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Entered April 23,1903 nt Pickens, H. O., hr second oJass matter, under act of Oongross of Rltuch 3, 1879.
* Angry Storms of Battle in the Awful 1
Future of Carnage?The Cossacks <
of the Czar. 1
The war cloud darkening down
over Europe is ominous and bodes |
tho coming of a storm, tho liko of j
which tho world has novor Boon, ,
a id may well shrink from cneoun i
terill2. It is not a hnslv minrrnl
w ? */ "I v,? 1
nor ui'o Iho c.iH308 bringing it al> >nt
of recent date, for centurion has ,
RuL-uia schemed, planned and toiled (
und always with 0110 end in view, (
viz: tho building of an empire, ,
wnose boundaries would be world ]
wide, and whoSu limits would bo
marked by the waves of tho ^ronl (
salt sea. Tins one great ambition
has completely filled the mind and ,
hpart of every Russian, from the prince
on thy throne down oven to ]
the peasant who toils in tho Held, ^
it has entered into the warp, or (
woof, of their state noliev. mid hn?
I,cen zealously handed down from
one generation to another, and
nothing has loen allowed to come ,
between this steadfast, fixed pur- t
p.^sc, and their earnest ell'orts to accomplish
this cherished aim.
indeed so insistent has been this
resolve, th.it nothing has b^en (if
suflicioub foic> to dotor thorn, I
much less to turn them from tho
gre.it end thoy have in view. To
buihl an empire tho like of which
tho world has never soon, and to
sway a sceptre whoao power none
will daie to question, is the dream
the Muscovite hns hugged to his 1
heart, and it has grown with hi*
grjwth, and entered into all tho
calculations ho lisis mado, so that
now when the peasant sows his
whi at field, if soino handfnls full
actoss lh? border, a strip of bis
neighbor's land must bo gathered
in when the grain is ripe for the 1
\ -. J -- *1
una iiguin una una lowering
ambition boon curbed; and on
many a bloody plain has tho Has- '
pian Bear b en coin noil ?d to Jimp
away in paii. and defeat,yet always
would the d ..unties* legions i>f the
CzAr coino back and tlio thundering
tramp of the Co^ack cavalry
rouse tlio sleepy vkletle rte lie
stands surrounded hy tl.o mists of
early dawn on tho far frontier.
With every incruuing intcie?t and
a'arm have the iiiilmna wninlmrl
this giant t-mpiro. It hos grown
fro;.; >i ft.mill kingdom till now for
nearly fivo thousand miles it
Htretchoa it* power, a.id its aru.s,
nqd with an audacity no other
po.ver can assume, marche? its
wild, dcspurato soldiery even up to
the back yard fonce of every poo?
pie who lor any cause 8'*em to
fit and in the way of Muscovite aggression.
With the cunning of the lynx,
and thn deliberate, stealthy stop of
the cat, of the jungle, tho Rinnan
lays lus plans, and then with unpnrallelod
courage ho attompta its
The present outbreak between
Japan and thp eoldiera ot the Czar
m vmy rt i;il l in 111 r IIDIk (>1 u U l!CJ)
niul long laid plnu it is but tin)
part of j\ long oherishod aim?that
aim a struggle for commercial and
political Bupremacy in tho far oast.
Russia has toilod long, and well
for this, and in truth, it is a stako
ivoll worthy of her ambition?millions
of people livo in that distant
land, and to rule them, to dictate
their policy ii9 nations, and above
ill, to control I heir vu'st trade,
ind in doing it, to shut an open
loor in the face of all tho rest of
in eager world. This is the (ask
to which the Muscovite has sot
Iiira86lf, and to ita accomplishm? lit
will hn bring to bear all that latent
force and stubborn strength for
which tl.o subjects of I'cior tlio
^roat liuve made themselves world
renowned. Let 110110 be decoivod,
ihlnking the struggle will soon bel
)vhi*- that. four ul>o??x :<>? i
- , ..... v .? ? \y " UIIU1]/ V IUIUI ICfl
and consequent dnfeAts will quickly
on<l a hasty gotten up rupture
>f tho peace of nations. The
jtrugglo will bo fierce and bittor,
and the wine press will be trod
with heavy and determined steps,
rho Japanese are fighting for their
life and national existence, with
them it is a dire struggle, and deP
i. *?
l-s?h, means death. Tlio Cossack
3ail fight and retreat, but he will
301110 back nud ligbt his camp fire
in sight, of his enemy's cities, and
tho clarion notes of his bugle.; will
strike terror in the hearts of Ihosn
who are bruve, as well as tho weak
unci noipiesg.
Without the intervention, and
h>lp of other aid, Island Empire is
doomed, victory may re.st on their
"tandards for awhile, and the Hussian
men of war bo destroyed one
liy one, but when thoy meet the
heavy battalions of tho Czar on the
Un+<1~ #1.~ > - i:;?i
u?.iv4 ui natiii;, mc IUUVU 1 lil 1(3
grown men will go down, mid tho
struggle will oiul in si bitter night
of n Waterloo. WiU that help
i;omo in the hour of need?
