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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, February 17, 1904, Image 3

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Hr Happenings of a Local and Personal Nature,
^-Ooaio in nnil got your seed
?This oluiun is for Jnpnn iu thin
c". n 11 mi i 11.
? Poll) golly vitoll and Ollydollygoff
ore having it upw.
?Tho Bidtimoro fire nggrogaU-s
$125,000,000 los*.
i 1
s\ s ?G. It. Heudrioks is con Good to
his loom with tho mumps. ^
?C. II. Alexander is again nblo to '
resume his duties ct the bank.
?Tho Japs are giving tho Rug- ,
sians?fits, or something like that.
?It is about time for tho Bonding
out of cards for the next mariiogo.
W*~ ? t- IIuvo you made your return yet?
y a. penalty win oe auuea alter luczutu.
?\V. T. .loancs was quite wick last
week but in again able to >u uuio his
v ? Miss Stella Nowbciy is spendiug
a wLilu witli relatives in Greenville.
?'] lio Lauren a advertiser remarks
that bo far tho Legislature lias done
nothing rash.
- ?Old folks, young folks, big folks '
j aud little folks 111 Pickens uro all snf- i
feriug with muinpu. i
?Those who wero holding cotton
for 'JO cents ?re now sorry they were
not Hutistiud to take 1(5 cents I
^ ? Preach iog* noxl Sabb.ilh morn- '
ing in the L'ickons Baptist church by '
Rev. 1). W. Ilioot, and ulso ?t night. j
*-Mrs. W. (J. Martin, of the (
Brushy Creek section, visited her t
ltother, Mrs. 11. /V. Richej', la>>t week, i
? We are catting otV subscribers
who dont pay. It tukes money (j (
iuu a nowspnpur. No p:iy ? no paper, i
?- Ilev. ami Mr.*. \V. R. Lowiler
milk, of Croia Anchor, S. U., is on a '
visit to the family of 11. A. llichoy. '
Bk ?The many friends of Mi*?. G. \V- ,
B . Earlo will regret to learn thatnhu has ,
V been quite Hioli. Sho is reported bet- |
L ter.
?A hill has p isso l tho houso p iti^^^ting
a tax of 5U emits on each dog,
Aje qiouey to bo used for school pur- ,
noises. * |
?Tho uennliv < f 2 ntr cent, is '
charged all bolutod tftx j>!ty(;fy. A f- '
tor thin month tlio point1 ty will bo 15 <
per cont. i
---You who weio born oil tho 29',h ,
of Februiny leceivo our congnituhi i
tioHF. May tboi'o bo uittuy more (
birthdavH for you. I
?Enrle Mauldiu and wifo loft
PickeiiH lust week for Texas wher.
tlioy will mako their future homo
Pickens pe ople regret to give tliom
? Mrs. Flora Lithom and children
of Clinton, onmo up last wooli to '
visit 1.or mother, Mrs. II. A. Richoy, |
who lma been quite sick with pueu (
Col. J. E. Hogood is quite un^tll,
which dows will be htnrd with ;(
Hfr&ren! -r<-"ret-by his h.r?re cir-ie of j,
/ V who 1 ope'Ji ! ill soon bo | j
H \
B?Winded, orders fl-r billhead.0,
Hitementp, letterhead/, noleheiids,
iiIm, envelopes, circulArs and dod
H.vn ^ t ( ... ...I. I.I
t n. iiii.it \hm n, KMvi vi) |ii irrn. i
^KTIio Hontinel-Journal Jol? Otfieo.
?lloht. IT. Curotori, manngir of :
B thft Pickens Oil mill. Ims l?een quite >
|p nick for several dayp, ami in still uu
able to l><! at the mill. It is nine-rely
I)' p"d lio will fioou Lo out o#uin.
- A. A. Pace, who has ncently ohtahliahcd
a #euerul repnir shop in
Pickens, haa moved to the Tliorn'oy J
office next to the dispomaiy, whoro
iio now I1118 all ho can ?'o at i>ll times.
?When 11 i <w hnhy is hoard cry- '
in u houHe it is not. uluays a si^u |
^^iit rtlo" owner of tlio vo'co belongs
11K" PMII^ iinu living
HPlho house. Thoy may havo board- '
.'?Married on Sundav, the 7th inst.
a\! the residence of Mr 10 J?. ltich/rirdson
in Libei ty, Mr. -J:??<#1? Slew
art and Miss Miriam Heecluim, both <
of F.asley, Ilev. 1). W. Jliott olliciat- (
ing. I
After tlx; 1 hL <<f Jtnuirv past,
<lift price of thin paper was n.ised to
$1.25 on time. If paid fore ah in '
advance the price Htill rcinuif h $1 00. '
fS?? 1 BcriberK, govern yourselves accordingly.
