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Picks Sentinel-Journal
rum.ism i> kveky wkdnkkday mousing.
Tho Sentinel-Journal Company.
Thompson ?fc IIiciu.y, Puoi's.
.1. h. (). thompson, kditou.
Subscription ?1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising liitos lleasouiible.
KnU'red at 1'luieiiH Postoflicc as Secon<l Class
Mail Mtiller
>> rmicMiin ? H D. - h I
Tlio sympathies of our army officers
tuny !>() with tho Japane < , but
tlu ro in no iloubl that they avo "f (In:
opinio;) that llussia will win in tlio
war. Eight of tliem recently inado
application t<? the Russian nn<l Jap*
a lust! yo\eminents to be allowed to
join Ibeir armi<R. Tbev have been
advised that their applications have
been taken under advisement, which
means that I hoy will not I*: grunted.
They baso their opinion Unit Russia
will bo successful u'ainly upon
Russia's superior strength and her I
do^ed determination. Tin re is iiu !
doubt tint Russia can put into the
field twice, perhaps three times uh
many men uh Japan, ami the Kus
sinus can stand .iefeat. Tlio belief is
that tho Japanese will become discouraged
if they meet with two or
three setbacks.
Of course Jaj>an has shown her
superiority on the sea, ami she will
coislinnn to bfi vietorinna llmr? hut I
the war will not ho fought out on the
sea. It will l>e fought mainly in
Mnnchuri i, and may last two years.
r ' 1 od, the opinion amoni? our army
.cu is tliat it will last fully two
yeaiH, i.nd that tho Russians will
oventuaiy chase the Japaneno out of
Manchuria and down into Korea,
whero tho war will probabiy be finished,
the Koroons likely siding with
the Russians.
Of coiirso tho Russians nro a long
way from their haso of supplies, but
it is mud thuy lmvo meat and Hour
sufficient for a long timo in Manchuria
and ilint tho railroad will l?c kept
open for tho transportation of troops
and munitions of war. 'J'ho Japanese
will hs'V" to transport their supplies
to .Manchurk*. hy way <>f the sea,
and so they nro not much hotter <.IV
than the; Russians ill that respect.
The KiiH.siaim have the tenacity of
])U r pose it it < I the ilo^el tlelermimi
ti mi tliaf tell in a lontf H^ht, and
though liuy may he s'.o.v in yetlinj*
i11tu action they will i lay there an
long mh there is (he 1cm I hope of
'winning. A lontf light, however, will
be reoreltahlo froin every point of
view. II will ilihtuib many interests.
Its ill i !V> r! will he felt i:i (his country
ami about overy other commercial
count i y.
ISrctzv, forehanded lilllc .Jap,it !
\'i. S'j.'i ( : hud (lie story been pul>iished
(lint Ilusniu would not exhibit
at the SI. Lotm Exposition, in order
t<> ceoi ni; for (' v\iu fund, than
.laimti iioiincch (h it she will take
; .!' p.,*r. 1'ifit * ;::i
ii|). j uiii in t'> bay, w 1111o 11ii.ssif)
ni'iy I ( !o> hard up to take pin t in
the si show, she is not; thftl. she
has g.il !)ic money, tho men ?iiul the
< liiJ.il' t-> take earn of both Russia
and tlie w.xid's fair. It is ft good
Ou j ,iji' r, Uiissiii ranked as the
third naval power of the world. Hut.
in iK'tu i! scrvioo the Russian navy
has shown that it is not what it was
n?? 1 ??? !? .?? ?i ? .4
1>/ w? . mm, IIU>Y ilUWIJt
those other tinvios that make finch
impoMii'^ nliowiii^H, mi paper? It in
known in K"hhj of them there nre
many nnci* nt tulm armed with obsolete
Hir(?oth-l)oroH, hut their mimes
nrj quite !? ; imposing hh if tliev wnrn
of higljf." I ( riicicnt y.
j Colds ji
I . 41 I had n terrible cold and could [3
y hardly breaihe. ! then tried Ayer's (J
5 Cherry I'cctorai, an-.l it gave mo irn- |i
1 mediate relief." !
iw. C. l.aj:on, II!. ||
Hov/ will your cough \\
be tonight? Woroj, prob- 3
ably. For it's lirst a cold, w
then a co;igh, then broil- |
cViitis cr pneumonia, and ft
a at last consumption, n
8 u ~ .. i - - - .? ?
iv^uuj^Jis iuw uys idlU $
downward. Stop this jj
downward tendency by jj
taking Aycr's Cherry Pec- |
Tbrra sties: ISe.. JS:. ?1. AV, M
li (Consult yoiT <1<? 'tor. If ho Kty?? lako it, iJ
n n.on <l?> as ! o v?y>. !f !i?? y?.n not 13
to u?.ko it. tbi-n ;?ko it. Ho knous. II
i< Lcivo it with him. Wi :m- willing. id
;| J. Ot AYKH <;<>., Lowelli Mmi* q
r V<R'?vi ".'"TV
From Cateechee.
