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v | Entered April 28,1903 nt Pickoup, 8. CM na second oltpa matter, under act of Congress of Maroli 3, 1879.
np nTlftll AAllfiA
umi; nun uumts in
Country Longs Go Wild Ii
Effort to Liquidate.
pricos Went Down From 45 to 81
Points?Prominent Bulls Were th<
Heavy/Buy?fs at the Deoline?East
,ern'ftews Responsible.
v Now Orleans, Jan. 29.?Tho long ox
flnnf n/1 "
^wkvu luatviuu tJUIIlU 111 IIIU COUOl
markot this morning and countrj
longs weut wild In thoir efforts to li
quidato. Thoir offerings swampei
tho markot for awhile and prices wenl
down from 45 to 80 points. The
prominent bulls were heavy buyers al
the decline and oven at tho lowest
buying orders of a few hundred bales
would send the markot up 10 points.
Tho caution was sounded yesterday
when brokers coinmonced to ask $1G
a bale margin.
n was generally considered that the
falso reports concerning the situation
In the Far East spread about last
I K * - -
iiRin. wurw responsible ror the liquidation
by the weak long interest. All
features remained bullish. The movement
was light and the weekly Insight
figures were smaller than were expected
by the most enthusiastic bulls. At
one time May options were NC> points
under the highest level of the morning,
but a quick recovery brought them
op until they were only II points bolow
the highest level uj*l only 21
points lower than the closo of yesterday.
TTie leading bulls said that the drastic
liquidation had left the market in
a healthier condition than ever, and
more open to further advances than
for Beveral days past.
Effort to Exterminate Th<J
' "--nrtr/
Borlin, Jan. 29.?The Ilorlin municipal
authorities have decided to mako
an aitompt to exterminato tho microbes
in tiio liI)rarloa, Professor
Koch having called attgentlon
to tiio danger of spreading infectious
disease among the books loaned indiscriminately
from libraries. The professor's
represontativos, during the former's
absence in South Africa, where
he is studying tho Rinderpest for the
British government, has drawn up a
plan for attacking the microbes which
win uu suiiniuiod u) ino imrary committoe
of tho municipal council next
it 1h intended to adopt aomo method
of disinfoctinK hooks after thoir
uho. Tho municipal disinfection station
will charge of tho matter.
Against Former Mayor Ames of Minneapolis,
St. Paul, Jan. lil>.?The supremo
court today quashed the indictment
QKalnst Former Mayor Ames, of .Minneapolis,
and the entire court hold
that tho indictment was faulty.
Judged Start. Collins and Lewis concurred
in tho majority opinion that
the offense was not proven, while
Judges Lovely and Drown disagree
with that hurt /if tlin
majority. Dr. Ames was charged and
convicted in tho district court of Hennepin
county of revolving monoy as
r' *i Minneapolis illegally from
Oldfield Won Auto Race.
Chicago, Jan. 20. A dispatch to Tho
Tribune from Hotel Orinond, Fla.,
Kays that without wind, on a wavy
surfaced conrso, and with a (loop haze
covering everytl Iiik. Harney Oldfiold
has won tho 1 milo automohilo championship
of America, defeating William
K. Vandorhilt by throe seconds, Old11
eld's Mmo was 40 3-.r?, but fn tho best
heat .io did -13, which sots the world's
intirit i nrc" seconds lower
than the* record of A'.iKiers, made
on tlie Dourdan road in Paris.
Found Guilty of Husband's Murdor.
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 2f) Mrs. Lulu
Prince Kennedy Kramer, for the
second time for tho murder In Junu
ary, 1001, of lu?r first hushand, Phil
lp H. Kennedy, wan found guilty by
a Jury hero today. At her fir.st tri?l
eho wa? convicted and sentenced tc
10 years In the penitentiary.
Tried to start Fire With Oil.
JMttahurK, Jan. 2!). Ah the result ol
an explosion following an attempt t<
ji111 i y a lire wan CUI'IIOII Oil, Mrs. A
F. Oray, of North Sowickly. is (load,;
Ethul, a daughter aged P<J years, It
probably fatally injured, and othei
mombors of tho family aro soriouslj
injured. Tho family rocontly camf
here from J*ovett, Ind.
Supposed Crime of Burglars.
Chicago, .lau. 28. With bills o
largo denominations amounting In al
to more than $r?00 sowed in his cloth
lag, August Ortman has boon fount
dead In tho .squalid little rear roon
/of his homo. The man bad been sho
rloarl uiinwmnfllv l?v Kiii?i/1oi?j
Germ ^School Ship Sails.
Charleston, S. C , Jan. 20. Tho Oor
,tmn school ship, Stoin, wlileh iias hooi
i iiiy (or Vigo, Spain
rBeorglaTown . Suffors ..Third Flro Ip
Three Years.
Elborton, Ga., Jan. 20.?-Elberton's
^ third disastrous ilro within a few
roars and In the same placo, occurred
Thursday morning.
About 4 o'clock Mathew's drug store
. tvas discovered on Are and bofore tho
people could bo aroused tho flames
uuu aiuuuu 10 utunes Bros., Thornton
Bros, and then enveloped Duncan
pros., all of whom suffered total loss
The block burned was known as
the Jonos block, owned by W. O.