?There was a meeting of the lie^
.publican | arty held behind closed
dot iff, wt the Colored Methodist
cliiiicli Inr.f, Snlnrrliiv nicht \V?
have been unable to loarn what buaidchk
wan trauHactcd.
t ?Saturday evening, as the (n^inn i
I whs returning from (ho brick yard,
onu of (ho rail.s broko in two causing
ftomo damage to tho engine which
tvas not repaired in linio to miko the
I rip lo Kisley Hint evening-If.
A. Nonly lias bought out (ho
Jivery business from A. M. Munis,
and linn a nice lot of horses and turn
outs. Hovey is a good horseman
y ami keeps good stock, and tho patrons
of a livery stable can always rely on
prompt ucrvico and nico teams from I
)i im.
?The cotton market in so thoroughly
demoralized in const cpieneo
of fLo wild (inoculation on Mio Now
^ y/,!# Jj'vurpool and New Orleans exthat
n > ono known exactly
wlna hpot'- cotton in worth and those
who art) buying now aro buying a pig
in a bavC^
?Will Kubankn, a while mar,, was
Bb killed at, a negro hot supper near i
rutu'HSi#, in union county, oy u m?fll'O,
SilftM //3 1 H. It M Hllill tllltt II
) gonerul naY.iy took place mid Hu
L IxiiiUh, in u piuco whore lio had no
bueinoM to l>o, was one of tho tinKL
IsL ?Wo invariably discontinue nenil
Aing Tlin Sentinel-Journal when a hiiI>
^rription nris out, for wo have no
of knowing that a parson wants
T7x?i<>l>t ? y r?'C.?MVinj{ mm or imr if
BtlluU tUn pi
ley. Wo are
flLnul bettor.
?Look up Jjour Japanese and
Husuian encyclopedias.
?Mia. J. J. Morgan* of DacuBvtllo, S
ia reported quitesiok with poeuinouiu. w
?Some meu aro chronic kickers
and some others are too lazy to kick.
?There are germs ou luonoy. Bo
careful how you hfuutlo your big bills.
?Mrs. Bolt, of Anderson, is on n fc
visit to tho luiuily of her son, Dr. J. O
L Bolt. iu
--Miss Tirzah llughoj) }h ou a visit ^
to her sister, Mrs. J. A. Puvis, i n
Spartauhurg. * j
T'ltoY. O. M. Ahney preached an
^x'celluut Bormon at tho Methodist C(
church, Sunday. al
- Hyttd our advertising columns as
several changes of lids appear there- 0
m winch are of interest to you. sc
?John Wanamaker believes that
runny a good and hono.st business tuan to
fails because ho ia a poor advertiser. ?f
? An unknown negro man was
found betweeu tho mils of tho South |
ern railroad, near Seneca, early A'ed- |j(
nesday morning. Ho vas hit by ?
train. Parts of tho .body were
found us fur us seventy yards from
tho main portion. l(|
?It i3 repu'ted that (ho cotnp- in
(roller general found tho l>o>Us of ni
Barnwell county's treasurer in an nn- di
satisfactory condition, but it ia hoped wi
t hut the t too surer may show that all re
is straight. llo has l.een phy h:c? 11 v ft
unable to uttoud to his duties for m
01110 time. ye
Tiro d<crco bus ?;r>ne forth from A1
I lio Commissioners' ofltco that all who 'J,
ueylect to pay tboir commutation one 1
lollur toad tux by March illst will be
iompelled to labor for eight days on
11?; public highways. Which will be
>f tho moat benefit to tho roidb? The .j
tix payors can decide and act accord
u?. * .
?Tho acting iutcndent of St.
George's having received hbws that (rj
i bank in his town would bo robbed
>v four suspicious ch'tractors who
lad got aboard a train therefor, had j
lis polico to lire upon the "robbers" .
ivhen they appeared in town about 1
t'clock Tuesday morning. A genor
d fusilado followed and it is reported
hat two of the g?tnj* were injured,
jut succeeded in getting away.
