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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, February 10, 1904, Image 4

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My v <%}/
. '"
H?ld at Qraoa Church?Notable Pe<
* P'? " Attendance.
New York. Feb. 5.?Funeral servlc<
v over the remains of William Collin
[Whitney, former secretary of the nuv
and prominent financier aim turfmai
were held here today at Qraoe churcl
The Rev. William Huntington, tli
*ee^or, conducted the services, UIhI
^ Op Dean, of Albany, participating.
In the assemblage which tilled tli
Bo ay or tbe large church, wero man
son of the highest prominence in No
.TfQrk and tho United States, represei
tatlves of the interests in which M
(Whftnoy had been identiflpJ, of tli
municlpr u national government
had . mHvFuu) ,j
aido with the mwere sdoreu of en
j>ioye8 of the corporations with whic
be had been connected. Floral ti
butes in profusion were banked lily
around the pulpit boforo which tli
coffin was placed.
Seventy pows In the center of tt
church were reserved for the famil
and relatives, intimate 1'riemlB, repr
aentatlves of the army and navy an
the business associates, the rest <
church being thrown open to tli
HTtfal public, crowds of which gal'
uie nour sei lor the bo
^^COdltl?n of the Cotton Market at Ne
Br Orleans, La.
Now Orleans, Feb. 5.?Tho panlcb
flftoliuas in tho cotton market yeste
wero repeated this morning. T1
Vwnr news seemed tiie only cxciu
for enormous liquidation. In tl
midst of intense excitement W. 1
Brown, the bull leader, managed I
rnako himself heard and in a hri<
speech at the ring 8lde, told trade
that they were bringing nun or ihei
eelves and the south by thoir /Tea
enable fears and by offering cCftton
from 30 to 10 points under
This spocfth undoubto^i^l
day for
?Two me
to havo mnrdere
^E9HBSS5^uTator \V. n. Itucker, nt Dur
ville, Ky., have takon refuge fror
their purauors In the Dlx river oliff
ocar Burgln. Bloodhounds tracks
two men to Harrodsburg, and her
the men were seen to t>oard ti Soutl
l ?rn railroad train for Durgin. Whc
the train arrived at IUirgin the tw
B^teMUuniiicd from the train, and, pui
officers and cltlzons who ha
"v *P th
PMWl z on
i the search. "
ma of the United Stntei
VCalifornia, Feb. r>.j^Luig,
a Chine.1)? Bti
?s>rslty of Callforah
pointed a llentenau
cadet regimen'
Brmuior or higher, h
T? fr\T A A l(A.it,..
United State* army. Llei
Baling 18 tlio only C'ttlucse wcri
^Rue uniform of an officer of th
^Kited States army.
i, \ General Black III.
Washington, Feb. f>.? General .Toll
C. yiack, chairman of the Unite
civil service commission an
Republic, t^serioiutly i
HVund is sutf?
B|V .in board of trade hit
? or lower lire insuranc
ati appeal to companie
w ilii ibv SuntliC'Mgtvi
^ ocial Ion.
^^^hre which .swept L^ike VI
Arlt., the entire business bc(
^ K^^tion with tho oxcoptlon of one built'
inrc was burned.
John W. Yerkes, commlnuiouer a
>?- .^nternai rovonuo, has hepun a flyht o:
the express companies which aro < ai
rying whisky Into Kansas and the pre
hlbition countles of Texan.
The senate has adopted Mr. Til
nan's resolution of an inquiry int
the alleged rrcegH appointment o
Crum as oollector at Charleston, B. (
A bill has been introduced In th
arylafid senate for the put.dobo o
Mating tho negro vote.
Beat Roosevelt has remove
^^flce the United Rtatoe maruhn
rHHTe rentral lilntrlotof [ArtJan Terr
pry and ali hln doputlop because o
alleged incompetence Aid drunker
Mcrabwn c' 'he Oeorrla And Alt
foama riek gollone In cohgreso aro re
c'olvlng lettem urnln* the repeal a
the oankruptcy law.
