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p^^wl/nkhj>ay mousing.
The Sontinel-Journal Company.
Thompson ?fc Richky, Pkops.
I J. L. O. THOMPSON, Editor.
Subscription 81.00 Per Anuurn.
Advertising ltntes Reasonable
Entered at Pickens I'ostofUce as Second Class
Mail Matter
" PICKENS, S. C. :
Wednesday, Feb. >i, 1904.
W u are building hospitals and sani
' Iftrinms for the purpose of curinp
thoBo who are sick and nroloniriuc
the lives o! thoso who are ill boyonc
recovery. TC. Benjamin Andrews
Chancellor ??f tho University of No
braska, is of tho opinion apparently
that when men, women ami childrei
are no longer ablo to aorve any gooc
k^jmrsposo in the world, when they ar
physicians aro of tho opin
?"jjjfiu^H^Hhaye no chance of recovery
Rm^ helped on
g^L. world, as thoy ar
themselves an
Taoway iWiiioh ho came to e:
press this opinion is as follows: I
seems that John D. Rockefeller hr
ryivan &lif? fi? flw> Vnln'nalrn S\f n
University on condition that il
friends would raiso $33,333, th
money to bo used fur building. Som
of tho Stato papers and a number (
influential citizens object to receivin
any of Mr. Rockefeller's money, b
cause of the belief that it is tho pro<
uct of a monopoly.
Chancellor And rows, in do fundi n
Mr. Rockefeller, snid that tho lath
should not bo hold responsible f
^ everything done by the corp >ratio
^Ly of which ho is tho head. Beside
B Mr. Rockefeller never crushed out
competitor, according to C'hancell
Wr Androws, without offering him a li
erai price xor nm piaut. it was me
iV table t.bat tho competitor would ba
the wall sooner or late
He tbo weaker would have to yie
Ikstronger. Mr. Kockefeller on
sPTed tho going of his competitoi
Hud be did thin so that they won
^^^aro better by going at ouco tlmu 1
waiting. Some one interrupted tl
Chancellor and suggested: "Lii
taking up an ailing child and wrin
H ing its neck." To the sugge^b ucl<
Chancellor responded: jOu sucrge
mm "Yes, tbo ?nalogy herded to a co
I believe 1 skilled physicians and
! more rtec'do that tho life is a wre
A sou*0 recovery iw impossible, on th
^^^^aecidion tho suflerer will be met
Mr fully put to death."
Chancellor Andrews was such
\ advanced thinker and teacher tl
Brown University was displeas
with him, and ho went to the pub
schools of Chicago, and now it hoci
he is ftt tho head of the State L"
vorsity in Air. Bryan's State,
thoro not danger thnt he will n
prove acceptable tlierc? Mi*. Kock
^^tor's-^aojiey serins to have ltynn
Hit him. The doctriuo that pooj
H* are weaklings or ore attlicb
incurable diseases so that tin
a burden should b#? nut <->nf
Ifjwuy will hardly bo acceptable*
H' day and generation, not even
Hn a way for the acceptance i
^IH^Hckefollcr money by colleges at:
^BllppilU'HH. It
^^*6 work i.s con
^ lii/icHt man i
^W^lie judge wli
^Koii on his own r<
to work when I at
do ho. I am hnnnv
&j|'orl<, but I am always to
*'* 18"; forced to di
NH&&<(h n ''y i,111 v
I hoi^^Bim f .rci"
Bk ^ have no rogp<msihilit;
P^Rmvo no doubt, nr.y Ix; < \
'//jfflred tho fftct that in tho South
t v iiero aro many nogroes who spend
much of their timoon tho chaingangs
They get a plenty to eat, have a placi
to sloop and aro without roaponsibil
| ity; and they go ainging about the
I open air work that gives them exerappetito.
' ii Philadelphia, a
n, tho brido of a
ti buried from a
ill funeral of ono
)rominont socially
it mob of morbid
nen, who pushed
lions from which
e into tho church,
worst; when tho
JUt of f.hfl ftflifiiw.
