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Sawyer Com
between the Gove
,7^' V-> National Bank
.. 4 ! By FHET>K1UCK.
Copyright, 1903, by Fr
rV,' ^ ?w ' "
" TIT *1 AT li ft v 0
c"W ^ ? " ^0,1?
?f wltli tli at
$10,000 ?"
.'iskod Colonel Mon
( nic of J ml ye Sawyer,
\ v&'ur I^lncolnvlllo's hanker
j *? nnd Illost substantial
V citizen. l'ostnmster
Jcnklus was busy
, *\V 1 r with a delayed mail.
L j V^i\ l> "What $10,000?"
P\ 2? ' J asked the judge. lie
A# Tho Colofljl. !l,ld th0 folofnt'1 havo
K been lr lends since
noynoou, nvd neither hesitates to ask
* questions of the other which both
.Would resent from tin outsider,
pi* "The $10,000 which the United States
treasury placed on deposit with your
k bank and on which you pay no inter^
est," answered Colonel Monroe. "I
^ should like to borrow a quarter of it J
from you on the same terms."
"I \ ould be pleased to accommodate
you, colonel, but it would hardly be
business," said Judge Sawyer. "You
weern to bo very much concerned about
*\uit government deposit in my bank. It
\viif-$ treated as are all other deposits.
33orrow?f'Si^rta obtain It by 'furnishing :
"PProved seciiii^8 antl by pnylM" the i
k prevailing rates b^terest. Arc t,lorc
H I",1:;;,0"1"'' **? ?>"? '
" l'Tjota or *1 j lots of them,"
jfej returned Colonel Mot&^>. "This free j
distribution of the nation's wealth by
Its treasurv domirtmonfr *
with Interrogation points from my
Viewpoint, lint do not imngino (lint
' 1 censure you fur accepting $10,000 of
this free cash. Next to myself, I would
sooner see you get it than any one I
know of. It means, on the; face of it,
?2,000 a year clear profit to you."
"Tlds free distribution of cash, as you
k call It, Is a better thing for the country
than It Is for the bankers," declared
^ Judge Sawyer. "The revenues of tlio
government are so large that vast
H Hums of money are piled up In the national
treasury and withheld from eirK
CUlation. There is now at the com l
maud of ihc national government inoro
than $130,000,000 in cash. To hoard
\all of this in Washington would precipitate
a crisis and a panic. It is for
' roasur " ' ' " that the
I' "i'or U gt'Dillin' mm.*. r ..
l<nnk(v," rt'iunri.cd ChmiiicI Monroe
I "None but members of your craft eouh
H keep a straight lace while making suel
^ ii statement. Here is the straight Eng
llsh of it: .Money comma mis interest ii
overy part of tho civilized globo at nl
times ami in all circumstances, an i11
tlx; single icii of win'ii it ha|>
pens to 1)0 lodged in the treasury ol
tho United States. Tlio interest rate
Ih roughly llxeil by the law of sii|>pi.\
demand or by llio necessities of lin
HK 1><>T wvcr.* Tho more fact of tho in>*
(session of in! .>y .uuarantoe.s IN. holdei
Hk 1 n .Money, therefore, V; tin
best fonn of property in tlie world
kWhat lias happened? The people have
^ tK'en taxed so heavily on the noeossi^^'.h
s and ordinary comforts of life that
ft surplus hns piled up In tin- national
tre; nr.v. Kvery dollar of ir represents
** Fill.; <?r til ! I 111. 11 Very rent of
> \'t *s people's money. The govern
T ^inent i wi s a billion and a half, on
) \liicli it is paying interest. Can it pay
Kj?! a part ol' this debt? HI ess your
| iioart, that is .gainst tlio rules. The
V government can p> Into ?I i?t, but it
| ' V ,/unust not get out of it. Hero is this
1 hnfortunate government with $-IOO,OnO,BS
I *x>0 nr i.iore of cash. What sliall it do
HHt\ ' whW'' l' jjS not permitted t<> pay its
hiu' l' bus an nsset which in
i ? would bavt- . income pro%l
toucinjo to of from $10,000,000 to
'$20,000,000 a year.