Messrs. Hurt and Ireland, Amcrl
cans, h?v? been arreate'd at Nice. 1
^ 1j? understood that tho arrest 19 du
^ if) a mistake of the French police.
Mrs. Florence Mfl?t>Hck Ik and*
survelllenco In n religious InstUutloi
fti England. She will ?> released 01
tlokot of leave In July.
k sign
run. Easy to i
^BSUr \ Will prnhthly do Ihf wo
W}'"Wy,ij t W\^k currf br grtiiiK 'id of i
In the ?yitrm. It purifim
AyT^IH nejr?, the chronic Wnilipi
i/" TtjUl ''on >
H HPSlB Though Mil. Mir/ P..
R^L ilH tnd h?d mArrcd fiomfrhi
Uy RII80MACIDB, imtyl
"*ll who luftcnA
y The matter of feed is of
tremendous importance to the
* farmer. Wrong feeding is
e loss. Right feeding is profit. ;
y The up-to-date fanner knows
w 1
a> what to feed his cows to get
k the most milk, his pigs to get j
ti the most pork, his hens to
iy t j
iv get the most eggs. Science.
!>.... 1- 1 i 1 1 1 1 *4
i diii nuw uuuui me cmiciren r
Arc they feel according to
science, a bone food if bones
? are soft and undeveloped, a
1(j ilesh and muscle food if they
|e ire thin and weak and a blood
r- food if there is anemia?
Scott's Kmulsion is a mixed
;'ood ; the Cod Liver Oil in it
mires flesh, blood and muscle,
'y die Lime and Soda make bone
brain. It is the standard
ic icientific food for delicate
to :i.i!circn.
rd Send fcr free
' - =/? <W sar,-;>l3.
it "r%"*vw I' ' 'mic t'i -. 't ?Mcturr in
^ t'>- ( ?rm <>n the
\\iapj.?? ft ?\ r bottle o(
Kmu". you 1
BL Scott&Bowne
*^^*^Pcari St., N. Y.
al! _drugt',stJ. j
PPnrc :il-out llow
prnTTl^rr sagas' "Hi re roiul (<? ?
I wealth" was "be temperate in s 11 things,
D I hn I'nnnnmii'nl nlwnvs " Miiilovn
(1 wiili its "rush methods" in business rei
quires that "keep healthy' bo added to
? tho old adage. Everybody knows how
H to be temperate and inofit people how to
. lie ee inomical, lint few know liow to
keep perfectly lualthy. Over-eating,
G irregular habits, negleet tie., derange
1 i the stomach, liver and bowels, causing
u indigestion, torpid liver, constipation,
o etc. liydales Tablets are natures boat
p. ally when such conditions exist. The I
^ Stomach Tablets will digest your food, g
.strengthen your dig?stivo organs and |
. cure your indigestion. The Liver Tab- g
' lets will arouse .your liver, f-limulato f
jewels and establish a regular, 5
hnl.it. llydulos Tab jet* r
^f^^whealth. l'iekens Drug Co., l'ick- ^
j. i!ii-; W. A. Sheldon .V Co., Liberty. ?
. Now timhIv f??r ilrlircrv.il': mi >n r*
IMjiIiIv i,l flu* f.illnvi !?? v iI/
0 llcn<l<-rM>h. succession I'lnt !>111 li, Selccieii |
l.xtra I'.urly Jersey Haketieli).
l' Also, A lex ill lite I Seeii t'om]:l!lp's Auglls|a a
I'.iirly Trucker. 3
Is I'rice fl.fiO per thonsniul. jj
t .r),iMHii(i io.iiiki m ri '.'.'i pur llioiisj, 11. ,4
to iVt.iKHi ai iI.??? per iIhuim.i il. 3
Terms < 'ash w ith oriicr, or yo<?ls: enl ('.<>. 1>. S,
I lie e plants nrc (jruw u in the ?i|<en iiir on the y
Sen i'oust of South Carolina Tin* i.re sloeky ?
