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Motored April ii3,1U03 ftt PickcuR, S. O., as second olnsa mutter, under not of CoDRrosa of Mnrch 3, 187'J. jHS
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y H.
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11 Till II ?? ^.mmaanamjammmmmmwn
)W.T. Mel'ALL,
/ MA Kit
m By Careful am
^ Hank largely inc
I m W <* solicit yoi
^ every reasonabU
^ > Picken
L ^ S ^11 ol|f customer
Wo sell iiiro
|vj( ltciiicinbe
| fc for all tho sell
H j
Cotton S
? thank om
B is now g
of hulls, n
Y SElil) a
pay y<
H&l just as you
ILto us and si
HRot controllc
more, f
vA ivfl rst
^ ji vn j& v n
Tho ^InrD rsf R!rv\/o!ii/
i 11v uiuiu ui uij; vaiw
II Winter Clothiig, Gents Furnishings and I'n
gardleaa of profit.
oil's Suits worth $10 00 and $12.50, now 2.r
$7 50, $8.50 and $0 00, now $0 1~>. 125 Mon's Su
0, special now
wo had solid caHi's the mills would pay us more
r Untlorwoar than we arc retailing ll for.
:>i o- Honest Va.lt
'6 tho arguments thai make now oustomors lor us
the old ones hack again and ni/iiin. No 01 <; w
onomy can all'ord to overlook tho Big Values <
Wo intend making this spaco tho most nnteroati
per during 1J>()I, by telling you bow cheap ST I
all kinds of Clothing' Shoes, Hats and Dry Goo<
Yours for big values,
K. Sturdivant C
GrxiferrvTlle's Greate:
?? "Ni 4
J. Mel). 11RUCT, TO
Cnslucr. M3
i*!c;K?N&, 5. C. %j
$ 20,500.00 a
il constant work the business of this ^jo
1 uvciy yiru.i. jU | ><
ir business and will extend to you I i!
2 accomodation. J|ii
- - J
s Drug Company. !,? ?
D *
\ '
_ (' 1 f l?A\T/->tr II ~
ii.ui a k;yv doxcs 01 r/\i\v^.y j f *STATIONARY
left from our ? li
mas Stock. ? 'J
; will I>e closed out at COST for the } n
wo weeks. We do not wish to S
t over till next season, and will give 3
> the benefit of tin; sacrifice. r I
' * i
/\ rui- i ci
wi an Kincis. J
r we sell the SCHOOL HOOKS ^ j
tools. \ [
is Drug Company > ~
3in pic test Drug Store. |
J. H. WILSOV, ]>. E. IiltUOE. I
Vice-Pros. S?><:. ?te Trean
?ns Oil Mill Company, 4- I
eed Meal, Hulls,- Oil and Linters.^Tfc ?
(\v fnr 1 Hicinpcc I
. vi j 1V/1 \ J LAvJl 1 IV^Owl
en running on full time all this season
r patrons for their patronage.
rinding regularly and you can get B
leal or "batting." 1
md exchange them for meal and hulls
)U the highest market price lor your _
ee how well we can treat you. Wp
d by outside tiri-es. hut: will nav t t
or your oeed than ;my other
K3HE SMBWRHait0*?3^
's |
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. t _a j? I
es 1 |
ulerwonr to bo
>. Mod'h SuilH
its worth $0.50
mAi-nv fur /-\ill* P,1
ie?! |
ovory <lay and
ho appreciates
(IV.rHj'l by tliis
ti'_: voiding in
f\ 1
Ui 5^
st Store. I
rhouannds Iluve Kidney Troul
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottlo or common glass with y
vater and let it stand twenty-four hour:
, . ,r?\ j sediment or i
? !_!;-> ' tling indicates
your linen it
c\^T\ f C\ J evidence of 1<
JM \ / P til - K. ncy trouble;
::f\\ \y /'/ \> ^rcclucnl desire
_v vy pass it or pain
" " ? the back is a
onvincing proof that the kidneys and bl
er arc out of order.
What to T)o.
