMtucr. iSow look while I fuk> '
the ring out." ' 0
He plunged his hand in,
ring out and held his hand up?<li\e.
Lycopodium was tho name of the
Bright Boy.
Teacher?Now, Tommy, you know
it is impossible to he two places at
'rAliimu TV.,..rx I VII
AvriiiiJijr X uu (Mill r.>. ???*> , |H>p
is at Thousand islands now.?C'hicn^o
Mother (JirniTu?Children, go tr
Led Hi is minute! You nre so sleepy
now that you can hardly hold voiu
heads up!?St. Nicholas.
True Happiness.
Ilalf the happiness In living
Comes from willing hearted giving.
Comes from sharing oil our pleasures.
Prom dividing all our treasures,
Aiul the other half l.s loving
All things tame and all things roving;
I<ovlng skies, too, mid the inountalns.
Woods and waters, fields and fountains
So eiui, good child should !. < Mowing
I.ovo seeds while his 11f is growing;
Kor all happiness In living
Comes from loving and from giving.
?Alice Van Leer Carrlek.
p.d, bile enters the VUfiraX
on. Liver ills follow
e the only Treatment 1^0/
t the right touch and
n the right manner
\ the liver, the
the system,
id larb s Erug 8toro.
I Vegetables
to bring good priccs must have
~ | |"
Potash :
W? will Mnil our boolc*, giving full Infor- i
motion alKHit the subject, to any fanner who ^
writes for them.
Ht? V?rK-?* ' ?
Atlanta. II*. U*>{ Ho. llrokJ Kt. I
X o A0 T OII3C A..
Kind You Have Always Bought c
/ y/? J/ 7 h
* V" >
f. C/?"" ;V'vV- * V. *' ' J j
Sumnioiis for lteliel'. *
(Compliant Sorvetl.) /
In Court of Probate.
County of PickouH. ^ y
J. liojjgH, 0. C. P., us administrator
of tin* cstuto of Piuekuoy, nlinn Book j
lin^ood, deceit sod, Plum till'. I ^
Ienry llugood, Ton) llugood, Will 11 i
good, .Juki) Steplu iif, tlui hcirs-ut-lixw \
of Mary Ilagood, decased, ? allies and
number unknown, Daily 11? udriokn
and 1'. nrliun Hondrickf, minors uutlrr j
tlio ago of fourteen years. '
1 )i f? nduuts.
'o <lio defendants above named:
You nro lu rehy summoned and re
niivd to answer the complaint in litis
etiou of which a ei py is herewith served
,p.>n v.'U, tind to servo ii copy ?f your j
rtswer t'? lie srid eoinp'ni I on thosiiberilers
at t! oir ottleo at Piekens 11,
>. C., \vitliin twenty days idler Ine ser- '
ie.e ho.eo!'; \elusivo of the d-.ij of sne.li
eivieo; umI if you f il to answer the
onip nuit widiin t!:e time uf oremiid, the
laintdV i'i this action wdl apply to (lie
ionic for tho relief demanded in the
Morgan, Manldin .V Munldiii,
I'lainlitVs nttys.
J. 15. N. wherry, .1. I\ I'. C.
.Dated .January 11, A. I). 15)04.
To i??iu- -.1 i>.....t ....ii....
? - ,r .ii.u i..;n ii"J UUIIIricUs,
minors under ti e ti/je of foi.rtctn
,'rill N, IU <1 to JlUIM'H i i CIKlrie.UH Willi
v'lOin saill minoiH i?.-,ido and to any al>H'lit
(1 fen If herein wli > may lie
liii.ois and to any person with whom
neh 1i.t minor den 11?1:11:1h reside:
T:d;o nolieo t)i I unless yon pr?-enre
r yr.n 8< !ve m il for the minors under
lie iiRe of foiutein >?\hk r .- it! nj; with
von, tho njipoii t.i eiit of a e.Uii'dia.i ml ;
rem to repirseiit. (hn said minors in I iin j
el..-n \\ i 11 >: 11 twenty (In;, s from ihoser-|
v lee i I ihis in., ee upon yon, < xclnsi"e j A
of the dn> of i reli seiviee, the plain-1 R
ill's attoi if ,>s w.il proenre tin; appoint- K
intuit of sneh uisaidhui ad litem.
Mor/fin, Matiliiin .V Manhiin,
I'i ii.till's Attorneys,
Dated J.inn ry Hth, 1WVI.
To tin' :>I Mrrt ilofeinhtits, to wit: Tin* I
lich'M ut-'aw of Mmy 11?*>?!, dcncnsrd, [
tin inns and niimlutr unknown: T;tk.> i>o-] *
ti<*e that tin- Miiiiuions in this notion, of j
whirh tho above is :i nojiy, aud tli e 'in
plaint heroin were lilod in t. o oHioo < f
iho Probatu Court for tlui county ??l |
Pickens, State aforesaid on tin; I ill*. day
Jatiunry 11)0 J.
