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[ickens Sentinel-Journal.;
The Sentinel-Journal Company. \
Thomi'Hon & Riciiey, Props.
M J. L. O. THOMPSON, Kpitob. i
Subscription $1.00 Per Anuum.
^Advertising Rutes Rcwonable. 1
|kSSt(t Kntered at PlckenB Postoflice as Second Class .
Mall Matter '
Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1001.
QftfT* of tho moat disastrous tires in
bintory ^Hftrcortitt/y started in (
V thO\businesl|center of Baltimore at
i w 11 o'clock Sunday morning in tbe
dry goods and notion establishment
V of John E. Hurst. The entire L;;:;
/ nese portion of the city is n mass of i
|r ruins. Tho tiro burned fiercely until I
? 5 o'clock Monday afternoon, when i
L tlio Mimics *vert> tin ally got under cou^^^^^trol.
No livoa aro as ho far reported !
^^The latest estimates of tlio loss
^feerty is over $200,000,000.
Bpatby of tlio en tiro, world will
P^to the people of tiro swept
n I&ltnnoro today; and frots no part of
tho. world will moro gonuino feijliiif
| / coipo than from the South. ThproI
ftr*6 no sectional lines where disasters!
IttflFo concerned, but tho South will
^Kuvor* forgot that tho sympathies of
f^Baltimorb have always boon with tho
y South in all things. Tho lire at tho
timo wo writo this, has already as;
Burned proportions which make it 0110
' of tho record breaking firos in history.
Tho only alleviating feature of it is
that the awful loss of life which has
attended many catastrophes of like
nature is ab3ont. But this is tho
deac^^viutor and there is practicali^nich
sufforing, and tlie !
Baltimore has always '
in coming to tho as- j
r stricken com muni- i*
^Mhers will do by :
Kby thom. Ami i
in' Baltimore is I
tho South can I
Bocomo to her aid. j
jayvailey to tho :
Hfnorthern part
^v^ulju ii?j (ii v liit'ii- ;
JP'i sides, rivers are
Hp banks and over the <
^vng, ieo gorges havo|
wh and bridges, and i
H^nvo coii^gM^l. I v^^Pfiavo
spread ,
dolus along tho low banks have taken i
to tho hills. In Pittsburg and Alio-,
gheny tho Monougaheln and Alle-1
Knvuj jiveia mo OU 11 rampage. !
Tlxeso rivers aro thirty foet above tho '
Hhb high water murks. The lower purl. B
of Pittsburg unci Allogheny ni\V. pul?-j
merged, tho stcol mills have/shut
k^wn oud flic llood is riyj^ing d^wi
^^TOhio river valley v.itli imminent
?nngov of n big ice gorge, and the
^Pghefct water in twenty live yens i
Htlio proportv loss in tlmt section a 1 ^^^^Bl^ady^miounts
to ?1,000,000.
It is expected that at tho Kepubli^^^^.'.111
State Convention in Columbia <>n
' February 2G. candidates w ill be placed ;
in the fiold for congress from every
99p district in tho State. Jt is rumored
that tho candidates will be white <
inon, those who havo held federal of- : *
llces sinco tho ad von t of John (I. uaH
pors in politics, although in one or |
two of tho districts Rome negro may
bo put up. This movement, which ! j
-has only been decided upon in tho i
last fow days, is the result of <<i < 1 rs
v l^eeived direct from President LIoobo- *
1T/.1 L -MV. ?T
Wilis ??very uepnbJican I
committee in tho South '
i candidate and arouso
o that a large vote inny l
notion of ho many iinad
tory foolish bills by
Jolons can ho accounted
for only by tho fact that this in cam* I
pai&u year and each one must givo
an account of his stewardship by ,
tollinc f.lin "/Ifinr ...t1 e
0 V<vui lit" i '
did or triocl to do. Homo of tho law (1
makerH noom to think that in order
to win tho "well done" of their con- I
atitnency they must endeavor to paflH J.
