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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, February 17, 1904, Image 4

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f t Constant Headache and i
Pooplo thought I was going to clio. I used 'ill i
called ' Hui'o catarrh cures,' but nothing Itolpcd nu
WW In all I havo takou but six bottles of your most w
Titer CKfiirh Has Fvtirely Dlsnppeat
HT' aood; and/My Whole System Seems Tc
WB " 1 UnvO to work over thirteen hours a day,'
nowf have nfyneof tlmttirod, played-out feeling 1 us
b to have. lam heavier an<l iu all-round perfect heali
thanks to Duffy's l'uro Malt Whiskey."
J1 This is just exactly why Duffy's cures where i
W- &' other treatments fiiil. It goes right to the root oft
trouble and purifies tlio blood, stimulates the ciri
lation, quiets tlio nerves, strengthens tho hear
action, brings into play all tho vital force.!, n;
enables you to get from food nil tho nourishment
contains. It replnces diseased tissues and builds i
a strong, healthy body, firm muscles and clear bra
?it renews tho system.
Cures and prevents catarrh, coughs, colds, gri
bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy, oonsun
tion and /111 diseases of throat ana lungs; dyspeps
indigestion and every form of stomach trouhl
nervousnoss; malaria and all low fevers. It is i
valuablo in all weakened, wasting, diseased cc
ditions, no matter from what cause.
It is a promoter of health and ripe old pgo.
whiskev recognized bv tho ClnvArmnonf. /is :l mod
CAUTION.?AVlien you uslt for Duffy's t'
f;onulno. ITuHnriipiilotiH dealers, mindful of ill
o Roll you cheap Initial ions mid mill! wliis
market foi^hBollt. only, and which, far from
fill. Duffy's" mill lie mire yon u< t
j ^)yi^|^^^^B('oiiliiltiA medicinal, Inn 11 li-I;l V
Voii the label, and liu crrtu
s niul grocers, or direct, $
Co., Rochester, New York.
^JKouldraise grain. t
L a
Our SoutHerr>,farjncrs. Should Nof fl
^~~7JegTect Foodstuffs for Cotton. (1
Reviewing tho general cotton
Bituation and its possible clYoct ''
upon grain production in tho south a
speculation becomes too ram- ,l
The Manufacturers' Record ''
Hpit weok Biiys :
receutly pointed out in Tho 8
Manufacturers' Record, the pro- 1
duction of grain in tho south last ('
ye^r H'a3 773,000,000 bushels,
LJ. against 607,000,000 bushels in 11
1902, a gain of 100,000,000 bush- s
ols. Of this increase 138,000,000 8
btffehols was corn. Tho increase in 11
tho value of tho throo cereals, corn, <!
wheat and oats, in 1903 was nearly
* ^ $95,000,000 over tho preceding u
year. It is important to enir iia- j
/.fTi-k ill of r ! Y\K,.nAi,f
rr ^vli UOU J UQl' %? |> ill O
/>iew of tho danger that the high |i|
price of cotton will ho concentrate 1 a
tho attention of the far mors upon p
k) cotton-growing as to cause them to j(
givo loss attention to the impor- ti
t tanco of providing their foodotulVs j s
first and making cotton their eur- s]
plus or money crop. The present'o
price of cotton wouid in the iongjc<
rilll lirAVn n in Iunr vntlnir ,1
than n blessing to t lie far mors if; t!
it should result in their giving loss !>
attention to the diversified agricul- u
tural development which for sever o
\ al years has been one of the most b
H ~ striking ^igns of the material up- "'
building of the south. j h
/ "Last year tin* south had about '*
r 28,000,000 acres in cotton, an am- v
pio aroa under ordinary conditions H
for the present . Had tho weather j "
been propitious and the yield por "
< "
Hu^ujjqusu to me average 01 ino lwo( "
|^^^^j)roceding years, the crop would H<
havo boon about 11,000,000 bales. n
Had the yield por aero been equal J w
to tho avorago for tho three years u
**7 from 1998-90 to 1900-01 thocroj)jw
would have been about 12,.500,000 jNV
bales, and had it been equal to tho, 11
f\ average of tho three years from ''
180*5-90 to 1897-98 it would havej'P,
baonjl3,000,000 bales. The shorl-1 ^
ago in last year's crop was duo not ?