"Now, mark you," continued Colonel
Monroe, "this is one of the greatest
govornmontsV on the face of tbe globe.
It Is a most stupendous organization.
It employs hundreds of thousands of
tatten. When{ but a pygmy compared
Hith Its present self it withstood tho
vatest elvlL^_flftLhi(.-h (
HBlfn/1 clti^o
^ i n
uUs to
^Ki'inlih'.; money
^^unmd 1:11?; of
Lrk diil Km
BJ-y had faith
^wT Ki'/.e <)f the
j^^rsikiw. 1 or every
Hp-cd till- (,'OV-?TI 11 ll<>? t
^K>ay interest. lint forty
^Kiiy, niid this Kovornwith
a vast fund of
Hits vaults. Hi re in a crisis
Hi'ml shall ho done? I'ny it
i> 1?i who have paid un".'
Porl?h tho thought!
immediately occur to a
f ?p even to a newsboy
ideal thing ft. do vl.h 1,11,.
to 1* 11<) it at 11 io highest i?osof
hi (crest. In nil this history
career the government has been
pnjljag Interest Now it has n chance
[f to ?xftct hit' rest, it is a straight hu
ness proposition. Whnt does this great
government <lo? it deposits theno rnllH
lions In nntlonnl banks and does not
|?jg exact from them n cent of Interest. It
1{.htu mutism Is
Will do the work t
wfxi any injury to (lie di
Raft leave you in much
jlfl it cleanscs the hlo(
m acid* tii.it cause rh<
n digestion, boils, chr
the Kcrin? that U
-L -and contagious blo<
greatest blood |>>iril
Nwn sufferers testify that
:ernin? the Relations Now Exist*
<nif nil .J iL - a
iiiicui anu me ril'Sl
of Lincolnville
ederick TJpham Adams
sends the money to them by exprc
" 'The people are lniixl up for monc
says (his generous government oi' 01
to the hanks. 'They have paid over
mo so much of their money that th<
is threatened a flnaneial stringen
This must be avoided. In this ein
gency 1 wish you bankers to aec<
this money as a loan. As security, t n
over to me the same amount in i
bonds. I will hold them as long as y
hold the money, but you shall contin
iu uniw interest 011 your bonus Ji
tlio same as If they were In your villi
Instead of in mine. 1 will charge y
no Interest 011 this money, but you c
leiul it out at any rate you choose. ]
this wise expedient the people will
able to obtain tho use of their niont
and I shall escape the charge of 1
gaging in a business transaction.'"
"You have a picturesque way of p
seating this question as !t appears
you," laughed Judge Sawyer. "Pi
soimily, I should be willing and ev
pleased to pay the government a no
inal rate of interest, say 2 per cent.
Is n fact that most of the leading bar
ers hold the same view, though inn
of them think that 1% per cent
enough interest to pay for the use
government money."
"Why in the name of common sen
should the government lend you mon
at or '2 per cent I
Jterest when it can ?
twice as much from 1
and others like llieV" <
iminded Colonel Monn
"The iiiwwom ?if v
/ vy f ~ "v""
// v-'y I hankers to (licso qu<
A tlons proclaim you a
P~-^tV) the princes of hunn
I lm *kou are no'|,,,yl
\ '/ \ nn,v ')or 0(1 There
\l now on deposit in ti
I national banks ot' tL
' jiy country from tiio 11
|j tionai vaults an anion
/ In excess of $100,OO
1^1 V ami the secreta
VqL of the treasury lias cl
clared his intention
I'oatninster giving them $10,000,0<
Jenkins. more. Not satisfied wi
tli 1m, certain banking interests are ur
lug that the government accept oth
llian government bonds as security f
fionlnterest bearing money preseuti
l>y the government. The demand f
' ninent bonds as a pledge again
h donations luis become i
banks cannot seen
'' cm they are unwl
isli to substltu
" lv. Hut oi
' which will permit liini to lend go
nitMit iuon?y on Hay State Gas or
1 solidated Luke Superior. Hi.' li
better i>l:in, which lie suggested
1 recent speech, delivered In New
1 laud, lie said that tlio dlllleulty \
1 the hanks encounter bi obta
honds with which to draw mono;
of the treasury could lie ovorcon
lssuin.tr more I'nited States bonds!