?Thero aro a few people reading
1'iie Sentinel Journal now who will
lot read it many weeks longer uu VIt
. >1 l :i iiv las
unrj nii_*> m;uuw it til [riy up. V
ip reciute tho liberal m inner in
which w> many havo responded l<>
>nr cull for payments in advance, bid th
-ome few seem to think promises are
ufticient. It affords us pleasure to pc
lccomndato our subscribers, in any
reasonable way, but we cannot carry in
>vor a long list of accounts until next |aj
fidl and mnybc then have to take our
' >ny in promises. * ^
Nearly Forfeits His Lib*.
A rnna > ay almost ending fatally," 1,1
st rtcd a horiiblo uleer on llio Irg of .J.
13. Oaner, Frauldin (Jrovo, III. For four
years it defied all dcotors and all lvinolien.
Hut Jiueklen's Arniea Salve had
ik) trouble to euro him. Equally good
tor burns, bruises, skin eruptions mid a'
[iilo, 25c at Pickens Drug Co.
Entertainment at Maynard. Vl
Tlie 10 will b(! nn entertainment,
jonuis'.iiig of dialogues, recitations ^
iwid music, at tho Mnvnard ncli iol
house, Friday night, l'eb. 20th, to
which tlio public is cordially invited
Exercises will begin at. 0:110 p. m ^
A small ad mission fee will be charged.
$10.00 Reward.
I will pay n reward of $10.00 to w
my oro for information as to the
uiieieuliontu of 1). 10. Oilinoro, who J"1
in 1800 lived with T. II. l'iutlicr, of
Major's, S. (1, oIko livod ut .J. Sain 1,1
Wilson's. Information strictly confidential.
Jus Kii-twcll, hj
1'V'l). 17w4. Anders )i), S. (J. tli
I'humborlainVs Stomach and Liver Tali- (|
lets. rtii>(|iinlli (l tor Comtipathni. tl
Mr. A. 11. Katie, n prominent ding- ,lJ
<ist of Haxler Spring*, Kanfns, k.ys: ,1(
"( hainbei Iain's Stomach and i-ivt i Tab
lots nre, in my judgment, tlio moat ml* (),
p.-rior piepiuuthn of anything in mo to . |
lay for . '>!>'fii-iition. They nro uno in
iction and with no tend-ney t>> nansoat M t 1
:>r gripe. For fale by Piekenn Drug Co., ol
ricKiMiH; iiuiiii r <y rutKcns, jjincny.
?? r.
Oyster Supper. u'
'J 1 o IftiliiH df thy Prenbytorian (j(
lunch, Liberty, ft. (3., willservuoyw
x-i'A in Mm More formerly ( ct'iipied
l>y 'J' N. ifi<t)11-r, Priibiy evening,
l<Vl\ 10, 1001, for Mm hem lit of tie ,
\lnnae to l?" bni't by Pre Hbyteiinn '
dmreli. All ft it) eordiidly iiuit'jd to
jo present. ^
Rev. N. L. Prince Resigns.
Anderson, ft. (', J-Yb, |M, lOO-l
Mr. Editor:
I'lense publish in your pnper Mi til v
in I bo tidvico <?f my physininuH, I S
liiivo #iven up inv work fur Mm yetw, ^
imi Ki'V .1. I'. Altfiwiiv b.is bfoii mi- "
pointed to succeed mo as pastor of
llio Liberty circuit. yr
Norman L. Prince. ji
Barn and Contents Burned.
On Tuesday, I bo 9th instnuf, at
about 9 o'clock p in., ono largo birn '
and one small barn were burn <1 on
Lalmn Mauldin's farm two miles wost V
of K.isleyt loss about $300. No in "
suranco. K J>. Miller lived on Mr.
Manldin'ti pi nee and lo*t in the ll lines
one mule, one milch cow, and t>11 the vv
corn and roughnoss ho had, consist
in<' of about 100 bushels of corn and
I *
about 1,000 bundles of fodder, and '
nhout seventy five bushels of cotton '
seed, besides shock?, peas, farming
tool:*, etc. Mr. Millor uIko had an
other mule that, was badly burned, v
V>ut auccceded in getting tho b.dance |
of hi:4 stork out of the burning barn.* (
without injury. Ho also saved three
tons of guano ho h>i I j ist hauled
homo and stored in one; of the burns
Mr. Mith?i'h Iohh will t>o about $l"(>
Tho origin of tho firo is unknown. (
Mr. Miller in a poor man and I think y
if charity ever was needed it is now 1
needed l>y him.