? i
l to lack of acreage, but to tlio ro- 01
^ markablo weather conditions, be- f,r
^^^?ginnmg in the spring when con-,ft
tinued cold, wot weather delayed cl
-pluming throughout the south for fl
over ii month. With 28,000,000 v'
jm acres in cotton this year it is pos- ; P
Bible with good weather conditions ^
produce certainly as high an 12, ll
BdO,000 to 12,^)0,000 balon, though ;f,(
Hhere may be eomo question wheth* 111
Hor that amount of cotton can ho j ^
IBpickod with tho present labor Hup-!
K)ly. Wo believe that tho shortage J,r
ftf cotton through on t th?> world!?
Bud tho increased consumption^
Biuko it oxcssdingly desirable from J f?1
^Bvery point of viww that the coin-1 w
.Ing crop should bo 11,500,000 to 1,1
t 12,000,000 l>alea, and that oven at 't
kthat figure it should command c'
Bbmewhore in tho neighborhood of P'
110 cents a Round, if not more; but K'
^Uthe ner^V^iould open wjth a | ^
*j aoreago wifiliout '
1^. * \t ooulil bo p^op- r*
|L % I fullyni6ked tf
^ ^ be nc
[email protected] mm mand
_ ?, ...?,? wau n
AnnoySng 0|so{i9ir^?s? to$2<
to $i
ad a Very Bad Cass, Co ut* r y Growin * ?cnu,
Worsz. I Could Neith. r }'i No>' Slee? day j
ind Looked Like Deati% .N!o> ing HeIpe-? '
We UnJil I Began Tak'rg '.Ouh'y's Pur : QU^. jj
Vi\lt WhisKe/j 6 Bo" r Completely uim0fc
Cured Me,"?J. E. V/lL .L vMS, !?25 li j 80em,
IVIiiii St,, Richmond, Va ^ivo r
no out of every <01 o? Ihront, lunjr, <lR'
tu li i% m-rvo trouble ;k i> villi CnUurli j
i> 1h?i;<1. ' DutVv's 1'uroKa ; '.Hiislcrv is tln? real
wift, |)<\-iti\oVali'.n li ni.r n I ill -r tbr.lcure:; i
nut bail nftt'i' I'llVclK. I .' ? p.'t: i-ribfd by tllO (
7,01)0 iloefora ami um?1 in :: r> thin: Xl.Oii >
n;{ hospitals bicau. o of : h: ? (V< 1 i \ i-ii.;iu:i t"8 ''
.u'-O purity. Catarrh i? a blood iii:-oi.so. {q
. Williiuir.:, in lii? Jotter on to ray*. ,
ia<l Leon u sntlVrer with i .l-<rrh for a voi'j 1 lie I
ti:no. 11 bailnllV'ct'.il li.y t! "i-.it scvior..<!fy. ..
>.s never free from heade !i , ami the ili;- l'?(-'??
iros woo <>xtrumcly a. u >. j.r. 1 irt\ bqwnJ
tito und i-I'i'uitio )! tl> s ? ?!? ninl thin.
inaiiiior of -.'lives:, o utmci is snuffs and uo- in CO
omlerful modieinoanil"ui co iiplctoly cunil.
c.3; I Sloop Well; i'ij Appetite Is
> Have Been Renewed.' ? }
m!; VSS55- ? loSRCf
^528^ Of til
vJ/gf m. \A coi"i'
"HIM! \$\\ pP?cl
IB! o'lK"
" I [Atmk'wMahb
i'1}' trade
IV.HTy's contains no fustl oil, ujhI i.^ t!io onTy
icinc. This is a guaran .or. Hit
tiro Mull NVIiiskoy 1> > Rwa you pet tlio WGlllt]
10 oxcrlli'iio' ?>!' i lii? jiri'im . ? t >n, will 11 y ))(> p(
,lt<\V h?1?h! ituton, which 11 <i put <"i "'?> will, i
relieving the hIcU, siio y<< " ively linini- ? " II 1
ii. it i< 111r> mily .Mult qilil'OI
intr <|ii;tlil i< <. DnlVyV l*u.< WlilsUoy llmnl
or hullt. !.?.< !< for l lit- !i iile-murli, tlio , .
iu tlio seal over t!u- < I* m<i>rokon. to 1>Q
bo ct
1.00 a bottlo. Mcdical jixk jt free. DuiTy keep
- - - oto.