"There is a remedy which is a
edy. We have so much money ti
is necessary to ko into debt in ord
l'PI ii.i -.r w 'im.^ -i
^ w? ii. xiiu uiii\ HUClirn
which we will lend money is n c<
onto of our indebtedness. If yot
show me anything from C'ervant
icahclnis more delicious than tli
will huy you a box of clears."
"1 am not defending any pro]
new bond issue," saiil Judge Sa\
"I can hardly believe Secretary J
was serious in suggesting It. 11 u
find Justitieatlon in distributing tb
tional surplus among the banks ii
certainly that failure to have t
some such step would have preeli
ed a crisis which would have plu
the country into a panic."
"In other words," persisted Co
Monroe, "you hold that the only
In which serious financial trouble c
have been averted Is by making
banks a present <>f Interest 111
amounting to from $(>,000,000 to ?s,
Onu annually. I am willing to ^
mat an cineruuicy existed aiul tli
still exists and 11 int under tlio law
responsible otllcors of the governi
have a legal right to take the t
which they have taken. Simmy
Shaw has only followed In the
steps of other treasury officials, i
ping aside now and then to 1
around a recently fall< n howlde
to miss some new precipice. Hut \
shall l?o said of a people so stupl
to longer tolerate so crazy a systeii
do not blame the hanking interest
taking advantage of It. An absurd
teni can he bolstered up only by
surd expedients. We have reached
limit of the irrolcsolie in tlw ri.l.it
which ( xlst between the banks
tin? government. You can make
comparison which will be so para
ieal as the fat-Is."
"The govt rnment should ffo on
tho banking business," asserted Ji
1 Sawyer.
' "The banks should go out of the |
eminent business," retorted Col
Monroe, "if a modern government
one legitimate and paramount dut;
is to assume (he direct rosponsib
for the circulation of the money \vl
I it has created. We have almost reac
the time when the government wll
the banker or the banker tin? gov
ment. 1 shall live long enough to *
my vote anil Indium . i - *
. . - Ill l(l>UI III
piirkly, effectively and without H
gestive organs. In fact, it will
better condition every way, for
>d of poisonous Inctic and uric
umntum, kidney trouble*, in- ^
r>nic constipation and catarrh, V
ave one an easy |>rey to malaria
id lu.iwin If
ier/hut hundreds of rel[?ved
it doci one thing that no oth?r
S? P>f
RHEUMATISM. v. kick/,
DnUOOI?T?. ^
V or i
Sick m
Feed pale girls on Scott
Em ulsion.
We do not need to give a
"O the reasons why Scott
ss. Emulsion restores the strengt
y. and flesh and color of goo
irs health to those who suffc
^ from sick blood.
py- The fact that it is the be?
!pt preparation of Cod Liver Oi
irn rich in nutrition, full of health
n>' j- i i.on
Stimtilnrinn iq n ciuvtwctiAn o
? I V" ?
lK! to why it docs what it does.
1st ,
its Scott's Emulsion present
ou Cod Liver Oil at its bes
an , ,
uy fullest in strength, least i
>n- Young women * in thei
rc_ " teens " are permanently cure*
to of the peculiar disease of th
oll j blood which shows itself i
iy- ! paleness, weakness and nervous
,k-1 ncss, by regular treatmen
"Vv with Scott's Emulsion.
of It is a true blood food an<
is naturally adapted to the cur
ise 1 ,
oy of the blood sickness fron
lr^ which so many young womei
no cv- suffer.