a grent number of lawn, when, in j
point of fact, Ifiuse who prevent f
their paHBftgo are rendering a greater 'J
Borvico. r
Tho coinniitteo, of which Hon. t
Thos. II. IlainHford in a inombor, that '
Teas appointed by tho general assom N
I bly to look into tho nfTniiH of tho ,
^ btato collofiffl, has recommend* I that <
mk tholund (about thirty acren), situated >
in the very heart of Columbia* bo- '
longi.ig to tho South (Jarolina bol- |
lege, Lie improved ho hh to be a ,
source of rovenuo, or Hold mm',the ]
j^Liuonoy invofitod as a nucleus f?ir an c
l^idowrnont fund. This is A (tfood 0
The April tonu of tl>o Uuited Statei
sirouit court in Charleston will trj
i number of peonage cuhch, originat
ng iu the uppor purl of South Caro
ina. Tho cases ^o-o called at tli
recent session of tin court in Colim;
Din, but were cnrrix oyer, and it i
aow the intention of District Attornc
John G. Capers to ti; tlio cases at th<
approaching term. Pheso aro lirn
peonage cases to jo triod in Soutl
Uavolina since the louent ngitutioi
began and consider *'>lt public intei
!:st will attach to the <ri il.
There will bo no tobacco barns i
Sumter county tVe ;'e ir, for no col
ton grower win pi ihi tobacco wuoi
jotton sells at '25 cmi.s, and man
A'ho havo boon pi in ing tobacco fo
sovoinl votire n H return to col
ton us ft money crop, forgetting tlia
it does not pay to p?.l ail their etr.i?
in one basket.
W. O. Tuti:m, th-? new liquor coir
luissioner, luis livt hundred upplicf
bions for places. Ho has nppiiul
Lnent of IN clerkf uid inspectors
with salaries ranging from ?(>0 t
?150 ft month, and ii addition he ha
the employment of every person wh
works in llio dispensary by tho da
or week.
Tho passage of the bi-onnial ros
siona measuro by tho legislature wi
meet with tho appioval of ft vua
majority of tho people who will vot
for the constitutio ml amendmont i
tho next primnry. J1 lonsan.ls of do
lars will bo saved I>v having the le?j;ii
lature meet every t vo years instea
of annually.
Tho liock llill I'nl iishing Co. wit
an authorized capiti 1 of $10,000 b<
gan on February 2ml the publioatio
of Tho lioc.orcl, i. seiiii-woekly, eigli
page nowfipapor. T ii-- paper t:il<o
llio placo of tho luck llill Jounui
and tho subscription prioo is $1.50
It is said that Aril;or L. 1<i'owi) c
Atlanta, Cm., was < imaged to INIit
Mai'ic.Barnes, of (i 1 e wood, Pa., an
while looking over : >mo family rc<
ords the night bofor the wedding
was discovered tL'nt ?> isis Barnes wn
Mr. Brown's sister.
The Atlantic Cooc Lino ltailron
Company at a ivcoh meeting cf u
board of directors c'oeided to grnw
Reports from tl i enast eonntic
say that large miiul 1 s ?f deud dueli
ftvo Ixiiti'f found i:i tl.* marches nu
back waters whore lie* are nceu;
tomed to feed and t??a sonic epid? nri
is prevailing amo:i<. I loin.
A true Lilt was f. in -1 l?y the Lui
reus grand jury ft?p.in>l A. U. S'lll
van, laic dispense.*, charged will
breach of I rust. II s diorlago of $1
KOU has been j lid up l\v his hoiuU
Tho ?? <: i il )vei Ip! State ha\
been asked to look u fot Clarem
Ouzts, who left Kdgel\'l I more tnai
it wo ok ago fur Auj^us a, and lins no
been heard of fiincu.
Tho legislative conn.liasioti hn.?- r<
ported that tlio roc -nth' complete'
^lato houso needs r< piir.i to tho tun
d $ JO, 2G9.G8, eoiilraolora pro lilt in
Tho presume of <: r;ot atayH whil
lancing brought ' n a fainting upol
md death from heart failure of Mi.-ii
Ivato Moriarity at l-; iinglield, Masfi
The L'rodueo I'xchmgo bank, o
JhfVOlnnd. Ohio, him I eon forced I.
ho wall owing lo a defalcation o
M .70,000 by Cashier I{ mo.
Now .JoiHey, t.io h u-tor State
joasts that sho 1ms ucro than tw<
nillion dollars in Ik t troasury am
loosn't owo a dollar.
Nearly I'oiTt Its 11 i? I.if".
A runaway aliiost inline fatally
<t'irt?*<I a horriblo ulctor ( t tho log of ,i
Oanor, Franklin <irovi, III. Forfon:
roars it defied all douio.s and all roiuo
li?-s, But liucklen h \ nion Salvo ba<
io li'oublo to euro him. I'.ijually goo(
or burns, bruines, <ki:i eruptions am
file. 25c at l'iekotif I i ig (Jo.