rusts that the bou'iii may nevor 1
i . , , , Stomi
gftjn hav? to face <uuh low prices stroi:p
or cotton as those wl.i :l) prevailed <'lir0 3
luring the period o' extreme de- y()"u.N
rossion from 1801 lo J898, Wo lionltl
elieve tlint we liav > ( i trred upon
period to run for several years of
much higher ran ,'e of prices,
lit to make sure of !>.?< it is es- ]? !
entially important ! <*.l the south rural
hould ruiao its own (cd tull'a, that botte
nstead of lessening Is a tcution to small
iversified agricultuta t. shouhl tho o
ive still greater att? t to corn J eurro
nd wheat. and oatR .u ?thor food thus
tuil'jj, and that tlun, ; i < tli 'ii only More
houhl it make a gnu i ai increaso! usual
11 cotton acreago su! i:* < it to meetigovei
rom year to year ti r ipidly-in- to pr
reasing oonsunipt v > vant.s of the jn \x\
or Id. goner
'vKvcrv man inten ded in tho Sl,,n?
, , , . - < L
ouin-? prosperity, rs bankers,
Is merchante, ils inrnulactwrora i,U1SW<
nd its loading fai morn, f-hould
ress the iuip-;>rtnw ? >; this fetil.-: 'Ul 1'1
?ct upon the nttur.tioi' ol tho en- 1,u( ^
iro agricultural conmnnity. Int<?iul
of being ( ur.ci i\vay I>y thy;^"0'1'
peculation \\hi<;h is n w swt epiug j' l ,,u'
vor the eott'.u \voii<, exceeding !' v1 1,1
)nservati?in i.s domain ed through- i " " ^
,,i 1i.~ ts. mi . ' nasi
in i'<?j owmii. \> Mtjii priccn react) 1
lie present level t'ic bulla an 1
oars r..fty well bo ie L to light out vu'"'
w to whether prices a 11 l-o higher 1",)1(
1 MM , . W0,,1(
r lower. 1 hey mi y go higher, (
nt they may go lo?ver. and if they lariat;
yor commence to dr<>[ it will !ik?.-- vico
/ bo very rapid, ' 1 e people at
irtro cannot alTor 1 i( become in,
. 4- x. unity
owed in a speculative era/.?. .No
renter misfortun c >u d bof'all '
lia section than a -vil< speculation 'v'(
l cotton, with tie* inevitable col- and In
ipse which would m l.nnlv follow
>onor or later. Tho i ljury would
ot sililolv be tho fin innial Insscu ^ 1)
iiicli mi^ht come to nany thous- Hchoo
ncls, but Hticli a Hpccu'ativo cruzo, >'eiir-<
hother profitable or u iprofitable, burt<
oul'l disorganize bi.sine.ss and ^?'UI
mice for a lack of tla >ility, turn- ?" N"
)g tho attention of i"erybodyto ^,a-> 1
[Pt-riolwiuick' m.?ans rather than ,n a (1
) tho legitimate bu.-d 1 ss interests n0Kr?
f tho country. The lanufactur- l''
rs' Keeord does not ui dertnko to r,'M 11
iy whether cotton %% i 1 j^o higher i,n'' 1
a the \>n 11 lenders claim, and | 01,1 V '
aim, we holiove, wiili thorough ^
ncerity, nor does ii u idoitako to I)0''(;<)
anturr* a prediction as to whether M?or'
rices will go mucl 1 ?ver before 18
10 iif.w crop, but i(. > ;l I remind llonh
renders t hat hist". 3 1 ?ponta it- woodi
tit. Two or throe 1 a^o dnrig^he
wild Hpoeiil t i . 1 in New woro
Oik there Beetiwd ? I 0 no limit ^ 1
? tho demand and to t!> advance ari'oftt
1 prices of Htoclo 1 1 bonds, ils
vor a.m over again \> taturnont
as made t hat fho jountry ha* ft('Cosl
own bo rich Hint I e supply of to *'>
icuritios wan inadtq i n-; to tho de- tlioso
and, hut thcrccu.il i. inic when unod 1
wfth found thai thn hi |>'?Iy of r?. " '
initios was in cxcoiiH ji whut the
i . .1 i?
nunc wamca, an? ii n camo tlie l",0
oat crash and the wiping out of 1
louaands of millk ns of paper 1H
ofits and tho destruction of many
/ntations, which o-ight to have Thoi
turti't a lesson to thv vholo conn- ho rei
n it i . .. "Kill?
