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Rista Soniitiel-Journa!
W; Happenings ol a Local and Personal Nature
?Friends are kept by suonce ?nc
l>y .confhlenco.
?The price of food stulY, liko co
too, is advancing.
?Not to luxvo a cold now is not I
bo in tho fashion.
?Mrs. A. .T. Bo&ga is confinod t
her room with erysipelas.
?Boru unto Mr. and ftVrs, Brook
Adams on Uio 29th ult, a yfrl.
v. ?Think of it, already over on
twelfth of tho now year has passoil
?B. F. Parsons killed a hog ?i{?li
months old this week that netted 2(J
I ojj^ds.
' w-Tho world's vordiot is easier t
o'Jr-rule than thatxof one's own coi
M ?Miss Fannio White, of Knsloj
/is visiting her friend, xMisB Addi
. t Hiott, in Pickens.
I 1 ?Miss Addio lliott, who has hoe
ou a visit to friends at Easloy, r<
Nk turned home last week.
?Carlisle Newton has resigned hi
position with tho Pickens Hail road t<
accept a job at the oil mill.
?The friends of Dr. It. F. Smitl
of Ensloy, who lias been critically ill
will bo pleased to hear of his rapi
B ?Married at, tho reidence of Jo
I Smith, on February 7th, Mr. Mario
[Hughes to Miss Pearl Hopkins. A!
of Liberty.
| ?The fertilizer season is hero am
[ho town will bo scented with th
kdiferous stuff as it is hauled frot
no depot to the farms.
ft-?Judging from tlio movement i
Bino it is reasonable to suppose th
Bmcrs are going to plant the largee
Hsiblu acroHgo in cotton.
| Cadets LoRoy Bjggfl, J. P. Ci
Jr., Ernest Fireman, Ed^a
Hris and A. J^. Taylor, of Cleinsoi
n a trief visit hoiur>.
You have only a little more thar
Hvooi\a now in which to mako
Bfax return to tho County Audi^^^^K'\tt(|nil
to ut onco.
Ljnch, of the Hnnny D.ilo
section, hiiB killed oig'it largo owls ut
his chicuen roost in tho past Beveral
weeks. Who can beat, that?
?Tho seod sent us by Hon. A. 0,
Latimer havo arrived and all subscribers
desiring seed can get them
at this oflico as 1 >ng as they las!.
?A fow bushels Florodora cotton
seed, hardy, early vnriety, for sale
Apply lo D. IS. Hendricks, Pick nj
\ S. u., 11. 1<\ D. No. 1. 2w.
.?If you aro seeking bargains in
) any sort of goods read tho advertise
' ments in Tho Seutiuel-Journal closely
and you will ku >\v whero to find
M month carries twontyi!.
o persons who lmvt
tl tho anniversary ol
i < i^ht voai h, can do s<
,.f * it :11 .. i
piiuu ui r. 'it iiii win uoi
of this Hl!Cli.)ll to
Most of tliciii Imvo an
mry to last them through
BWfflu/ season.
Vio peO)il'j of An lyi'3 )ii, S.
bternmiod to li' cm thuir iiohof
f?' A h in?l rorchii f M i nufiie
'.an Lpen sf :>!.'(! in that proxies
city.?Hurt well (Ga ) Sun.
Henry To whom, who (1 vc>h near
Pn'tur poHtolVicc, l{ilh'<l a hawk iust.
I"fk that inoasiiron feet an I 10
[lehes from tip to tip of win*** . lie
leBorvfH n chiukon pio from his nei^h>ors.
?Hick's forecast for February
jy it\\jll bo tin* c >ldeat and
in fii!!j of til i Oil
Hive NV\nwor. II that bo the cum, wo
H[hunU Jlleavoii Unit it will bo tin;
^^Ejhovlctfft month.
? .xliero is Homo c )iik lution in tho
Hfact/ (hit while houio (trum is l>oin<^
killed by tho intansoly cold weather,
/I tho Hessian Hies nnil oilier insects
If fclint lit tuck the ^ruin in curly h j?r i n
/ aro being killed ulso.
*-?Thorn will l)f> a clay piston ftlioot
nt Liberty on February 13th (Saturday.)
Good sIidIh, .is well fis tho gon
oral pnlilie, tiro invited to attend.
Prizes will ho oft'ored for tho best
^1^-. R. A. Child, I'. E , has ro
ted Iv(-v. J. P. Attaway to till tho
Klmenl at Willis Chapel, Liber*
B..:< /in 41.~ Ai?i a... .i ... :
jBViil, '#11 Hill llini HIIIIU iy, 111^R:nHt6al
of llov. I'rineo, tho
V, who in siok an I i? not able to
^F-P.V atfT overnight in looking nl
.. cult ndor, tl o dfiton on which N.