There is comfort in the knowledge
(ten expressed, ih.it Dr. Kilmer's Swan
ioot, the great kidney remedy fulfills ev<
/ish in curing rheumatism, pain in
ack, kidneys, liver, bladder and every p
f the iiiirwry passage. It corrects Inabil
u hold water and scalding pain in passl
, or bad effects following use of liqu
nnecrbeer, and overcomes that unpleas;
ecessiiy of being compelled to go ofi
urine tli" Art\t ~ ? "
0 Muj, unu iu up many urr
uring the night. The mild and the cxt
rdinary cffcct of Sw?nnp Root i.j so
salized. It stands the highest for its v/c
erful cures of the most distressing casi
f you need a medicine you should have t
est. Sold ly druggists in 50c. and$l. sizi
You may have a samplu bottle of tl
'Oiulcrhil ^ discovery l[
lore about it, both sent
bsolutely free by mail.
,ddrc.i.? Dr. Kilmer &. Homo of swnmp-itm
o., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing me
An ?c - 1
V.. ?vi4Vii'i? Hiio uuii 111 llllo
Don't make any mistake, but rcmcml
ic name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilme
warnp-Root, and the address, Binghamtc
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Sick Headache 1
Food doesn't di/;;st well
appetite poor? Bowel
;onstipated? Tongue coated
it's your liver! Ayer's Pill
ire liver pills; they cure dyj
pepsin, biliousness.
25 '. Al! dri!K){':
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Potash |
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( I'.lt MAN K A I.I WOllKH
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Alluntn, (lit.- DIM "<> HrOMit fit. f
What Arc Tlioy,
Chamberlain's fcU<mvioh mid Liv
ultlotR. A nrw rmii.<iy f?;r ntorri.?<
onblon, biltotlmics*, and oonstipi tin
1(1 a good 0110, Prico '2"S OOOM, F
Uo by PiokeuN Drug Oo.J Piokoi
liter A I'lolu mi, I
Russian Troops Conoentvate
In the Yalu Valley.
It Is Said the Probable Intentign or
the Part of the Czar's Forces Is Tc
Seize North Korea?War Outlook If
London, Fob. 5.?A dispatch to Tin:
Central News Agency from Tokio say*
the newspapers there publish tela
grams saying that 20,000 Russian
troops have been concentrated in the
Yalu valley with the probable inten
tioti of seizing North Korea.
It is added that hope of maintain
anco of peaco has been abandoned.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 5.?Dispatcher!
from Viadlvostock say that over a
thousand Japanese girls embarked
there for Japan yesterday, and that
three other steamers are on the point
ol sailing for Japan with Japanese
I families, including many who loft the
] lkolskoye and Ua.-mri regions on last
A Russian correspondent of The As
fiociated Press at Port Arthur telegraphs
as follows:
"There is no truth in the roport that
froight traific has been stopped on the
M anchu r I an ra i 1 way.
"All the ships of the Russian Pacific
squadron which have been hold
in reserve are now in full commission.
"The re'rimonts of the Third East.
Siberian I?ifie brigade which recently
leit Port Arthur are taking temporary
stations along the Chinese railroad.
"Tho Pcf.t Arthur garrison has been
strengthened by the arrival there ot
tho Seventh brigade of conscripts, who
have recently been going through a
short course of training.
"Stores of provisions and coal are
"Uotii tho army and navy are In e:
cedent condition and everything i
ready for an emergency, but all ai
patiently awaiting the outcome of t!i
negotiations. Tho Russian populatio
is tranquil. Very few ot the Rui
sians are leaving, but many .lapanes
merchants an? ?r?lllm? ?*?> '> >'<
homo. Those remaining hero fuel ei
tiro confidence in the authorities.
"The announcement lrom Vladivc
stock that preparations have bee
je made for tho mobilization of th
Manchvirian reserves was premature."
a Affair In State College of Kentuck
May Go to Courts.
idi- Lexington, Ky.. Fob. 6.?The hoar
Lid- ol discipline, of the state college o
>!>s Kentucky is sitting today to con.-ide
J"3 a sensational case which may go t(
too court.
t0 Miss liurgis, 18 years old. dnughte
i in of Judge .J. II. Hargis, ot Brcathit
l-'o county, who is a student in the col
r>A. .
I0K>". charges that she has been insult
od ire.piently !>y Luke Milward, i
s0 Lexington student. and subjected t<
np- taunts because of her father';? allogei
?ry connection with Hreathitt'a trouble.