ami lianly, anil when replanted s II mt<t11 t se- If
" vere co'.il without ihjutv I have a special low I
d rate with the Southern l!\pies-< oinpuiiv ami ri
. plants can lie ilelivcrcil at any j . >inl on their jj
<1 line at a rate ot "Jo to in cent p. r ilioumill: H
1 i m ill l in u in c ha rue on single pi < 'mmI
a in il i--t rinilt in .; wi;eiil tor < I I! - N s|'|> I N< iS is
1.1 XII N I lit A I. W'A TI '.i{. Prices ami irculur- .cut
j on applier.tioii. .
Wm r r.^UATV
B a I W? M I 4 I\r? ? f
young's island, s. c. |
tclpifriipli and 1*. <).
a tj
6 ^,wiiiniiii ii?i?iwii?wibi iwin^fj-agg u
i /can we interest you^ [
. in a "
I ?
hege imphoveo loo-:uam
!; SAW MILL,?!
with the
'1 heacock-Kinc, Vahiaule Fi e;? works.| ,
\ it Cant be bea r. ( '
Write "The Maelilticry IVnp r" f<n- prieesl
0 W. H . GIIJBEStaCO.i
- mmmjki ejills ;
' $ '
^ ' G? Epfi cs.
^ mfV. Mwnv" rrlkililr Ijjnl V*. iv'. PrilKKlHt Cm
i t il i< ii i:%rnt s ,:i a??i ?u<i i
'' , liiiNl metallic ln>\. rr-at)?*?I wit'i biui* riMion.
T?h<' no ullii'r. iIiiiiui'iiiik oiilxll 1
( i? ioiin anil .iiiitii! look. Hu>->r .I >: 11j;:>t
in >.'inl l<-. in 'Ihiiiim fi r 1'nrlu n>ui'?. <
~ ikiiiIiiIi urn! Hcii' f lor i. *ilI? ?." hi Irltrr, ]
, li> i ? ! 111 n VIati. I(I,<M'0'1..1I.1H'mils. Kvlil by (
1 c;ii!omksrnr omkmi'.at, co.
?I<m> ''i.nnri', 1*1111.A., CI 1
M<-n(l?n )KI> ? ??#? 1
_ ~~~ ;
'UMATISM. Dnngerous to let It m
cure now. A single bottle of fig j
(madefa, 1 J
fk. Bad curt rroulre more. RHPCMACin#
he cauae, to tNat no trace of the diieaie llngefl
the blood, relievea the inflammation of thr k d- mm
ition and the caianh that followa auch a condl- M
Wrlboin, of Hifh Point, N. C., la fv> yean 7<d B
rumatitm for 20 yean, ahe waa completely cV ed H HI
eclarea ahe feela "yeara younger" a'.d ia an/iout flf ?
x from any of the forma of Ihip dread djrcaat" to I
u Cured.
L a noted Methodlat mlnlitirf, of Rclatetitown, B
of KHBUMACIDt, whle( cured Mm, He la H
Ktlie miniatiy SO V.\
vfrHE VIRGirM^(fNA ' ?
v' Cffipttl COMPANY &
6:?, 1-2 Confront Ht._
'VIIIL/Im:, .11AHR, WCt. 17, IHOi. 0
I consider Wino of t'ardui superior jj
to any doctor's medicine 1 ever lined K
r.nd i know whereof I apeak. I suf- R
fored for nine months wi'h suppressed p
menstruation which con<wlotoly pros- D
trat.ul me. Pains would tdioot through K
my hack and sides and I would have Q
blinding headaches. M\? limbs would jf
swell up and I would ftol so weak I W
oouid not stand up. I iiaturally felt n
discouraged for T scon\-.'p to be beyond Kj
the help of physician/, but Wine of ?