]). Tftvlnr will bo in Pickona wni inBortod
n>th and 20th, when it ahonld
have rend on I ho Kith and 17. Ito
member tho doton and call on him
for first class work.
Thero is u groat dotil of nick nop. in
(ho Crow ('reek floction (it proH%nt.
V TIiobo confinod to thoir room uro:
M I'M .Tile ill Iv ntiiiomniv Miwj li'.minn
Parrot!, Mihh Tiiilft liVnnnll, M. (J
k Windx-Hl-r iinrt Tjfiwroncn Alexander.
B Homo have colds, grip uml pnenmo
~-Como to !lio Liberty pfradod
}'?jl)ool building nt S o'clock, p in
next 1'Yidfiv ?voning, I'Vihrimry 1 '2th.
'inters' (! invention."
transformed intr
"uvc t s xfoon" ! <?
||| ver> oyefi. A twcntietl
Hi acln.
Hk Pr,im 9nnnv/ flnlo
Kof (.his community u
often t with tho exoop
n having Homo vor\
r? pnat wook. A ?ovor<
this section Sun<laj
Vnr.l, of Flat U >ek, N
cossful hinin?/ ?ohoo
Bnhtp church, on North Pick
K^mut Sunday. Mr. ^Vnnl
to tench music. YV<
An brick nnxt fall An I
iH^lWjn nor.
Six Kite Items.
Again fhis beautiful year, will try
" and j?ivo The Huutincl Journal a few v<
? KketclioM frotu our littlo burg as to tii
the inclemency of tbo wcathor the lo
writer hasn't any occupation only to
sit by the fire. Am for visiting the }?
Biiow has been too deep to even thnv )?
oi going out warning, aua 11 is uh n<
lees of thiuking of riding, for tlj
other day whilo wo wore on our way fU
from town our old cart wheel broke j
;() down and oh, such a time as wo did ^
have, and I will a ay no more on tliin
O Sllbje<:t- cc
Tho seven-year-old son of Lawt'enco
Smith picked up a 100 pound ^
8 brans bell and rang it pretty well.*
Wittle Crayton, tlio bright little
o son of W. B. Norris, has boon very ^
I! ill, but am glad to say is much but- .
, ter.
it. # . ni
2 Another shinglo mill has cotno into
our section, Jako Chapman the owner, jj
( Rabbit hunters have been having j,,
4 i quite an enjoyable time sinco the
! beautiful suow. v
Rev, G. 1J. Nalloy lulled his rcgu- S,
'? lar appointment at. Mount Olivet lust
1(1 Sunday and delivered a most able m
aud impreesive sermon to an atten- f8
u tive audience.
a- Rarnett Parrott and sisters, Miss 8l
Klla and Kate, wore recent gnosty at
js I he homo of Miss Sophia Mauldiu.
d School vacated several days during
tho recent snow. w
I, M. .13. Evans is erecting a beauti ^
ful residence. ,,j
d Missorf Virginia and Dora Olivor, I)
?>f Stewart, wero r? cent visitors at the to
. homo of .Miss Ruth Willitnou.
b ... al
vv Mrs. (lus JJryant bos been very ill a,
II for several days but is much hotter is
at this writing. en
^ Miss Lucy Mauldin, of Stewart,
accotnpauied by her cousin, Miss
Meyers, of Oconee, visited tho family
u of K. H. Holcombo last Saturday.
Robt. Mauldin visited P. .1. Maul
din tho past wo ok and r.ays his caso
0 seems to bo very doubtful.
]\Jiss Essie Alexander, of Slownrt, u
visited friends in our section reoently. f,
1 Litllo Oeniu Mauldin hnu boon 111
r very Rick for tho past fow days, pro- v<
11 venting her from going to school tx
MiiFk -??j nonce und family h ive
i movod to GieenvTiit-?-^.
Farmers are hustling aruiTIttU^httul vv
ing in their guano, making prepari?"
tion for another crop of 15 cent cotton.
Miss Ida Fend ley and cousin, S 'a<
I P. Uobbins, of Stewart, were visitors w<
at tho homo of Miss Sophia Mauldin ro'
recently. Fr
Hy tho way, I soon "White Rose"
ivith her "host feller" hist Sunday. an
ivrotn appearance alio uoomod to bo iU1
enjoying her rido very much.