" Jones. Across the street the build>
ings of T. M. Swift were damaged
r about $2,000.
For awhile it looked like the whole
1 business section on Mcintosh street
t would go, as well as the residence
s portion on Heard street. A stiff wind
t was blowing and was preceded by a
: light snow. While the citizens hoi
rocially worked to stop tho ravage
the thermometer registered far below
the freezing point.
I The Hank of Elberton building also
caught and was damaged considerably,
i The bank Itself suffered some loss,
an <1 i?l the Elberton Loan and Savings
3lx Men Took Part in the Fatal Row
Three Dead, Three Wounded.
Blltmore, N. C., Jan. 29.?Nows was
received here of a triple killing In
Lhirke county, 13 miles from Morganton
Tuesday night.
The statement is that Julius Flshor,
Marion Fisher, York Fisher, Hill
Deal, Eddie Hunt and Joe Towerly,
became Involved in a quarrel when
Julius Fisher killed his uncle, Marion
Fisher. York Fishor killed 1 till Doal
and Eddlo Hunt killed Joe Towerly.
The other throe are reported
rlously iniowiU . . ' "
A V i? 1 <)<\/\ i\X .-'suleiico of
cousins m -.ove >' \?\aU?,, v:- ^
Auhttville rnil *
Conductor Fisher says ho (loos not
think tho details are oxaclly correct,
but that there was trouble and Home
loss of life.
People of Carrolltcn Shy at Vaccine
Cnrrolltou, <ia., .1 un. 29.?Consider
able comment and no little dissatisfaction
in this section has been developed
in the past few days by the visIt
or I ho secretary of the state board
of health to Carrollton, and into Heard
county, with a view to securing compulsory
vaccination of tho people
against smallpox.
Ordinary Drown has been pressed to
refuse the order, which subjects him
to a lino, but a strong sentiment In
... i KI|I|>UI.1UI j Y IllUI lltkl ! >11
prevails in tho county.
Mayor T. C Bledsoe, of Parrollton.
will moot with the aldermen today to
determine what steps tho city shall
take to prevent the further spread of
the malady, which has already cost
the county thousands of dollars to control
a few cases occasionally breaking
out over the county for tho past few
Poll of Mississippi Legislature Show?
Desire for Revision.
Jackson, Miss., Jan. 2'J.?A poll was
made of the luadlng members of the
legislature to ascertain their views ro
I nt?i iiimm Ui? iyviuv/ui uviv. ]linviui ill
allows that a iargo majority of them
are m favor of repudiating IJryan and
making a thorough revision of the
Speaker 15. N'. Thomas, of tho lower
hotisi', who will probably ho a delegate
to tho national convention, doclans
himself, as unalterably opposed
to the recognition of Bryan as n
party leader and says that tho free
silver plank should bo entirely eliminated.
Stolen Panel Recovered.
New York, Jan. 29. The original
panel from which was taken Sir I)a
vid Wilkie's famous painting, "Mind
Man's lluff," and which was stolon
ironi me i.cnox Mi?rnry, a row flays
apo has ln'un found. Tho panel if-'
valued at $r>.()(iO. Tho thief sold ii
to a Forty-socond street dealer for
Firemen Under Suspicion.
Ran Francisco, Jan. 21 .- It Is stated
that the detectives who aro investigatf
I tn>; tho anonymous letters sent to (ho
> ! Southern Pacific company demanding
$10,1100 under threat to dynamite the
! trains, have centered suspicion on (\vn
i , men now employed in the vicinity of
" ; Fresno, r.ml that one of them has hoan
' j picked out as the author of the letters
Not Reduce Wage Scale.
Fa'/ottorvllle, I'a., .Ian. 2!>.?At a
mooting of morn than 20 eoal opera*
' tors on Vow river, employing In tho
' Aggregate 90,00ft minors, It wia nnanl*
. nioufly voted not to rodueo tho wngo:l
1 of minors this your. This moans no
i strike In Now river territory.
Must Hang for Killing Sweetheart.
Pari;*, Mo., Jan. 29.?Frank Dawson
has lioon convletod of murdering Anna
11 art man and sentenced to bo
1 hanged Ma roh 17. Dawson Killed
" MIor Hart man aa tho rosult of a broken
l'I Saved From Terrible Dentil.
family <>t Mm. M. !' '
Toll",, H?W ln'1* <lyill.' Mini
k/low to mvo lior. Tho most
^ftMuciMiiH mid every remedy
j?a?wliiln ooiiHiunption w.ih
tMkitifC I"'1' 'i^Dr.
King's Now I > ?
L?.ption tnrnnd <1r?pu?
Ali bottle brought i n
Bciir' i coptipuod n >
MMi' the*'?,
orn<$ t.'
Illinois to Raise Ohd to Mom
ory 01 iier fcJoldle.vs.