Cardul came as a Ooijfsend to mo. I Q
folt a change for the bettor within a ;<
week.. After nineteen days treatment E
I menstruated without suffering tho gl
agonies I usually did and soon became Bjl
regular and without pain. Wino of m
Cardui is simply wonderful and I wish jfoj
that all suffering women know of its H
i good <jualilieti.
fc If
I Treasurer, Portland Economic League tl
- Periodical headaches tell of fe- g
j male weakness. Wine of Cardui I
; cures permanently nineteen out of n
! every twenty cases of irregular BE
- niensos, bearing down pains or Kj
; any female weakness. If you are ?
' discouraged and doctors have |g
laiu-u, mill is ino nose reason in H
the world you should try Wine of jjf
Cardui now. Remember that I
lieadiicht'R mean female weakness. B
Secure a jfl.uO buttle of Wine of I
G. 9
Fill $
Grim Grasp Caused
Heart Disease.
Could Not Lie Or
Left Side.
Dr.Miles'Ileart Cure anc
Nervine Cured Me.
Mrs. II. K. Jobe, formerly of Hirminnham
Ma., writes from Lldrcdgc, the same state
is follows:
"It is with the greatest pleasure that I rcc
)mmcnd Dr. Miles' Nervine and lleai
Jure. I only wish that I c->iild tell ever]
iufferer how much c'ood tliey have done me
Last winter I had a severe attack of l,a
Jrippe, which left my heart in iv very ha<
condition. I could not lie down for tlx
.motherinc Krirlls flint v? <. i! I >! .. .1 '
:ome me and the feeling of oppressior
iround my heart. I had nut been so that i
:ould lie on my left side for a loin; time. 1
rot your Heart ("lire ami took three bottles
I have no tioubl? now with my heart am
:an lie on my left side as well as my right
Formerly I had suffered fur years witli nerv
mis prostration. 1 had tried so many rem
[dies that I had got clear out o( heart of get
ing an) thing that would help me. Th<
lerves of my heart were so affected tlia
lometimes it would lose beats so it woulc
eem to stop altogether. It was oil the ad
dee of a lady friend that I tried your kestor
Hive Neivine. 1 felt better after the firs!
ew doses and two bottles of Nervine am
<ne of lleait Cure made me feel like a new
i^ivon Mi i... .i -.11 .;<?).? o.>.i
>usness is all n<>nc. I never fail to recoin
nciul it t<> otlsei:> afflicted as 1 was."
All dru^'isls fell and gunrnntcc first hot
le I >r. Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
>n Nervou- and Heart Diseases. Address
)r. Miles Medical Co., Klkhait, Ind.
Pickcns, South Carolina.
Oflloo npatnirH (in roir roniriR) ovc
nrlo'fl Di ng Stojv. OfTors liin profoe
onnl Rorvifi'H fo tho public.
1 ?
^&^nColloKo, H. C.
kturdfty. All Worl
Summons for Relief.
(Coniplaiut Sorved.)
In Court of Probnto.
County of Piteous. $
A. J. Boggs, (J. O. P., as administratoi
of tlie estate of Pinckuey, 'alias Bud
Hagood, deceased; PlaiutifT.
Henry Hagood, Tom Ilagooil, Will Ha
good, Jake Stephens, the heirs-at-lav
of Mary Hagood, deceased, names am
number unknown, Daily Hendricki
and P? arlinn Uondrioka, minors nude;
the ago of fourteen years.
'} Defendants.
' To the defendants abovo named:
Yon are hi rcby summoned and re
quired to answer tho complaint in tliii
action of which a copy is herewith serve<
iipju you, nnd to soive u copy of you
answer to the said complaint ou tho sub
scrit era nt their offico at PickouB C. H
r S. C., within twenty days after tho sor
j vice hereof; exclusive of tho day of sucl
sorvieo; and if you fnil to answer tin
complaint wi'hin the time aforosaid, tin
plaintiiV in this aotion will apply to tin
court for tho relief demanded in tin
Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
Plaintiffs attys.