In tracing tho lii.oi ( of William
Randolph Hoarst, the i inn who wil
robably bo tho Donio.i die candidnt<
>r president of the I :i b.d Stato*, il
uis boon discovered tin t his grand
athor was from Al l? v I In county
i i ? ?
iiiAnuniM UIIIIII hUll.CWIlRre 111 tlx
loighborliood of ma Thomas .)
Icarat of Vodcry, Goiti.vood conny,
cousin to NVil'iiu Randolph
learst. If ft.>ut)i (iicliim is nol
fit, loval enough l<; i n i li a pr<ai
Io111, nho may have ? nto t oiih ami
huglitora who nnn < i ii kin with
mo. !f 1*. litarnt s i )i i*| bo nomi
lated for tlm presidu ( / lio Itopu >
ioaiiH will discover tin > onth Caro
ITlft blood in linn am !: n to uao of it
u ticic .1 iun). amyi < v. had belle)
lot Kiiy too much ti jiuit it un'.il
I en I'M t heals Iloope.veit and then \v<>
an hodiI for our friir.i >%oi* at Vanity
nnd linvo the ui iU :r of kinship
ettled by a thorough ipvOBtigntion
f Lhnt lino of lloftiits who moved
roin Abbeville couuty I ? Missouri.?
Ireonwood Nowjs and Views.
^^lo^Can t'^pp^TTPoor Man!
B .
v Sam Lark Ruminates Some. Believes
P in Cnn rlnJ Cnttnnlo Tt,n
I 111 Muiiuay V^VIIUUIOI i lie I 1101
School lie Attended wa3 in
h Old Court House at Pickens
32 Years ago. J.
H. McFall Supt.
Gainesville, Tex., Ftb. 2, 1904.
n Editor Sentinel Journal:
t- Dour Sir: I take pleasure in sendn
ing a few items from tho far west
v once more; hoping it may be of some
interest to tho readers of Tho Sentinel
^ Am glad to say I did very well on
I cotton farming last year; I made
s twenty-six bales on seventy live acres,
and, would you boliovo tho story, I
prepared tho sumo land for another'
i- crop in twenty days during January j
t ljust pas ed. Four miles of plowing,;
^ j turning dirt right and left all at once.
! It is very common to wear gloves
' j out here while we are at work. If
? you could s< o my hands you would
* ! think me odd with thoso srroat brial
pensions to all of ii c mployes ovo
GO years of nge\\l( hnvo given tli
company faithful ? r?i? <> for at lout
ten years. ^
that f dI lii
P^Soiib being that I . is immon
a'litl i'ljnrioiis for .it *! t > . (! 1
uiior it is jnr.eh mon > ?t the state.
0 J marks all over ray bauds.
y : Wo ure now preparing our buaimer
wood.- Only lmvo to go seven
miles uftor it. Tluit is nil right, only
i_ I lmvo to cut it iny?elf, ns my boys
U are in school and mv wife refuses to
chop wood any more. It is pretty
'* rough on the old num. 1
0 Wheat and fall outs nro vory promn
1 Wo had only one light snow.
i- j Horses and eattlo are looking well,
d Most everybody in this sortion
j killed a few hogs. Wo lmvo four
beauties, they nro a cross of Poland
h | China and Berkshires.
3- ! Mr. Editor, pleaso do not get worti
: riiul. I am going to send that dollar
t | along with this for fear you call wo a
. Hip Van Winkle.
. 1 often think of my first Sunday
1 school days. It was up stairs in the
il old court liouso at Pickens some
thirty-two years ago, with James Mc.
Fall as superintendent.
1 am glad to say our Sunday school
!S out hero goes on every Sunday and
we live convenient to attend regular3*
[ ly. Some folks may disagree with
it me, hut it seems to mo that the SabH
hath school is the nursery of the
I must hush. Wishing one and all
,] a happy and prosperous year with j
plenty of economy mixed.
1; lv. P. 1X^2.
v".*"" 9"??.
?t ,^rie readers of tins paper will he
-^pieased to learn that there is at least one
dreaded disease tlat science has been
able to cure in all its stages and that is
( catarrh. Hall's Catiirrh Cure is the only
positive cure now known 10 the niede
ical fraternity. Catarrh being a consti,s
tutional disease. requires a cons'ituUon.!
al treatment. HallV Catarrh Cure is
t iken internally, acting directly upon
i the blood and mucous surfaces of the
1, system, thereby destroying too foundation
<>t the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the con8
stitut'oti and assisting nature in doing
8 1 its work. The proprietor* have so
j i much faith in its curative powers, that
l' : tie v oiler One limn I red Dollars for aiv
j any ease that it fails to euro. Send for
; list of testimonial.?.
r! Address, P. J. Cheney tfe Co.,
Toledo, O.