It Is To Be Constructed of White Marble
or Granito and Ornamented With
Bronze?Bas Reliofs Illustrating Historical
Chicago, Jan. 29.?Tho state of Illinois
wiil erect a monument in tho
Nutionul Military park at Vlcksburtj,
Miss., in honor of tho minois soldiers
and sailors who participated in the
| eoigG of that city from March 29 to j
July 1. ISC.:?.
The structure, expected to cost
OoO, will bo iu tho shape of a rotunda
or circular tev.iplo. It in ?
constructed of white marblo o? Anlte,
and ornamented with bronze.
Hronze tablets on tho exterior of tho
temple will have has reliefs represent- i
ing Richard Yates, tho war governor
of Illinois, presented Ulysses S. Grant,
hla commission as colonel of tho
Twenty-first Illinois; tho gunboats
running the batteries at Vleksburg on
tho night of April 1C>, 1803, and the
surrender of Vleksburg on the night
at April 1G, 1803, and the surrender of
Vleksburg by General Peinborton. 1'nJor
the exterior of tho dome will bo
sngravod from Lincoln's second inaugural,
"with malice toward none; with
ohnrltv for all," and the last phrase in
General Grant's farewell orfler to the
army, "Lot us have peace."
The circumference of the interior
win hear panels of size and number !
sufficient to contain tho nainos of alt 1
tho Illinois soldiers who took part
If) f h f\ Q * l'',u
\viiitam fii;^. ? ci-'h,
Mr. A. A. rilgnm, .
^()(j from dropsy, llo waa^A*^!1 ^
TiV?cKibben Makes 8urW^Singand
Startling Statement.
Chicago. Jan. 29.?"To prove that
largo numbers of cart ridges arc not
dangerous In eases of fire I am willing !
to station myself in a room where j
1,000.000 cartridges are stored in ai
wooden box and let fire be started" j
The Rev. William McKibben. who
was superintendent of a cartridge j
company before lie entered the min- i
iffry, has made thin offer to go ae- '
oompanled by the lire department, in
order to determine tho magazines of i
tho ammunitions In store will not
endanger firemen while a structure Is
on fire.
"It will be nothing new," resumed j
tho Rev. t)r. .McKibben, when the ;
?oiiuiiitt'>e had recovered from Its astonishment.
"Several years ago when (he cartrifl:x?*
company's storehouse burnedi
and 1,fl0f?.no0 rounds of loadel allot-j
Kiin shells were destroyed (?y fire, I :
war in (ho thick of it. and did not get i
a scratch. The experiments proba
lily will bo mado next week at the !
foot ( f Randolph street, and If the |
cartridges are found to bo dangerous.!
the merchants say th<\v are willing to.
Iu> p them In lire-proof vaults in the
Action Expected In Near Future.
Now York, Jan. 20.?The board of
maniifi'i'a ot the Cotton Exchange has
received the report of a special commlttcc
appointed to inv< ^Vjato the
proposed plan for extending the present
system of eertillcnling cotton t<i j
soul'iorn warolioiiscs. Action by the
board is expected in the n..-ar futuro.
Th" committee reports tr.;:t from 11)00
to the present timo t Mo December
(irst stock lias averagod but 150,000
bales, while the future trailing for the
past two months Is estimated :i( an average
of T'iO.OOO bales dafly. Answers
from over 10') members worn
against the plan of licensing warehouses
and certificating cotton in the ,
south showed a decided majority in
ffltfAl* /*f ?.! '? '<-1. - ? ' *
..i. limn. i lie repor' <ieelaros
that under present conditions
tho continuance of the cotton futures
trading Is menaced.
$?0.000 Fire In Louisville.
T.ouisvillo, Jan. 21). Kire of unknown
origin deHtroyod the DuPonl j
warehouse early t IT is morning. It. F \
; Avery & Co. Hie Metahvaro Manufneturing
company, and tho National Mot*
j al and Machine eompany, lessees,
I \ver?? tho prlnelpal losers. 'K?tal es
tlmated losa on buildings nnd contents
; is $8n.ooo.
Oldest Artist's Model Dead.
Now York. Jan. 20. William Weld),
tho oldest artist's model in this city,
has boon found dead in iila
heart falluro. llo wan 80 years old,
nnd owing to hln remarkable physkpio
was widely known among artists.
Bithop Galloway Accepts.
TtiJikogoo, A In., .fa'n. 28. -Hlshop C.
H. (lalloway, of tho Methodist Episcopal
ehuroh, south, Jackson, Miss., has
accepted tho Invitation of Principal
Booker T. Washington to proach thfl
comnioncement sermon at tho Tuakegee
Institute on May 22.
! Treaty for Extradition Criminals.
Now York, Jnn. Jst?.?A tronty providing
for the extradition of crlmlnaln
has been signed hy tho minister of
fori ign affairs and the minister o(
fJreat llrltaln, according to a Ilerald
.n ? * l ? I
tnnj'f.1 li Will lilliia, I ?JI u.