N'ivvh of any interest these days is
like lien's teeth pcarco.
Formers have hegnn to linn) that i
stinking stniT -gnato, preparatory!
for another crop, .lie can f::l boys. I
and don't neglect, planting a good |
crop bcHuso ci.! ton is a good prico.
If I lin Unuuio -I u mm ? ?.? ii ? ?
motion \fitl? a big crop should happen |
to lower tin: price of collon, and your j
crib is in tho west, your hour pf,n in !
a store, by th? tinio you pay <.It that '
lien, buy the old wninnn un outing
dress and the "l;ids" winter shoew, i
you will then realize that no man is
farther from market than the man
that hasn't got the money.
John James had a good inulo shot
! find killed, on factory hill a few nights
I ago. It is unknown i.a to who did
the shooting.
1 ho outside, work on the church at
thin placo is about completed. It is
t> ceil on the inside yet. When
complete it will ho a nice church.
Wo hope that I hero will ho a good
Sunday bchool organized at this place
as soon an it is completed. There are
too many children hero to go lacking
in that respect.
Yes, Mr. "G," wo think you are
j right about wanting a telephone line
|lrom r*ionia to !Si.\ Mile. It would
bo ii ^reat convenience, especially to
one, my.1 elf. How ^easily we could
call up tIniko pretty ;{ii ln around S \
Mile and toll them how good wo lov<?
'oni. Wo would like to call up "Old
I'iddle" for one, hut as "Cony" liven
closer to her than wo do, wo fi?i\r he
will make hi r parents hcILvo wo
j want to go to the Ks-quite'a.
lust keep quiet "Conv," don't t'.-ll
] no tales out ?.f Kcho d.
Horn unto Mr. and Mr?. W. ,J.
Ihunpey, on the 11th hud , a line<dil
Norman Hvatt killed a .six month's
old hog, () I (3. st'.c!:, a few days
ago that weighed 21(5 nound.s net.
Mr. 11. (i. (illMIOH. of Ceiifl'Jil nlso
Kill"<l ciio (<! >ii'{ know its i.) I lint
woiglu?il f,08 jx)Uinl? pio.-is.
A M'inll iiifniit 't Mi*, iiiui M r?j.
Smith Uolihui i:i erilionlly il, Hut expected
to live.
"l>ig .1." iins our tituiiilih for correcting
our mistake al>. ut who perf?>rmo(l
the ceremony tit Mnlkeya
mil! riiigo. Nov. wo v i lli t<> C'ji'rool a
| mistake tlmt "i'ig >J." made !i few
! (lllyh ago.
| A to.v diiyn ago lio w ;,t ?jV mill,
1 |iurcl.!is'<1 a new (.>]> I nggv, without
i oven liiniin^ his intention to !ii.-i uile.
j When he rcti;rned homo in l.lio bnggy|
tho cow begun io lrnwl, tho chickens
L-minlloil i.twl it.,. I . I....1--1 n...
1 ? ??' " 11II I
I w ift-, not knowing wnut wan ti- mat
i t? r, went t<? lit" dour, mid who') ?h" I
; -aw .1." in 11im now top bu?'"v
j nil'- thought it W5?h K.lijih in hia elm
riot. Alwnyn !;.!! J'our wifo if joul
intend to bring anything n w home.
A certain infill canior on route!
: lunula:!' 3, Liberty, S O., has pur-1
j chased a house and lot in Liberty. A
hint is snfticii'iit Tim wrili-r o
| certain lioui.o on this route n few (lavs
'ago and recognized .i !. it'.c. an I bog*
! gy in tlio yard that looked very fa*
j miliar. Prutor'a loss may l> Jjiborj
ty'h gain.
Col. D. K. Norm lost u valuable
j inui o a few days ago. Think she had
been diivou too bard. i5.