J. 11. N. wberry, .T. 1'. P. C.
Dated January 14, A. 1). 1!)04.
To Daily Hendricks and PearlinoIIon
dricko, minors under the pge of fourteei
years, ami to James Houdrieks witl
whom said minors reside and to any al)
i> sent dcfomloudants heroin who may In
minors and to any person with whon
such absent minor defendants reside:
| Take notice that unless you procur
for yourselves and for the minors nude
S the ago of fourteen years residing witl
you, the appointment of a guardinu a<
litem to represent tho said minors in tlii
[ notion within twenty days from the ser
'? vice of this notice upon yon, exclusiv
of the day of such soivice, the plain
till's attorueyH will procure tho appoiul
ment of such guardian ad litom.
'""'K""! ranuiu.u IV
Pliiiutiff'B Attorneys,
Dated January 14th, 1001.
To tho :.bsent defendants, to-wit : Th
heirs-at-law of Mary Hiigood, deceased
i uames nnd uumbor unknown: Tnke uc
? tico that the summons in thin action, c
; which Hie above is a copy, and the con:
; plaint heroin were filed in tlie ofliea c
the w1v.,'',b'ite^.Court for the county c
Pick ens, Slate atfsresaid on tlio 11 Hi da
January 1901.
Morgan, Mauhlin \f Mauhliu,
riaintifV 8 Attorneys.
13j-Gt J
For Taking Returns for
The Year 1904.
T ask that each and every one come
prepared to give me the School District
iu which lie or she may live, as the
Comptroller General will not nllow auj
abatements for persona whero tliey gel
in the wrong districts. I also ask that
each and every person make thoir own
returns, as I expect to take all return*
myself iu order to prevent gotting too
man v acres against any one on my books,
this has got to be too general. Ho govern
yourselves accordingly. Fifty pei
cent, penalty for 11011 rotu>'is.
I will ?-.? nl llw. fr,11rM<Mr>? ?n.v>/wl
1 II III V IIIV> IVIIU" 111^ UllIllVAl
})!'.! COS!
Six Milo, Monday, Jan. 11, liHJI.
Calhoun, Tnepday, Jan. 12.
Central, Wednesday, Jan. 13.
Norris, Thursday, Jan. 11.
Catecehee, Friday, Jan. 15.
Ijihfrtv, Monday and Tuesday, Jan,
18 and 111.
Ivi ley, 20, 21 and 22, Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday.
Williams & Freeman's Store, Monday
Looper's Shop, Tuesday, 20.
Ho^sed'a Store, Wednesday, 27.
Hughes' Store, Thursday, 28.
Pumpkintowo, Friday, 29.
IiidistV oprm^N, mommy, v eo. i. i;hm,
Aiken's Store, Tuesday, Fob. 2.
(Soorgo Holecmbo's, Wednesday anil
Thursday, Feb. 15 mul 4.
Mile Creek, Friday, Fol). fi.
I'rat- r'n Creek, Monday, Fob. H.
I will be in my oflico during tho tiro*
of this notieo on Saturdays to tike re
turns. Very respectfully,
County Auditor.
Dee. '2:5, 190:1.
\ \ \ \ V \ \ \ \ V \ \ N /
/ i iv ry vjv/uuj-- 4
/ *
e New Prices V
I / '
* I havo Watelies from $1.00 ,
to <f.r)(t.(K). Clocks of nil
/ kinds. Mings, JSreast Pins /
/ mid Itroochoa to suit the /
/ Hollow-ware, viz: Sugarl?'
/ Howls, Butter Pishes, Tea /
1'oIh and Cream I'itohcrs.
, Then tliu celebrated KOG/
KKS Silver Knives, Forks, '
. ^ Spoons, Tjiidles.
I Watch Chains, Thimbles
' / and Love chains of overp dn- ^
/ scription. Specs an.I frames /
I to-uit the old man. v
: / I havo tho most completo v
/ lino of JEWELltY ever '/,
1 shown in town, come ono
j come all and luing yonr re/
pairing, for this is my hobby ?
i y and yoti will not g<> despairing.