H?. W'c will he v>Iad to sen
o\l a samP'c *? ?ny sufferer.
-0q poail St.. New Yorl
ill- .
How Polly Tamed the Flcrco Dog Thi
' Rushed at Her.
00 "Mamma, I don't want to go t
lit school alone," said little Poll;
"Tlvero is a great big dog that rur
out j'iuI barks at rnc every day!"
Mamma thought a minute. Sli
or was sorry for her little girl, but sli
st wanted Pollv to be u brave littl
so woman who never gave up what sli
r<; had undertaken.
11 "See here, Polly," she sni^ ft-d at
t0 "I will wran un this hit ofJv- meat
,r ? "VU?.,
j I lay it in your dinner^ pail. V
Jowler \'{ U can give
veni- a ? * he be sur
Con- stop baiTing."
ins a Polly (hanked mamma and s
in a od oil' with rather an anxious ]
Eng- faC(,.
vhicli v^jie talked more and more b1<
"out Q'onK ^lG pleasant country rone
l(> 1)V she reached the white house by
poplars, where Jowlcr lived.
rcm. As soon an ho saw her he jun
nit it j down from the doorstep when
or to was sunning himself and ran
y on with a terrible uproar, l'olly thoi
'tlii- ; he looked bigger and crosser I
i can I ovcr before.
lut J With a trembling hand she (
out the mciil mid threw it tov
)osc<l j him. Sure enough, he was quii
v.vit. once, snullcd it, lasted it and 1
Umw actually thumpi'd his stumpy yc
' cnn tail against the ground, which,
" n:l" know, is a dog's way of say
kI'!! "I'll""!* you!"?Youth's Coin]
iltat- *on
Dottiest ic Troubles.
it is exceptional to find a family wl
^ !,y tlioro aro no domnt-tu; ruptures occns
roukl ally, hut tlif'Kfwan bo It ssonod by 1
the jug Dr. King's New Life Tills a rot
oney Mticli trouble they save by tlieir k
TKXl- work in Stomueh and Ijivor trout,
rrnnt Tin v no' onlv r?iw>w? 1 ~L
? JVMI, Kilt ?ut
it 25i!, nt PiokenB Drug Co.
- tlm "
neni \yornen as Well as Mt
tiu-v Are Made Miserable b]
foot- J
M? Kidney Trouble.
r or
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind,
. ' courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vi
i - a!Kl cheerfulness s.
_rr disappear when the I
'irrrCyV i^^7 ncys are out of or
s.vs" Ior diseased,
nb- "yuHtf^yvJ ^ Kidney trouble
tlic rIlvVs*wfcrJ ' ' becomc so prevai
|ollH * 1} that it Is not unconnit
ntiil /*Yf Yvfor a chilcl to l>e b
( '/stff lietcd with weak !
V^iAJ^F-" neys* if the child ui
""* ates too rifl rr> if
urine scalds the flesh or if, v/hen the ch
t of reaches an age when it should be able
idg<> control the passage, it is yet afflicted u
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the fi
step should be towards the treatment
ol"'' these important organs. This unplea.ii
linn trouble is duo to a diseased condition o( 1
V, It kidneys and bladder and not to a habit
111 t v most people suppose.