Sold hy all i'"l ug^ista. 1 lull's Family
|. Pills ar< the bust.
The Montvalc Lumber Company Has
'* 60.000 of Virgin Forest?Working
with Soft Woods.
e \ Tho largest charier fee ever paid
o in the history of Piekuuis con aty was
. f l .l ' /ii ? i - i . i " , i
(J m 111 IINl i)y 1110 lOCIll
attorney of tho MontValc dumber
j Company, Mr. J. P. (,'ar.ey. jThe fee
whs u litt!<j over $!100\ pa/d l?y the
Motitvale Lumber Company/ recently
organi/.'d in tliis county\with a cap
I Utilization of $500,000.
0 The company now hns 00,000 acros
- of virgin forests?-10,000 in South
Carolina and 20,000 in North Caro
linn, and iu continually adding to it?
0 extensive purchase.
1 Jt bought out the Benedict Love
Lumber company and in now oporatS
in.r lli? f . \\
-..0 ..ivp v.wi/iiqku | /111 11 l ill, V/1U JMHIl),
| one of the most complete plants to bo
C' found in llio State. Its equipment
oDHt about $40,000. The now c??m'
puny is cutting about 10,000 feet of
' lumber per day at Calhoun and lias
\ 1,500,000 poplar and pine logs at the
| river's edge ready to Moat down with
!?, the rise of tho water courses. This
' lot of lotfs is valued at about $00,000. j
1 1 There is sullicient quantity of this (
I kind of soft wood, a? it is eallod by ]
the lumber people, to run tho Cab ?
houn plant for a number of years. I
, | When tho soft woods are consumed 1
then the hardwoods, consisting of *
I ! hickory, oak, chestnut, ash, etc., will ,
i j be cut, i
j' Tho soft woods can very easily bo c
II floated down t>> tho company's boom
| on tho Koowco at Calhoun and cut '
j and shipped in any direction l>y rail.
iNot 8) with tho hardwoods tlio apoI
ei 11 o gravity in too profit ? it won't 1
1 flout. 'I'liia- moans that eventually a 1
railroad will liuvo to ho conatructod
into tho heart of tho lumber district, j
Tho Benodict-Lovo Lumber company .
' thought of fastening n log of hard- J
wood between two of soft wood, but
it was impracticable on account of 1
1 thn ( xpunao.
Tho company nioann buainoss and '
will apuul a groat deal of monoy (
I hero in t>io dovolopmcut of its valu- c
ub!o ititoroflta. Lt also has similar ^
interests in North Carolina. Tonn??.
| hoo and Went Virginia
I Mr. Ira Knapp of Iowa, recently ,
) mado another big lumber dual in 1
this county. His purchnao of 15,000
acrt'H was mado from Col. J. IS. Hagood,
and contaiiiH Homo of tho most I:
valuable timber lands in Oconee.
The Montvale Luinbor company ia ^
interested in tho pnrchaeo of Mr.
Knapn's timber and il ia not unlikely
that tho nalo will be porfeoted.
Thore is not an aoho or pain that can ~
bo reached externally thnt cannot ho ,f
"Killod'/in a fmv minutes by the uho of o
ElltOtt'fl\EmnUiOod Oil Ijinimant. Rub ?
lll/u. - 1 --- * * "
JBad Coughs
mmmncaaawi in nmwmmmmmmmm
tx I had a bad cough for six
weeks and could find no relief
until I tried Aycr's Cherry Pccto- 0
t rai. uuiy one-rourtn or ttie bottle D
!| cured me." f(
L. Hawn, Newington, Ont. .
Ncglectcd colds always n
lead to something serious. Vi
j They run into chronic J
|! bronchitis, pneumonia,
[j asthma, or consumption. 1
fj Don't wait, but take 1
j. Aycr's Cherry Pectoral t
| just as soon as your cough
I begins. A few doses will ?
Bv,uic you men. H u
Tiirtt s'.zcg : 25c., 50c . SI. All drufilnl*. g ^
f Consult your doctor. IT he ?ays tako it, I 8
t then do as he h:<v?. If ho telU you not H
r to t.iko it. tliaiu don't tnke it. He know*, g 0
I l.ouve It with liinv \Vt> am willing. B
I- J. C. AY Kit CO., Lowell* Ums. H B
f*V?> y~*r<^ry~rTKrr^%*r> g Ml?!