^ Jwcn in the iron market, it Euiott'
hss Mia.il > when fur- it on tl
K v. n o <, B ^Mheir utmost "7,'Q^
) ' v /
' _';4SJ??? ,V *J .' ! ' V* ':' Jjl? ? '
*te of 18,000,000 tons of irou
dporting at tho rato of 1,000,jns
a year. There eoemed to
> limit to tho ooneuraptivo doof
the country. Pig iron
elling iu ftirtniugham at $18
3 a ton, and iu some cases $22
jb a ton, ana buyers wero
ibling for it. It is soiling toat
about $(.).G0 to $10 a ton,
though production throughLie
country has been cut down
?t 10 per cent, tho supply still;
i equal to present consumpequiremonts,
very boom in stocks, in iron,'
estate, which has swept over
jountry, has boon followed by
atural swing of thopondnlum
^prossion and lower prices,
history of every boom should
) u warning to tho South to j
ro oi a wild speculative boom!
itton. It in much bettor to
lost the chance of possiblo i
,s in cotton speculation and i
avo attended to legitimate
ess than to have run tho risk
<ing swampod with debts by
3 in cotton or any other Bpocu3
operation. I'pon bankers
o South will rest a great re**
sibility as to whether thoy enige
or discourage the proeent
ilative operations, not only of
11 people who are familiar
tho ups and downs of tho
>, but of tho general public,
h, according to reports, is be
lrawn into tins maolstonn of
ut ami Modem a<lvice about 11 <>?
to Acquire Wealth.
5 ancient snges' "suro road to
1" was "bo tomperato in nil tilings,
jonomicnl always." Modern lifo,
ta "rush methods" in business rc^
Hint "keep healthy*' bo added to
d adage. Everybody knows how
temperate and most people how to
iononiical, but few know how to
perfectly healthy. Ovor-oating,
dar habits, neglect etc., derange
toinach, liver and bowels, causing
wtion, torpid liver, constipation,
Rydalcs Tablets are uaturcs best
.vhen such conditions exist. The
ich Tablets will digest your food,
jtlien your digestive organs and
'our indigestion. The Liver Tabsill
nrouso your liver, stimulate
bowels and establish a regular,
iv, lmhit. lVvd i!es Tablets insnro
health. Pickens Drug Co., PiokV7.
A. Sheldon \ Co., hiborty.
The Farmers Need It,
rinors enjoying llio benefits of
mail delivery feel llio noed of
r means for transportation of
1 sums ofmonoy. At present
nly plan is through tho uao of
ney or stamps. Small amounts
sent aro always liable t<> 1<>ss.
than this, they nil >rd an un- 1
temptation for theft. The j
tsWufi it tr\ llni (oi'ni..i> '
ovido more adequate means,
a recent report tho postmastor
:il indicates the great need of
bettor inolhod. Tho post.
system, it is buheved, would
er the purpose advantageousA
hill providing for this was
hiOi'd during tho last session,
line for consideration was too
During tho present Hes.-ion
ihly tins mailer will again
before Congress. In litis
fanners'meetings would do
, i 111??iij^aiu t in- in.u in aim
rosolutioiiB favoring it* immopn?.?ag<>.
If such resolutions
placed in tho hnndn of your
Hontat iveS at. W it-hiiiylon t 'jcy
I prove a powerful hiclor in
cting attention lu t !: fact t!:a{
is want and noud better eerin
this respect. It farmers
postal cheeks or Bomothing
ly good they can have it by
in action.
0 n st i i?:tr around vour iinifcr." i
i:>t liottlo of Kliciimticiilo today bo>nr
rlicuniiilisin kcIh ii linn hold
'comoj dangerous.
)hool Girl Attacked by Negro.
ilo ( i) route U> her bomo from
1 Miss Kinma Burton, tbo 11-j
old daughter of Mr. S. R.
>n, ono of tbo 1'oreinan in the I
libus Manufacturing Co.'h mill
>rth 11 ighlanda, at Columbus,
A*aH attacked by a n-gro man
lark j>laco in the Htroot' The
caught b- r, but on account
ore being hohio other children*
lici* iu?u IVirrlifniw,.! ......
.1 '(jllVUlMHI CIW1I y ,
Lho little lady escaped with
t sovero fright.