Iilch Women as well as man are made m
,i I erable with kidney and bladder troufc
. , and both need the same great remei
The mild and the immediate effect
" Swamp-Root is soon realized. It i3 si
by druggists, in fiftv
,l" cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have a Bjwp^"i'll
free, also pamphlet tell- *rtomo of ht-miip-ro
ing all about it, including many of t
housands of testimonial letters rcceiv
'rom sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilrr
St Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure a
mention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but rcmcmb
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmei
Swamp-Root, and tho address, Binghamto
N. Y., on evcrv bottle.
| - - - ? ? a ikiBaf
' CQS> )/
IntV. Alwnv* reliable. I.ndlfii, Mk PriifglBt ft
I'll M'll KSTKII H EN4il.lNll In !?* ?< nil
Uolil metallic bon-N, im-hIisI with Muo ribixu
I'll lie tio iillicr. H< riiaf iliuitrrniin mih*ll
liillotm iiikI Inilliit limn. liny uf your IMugtfls
ir Kcml Ir. In NtnmpH for I'nrllrtilitra, Trull
iiinnlitln iiikI .Irllil' for l,i??llc?," In Mt*\
; '>y rrlurn Null. IO.OOU TcalllilOhlftl*. Kolil b
j ill limiiorlnln.
/T'iAlC- Hir?adl.nti hkintirr, flllLA, Fi
ibOllt. ""t'1 . />?.?*
foliaco con -^ ^
10 U?<lw iB ?
Summons for Relief.
. (Complaint Sorved.)
In Court of Probate.
County of Pickens. \
A. J. Hoggs, C. C. P., as administrator
g of tho estate of Pincknoy, ;nlias Buck
Hagood, deceased, Plaintiff,
]J Henry Hagood, Tom Hagood, Wil! Hm,
good, Jane Stephens, tlio heirs-nt-law
S of Mary Hngcod, deceased, names and
i number unknown, Daily Hendricks
and P< arline Hondrickp, minors under _
(I tlio ago of fonrteon yoars. I
it* To tlio defoudants above named:
You are hereby Bummouod and re
quired to answor tlio complaint in this
action of wbieh a copy is herewith served
. upon you, and to soivo a copy of your
1, nnswer t<> the snid cotnplaii t on thosub..
scril ers at tlifiir offien Pintona n tt
y IS. C., within twenty days after tho sor
g vice hereof; exclusive of the day of such
service; and if you f?il to answer the
complaint within tho time aforosaid, the
plaintiff in this action will apply to the
court for tho relief demanded in tho
t complaint.
Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
Plaintiffs attys.
J. U. Newberry, J. P. P. C.
Dated January 14, A. D. 1901.
T To Daily Hendricks and PearlinoHondricks,
miuors under the age of fourteen
years, and to James Hendricks with
C whom said minors reside and to any absent
defeudoiidauta herein who may bo
minors and to any person with whom
such absent minor dofondants reside: t*
Take notice that unless you procure *"
,t for youiselves p.nd for the minors under
tho ago of fourteen 301118 residing with
you, tho appointment of a guardiau ad
J litem to represent tho said miuors in this
notion within f.wonfu !.?
C vico of this liotico upon you, exclusivo
of the tiny of such servico, tho plain^
titV's nttorneyK will procure tho appoint- tht
-j mont of such guardian nil litem. tio
Morgan, Mauhliu ?fc Mauldin, Hor
PlnintifF's Attorneys, mD
Dated January 14th, 15)01. nu,
d To the nbscnt defendants, to-wit: Tho
lieira nt-law of Mary llngood, deceased, the
namesnnd number unknown: Take no- mil
tico that the summons in this notion, of
si which the above is a copy, and the com
plaint herein were tiled in tho otlico of
tho Probate Court for 1 ho county of
'' Pickens, St to aforesaid on the 11th day
.1 an in ry 1901. to
c. Alt igan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
Plaintiff's Attornoys.
13j-(?t giv
____________________________ set;
it cos
/iy//'/iy//? - - - -
o y/e '7/'anI' Young'ton
iH FOlt CO(>n l'OSITTOXS ?
50C FREE sc"0^KSM?:80Pri:BtD a
t AlIOITOU'S Xj&'iyCE. ?
? at- r
lrtst For Taking Heturns for
The Year 11)04.
it to I nslc tlint ouch nnd every one corao
e to pr? pared to give mo tho School District
in which he or she may live, us the
tart- Comptroller General will not allow nay
, i nl>ftt< in* nts for persons v hero they eel
it t ie I .. .. - - ?