Found a ('lire, for IinlitfcsUon.
f Clminbci Idin'rt Stomivh ninl
Livor Tiihlrtrt for iinli?i'Kti*>n nitg&yjiitl
I lint (lu?y miit my o iwi bcM-i' tiiM^jniiy
<1_VH| 0;>< ii romriiy 1 l> ?v? ev<?r trin t awl
I Imvo used m >ny ?liff- rent r?miolio??, I
1 nin i onrlv ftfly-onn y? i'fl of nflt-i nn ' lime
mi IT rol u gronf ?lonl frnm indiRo-ttiO". 1
am <";?t n<mo?t anything f wmt now,?
O.m. W. K oiy. tt?k M?IK AI -. F<??
?u'ft ?>v T'bkau* D-hk ft buy
> Htor.-; limit * Pu^nn. M?"i ? 2BCi
-,;,i i?"***:
. n ! 1
Joint Conference Being Held at I
dlanapolis, Ind.
Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 20.?T
opening of the Joint conference of 1
dlana, Ohio, Illinois and WoBte
Pennsylvania coal operators and mi
ers was delayed today by the operato
holding caucus to formulate their (
mantis. At the caucus last night t
operators found it impossible to k
.^e?vuvi aiiu IHWIO WtlB UU atlJOUI
mont that the Indiana and Illinois c
orators might caucus together, Ti
operators came to Indianapolis expe<
ing the miners to rnako a demand f
a 10 per cont Increase in the minli
scale, and when it was found that th<
had cut out the demands for mo
wagos antf wore "standing pat" on
proposition to he presented to the <:
J orators, making the run-of-mine has
} and the seven count differential tl
| battlegrounds, the operators had
change their plans.
Many operators urged that the out
a tors make their demands conserv
tivo. The Western Pennsylvania ai
Ohio operators insist on making d
mands for the return of the minii
scale of 1002, and annriviccd that tfi(
would refuse to com the run-c
mine basis and the 7 cent different)!
Tho Illinois and Indiana operatoi
wero for more colciliatory action.
Special Reports ao Furnished to tl'
International Aycncy.
Now York, Jan. 29.-? Special tel
grains regarding the situation of trad
from correspondents to Tlie Interm
tlon Mercantile Agency throiighoi
the I'nited States are summarized s
In the central Mississippi valley an
throughout the southwest business i
mosl staple lines promises to excee
that of the opening months of 190;
General wholesale orders for sprln
trade this month In that region ar
saitf to ho heavier than In any precet
Moio than 115,000 wag*
ing .) II . , , ,
* 'j ' o worlv l
earners have gone haeW t
Pennsylvania and the lako region witl
In a fortnight.
Officials interviewed insist" that stet
rail prices will not he c;it. D<
spuo pessimistic reports as to iro
and stool demand continues to slowl
increase. notably for structural stei
and basic and forgo lion.
Prices have boon stronger for ci
tin. rubber, coffee, cotton goods, iw
cotton, wheat and corn. Not tlie lo.-b
encouraging feature of the busines
week lias boon tlio renewed confident?
in a prosperous season due to an in
provonient in collections. Tho Oh!
river valley an! South Atlantic an
pull states report large volume (
Lake Navigation Offers An Unusu;
Chance to Explorers.
Ohio i. .Fan 20.- I,ako navlgatlo
this whiter has (Ittod tho crown of t'i
steamers in service fur a "dash ft
th polo" fin it comhinos all tho e.
porionee of Arctic navigation.
Lake Michigan lias at last froze
ovor. At many points along tli
wept shore !io loo Is piled np soli
nntil it reaches from the bottom, '
foot deep to an orptal distance ahov
the water lino Tim i,w. ~
groat sl/.o and how t.hoy onmo to 1
formed Is regarded as a mystery, airu
tho thicker chunks of Ice are not ovi
IS or 20 Inchon tlm,. .'h.
Tho average temperature for D
com!> r 8 decrees helow nornui
and Ihus far In .lannnrj' It has her
I degrees This average has hoc
rxcclh l hat once (luring th? wlnt<
of 187a.
Those Necesoary for the Ideal Collet
Phfcngo, Jan. 20. Tht; qunlifir.ttini
for tho Ideal roll'go professor, i
outlined by President Harper Ifi n If
turo <" (ho University of Chicago c
the faculty <>r a college an;:
1. lie- should bo married.
2. Tie should be n Church m^mbc
3. f!e should mix with his etuden
outride the eln.'W rooms.
4 II" should have a doctor'n depro
r> He should ho willing to v.'oi
hard 11 months In the year.
fi. He should ho in sympathy wl
the puhlle and take an acttvo ifttr
| est In public affairs.
| The professor who is married, pa
1 Proaldent Harper, will do three timi
j at; much Rood in his position as oi
i \viM> is ^-liiK"'. itii(i ir nnas tnrr^-j
j tour chiblr i. ho wlfl bo ^ti 11 lvettr
| f ir ho will lio a Ktron?ef man " ,
Did Not Result In
MadrM, .Inn. 20.- -Tho dispute wh!<
| occurred In the chamber jrfv.twrdi
| between Minister I.InaroM and Dop
I t. Surlano, rcrultlnfi In Heading sr
I onds to oan'i otlior, ban been ROttli
| without nopofiHltatInx a duol botwo<
j tho principals.