Kb bod it nnd stole nonrly
worn with tvhicli it lmd
Ad. Tho polico worn coiuBfl
their claim beforo tho
nottonnl bnnkH in
^f ntonk
Winge tho outer
A bill in which Prohibitionists nro p<
interested is that for limiting tho in- 'A]
f*.ralntr> i>nmni(>n>n l.iw bv civiriir Hm ot
j r>
states power to apply their excise st
laws to liqnor imported from other p
states, whether in original packages i'i
or not. It ih known ns the Hepburn- i'(
Dolliver bill, unci is now being con b
sidoml l>j the Judiciary Committee
of the llouso. That committee if- si
having an interesting li no with it. >i
Tho Prohibitionists uro out in force N
ami ho are the liquor men. There tv
have been some stirriui? scenes in the
'tomuiittuo room, appeals to patriot- (
ism unci nil of that. It soems that
thus far tho (ibrmitns aro tho strong
- ohI opponents of tho bill. Tho re a
; son probably iH that if it should bej
come a law it would pretty elVectiu.lly
1 cut olY their supplies of beer in many '
, ports of tho country, at least thoir
- favorite brands of that beverage.
V It will bo recalled that tho Su
i pronto court of tho United States do
1 cidt-d somo timo ago that liquors in
u original packages could ho transport
- ed into prohibition states. This
, practically nullified the prohibition
laws in those states. At least it en
e allied people living in prohibition
d states to got all tho whiskey, wine
and beer they wanted, notwithstand
c- ing tho laws against the salo of int
is The purpose of the pending bill is
.( to ouablo tho states to stop liquors in
1.8 original packages from crossing their
e borders if tliyy have laws prohibiting
b tho sale of intoxicants; in other words
if they are prohibition states. Of
g course, the opposition to the bill is
e- very strong, and the chances are
1- against its passage. The liquor sontiiueut
is stronger than the prohibi
g tion sentiment. It is probable that j
or congress will be found to be on the )
or sido of tho most votes.
m < The way to beat tho liquor business
s, j is to educate the people against tho
ai uso or mioxicanis. n us uouuuui 11 i
or tho uso of alcoholic beverages can be j
b- prevented by law. Thoso who want ;
vi- whiskey will find a way to got it.
vo It is a pretty safe statement that
>r, there is much less drinking now than
Id there was half a century ago. Even
ly the uso of wine isn't bo common as it
s, was within the memory of the pros-!
Id ent generation. The so* A' from
>v against drinking, partic ftPPftr
ie iug to excess -i ??
ko course o?,, .Sir "Tommy" Lipton! lie
or. i l".iiows how to turn a nimble sixpence
jpt with tlio best of thorn. English peol8{
plo, it seems, are fond of Irish bacon
m. and will pay moro for it than thoy
if j will for tho American sort. Likewise
cj(j they uro partial to Irish horso, boejr
lieving that thoso of tho island aro
.cj. stronger and hardier than others. To
liHct theso conditions, according to
nn : the statement <>f Secretary Wilson
m(_ of tho department of Agriculture,
(H| Sir Thomas maintains u packing
][(. liouso in Chicago, where ho lays
MS down light American hogs, ships
,,j. tln in to Ireland, and then reships
: thoin across the channel and then in
. I 4l.~ i.'... i:~<
ot tut; Ku^ubii maruei as genuine Irish
;(. bueon. Similarly lie has bought
(). horses in this country, shipped them
,j0 to Ireland and kept them there a few
2(] weeks, then sent them across tho
[iy channel to lind an English market as
()f Irish stock. Is it to be wondered
' at that Linton in a millionaire?
in !_
to Massachusetts lte;>ublieans are
of said to be displeased beeanso their
id < tVorts to boom John I). Long tor the j
1 vice presidential noininatiom has not
! met, with a warmer response on tlie
I I part of tho administration. Spoak(
ing about tho vice-presidency, by the
way, why doesn't somebody start a
boom for ex-Assistant. Secretary of
o 1
War Micklejohn of Kansas? The
man who sacrificed hi* nightshirt
? _
1111(i ii uomo oi liniment t > inako a
ilambeau for tho benefit of tho party
^ in 1900 might bo expected to burn
^ up a wholo wardrbbo nn<l a ease (<f
. liniment for tho glory of Republican- ,
ism in 100-1.
y ! ,
. j .'V despondent Philadelphia young ,
. man the other night nttompted to i
i commit suicide by shooting. Ho )icl<i <
| the pistol to hi.s chock, but ab a wrong '
.! angle, so that instead of burying it
, self in his hood ami inflicting a lethal ^
wound, tho bullet glanced on the *
, | check bono and clipped off tho end of i
11ih noso. Tho youn# man is now '
sorry ho triod to kill himself and will ^
not repent tlio attempt; but his facial 's
symmetry in forever spoiled. ' |
- j|
It sGfniH that there Htill exists, in j|
Washington, ft boom for (Un. Milea'd
for the Doniocratio nomimil.ion for '
President; lait it is hard to find any- ?