Yours for business,
; / H. SNIDER, jeweler, >
: J K A SI. BY. S. i!. '<
1 ' V
I /\A \ \ V \ \ \ \ \ \ v>
j FOlt SALE.
2-12 acres of fine farming land
About 100 aerts in cultivation, bal
anco in original forest. Well tira
[ bored, watered and w<;ll improved
> l''ivo miles \veat of Pickens. Cheap
and terms ? aay, A bargain.
! C. 10. Robinson.
a n u/Anni aiii
' rt, D. VVflnULttW,
' PICKENS, - - s.
? j r
' Shad ! Sliftd !! Shad!!!
Plnoo your ordorn for Oyatorfl ami Fish
with / ?
Oolnrajplii. H. O.
flitiufnrtory priocH,. gniok ^irvice. You
(tnnxjinko t^oucv nasB^^^^onr large
k hp bo very
' / .
A Prominent St Louis Speci
Malt Whiskey Has Done
r tives Than All Oth
Gentlomen:?Duty's Pure MaltTVliWcoy vn
- patient whom I was treating. I en 1 ?v-\ en her <
two months un<l remarked that Jio was sc i h
etc., and she Stated she had been using nothing l
Malt Whiskey. Her improvement was to ii!,.ri- <
several otlier patients sulTcrim* Finiilnrly, and i
improvement, and from personal ohvenali m n
e improvement in tho lung tissue. Two who had
I the throat) aro now entirely well. I am entplo>
' La Grippe. Pneumonia, I'ronchitis, Anaemia, (I
* lack of assimilation of food, etc.; always in coir
d Ita agrooableness to the tasto and stomach <n
i a panacea for all diseases. WILLIAM ll'JOi'
if 7,000 doctors who have had similar ex|>cvi<
Malt Whiskey in their families and proscril.o nr.'
2,000 prominent hospitals throughout tho Unit- ]
y says "Duffy's Pnro Jkln.lt. Whiskey i* a U rm ot f
chitis, pneumonia and nil diseases of tho llu'ontti
and invigorating stimulant and tonic, build* i
fives power to tlio brain, strength and elasticity
t brings into action all tho vital forces; it inal
m got from tho fond you ent tho nourishment it < ?
men, delicato women and sickly children. Itsl
. ijromover ui good ncauii unit longevity, makes 11
I It contains no fusel oil and is tho only whisk
^ medicine. Tins is a guarantoo.
i CAlrfftiN^ iV'iiT'MUJi'Ui tftic lor jVufn-'s 1'u
genuine, Unscrnjmlons'dculei's, mindful of tho <
soil you cheap imitations and 8<vcallcd MaltWli
market for profit only, and which, far from re
Demand "Duffy's," and 1r> sum you pot it. It is
1 which contains medicinal, health-giving qualtic
Chemist ," on the label,
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey is sold in scaled 1>
sold by all druggists and grocers, or direct, ut ?1
Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, N. Y.
w w # % a
! a a t:
j. r. n/
Cured al
111*. T A . Sihwiiiii Mm (Ji'ivii i
Will Send Kree, ,to the /
Samples of His Newly 1)
to Cure Consumption
Chest ami Lunii
Nothing could ho fairer, more philunthw
than thin oft or. Conlid<nt that ho Inn diseov
(ion and nil pulmonary complaints, and to in
Bond liis Complete Trentmont, embracing foil
may bo auft'oring horn coughs, colds, cut nrli
and consumption.