Morgan, Modlin .V Mauhiiu,
LMauil;n"s Attorneys.
Q//r?/r /1,000 j
Um4 COLLtGE 'ixP*"11* i
AUDI IT,?-?j^^co/y, Ga !
For Takiuiy ,
The Year !!)(>?. r,)r i
I ask Hint ono!i nml < v, ry one come
pr- paml t (? mo I lie. rV.lnw .1 District: (
in wliioli lio or alio niiiy liv<?, -.is tin- [
Comptroller (u'liornl \v;.! not .it low < \ E
"" *' I Jim
abatiimnls for persons where they (>el
in the wrong dif-'.i iets. I also n.sk tliut
pacli and evory person niako t lioi 1* own
returns, as I c xpiet to t.nko all returns
myself in ord? r to prevent 11ii?#< too
man v aeres against any 'Hie <>u my bocks,
'bin lias got to In- too gens ml. .So kovurn
yoursclvt:-: accord ii^ly. l'ilty ]x-r | _
ucnt. penalty for mm returns.
t will bo at the following named
Six Mill', Monday, Jan. I!, 11)')L.
Calhoun, TneMl.iv, .Ian. 12.
Ontrai, Weibiesd.iv, .Jan . b>.
N?>iris, Thursday, Jan. 1 I.
Caleechee, Friday, .lull. 15.
Inbut", Monday ami in sday, Jan,
1H a'.ii
Kade.v, 20, 'J I n ul 22, Wednesday, '
Thusday ami JViL.y.
Williams & Freem n'sSloc, Monday i<:
Loopei'n Shop, TiU'sdny, '2(5.
I lof^-rd's S'-'i'c, WV'int'Ktln\, 17.
Hu^l.<-V Stoic, 'I hlllilitS, '2N,
IVmpUinlowi, l 'i ill v, 'J i.
llol'y Springs, Monduy, I'l l) !. r.O!.
Adieu's Stole, i iii'mIhv, l i i>. 2.
(ittnlfd I lohtoln tin's, WcJiil'M lay .mil
ThuiWiiiv, I?*? t>. :> in il I
Milf ("in k, l''riili;.y, .*?.
lYuti i'm ( n i ];, Mi nduy, 1-Vl>. 8. L,
I will lio iu my i 11 co dining t!i?> tinm Vj
i?f this i)i<lico ( ii Siituidiiys ( > t he io
turns. \'"i v ri > pi **t fii 1' v,
' K. l\ KIWI II.
County Audi'or.
Dec. 2:5, HKKt.
\\\\\\\\\\\\\/ ^
New Goods== /
/ < '!
' % ? New Prices u\
/ /1
v I lmvo Wiitclii-H fr< i.i si.01) y
t<> $&o.oi). (ii <-!\s i r nil 1
' kiinls. llrea.il 1'im ' ?
/ tiii<1 Miooelies tn mit tlir /
' Hollow-wire, viz: Kngnr ?lj
/ J!tiwis, I5utl< r Dishes, IV,i / fti
l'i t.s mid (.'renin Pitchers. y \ fi
Then t! e ee eliinte.I I!0(1 ' , U
' I KS Hilver Knive*, FoiUh, / :
Siinonn I 1 l??u
\N ('liiiinfl, TliiinliloK
/ and Ijovo rliaiiiK of <>vcr(< dc ' pi
/ wiiption. Specs mi l franc; /
to uit tin* old man. < M
I li vo llin most cniiipl' In i H
lino of JMW'KLIIY /
f hIiowii in town, r inr one y
; coidc all ami I i i11 r \onr iv- ' , .
' pairing, for tliis in iuv lioliliy /
,, and }o'i will not g dcpuir* / I (
ing. Yours for luiKii.c-K, I
, H. SNIDER, jeweler, /
; F.AftMvY, sc. Uf
( 110
'242 ncrcs of lint* farming IiiikI. :
Vboul 100 acres in cultivation, l>u!-,
inco in original forest \\'< II lim ; n()
>o.rud, widctrd and will improved. IS
(,ive miles west of Pickens. Clienp ^)j
.iid tonus ea?v. A luirg.dn.
Vv. I'.. llOlMIISt II. |
b? mmm~
PICKENS, - - s. cIliad!