? Fine drove horses mid mules at
(iaines and (Jas.sawuy Uroa. b tables,
Central, tt. C , to sell or swap for
cash or g(>od papers on easy terms. It
will pay you to go and nee this lot of
iiun t-'tock jimt in from TcnnoBRCo.
I{. (J. GninoH & CliiHHdWfty Brow.
February 4, 100-i.-2t
Six Mile Dots.
It ti fiord a xiio great pleasure) to havo
another golden opportunity of writlnfT
fn Tim Slcfitinpl .Timninl liu ~i nm
so k'lnd when tlio tiino comes for mo
to writo to our good littlo pnper. If
it isn't worth one dollar it isn't worth
a cent. Ah I pco t.lmt "Cony" and
"0," don't Bend in nil tho news I will
try and send it in.
Tim health of this community is
not so very good at this writing.
Mrs. Mary June Norris, has
been very ill'with gfippu, for sotno
time, her many friends aro ghul to
know tlint fche is up again.
Married last Sunday at the homo of
the olliciating minister, Hov Seabrook
Atkinson, Mr. Aaron 1 laidio
to Miss Lola Tompkins. Wo extend
the best wishes to them.
The writer had the pleasuro of visiting
the home of Mrs. Win. Harper,
near the beautiful valley of the Keo- i
wet) last week.
Hi ley OniTctt is putting n burn on
Ilia Turin.
I. D. Hioe mid lie eould sell nine
teen pounds granulated sugar for a
ddla:'. If ho will wo poor folks oun
huvo Home* Hweet bread some days
Mrs. John Volrath, of Oconoo
county, waa u rcccnt visitor in this
P. \V. NVilliiuon has put tip a new
dwelling recen tly.
Israel Merck has treated himself
to u lino iioiho.
I saw in last week's p:i|>or where
"G" was speuking of Six Mile wanting
a telephone from Not l is. Well I
will just my that. I wish eve?y hoti-e
IiihI a telephone so I would not want
to visit ho much to hear the nnws, for
1 live in the dark corner of no where.
Mrs. Luhi Arnold, <<f Kings, visited
at the homo of Mis, P. \V. Willimon
last Saturday.
It makes mo real glad when our
pnpers come to our lioine. Wo all
enjoy reading theru. I Ihink every
family ougbi to take a paper of Homo
kind if they don't want to lako The
Sentinel Journal. There ia not many
piqx'iH that will beat The Pickens
Routine! Journal.
Will Hondrieka yot his hand very \
lindlv* i'iit n il K .1 ol.in.il.. u..... I ...
? J vu t* O'lUJ^lU o.%?* WI1U ?UIJ
last week.
What has become of tho "Montilain
Boy!" I wonder why ho don't
send in liia items. I snro do enjoy
reading from every section.
What lifts becomeof "Winter l'ink?"
She hasn't bloomed thia winter.
Tho roads in our section aro very
good with the exception of one place
on I ho branch bet ween H. H. Hoicombo's
and W. A. IIcndricks*. The
H.jiuI Commissioners ouuht to look
after it and tlon't wait l^ng. If they
dii innio one* may got hilled or their
team badly hurt. Wo hopo thoy will
look aftor it soon.
i\Iiss Emma 'lendriokw, of Kings,
waa tho }?uc8t of Mi.-H Alary Trott? r
labt Sunday.
John Diilard has treated himself
to a lino horso.
Mitsos Uuth Willimon and Mary
Trot I or yinitod friends at jvin^s lust
\Ifl-. -I - I '
m ill in uui loomnjj bo well hiiuo
the old fillip.
Mr. and Mr?. ('. Ti Willimon visit<"1
I lu; hitter's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. P. Alexander, of Stewart, Saturday
and Sunday.
Sumo of our old folks said tliat the
j 11 tli was ground lio^ day. 1( it was
I In; had u cold, bad time to c mm out.
Mix. Win. I larp'r said that sho had
I a cradlo thut was 1 OS years old.
i{. \V. Willimon has u clock that h
i *)f i.i.ii i .. .
i,m ji:nia Ki i iiiiu lit; hhui nun no no<!
ii'!vol found ii Biiake in il yet.
Mian Mtiggio Williinon, h popular
I young luu) i f our flection, ia quilo
.-lici'. ui mm wining. iiopc blio Will
I bo out again hood.