IHiino. Durham is making addition* ^*
al improvements to his dwelling.
' Several attended soivicos at (lap
IIill Sunday afternot n. ('n
Littio Odobsa Garrett has been on
the tuck !iM but ia itinrh butter now. li
I'. W. Willimon had the misfortune
of jotting his inulo Hcri msly hurt on j
a burl) wiro fonco 1 1st Sunday night. ' J."
Airs. S. J. Norris is very ili wiMi |
j. grippe. Her many friends hope b r
ho.- a apt-tody recovery. j j 1'
I >S. L. liichardson and wife, of West
; 1'iii ,n, visited in our section 'toontlv.
! -1 '
! TI10 many Iriends of A. At. < * a r 1*011 t'n
' will be si rry to h< ar of bin r?cuit ill
i nosa. m
Mini.. Vhvmi/Ini- /,f .-.VSl A
............ ... ....... ... 11. ii
.lis sisti r, MI'm. li. Williui ?iij I iM
> ! i. lav.
i j . . i * n
I 1 w >s j's1 wondering Ilio otlmr d*iy (.,,i
! wh it h id iif.- uno "f this "M )ii ntiuii
j Viow" wri'or, ;>nd by tho-way, li??; ,
nitno t> tin* front in luvt wcm-K'm ;
piper, ami wlnit did w<i muThe ; |
compliment t j si the Professor's il ui^li- !
ter, .Miss L ?la. Wo nil know why lie
passt: i thi* compliment koiho tiino ago ""
L wi.-h ho vvonlil write aomotliing wo
i all don't know. H i, ha, ha I will Mi
i say nothing more to yon at this writing.
Good l?yo. (In
Mr. and .Mrs. I)>ck Garrett visit?d Su
lln> homo of Mrs. \V. ii. Nor rib Sat i I
urduy and Sunday. itln
.foo Smith, of Ijib u'ly, was tho!
guest of \V. A. Hendricks l ist weak ,ve
\i m 'i'.. ii .. - i i
iii i" u \ I I uillfl , II ('IIIU III)I)^ 1 '
young luily of our scction visited at i du,
I iekon.s last week.
Mrf. A. I). Mann visited in tlic |
Hughes section ono day lis! week.
]}. Mauldiu inado a brief visit lo
Seneca last week. h,1<
Mrs. Hold. Mauldiu ia vory sick at cii
tliih writing.
It. II. Holcomho inado a llying trip
to Kaaloy last week.
Sum Sinitli, of Wnlliulla. was the .
guost of R. \Y. WiMiinon recently. I J'!'
No dot)I>t my lottcr thin week will t ('1
I) i dull and unintore.sting tin thero is |1,1,1
no iiowh of any hoc Hint tiiis week. j. t
I clo.so saying, I wish The Sentinel
Journal much HueceSH.
Jan. (ith l!)()i. Old Kiddlo.
a r.i
From Wattacoo. e*t
Not having seen anything from this
part in tho iSnntinel-Journal I will
drop you this.
Tho health of tho community is
p;i?o(| except whooping cough among
tlin children. No dcatlm lmvo been ,|u
hoard of. of
Willio (?x >ius liinl shingles and ""
other lumber cut. to make hoiiio iin ""
piovomonta on his already Ci>infortrtblo
J4, U. Burkor hus had lumber
! Hawed to put ii grist mill <?n his place.
' JI urrali for J?. I>.
1). Ij. liarkor linn just. returned
| i from town with a e.ipply of riailp, .(<
boon, chain-:, r.illnrn, backhands, Hin- mi
( glelroop, plows, <;ts. Hv tlio way I).
Iy lhirkMV i? a bachelor and this in
leap year, look out ^irla.
Horn t> Mr. and Mich. Aloiuo Fort- '**
i nor, on tho lHi li, a lino boy.
Mr. Will Ilendrickn in going to
Tmovo bin saw mill to Mr. Walker
. Mastoin in Groonvillo county. VVnlV jr (
, or is going to have him n lion so built,
' Will M V , tljo Kortnor correfepon- >V'
dont please toll the readers of Tbo rv
Sontinol Journal whose clock that /.'j
I HimlrA v>w in if lw< linan't. fnfiMl f I
? ' ^ rs-*" -- ^
. heftiil ft lot of people nuking whose
| clock thfit Rtmko was in ntnl thoy f
) watch tho ptpor to boo if "M. V."
I will loll. '
Avory C isHon is very low wit!>.^f
I pneumonia.