? j 111 luc wrong districts. J also ask that
i oacli ami every portion niakn their own
owly returns, as I <xpcotto t:iko all returns
I til! ui.yself ill order to prevent getting too
j|)0 inanv neres against any one on my books,
| this lias got to be too general. Ho gov'
ern yourselves accordingly. Fifty per
ipe<l cent, penally for lion returna.
j lie 1 will bo at the following named
tfht Six Mile, Monday, Jan. 11, 1901.
linn Calhoun, Tuepday, Jan. 12.
Ceutral, Wednesday, Jan. 13.
1 | Norris, Thursday, Jan. 14.
Irow j (Jatoeciioo, Friday, Jan. 15.
oird Tjihtvtv, Monday and Tuesday, Jan,
it {it 1H and 19.
Jien Eaxley, 20, 21 and 22, Wednesday,
How ''''""'"day u,|d Friday.
Williams k Freeman's Store, Monday
you .>5.
in;,', Looper's Shop, Tnet-day, 20.
mil- llogM'd's Store, Wednesday, 27.
ungues oioro, i ntimiay, 28. ;
Pumpkintow), Friday, 2'.).
Holly Springs, Monday, Feb. 1, 1904.
Aiken's Store, Tuesday, Feb. 2.
In ro Coorge Holcombe's, Wednesday ami
ion- Thnrsdny, Feb. 1$ and 1.
Iinv- Milt' Ciot k, Friday, Fob. 6.
iml. Pinter's Creek, Monday, Fob. K.
leat ' sv'" ')0 i" my ollico during the time
>|0Hi of this notice on Saturdays to tiko renro
turns. Very respectfully,
m-m County Auditor.
Dec. 2:$, 1 '.)<>:$.
^ \\\\\\\\\\ \
/New Goods== <
/ _ __ >
<i'=- /* 0 [New Prices !<
oon ^ j'
<id- y I have Watohos from 81.00 y
dcr to ?f>0.()0. Clonks of nil
/ kinds. Kings, I irons t Pins (
has / nml Hrooobos to suit tho /
ent timos.
ion / Hollow-wnto, viz: SiiRnr f%
oni / Howls, I>1111<-i* Pishes, Ton /
:id- i ]??.ts and Cream Pitchers.
n" Thru tho oolohrutod HOG' ]?
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> Sj>oons, Ij idles. y
rjt^ Watch Chains, Thimbles
0j / ami Ijovo chains of evorp do- ^
rst / seription. Spoos and frames /
0f to nit tho old man. \y
,n. / I li'votbe most eomploto ,
ihe / lino of JEWELBY ovor / ?
as shown in town, come ono VJ
\ come nil nnd I ring your re- I
ils- / pairing, for this is my liobhy !
de, ^ and you will not go despair- / I
iy. ing. Yours for busiuosB. I
O! / ^
aid / H. SNIDER, jeweler, / I
j. KAKI.KY, S. C, ^ E
i| / \ x \ \ \\ \ v\\ \ \ N J
he FOll 8ALK. I
,er '242 acres of lino farming land. 9
nd About 100 acres in cultivalion, l>nl- S
K.r anco in original forest. Well tim- i
r's be red, watered and well improved. |
n, Kive miles west of Pickens. Cheap i
_ and terms easv. A bargain.