Ilrl<l(;<) to I.?l,
Wo will let to the lowest n spmeib!?
bidder tho rebuilding or npiirintr th*
Jewell bridge oil Twelve Mile r'v? r Or
the 10th doy of February, "t 1 "3 M
riiiiitt i?)nde known nn day of leil ntf.
L. I). Sli p'v ih.
fill!) i viroiv
A Wclborl')
A. H.
v \ Co. Cuiv.inlMtoners.
^From Haxel.
This Beotion was vmito'l li
uniluy evening by a severe ruin a
ind ntorm, uoootnpaniod by n thi;
it and lightning, but no dnmogo vi
jno as wo lmvo hoard of. ^
Very liltlo hits been doue yet
?e way of furmiog.
Uncle Dillio and AuntSallioGilsti'
trmtvly of Una county, but now
conee, ha*o returned to tlioir lioi
i Oconeo after an extended viait
10 letter's son in law, John L. Gri
y and other relatives aud frion<
hoy wore accompanied by Mr. Gri
Mr. W. E. Curtis and family vit
1 A. T. Winchester iast Baturd
id Sunday.
Prof. Ward, of Hendersnnville,
, nas just closed a six days singi
iliool uear Mr. VV. H. Gils trap's.
Will just tray to Air. "B" from (
echee Unit. I am just as mo
?niont u divorco law as any man
10 Stato of South Carolina or ai
liere else, and when I got tliorouy
convinced that it is impossible
ivo one Jaw without the ottior
'Urso I will bo against l>otl), b
ill say in councction with wbal
iid before I but if we bad a marria
icome law" there would not bo
any children marrying. I know
x couplea or mire thatlnve inarri
jring tbo last twelve months th
010 what you jight call juht chil
n; some run a\v?.y, and s-.mie bu
ole their girls. Two couples
inil just now, one of the girls 1
ars old aud tho other 15 years ol
ml if we had a marriage "licou
W J UOUOVO H WOUlll 8l()|) HO H)U(
this. Very respectfully,
Mountain Sprout.
Liberty, R. F. D. No. 3.
Mrs. John Hullum Ins been (
Obick list lor tlio past few duyti.
Mrs. Lou Robinson, of near C
cclieo, and lier niece, Airs. Parrol
ivo been talking of moving to Co
Hinco tbe pnow tho wheat shoi
) somewhat better. Say farmei
don't think you need got out i
art yet.
Tifkintr eirtcked cotton seems t<? 1
0 onltr of (ho ilny through th
Whooping cough ami mum pa ha'
most tiled out since tim hiio.v.
Miss Cora Garvin nnd Ailio Srni
uted relatives in Aadoraon could
it week.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Smith,
ideiFon comity, visited uilatives
is bni'g last week.
Born unto Mr. nnd Mrs Jako
inter on the ibid insf. a daughti
Mrs. 11. T. llallmn visited h
other iudaw, Mr*. John II ilia
st week.
Mrs 1). A. Chamlin was ill s\i
grippe last week.
I will clono for t liis limy as ltus?
id Japan nro lighting.
Grey Eyed Girl.
Six Mile Dots.
Mr. Editor: Ad Ilmvon't wiitti
iv in ho long X will try to boikI i
small pict'O.
Ttio health of this community
ry good.
A. M. (Jarrelt who 1ms boon
in .sick libt fiouio tinio is iinprovii
Sam IVrry has moved to our tow
o extend to him a hearty weluon
VV .t ....i a n i>...i.?
is moved to the Dnllon section.
Wo think tlmt Six Mill! is iloii
el!; she Ims three stores undo
iieksmith shop, one col toil jjin nt
10 smv mill. S> hrin<{ on yoi
siter and work iv> 1 don'i forget tl
onoy u In n you .start.
I eei tuinly think that Mr. "I
>:tkn the truth when lie sai-l tli
10 Six Milo iilid (Juteoclioo \vt
ron<{. I suv so lo<>, and goujo
10 commissioners tuny look out
h v will drop (heir cundy. ()
md from Six Milo to Cutcech
jeds work bad.
Coney, pIciiHo put it n littlo oloa
i me gniveynt d questi'i). 1 tin
at tliifi o iMinnimty *n ei
inly bo aahatn i ?f the conditi
tlip.{TiiiVOjartlti at tliiis j'liico.
Six Mile wuntfl (\ toluphono li
mil Nurrin, ft. 0. Wo thii.k
mid be n yicftt coiivcuicnco to n
)ii't you M r. li.