) C118Q wn8 rcportod to tlio
department, and delcctive
d was detailed on tlio easo and
ving it a thorough investiga*
The nogro escaped in t!io
*, but the little children think
would reeogni/.o him if thoy
to seo him again,
Iliiiin llutson, colored, was
cd today by Dolcctivc Moore
;ing tho negro who waylaid
Burton. When tho girl was
Lc> 1 by the negro ho throw her
o ground, and her rrifn and
ol the other children frightlim
len placed in jail the negro
Hevoral names, but another
ler in the jail know him and
tho jailor his correct name.
about 18 yours old.
ro in not, nn aeho or pain Unit nnn
tched eitorunlly that o. nuot bo
il" in n fow inmates by tlio uho of
'? KmnlniOed ('<1 Linlmon . Hub
10 oJTooted pn/t nud tl>? ; .iin will
Mmppear. /Full 1 a pint bottle,
Piok< h? Drug Co., i'iokonn;
>lduu X. Co.,
it ..v.. . tiML fl
Don't forget the old ma
with the fish on his back. < ?
For nearly thirty years 1
has been traveling around tl:
world, and is still travelin:
bringing health and comfo
wherever he goes.
To the consumptive 1'
brings the strength and fles
lie so much needs.
To all weak and sick!
| children he gives rich an
strengthening food.
To thin and pale persor
lie gives new firm flesh an
rich red blood.
Children who first saw tl"
old man with the fish are no
.!To\vn up ami have childre
;f their own.
1 Ie stands for Scott's Emu
;ioii of pure cocl liver oil?
lelightful food and a natur
onic for children, for old foil
n.l fur ali who need flesh ar
OC^TT & BOV/NE, Chomlsts,
C >.>- 113 Poarl Street, New Yor
rOc. and $I.OO; all druggists.
Told His Sister He Murdered a Mi
A special from Bluelield, W. ^
With a I)u 11 et liolo through 1
brain and hiB body badly cut, tl
remains of an unknown man wt
found today nndor tho lloor o!
deserted house near Athens, thi
Moreer county.
Harry Taylor, formerly of Nor
Carolina, told his sister sovei
days ngo that lio committed t
murder and robbed tho man
money and valuables. Ho threi
ened to murder his sister if b
divulgrjd tbe secrot, but whe no
lied the sheriff. Taylor lied, L
it iH l'oared lie will letum and cj
ry out liis threat. Tho houso
being watched by the oflicors.
Over=Work Weakens
Your Kidney;
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blo(
All the blood in your body passes throu
your kidneys oncc every three minutes.
gir,., ~ The kidneys are yc
ll'-L/'/.V'S VTfVjfr, blood purifiers, they I
?cr ?ut the waste
jFy yyr\? yrajryy impurities in the bloc
^vVfeJ^J>>sYn If they are sick or c
r? of order, they fail to
Yjr | ^cir work.
rTVWu'u \ Pains,achesandrht
/ f-Jr matism come from <
CCS3 uric acic* in '
? Tvo blood, due to neglect
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unstea
heart beats, and makes one feel as thou
they had heart trouble, because the heart
over-working in pumping thick, kidnc
poisoned blood through veins and arteries
It used to be considered that only urina
troubles were to be traced to the kidne)
but now modern science proves that neai
an constitutional diseases have their begl
r.ing in kidney trouble. ?
If you are sick you can make no mlsta
by first doctoring your kidneys. The ml
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmei
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy
soon realized. It stands the highest for
wonderful cures of the most distressing cai
r?nrt i~, told on its merits
cent and one-dollar sizsample
bottle by mail iiom# of Bw<un^u<x
free, also pamphlet tellinpr you hew to fi
out if you have kidney or bladder tr< ub
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilm
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but rememt
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilme
Sw^mp-Root, and the address, Binghamtc
N. Y., on every bottle.
Whipped an Insane Girl.
A spociftl from Danville. \'a
ftnj'M: A resolution has j11?t boi
uflurcd in the city council providn
that tbo city withdraw it* suppc
from tho Koscuo homo nendinc i
I n
investigation as to it? prose
monagemcnt. Mrs. Annie Coste
thn matron of (lie homo, wan i
contly convicted of snveroly lies
ing Iaabollo Nicholson, an insai
girl, and an inmato of tho instit
Mrs. Co9toll is the wife of He
George < Viatel I, tho pastor cf tl
Craghead Street mission, and nut
wgeu uivme neaier, 11 was in e\
dcnco nt tho tinio that ltev. Qcor,
CoBtell lind boon in tho habit
coming to tho homo and gathoru
the inmatoS around liiin to poii
to tho sick girl and cry:
"She i? the vory picturo of he!