Already thi? "Now Sciontilie Course of
thoupnudn of apparently hopoles eases. Tliei
mistake will ho in overlooking the generous i
Free T<
To ohtbin Hicko FOUR I'liKE I'REPAl
to cure, all you liavo to do i.s to wiito
Dr. T. A. K LOCUM, 98 Pii
giving full poHtoffioo andexpreas addro.sH. 'I
wont yon nt onoe, direct from laboratories, wi
When the liver is torp
I BBS I blood as a virulent poisor
I mm I a tiriM
and Tonic Pellets arc
V^^kYthat Rives the liver just t
Y^^^Vstarts Nature's work in
4 The Pill touches t
Pellets tone tli
Complete Tr<
* /
? A
OflKEffi VAIL,
ialist, Says Duffy's Pure
More for Consumpler
SSS^iv.:,/ i
v f.v ^V/
Hi H
-' . ? 4
' ,\->>. - \\\\A vO*
iiiim 4WMmy
- * J iTT*'^
!;.!: - '. :ro-1 t^:*U)t!'Vr'iii":1> lomsumptSvo
u\ic :sl!<:-s 11 r.!t? r iim uI>;a-ii<-<> of uLiout
i ;*' . 1. I in-. ,:i''l uft-r incilu j-.iiH'iits,
.' fi.u'i i of J)uil'y\s l'uro
i i!m. A Wti.t ;';i, "Uy iu.il j/r.cliui-.i'il for
n a ion tls?v rll oxi'VPsscl <leri<ic<l
. < ]y !( :'. i iihir.tion ivas proat
I.ar* iij'.t-nl (' vi. ii?i;?ti*?'_? (< nstmi)>iionof
ii.jr it I'x'or.sivi now iu my |>mcticG, in
in'.iilion iluiiiLUiii:), blurvatiou from
i ul: ) copiu and condition nuik?s it almost
:Elt VAIL, M. 1). Louis. Mo.
me to t'la;. \i l)r. Vail ?s?? s I'nro
il n'c<ni ui' iul itt'Xoiusivt iy. 11 is u.-ed in
I run: A I- :t<idoetui* ot iicw "York
?iil nlnw.ly da t
;s co?i:;h:'*f c>l.!s-, ccusinnpi ion, grip, V.ronmd
lunys. It ' an s?!> >l.iieiy pure, penile
ip tliO zi<>rve ti:-ni:. lulii .; up tluhearf,
to the rm soli'; ;.? ?! riihw sa to the blood,
ko.s digestion perlV< {, twal ennMes you to
nl:?ii:s. It. is invaliinMo for overworked
!ren;'?lion nr.il mistimis; tho Rystrrn.Js "
:oo) i y< keeps 11.< strong,
ey rocoj-iii/od l^v >^0 Government as a
i-o Jfr.lt Wliiskoy l?o suro yon got tlio
xoelieneo cf ti.is preparation, 'will try to ,
I.-.H. y ; ui ^lll'Ul S, IVIlI'J'l I'l'O pub till tllO I
lii'viiiK tho si<k, nr? positively liarniful.
tho only absolutely puro malt whiskey
s. Look for tho trauo-wark, "Tho Old
ol.tlos only; never in llask or bulk. It is
.00 a bottle. Medical booklet .sent free.
fc^?aaa ! rv J
ik r3^ EI r^
j Last.
'licmist and Specialist.
LITIifttMl, Four Large
IfI ivu
and ail Throal,
; Troubles.
>tiic or carry more joy to the nlllieted
ered nil absolute euro for eonsuinp
ivko its groat merits known, lie wi I
ir large HiimpleM, f-> any rentier win
, bronchial, throat and lung troubles
Treatment" has permanently mired
re will bo no mint a l<u in Mending tlx
y All.
NATIONS that have novor yot failed
tie Street, New York,
r vdi.m.i ... ? i . . *
im k'ui 1-jvi .n ii iim'iuo.s wiii umn lie
tli full instructions for nso in even
jun'27 01.
id, bile enters the^^|idh\
l. Liver ills followV^kA
Ls^ills )1
the only Treatment /JjKv/
he rijjht touch and
HK" II^iii III?IIiiICI . m i
he liver, the
ie system.