Ex-Gevcrnor Taylor's Brother Dice
Kiw.vvtllo Ton ii lot. ' Oft VT
i Taylor, nk< ?1 l?rctt1ior of ex-Oovern
R. T/. itn<1 lion. A. A. T; . >r, dl
this morning .it "Robin's Roont," t
Taylor homo, nonr Johnson City, Ten
Er>rl cf Devon Dead.
London, .Inn. 20.- Tlio r?'<irl of I
von. Wlr Ib-nry Hn^h (hirt'enny, r<
tor of IVvrtorham, Dovon, Is dm
I'o wan born .Inly IK , 1HI1, and h<
c::tonslve CKfatos.
When bilious try a <1 > ?* of Cb >inl?
Iain's Hto tuioh tin-1 Livoi' Til MM h a
t-fa'.izo for one bow ijuic'dy u flrnt o'i
up t ? dub'm- (li'-iif will < ir.cnt tl)0 <1
or.liM*. Forsdrt by Pb'AiMi i Ol'iif? C*?
ivnui m i-rutf-n<>i?'; inmci'i" ?v I'lCKoi
Wuml'T^il N't'rr?%
Ih <liHiv?y"<i )i? rnui.;' i mrru ftHlnri
pniim of
Hrn>??, ftiuii*, H??r; f<??i or /
joint*. But iUkt 'h i)'* ?tc?st for fr, Jj i.
-i.ir-U'A &ii\u will k II tl>o pni Is**
1 | | ?tU" U'onWU>. I:'? t ! ,* Hf?'v
r!l Result of Bui doasoma Ta
tion It Is Charged.
u- Govornors of Three Provinces
'P* that Their Officers Have Been
turcd by Organized Bands and
or Funds Appropriated.
L,y New York, Jan. 29.?Internal
ro turbar.ee:; In Corea is spreading,
n \)lea The lierald'8 Sooul correayonc
p. It is the result of increased laxa
js The govornors of three provinces
lt) port that their officers Rave been
tured by organized bands aud ko\
ntent funds taken.
,r. Dotails have Juat been received 1
a_ of disturbances at Vladlvostock
1(1 ing tlu colobratlon of Russian Ch
e. mas. It was created by Intoxlc
Iluoslan marines and Japanese
?y nion. Numerous houces wore dost
ed, mostly Japanese, but Including
Lj Russian theater.
r3 , The usual lighting occurred,
happen* on such occasions, there
considerable brutality, but no fa
ties. The marines were not brot
under control until much property
)l8 been destroyed. The notllicatloi
Corcan neutrality cabled from
e. Foo to the powers was unknowr
l0 the Coroan foreign olTice until rej:
a. *wero received from tlie represe
tlves abroad. The intimation
IS that it was arranged by Yi-Yon
and Hvon-Sang-Kun, the latter lwn
just returned from "Russia.
n Tno C'orean ministers at Toldo h
,, | been Instructed especially to urge
'' I nr nki I .v. .~~.i I-?- ... - -
{ ..iniivuiuii' iceojjmuon or (Tor
j, neutrality.
n Baron H^yaohi Speako of Russian N
^ to Japan.
I/indon, .Tan^^vT^^0 Japanoso r
ir,tor. l'.aron HayaohT*stty^oday v
reference to tho report
n Tho Dnlly f?rn|>hlo. to tho eiioct t
v tho Russian reply to Japan was c
] ploted" Wednesday; that it has h
communicated to M. Kurino, tho .'
( nno?p minister at Rt. Petersburg,
kV that it was unfavorable; that M K
;t no hod officially notified him that
council of stnt.O called to consider
,0 Russian reply was only helil hi
Petersburg yesterday as er.blcd to
Associated I'rcps. I'.aron llayi
(j added that the reply had not y t h
sent, and that it will only be sub
ted for the czar's approval today
"There are no means, thorefo
added i"if Jnpnnoxu minister,
knowing tho contents of Cue a'is>
and as to Uio pr obable tenor, th
fore, I have no official lnformatlo
v Subwny Excavation In New York <
May Weaken Structure.
n Now York, Jnn. 20.? Work on
Brooklyn extension of tho Rapid T
I sit subway 'under lower Hroadwaj
front of Trinity church, bass l<?. :i p
ticafly KtiHi-ended at the request
^ the comptroller of tne Trinity cor
)P atJon. who foaV that unless oxtnu
,n nary precaution.'} are taken by tho
way constructors to protect tho s
of tfie ancient church, it will lie
sfdcrably weakened at tho foundat
I and fall outward Into Broadway,
j When work on the subway had t
,n carried ax f.ir south as Trinity,
forts were rrade to learn how <
tho foundation had boon laid in
t ft A 1 ? * ' ? - - 1 * "
I I..VJ n|.ur. I'll! Ill> I'HI'.Jl'OS CVMIIll
l found, and tosis were inadu below
pnrfac r voallng the fact iliat it
tends only nlno for the six Inches
low the "n}ri<inK- The subway,
nlnpc Quito close to tho building
1 Roes much d^fcpor, and as tho o
' Is Foft anr'. .sandy. eonio means
0 have (o bo found for staying 'ho k
,ln of tho ditch a* not to disturb on
fho city's revered landmarks.