\V. I'j. l'insun lms sot l.imself
i a new or^tm.
Mrs. A. IHiiii<.'in is very ill
iin writing.
I v\iil elose for lliin tim? , nf> I ho
i l.ovo Hoinctliini,' more interesti
10 next tune. My bout vsisliea
no Sentinel JoimmiI. O.
''s '//// s //.'// / // /'/'// s y /1/
I?us!lioss Locals.
do to It C. Cartel1'* for nti\ tlii
>ti want to buy.
?See change in ad of Stov
!obln Ilenderson Co., of (iroonvil
If you want a good borso
iul? call on I?. 0. Carter, Lib< r
. C.
Do you need any job work7
>u d<>, drop us a card and will Hi
dt .samples and prices.
?K. C. ('artcr lias just received
Fir of bornes and in .ilea wnieh
'ill sell chonj> for cash or on timo
D.xi't forgot 111 tit bucUot
'ratt'a Fo >d; 85 coi.ta, for ttint I
his IioI'ho or cow of yours.
I'ickuna Drug Co
? NVANTFil): LN-r.siinmon, I)
pood, lliokory and Holly Li
Yt'i^lit paid on car loa Ih, .In
'ockuhott, CliiirlcKton, S. C. o21
? Kino drovo Iioixch and muloi
lainoH and OftMmway UroH. ntal>
viinlral, S (J, to noil or xwap
sash or good ptpors on oasy tcrni?
vill pay you to k"> nnd Rt;o thin lo
ino etock just in front i'ciiiicHsoe.
It. G. Guinea & GrtHHiiwuy llroi
Fubrunry 4, 1904.-2b
castor i /
"paf T'tfanfa am/1
jl vi jliiiniivo nuu vuiiuivii*
The Kind You Have Always Bou
\| Jw MLm^ JL#i
Of ' /#
Me | )'
ft (( HORSES, M
j | BC
iu K gaM ^
oy IV | Kasa 9
t() (I And all kinds of Pla
:>'t )) time.
1 (( ^ Barb Wire, Hue
pro v\ ^9 ))
Dash Boards ready
uj (\ ^ erS n,U^ v^tay Chains
nt )) I also carry, a cc
i j' // ^C^-Come anc
" 1
n- "
vs Norris Dots.
^ Wo lmvo been retired sometime
from the corresponding buninoss nnil
I mil given "right of wny'' to another, <
.0 but will nlteinpt to wedg?i in a few /
18 words lis your regular corrt-ep indent t
h Wept quite busy theso days.
,0 Wo are glad to slate that oft"
school is in a flourishing condition.
Lh Miss Nita Cl'tyton r<-su:ned as ns:y
sistant t_> accept a school in AuderHon
county, but her pluco i.i b>-ii?g ot
fiiled in a mo?t satisfactory way by
Mrs J. P Dendy, wifo of the principal,
nn.l everything moves along nie - j
r. ly The school will aulehrate W'ash.
ington's birthday wiih appropriate
exercisuB. Hon. Ijaban Mauldin, of
11 Euslev, will bo th<> orator of the duv.
in * *
In speaking of the school we
would liko to commend the way 1'iuf.
1 Dundy dials with the young won in
his school, llo lecture's them at
"ft length on duty, and misooi'duct is
pu u in tied uy expulsion, a lew weci;:. 1
ago lio expelled a young imtn fwr
alibCuil 'net an 1 tiio father bcu'unn
very indignant and angry with the
in ; teacher and sought every way prtsjp
sible to twko revengo and "scoured"
tho country over trying t'j got a war.
is rant for Prof. Dundy, and lifter a;1
miserable failure govt) up tho attempt. <
()11 Still not content with tho Bhame
l)(, heaped upon the son, we suppo.-<>,
and tries to shield the boh and brings
contempt upon himself; ami consulting
tbo trustees bo finds they approve
' of the way tbe l'rofnssor has dealt
MS out justice. Alas! for fathers who
try to shield their children w'len tbo |
)g fault lies in the children.