'')e Jnd:<e Ilarsis it; bore and demand:
that the college take action.
ng The mountain students took tie
or, girl's part and ejected Milward fron
int the grounds at points of revolver;?.
lcn Milward may be excelled.
cs. Buffeted by Wind and Wave?Seamar
'13 Swept Overboard.
p?* Now Voi k. Feb. ">.-?Ono seanran \va
washed overboard during (ho rougli
-v. and tempestuous voyiige of t!io steam
jjj or Mluechor, which arrived today, an
5; other l'?. 11 and broke his leg, and a bo>
>? was injured. The steamer encounter
i '1 a xuccosslon of liinh westerly gi;l<
j(.'r and very rough seas, with hurricair'
r*s squall-; of hail and rain.
jn, The steamer Finland, which arrived
today from Antwern on lior first ?
? slne<> she grounded off Flushing, had
Pan exceedingly rough trip, but wii
out damage to the vessel or injury to
P passengers or crew.
S Uncle Sam Chsated Out of Tolls.
p Han Francisco. Feb. 5.?The woi
g of deputy surveyor of this port in
>J measuring the French vessels in tb'>
harbor has shown that all the ships
navo been measured an<l tho government
has hereby been cheated out of
^ its Just dues in pilot fees and dock*
j age and custom tolls. In the case of
J several French ships It has been
} Ahnwn tlinl tlinlr iMiinmr.. ?
...v.. .uu.in^o 11 (in uuull IIII*
J I derestimated by several thousand tons.
? ' The govornmont lias In the past p??ri
milled French vessels to register their
tonnage according to their own measurements,
hut a new order has boon
received from Washington by which
Frem",!; ships are to be placed on tho
same basis of measurements as th<
American vessels.
Council Negro Bishops.
Mobile, Ala., Feb. 5.? Tho council
\ of bishops of the African Methodist
I Episcopal canvcntion is in session
I here with bishops present from Georgia,
Pcntvylvania, Ohio, Indiana,
Maryland. Now York. Tonnessoe, Michigan,
Kansas and Africa. Tho coun
Q fol will romain in soaslon two days.
J Ufa hop FI. M. Turnar, of Atlanta, pro|
Il'erfVct Conll Iciuo.
Where thero )Md I to lm a feoliag of
unoaRiuc?H and ?ovry in the bon flioM
when a child ?how>ul nvmptonn. of croup,
thero is now perfect eonfMonce. Thin is
owinfj to tlio .uniform r,nc?0H8 of Cltkmljurlain'H
Cough Rt-modv ,'n t-hi trouI
incut of that clinoaMo. Mr?. M. I BiiJ
? ford, of PooIor\ ill", Md ., in ftpcaking
liji ox per ion co i:i llio n"e of that ro u >t
lWh: "I havo a ;7?Mof <onO'omm lr
'' ' ^Piml ovlairi'H Con^li Reun dy for I liavft
ur !? It with p rf< ot srcci fl. My child
n, { unvifind is Inshore a* tacks of
or nrouo, and it^lwnvp giv< 8 him piompt
i?; rollof.' Foe njla l?y Pu kous Ui ng Uu.
? PU^h, I ib?r';r.
Refusal to Honor Rcqulcltion Likely
to Bring Row.
' Montgomery, Ala., Fob. 5.?The statu
of Alabama has a light on its hands .
1 to yet Leroy C. Harding, the DeKalb '
county bank defaulter, back to this
state. He is wanted on an Indictment
for embezzlement. '
Harding has been arrested in Flor!
i Ida, but thy governor of Florida 1KK <
, J declined to honor the requisition o*
1 j the governor of Alabama fur the yrist
i oner.
Governor Jelks has not yet received
official nol ilication from Governor
i Jennings that the requisition lias been
refused, but W. J. Sullivan, the Ala-I
bama agent, who was son I lor th i>r
oner, telegraphs back that CJ:.verr.-,r;
! Jennings declines to honor <.n tit
grounds that it is not sliuvn that
I "Harding was ever in the v tule ot
It is not improbable that the gover,
nor of Alabama will be rather vigorous
when he makes official reply on
I what he considers a discourtesy, and
an abuse of com ty between sister
Verdict Cheered?Dramatic Close to ^
Trial at LaGrange.