The health of tho community in
ry good at proseut, with tho oxcopi>n
of coldo, which nro quite provalit
at thin w? itin#.
m o K..O u/.i.i i.;u f..??
re to Mr. Meiritt of Auderson, aud
is purchased him a nico littlo farm
?ar Traveler's ltost.
VaHoo Featberstone, bou of Mr.
id Mrs. ?J. B. Foutherstoue, who ha?
ion in Asheville since Octobor, reirnod
home last Monday. Jlis
any friends hero aro glad to welitae
him back.
N. II. lleid and John Foster went
Greenville last Monday on busiest*.
J. H. G. McDaniol and daughter,
[i?H Grace, were tho guests of Rev.
. E. Foster's family last Wednesday
Messrs. Foreat Ponder and Tom
.nnt, accompanied by their charmig
sisters, Misses Leota Ponder and
allio Hunt, were tho guests of !
fiuor.a M.'llw, o.lrl V.-v,.,.,. Inul
ei tu i'd ft}' and Sunday.
Tho school at Olga, under tho
lanageiuont of Miss Millio Foster,
in a nourishing condition.
Wishiug tho Sentinel-Journal much
lccees. Subscriber.
Escaped an Awful Fate.
Mr. H. Haggins ?f Melbourne, Fin.,
ritos, "My doctor told mo I lutd Conimptiou
nnd nothing could be done for
e. I was givon up to dio. Tho offer
ti freo trial hottlo of Dr. King's New
iseovery for Consumption, induced nv
i try it. It suits were startling, t am
)w on tho roiul to recovory, and owe
I to Dr. King's Now Discovery. It
irely saved my life." This great euro
gnarnntend for all throal; and lung (lisimps
by Pickens Drug Co., Druggiats.
rico 50-' & ?1.00. Trial bottles free.
Stewart News.
It aiV<>rds mo great plensuro to
ivo another golden opportunity of
liting to tho dear old Seutinel -Jourid
once again. Mr. Kditor, ploaso
icept my many thanks for the pap? r
hieh you are so kindly sending me,
?r my correspondence. Though I
mat admit my news is nothing so
?ry important and interesting, but,
L'verthelosa, I enjoy writing) from
iy fieetion.
Sumo of the unexpected snow,
liich fell the 27th and 28 ult., still
'mains on tho ground.
id iss*" oiu.a one of Oconee's
)St beautiful young
lien, spent the lultor part of lust
ok with Miss Lucy Ma;if> <n. She
turned to her homo near Sonccu
Olaudo Mauldin visited relatives
d friends, near Seneca Saturday
1 Sunday last.
Miss Mabel Ihown was ft guest at
D. Mauldins Thursday ni^lit.
Rev. O. L. McCain preached an exlimit
sermon at Gap 11:11 lifth Sun
y morning.
Dr. \V. II. Steele, of Jackson, Ga ,
on a visit to his parents, (/'apt. and
is. R E. Steele. I) -. Steele ha<'
iny ft i< nds hero who will Ik- glad!
see hiiu back in old South Caro ,
Miss !r^it:i:? Oliver und her broth !
(Jmti', iii.kU) u lluti^ (lip to (Ji-ii 1
ii \\ ciliifhdiiy.
Viss i.ucv Mauldin vi-il<til i< lativcw
'I ii ? . (Is in the Six Mi!?* section
in \v?-< k.
W;dlio 'Yni<j \i.--ifed his imi< r, j
is l'nui.i i Hyde, of C'nt<cciie*, r?
MauM u, of Piedmont, ii
iliu^ rclnii\.? ami fi i<-nd.i in our
111111 i: i i t >.
\V. 15 M ui'ilin ii is i route ! liimso! I
a $o7~> |t'iir of you t;? nri'ch ui i!? '.
<1 Is. 1). .M: 111?I i 11 ins hUo imilttii
nsoil t > a lino lioiso.
Ii. (1 li tine-", i f CViilr^il was in
r m et ion I'm h 1 i v.
Miss Ida Finlcy visited lier friend,
i-s S )pliin Mauldin, reo intly.
I'c.lil in vvlio . ?i...
it viii deliool, sjuv.t Satnid ly and
ndny with his pmml-i.
S. lu>'ohi;m visited friends in
> Six Mi'o suction recuntly.
Misst'it Sui.io and .Mum Mauldin
e I lie fjiii Mis of their bi>ter, Mrs.
il 1 iolc >mhu Saturday and SunH.
M. Ahercrombiu has been quito
lv with cold, but is much improved
this writing.
Wifch in?.( the ScntiiioMournn) much
2Ci ss I am, White Rose.
iinibcrlainVs Stomach and I,Ivor TabI..I..
