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^^^Lt^.^^&;:^'^----- ?'* - --?^_!is^^i^aai?^ijyi^^^ai^as^ttia^i^a??iaLdaa^SagSB^
| i* Most of the Important Matters Have
Already Been Actcd Upon?House 1
j Refuses to Repeal Lien Law.
Columbia, Fob. 11.?Tliore 19 but
'a.ono more week of I ho gnnoral na- I
sembly after tho present week. |
^4- Most of tho important matters before
tho two houses have already I
been acted upon and they will very
likely bo ready for adjournment at '
the expiration of tho forty days, i
Much of the time of the last few
Idays of tho session will, as nstial, *
be devoted to the appropriation and t
supply bills. i
"" "
' The house on Tuesday killed Mr. ?
Kibler'a bill to repeal the lien law. 1
The bill provoked a long discussion.
The chief argument used by
thoso against the repeal was that I
the law helps tho poor farmers, J
J enabling thom to borrow money t
from the bank at current rates of c
interest, and also acts as a credit h
system for tho merchants. J
The house has also killed tlio
HLbiH looking to four-year terms for J
Bits members. It was naturally t
/thought this would follow in tho r
0^vakc of the biennial sessions bill c
Bind that tho two constitutional ij
dnnutH would ho submitted ii
logflM^Hther to the people next sumy*f
Those against tho measure
that tho policy of the State
hold frequent electioiiB. The
^^^Hstood <>2 to 82 in favor of the
JHivhich required 88 votes (tlie "
^HKitutional two thirds) for its
Bge. It, therefore, lacked 21
,J in order to pass.
The house after pasting Mr.i?
u:n c... i
1V/IU o L/III [MUV l'?u nil HUKI'llli^
n record of inn rri ages, births and ^
deaths to its third reading, rocoinmittod
the bill, which means ii?
dofeat at tins Into day in the t-ea v ~
ill ho l<il lf<l the
''id*! I'or inariiago liKRCONTR&(3T
Huso Inn pasa. d the Coop r !?;
Moking to tlie amendment and '
jVtion of tho law lor the viola IHHIVd'
labor contract*.
no house o;: .Monday discussed '
roat length the nnttei'of pay- h<
a few claims for stock killed "
i... Q1..1 1. ..: : . 'Mi n
tnu in.in* v ?. if i 111 i i i a 11, tut;
^^olfiims >wre &mal!, but thoy were
ft rejeotod on tlw> ground that danger- 11
ous precedent would be established
by their payment. 1
The StackhoiiHe l>iII to guard 11
^?g>?inst the introduction of the boll M
ftwil Hi to the Stato was pi.ssed.
H house on Monday and Mon- 11
discusftcd tit a groa*. donl
o^Pngtli the lull to encourage tlio 11
e&tablishinont of jural libraries w
and filially paasod it. The bill t
carno over from tbo sen;<t<?. It wan t
the Hiiotj in substance as Mr. Anil's t
mt bill introduced in tbo house, and "
Mr, Aull withdrew his bill in the 11
house and championed the Bonn to i
I bill. If all?every county m tlio 1
State should tako advantago of itn 1
termH an appropriation of only
$5,000 would bo required. I
The liouso on Monday night <:
/without a word of debate panned T
thowbill imposing an annual capita- |
tion tax of llfty cents on d' g-?. t
The !proceeds arc to l)f> expended j
rif^r school purposoH m the sevoral H
\ oountiea,
I. house on Wednesday killed
the l>ill to provide for u "garnishoo" s
law in 1 lio State. <
The senate Iiuh finally pnsHMl
and sent to the house the bill to
place telephone compnnioM under N
the jut hdiotion of tho railroad i
COmmiHsioneiP. 1
Tho Henato nt'ier eonpidenihle ,
Idisciission pHHPC i to a third readi>l^
tho house bill to provide 121
* B|'(icmry tcholarshipA. '
'* iijfclMCNSAIUKS. 1
Tho Benato hf.H pftftsf d tho hill in- |
trojuood by Senator Brico provide f
ing that corn munition may vote out |
or establish di.~pensr.vioH. Tho bill
Iwas argued at length in tho sonnto 1
[at the night Bosaion <>n Monday. 1
'Senator lirio? strongly attacked I
the wholo dispensary system.