LaCrange, tJa., Feb. 5.?Alter l)eing
out for about an hour, tho jury iu tiio
caso of Charley Hill, charged with
tho murder ol' Watt Drown, lias reached
a verdict of acquittal.
The jury went out about 1:30 and
reached thoir verdict about 5:150 p. in.
Hill is now a free man.
A very dramatic incident occurred
as Solicitor General Hall read tiio
words "Not guilty," and almost before
they were uttered, Hill aroso an l
said, "Praise Clod," and throw himself j
into the arms of bis mother, who was i
sitting close by.
The courthouse rang with applause
as soon as the y-rdict was rendered.
? r
AtTTntic amd^BirrWlOfficials at J J
Brunswick, ^ - , I
Brunswick, (la., Fob. r?.?\ ,
Raoul, president, and (}eorge DoleY
' Wud Icy, genoral manager of the Allan- j
tic and Birmingham railroad, arrived
in this city last night on a special car
and will make an inspection of tho
K Brunswick and Birmingham properties
1 in this city, which road it has been
rumored will sllljrtly be purchased by
' the Atlantic and Birmingham.
" However, neither of the gentlemen
1 had anything to give out on (he subject.
It is understood that the Atlantic
and nirmingkatn option on the Hrunswick
and Hiriningham has be 11 ex^
tended until March 15.
r Ten-Ycar-Old Victim Claimed by Savannah's
Deadly Curve.
Savannah, (la., 1-Vb. a.?Adeline
r Neuslino, a white girl. 10 years old.
* was killed by a street, ear at the coiner
ol' West Mrond ami Droughton
' streets. Her head, chest ami arm.';
* were crushed and she was instantly
1 killed.
' The motorman and conductor of th"
car were arrested.
' it is :-aid Ilia! tin- cars run loo rapidly
in rounding the cui o.\ 'Pho accident
is i:nt the first serious on* timi
> has occuricd there.
The mother of tin* child is an inmate
' of the Widows' Home.
03,COO Blaze at Concord.
Concord, (in., Feb. S.?Two store
' buildings owned by Dr. H. A. Mallorv
wore burned to the ground. The fire
1 Ik supposed to havo originated from a
i defect I ve stove line. u. F . Rowe, who
carried fancy groceries, loses about
$(500, with no insurance. The other
house was occupied by Or. Mallory,
who carried drugs and sundries. These
goods were almost a total loss. Suven
' hundred dollars of insurance was car
rlod on those goods, and $100 on tho
buildings. Tin- total loss to Dr. Mai1
lory will bo about $3,000.
Mangled by Switch Engine.
? Atlanta, Fob. fi. T. C. Garr. formerly
of Gainesville, (la., and recently '
working in Atlanta In the Georgia
railroad yards, fell from a switch on- 1
' gine yesterday morning about 0:30
o'clock and was alonist instantly kill- 1
ed. The wheels of the engine passed
over his lx>dy and cut off his right foot, 1
mashed his head and caused other Injuries.
Immeditely alter the accident
occurred Grady hospital was no
uuiMi mid an ainnuianoo sent out. Ilo 1
was dead before it arrived, living '
for only a few minutes.
Respite Granted to Sparks.
Opelika, Ala., Feb. f>.? After unnni- '
rnous action by tlie board of pardons, I
requesting it, (fovernor Jplks ban re- *
spited it. Sparks, the negro inur- ^
doivr, for :;<) days. He was to bavo 1
boon bung in th jail yard here today. '
Ho wa? convicted of killing Jack In* 1
goraoll, a good negro, ot IMienix City. 1
Giver, to Tuskefjce Institute.
Altoonn, I'a., Fob. 5.?Mra. Anna E.
Monro, formerly a teacher in tho A) t
toona high school, died recently. Her h
will, which has Just boon probated, a
boqueatha ^(i.OOO outright to the Tus II
kogeo Institute of Alabama. After o
other bequests have been paid, tho h
rcslduo Is to bo divided between Tus* t
kegco and the Lincoln university. h
Iii-llor Thau (.'old.