'i 11 -
? iai uiin|uuiini nil V "MM ipill loll,
Mr. A. It. Kuiio, ii prominent drngt
of Hiixtor HpringH, KiiiiKitH, ahjh:
Ihuinbinlain's Stomach mi.1 l,ivwTtibh
f?ri', in my judgment, llio moHf hiilior
proparution of nny'liing in u.-,<> to
v f >r ? >w.tip:itioii. Tlioy nro Rnro in
ion and with no tondenoy t<> naiiHontf*
>jri|>". For Kuln hy I'lfkoiis Drug Co.,
kiMis; 11 iii)tor k Pickn.iH, Liborty.
Nolli'j ol I iiirtl Hiittloinenl.
[ will :?|>i>Iy to J. 15. Nowhery, Pro
to .1mlgo, on tint'20th d.i.y of Fobrn
t 11)04, for ii fiiml flnttlunvnt of ill
ut+-of Androw AndorH >ii, rieo<viHod,and
i to be diHinisaod Ailininiftlralrix.
Texas AmlrrHon,
r>in 20wt. Adminintvntrix.
Notice of I'lnal St'l I Iciiipii I.
I will apply t? J- NowIkt.v, I'rilintn
d#n for l'iokfMiH ooii'ity, on tii.sJU day
March, l'.'OI, for ft Ann I Hclllomeiit of
i cstato of Ki'oro I to won, dw'oaftod,
>1 auk to bo dismissed as administrator,
K. A. Bowon,
I?\?b. I, 1904 It. AdminiHtrator,
Nollc<< of Finn I Nnttlomeiit,
I will apply to J. R Nowborv, .Tndp;o
Probalo for Piokenn county on tho4Hi
y "f Mnroh, 11)01, for a flnnl Hottloint
of Iho oilnto of Oartor Durlmm.
oo'iHntl, nnd nnlc to bo dismiKwd us ml
intatrntor. ThoinftM Durham,
Adminiatr itor.
Fob. ;>^oo4 -it
lollinr (\iso of Hlionnulisni Cured by
Cliiimbrrlftiit'tf I'rtln Bal.H.
'H?o ciTlonoy of Ohufnbwliun'B Pain
II tn in the rolioj of rliotmmtiam i? ho
demonstrated daily. P.tfko* Tript,
of Grigflby, Vu., Buys tin t, Chamberin'n
P?in Bidm gave him pormQU"nt
linf from rheumatism in the buck when
crything failed, nod ho wouM not
i without it. For fliiln by Pilkonft
rn(( do,, Piokonn; Hunter A PiokeiiH,
A - . * ,i*Inv
- ' - -
(( And all kinds of
/) TIME,
vv 0 Barb Wire, ]
J) Dash Boards Tea<
(( ? ers ant^ Stay.Cha
^ I also carry ;
(/ ? $?*C<3fnc
R. G
Honor Roll of Pickens Graded Schc
For January, 1904.
FiretGrado.?Ada Howling, DoW
Bowling, Myrtie Boyd, Mary Cm
ton, Lynn Freomau, Gary Keit
Helen Lewis, ltuby Lewis, B. F. ^
Daniel, Jr., Satie Nealy.
Second Grado ? Robert Baker, J
not Bolt, Sydney Bruce, Byrd Cart
Walter Dieken, Sherman Evatt, Jo
Ilairis, Earlo Hughes, Lonnie Jt
irr^^JVUuX.'>n''C''- A 1
Humor jl itotn paoii. Jjizzic .Dei
Thompson, Eugeno Yongue.'
Third Grade ? liuby Mef"
Williti B >ggH, Edna Earl
Essio Freeman, llyan Keith, Ellc
Ed wis, Muttiu Louis, Inez Morri
Iloy Nealy, Willie Thompson, Liz/.
Fourth Gitnlo?.Clovico Keitl', Cli
f>?rd Lovvin, George Prinec, Eugei
F.flli Grade ? Arlio Weil o n, Bui
Sixth Gr.ile? *7 litis B ;gge, If
good Bs-uc", Diclf Free i.an, t liuyi
Grillin, Many 11 if >l l, W\ ml l< linn g
Frank Jvuksoy, ():t;s K il.Ii, .1 ? i
L \vi ', llonrv M^Dtuk'l, Pat li Ai. j
lii rbi i t Nt \s I >ii, Grace l'tim: , ( h
lit; ltobiiibou, Lire-nil l'a\lor, Wit ia
Wei born.