The senate has pasted tho bill to
froqiure railroads to oonstiuot,
imtiolain and operate industrial
IsidotraokB. The bili provides that
|the lir.it coat shall bo borne by the
^^ H'entorpriflcH t > which tin* tracks aro
lo ')0 Pal^ l,y
Vftfoflda during tbe yoara folHL
Under Cover of Nlglit Bulgarians Fl
From Field, Leaving 12 Dead.
Berlin, February 14 --The Frai:
fur tor Zoituug's Salon ic corr<
pondent telegraphs that a Bi
garian band numbering 100 1
jeen attacked at Dchumbala
rurkish frontier guards, who we
"oinforced by two companies
ii fan try.
The battle, the corresponde
'epflrts, lasted a long time ni
he Bulgarians lied at night, lea
ng twelve'dead on the field . T
Turkish loss was ono man kill
iud two wounded.
>uci'iano VIUJ'AII'j inThlUtATIUHi
Yokoma, Folrnary 14,?Tho lo
lussinu cruisers which sunk t
Vaour Maru had first appeared
ho Tsugaru strait on tho 11th i
sorting a transport from Vladiv
tuclc. Another steamer, Zonal
Jam, also mot tho Russian crni
re, but escaped from them.
All traffic between Hakodate ai
^omri has been suspended owii
o Russian Raiders. (Jrert indi
lation is felt here over the sinkii
if a commercial steamor, and it
lelioved that it is a violation
international laws of warfare.
/x M J rj Ainrc vu?Tin .>1 B JL* ?\ i> IJ1 i t
St. Petersburg, Feb. 15.?A cor
vinication from Viceroy Alexic
net received confirms the repo
f the lunding of K\000 Jnpaues
oops at Chemulpo. The vicort
dds that reports havo been r<
eived of attempts to cut tho tel<
raph wires along tho Chin?\
lustern Railway and alsjvto d
roy one of the abiiJtmMiits of il
nngari bi idgos/r-""The8o attempl
0 adds^vvoro immediately detcc
1 ~ V i
i^vrn.i decisive measures taken t
nard the railway.
What Are 'I hoy.
Clmnibcrlnin'H St^nmch niul Liv
'al?!ctf?. A now romrdy tor stotniu
oulbiliousness, ftml (!onsti|):itioi
ml ii good oni'. Prion 2"> cents. Fi
tie by Pickens Piiif? <?<>., Piukcu
hiutcr & "Pickens, Liberty.
Who Pays the Piper.
F:c advertising, in the genera
y nccopUd sense of (hat tern
ly8 tli.) Columbus Citizen, is 11 <
lio most desirablo kind; but it
evci(helcs.s iv fact that the grei
nlk of paid newspaper advorti
[i'j, costs the advertiser notiiin
That is to anj', it indirectly r<
urns to him not only tho ainoui
nvosted, hut a profit in wluch tl
hole commit iity shares.
Tlu: hulk of newf-pnp-r ndve
ising is placed by mojehftuts. Tl
toir>y it costs in paid almost who
y in salaries and incidontala i
ldividuals in the community i
. i.: ..u <i, .. -i i' -i
fiuuii ui'j imveniHUi" rtJHiovg,
hat hia rolurn is not wholly lro
ho general t r;t<lt? heseeka, hut al
ho injection of thin amount
nonoy into the trade of his cor
ninity, with tho result of onlnr
ug it, perpetuating it and mull
dying it* resourced in all forms
Tho merchant fools the pulse
>i\>sporous <>r adverse conditio
noro dolicalely than almost ni
ither member of the communit
tfewspap.jra pay by f.ir tho larg
>ortion of expenses in building i
he community. Their investme
h not nearly ah great in machiner
took and other forms of tangil
>roporty an in brains and braw
That is tho reason why mon
pent with them by local nu
hants brings two-fold returns
,he present and tho future.