She i? already doomed. There
110 U80 to pray for lu-r."
" The woman was beaten with
fit rap.
Dr. L 0. MAULDI1
Pickons, South Carolina.
onion upstaiiH (in roir rooms) ov
Knrlo'fl Drug fitoro. Offers his profe
sional ?orvicos to tho publta.
j cleansing the
L acids that produce !
?r out all the danger
^ flj Other medicines treat symptoi
7 OTO <aust* and, therefore, its
* W Helps the digestion, tones up
H free on application to Bodbi
prietors, 316 West Lombard S
g, * .
!h p V/hy Use Many Wore
|j $ The I
& On livi
ie &
111 ft
, f The Virginias
a & Chemic
al >'{
cs { ?
id ?
,<g They have the Best Facilities, us
k* ^ and maintain the Iiigl
? ~ evenness <
J -1
r I
a* Virginia-Carol:
^ '!
: a -L uamgj>:..... .,
lie / H^yWhen the liver is tor
ti- JBMIblood as a virulent pois
* if FAMi^
? vhl\and Tonic pellets ar
\vMA that gives the liver jusl
starts Nature's work i
^"e t?uc'ies
>d. Pellets tone
S. ^^5g?4t^
u- l'OItFAI
^ J. D. Mooro, Craig Bros, s
ed i
<ly J,
* Small Potatoes I j i
'ry result from a lack of
1 Potash If
l!d i in the soil. Potash pro- | j',
is duces size and quality. ) <
its j I ^
I New York?98 Nomuu hirer!, or I
{ AilaiitM, (*u.- Hu. llroud St? (
- > ?'i
Now ready for delivery, ton million Cabbago
Plants of the following varieties:
llcnderaon, succession, Plat Dutch, Selected
... l-.xtra Karly Jersey U'akelleld.
Also, AlexHiuler Seed Companion AUKUsta 'I
jj| Knrly Trucker.
11 Price? #1.50 per thousand.
> to 10,000 at #1 ~.r> per thousand.
'o. 10,000 to .'<0,000 .It 11.00 per thoUHiihd.
Term?? t'ash with order, or Koodaitent ('. O. I>. ?
pltnits nre grown in the open air on the
1)0 Sea (!oast of South Carolina The> nre stocky
and hardy, and when replanted will stand sc
vi>rn cold u liluuif I !??*? ? - ' 1
... II ?l'l'
ralo with I lie Southern hxpronH Company mill
plant* can lie delivered at any point on llieir line
Ht n rate of 'JO to 4(1 cent* per thousand;
(. inlnlinn in charge on single package, :I5 cents.
v' I am dlHtrlliuttng agent for (> I.KN N Sl'lt INCS j
lifl HINKRAL WATKR. Prices ami olroulnUi sent J
on appliCAtlon. I
? Wm. C. QERATY,
Young's Island, S. C.
Telegraph and I'. O. '
: wwl* !???
? 600 FREE
, Shad! Shad!! Shad!!!
Plnoo your orilera for Oyfttorw and Fish
J with A
Columbia. 8. C. |(
Miitiaraotory prior,, quiok Borvico. You V,
er oau mnko inonoy now Boiling our largo l<
8*1 South Mallot whilo flggH oto., aro ho vt-ry 111
I high.
L vfc, A }':
'ORK with the first dose, W
: blood of all the poisonous
RHEUMATISM, driving &
ous germs that infest the
le way cures arc effected by bh
us; ivieumactae removes the J3B i
the system. Sample bottle
rr Chemical Co., Pro- jl
t., Baltimore, Md. Ej
is to Ten You That %
Jest ^
$ "
artK fJ ,
e by fj 1
? ^
a-Carolir&a %.
a -
ca?i o>
$ 1
_ *
;e the Best Materials, f$
iiest reputation tor the
md value of their Fertiiiiers. $
? *
ljr*c* Cfciemicel Co. ^ j
on. s. c. r ? c
ml/ai upkc
pid, bile enters jl
on. Liver ills follow \[email protected]&\
c the only T reatmcnt jMMi j t
the ri^ht touch and jfcgWjj
n the right mannerj
,E BY !
ind Earle's Drue Store.
?or Taking Returns i'or
The Year 1001.