In this short article we cannot
discuss the ndat ions borno by other
nations to thin argument of sword
in tho fur oast, hut through the J
S'*.oke and carnage cf battle amidst J
the noise, oonf ision and bloodshed I
if one but stop to look there might!
lie eeon tho anxious, hut grim and:
il trnniniiu'd face of tho AngloSaxon,
ami when that samo smoke
i>f battle clears away, no living
man can (ell what the change on
the map <>f th<? world will he.?
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Louisville, St. Louis and Other Places
Sutfer From Icy Blast.
Louisville, Fi.-b. 18.?A storm of
Hlict and ruin, extending over a
territory 200 miles in oxtent, with'
Louisville as its conter, today
handicapped all means of transportation
and neri mslv impaired telegraj.li
facilities. Trains from the
north and west wero e.speeially affected,
several of them being many
hours lute. Not Bincc the famous
sleet which at;..ml<'d tlm \isitof
Admiral Schley to this city, threo
yoni'rf ago. have there been such
weather conditions.
Although the street car company
Uopt ears running all night, the
service today wan for a time ciuire)y
t>u8ponded. Later, l>y the addition
ol one man, who was put I
n:i t.im of tlio In ?
.r vv. viii iw iomuvo IL;*-' 1
from the trolley, a few cars were
run. A large electric light pole,
burdened with icy wires, fell across
Baxter avenue with a crash, canning
away a trolley wile and missing
a street car hy only a fc.v feot.
The forty-seven passengers in the
car were thrown into a panic by
the sputtering and flashing of tho
current and were he!<1 prisoners
until tho current could bo turned
off and ihe WronUinor ? <>..>1 f~?
.. . noill IUI .
A number of minor accidents
causod by the icy pav .menia v. t-ro
reported to tho police and hospitals,
but nobody was seriously hurt.
Trouble began for tho telegraph
companies with tho opMiit.g of
business for the day. Ono by one
the wires failed, and at noon tho
only means of communication
southward out of 1 .<uis\ii!o and
north to Indinnapo!i , wns by the
leased wires <>l the A.-soeiated
Press. Thure was r.o eo-nu.unica
tion to Meniplus or ('ir.cinn.'it i save 1
by a circuitous ro;t.?, ICvansvilfe |
was entire!)' phut olV and wires in
every diroclion w<-ro reported ?^n
the ground, Tlie telephone companies
received in my complaint?,
but they do not expect serious impairment
unless tho storm is fol-'
lowe I I>%.' n liii?li winil
STOKM iN M rsHoiMu.
St. Lou in, Fob. IS ?A heavy
sleet storm prevail in St. Louisj
ai <1 vieinily, and reports havo;
boon received from various points ^
of damage to peach and cherry i
trees. Tho sidewalks and streets)
in St. Louii are encased in ice, j
and street <ur traflic is somewhat j
impeded. At Hannibal several
inehes of fdoet cevurs tho ground
ami the street ear service lu.s Ik-hii
badly crippled. At Mexico tin:;
lulling B1001 \V;H (li'ivon by a
wind, causing gre.il, Buffering t?>
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Coincident with the Outbreak ot Hostilities
in the Par East, the Czar
Hoars of Revolutionary Outbreaks
at Home.
St. Pet' rshurg, Full. 18,?Official!
circles are awakening t<> tho fact
that Russia has two wars on her
hands?one against .Japan in the
Far East and one against tho dissatisfied
elements at homo.
It is remarkable as showing the '
discontont which exists through-1
out the empire that, as soon as it
became certain that Russia would
have to tight Japan, news of at-:
tempted outbreaks were reported
from several quarters of the empire.
There is trouble in the transCaucasus,
there is trouble in Finland,
there is trouble in Poland
and elsewhere.
The opinion is general that in
case of prolonged war with Japan,
Russia will have to face outbreaks
at homo which will be 1 iit!o
short ol revolution.
krssia cali.f row Patii'.nck ?Admits
Sill'. is i'n'pltl'.r.mikb fou
St. Pel( rsburg, Feb. 18.?An
ollicia! proclamation explaining
in" nnpivpnr. dhosa ol Russia for
war ami (lie necessity fur tlieeyerciso
of pationcc by l'.er poople lias
boon issued her<?. It is as follows:
' Might days havo elupet.'d fciuce
all Uu.vsia was shalo n with profound
imlignatinii against an enomy
who suddenly bruke off negoii
it ions ?U(1 by a t reachoroiH attack
tried to obtain easy t-uceoss in
a war long desired. The Radian
nation with natural impatience,
dosiron prompt vengeance and
ownitM feverishly news from the
Far ICast.