The newspaper is an inslituti
Yorking for tho welfare of tho coi
nunity in both material and oth
08D"Ct?. in realitv imikiiM nai 5 a
rertini?g froe.;
The intolligont advertising ]i
iron of such n nowspaper O'j
rlbutea to the happiness nnd pr<
:>eiity of the community nt t
amo time ho prornoteH his on
jiiHiness intere-ita in the preso
. iwl 1u Va i )ia fj'\i? ?*/I \ t/\ ? f ai? /*i?a<
..... ...JO ..... ."U.IUUl'VM
r profits and uscfulnefta in tho I
In The Mori'j Spring Time.
In tho merry apilng time the fosl
mninria raiorobe, k<>oIIi forth detcrujii
to colonizo every luimnn orginiam.
thin t>roll ' ?? lina invaded your ?y?t
allow ns to HiifiRont IlyduloH Tonio. T
remedy free* tho blood from ranla
microbes MimiuutrH noixonoiiH mm
from tho slalom, fthmigtliouKtlifl ut-rv
nml rostores robust health. llyth
l'onio isgiinruntni'ri. Pinkous hrogC
Piokoua; W? A. BholUoii A Co., Lil>ei
? -4
ik- .
)8" Passengers From Port Arthur Tell of
ll* Askold's Remaining Afloat From
u,s Tuesday until Saturday and
l)y Then Going Beneath
irc the Waves.
Oho Foo, Feb. 14.?Passengers
who have arrived from Port Artlinr
K!Lw fllA RnHsinii fit-ill.nv Ao_
1(' bold, which was damaged in Tuesv*
day's hattlo in the roads outside of
'10 Port Arthur, waj kept afloat till
oc' Saturday, when it sunk in thirty
It is also reported that 12,000
Japanese troops were landed at
i>r Dove Bay last Wednesday morning
he and that tlioy wore mot by the
Russians, who engaged them in a
s- hand to hand light. The reports
o- say tho Japanese were driven back.
10 [t is also repoited that Japanese
8- troops have been landed 40 milos
further wi-st.
h! The Russians have explained
ig their roason tor firing on the Britg
ish steamer Fu Ping, in which
)g tliree of the Chineso crew were
is wounded. They assort that the
of vessel was leaving port without
Tho Br itish steamer Wenchow
is being held by the Russians for
(1_ refusing to deliver Japanese pas,{}
rt Tlie German flagship Hnnaa h?*
0 arrived here for coa.l. Her movoments
are boiivg watched with in
n. terest. Sr\ie left Port Arthur three
?? ?.wk8 ago una nas Bince mat umo
jq been cruising in the gulf of PeChi
Li, and along Korean coiist. It is
also remarked that the Gorman
s steamer Clio Foo was given preferenec
in having Port Arthur over
Q other vessels.
A?lviC)S from Dainy, dated Wednesday,
stated that everything was
quiet there.
} It-.-'IterThan Gold.
i), "I was tionli'eil for several yearn with
;>r ?shr? nie. imlig?t-tio:i nuil neivoiiH <! l>i 1>
a; j ity," write* F. J. (5? ? on, of TjaueaMer, j
| N. 11. "No renin !y I <*'|>? ?1 ine until I
. began nsit;jc Klct'lr.c 1 intern, which oi I
J inn morn goetl than II the m? dioiniM I j
over used. '1 liny I live slxo kept my
j. \v fn in ?'xi*<'lm'ii health fu;1 year.H, SinI
;<n_> h ? !< ctlie r.ilter.'i are jwt for
11? female tronhh t-; H al they aae n fnaiitl
>t I toui(!anl? in"ifjorator for weak, run down
j | wonvii. No oilier m< dici'io can t ike its |
I pi ict! id our i:imuv. j ry mem, Uuly
it. j .r>().\ Kal infliction gu inmtt-eil l?y Piuk*
ens Drug Co.