I ask that eaeh mid every one come
reparetl to give ine tlio School District
l whieli lu> or slio umy live, an the
'omptroller Oener.il will not allow ay
l>att ments for persona \\ hero tliey ki>1
i the wrong ilis-tru tH. I also ask that
noli ami every person mako tlieir own
I'llll'lis, IIH I ?X|>eeiIO 111 KO Illl ITT urns
l.ysolt in order to prevent getting t??o
inn v acres against any one on my books,
liis lias go! to be too general. >S<> govin
yourselves accordingly. Filly pur
out. penalty for uon returns.
L will bo at the following named
1 ices:
Six Mile, Monday, Jan. 11, 15)01.
Calhoun, Tuet-day, Jim. 12.
Central, Wednesday, Jan. b>.
Norm, Thursday, Jan. 1 I.
Cateoeliee, Friday, Jan. 1">.
Libertv, Monday and Tuesday, Jan,
H and 19.
I'.iiKio.y, uo, w'l and WedncBday,
'hursduy and Friday.
Williams & Freeman's Storo, Mondny
Loopor's Tuesday, 20.
Hog.sotl'? Store, Wednesday, '27.
Hughes' Store, Thursday, '28.
Pumpkintow'i, Friday, '2',).
Ilolly Springfl, Monday, IYb. 1. 11)01.
Aiken's Storo, Tuesday, Fob. 2.
(Inor&o Holoombo's, Wednesday and
'hr.VBdny, Feb. U and 1.
ISIilo Crook, Friday, Fob. f>.
1, M 1 < I- "
J IIll* I n V>ltTI\, iUt'IlUlO , I t'll, o.
1 will bo in my <>lli<!0 during tlio tiino
( this notico 011 Hitturdsiyfl to tike 10*
irns. Very roKpoolfully,
J'J. l\ KEITH,
County Auditor.
Dec. 2:1, li)0:J.
rvBrxinri cf
..ULI1 I !sJ I
Clerason Col logo, ?S. C.
Friday nnd Saturday. All Work ti
runrantcod. n
ton saIjK.
'242 acrra of fino farming land,
bout 100 norca in cultivation, 1mliiOt<
in original foreat. Woll fimured,
wateiod and Well improved,
ivh miloN wost of l'ickona. Cheap R
id tortna oaav. A bargain.
. Ct
// AT"
/) i jli Is very cheap when the pi
!| i begin with, but we ha\
! ] give for the next two wee
j ruary ist, 20 per cent, oil
; Men's, Youths' and Hoys
if coats. Our goods are all
! figures, and you know wh
. > meftns when we take it c
1] we can fit you. Terms c:
]| ation paid for by us, nor 1
i] Winter Underwear includ
^ Greenville,
I n order to close c
l^nds, we have exit,
11..:.... /"I c" - 1
i)\J I till :*> ^ clllU pU.UL
60 Pairs Mean's $3,50 and $3.00
75 Pairs Ladie's $3.50 and ^3.00
9S Pairs Ladies and Misses $2.0*
83 Pairs Ladies, Misses and Chil
34 Pairs Misses and Childrens $
Many small I ,oU
mrtmerit will ?>'o *
Pride <?k iTi>otton,
nTirr" ?87 1" mr rfi
j! '. i .! tow diiyu or until i oIoho ot i tin* Hi
It>Inl.? tnhaci'') at 10c u 15 ]?'iifw f<>
Kchi'iippa by tlio I t.x oS-alh; Ivul.y I
(iom! I',.".); |):.kos MixlUit- (Kill' kil'^) ?
I'Ouml I) t's 'J.")*. I haw a l' \v linii<in>.
Ins niiy; a little I>r< k? n, I>111 11 ;tt *! -?* s t.i.t
lo:'iliM' I will luakn it I 'J-r? ll,:? l"i -- I.!'
less (|iini)l it i M. 1 liavo jn<! 7't |? of "
I F NvS*i-' PS
',\'i iv lino jrratli*. 'liic-.y iii'u worth ?2 lo
*li?'>UH'! whs. To in Ui> :i quii.'k tarn r'l.