f! P. n?K:??/v? 3
-w. ?.?( o\f11 n
5 A. B. WARDLAW, |
..DENTI5T.. |
l'ICKENS, - - S. C- _
J i? i a??i?I 1
t Nil ml! Sliftd !! SliiUl 111 K
r Oil
! * Plnrto yt ta onlora for OystorK nml Fish '
1 willi tml
w Volumbls. N, C<
_ 8 itinfnotory prices, qniok service. zv.*' j 1
" owl mnko money uow Moiling our large j Oi
io Hon Mi Mallot wlille eggn oto., ?ro no very 11/
- V
: <' . V
SP A r^er
Cured at Last,
r. T. A. Sloeum, the Groat Chemist and Specialist,
Will Send Eree, to the Afflicted, Four Large
Samples of llis Newly Discovered Remedies
to Cure Consumption and all Throat,
flliost. siiwl I lino' 'i'l'uni-i""
<? ><> 1 \Jli MH'1S<
Nothing could ho f.iirer, more philanthropic or cirry more joy I ? tho iflliclod
in this offer. Confident that ho has discovered mi absolute rum for <-<>iiMimp
n and all pulmonary complaints, iv.id to mnko its grout merits known, lm wi'l
id liifc Completo Treatment, cmnrncing four large samples, to any reader who
,y ho sulVering from coughs, colds, catarrh, bronchial, throat and hmg I roubles
I consumption.
Already tbi? "Now Scientific Course of Troa'ment" lias pennant nflv cured
mennds of apparently hopoles cases. There will be no mistake in nding?the
Btako will ho in overlooking the geuerous invitation.
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cure, all you havo to do is to Wiilo
Dr. T. A. SLOCUM, 98 Pine Ntroot, Now York,
ing full poslofli ;e and express address. The four FliRR remedies w.U then belt
you nt onto, direct finm r.-ii
, mirii i.iii iiiMiuoiiouH lor uso iii i>v<>i y
<> jiui'27 01.
f Why Use Many Words to Tell You That %
j *
! _ TherJ*e%t .,*??*?xv -
| - > On Earth i
!j THe Virgiuia-Cai'olina
g Chemical <???. *
P $
Jj[ : i fMtHl ?
^ ^ *
ft They have the Best Facilities, Jfsetfce $;
and maintain the highest repatkticm'tor tfe Jj
f* -evenness aud vaJu^oHhelf Fetttl&efs? $
t -? s.
jj 6)60 V!r{(iinla*C&rolin& GhemicalCo. ^
^ ( CHARLESTON, C. f ?
that gives the liver just the right touch and J
vfi?\starts Nature's work in the right manner JSSSJ
Vf^V The Pill touches the liver, the
Pellets tone the system.
J. D. Mooro, Craig Bros, and Earlo's Drug Store.
A Golden Rule 1 fCAN WE 'nJERest vou^
of Agriculture: I j ^
He ?ood to your land and your crop I I fr"** tWa
will be good. Plonty of 1 P M il V B
Potash SME&q.
in tilcfjrflll??i .r.<<i *
end quantity in'thc liar- | ^
free, by next nial!,' J HEGE IMPROVED LOCi-DEAM f
S?:7 ? SAW MILL?i
ocry.an kali wohks. M'WiWi ? with the {
Nt*r Vert?13 Nassau St. Heacock-King Variable feed works I
*e sgsflury*.xa8 it Can't BE Beat.
AlMi>U,Qa. ?. 'j ??.Uroa/.' !>i. ? ', Write "The M :iclilttcry IVoplo" for |>rli*i ?B
j?Sk *^WwWW w H* 01 units <st co.f
^ y^|| j ^ bno,nt a- "oilers, cotton oins j, |
aSsffizM Ir. L. 0. MAULDIN.
Mr. Win. H. Crano, of California '* j n. ? ? ,, ? ?
fared for ArATH from rL'flu-*.^ *: cPickons, South Carolina.
nbogo. llo v,M llnn^ylClly "* 5? r
itmberlftin'* Pain B( . '\a J'ffloo u petal (in rmr rooms) over
I it olVpoto<l a ?7^ M ?** ? jMirlo'a Drug Storo. OlTors liis profoft*
o by Pickuntf^ .? aiomil services to tho public.
>re; Hunt**' <^iiy advi*' * _______
[tamor r 4 /^JJop cum* OA.BTOTI.IA.