K- A New History.
(! Announcement lias been ninde
of llio oarly inane of a now hisiorv
10 i f the United States, l>y Measra.
D. C. heath ?!<: Co , one of the best
r~ known school book publishing
10 houses. The work is by Mr. Wad'1*
dy Thompson of Atlanta, who, by
to the way, is a son of Ex-governor
'n Thompson, of South Carolina. AlH()
though the author nucCi>sarily
m takes the Southern view of tilings
?<> and devolopes tho historv of the
of country witli tho purpose of gi\ing
prominence to the South, yet such
fi- peculiar fairness to all sections
i* pervades tho work that it ban been
of strongly endoived both by Gen.
John 15 Gordon, whoso recent
of dentil has thrown tho South into
na mourning, and by G?n. II. V, Hoyn)V
ton, a Federal oflicer of gieat cxy.
pcrience, now of tho Chickniiiauga
or and Chattanooga National Park
ij) Commission.
nt Such endorsements establish f<?r
yt the look a unique record of fair,|e
n08'j. Those who have soon tho adn>
vancc sheets aro unstinted in their
i>y commendation of the author on
)r. account of his painstaking care,
in liiH suppression of personal opinion
and feeling, and indeed tho
l)n ominont art which has enabled
him to produco a work thus shown
(>|. to bo just to the North as well na
(l_ to tho South. The South demanda
nothing hut t 'no truth.
*; Sick Headache?
)H- Food doesn't digest well?
he Appetite poor? Bowels
vn constipated? Tongue coated?
nt It's your liver! Aycr's Pills
u- are liver pills; they euro dysfu
pepsia, biliousness.
25c. All druggists.
Want your mntiMni lio or beard a beautiful
brown or rich black'.' Tli^n uso
Oltl Nolle? of >/la*l 8?ttUm?r>t.
Iuh I will npply tr/ 7. B. Nowlwry, Prolmft
riu Judge, on tlio 27 Ji (lay of Pobumry,
tor 1004, for n 'inal a til meot of the oetut*.
r<??, of Nero II (.Hiiro, chwnsod, And rink to I <
hum j aiDmiRK a 4? a< mmisnutor.
" V Iwao Ifallnm,
Declares That Gross Frauds Were P
petrated Upon the State in the
Construction of the Capital?
Contractors and Architect
Scored ?Col^
lusion implied.
The report of the committee a
pointed last yoar to investigate t
completion of the State Capil
waa submitted to the General A
serably last wook. Tho repc
makes very serious criticism of t
work done by the contractors, M
Ilvain, Unkefer & Co., under t
supervision of Architect Frank ]
Milburu a.ul the original commi
Those members of the com mi
aion who approved of the final r
port of the contractor and of tl
architect were Gov. McSwteny, V
B. Ccopor, Secretary of State
Representatives Gantt and W. .
Johnson and the following froi
the Sinking Fund Commissior
Senator Mowor, Representative
Harvey Wilson, G. Duncan He
liticmr A tlnrnou finnfiro] T 1
Pl~" 1 """" ? v> j v>imiv?ai , " '
Durham, ComjJtroller General, an
It. H. Jonningp>Stato TioaBurer.Tl
Governor and tho Secretary of Stal
wore also members of the Sinkui
ing Fund Commission*
The Investigating Committoo
roport sustains tho protests and
from time to time bj Senator Mai
shall, which were not heeded h
tho commission, and hia minorit
report to tho legislatuie, whic
brought about tho investigation.