SJ. v it It (i rn ?1.? . \1 >i L* i if tit
I illn Carey, HaniinO ftv i E.;l
Minnio (Jr.Ilii.", Cri McFull, ()
(ji\ul<? - Ail lio Ail 11??!?
Floiulu C'uiuv, Willi.) (Jliasluii), Etsi
Grifll'i, K?to iifj-tcr, A f;u>l Ifu^lic
I3!lu iii.M'pur, Ij!.*siio AI'ii^ui, I'jilue
I uylor, l ilbor! \V?*'l> jiii.
Ninth Gi u<!o A: hn'ioi
II itii'j 10 11 If, N\-l'i<! Grundy.
z'fsy j / s /s /s f / / / / '// ' / /'/'s/
? business locals.
<X / / / ///>//; /. / / :/ ///// j / /
? (i?; to 11 C. Carter'* fur ui 3 L11 i 11
vou wun 1 to buy.
?Sou change in a I i<f Stovn
1 lobbs-i lendcrson Co., of (i 1 co v 111
It" you wint a Roo 1 h r.so (
mult! call 011 it. (5. Cutter, Li..
. C.
? D > you need any job wt>r?*
you iU?, drop us a curd and \sili sul
mit Haiii[)leti and prices.
"N. I). Taylor, thr> photo#riipi;e
will bo iii 111 h studio in Pickens 0
tho lGtli utid 17th instant.
?It. C. Carter has just received
onr of horsoa and mules which 1
will sell cheap for cash or on time.
?WANTED: ?1\ rjiinmon, Do<
wood, Hickory and Holly Log
Freight paid on cur Ion Is. Janu
Cockshott, Charleston, S. C. u-ln:
--LOST: Thorn is missing fro
J. L. Young, Liberty tow 11 hIiip on
1)03' about eight in - > n t''i s old; foi
top hiiH l)00n trim mod and has on
whito IiojI Any ono finding plou
return to tho abovo person and g<
pay for trouble.
? WANTED ? A rn'in to run m
corn mill and cotton ^m ne.ir G>
11 > 11 Church, ills ? a tenant to cull
vat? a ono or two horso crop Goc
land and bouses. I would null tli
placo part cmh b.iliinco on tim
J. 1) Hums.
? Smith & f ihiH )ii, 1Cmloy, S. C
Imvo ?i lot of ni'-o Kontucky hots
and Tonn(H3P<> inuleH tlmt thoy hn\
htjoght under tho nnirkot nil 1 wi
8(;11 at old tin)'; priouH for cash or i:
good pnper.-i. Cull and soo thorn b
foro you buy and muvh money.
? LOST Ono Muck pocket boi
containing or $17.00, ()i
doiiar a mi Heveniy-u.o conw id hi i v.
in ft tobacco Back in the pocket boo
'1 ho balance n $10 and ft $5 bill wo.
Iooho in tho pocket Imok. Find
will return to thi? oflico and bo i
? Kino drove h and mule*
OainoR and (Ja->siwny Bro.j. BtabU
Central, S 0, to noil or swap f
cftsb or good papers on easy terms,
will pay you to go and.boo thin lot
tine stock just in from Tennussoo.
It. (1. Guinea & GftHHawny Bros.
February 4, 1004.-2t
jvniuoiin uui
oo'.ifflift, ooMm, brooobitia niul nil klndr
krouoloH. 26v^ ot E>rlo< Drug Htoro,
D. Moore, Craffl Hroi.
Others Follow if
v! 1'L K,S. \)
HA 1 IN ES8 arid K A I) 1) L.ES. U
Plantation Supplies?CllliAP l'OR C'ASll OR ON ([
? ?
Bugi'.y Poles, Shafts, Cushions, Storm Aprons and ^
cly for use, also Post Hole Diners, Tongues, Stretch- //
ins, Cutlery and everything in HARDWARE. @ \\
^ complete line of DRY GOODS, NOTIONS AND f!
ancl^ see me and we will save you money. ? SS
12 tf Vi fa 13 K^scsbj 0 Tk p tl
. ? ?