Qlrl Wje Determined Not to Part f
' Her Swoetheart.
' Chicago, Jnn. 2!).?Dressed in a
of her brother's clofhos, and with
'LJgpj.', bniwn 1? a I r cut short and ei
r rne<l" fn?o a man's wig, May Won
22 year# old, of Torre Ifnuto,
' has npjwted to tho recruiting serrc
at Pt. Sherldun to bo mustered
u wRpmpany I. which Is ordered to
ri tho Twentieth regiment In the 1
*r\ Ipplnos as coon as It Is at full stror
.The pclrl brol<o down when Infi
1 nd?that Hho must undergo the r
-Jar physlenl examination nnd co.nfe
1 her so* H^nrt-broVen at. the (hoi
** of separation f om * her sw/cthi
" Car| TMlanm. who Ts a prlvnto In
c eoj^ipnny. sho sold that sho triei
f> onllat as n man In ordor to aec >m|
n him apyf shnVh lifa danger.
'* . . \
Probably of 8ulclde.
Detroit, Mich., Jnn. 20.?Jerei
t r 0. Fnrwoll, son of ouo of the i
(>fj prominent enpltnllHtfl of Dotrolt,
In ^Harper hospital today froin *
lot wound through his stomach, f
It Is supjKjsed, with suicidal Intent
was found fjtt the Woodwnrd avi
cnr hnrfffl early today with blood
?c lng from the wound through his s
. nch and a revolver lwslde hltr.
V. I.. |M 1.
Id ,wir'wl1 11/4 ,lin OUltlUD in >. IK IW Ik
was 3G yoarn of line.
, Card of Thanks.
Wo hereby extend our tine*
thanks and appreciation to tho M
? . odiata apd frienda of the Pickens
cnit for the' generous "jound
given lis laat week. We feel
selvort unworthy of such manif
tions of appreciation on tho pa
11l the I oodIc. Ikt.mjko we lihvn dr.n
K tiW.tfyet Wfi oro assured tlmt
voi'k i-i vhich tlio
p 11 Toasts to Empercr Wllflem and Pro
ident Hoocovolt.
Now Orleans, Jan. 29.?A happy e
change of courtesloa between Govern
Xa- Hoard and stato oTflolals and Coc
modore Schrfoeder and the officers <
the German cruiser Vlueta, has take
place hero.
K P ?I
un mnd and on wator glasses cllnl
ed to the hoalth of Emperor Wllllai
?ay and President HoohovoH. Govornc
Cap- Heard came here especially to pay hi
the rysl)ec^B ^10 Qormon visitor. Sn
rounded hy Ills stnff In fuR array i
gold laco (ho governor rocolved th
^ visiting naval officers In the pali
garden of tho St. Charles hotel. Sul
lent HfHluently tho governor with his sta
were taken In launches to th$ shli
' ' The guns of tho cruiser belched a hi
lute as the party went up the side c
the handsome cruiser. All rose 1
'1 n tho cabin when Commodore SeTiro*
der, with a glass In his hand nrr?rw.?
the health of the president nnd th
('nr governor.
1 K Governor Heard offered a toast t
ll,c<' the German commander and to th
^NO German emperor, expressing Iho hop
rfj* that the present relations hotweo
1 1L Germany and the United States mlgli
continue to be marked by oordlallt
_ s and good feeling.
%V*h Commodore 8chroeder roclprocate
a the governor's sentiments.
German societies entertained th
1,u Bailors at a ball last night Tonlgli
10 Baron von MeysonCurg, th? Germni
C consul, will be tho host af an ontoi
1 talnment tendered to the visitors.
>1 ok Tho Vlneta Is expected to sail 01
ula" Saturday for Vora Crux,
was ___
Houseo of South Carolina Leglelatun
,l%< Favor Loos Frequent Moetlngs.
Columbia, S. C., Jan. 20.?A reeolu
! a h tlon has passed both branches of tin
general assembly providing for Men
mm sessions of tho legislature. Tftli
Is the first stop In Fho process neces
8Gry to the r? <1 leal chango from an
,otc nual pensions.
Having passed the two houses by t
11 n two-thirds majority, as required bj
the contltution of the state, the
proposition goes before tho people a?
a whol ; In tho general election Ii
?'n NovemnvM" next.
oen If It enrriob i,n that election the sue
'ai> oeodlng gonoral ?*?.:?HnbIy will gc
an<' through the form of rAi.lv'.ng 11 nml
ii win necome nn amomlment n, ??lt
stato constitution of 18br?.
t'! It Is thought that the proposltloi
will carry in the general election, ant
the* change will be a welcomed one
<slii jf jt doos become a constitutional pro
100,1 vision, It will ho the llrst time li
mit- jjjstory of South Carolina lha
the state legislature has not met onoi
ro- a yenr.
"?l It will also he a saving of abou
V(>r. $100,000, possibly more, in every fou
or<;" years to the state treasury.
To Kill Foreign Officers.