? ?
Thinking Men Will assemble in Spar- e
tanburg, S. C., For a Three b
Days' Conference. ^
Tho city of Spnrtsnhurg, S. C. will
entertain tho first Intor-State Con- 8
volition of tho Young Moil's Christian
Associations of North and South Caro
linn. 'Tho meeting will take place
OA ?>?> c
i. VUillUiJ iJV
Horetoforo each Stato mot in separate
convention, but tlio recent fed- ^
oration of nil the Associations in tbo ^
Carolinas with ono Executive Com- .
mitto makes it possible to raeot in
juint convention. *
"Seiviee," is tbo central tboroe cf
this signilieont gathering of young ^
men. Tbo convention is to be materially
strongthonod by tbo presence
of some prominent Association, work- ^
ers from otber sections of the coun
try. Amoug tboso who liave already ^
consented to bo presont is Mr. Chas. ^
It. Townson, of Philadelphia. Mr. 0
Townson is Secretary of tbo Ponnsvl.
vania Railroad Department, Young u
Men's Christian Association which is
by tho way, tho largest Association
of its kind in tho world. C. C. ^
Michcuor, of Now York City is anotli- 7
er prominent speaker. Mr. Michenbr tl
is one of tho international Secretaries d
and is giving practically all of his n
tiino to Association work in great industrial
plants. "
lion, Mr. Mic]ii)^r anj Socrotary
Rnobel^?fl vjsit soino of tho largo
^/^uTTmills and confer with tho presidents
and superintendents with roferenco
to tho feasibility of erecting
special buildings with alll tho modern
equipments for the male operatives.
W. D. Weather ford, of Nashvillo,
who is tho International Committee's
special Student Secretary for the
South will also bo a prominet figuro
in tho convention.
II. O. Williams, ono of the International
Railroad Secretaries is another
prominont spenkor. Mr. Williams
and Mr. Michenor will be tho
special speakers on Monday night of
tho convention; this entiro evening
will bo devoted to a discu38ion of
"Work Among Industrial Classes."
ltev. J. A. 13. Scheror, Ph. D., prosdent
olect of Nowborry col'epo, will
deliver four addrosses on "Funda
intMJuwa. i^r. Dcnoror is uxliiy tUe
lending man in his denomination a
broud scholar and a most attractivo
llov. M. D. Hardin, pastor of tho
Second Presbyterian church, Charlotte,
will deliver tho Convention sermon.
There will ho anutnl>orof businofis
and professional men who will fill
places on tho program. Altogether
it is going to ho a most significant
gathering?some *f tho choicoBt men
in the Carolines will thus bo brought
together in a three day's conference;
they are coming from villages, from
cities, from railroad shops, from colleges
and universities, to plan together
how they may individually be
of greater sorvico to their fellows.
This papor is authorized to extend
a general invitation to any of its
readers who may bo intorosted to attend
this convention. Thero will bo
reduced railroad rates, but all who
contemplate attonding must first
communicate with the Stato Committee's
ollico and ho sunnlind with Mm .
rl -- V
proper credentials. For further information
address fttato Secretary,
Youn# Men's Christian Association.
Uharlotte, N. O.
When you Have a Cold.
The first net ion whoa you have a cohl
should bo to roliove tho lun^H. This in ?
beat iicoomplinhod l?y tho free use of
CJlmniborlain's Cough Remedy. This
remedy liquefies tho tough muous and
r*iiu80s itn oxpujsion from tho air oells of
tho lungH, produces a freo expectoration,
Hill nilflllU Hin 1_?~
v,,......, Viouuiin, rK IH'IlipiUMJ
sure noon follows. This remedy will euro
i Hcvoro cold in less time thnu any other
treatment and it leaves the system in a
natural ami healthy condition. It count
tracts any tendency toward pneumonia.
For Halo by Pickens Drug Co., ami Huntor
& Pickens, Liberty,
Farmors will romoiubor that only
i few yearn a^o cotton sold on our
droeta at cents per i>ound. It is
15 cents per pound today, but that
loos not moan it will bo anything
iko that much when the 1904 crop
8 put on the market. Trtlinnnn Imo
jeen cultivated in thin and other
sounties to advantage and linn helped
nany a poor man to lift his mortjugo.
Therefore, inasmuch as tho
!rop of tobneco in North Carolina in
lertainly going to ho materially don-eased,
is it not advisable for our
ill'mere to raiso some cotton and
lomo tobacco and have two money
irops instead of one. ?Darlington '
ltrldgo to I.ot.