j nnnf-mMMn
Jp (At Duke Old Stand )
l^i ^ Qur-uud- nc-hall' miIcn e.iat of Pickens and four miles
:T ,.Genera! IVSerchandise.. J
n' vf l'andloa noiliinp but tho b>;st of g ><>ls and at rensonablo if
jw Tlio trading public will do well togivo-me a call. I &
E can siive them money. &
^ Mm. liultie Craig is with me and will wn.it on you
^ E&-r~^=rxJ^ <3/ with a v/agon that everybody tak?:s off his hat to if yon n
0 t|s ^ <* * trade with us. we are iioi ^ivou !.0 ?iai? :
> Ru1^ mcnts but the experience we have had selling f,
~j ||Ck Staeielbaker' Vehicles f
K PiMr aimd Harness
warrants ns in putting it strong. That experience proves that F
i ( notnuig satisfies so well as Studebakers. We don't need t/> U11 f
t ,w Vpu that they are honest poocIh. When yon have made your pur r
I |n"'bhase you go home satisfied and stay satisfied. That's the kind ot )i
)' $J* xtistomerH we need in the building of our business. That's why wo fc
y, iiandie the Studebaker linn.
| M Do you nood something? Let us figure on It with you.
n | Neath-SSruce-Rliorrow Co., Pickens., S. i. J
I) Iw ** 8- Rtndab&keri aro n?>t afraid to brand their product with tho naiuo Htudrbaker ? ' f
n i ^^4- C* tm 1
rt ja ^ A" (L ^^ 311
10 * v
* I
? Clothing, Shoes, Hals and (Jcnls Fsirnisli 1 nu: Goods
A ....The Dixie bargain Mouse....
i'e The goods must be sold at or ur :ler COST. We have
move the 10th ol next month, and I can't mention the j>ri<
^ ; of everything now, we will sell you when you come at yc
jt'own price. Don't forget the next few days sale.
/ We have 45 Trunks must be sold at cost and under C(
lV" Come all, dont forget to gel vour bargains before
W %.J* o
ip leave.
?; Freeman Huilcling. Lou is Copol, Prop
' 9
- rydales TONIC "",v"r"
,n A New ftclcn'.lf'c DUcovcry im-roury will purely destroy tli?> h<
(j for the of smell ami completely derange
^ vyh de system when entering it thro
bL4B$)b) ant! NERv to* the mucous surfaces. Such aiti
jj{ ) .... should never l>e used except on prcfii
1 It purifies the blood hv eliminating the lions from-n pul.ablo phyaiciai P, as
.wifrlc inalttt and other impurities and by damage th>*y will do is ten fold to
'"i* de '.toying tlie (rrins ?>r dihtc .* - that no >d von can i> .-sihlv ilcrive fnmi II
k. ! itil -si the blood. It builds in , blond 11 ill's ('a I it lib fine, nninufacti d b>
ro by reconstructing an 1 i.mlli|>!y/?.,? th<- r-<1 J. i y ^ ( 0>< Toledo, <)., eonlaii
corpuscles, making III'- blood i icli and r< (!. mi >reurv ami in tnl or internally, ac.
It restorJ's and stimulab the nerves, ly ,ip >n tiv> b oxl mill mucous
<" causing a lull fr? I! .v of iktvc font? fa v . o" the nyii-'n. li buying II
throughout l'" ?'"tv?'" nerve system. It (' n, > , ' C'n t? b? tmre you ^ci the \t
. speedily , uics unstrung nerves, nervous- j n-?. It is ui! -n '*>te nill?- and mad
iH-ss, imWoi'." prostration, ami all otli'T T iledo, O , by l?. r. Cunay & (5;>.
)3? ditc.'tses of tin* nervmm system. t / nmnials free.
or l'-\ l>.\I.I S TONIC Is sold under a po>>iIt
bve guarantee. ' '
of Trial SUC SO ccn5- family site $?.<>? ^ <)f ^ y] L HohbiU
v.ASUi'AcruRKn liv llirgorlon, Tenn,, snv her living
The Radical Remedy Company, ?"!'iT.:Vir'1!!I.ife.-lriV!-.'
HICKORY, N. C. nsotl, f iilol, whilo o >nfltiniption
Hlowly but 8nn*ly tiikinpr' her lifo.
"'W Piokoun Drug Co, W. A. Hhfblon (Jo. thin tnrriltlo hour Dr. Kino** New 1
t .? ? mm eovery for OoiiKum|ition tmueil <1?8
* into joy. Tlio tb-nt bottlo brought
PARKCK'a'tuoibuto relief e.n<l 1
jjf, f"* ' ' tnin euro in tho w< u
ftu'VVvl'.Ol). 'Trinl f
Another Oar of th(
Mitchel = W
A lew reasons why ihcy are bettor than
Their immense home demand is lor tl:
ho built, price being a secondury consi
itv, knowing full well tlmt. often one o
added to the cost of building a vehicl
to its intrinsic value.