The Invesrigatigating Committc
consists of Senators Robeit Aldrio
and It. I. Manning, Rapie&L'nti
tives J. Q. Patterson, AI. J. Rav
lineon and 1'. Y, Williams, h
whom the report in signed. A go\
eminent architect from Washing
ton FUdtains ilie committue's criti
Jn brief iho charges arc that Mi
burn loft much Hi thu pp. oilic.it in
to the ''discretion" of the aichi
tect, anil used '.hiit discrotioi
:vgni ist the station in lores'; th'i
tlio work as d<?no <1 cs not cttipl,
with requin ments, ai d is a irai
on I ho stati ; : hat th? huihliig c in
raiH-imi excused the contr: dor
I"r< in doing w. rk for which tli* ,
we?o paid, ?uul tl.ut was w< rt
tl.OlHiind4 (if dullni>; (h it n ht-t
ceiling in tlwcorridoJ ?iin roiiiov.'i
HiidappiOpriatud I'} th>) c> tr;\.
tdi'H.aiid r<*|jlac< <1 wii It $f>00 wui tli (
shoddy galvanized iron; thu mar
thousands <>f dollars worth of m?i
terinl belonging to tho Btate wo
sold by the contractors, and that
brother ol onoof t lie building com
missioners, Mr. Ountl, ni:ide rnoiip
on tho t rannsiction ; that a part <
tile portico is unsafe, and tho dom
a * iiiOiiHtrosity."
In concluding tho coinraitte
aay?: "Your committee do n
consider that it Coined within thoi
duties to d. t' l'niiiio questions c
law involved in tho matter* em
hiacod herein, hut would regard
icmnrkablo, iruhod, civil or crinii
nil, or both, t> hring iheso male
lactorH to justice, and to sonio*e>
tont t<> redreaS tho wrongs of tli
| statu. "
It recommends that approprial
lrg.il stops be taken to recover,
possible, from ''Frank P. Mdbur
and Mcllvain, Unkefer ?fc Co., t
much as possible of t!io dumttgthe
state has aulTurod through tho
misconduct and breach of ootitrai
and bucIi other b'gal red nun i
may 8eem to bo advisable;" tin
the i)io>t glaring and damaging d
foctrt in tho work b) repaired ui
der tho authority of the Leuid:
turn until Mich time h8 the fiiluijO
of tho e'ftto will admit of tl
whole work being doi)> ovor in
manner to conform to tho origin
A l remflndous sensation in ere
tod. Architect Milburn declin*
to appear bofuro the committee.
Cold Wave Coming.
If yon lmvo Hydalos Elixir in I
houso when a cold wave is oominjr, j
need not foar attacks of Jlmnohii
Pneumonia, Coughs, Colds, etc. B
dales Elixir taken when attack bcgi
ntvor fail* to ohcck I ho progress of t
: dis< ase. It is equally nnccewfnl
ohronio cjihoh of throat and Iouk discai
Pickens Drug Co., Pickens; W.
?- " T .1 1
oiiciuuii ? uw,, Jjiimriy.
Officers Save Bank.
A rejort reached Charleston lr
Wednesday morning of an nttnm
' made t > rob the bank of iJorclx
, tor at St. Georges Tuesday nig
? by six masked men. Thoy we
( fired tn by constables armed wi
i Winchesters and | nt to
j Mr. Hanna had Sinking Spell and Puis
mcnnnaaxcwl iA/n!o* l?.%?l
wiwupfjoui &u ii vsiu vviioi aim iiau
Only Slight Flutter of Heart.
l>- Washington, lA*b 14'?Thi3 hr
ho boon regarded throughout ns tli
:ol crucial day in Senator Hannah In
,9- roic battle for life. It b^nn wif
rt assurances of ouito mi ontiniisf.;
ho character. Tho iiCwh of thn .hi
c- from the sick room wan announce
he shortly after 7 o'clock a. in Tli
P. senator, tho doctors said, had paei
8- ed a peifectly rpiiot night. Hi
temperature at 7 o'clock was 103.'