"I wo* troub'oil for si voral years with
chronic indige?tion and dc.iv uih <1* l>ii- 1
ity," writes F. J. Gvcen, of LtuicftMcr,
N. II. "No rnmotly I dpc<l mo until I 1
l:ogi?n lifting Eloctno Bittero, which oil
jnnVH good than i ll tit" m< dic'URM I "
TUpi'. I ?vo i'Iho kept my
In nlth for ycarii, Slit'
I'.'ttrn; hi.'O ju?t t'j)h>ndid for *.
Mch,* t' lit iIvy nno Fraud
,7- >ttor for v-c. k, run down
i j r iii'd v puii t k" itH
I ? I ' i Only I.
I fl// l^kHYr.l 111) 1'... It
Diagnosis of His Physicians
allows This to 13o Tt uo.
3asc lo Regular?No Gravo Symptoms.
Plan Is To Take Mr. Ha mm to
Thetrasville, Ga., as Soon as Safe
To Do So.
Washington, Fob. 5.?The condition
jf Senator Hanna was reported this
morning as practically unchanged. A
consultation of physicians is in progress.
Senator Hanna is officially pro j
ionneed to have typhoid fever.
The following bulletin was issued
>y his physician, immediately after the j
"Senator if anna lias typhoid fever!
i'he diagnosiK is confirmed by the
. ompleto blood examination reported
:lil8 morning by Dr. Edward Hebron. !
i'he senator rested l'airiy well last
light and this morning, his tempera-j
.lire is 100: pulse. 82."
President Roosevelt walked over
rotn the White House this morning
personally to inquire alter the settlor's
condition. He spent ten inin-I
ites at the hotel.
Dr. Uehrond is a microscopic expert
>1 this city. He made two tests. The
list one showed the presence of the
.yphoid bat iilus. second test
,vas made to conlirm tho llrst one.
Tho physicians will issue no furher
bulletins before evening, unless
some unexpected development occurs,
rhe doctors say the case of typhoid is
"The question of sending for the
iiombcrs of Senator Manna's family
vas discuused with the physicians this
norning, ami it was decided that it
vas not nec.'ssaiy at present to send
or thorn.
Those in consultation over the ease
ivere Dr. Itixey, who had his regular
ittonillieT physician here. Dr. (J. Lloyd
dagruder and Dr. Hehrond. The prosdent
arrived during their consulta^ti^Ie
talked earnestly about the
cas ? Dover, secretary'
to Mr. IIanna fof>^nmutos- aiuf\ l'x
pressed his warm :;ymp*ii?^ t 1 ',on
he walked back to the V.'hite ^rn.0, i
The senator is being closely guarded
lrom visitors, and no one except his
regular household is permitted to see
him. His sole diet is milk and no
fltimnlnnto * - *
v., ucini; iikuu lit pre.-t nt.
Ilo rested fairly comfortably during
the niRiit.
Mrs. Manna Insist.; on personally at
tondin? the patient much o! the time,
hut the trained nurse begun duty today.
The physicians say that the
outlook is hopeful for recovery and
that the crucial point in tin* illness
should he passed In about a week.
TSiov say the case is what is known
as IrrPlMlIm' lvnlml.1 ?...l i-. '
<niii i.s il-ss senous
than niont cases of tliot illness. It
Ik soniowhai li!< * walking typhoid,
which acounts for tho reo?nt fluctuations
In tho fev r and nenoral oou
<iitIon of tho i>;uiont. Tho family,
it is said, in: lead of hclng alarmed at
tho (liannohis of typhoid, are relieved
at the announcement. being fearful
of tIn; uncertainty. They realize the
Kerioasnesw of tiie situation, hut feel
that niikht have br;*n other developments
thnl would have proven of much
more gravity. The physicians are
now making a test of the condition
of tho kidneys. It is realized that
tho . Ki'iiator's advanced arfe and his
rheumatic condition make tho case a
mor? serious one than a younirer man,
but belief is oxnrosse.l i.v iii?
that lie will recover. though lie will
ho confined I > his hod lor a consider- j
iihie period. 'I'ii.' ptisent plan Is to j
take liim to Tlioinr.svillrt. t?n., as soon
r.a he is able to l>.> moved.
Senate Chaplain Refers to Senator In
His Invocation.