Wo truly believo if young men in
school could but renlizo that reproach, |
1,1 disgrace and nbamo is a roward for j
'j0 disobedience, misconduct and misbo- j
havior in school and out of school, j
5," there would be belter times f-nat
ttaohc-rs ami everybody o!se, and ns a
to roault, l? tt?*r eiti/.ana n few years i
of hence. \\ o wish tlio school well find !
i>r hope Hint the trustees will in iku it '
iir attractive f?>r Prof. Dendy nnolli r,
oo term. All the ^ood p oplo of litis
I>laC(* speak likewise of liim
10' Messrs. S. I). Mi l F If. Bun h;
11 * two rising young mill men of li.c
l'1* Anderson rotten Mills visited tlioii 1
n1 Bister, Mia. J. P, Dondy, Saturdiy
and Sunday.
Hon. D. II. ltussoll, ono I ho von
,l!crablo editor of tlio People's Advo.
cato and Dft;!y Mail of A> (Jerson,
paused our wny last. week. lit; is
up now traveling for a clothing houso n
Anderson, fjr thebonolit of I in lioulili.
ftt Mr, B, F. Chappel'ear. of tho Lib
erty Oil in 11, spent Monday with his
I>0 friond, K. II. Barker, Mr. Chappcl"K
lonr was one a popular agent of the
lo Southern railway.
With best \vinheu I am, F. H B.
' O Notice of FIiimI Settlement.
V,': I will apply to .J. I?. Nowbcry, Pro5.
t>nto Judge f"V PicluiiH county, on the
7lh day of March, UK)1, for u Hnal ?ot
__ tleiueut of the i state of \V, L. Priohard,
dojoanod, and a?k to bp diannnHed iih ad
>K miniHtrati'ix. Mmy A. IViolinr.l,
Fob, I), lOOI-'lt. A<bnini6tratiix.
if 11 x I
,1, H >& ?
" I i ^ ? >;
1,0 SS 8 ?
? |
s ii ^ kJ ii
Hl'fc f( ' \\
? m m ? M
< ?1 ?/ > ' (<
S 15 ? 81
'$ w T"! ^
' I ? & xj I
rP - si;
* ? s M 1
? iiiri*i
? 1,1
: -J' * :'
Others F
-11, 7 } , . ?
rCiG l ES, W A GO
titation Supplies?CHEAP 1T(
jgy Poles, Shafts, Cushions,
lor use, also Fost Hole Digger
, Cutlery and everything in 11
>mplete line of DRY (iOODS
1 see me and we will save you
y look at (his i>n]>oi
N. D
?rhe F
N-h tr.
Will be in town and brin
^ perfect LIFE LIKE PHO'I
rr\ 7 ESI > AY a n (I
First X'
Clothing, Shoos, Hats and
....The Dixie B
The goods must bo sold n
move the ioth of next month,
of everything now, we will sell
own price. Don't forget the i
\Ye have 45 Trunks nui
Come all, dont forget *to
Eyes Tested F
i win test your ftyes five and
1 soli llio l'ffit ]k:1)1>!c tf'a-s and giia
anti't'il ami glasses oxo niiig'i'l, if foi
glasses do not hurt your < yea?the
hurts your ey?>g. My price, nr.- 1<>\
cn 'tomcr,
a 1 i 1(1 i i IJUUUlll^.
I -TT'trr Tin ir'inr - him b i n iiiiiiiiii
irai ! I Ife I
f ' -.V - *' '
h w rite'"S'h?! 1*cod1o" for prison
Notion of I'lnul Snttlemnut,
,1 will apply to J. f 1. N< wbory, Jiulg
of Probata for IY.'Icoimcomity on the HI
day of IVlar.-li, I MM, for a final nottlo
incnt of tlio t!<t to of (Jnrtc'v i urban)
1 I -..I I i l l: i i
ulinish ituv, Thomas Durham,
Fob. 190-1 V.
Notice of ciuxl Settlement.
I will apply to .1. H. Newbory, Probnt
Jti'.lgo f??t Picki-ns county, mi ilio T1 tla;
of MhicIi, lflOl, for n final h< tlleim tit <
the estate of llcewo I5o\ven, <l<> ?aqe<:
iml a-fli to l)'j diMnih rd as adminiKtratoi
fl. A. Jiiwon,
Feb. I, 11)04 >t. Administrator,
llimoiiH Kngli*li Con^h Syi up euro
co ik'ih, colds, bronchitis and all kiuilre
;ronblot. 25.'at K-r)o< Drug Store, !
D. Moore, Craig Jlio?.
A New ftcienliflc Discpvcry .
for the
It purifies the blood by eliminating fli
^ oHtd ituitter and other impurities and h
lilwtrqylfi'g tho germ a or microbes thl
infest the blood. It buildtt up (ho blue
by reconstructing imd multiplying (he r<
.corpuscles, making tho blood rich and re<
it restores ana HiumuaioH mo nerve
causing a full free flow of nerve for<
throughout tho entire nerve system,
speedily cures unstrung nerves, nervou
ness, nervous prostration, ami all otlu
diseases of the nervous hystein.