body of importance who will talk
about it for publication. It is, of n
course, hard to Wv \?uo will l?f* ">'> <1
nominee, but it. in |>< i fcctly nnf?i to
I , ' fO
make tin! assertion (hut tlio South 1
' S(,
docen t want Jollorson D.ivis' jailor, j u
who fastonod irons upon a feeble, en
broken old man. I Hi
1 ot
The gooso bono weather propKot su
who predicted that tlio current u.n k'(
ter would bo nn exceptionally lo^g |()|
and severo ouo struck it about riVfit. <)r
Still, in tho delighfnl climate of/Pick- sh
ens, wo have nothing tou kicky about. nn
Think of the iinfortunalftWfiTrt :? f"'
J ?? I4U T? 111
Minnesota, whoro M8 l>o)Av zero lmH w0
boon common dariug pan I few of
uumluj. pel
Human lifo, according to tho de- V
sion of t\ Philadelphia judge, has a I
scuuiary value of variable quautity,
reutor in porno persons than in I
I. .... ?.rn 1:e _ c _ i. ... >? i. _ I
neis. juio mo 01 a riou man, ne
iyn, "ia worth moro than that of a
ooi man, ami the physician has a
ght to charge the millionaire nioro
>r his services than lie does the laorer."
While, wo believe, it ia the j
ustom for physicians to have a i
tandard of prices to bo charged for f
irvices, yet it is similarly the cus- ("
>in for them to suit tho bill to the ^
ndiion of tho purso of tho patient. $
Soldiers of tho army are gottin^ ['
ircd of the dieting experiment that
ire being tried at several points. At
k Western post, an (xperimentiug of- >
icor has found that he can feed n '
quad of ten men at an averago cost
>or man of 5 cents a meal. Some ?
vliat similar experiments are going
>n at New Ihivom but tho New Haven
ioldiers arc so dissatisfied that thore "
may bo a break in the program
I'lioy Bay they aro not get ling enough
lo oat, and threo of then* have do- ti
sorted, to escape from "tho man with H
a theory."
i ? i
A Very Close Call. i
"1 stuck to my engine, although every t
joint ached and every nerve was racked f
with pain," writes C5. W. Bellamy, a lo ^
comotive tiroman, of Burlington, Iowa. <
"I was weak and pale, without any ap
petito and all run down. As I was about 1
to give up, I got a bottle of Electric I?it- (
ters, and after tiking it, I felt as woll as <
I ever did in my life." Weak, sickly, i
run down people always gain new life, |
strength and vigor from their use. Try (
tbeni. Satisfaction guuranteed by Pickens
Drug Co. Price 50 cents. .
Stories of Georgians. 1
Representative Griggs of Georgia J
is a racounteur who doesn't mind tolling
a joke on himself, Hays the 1
W ashington Post.
"When I was prosecuting attorney
of Biutow county," said Mr. Gtiggn !
tlio other day, "an old fellow, not of
much account, but a great friend of
mine, was indicted for larceny. He
camo to see me and protested, but I
told him I must do my duty to the ,
''Well, tho case came to triul and
Jim liiiil no counsel. The judge
looked at him soverely, over his spectacles,
ftud said:
" 'Mr. Brown, you are cha,,""jl't
with ft very grave offonsp
I vou had best secure - - '?vn
"Old Iin? " vicorgy. On ono of
untj red hills I first soon the
j .^iit of day and when I die I hope
' to lay my tired old bones down right
; here. For no consideration wou hi I
take advantage of the good old State.'
"Hero ho lookod hard at mo. the
, State's attorney.
J " 'S'>, your honor, until the State
' i <>f Georgv get a lawyer, I don't ex
in'l'i iu nive one, lie added and sat
"Needless to say we rewarded
IJrowu's patriotism with freedom."
Representative llardwir.k of Georgia
'Mis introduced tho other day for
the first time to Representative
Payne of New York, tho Republican
'lloor leader. Mr. Hardwick is by
long odds tho smallest man in the
House, while Mr. Payne, though not
tho tallest, is about tho heaviest of
the nation's lawmakers.