Constantinople, Jan. 2D.?The port
has notified the Austrian aivl Itus
City Blnn embassies that the Mneedonlai
commit ti es have arranged with tin
hf Albanians for liberal rewards, to hav<
rftn them Kill every foreign officer sen
' i" Into the provinces In connection wit!
rac I the reorganization of Hie gendar.rdo
"i under the reform scheme of tho pow
P ' ora.
j?l re
con Tho Kentucky senate imased th
Ions house hill for a $1,000,000 capltol a
Frankfort. This ends the flgh
teen started by Henry Clay nnd contlriuni
of Blnce hiR tlmo to removo ffie sent o
loop government.
i:loi The houBO yosterday was entortalc
he ed by a speech by J. Adam Bodu, ,
the RepublScon member from Mtnnortot/
ox who ir.ndo his mahlen go and won Til
be spurs. There ajso \va? a dlacuesloi
run- c ;innncc i?y Mr. Hill, Republican, o
Hp" Connecticut, and Mr. VVUllair.a, Dome
urth ciat, of Mississippi, bnaido roforoncc
will to fhe rnnarna canal and the rac
Ides problem in the i;oulh.
e ol Roplylng to Senator Tillman's
lutlon In regard to the status of W. T
Cruin, negro collector at Ohavloator
Secretary Shaw hay# that Cdum Ik d
facto collector; but la not rooolvln
rorr pay.
The I'eabody truHtecfi met In Ward
suit Ington, but took no action In rep;ar
hei to electing a successor to Dr. Snmtm
ram A. Oreen, general agent of tho fund
dell W. M. Toomor, of Georgia, Is I
Ind., Washington, opposing the Slbloy bl
eant to prohibit the purchase of convloi
Into made goods by tho government.
JoTn "Craft" charges have hern fllo
nil I wii n me inrerior dopartment ngalns
iKtH Hlrd McGuiro, tho dologate in th
arm- houuo from Oklahoma.
ogu- (ft the 108 bodies reoovered fror
seed tho Hardwtch mine, only 18 have he 3
light Idontlflod.
Bart, Tho Duho of Marlborough, undo
tl1(, no?retary of tho colonloH, awnurod
rt to deputation of the Hrltlah Cotton Grou
;>any ore' association yotitenlay that tta
government would aid tho movenicn
to secure a supply of nrltfnh grow
nlah ColonoI YounghiiKband, comnmnrtln
mout tho ,lrl-'"h expedition to TLIbot, l.i
jl0(1 been warned by ono of the gres
j)Uj. lama* o rotlro from tho country o
ir(, ^ ttv uc will ho trouble.
jy0 Menipt of Die eultan of Moivx
enuo 00 to '<>rco ^lC circulation of uniK>|
f]ow. ulnr copiior colna provoked tho po]
torn- u,ftC0 to r'f)l Chrlatlan codk
toiy waa doaecratod. ,
ll0 In a |k?1 ltlcn.1 riot at Clenfuogoi
Cuba. one man was klllod and aovori
wero wounded.
Notion of I'lnnl (. ^ttlomcnt.
, I will npply to T. It. Nowb^rJ, Pi< l>n,l
, .fndtfe, ou tho 27lli ?lny of Fotoriiarj
lotl)* nx).jt f0P ftfinnl HottliMU"i>t of the e^frtt
icir- ?f NYn> Hall urn, drronHod, and pbU to Ij
intf" diHiuiKhod lift \dmiuiatiator.
our* IwftO Hiillnm,
eBlft- ^ftn* 27*4. Administrator.
rt of ??Tio a string Around your (lngfr.
o ho Uet Mini I ottta of Itliomiuioido today 1m
our foro your rlHiiimntfoin K?t? n firm htn
llf^liV "IIM viiivil i j I .
; i
- H W.T. McFAIiL,
iy President
*- % Careful and constant work t
?r Bank largely increases every yeaj
" a solicit your business and \v
^ f?Vt'*t*V rPnennnl^o 1 ~ *
u J . vi..iuimwn> (IV-HHIlUUllUOIl.
President. Vicr-Pros
x -fThe Pickens Oil Mill
(T^Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls, Oil am
1 Now ready for I
Our Ginnerv has Ihvmi mnnin/v r..n
J i VUUJIII- Wll 111 II
ai cl we thank our patrons for their
I Out* Miil is now grinding regularly
pi : it)- of hulls, meal or "batting."
j Hrin 4 your SKK1) and exchange then
01 we will pay you the highest m;
\ s( 2.1 just as you prefer.
Con e to us and see how well we c
at 2 not controlled by outside pric
( its i?:h, or more, lor your seed thai
R. H. CU
i j ^ ?
,j\ Pickens Drug Con
1 j , {. 7K had a few bo
/ ( j j ^ A w Christmas Stock.
1 > 1 < k 1 114* vi 11 be closed out
[ j 1 next two nnv- i-o \v~
3 / J i~-- ' fj . MI" ^
S ?. ,vt .r-i carry it over till new. . ,nc
| ail our customers the benelit of tho
i \ We sell nice
(, C i ltomClilhOl' >VO soli ilio S(
^ i;)?' all \ho schools.
j Pickens Drug-Co
^ The Completest Driif
| Duify'i; Pure Malt Whiskey Saved My Life
l Ago and Has Kept Me Strong and I
* Writes Mrs. D. M. Roberts, of
8 ^ ^Robort8
W v f'J / v' V a\v>?1 to resist, tho I
L ft nny effect.