RYDALKS TONIC is sold under a pon
?tive gunrmitetj,
TrUI ftl/e 50 ecnts. family Alie $I.Ow
The Radical Remedy Compao:
HICKORY, N. <5. \
Drug^o, W. A. Shi
Zjr* \\
:_ollow_! | J
isrs, (/
"RR f 1
)R CAS11 OR ON 11
% ))
Storm Aprons and ^ \\
s, Tongues, Stretch- JJ _
A1U)WAKE. ? \S
money. # YV
TY, J5L C. f)
r j'r s s // /-'sy ss/ /// / f7J/ 7/c> S.'r!?s?.
r and sco wlint days ^ |
'I no ? I
^v>f av> ^
Photographer I
g your folks and have some \
'OGRA1M IS made.
wi:d\esoay. >
W/ / / / f / / >//' -V s ; Sf y-y >/ r-j Vs US />< |
Last Call!
tienls I'uniisliing: Goods at 0
argain ] Louse.... jl
t or under COST. We have to
and I can't mention the prices
you when you come at your
lext few days sale. g
st be sold at cost and under cost. ^
get your bargains before we
Z? ***
fit your glasses as good ns anyone,!
rantec th ) BUino. Satisfaction guar- i _
* any cnus^ they do not suit you. My |
y a e no window glasa. Cheap glass ;
v. Try mo and you will ho n ji'ets d \
Louis Copcl, Prop.
Summons for Relief.
(Complaint Soivid.)
Ia Court c f l'robale.
County of Picke: s. \
A. .T. l>of?^s, (J. (!. p., ns administrator
of tin1 rat ate of Pinokuey, Julian P.nek
llagood, deceased, PI nntitV.
Henry ITagood, Tom llagood, Will Hapoo
I, .)>ik<* Htrphi us, ilio heirs-at-law
(d Mary lfapr.od, dee. asod, names and
number unknown, Daily llt-ndrickH
andP-arlino ilendriok', minors under |
the ago of fourteen years.
Def< ndantH. j
| To Ilio defendants uhovo named:
, You arc hereby summoned and re
j quired to answer tlie oomplaint in 111in |
j action of which a copy ;a herewith served ""
. | up >11 you, and to serve a copy of your
answer to the said complaint on thnsuh- I
Help era at tlioir ottieo at Pickens (5, II,
0 S. within twenty days after tlio ser1
vice hoicof; t xelusivo of the day of such I
" service; and if you fail to answer the
? complaint within the time aforesaid, the
plaintifT in this action will apply to the
court for tlie relief demanded in the
Morgan, Mautdin <& Manldin,
Plaintiffs attys,
J. 15. Newberry, J. P. P. ('.
0 Dated January M, A. 1). P.HU.
To Daily Ilendrie.ko and Pearlino Hou f
drieks, minors under tlx) age of fourteen
' yo.m, aud to .Tames Hendricks With
ri whom snid mipoiH reside and to liny absent
d-fcmlo '('ant,? heroin who may bo
minors ami to any person with whom
such i bsent minor defendant* reside:
H Take notice tint unless you procure
(l for yourselves and for the minors under
' the ago of fourteen } oars ri Hiding with ! \
you, tlio appointment of a guardian ad
litem to repfoacnt tlio said minors in t his
i ction within twenty days from tho sor-j
^ vico <<f this notice upon Von, exclusive !
f?f iliA dn v /\f tiu?h ont tiion M?n I
" .7 " ? ??
tiff 8 nttoi in'j'8 will procure tho appointment
of kucIi guardian ad litem.
Morgan, Mnulohi & Mauldin,
1M iiitilVa Attomeyp,
ic Dated .J -unary llih, 11)04.
ty To the ebnont defendants, to-Mfit: The
it lieiia nt-'aw of Mary Hngood, deceased,
id nnmcfl and number unknown; Tako do
d Ijeo that the mi? inio?i? in thia notion, of
' which (ho above in a Copy, and the com
H? plaint herein were filed in tl.o ofTleo of
? the Probate Court for the county of
" Pickens, Htnte aforesaid on tlio 14th day
s' January 1904.
cr Morgan, Mauldin & Mauldin,
J?l*iuti<h? Attorneys,
'l*, ISj <H
1 .'J i 1 I" 'i 1
WANTKIi-H?v?r?l lialatlrlani prr?on?