1HY *i
?<">! ATU
(I kn W 9 I I
| ====AT=
120 7. DIS(
)) ||| Is very cheap when the prices
begin with, but we have tl
fj give lor the next two weeks o
";i ruary ist, 20 per cent. off on ;
h jj Men's, Youths' ancl Boys' Sui
Va ? coats. Our goods an; all mat
{( J figures, and you know what 2
j) J means when we take it oil.
if ;i we can fit you. Terms cash, ;
\i ation paid for by us, nor exch;
(( i j Winter Underwear included
c smith & m:
V\ c :n.. P / -
^ v j n;i;i i \ 11 n:, o. v^..
111 order to close out
Ends, wo have cut
Scj Pairs Clapp's S5.00 and $6.00 Sh<
60 Pairs Men's ?3,50 and $3.00 Sho<
75 Pairs Ladie's $3.50 and $3.00 Slu
98 Pairs Ladies and Misses SI]
qo Do:.... 1 A 1:
inn.-) iv,^;i:s iiiKl Children
34 Pairs .a'rsscs and Chihlrens $1.25
.Many small Lots i
parimerit will y;o at
Pride &.
atton, ,ilM:i:N
NEW - lii7
mm a.tspcct nonea*w .T3***?ajjvar? *xsk??iMam?.- wr
EARGAINS iii Tobacco.
ARG AIXS in Hour.
ARGAIXS in Coffee.
IGGICST kind ol l>ar^ai
If ivo viii I.<111?> 11f ilint fiu<.i'n i .iv W..1I
. .. -?r> ? v w . j v .... ii >ii ii 'ii' mil
ake :i look at inino. I, ts of * ,.?. i<l tno bctU
F want ii sjoot! Miller t<> atteiul !<i mw miil tlii^
imp to cultivate in connection.
i'lo lucre jilwiiys wanted. 1 want now some con
T. !). S I A
SloHin^ Silver ? Soli
Sloi )in^- Hilv?
tf III f J !??.- A I'l I 'ikH J?ni- I i
vy * i i non j i n i F? W! H i \ ^ S J
i\ < > \< m t ios.
Diamonds, \\ atclies a
I 09 North Main Street.
4 ,wl cu: n A .- .J I.
iV 1IU OH I i J\ 1I(H II
ISJnt H A\ir r ta i-%
I ivf i, I IV TY
But IThe
good |)coplo know ?i good tiling w
We Imve also another lot, of SHORTS?
horaoH iilid hogs.
Our Rooms are all Full Up
mm i
( 01110 and Heo I
1 *.?r tios owing on not cm or al-comita will plot*
tk?f-\\o n?'c(l it NOW ami uo'd it HAD. /
A I I Phi I I-1 AT
XI IJ I J \ J 1\ 1
|f you want to,
W. T. M'F
f Hj
are right to ff
ctermined to vC
r until Feb- \\
ill Clothing : V\
ts and Over- JJ
keel in plain v
to per cent.' >>
Come while )/
uul no alter- yj
anges made. J JJ \
in this sale. J /) \
i stow i m
all ()<Ids
)cs to t$.$o and ^.}.0(B
:s to $2.00
>c.s to ^2.00. H?
OCS to ' 'jfl
s $1.50 Shoes to $1 ,<fl
Shoes to 75 cents, fl
11 every 1)1
oven <yveat^r^ \
Date Nli00 House,
VILLI], So 0.
ns in SI JOI<:S(
v iii your po.'kot if you
M* ftt I J)C, V '
> year, ('an furnish a
i and fotldor. *g?
m; i-0 ^jr m
owwaiv, J I
p ^ i j
it rial-ware. ^
ric-a-ISrac and
n<l Jrwrlrv.
i Vw>?,
low Good!
\ v
lion they EAT IT.
IT. i\
an oxccllout feo<l for cowp, U
tli Fall nn<l Winter Goods H
f every description .
S !?'I-ANN\ .J J
[i UN KS,

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