Mr. Pnyno looked nt tho diminu
tivo Ueorgian, ftnd in the deepest of
bass voices, exclaimed:
"I'm glad to meet you, Mr. Ilnrdwiek;aroyou
a member of tho House?''
"1 have that honor!" answered tho
l?>yi?li appearing < ngressman, and
thou, in tlu; most innocont tone iinnginnl,
ho asked: "Are jou a meni
ber, Mr. Payne?'
A Prisoner on Her own House.
Mrs. W. H. T-.si.ylin, of 1001 Agnes
Ave., Ivmsns City, Mo., has for several
years been troubled with severe hoarseness
and at times a liard cough, which
she says, "Would keep rue in doors for
days. I was prescribed for by physi
emus wmi no r.otieoablo result#. A
friend gavo mo part of a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough liemedy with instructions
to closely follow the directions and
I wish to state that after the first day I 1
could notice a decided chnngn for tlio ]
better, and at tins lime after using it for |
two week , liavrt no hesitation in Haying |
I n ali/.' tlint I am entirely enred." Tliis
remedy is for sale by Pickens Drug Co.;
Karle's Drug Store; lluntor X Pickens, ;
Liberty, j
Cabbage Culture.
A prominent truck farmer of tlio *
South Carolina const gives tlio foli:
viiii;i;nuiiH ior ino cultivation
i)f oahlm^o for market: J
Lands should bo plowed iloop, llM'lowed
and marked out in row, two ([
11 id a half feet apart. A very neces sary
precaution is to thoroughly
iiteh tho land ao that at no time wa =
or will stand on it.
A liberal application of fertilizer
s iiec(fsav fifteen hundred
)ounds to the u? e. Thia fertilizer ni
IioiiIiI consist of a high grade fertil
/or, analvzing 8 per cent ammonia, m
' per cent phosphoric acid and f> per
(Mit p >tasii. It is applied in tho
narks laid off for tho rows and a
cooler or hulltonguo plow run
lirough it, so as lo thoroughly mix j,,
wini uio Hon. J'wo furrows aro n
lien thrown tngether to make a 1110 iu
iunt nizod hod, which is thou rolled, (If
> firm (ho ground, and plants set 111
lit on tlio rows oi<{hfi;on to twonty
ichos apart. Ah soon as tho plants "~
ro started growing, thti fiohl is harmed
with an iron aj,'o harrow ami
r<?R8ing o' livo bundled pounds of
rtili/zr to tho aero is appliod in (>^
wry oilier row, followed with a pub- i
>il or Homo other plow which will ,,x,
loi'onghly break the beds until you
n see (ho cracks extending across i
io saino. In about ton dayH tho (
her furrow is treated in oxactly tho i
mo way. After that tho land is
pt open by constant work using a sen
ow, harrow, cultivator or somo like ""r
>1 (hat will not break tho soil deep ,<
I linn two inclioo. Cultivation li ".
ould occur ovory wook or ten days m,,nl
til tho cnbftgos nro hondod, or tho mi>
ingo com))L<t^^tt>v?i'fl tho ground. ""
.dor ordimH^^Minditionn crops
rkid in thia^^^Bkild an fterrage
ono huiubnlH&k of cabbngOH
r. aore^Sfl
Mu Liincrsl
- -J
" An attack of la grippe left me
with a bad cough. My friends said
I had consumption.' I then tried
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and it
cured me promptly."
A. K. Randies Nokomis, III.
Yoil forgot to buy a bottle
of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
when your cold first
came on, so you let it run 8
along. Kven now, with
all your hard coughing, it
, will not disappoint you.
I There's a record of sixty
I . c 11 1-1.
years to ran nacK. on.
j Tlirsc sizes : 25c., 50c., SI, All dru({<?(*. jj
] Consult your iloctur. If lio sny? take It,
I li.ru ilo :ij lio s;iys. If l.o (nils you not I
; to take It. t lien iloii't tike It. Ilo kiiowi. 1
i Lcmyo it with liiin. We :?re willing.
J . C. AY KU CO.. I-owoll, M*s?. Q
On a Large Scale.
"Yes, sir," resumed a Dakota farner
as tho crowd of agriculturists
oated theinsclvoH rouud a littlo ta)lo
--"yes, sir. Wo do things on ___
ather a sizable scnla. I've seen ?
nan on ouo of our big farms start V
>ut in the spring and plow a straight
urrow until autumn. Then he JL
..^.,.,,1 o.w. l.o.??ut?,l Knob
We have borne big farms up there.