Wo will lot to the lowest ^sponsible
liddor tho rebuilding or repairing the
ewell bridge on Twelve Mile river on
ho 19th day of February, at 18 M.
Nans nwde known on day of lett ngL.
I). Btephcnn,
Super viaor; ^
A T W-IK^?
A. B. Taliny,
Co. (JommiBBfoj*
\SANTKB?Hnvnral InrinatrlflH Bf
l rncli Ktrtlo to travel >'or hout^^^HSTed
lovon yoarn and with n lftr?e capffl^^Vcai:
pon merchant* awl agent* for hu<jJEbT an<l
refltfcMe line. Prnnanant ei>R?Rej^^^r>Ve?k*
r cH?h Nrtlnrv uf l&t mul All
ml h>ilaLJti^aS^?A!iiLC<t weet.
k^ggj f.
Liberty News..
Liberty, S. 0., Feb. 8, 1904.
High wiud and thunder st<"?rm yeajrday.
J. H. Browu ia at homo. Wl
Some trading in real estate going
n iu town.
Material is boing laid on tho ground ju
jr a mansion al tho Presbyterian '
Mrs. McCravy \s having building
lotcrial placed on her lot opposite
). J. Greers, to build ft dwelling. W.
. Mauldin has tho contract. ^
Notwithstanding tho fog, wind aiul
hundor storm, there was two mariagea
in town yesterday. Suppose
larties ofllciating will send you par- ,c
Whooping cough has about quit 81
8, but tho mumps aro still in ovieuce.
Under instruction from*tho State
ioard of Health tho pupils of tho J1
ohool have bton vaccinatod and as a
onsequonco several of them havo
ores on their arms.
Tho mill and giu company are P
loing a considerable amount ot saw- "
ag of late. ol
Yellow dog tail cottou, as it is calld,
is still coming iu and brings a
letter price than tho go-jd whito cot- tr
on did at the bocinuini? of tho oof.- \
on soason. d
Dr. G. E. Robinson lins been quite 2'
ick tho paet fow days. 'c
A.t last nccounts tlio location for ^
he spinning mill lmd not boon do- .
ided on.
What about it, the railroad com>any
run tho freight trains both ways
,nd all times of the day ovory Sun- w
lay of late. Come to think of it, is D
t not of moro importanco tor tho 13
>lows to ruu. If tho plows di l not s<
un the railroads would soon have ti
;raes growing all over their tracks
_* i?;
uii j^u uui ui uuBiueas,
Thero will bo an entertainment ut w
be Bcbool house noxt Friday ni^lit
0 raiso some funds for tbe benefit of .
he school. Public cordially invited.
1 royal entertainment may be expectd.
Don't miss it.
Miss Carrio Stoddard, of Laurens, A
i visiting relatives in town. C. M
Notice of Final Sottlemont. ^
I will apply to J. B. Newbory, Proate
Judfle for PickeiiB county, on tlio
th day of March, 1904, for a final sot- \v
emont of th?i cHtato of W, L. Priohard,
o^eased, and aak to bo dismissed na fi?l- >
linistratrix. Mary A. Priohanl, n
Feb. 3, 1904 4t. Administratrix.
More Cus
and Mort
Our business is increasing e
to double it. You will ask 1
By giving our customers the
monp.v. Wo lmvn Inf.
j - - - _ ~ f.
to your interest to see us be
"fcl S | H 1 C
We have on hand a large st<
expect to sell at a bargain fo
will pay you to examine our
We have a nice line of Dry (
are always ready to serve yc
H. A. Rl
Hamburg and Augueta broke ]
in Prices. I bought out Uriels
goods and tli08? goods nro boi
Store. I tell you what's a fact
always will conic back.
I have a lot of SHOES to
at a bargain.
..Groceries of
Call on mo. Remember the M
thy youth. Yo
J. ?>/
^ \*/h wish to thank our cr
A cash trade they have
X We wish also to state that
One-Price, Ca
J As we can always give bette
^ We can handle all Chicl
i Butter, Beeswax, Dry Hides,
all kinds of Furs at good pri
? Your
g Q,ra\g B
X One-r^
BfMiifc iiiffl
Central Locals.
Mrs. S It. Kell?>y losl a gooil liorso '
ln'ltiy morning from pneumonia. /
A company has been formed which /
ill engage in tlio drug business ,
ire. The business will be run uu
31' tlio name of tho Control Drug
3. Tho iirflt consignment of goods /
is boon rt ceived and is being opened /
> on West end.