Ill ii mniq iw tintvi ?? ! vn?ni?i|Biuii
eleven > c?? A l?\rgo oftpltnl, to *?tl
j tipon morolinuli ftti'l rk?i\(n for aucc?*ttfiil an-1
r? pr?hl'?W? Miitf. Permanent en?oiKvm?i>t. Week
ly OMlt nilaiy of I'M nn*l all traveling expense
nivl Intel )>IU* A(tvnt\i' ^ In ranli m?h ?co;
xjierUnee ... M
A n other (lav nf f"h
. _ _ j- -w/ jl. c j .x
IVlitchel - W
A few reasons why they aro better .than
Their immense homo demand is for tl
be built, price being n secondary cons
itv, knowing full well that, often one't
added t<> the cost of building a vehicl
to its intrinsic value.
m ttniiur t c t i-%..
ki'u/nr.iiij ? li'iwis iihvo millions
to work on, . "obably the largest and
the world and conUl handle any c
ohoapej than any other concern, but f
have huilt to only 0110 standard?tha
The company builds only Wagons, no
They o i ploy only one kind of labor, t
build only one tirade of work. No s? o<
Southuin grades. They aro all bran
whether of tho lightest one-horse or tli
are the same an to material and workn
There is something besides ''Pure Cot
M1TC11 KLL Wagon: There is fam
thi*re is honowty of purpose, there is a
there is ampin and oaay capital to carr
<1 termination that irrespective of iu'ji
MITCHELL \VAGON shall always r.
OF T11V. RO \ n ?
Folger & Thornley,
Clothing, Shoos, Hats a*.nl Oenls Furnish
1 Klberta Poach Trees,
niouUi Rocks, Red Iias]>l><
KiXSS for Ilaiolmm- n Km
? inquiries promptly answ<
for Circulars.
I Geo. F. Montg
Sterling Silver fifloll
St<M lin^- Silv<
Jut v*Iass, Art Pottery, H
Diamonds, Watches a
J. F7. BRLt
I 09 North Main Street.
We Have Lf.ar
Everybody learns something ea
learned that there is a lot of differc
we have learned how to select the
for our customers. Take for insta
...A A.\.\i.!> GO
Canned Goods arc not always
Bright labels can cover very poor (
to it that only reliable goods get in
wic si:ll noti hxg hut ;
People who buy a dollar's worth <
had better have two market basket
groceries away, oh, no, but we hav
ing dollars that is appreciated by o
M rs. K.
On Aecouht of 1
and Bettor Light, li
accross the street ?o
Icy Old Office.
Your patronage s<
' A
Cau aUo tvpair your hIovo n<l<l make ii
Vill takft Produco in payim-^, for work.
g (At Duke Old Stan
Four-niul-one-half mtlrn east of Pi
M north of Ertsloy.
1 ....Dealer in,.
I ..Genera! Merch
The trading pnblicwlll
iiMiK"1"" jBHEfifiBEj
agons. *
any other wagon:
lie very boBt goods that can
idoration as a train ah rmal.
>r two dollars judiciously - ; I
o will add $5.00 or $10.00
-f >
of dollars of choap capital i
bi'st equipped factory in
Itihh of poods as choap or
or ovor FIFTY YEARS \
t I ho BEST.
Buggies or other side lines.^H
>ne grade of
onda, no fancy brand*, no
deil "MITCHELL," and
! heaviest log truck, they
nmercialism'' bohind the
ilv pride and reputation, m
lifn time of oxporionce,
v out these purpoaee and a / flj
ro dollars and cents, THE'
unit in "THE MONARCH
ing (ioods a specialty. JH
I ill??MM V
iKIETTA, (JA. / !
ow-waro, Ji|
or Flat-ware.
rioa-Ilrno. nml
nd Jewelry. JMj
ch day. We have.
:nce in goods, and ^||1
best of everything m
nee s m
vDS.... mm
what they seem.
lualities. We see /
ito this store.
L i IT. 1*iiNus i. V
)f groceries here
:s. We don't give
e a way of stretch
ur customers. "*
L. ('ureton: v s^J
nor<i 1/ight M
avo moved
lh<* Thorn- Jk
l us good ae n now H
ekons and four miles M I
andise.. #1
s aid nt reaata^l

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