"Th<* unity nnd strength of the
Russian p.C'iple leave no room for
<1 >ul>t that Japan will receive the
_1... l: 1.1 r
unu*iu'<>iii<M)t mio unserves ior nor
tn iichory an. 1 provocation to war
at a time wh.Mi our beloved sovereign
desired to maintain peace
among t!i?> nations. The conditiona
under which hostilities arn
being carried < n ci mpol lis to wait
with patience news of the success
of our troops which cannot occur
!tlllA1*n /lo/?li.l I O ll.it I . mO ??*?/-? r/\..r?K i
i/viuiv. viv^ionu (luiiv'lio 211 mill^ll i
by tho Russian army.
"Tho distance ol the torritory
and tho desire of (Ik; emperor to
maintain peace \\ei> tho causes of
tho impc.fisihility of more complete
ami elTective preparations for war.
Much time is now necessary in order
to strike at .Japan but it is due
tlie dignity and might of Russia,
while sparing as much as possible
tho shedding < f blood of her chil
dren, to inflict just chastisoment
upon the nation which has pro*
voked tho struggle. Russia must
await I ho event in patience, being
sure (hat, our nrmy will nvengo an
hundred-fold that provocation.
'Operations on land must not bo
oxpocted for some time yet and
wo cannot obtain early news from
tho scene ol war. The uaolesa shod;
ding of blood is unworthy tho
groatneBfi aid power t.>f Russia .
"Our country displays tnicli unity
and desire for ho 11" sacrifice on bohalf
of the national eauso that all
true news from tlio s< din; of hostilities
will bo immedinf<?lv dim
J vv
the cutire nalion."
Iirsf*ian Wakships FIhk on a
Biu'imsii Stkamku.
Tien Tsm, Steamer, Shanghai,
Feb. 18.?Tho British steamer IlsiI'ing,
whi' h arrived hero today
fw -
.. v..! V..HII- >? hi'r- i no, leporien that
she was flrod on hy 'he Russian
ships and forts wh 'ti seeking shelter
in tho ontor roods oil' Port Arthur
and s-ho was then ordered to
Dainy, whore six* v. as detained four
days iu spite of lu r captain's protesta.
Russia wants Voi.txtkkus to
Ficiit in Fan 10a s r.
i St. l'oteishnrg, Feb. is?The
general staff annonneed to<1nv Hmf
tlm wnr ofliro i? willing to accept
volunteers for scrvioe in the Far
East. Tlmy must be under forty
! years of n^e and hnve bad mi)it:iry
training Tlmy must be enrolled
!m tho r< S 'rvn batnlion under Viceroy
Nk.mm.v Fivh Ili NnuKn Russians
Kiu.kd in Ska I'ioiit.
1 Berlin, Feb. IS.?A dispatch (o
'The Colcgno Ga/.-d.te from Che1
mclpo rid a l es that seventeen ofiiiecrs
and men if the Russian
warships Yanag and Korietz were
.oithcr killed or drowned when
I tho re vessels wore destroyed.
Rrs.?ian Titoors Ri:a<m Wi.u: ox
Yaw Rivkw.
' Ser.nl, Kol>. IS.?-The report that
; 3,000 Russian troops had ariived
at (lining Tien, opposito Wiju, on
; the Yalu river, is eonlinned, aH is
: uiu report mat ti.e Kusmuiis liavo
|Occut)io(l Wiju iiSol 1,
What Are'I'll y.
Cliamboilaiii'H iSt<>m:u;h and Liver
Tnldeto. A new ii'iii.tly for stomach
IronldoN, hiliousiioss, and ?s? list pntion,
an<l ii good one. I'nets 2 > ci nl: . For
j Halo by Pickens Drug lio., I'ickona;
Hunter & Pickens, Liberty.
... ?
I IN U I AH Li Y tX'r'LUlilUft.
! Many of the Victims Were so Cut to
Picccs ll'rtt |{!ni,tifio."ti ;n if, Impossible.
But they Were
Greek and ItaliansSalt.
I,ak<> City, Fid>. i?t) A Koore
or mora of ponplu wcio blo-n t<>
pieces and n? nmnv injniod in tho
flight fill (isnstrr whicli Orciincd
on the liitcieii ('ut?olV on tho u 11: oru
Facifio that cvi.sh.'s iho (.Jroul
S.'ilt Lako Wbnt of O^dfii, \cstor
day aiternO'ui.
Two height trains whilo
switching nnil 'wo ear Ion.Is of
^iant powder and dynunito exploded.
Tho little town of Jai kson
was destroyed and 0110 thousand
f(-et of track was blown up.
Many of tho dead woro cuI into
pie-coa and it its next to impisaihle
to estimato accurately tho m.inher
of dead. Most of tho killed were
iClreok and Italian workmen.
? Wanted, orders for billheads,
statements, letterheads, noteheads,
card*, envelopes, circulars and dodgers.
l$est work, lowest prices.
Tho Sentinol Journal Job Oflice.

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