A now store has been opened up ,
i East end by Mr. C. B. Smith.
Col. II. Billingsloy has bought Mo- !
lister's interest in the firm of Mobster
& Co. J
C. C. Frichs lias bought tho interits
of his partnors and will continue
i business alone.
Mr. Tom Johnston is very ill with
miething like paralysis.
Mrs. Curolino Ilowlaud is visiting
datives in Greenville.
Dr. Ed. Wyatt, formerly in parter?hip
with Dr. Coleman at Lavoni,
Ga., hits moved to this place, and
getting a remunerative practice.
Tho Ienquecna mills aro being
ushed to completion, notwiststand
ig tho unfavorable weather. Muni' 1
f tho employees on tho works are ;
tar heols" and are very eflicieut mon. i
Mrs. J. R. Maddox, of Sand Motin
A 1-. i?
mi, nm , ?II<JU III nor parents uome,
Ir. aud Mrs. William Smith in An- (
ursou county, on Friday, January
2nd, ami was buried on Sunday fol
twit)}* at Sherron, at oloven o'clock
he leaves a devoted husband and 1
ither and mother, a brother and
ster and a host of relatives and
iends to mourn her death.
Mian Nita Clayton of this place
ho has been assisting Prof. J. P.
endy at Norris has gono to Bishop
ranch, where she will tako another
shool. Miss Nita is a very lino
Mrs. J. M. Parr, of Fasley, visited
er Kister, Miss Small Johnston this
Miss Ruth Hunnicutt, of Oconee,
visiting relatives and friends at
lis pluce.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Perkins, of
sheville, visited tho former's sister,
Irs. Julius Maw, Saturday and HunThoy
were out on thoir bridal
Last Monday was tho coldest day
e have had this winter.
Beat wishes to Tho Pickens Senti
el-Jourunl. Brown Eyes.
February 8th, 11)04,
j? - . jii . . .
i Trade
very day, and wo cxpcct
liow we expect to do it?
best goods for the least
^nins in Hour. It will before
yon buy :: :: ::
? v JEL. <-? _
)ck of shoes, which we.
r a short time only. It
line before buying".
joocls and Notions. We
loose iii Pickens. I mean
r>s & Ilainm<>ntln' stock of
ind to &o at tho Corner
, if yon comeono tunc yon
go cheap. DRY CiOCDS
all Kinds...
fi.it Market 111 tlio days of
urs truly,
M Never.. I \
??????? v >
istomcrs for tho liberal jT t
given us during 1903. j
Wf Will />An)iniUi ntif \
?? v- ?i in uviiuiinv, vyui
sh System.
r values than if we sold ?
cens, hggs, Good I'resh
Musk Rat Hides and
ces. V
s truly, \C
rothers ?
ice Cash St?re J
v f.
Mr>r^ m i
taPJBMmMMBTMZ \ \ \ s \ \ \ S,
\ There is no need of wearing your Lun^a out, win
I Murray's llorehound, Mulli
A. tew doses of 111ih Household Remedy will
, A positiuo euro for Influenza, Bronchitis and l)i8
! Spasmodic iu ('roup.
<\;\ \ \\\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
NOT a ('losing Out Sale, l>ut reduced
you to wonder how such goods cj
Wo are offering nomo Grand Bargains in tlios<
L)or. All wo ask is for you to come and insp<
ind when you see how milch wo can savo you,
Our Shone nro New and of the Best Qual
town for the money. Shoes for the School 01
Lot us soli you your Shoes.
We havo some Comforts and Blankets tl
month at Slaughtered Prices. If you need ai
We ha ye a complete line of UKOCKIUKS
We appreciate your trade and will ;
W Y .A TT & G I
mun 1 ..
gambwmmmniai ih.??w
The Suit or Overcoat yc
perfectly and looks \v
position you stand or si
Our clothing is made tc
not as they might he.
\Vtalfor it until I
uitin It VHJL.1
Everything latest in sty!
tailored in th
Agent lor i I awes'
Nufangl Trousers.
m ina u u W <WI UHOI 3 S
< >v,^
USUSBiZX uraiXLlL? sa-miv-~-~.
Piiees f .1! in oamost \vh n wo nndce up our n.im
FINKSllOKS. Ahout this tune i! is plain llml \v?
for next aoasons footwear. I'.nforo we ean reeeivo Hi
of tlioso on luuul, and s-> we eal! you * ? our aid
ch<>pped down prices, espeeally in our hemic) sli<
tiling left. The shoes are all this soas.ms inako and >
our guarantee; so yon run no mk in buying shoos of
of date styles to oiler. Wo will sell for tho next ii;t
rt Iremeuduoussnciilii'e.