Washington. Feb. 5.- fn his prayer
it tin* opening of the senate today the
Chtplain. Itev. Dr. I3dward Cverett
11iiIf*. made reference to tin- illness!
>f Senator Hanna. saying:
"Father, wo ask for those who are \
in great sorrow, wo ask for those who
ire at tin' bedside of sickness; we ask
tor those who minister to them?that
Thou wilt give them life and light
ind l?vo."
Outrages by Hcrrcroa.
Berlin, Feb. ?Telegraphic commit-|
llcation with Windhoek. Cierman !
Southwest Africa, lias been r. stored. I
I'he authorities there cable that the
Jorums murdered Assistant Director
loepner, of the Colonfal bureau and
Ion Wnllermeyer, an agricultural ex >
>ort. No information regarding the
ate of llerr Muollendorff. the Cologne
Ja/etto's correspondent, and Dr. (}or i
>er. the forestry expert, hns been ob- '
nine;! l?y the authorities. Doth of
hose men are reported to have been
Death Claims Noted Character.
Chicago, Feb. 5.-?Tobias Ilroderlck,
uit. (! Jockey and driver of trotting
> >r; t\s, snowman, clambake promoter
nd politician, Ls dead after a week's
llno.ss. He was 18 yonrs old. Firod*
rick wa.s born In Cambridge. Ilofore
o came to Chicago lie was one of
tie most noted drivers of trotting .
or sen on tho turf.
Cold Wave (ominff.
If yon have Rydn'ea Elixir in the
ohho when a cold wave oominjr, von
red not fear attacks of Hronohitis,
Ycunmnift, Coughs, Cold*, t to. Rynlo?
Elixir trtkou w!i?i. attack uogui*
ever failH to olifk <h? prouresa of tl?o
M' n*?o. It h equally HUWoWid in
lironio cftfos of thront nod Inu^ <5i.imco
'it-kens Drug Co., I'iekeud; W. A,
holdon & Co., Tjibftrty. |
Bhenmfttio putoi* qmokiv i-?lit\vod
y m>|)li ati >iift of Kftiii uis N'MViUnjui
f ??o Oil: try ?'. 'ioa nt Kirfniw BrTTr;J.
How a Woman Wan R<-?hh???4 M-l.
treated by New York Cabman.
Now York, Feb. 5.?A cabman
known as MolTatt, ban been held for
trial on the charge of robbery made
by Miss Clay borne Sheldon, of Buffalo,
who told Magistrate Harlow a re
markable story of her arrival here as
a stranger and her attempt to roach
a reputable Broadway hotel through
the medium of a cab.
Miss Sheldon came from Buffalo
Jan. 15, slit' says, to seek a position,
having achieved at home something o? I
a reputation as a vocalist. She hao
been directed to an uptown hotel, at
tin* NVoehawken terminal of the railroad,
took the ferryboat for Franklin
street, but instead of Forty-second
stn;ui luiiuuu down town.
"1 told tho firut cabman that I met
that I wanted to go to the hotel," si
said. "lie said it would cost $5 and
1 got in to the cab.
"1 do not know how many miles I
was driven, but hours passed, and it
seemed to me as if 1 had made the
circuit ol the city several times. livery
time I spoe to the cabman lie said
that we were getting near the hotel. >
"1 could not understand what tho
cabman meant, and after we had
passed a familiar corner, 1 stopped the
cab, determined to get out.
"'Win re am 1?' 1 said.
"'You are near the hotel,' he replied.
"'Well, I will walk the rest of the
way,' I said.
"T hf?n I t rinrl
. ? >vv? v*/ 5?;t V/UI. J 111' 11UIJ* (
man seized me and forced me into
the seat.
"'You will not leave the cab,' said
he, 'until you pay me $100.'
"1 asked what for, and he told mo
to give up the money to avoid trou- '
bk\ I r-e- -a'nod, and he seized my [
throat. He told mo to keep quiet for
my orn good, but I kept on fighting 1
as well as i "oulrt. Then he threw a
handkorchi* l o\Sfr?Jsy race. i thim !