<>f JIc rt ,V Arrow xh< os; n.ili.s wcunrns :
gmutril. [n ice I will iiiuUe yi n on (In
j ilx ul 5 ,) j.is. inn! ; wmhi ii !ii:?l t lr!i!i i
AMI (iiliiK : l it I Ih!m < I' 1 !,| ! '. Not ;; |
{lii^li us :'?'1.7<t. I liiivt- In., < ! IIi.-mi :.n
lot her lot ii( t quite ' ; t d. I hcv ro I n
slot, Ih iu^ mo iiuytliii < on 1
i u * H s y
| And you will lit I'M K KN.i, S. C. '
and Most < 'ompiele
j IIt> lias ovor carried. M; trade is i creas
iund Honest ValuiM. Tim ISKST of every
m.v advertisement. Never mind the piiei
J money.
| Of everything nini 3*011 will leiun by oxpo
i chcnpcst. II'you want 1111 yti ing in tho 7
!t ) l>ny ft IiOt or rout :i Homo, or l)U3* ft I
ft 1 j\* 11101103* hy weeing iuc hoforo 3*011 mnl<
!1 Ull.
J. F. f
Cured at
>i\ T. A. Sloeum, the (jmit C
Will Semi l>ee, f<> tlie A
Samples of Ills Newly l)i
to (Jure Consumption
Chest and Lung
Notliincr could bo fit in r. more r>hil ntluo,
inn tlii.s offer. Confident that ho has disjove
oil and all pulmonary complainta, ami to mal
8?id 11is Completo Treatment, embracing four
my !> HulVoriug lroui coiigbs, colds, cat rrli,
nd e.xiauniption.
Already tliia "Nmv Scientific Courae of 'I
icufands of apparently liopelca canes, There
liatako will l>o in overlooking tho gonorona in
Free To
To oblbin theno FOUR FltEK FUEPAUi
> cure, all you have to do is to wrile
Dr. 1\ A. SLOCUM, 1)8 Pin
iving full pontofYleo andoxproaa address. Th
mt you at onco, direct from laboratories, will
ices are right to HB u
,'c determined to jh 1 CC
:ks or until Feb- \ Sv
on all Clothing: |: ! v\
S1?its and Over- 1 // A
marked in plain [II SS JH
at 20 per cent. ] SS
iff. Come while g // j
ish, and no alter- \ 1
exchanges made. J ! //
led in this sale. | j rr ^
ULVtA>o 1
ml all Odds and
> Shoes to $3.50 and $4.00. i
Shoe;; tO $2.00 M
1 Shoes to $2.00.
j Shoes to $1.25. /
drens $1.5? Shoes to$i .qo.
1.25 Shoes to 75 cents.
; in. every De^
it even "'veatel^^B
s ?
-1o-I)alo Slioo House,
icknvilli:, s. (;.
lock -?ii imiiii, I will soil brown
r 01 '2V'.c per I1' l\y tlm box
"Iir?! iir.tl Spot Casli :' ; 1 >!uml?
; Tart'ifi ; H<\v ~o;-: Wlinlo, in
I [?Hind of us I t aiiiifj net
I li "I l!.. i'ii. I;ir>? mi litioM As n
- r-? * 1 ~ "3
s '< i sis it Insts; r 5c v- 111 in|
J 'I! y Ixm ia lli^f
(>.") |jii;( S thiMi, A !?v;m il m w 1 in9H
mil < '; . Kvory pr
I ;|S'( r i ;ll!l??1y ciottO. I llUV( fl|
is si c: ll:<> i in..l)oiR am Krok
ii (c I i i.s I.i.a ^liHincasjjH
I 7-V i :. ir l:;I;cx t])?> lot. An
"p i:i I "J.". f)0(i u pr I'm- tli
i >'k>" i?
1. u v .1. V J
ah< in Ic now h.is llir Largest M
IjillO of
in-; every day. Fair Dcalii g t;
Iliiug ft?r tin* lcu<4 nioiK-y is ?
of mi article if ila worth tlio 9
BEST... |
rit'iKvi tlint The 1'cst f.s tlio fa
il< n'uiitilo Tiino, If you wnnt fc]
Ion; o ami but, jdii wont Ioho m
0 u tnulo. h
is truly,
1 ARRIS, ?
Last. %
liciiiist and Specialist,
mictcri, Four Large
scovcml Itemed icl; ^
i.ixl all Throat^ I
Troubles. |
lie or c iri'v moi'o iov to llm nlll I
rc<I an :>i> oluto ouro for o<msuimv fl
toitsgront merits known, lio will
large flamplcM, to any render whf JH
bronchial, throat and lung trouhl/
'rrahnont" has liminnnmily cJ
will i><! no mistake in flcnclfngr . J
. ton* A
I **HU. 7 J
vTIONS tImt liavo novei^\
e Street, New York,*
i full iui^|

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