;entlemeo. A friend of uiiue owned
mo which he had to give a mortgage
>n, and I pledge you my word th?>
mortgage was due at one end before
:hey could get it recorded at the
Dther. You seo it was laid out in
counties. And the worst of it is it
breaks up families so. Two years
?go I saw a whole family prostrated
rvith grief ? women yelling, children it
liowling and dogs barking. One of
my men had his camp truck packed
m seven four-mule teams, and he
was going round bidding everybody
"Where was he going?"
"lie was going half way across the
farm to feed the pigs," replied the ?
Dakota man.
"Did ho ever got back to his fauii- I
lyf - ~ U
"It iBu't time fur him vet.
thero we send young uvlons,
out to in ilk the. Cullom, Editor of tho 'i
ren bri.*.vr; (Tex.) Ncwh, bos written a letter i
ol congratulations to tho manufacturers
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as follows:
"Sixteen yoars ?go when our lirst
child was a bnby he wassubject to oroupy
spells and wo would be vory uneasy
about, him. Wo began using Chamborlaiu's
Cough Remedy in 1887. and finding
it such a reliable lomedy for colds
.iiik i iuuji, wo nave uover ueen without j
it iu the house Hiuco that time. We have .
five children ntul lmvo given it to nil of V
them with gooil results. One good feat
ure of this remedy is that it is not disagreeable
to take and our babies really
like it. Another io tlmt it is not dangerous,
and thero is no risk from giving
an overdose. I congratulate you upon
tlw success of your remedy." For sale
l>y Pickens l5rug Co.; Earlo's Drug
Store; Hunter it Pickens, Liberty. I
Tribute to Capt. Jones. |
Mr. Editor: Capt. William M.
Jones diod at his homo noar Loopers,
S. 0., on Wedneaday, January 20tli,
and was buried tho day following at I
the Jones burying ground near his
residence amid (i large concourse of
rclatlvoH and frieuda, the funeral fiervices
being conductod by ltev. J. E.
Foster, from 1st Corinthians, 4'2 -13.
li and 47th vorsos. Ilia wifo
preceded him to the gravo nearly if
aeven years. 13ro. Foster conducted ^
the funeral services, and we might 1
say that only those that are acquaint
ed with Bro. Foster know how well
ho is qualified to conduct funeral aer- ?
Mr. Jonoa was 88 years, .'J months w
and 2 days old, having been born I
October 18th, 1815. Mr. Jones loaves ?
three daughters to mourn bia loss,
Mrs. A. K. Edena, of Table Mountain;
Mrs. J. S. Williams, of Loooer.
and Mis. O. T. Hendricks, of Olgn,
besides n number of grandchildren
and groat grandchildren.
IIin occupation all his iifo linn boon
farming, having accumulated a good
amount of property which we suppose
is clear of debt, as ho was a
man that believed in living ou a cash
Lmsia. He united with tho Baptist
jhurch some few yoars ago, under
he preaching of the late U. W.
vloce hihi wan baptized by Iv6V. SI.
Li. Jones, now of North Carolina.
A Friend.
Notion of Final Settlements
I win apply to J. 1?. Newbery, Probate
udge tor Pickens county, 011 tho 9d day
I March, 1901, for a final Bottlonient of
lio entato of Ivcoho Howcn, deceased, *
il l u.Mk to bo diHDiiHHod an administrator, |
11. A. Bowen,
Fob. J, 1901 It. Administrator, '
Notice of Kln?i .Settlement,
1 will apply to J. B. Nowherj, Judge ^
F Probata for PickonH county on theitli t
\\y of Mar^.li, 1904, for a final Rottlo- I
lont of tho oatato of Carter Durham, "
eonaaod, and auk to bo dinmiwiod a? ad- i
inintrator. Thomas* Durham, |
Fob. .'J, 190 I It >
? t
Notlro of Klnul Ha?tleiii?ot. 1
f will apply to J. 15. Nowbory, Pro
tto .Tiulfto for Pickonn oonotj, on tho %
h day of March, 1901, for a final Met- d
nnont of tho estate <>f W, L. Pritbiril, T
and iuik to ho dinmisHed oh nd- N
inmtrutrix. Marj A. PriolmrJ,
Fob. .'J, 1001 It. Administratrix, ^
inw read v for dolirory. ten million Cabbage ^
miIk of the following varieties: ^
Icnderaon. SueeoKslon, Klat Dutch, Selected j\
t ra Karly .Jersey WaketloM.