It was saturated with chloroform I j
made mo sirlc. I ceased to struggle
and do not recall anything until some
time afterward, when 1 found mysel
lying in a gutter. I was dazed and
sick. Alt-i" awhile I was able to
walk and found that 1 was at Forty-j
ninth street and ISighth avenue, nearly
if irillpa tfirvi iIia 1...1 .! M" -
,?u i, i in- woman
- -
lmmediuti ly sought a policoman to
whom sin? told her story. She had
been robbed of all her money, $15, n
ring worth $175, lior watch and many
small articles. Perhaps the most repart
of the affair which had
i\n a street which is crowded,
occurred . , .
,7* - ? (UiVtMoiuid.
night and da\-?i^^ .
' 1 rsc iJifcu. th >i
policeman immediately rec^P^
cabman and set out to find hlmT^^Mj
had Just arrester Molfatt in a distant
; section of the city and learned he hail
retired from the cab driving profession
Jan. 15, the day after the holdup.
The officer fully confirmed his part
of the adventure and Moffatt was
Identified in court by the complainant.
Stoamship Men Consider Transatlantic
Freight Businecs.
New York, Foli. .">.?Oni; ot the most
important conferences of the stifun;
ahly men horn in years litis just been
hsld. Agents and representatives of
practically all of the linos operating
between Atlantic ports and the United
Kingdom wero present.
The object of the gathering was to
see if the current demoralisation In
| the transatlantic lro;glu business could
i not be ended by a concerted action,
j The minimum rate agreement under
; which tin- lines have been working for
two years or more, expires b> limita
tion in a few days, and the meeting
I was fur the purpo.ii> of seeking some
i common ground of renewal.
It developed that there wan little
hope of reaching an agreement and
the conference broke up without definite
('ate. The London lines. It is
understood, patched up somewhat of
a new ngn nit nt a few days ago. The
agrooment has been entered into.
Miss Elizabeth Vanderbilt, Relative of
Commodore Vanderbilt.
Now York. Feb. f>.?M!ss Kli/.aboth
\ anuerbtlt, S7 years old. daughter ofv
Oliver Vnnderhilt, who founded the
first terry between Staten Island and
New York and a relative of Commodore
Vanderbilt,%is dead at the home
of her niece in a small apartment on
the tipper west side.
Miss Vanderbllt had lived with the
family for lif> years. hut has never
spoken to them of her business affairs
beeause of extensive litigation over
her father's property. She is said
to have had a large income.
Barge Lost, but Crew Saved.
Philadelphia, Feb. 5.?A report rerelved
by the maritime exchange todny
states Hint ilm i>#""> ?
wiiii-ii was
lost oft Coke Springs I.ifo Saving *tation
on Wednesday last, was tho Puritan
in tow of tho tug Nathan Halo.
The crow was saved. The N'athnn
Halo is supposed to havo sailed froo^
Norfolk for Now London.
To Answer Korgery Charges.
Wetland, Ont., Fob. 4.?James II.
A hoi left here; today In caro of a detective
for Now, York, where Abel la
wan tod to answer lo charges of forg- j
w.j uncKt'ii u? nnvo oeen committed |
while payiiiK aUoutJon to Miss Elomior
Anderson undor thfi name of "J.
Ogdon Uoulet."
In Tlio Merry Spring Time.
In tlio merry spring time llio festive
mnlnria microbe, gooth forth determined
to oolonize every human organism. If
this ftioh foo has invftde.1 your systom
allow ns to suggest Rydale-* Tonic. Thin
remody frees tlio blood from main rift
microbes oliminatos poiinnoiis matter
from the system, strengthens the nerve*,
scd restores robust health, Rydalo*,
Touio is Guaranteed. Piokmtft <liv
Montreal, Quo., and Mahon
ey City. Pa., Suffer L^bs.
One Woman Jumps From Second 8toTy/
With Infant in Her Arim and Botm
Receive Probably Fatal Injuries. \
Over Healed Stove Caused Fire.. V^H
Montreal, Fob. 5. Throo persons
wero hurnod to death and lour badly
Injured to<iay in a llro In Cadleux w '
Tho dead: -*^j|
Mrs. lOdward Crawford, 40 yearB
Willie Crawford, 15 years old^l
James Hogan, 23 years, son-it^
The Injurod:
Mrs. Ethel Hogan, will dic,4fl
IS. Hogan, Infant soil, may dlo;rcu^^^i
v>*Tir<l Crawford, probably will dio;
Thomas Hare. 35 years old. face and
hands burned, may die.