0 "Mjrsons,
^ l ai1" ^ 'laV?^U
^ ' and amln go
uiku any >moi* mcuiclno. Unity's is the very lifo of old j>e
t Tho v ?rajro length of lifo is loss than 50 years. Tho
persons i . tho United States who havo passed tlio century
a mvos lii.i >r her rino old ago and freedom ,'roni disease to ]
r- Klixir i>l Life. \?'o havo been publishing their letters ;
? Mrs. ltol v<is ono of thaso wonderful old people.
?n:i 11. ui'viiiiii iv |iiirtiui?uiiai>iou 01 iunii, (i Kcmio, nr
it tho vvovl id-out, run-down, weakened, diseased constitutio
iltrow <>{.'nud resist (liscd-io. It kills diseaso germs, <iuiot
diseased i;i ii< tones upthe heart, cnrlches the blopn
j and strengthens tho circulation, and k'vcs power to
> the brai and strength and elasticity to the muscles.
j DuflfyV t'uro Alult Whiskey cures Bronchitis,
' (toughs, <'<>ld*, Grippe, Asthma, Catarrh, Pneu- A
y inonia, Pleurisy, Consumption and all diseases of
0- i the throat and lungs; Dyspepsia. Indigestion, and
I every four, of stomach trouble; Malaria and all low ffQ
fovors. It is invaluable for overworked men, del- //(f)!
Hi icate wo ju-n and siekl^chlldren. (ICQ I
J If y??.i wish to ket "young and strong and havoll,^!
on your I ico tho glow of jsirfoct health; if youII I
wish to liv i to a /reat ago and to rotain nudiinmedlt "
the use <>f all your faculties; if you would enjoy life ?
' ,? !.? f, .1 ..r?.l ?.? l,wln.iA?wl I- -I.I \\
,v, v..?. ..... a.. ...... -M, I.IUV|W|Himit III OIU ngOi UMO Vk
<? i Duffy's 1'uro Malt VV hlskoy as <11 roc tod, and takono
other iiwdirine. ^
' No <ttaor medicine or combination of medicines
e will do what, Duffy's will do. It Is pnwcribod by
0 7,000 doctor* an<l used In ovor 2,000 IxmpltAl*.
Duffy's Puro Malt Whiskey cri) tains no fusel
oil, and .h tho only whiskey rocogn f\l by tho Oovernmetv
(lADTlON.-Wlicn you .?h 'or l)n<fy'? Pur. M?
renulnc. UtiftornpiMmin ilMlnri, m.'n.lfnl of th? excel
,, iv? kaII von cheap Imltntlon* an.l nnlt whiskey mi!
narkef fqf profit only, and which, f*r from rellevl?]
j^tit. OAumnil " IhiflVs" anil be sure jw ?oi It. It I
1 W'hl?k?* which contains medicinal, he, Ith-?lTln* ?iun
hottles only i nevsr In i)<??k ok |>u)j
^ rsu jo
J. Mcl). BRUCE. %
Cannier. M
SANK | {
$ 20,600.00 B
11,000.00 I
- 105,000.po ?
he business of this &
ill extend to you-*0100'
monarch fl
i. S.TO7 & Treaa
1 Linters.-<^
\ -
time ail tliis season
and you can get
11 for meal and hulls
irket price ior your
an treat you. We
:es but will pay as
i .my other market. S
xcs of I1 AN, H
left from o\ .
at COST for the / 1
do not wish to S J flfl
ion, and will civc. J ?
Of nil 1<S
II001; ]!0o\
imnativ \
I Store. I
^ m
?rom Bronc J ?%A \ JBBj
riealthy Eve/ e* ^
1 ? rimnm. *?1n' ?Pe -_ jfl
in , . ?m
Doesn't f ^'- 1
'apers ? >Spocta
xi ?''^H
nuiH? 1 was
>t enough vil.^l
liscoso. NotliiiiK^J
nv your advert Iko.WwBwH
hmy'a 1'uro Malt^tyg^^H
'Ilto tlv |i?y
?'A in tho
nT. ?* 1 tkeveforJB
' *>-*,!? fbad the
Vet. .sS>, &"A am
^est nnyMihtp, omr^T'
o nourishment out or O
btrongor than I hav?
>(mI flesh. sleep sound
oplo, uinl I would not. l>o wlthou^jB
MRS. 1>. M. KOBEH'a/T^^H
consuls shows there nro only ;i,68fr
mark. Almost every one or them
Duffy's Pure Malt W hiskey, the true
regularly in the pa port* "for years.
11 and krvps itHlwflyfi Mill IP BE
? tho nerve*, rojjpirs ' 5 fy^^
fcann. m<*Holne. T MA
1?D*>? of thl* p'SpH
inHtuto*, \?' a., r * Ba
tho Kkk, rh I M
"' awH8|

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