Vlso, Alexander Seed t'oinpanp'e Aufuida ^
rly Trucker.
rlee- li M) per thousand. /*
5,04)0 to I0,0<*> At SI Wa per thousand. ^
0,000 to 50,000 at 11.00 per thousand.
Perm' < 'mmI> w ItJi or<ler, or raoOn acnt <O, I). ^
Iicno plantH are grown In the open air on the ^
, C(iant of South Carolina They are ntocky
l hardy, and when replanted will aland *e- K
e cold without Injury I have a npeclal low ]
? with the Southern Rxpre?? company And
nU can he dellvored at any point oil their V
t at a rate of 20 to 40 cent* per thoimand; ml
ii.IK .? "i? -
V"'"" "" pnoKnKo, :?s c?nli. f
urn <li?trltiutlng agent tor UI.KNN SHKINQfl \/?
fKHAI, WATRR 1'rlcen ?n<l 'jlrcuUrn mint X
application. ^
Win. C. GERATY, /
Young's Island, S. C4 ?
jCflevmph AU4 V. 0^^ %
/.' ? ' \ . ^
More Customers f
* mm * >
and more t rade 1
Our business is increasing every clay, and we expect /
to double it. You will ask how we expect to do it? ^
By giving our customers the best goods for the least
money. We have some bargains in flour. It will be
to your interest to see us before you buy :: :: :: |
. d S | H |T)WrSE?
We have on hand a large stock of shoes, which we
expect to sell at a bargain for a short time only. It
will pay you to examine our line before buying.
We have nice line of Dry Goods and Notions. We 1
are alwavs readv to serve vou. s
Hamburg aud Augusta broke 1< o-;o in Pickenp. I mean
in Prices. I bought out Bridges & Hammonds' stock of
goods and tlios? goods ?re bound to go at the Corner
Store. I toll you what's a fact, if you comeonu tune you
alwnys will come back.
1 have a lot of SHOES to go cheap. DRY GOODS
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*'v ?>?
.Groceries of all Kinds.,.
Call on mo. Remember the Meat Market 111 tlio days of
thy youth. Youth truly,
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Not How cheap,
But How Good!
The good people know a good thing wlion they EAT IT.
We have ill ho anothor lot of SHORTS?an excellont feed for cowe,
ioraos and hogs.
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With Kali and Winter Goods
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C onto, and See Us.
'artioB owing on nolea or accounts will pleaso
fffi-Wo nood it NOW and need it HAD. And on tliiaorrand you can
you want to,
? ? I. MM*
lappy New Year To You!
I take this method of thanking my customers and
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ended, and hope to have a better share of your business
in the future, by keeping a more Complete
Stock of the goods obtainable, and selling them at
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Yours truly,
? ? ?- ?
\ .Mr hit Tli Never.. I i
r 1
T \\n!< wish to thank our customers for tUn i;iw.^ .i f
cash trade they have given us during 1903. f
? We wish also to state that we will continue our ^
One-Price, Cash System,
^ As we can always give better values than if we sold J
011 a Credit.
i We can handle all Chickens, l-ggs, Good I'resh ^
V Butter, Beeswax, Dry Hides, Musk Rat Hides and *S
" all kinds of Furs at good prices. Y
t Yours truly,
' Graig Brothers ?
J ^ One-Price Cash Store f
x' V to
JW o
gun cuuuniiM
i Thero ie no need of wearing yo Lu
Murray's liorehouii
A. few doses of this Household 1
A positiuo euro for Influenza, Broncl
Spasmodic in Croup.
'\ V\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ S
ro the w
NOT a Closing Out Sale, 1
you to wonder how su
^Vo arc ott'oring 6omo Grand Barg.i
Dor. All wo ask is for you to com
ind when you soe how much wo ca
Our Shoos siro New and of tho
town for the money. Shoes for tli
Lot us soil you your Shoos.