3. pulse 120 and was etrong arid reg
0, ular, and liin respiration was dt
ie clared to. be satisfactory, althougl
yr no figure was given.
). At intervals ot two hours diuinj
j the night Sonutor Ilanna had boei
aroused and given nourishment
after which he immediately re
j suraed sleep. The doctors supple
monted this announcement will
p the statement that tho condition o
lfj the senator at this time surpas&Ci
10 all their expectation?,
Tho slateraynt hardly had hooi
(g issued when an unexpected chang(
for the worse took place. Dr. Oh
, ler had gonfc to Mr. Hanna's roon
and Dr. Carter and Secretary Elme:
Dover had stepped down to tin
dining room for breakfast. Dr
^ ltixey had not arrived and tho srm
ator was alono with his nurses
Suddenly his mpid breathing ex
cited hbirm, and other signs of dis
^ trtjsa cy.nsed a hurried summons foi
'' [)hvsicians. On thriv almost, inl*
stant arrival his pulse was beating
at tho alarming rate of 137 and hii
y respiration was above 40.
A Skcond Sinking Spf.m..
A lapse of n< ar'.y iwu hours then
intoi vt-uftd without news < xe pt. ?>1
tha must n.d. finite chaiuctt r, Mich
''no changes" \\!.e; 1 tul<!e;.ly al
" ! 2 o'clock, li fie cnliilivo Dick, o
Oh ie, uml Mr. I)i.v? r came Iron
" the BtiDiitor's apart imwitH with ilm
1 .shocking i Mnauiconii i.t that tin
^ penatiT had ^ulVend ai-> tl.c r .s? v it
binkii.g 8;io 11 a id had iiiile 1 u i i<*i 1
ly to ronp:)iid It; all stiii.u anls
to!in;iii-I iI'd to rc\ ive Iium
^ I Tins i t! '.s c..m ? lil<" ? 1) > t 1 ?in
{acinar sky. Ti c ! 11 t I c- r r i?lo: t
Jjhad hen thiongfd through nt t!;??
" da/ \vmh an.voin i (pnr> a.* !>< th.
I Kciint i r'?? ? .i.d. i u .n 'lli..
*' news I'mui th<i hick r? i<m cmu.-c-I ;i
' hush throughout tiio lo' liit-H.
llr. Mend ill McConuick. the seii*
nti r*8 fon-m hi<v, wits (ii-|>;itc>litid
11 in liiisto fo/ moi\> |ntVv'ciluI Mi,niil.-.lltH,
Til Ke CilKC, I 'II L lh?? 11? X t
\ report a f?*w lnii.ute* lnlm-, siii.l
that tllO (InClOlH <1 -cl.ii-fil t'l ' IV 1(1
to b>? O;, 1 y ii (ju ol |? r11hp n
i i mil oh, but at ill.' moMt, ? 1 linns.
e Th? n wuhiii a k| a.'u i 1' thief
* minuter I ho | ?a i it mil cil, lir
c011atii?>?i811< ss returned utid by tl?
exertion of his wonderful wi.l
I- ,W... ?- II > -
urnaiAM IXI llil C?'UIIluU l(
11 pull lii 111 sell' t?111 ?J ; ill wli t l! f
1 doctors and tliojjii at. tlio Ii<?tls?i I * ro
'* gurded as u most minculou? man
c nor. Hut the fight was by > '
10 moans wun. Although tho aftor
noon rolapse hud been rnlii-d 1'i'oti
tc it had h ft a badly weuktjned lYuim
it' for future but|h?a. Tho resti ra
n lives vv< re continued and tho houu
iP tor doted ngain it to a stupor.