Mib. Hogan, with her infant aiM
Thoiuas Mare, jumped from the
ond story of the burning house.
The lire evidently started from oxi^H
overheated kitchen stove.
Six Persons Burned to Death.
Mahoney City, Pa., Feb. 5.?8lx per-" dR S y ?
sons, all foreigners, were burned to 1
death early today at Trenton, near / '
here. The lire destroyed .six double / ^
dwellings. The fire started from an ?'
overheated stove. Tho los6 on the ^
houses Is small. ^
Relentless Campaign Is Boln^|
Against Them.
N'tnv York. Feb. 5.?
a relentless campaign
j>rsxhoin^ conducted by^H
tornev's nfYieo peai^^^H
across tho rivo^^H
vvliich place liuyBB?|
more than hall' a
the large clties^^H
inaunm ultui iii^H
prosecution. l^H
ed at the doors oHJ
to steer their old^M
right direction, but ftN|
much progress, and onoV^B
to make a payment tooifl|
in his possession to tl^fl
noy's ortjcc: and handu^J
o d j^^M^gvn e o.
i ^
Famous as the Elsinorc In Shakespeare's
Now York, Feb. 5.?The Danish castic
of KronborR, famous as the Elainoro
in Shakespeare's "Hamlot," Is <
threatened, according to an American
j dispatch^ from Herlin, with destruction Jj^k
by tlx* nmlcnnininK tides ol the Katt* flj
j Ogot. j
The foundations are seriously dam1
aped and tl?^^'/?stU? may
' nilllort ifllW'll tnir/illmr u - a
r . ........ vw^vik*.! nan i ii(* iui"I U(
on which th>' ghost of Hamlet's fathor^M
Reported To Have Been OverJM
by Volcanic Eruption.
Amsterdam, Fob. 5.?Advices recolv- N V
cd lu re show thnt an entire town on \
tlie island of Java, Dutch East Indies, \ aB
is r. ported to have boon swallowed up
by a volcanic eruption ami hundlreds H
of persons were killed.
Butler Cpse Being Argued.
i'niton Mo., Fob. f> AjRVUnontfl to
the Jury in the east? of Colonol Edward
Hutlcr. of St Lrouia, who is on trial
before Judge Craves on the chnrgo of
being a member of the house of delegates
to secure the passage of tha
City lighting hill in 18S19. was begun j$|
today Assistant Circuit Attorney j ralgjl
Bishop, of St Lou 1b, begpn for tha iVB
To Locatc Boer CololgggJ^gEsllSSHS
1 Hinsdale, Mont . Feb. .'>1
Joub?>rt and Captain O'lfljj^^
South Africa, arc looting Wjk
In a
v i h
Falls before returning. They Boomed
favorably Impressed with tho future
of this part of the state. . tt
PaBBonger Men at Palm Beaoh.
1'alm Hoach, Fla., Feb. 5.?The
Soutlif astern Passenger AB{-.ociatlon,
Joseph Richardson, of Atlanta, chairman.
met here. 17 roads being reported
by the HO officials. No business
of importance has yet boon transact- i
ed i
Receipts and Disbursements. " ^
Washington. Fob. 5.?National hank ,
notes today for redemption, 11,039.319;
government receipts from internal rev- /'
?nuo, $f>98,l89; customs. $038.4lfi: mU
cellaneous, $59,137; expenditures,
$1,480,000. i
Society Chooses Debater*. } k
DahlOnega, Oo., Fob. &. ?The DecorA J|
Palaestra society elected Ralph Hen* vfl
ly. of Jaspor, and L. O. Portion, ol /
Elhorton, champion debaters, Thesft ^SjBA
young men are hoth prominent atifi ji^H
dentH li. tho North Qoorgl* A#7t*ul- I f-i-tural
allege. JKgE
rnysterlous ("liviim stance,
Oue w h palo and sallow nn<l the other l
ft<sh and rosy. Wlieno ? tho difTerenoe? j
She who i* I lilfihliic with heillli h?a*L.
Pr. KinjJn Now Ijifo Pills to maioti4ii|\ ^jfl
it* By U^tii Y It'')!'*' "R H'o lovy orf/nu&^^B

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