J Q f. ^ .?lM<in?lrr.l th,. I to IW"'i H^ft Always BoiijtM
)) -A1
)) I'!1 Is very cheap when the
S! bcsin but wc ^
// give, for the next two w
II J ruary ist, 20 per cent. <
)} j Men's, Youths' and Bo
v\ [l coats. Our goods are
?\ i' figures, and you know \
j j means when we take it
// we can fit you. Terms
Ml j 1 ation paid for by us, no
(( ?| W inter Underwear incl
((SMITH & i
// LKAI>lN(i ( i
v\ Greenville
I n order 1 o close
I^nds, we have cut
<S(; Pairs Clapp's $5.00 and $6.
60 Pairs Men's $3,50 and ?3.0
75 Pairs Ladie's $3.50 and <.3.1
9S Pairs Ladies and Misses ?2
X ; Pairs Pndic^ Mine#?c: nn#1 (
3 | Pairs Misses and Chiklrens
Many small Lo
part 1110nt Avil l
sacivitice. ,
M. Tj- r
i' otcosi,
: M'flW . VBAfl
avssnium . *jkz?obraam: x* Tnyzm*!*&rzr ajarar.
" ? ARGA1NS in '
BA l\C i A1 .\ S i n 1
IGGICST kincl ;
II..VO V'>tl liougll! Unit IIV 10 ?;?t? W
take it look :i( mine. I, >1* <>f ^ooil < 'lie
I Want a X >Oil .Miller I ) attend I *? lu\
l>|> I') Cll.ttIII ?>' IllH'l'l I III.
l'ro luce iilwitys wanted. I want no
Ar. ix
Si oi ling S?I v(M
(n) i n <
Cut U\n??. Art I>m<i
l\ OV<
Diamonds, Wat<
J.F. B
I OO North Main Street.
The Store of
All W'inlor Clothing, Gents Fi
-old rogMrdle?iH of profit.
Mkii'h .SiiiiH worth &IOOO and
worth $7 >(), $S./)0 tuid ${>()(), now $(
to 50, Hpncinl now $ I Uf>,
I i I..>/! ... I. I ... < l.~ ... :n . -
I ' IMMI niMMi mnra lilt: llllllrt V
WinU r T ml or won i tlinii Wo arc rets
i 3i<>* HonesAro
the arguments Ihnt mako n
brings tin- old ones hack again and
truo oconomy can allord t<> overlook
ntoro. \Vn intend making this Hpac<
thi* |ia|?t din ing lflol, l>y tolling^^
soiling all kinds of Clothing'Sbgfl
Y"." M |tg
prices arc right to || c<C
lave determined to II CC
eeks or until Feb- \S
of! on all Clothing : vw
ys' Suits and Over- J J
all marked in plain %
.vhat 20 per cent. 'jV
ofl. Come while //
cash, and no alter1*
exchanges made. JJ
uded in this sale. //
arr 111 v "
out all Odds and.
oo Shoes to $3.50 and $4.00.
o Shoes to $2.00
00 Shoes to $2.00.
.oo Shoos to $1.25.
hihlrens >1.50 Shoes to $1 .00.
$[.25 Shoes to 75 cents.
Is in every Heal
oven greater
Up-rtMVkSlioe House,
0 n i^in 11 nun
Uollrr. ^ ^
)1 U.tr^ains in SI l()I?S.
. II it's in miov in your pcK'kot if you will
?< ; no Ih'IIoc ill 1 fx'.
\ tt'.iil this year. Can luinislt u small
\v some coin ami fotUlof.
* Ills Oljf'IS ^
EInllow-w aiv,
? Silver I "lat-ware,
cry, Bric-a-8Jrac and
411 ICS.
h<\s a ml .1 cwclrv.
Bis; Vaiues I
urMailings and I'ndf.'rwenr to bo
$12.r,0, now $825. Mon'n SuitN
? I1 l'5 Men's Suits worth $(>.50
lould pay mm more money for our
tiling it fur.
^ -?
U Vn 11 '
^ ? I
o\v onatoinora tor us ovcrytL^^^^^^B
attain. No ot.cjkiMgfll
th? l>iK
* tlu^^i

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