Crossed* 82 50 shoes al fvMiO. Oros?
Crossolls $?>.50 shoos at. Crosn
Crossolls $5.00 shoes at $3.50.
Tuluno Shoes for goutleinon will bo s'suifi;hb>rod i
Til lanft ?:"?.(II) slims S*:l -r>l I 1'nl.nw. w I 11/> - ) i
Id our Tjiulics Shoo Derailment you can liml tlx
Taylor IIimh., llolming MeKinzoy, (Sirl (!rail
Qucon, and sevoral oilier lims, will l> &old at the
lliis sale in for J."> days only, commencing tomorrow n
Little Bee
10(5 North Main Street, - - lvomoiolior
wo RivocupnnH for ovory pnreh i
rulocnmblo in lltuul Pointed ?
We Are Round
Wo arc now rounding up our Winter Stoi
\g sto
We find ninny short lengths in Dress Goo
loll for much loss than tho goods cost. We <l<
:an uso them thoy will ho bargains for you.
liuch higher this S|>rin?x. Wo aro still soiling
)rice. A good Canton Flannol at S I -lie wliie
roni (ho mills. Standard Blue Calicoes aie w
Is. I am soiling some goods at ."> els.. I hav
Cephyr Ginghams, (Spring Styles,) bought last
hem at 10c the yn;vl.
Now will ho tlio time to buy Dry Goods,
hingwo have now fur loss than any ono will b
A pjood stock of Kino and Heavy Shoes al
'Coino to Greonville and bo sure to con
A. K. P
>ry Goods Storo, Wost Knd
Heal Estate For
Now is the tiino to invest in Pickens real
it goes too high.
Half acre lot opposite <lopot, Calhoun, B.
Half aero lot in corporate limits, Calhoun,
l.'JOJ acres within 2 miles of Knslny, know
laco. An idoal Ptock farm, #2000.00
183 0-10 acres in one mile of Norrig Oottc
ivation. balance original foroHt; wood onou??li
or ityl Two i'ramo dwelling and out Iioubop, #
.For further information call on
. \ \ \ \ \ \ \ V
^ * 1 I
? n 9|
;n you can |?et a bottle of
and Tar. > <fH
tfive immediate relief. '/
eases of Throat. Anti- >
u m
/ y
RUG CO. a 1
. V \ V \ \ \ \ v\
Pi ices in DRY GOODS,^V
ICRC., cauno^^H^H
Hi be sold at such prices.
0 liu s through Decern- H
2ct our goods, get prieos
it moans your trado for V Hj
> US ! ! W
ity over ofl'cred in this
lildren that will please.
liat wo arc soiling this
iy of them come early, Bj
1 at prices that will plnase. K I
ilways treat you right. fl H
; i F F i >.,
-EY, S. C. j|B
)U buy here fits fl
ell ro matter in V
f. t uiicn as
II it does no'fl
lit. I';
e, of the n'M
e most [icrfl
? Ml
I to <1 ar out our stock of
must commoneo preparations
< uow floods wo must dispose H?
Ah an iiuhiccmout wo liavo
Dos. until I hero is lmrdly auy<tylos.
Kvery pair Hold under
us. Wo h.ivo no old or out
I'm days nil (russets Shoos at
?1.00 Rhoos nt $2.50. 5B
otts ?1.00 shoeH at ?3 30. H
n tin" narao way. fl
Tulnuo $3,50 shoes $2 85, 9
following well known makes:
uate, Aim-rienn Uir|, Sacuty '
same rodin-lion, Romomber |
Homing. 1
Si. i ve, |
iTOLll . \ ' I
? Orooiivillfl ft n
uso from f> Gouts up; j
Jhiun. f
ck, making room for
(Is that we aro going to J
>n't want thom, if you |cd.'
All Cotton goods will bo V
; what we have at old /'
I) will cost 9 cIh. to buy j H
ortli in Now York 5 1-4 fl
i) received my first lot of
. September. I will sol I
for wo can sell you anyo
able to do later. H
ways on hand.
lo to I
(irt'cnvllU', S.
U be
C., $100.00.
S. C., $160 00'M
p. sis the Puvic Jjj
in Mill; 45 fi< roB iiil
on this plnco
12 per ncro. W|

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