)? What I)k. Cautku Said.
ir n* n??l..r'? -i ?: e *<
JXI, V/'II vgi o ui>BC I I j> I IOII I'l 1.111
3t sinking spell, ukmIj public short]
after .'I o'clock, was iib follows:
"At 1:30 o'clock n vory unox
pected sinking fpi;11 on inn on. W
'* nt < nco started to woik on the Sen
a tor, but he fuiled to respond t
t;il tho restoratives applied. Durin
10 t)iis p|) II tho pulse cntindy disnp
n pound from the wrist and only i
slight 11 lit tor of the heart could b
dotected. Wh kont ??r?nlvina olhfl
- - I riv-r)
a- atimulantfl and finally got a aligli
etl renpome Now ho ha* a j-.n-tt
good pulse and ?!.-<) ref?piratioThe
Spell was decidedly \vor.*o tha
(h?* oiin thia morning.''
on r?fysi<-rIons ('IrciniistiUico.
One wuH pale ai d snilow rind the otlie
^ ft'exlt nml rony. Wlicrc the difTi'inoc<
"H Mi... xvt.f, iu i.i.^i.i..-. i.?wt
. ,^UW 1.T7T7 in will! IIVUIlll H M?
" I)r, K.ig'H New Life P'IIb to maintui
'' it. By gently nroiiRing H o luzy org i
.' tb *y eo 111 el po<??l iligeatio'? m il lteuu <J
' cnrintipntion. Try tl)< in. Only 25 o i
Piokenn Drug Co.
Announced His Text; Thon Fulfilled I
ist U?l^'Kh, N 0-, Special.?llo>
pt J. A( Knykemlftll,J>n?tor ol Coiiut
*s- church, Buncombe comity, ha
ht jttlt Jimuouuc?<1 |tih l?'xt from flen
irof-hH, 45: "I wi'l go owl bpg hit
i'oh bof6.t;e I -lie," whon he auddeni
loeW and foil ('e.d.iu tho puluii
. I
III I IIIHliM?llillli I III !
!0| I oeW'lf.'
:: gi
0 j """ " " """" " ^ "**'
] You can nm
18 | ST U J t D1V ANT'S
5 Dry Goo<
ll j __
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i I Our Clothing
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1 I Bring the wholn fi
: | H. K.
Tne Country Editor.
It i , to h\v {lie 1 ea?t, a thank-I
I. j.,v. 11 is anyt hins* le s than
sunshine and io-mm II > is expect1
cd to write up nil thogiod tilings j
.said and d<>np, j,n?l to l>i> n blind
( as a v.iinifi'C hat in <ti\ ;iuht to the'
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| If he happ. fs lo In* a husl h-r !
for in-w 8 an-1 11 i a to pul/ii-h it all
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. an t <1 pping I)i>s apc><Mi ii>t i oi li r!
people's |.i", v. tier - ho lias no btisi-j
iit'f-3. If he happens to be of nj
(|iiiet, retiring kind, and not a |
walking arycii il, and dot-H n->tpub-{
Iisfli the truh, the public pro i
ii"iince8 11ik number N. G It' hoj
uneta ii man who lias been icceiv-j
i n g his pap' r and bo niu-b r? c.uir-j
! "g*> to a*k fur the price, he i? told
thai the paper d n.'t coin i regular
, *i fx I that he (1 os not propose to
j l??y for something liiut lie docs
u >t rocei v(?.
1I'? inunt aid in t/iviug publicity
I in nil oloctidif, diiirch affairs,
' | marling s, h eial events, niul write
'in column obituary eulogistic of
! tho 7th c ?imu i f ono of hi* nub
' Hc.rib"rs \\b;> bad not ev* n paid bis
or her subset iptisn.
1 IId H incumutlerably boiled down
bec-auflc bo <1 (H not g? t out n week1
ly "tiado edition," showing tho
? ?
| great trade reroute* 8 ntul ndvnn
tug. h of t lie Ion ii .