! Because
MITCHICLIj & LICNVIS hnvo mil I ions
to work ( n, probably tlio largest and
tho world and could handle any c
ohoapej Iluin any other eoncr i n, but fi
have built to only 0110 standard?thai
I Because
Tho company builds only Wagons, 110
They 0 1 ploy only one kind of labor, <
build only one grade of work. No seo<
Southern crrndpu Tlmw ?..11 1.<.< ??
#-? - i * " ?? ^vv11
whether of tl?o light03t one-horsa of- tli
aro I he name aa to material and workn
- There i? something besides''Pure Cot
MITCHKliL Wh^ou: There is fain
I here is honoaly of purpose, there is >t
there is ampin and easy capital to carr
(l-termination that irrexpe live of mm
MITCH ft LL >r AGON ehall alwavs r
Folger & Thornley,
^ S h mp ^ ^
i \ lvi;'gs for Ha tell ilia; a Sp(
' I imiuirios promptly answc
2 IV)r Circulars.
M ||i f|
h i Geo. F. Montg
' I ^
|| Til I illhllIIIIIM mill II I III Wll III! m HI I I
^ ' v /. ""rs/ ' sv s/:/ '/t
| Blil-ORK
m d'iaylor!
I 'I * ^ The Photo,
\ j \
; ^ Will lie in town and brini^ your fo
pcricct I 11 K UKK 1M lOTOGRAPI
^ i ri:si)AY niui wi-:i>
jjij , Cr J J / '/// s S . SS'S//*///S/S ' Jf , / , / / ;
j Happy New Year
11 I take this method ol thanking
I? friemls 'or the liberal ?>atronare tin
ended. and iu>[)e to Have a better s
iicss in the future, by keeping r
| i Stock of the j^oods obtainable, and
-- c - -i
I, i ihiiiisin^ yun aj^.uii lur uic j);
ni<! in ihe past with the hope that
line: before buying.
; Yours t nil
I We Have Leari
! Everybody learns something eac
learned that there is a lot of d iff ere
we have learned how to select the 1
at for our customers. Take for instai
to Canned (ioods are not always 1
~cs Bright labels can cover very poor <
)Ur to it that only reliable goods get in
wii si-;ll nothing but 'i
* ?/ " ' "" v
had better have two market basket
groceries away, oh, no, but we hav<
?r ing dollars that is appreciated by o
h*t Mrs. K.
r F.
is no F IIAVK opened up a (General
| building formerly occupied by
allV to the Hif Store, whore I am
. ? ~ H?
Pa'r? niend or fix Clocks, Sewing Mac
To?- Pistols, Tinware, or in fact, anything ne
New parts for all of above, if not ti
on short notice.
, of On hand plenty of i>ood Machine
nod chine Needles, l ubes, Titos and Whec*
"0'(jRy too numerous to mention. Call an91 se
wnr vince you I "can make good." /
Seven*^ ^>nd-hand Sewing jjdacb,
i\m-l ' -.vjggf ill
ln?'M PmB
lc< v
I !,lV 1
' J" ' '"" ?p818
ivcni i
:>se Groat !s
agons. i
any other wagon:
ic very beet goods that can
r 1 vg^dollars 'judiciously
e w or
of dollars of cheap capital
l)ost equipped factory in
lat-8 of fjoods aa cheap or
Buggies or other wide lijjS
>ne gr.ido of matiiriyjH
no fiiucy liriinTT^I^^^HH
tied "MITCHELL," alHM
io heaviest log truck,
1 an ship.
nmorcialism'' hi hind tho
ilv pride and reputation,
lifo time of oxperiouco,
y out those purposes and a
ro dollars and cents, THE
i mi,iu "THE MONARCH
:,w. r? 1- - :
ornery, |
Iks ami
IS ir.iuic.
rs i <: i > a . gag
/* yt / '/ ' ' '' / > s f /'s /1-(Ta
m v/ a v/
() i^g^thryeat^?gM
i a j'
t mo$
[ scllir.'^Jjusi- \
itronaoc (\ jM
you will \l \..
tfED 1 '
h day. have >.
nee in goods, and
best of everything V
what they seem.
|ualities. Wo sec
to this store. Mi
'? ^ n;v,^i iv.,r? m.i C W
We don't give
ur customers. ^||
; /
... fl
HQ DltUP.. i
I Repair Shop in the
' W. H. Johnson, next %|
fully prepared to re- X
hines, Bicycles, Guns,
eumg lepaiinig. m
i stock, will be orderiflbfl
/anc1 Bicycle Oil,
Is, besides other
e me, a trial wi)j4

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