Shad!! Sli<ul!!! co<
'Iftoo your orders for O.vfltora unil Pi ,ii
Columbia s. <J,
S tififnot" ry priooH, quirk 8<>rvio?
in mttko money now selling ??u (Mitli
Mullot whilo ogK" urt'l 1 I
vv ' V. .i - . "
12d /o t ^
/) Is very cheap when the \>
'^A 5 begin with, but wo ha
r) "l give for the next two wo
A I ruary i st, 20 per cent, of
N } Men's, Youths' and Hoy*
N!\ coats. Our goods arc; al
(\ I * figures, and you know wl
JJ I '?. means when we take it <
fI 11 NVC can '!t y?u- lcnns <
)/ ('I n.tion paid lor by us, nor
\\ rl ^ m*cr Underwear inclm
(smith & I
(l le\m:\u VIA
v\ Greenville:,
ry'|* ~ pi
1 n order 1 o closo <
<]n(Is, wo have cut
Kg Pairs Clapp's S5.00 ..ml $6.0
60 Pairs Men's $3,50 and $3.00
75 Pairs Ladic's ^3 50 and ^3.0
9S Pairs Ladies and Misses ^2.<
S3 Pairs Ladies, Missi s ami Cli
34 lull's Alissc-s and Chiklrcns i
M any small Lot
)avlinont will
Bridle ??k ?'i
?atioo9 <;li
BJfr V 9
$L'" 1 ^
nt " {IP l\ H \
^ J.J i k i. UIL L u. iJ
ritttUAascn ??' :?<?*?%' - ncxz.iw-.x
sm ARGAINS in Tnl
?<2 ARGAINS in i'i'.t
;oi^S I kind >l l
ll. vo \"ii l.oii^lil (IntI ov. r<5 >.i!? Woll it
:.<* :i idi>!i :it mini*. I j t . ill < sc; i
I Will I I >Oil .Miller Id itltt' I ' () |il\V Ml
o|) Id cuiti vuli* in (J niiii i'l ii.ii.
l'ro liu*.c l\v;ivs wimlctl. I want now s i
T. I >. Ills
I es r-rl ii ir ra \r r
aiiiiiji fill
St or I i Hi;* Silver I
Hi( i Jin.?; !
Jut ^/i hiss, Art I><>tt<*i*
Novr! l
I)'mmnh<ls, W a{ch<
jj t ~ma' /r-s? r~
u.tr-. tth
I 09 North JYlain Street.
\m?\M DE
\jl LsLJM3 ww y H
For both old aiul new custom
oods lor aiul during the Autumn
want all who read this to ta
)ods from me unless you want t(
1 ihcv run
J .-?w,v, .11 aim glUU'ai
t prices.
For the next 3 months I will s
r every ^5.00 purchase worth of;
e I will give 20 lbs of granulatei
t sell sugar at the above price or
made all at one time, and the al>
With each 50 11) sack of my
ur I will give free a pound par.
(.la or a zc can nl (.(w?l I n^i 1.^1
J >.-x/wvi I /UVIV I Jll r
Give nu: a part of your trade
I! sell you good goods as < heap
I now have a complete line
\nnels, Sterling Dress Goods, I 1
Kidcrdov.n?white, pink and
A nice line of Gents fine shirts
s, Ladies and Gents I Iosiery froi
v old goods consisting of Suits, (
o-Jrxj, Yours for trade,
HI1M G |
riccs arc right to jj|j C<L
ve determined to \l jj v\
c:ks or until Feb- ? \ ys
f on all Clothing : ^ |
Suits and Over- jj;| JJ
1 marked in plain I ;i SS
lat 20 per cent, jjjjj
If. Come while ? l ?)
ash, ami no alter- ? | y\
exchanges made, rj JJ
led in this sale. { j rjr
mi stow |
mi 1 Hits. u
out all ()(Ids and
o Shoes to ^3.50 and $_|.oo.
Shoes l<> >.?.ou
O SllOCS lo S2.00.
jo Shoes to ?1.25.
ildrens $1.50 Shoes to $1 .00.
>1.25 Shoes to 75 cents.
s in ovory heat
oven greater
;)-to-l)a((k Shoo House,
iiwsi 1 r si 11
? a * m a ? -\ f M M A M J a J* > ' \
"""'l-dl '<0 *
rP IN ( { !
_Jl. ft. .4. _X. i 9
. v . j.ia,::!- irrae^ nan miiimiii?r?ii
foe. ^
?;\r^ai 11 in SI I( )1lS.
's ni liiev in your pocket if you will
i<> i id li>i" 21 ' I
ill lius year. Can l'un.i-li n kid II
in' com sr.ul fu.i ler.
?snys i?^
Hollow. \\ arc,
Silver (Tlal-warc.
y, Hiie-a-iifcrac and
's anil Jewelry.
CRE?ii VtLLE. S. C.
crs on all l'all and Winter
months of the new year
ke fair notice not to buy
> buy at the lowest prices
it< e fair dealing's and hon- ,
,< 11 to all who trade with me
anything in the dry ^oods
1 su^ar for $i .00. 1 will
ily when a $5.00 purchase g
ove demanded by the?<us"ROLLICK
EX'I KAC'l" 11
hrxr.. of ..
v,. uammcr 7 '
;injc powder.
and be convinced that I
as the cheapest, (quality
<T Broadcloths, Percales, j
enriettas, Nainsook C*\i. *
50 to 75c# Rubber coI? <?;
n 5 to 25c |>t*r pair. A
)vercoats ancl shoes atyotir gmrim

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