We have some Comforts and
month at Slaughtered Prices. If
We have a complete line of G
Wo appreciate your tra(
The Suit or C
perfectly ant
position you :
Our cWl 11
I < (fprilllli ! > <v
fabrics and t
Sole Agent
Nufangl Trc
Hand Uecoi
To Be G
Free of
Commencing, Monday n
tinning throughout the Year
with every purchase made of
purchases or COUPONS rca>
you may select any of the foil
i u A 1 ~~
i m 111 p jiowi tfi.ixi worth of Coupon
I Out Meal l)isli $5.00 worth of "
I H iiulle Tea ami Sancor $3,00 "
1 Pickle Dish $8.00 worth of "
1 Cream Pitcher $8.00 worth of "
7 in. Oblong 1 >ihIi $8.00 worth "
8 in. ? ?' $12.(K) worth "
5 j?t. l'itehor $10.00 worth "
7 jit. Pitcher $10.00 worth "
Gravy Bout $10.00 worth "
Cracker Jar $'20.00 'vor'h "
Sugar Howl $18.00 worth "
Covered Butter Dish $21.00 worth "
l-UMcy Disli or Celery Tray $20.00 "
Fruit Dish or Orange Bowl $!5G "
106 North Main Street,
We Arc R(
Wo arc now rounding up our
We find many short lengths i
loll for much loss than tho goods t
;an uso them they will ho bargain
nuch higher this Spring. Wo ar<
irico. A good Canton Flannel at
rom tho ini 11 h. Standard Blue Ct
its. I am soiling some goods at .*?
Cephyr Ginghams, (Spring Styles,)
hem at 10c the yard.
Now will ho tho time to buy I
hing wo have now for less than an
A good stock of Kino and Ilea
u.^j> uoiuo to ureonville and lu
>ry Goods Btoio, West End
Deal Esralt
Now is tho timo to invest in E
it Kjdfl
ir.if ? * *
11 111! IU'1'U I..I
Half aero lot, m
130j ncr.-H witliii^fl
acft. An idoal nt^H
183 0-10 uc.rcuflj
nation, Imluncij^B
r it. Tw(>Jm
: 'sv *' . ,
. .. -^ . ^ ... . ^ ??-???.
i?kb out, when you can Ret a bottle of
id, Mullicii and Tar. |
Itcniedy will give i mined into relief. /;
litis and Diseases of Throat. Anti- W
f* ?
MA, S. . 1
, \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ N
m run i
jut reduced Piicesin DRY GOODS,
I ATS, CAl'S, KRC.,~that will causo
icli goods can bo sold at such prices.
ins in those lin.-s through D<:r.Qine
and inspect our goods, got prices {
u save you, it ineaua your trado for , <
VJ>_JL 1. V/ J.U KJJ i i
Bust Quality ever offered in this
e School Children that will plcaso.
Blankets that we are selling this
you need any of them conic early.
ROCKllIES at prices that will please.
Ic and will always treat you right.
)vercoat you buy here fits you
1 looks well no matter in what
stand or sit.
ntu i1(jc t0 mcn as they arc,
latest in style, cloes not flt at first
ni in ?
V.VI ill IliU III V- L lllcVllUwA*
S. C.
(or Mawes' Ilats, Dutchess and
rated China!
iven Away
' Charg#.
norning, January 11 th, and con1904.
We will give COUPONS
us from 5 cents up. When your,
ch the amounts specified below,
owing pieces:
is. 1 Snuoo Pish 82.00 in Coupons
I "> in. Pluto 8-1.00 in '
1 0 in. pinto sa.oo iii ?
| 7 iii. Pluto 87.00 in "
( Tnilividn il Hiitt or 81.00 in "
(> in. Hound Vogotablo Dish 80 "
7 in " " 8* "
IH in. " " ? 812 "
0 in. " ? 81?? "
|0 in. l'att r 88.00 in "
jll in. I 'latter 810.00 in "
| I a il). Plultnr tf'-U no
11 T. u l'ot S'21 .()0 in ' '
' 1 ISrcivl <>i CaUo Dihli $20,0.) ill
| I CovctoiI Dish $12.00 in "
: Bee Hive,
- - - Greonville, S. O.
ninding Up! j
, :
.. uiwuiv) uiuKiJig room tor tno
i STO(
n Dre.ss Goods !hat wo nro going to
iOst. We don't want them, if you
h for you. All Cotton goods will bo
5 still soiling what we liavo at old
H 1.,'Jo which will cost9 cla. to buy
ulicoos aie worth in Now York 5 1-4
ots., I havo recoived my first lot of
bought last September. I will soil
Dry (?oo(|h, for wo can sen you anyy
ono will bo nblo to do later.
vy Shoe* always on hand.
> suro to coino to
Greonvillo, S. C. ^
| " " '

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