I I' O. Gaines, of Central, passed
through 11 >ih section lnnt week on his
Ii ... t ?r
t>nj iu mo iiti in uii i\cnwi'o liver.
li. W. Williinon lias a picco of
money that is 12(1 yours old and wants
to know if any 0110 lias a pi too older
| 111a11 I hut, if ho wo Would like to hear
| from them.
Our school is ilonriuhing. There
is nothing better than a good school.
It ought to run nine months for it is
needed in our community.
! Wishing The Sentinel-Journal sue
cosh. Old Kiddlo.
Feb. 19, 1904.
I _
TrenspiiRii Notice,
All Persons aro lioreby warned not tr
out timl>01* or in nnyway trosspusH on my
laml nndcr penalty of tlio law.
J. If. liorouftliR,
Administrator Estato.
JL ? A ,
In order to close
Tinds, we have out
89 Pairs Clapp's $5.00 and $6
60 Pairs Men's $3,50 and $3.c
75 Pairs Ladic's $3.50 and $3.
I 98 Pairs Ladies and Misses ?2
t? ? n?: T ?1 ? ? iv *' 1 '
i aus l.ituics, misses and L.
34 Pairs Misses and Childrens
Many small Lo
partrnent will go
Pride 6* *
attoai. (<
J. F. H>
y Anil you will hglit at l'lCKKN.S, S.
\j and Most Coni|
K II<' has over carried. My trade is it><
r and Honor,t VuImch. Tlio BEST of o
? m.v advertisement. Never uiiud tlio
| ...BUY TH
j Of everything and yon will learn bv
Icl?onpe8t. If you want anything iu
to buy n Lot or rout a House, or buj
nny money by necing mo beforo you
J. F.
| ?KRE
? OP '
) Pickens Dri
/ The Complete
%r}/"'.f;/y///'// f'/'s/V s/'S-/'/ s 'sYV
Husincss Locals.
It"// / / , ; /r-/ / s r /s s s r s s / s. / f-s / /b i
Oo to It. C. Cartcr'n for anything i
you want to buy.
? Seo change in ad of JStovor-1
lIobbH-lfondtiraon Co., of (jreonville. j
?If you want a good horao or
mule call on R. C. Carter, Liberty,
S. C.
Do you need any job work' If
you do, drop us a card and will submit
samples and prices.
? R. (5. Carter baa just received a
enr of borsos and males which hoi
will Hell cheap for cash or on timo.
? J)on't forgot Hint buckot of!
Piatt's Food; 85 cel.t?, for that bil-1
ioiw homo or cow of yours.
Pickens Drug Co.
' ?WANTED:? Persimmon, Dogwood,
Hickory and Holly Ijogs
; Freight paid on car loadn. James
Cocksuott, Charleston, S. C. o21uo4
out all Odds and
Cl,^ 1 -?
onucs iu ^>3.50 una
>o Shoes to $>2.00
oo Shoes to $2.00.
.00 Shoes to $1.25.
'hildrens $1.50 ?>hoes to $1 .00.
$1.25 Shoes to 75 cents.
ts in every I)eat
even greater
Jp-to-Dntc Slioe House,
^ ,;u3cn ^
CJ. where lio now has (he Largest
jlelo Liuo of
weaning every day. Fair Dealing
vorythiug for tho least money in
price of a>u article if its worth Mm
experience thnt Tlio Best 1h the
Ihe Mercantile Liuc, If yen want
r a Houso atul Lot, you wont Ioho
luakc a tnulo.
Yours truly,
;sii^ 1
Seeds, j
^ I 1 I
En. )
ig Company )
i Drug Store. /
..ULIM t lO 1 ..
Ck'inson College, S. C.
Friday and Saturday. All Work
7Hr?i-.?i!J?2!'"rMl-l2bl^V .*"?'" . <""< OrtiMtat for
t it I c II a r.il h in iuui m?a
CJol.' metallic tH.xoi, h.-uIcI wlili bhiu ribbon.
I <?'?? no other. ItfftlM- <liti!U?-i ouH nulMtl<
<uII<Mi?iiu<| Imitation*. Muvof your DnisRifit
or fpnil 4p. In HtdiripH for l*nrll<<ulnr?, I't'hll
',v'L1.l?. ' r?r l-inll. *," (>| Uttrr,
Jl WhikVImh ,0.000 Tf?tllHOIliM!n. Hold by
91(10 Mmlluon N?|uiir?, Villi,A., FA,
WcnUuu t!ili :trx?er.

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