When lie cnlln on some of thoae
enterprising merchants for an a 1
he id told, with a Mongolian smile,
I that advertising d<>e? not pay,
y hence it in a delightful pufitimo?
country journalisin.?Exchange.
o Pcrfi ? t ConlMcnce.
Whero t'ir-ro >i8?)1 to l>o a feolinx of
,, uneasiness nlid \v(?i'rv in tlio household
when u child showed symptoms of croup,
? there is now perfect coi lhUvce. Thin i*
>. owing to (ho uniform kiio.hiss of Oliimlici'inin'H
Cough It medv in the tre.itII
ment of tlmt di-onse. Mip. M. t. 15ns
v ford, of l'oolesyilh', Md., in speaking of
r her experience in Uio iifo of thut remedy
buy*: "I lmvo ii world of o mlhhnee in
t Cliiiinl'orlnin'rt Cough Homely for I lmvo
y lined it with pprf? srccefB. My child
Giirlnnd is auMeet to Bevere attacks of
' croup, and itnlwuyn given liitl) prompt
n relief." For Kulo by l'ickepH Drug Co.
nud Hunter ft Pickens, Liberty.
Burned to Death in Molten Metal.
A Special from Pulaski, V?i.,
*? says: A piece of the jnckot ol the
^ Dora Furnace bur?t off Tuesday
in morning ot 5o'cl< ek, allowing about
'I two car loads of molten inotnl to
i escape. Wilbur Smi\h, an em
ployo, wftfi caught in tMo stream of
! motal aiul burrud t) death inr.
atantly. No one e\te wrt^^oriouB*
!i ly injured. One colored ^ifian was
d burned lightly. \ ^
X\ Rlicumatin paiim aro ^iniokly volieVft l
applications of Kiu?^u?Afcrt ve arid
try H. 25i^g?WFloi l)rnn
MWr ^j
<aa /*
kc out your list before leaving home?Con
3 and get anything you want in
Is, Clothin, Shoes, Hal
inn any other store in (Jrocnville and nn<
lowing after you got homo and examine wl)
my artielo not satisfactory. You can fet
uoy ore something just aa good.
1 business last Fall was imaieuse, and natu
f ono or two Suits. All of these lots are n<
)u can find your size it will pay you to buy
me to Greenville, como right lo f.CURDI
unily? Plenty of room for the Children.
Yours for bargains, \
Sturdivant Co!
iireenville's Greatest i
!! ?I !!! 11?I ? IBIMIMBII ! ??MIL? ** TIT-""
| M W.T. Mcl'A!il>, V
j <w rrcsid- ul \
^ P3GKlSfc?^
V* By Careful and constant worl
&/ Hank largely increases every ye
W .Ve solicit your business and
vL every reasonable accomodation
|j -^F RES
Garden :
I o ?
? OF ' Er
j Pickens Drug (
/ The Completest Di
W. T. McKAI.fi. .1 S WII-SOM
I'n'hidcnt. Vicr-1
-4-Tlie Pickens OH Mi
?-?Die A Liens 1
4T>*Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls, Oil
Now ready for
/-X / * ? ' 4
wur iGinnery nas oeen running on
and we thank our patrons for tl
Our Mill is now grinding
plenty of Hulls, meal or "
luiiig your SEliD and exclull
or we will pay you the^^^j
are 11 (>^MB|?Ssffi
2; \jM
no right lo |j
1 have the a
at you have 0 ^
ch it back B J
>'v marked 9 / /
it and put cu I I
\ I i '
Store. |
5. c. ,40
- tossooSB||/^I'iP
the business of J[ Bfl
aj. 9
will extend to you V Jl
~ f >J|h|
1 I 1 ?rrafftei?
> ; m
v Ifii iiW
I , I mil ^
-o-.^. [ ....! .. >_<?r~?v>.^-LJgfcs .'
i? v nutrno \ ? -i W j
' "ik v yjMUi
'rea. 8fo. & Treofl Am
and Linten.^m
full j&giflj
teir ofl

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