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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, February 24, 1904, Image 7

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V? J08BSS&
Other medicine trp*t
481 cause, and, therefore, ii
||| CURES /
Helps the digestion, to
free on application to
prietors, 316 West Lot
fi Whv Use Manv
gj T!
% FER1
0 Ol
& .
Jj The Virg
They Lave the Best Fad
$ and maintain
^ o7>o vlrglnia-c
^ r cha?
/mm/ chro
iBSMf When the liv<
I MB I blood as a virul
j. u. moore, uraig
I For ti fow days or i?iVt"i1TTf olo
Mulo tobacco at lOo a plug;
SCliunppA by tlio box 08; ti
Oooil 05o; Dukes Mixturo (
pomnl bipH 25c. I hnvo a
us any; n littlo broken, but tl
lender 1 will make it nf '25 II
l(!HH gnmititiofl. 1 havnjuHtl
!~~~ WOMEN'S
Very lino grade. They are w<
Iiouro 2 wkw. To muko a qn
of Hoiirt & Arrow hIiocs; nidi
routed. Tlio prico I will make
iboat 90 pre. menu womens i
on odds nnd ends of "tnnny li
high UK 81.70. f hnvo bnnoli
other lot net qnito bo good,
lot, liriug ino anything gooi
T. I). 1
HNS WORK with the first dose,
sing the blood of all the poisonous
roduce RHEUMATISM, driving fl
' dangerous germs that infest the fl
:hat is the way cures arc effected by
symptoms; Rlitumacide rtmovtt the Em
nes up the 3ystcm. Sample bottle
Bobbitt Chemical Co.. p . m
Words to Tell You That %
ne Best jj
"& E,ar4H 4
a :
.. . *
ir&ia-Carolina jj
mical Co. rt
tlltles, use the Best Materials#
the highest reputation for the
/enness and value of their FertHteerft.
Carolina Chcmicel Co. J
1LJDSTON, S. C. e ^
>0. "S*\ ? a "su -si
sr is torpid, bile enters the\^Pjj|\
ent poison. Liver ills follo\v\^Ha\
.LETS are the only Treatment I^Bf
ver just the right touch and tBBJ
; work in the right manner .iMBJ
touches the liver, the
tone the system.
iplete Treatment
Bros, and Earlo's Drug Store.
r else Brail
ho out tin* stock on hand. I will solll jrov.nl
15 plugs for 25c, oj 27 Je per l'.? hy tho box
i lb; Early Bird and Spot Cash 'Mr.; Plumb
smoking) 38c; Farmers Hoy 25c; Wlialo, in
few hundred pouuds of as good mating rice
mt docs not hurt the cooking qualities. Ah a
>u for 81-0 long as it lasts; or 5c a lb in
f() pair of
i)i111 $'2 to $2 257"nu!y"huv<) not In-m in llu'l
ick turn $1.65 takes then, A brand new linel
ih woinons and children^. Every pr wnrran*
> you on these is astonishingly closo. I have
niul childrens shoes, the nnnibere are brok
in p. Not n pr cost mo less than 81: somo as
ed them and 70o a pair takes tlie lot. AnThoy
cost me up to SI.'25. fiOo a pr for thin
(I ou Imve to eat.
United States to Enforce Drastic Measures
on Island.
Washington, February 18'?No
nowe whs received at tho stato or
navy departments over night regarding
tho reported landing of
marines in San Domingo.
It is the earnest wish of the administration
that tho forcible intervention
in San Domingo may ho
postponed until after the ratification
of the Panama treaty. It' the
outrages on American interests
nt\aif.a %?- '? ?
uoiiv.tmi: 11. win do necessary to
put in force at once the drastic
scheme of operations that had
heen agreed upon.
The United States, it is emphatically
stated, does not want San
Domingo as a gift or as a purchase
and the officials do nut proposo to
permit the Morales government to
force annexation upon this country
by continuing a scheme of attacks
upon our intoiests. It will
not surprise the oflieials to know
that tho reported attacks of the
"revolutionists" have been inspired
by tho government.
*100 KKWARl) $101).
The re.nlers (if this paper will he
pleased to learn that there is at least one
dreaded disease tt at science has been
able to cure in all its stages and that is
ratarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Halls Catarrh Cure iB
taken internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the
3\stem, thereby destroying tho founda.
: r * t. -?* '
iivmi wi nitt umciiHe, aim giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature in doing
its work. The proprietor* bave so
mucb faitb in its curative powers, that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for ai.y
any case that it faila to cure. Send for
lint of testimonials.
Address, F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by nil Druggists. Hall's Family ]
Pills arc the best. ,
Lives of Girls Saved by SmokeTho
Greensboro Female college
buildings at Greensboro, N. C.,
were destroyed by fire at 4 o'clock
on the morning of tho 1 Sth inet. |
There were ninety inmates, ii.clud-J
ing tho faculty, all of whom escaped
without injury and saving
their trunks, wonting nnparel. and
most of the furniture and beddill".
ThO hotels 5111(1
donees opened their doors to the
burned out students.
The fire originated back of the
sleeping rooms in tho same locality
of a liro tl>*re two wocks agoMiss
HI la Transon, a student from
Aslie count}', was awakened by the
smoke and gave tho alarm. Ti e
(ire doDnrllVW'llh fr>iin<-l Clin lifi-v
yond control when it reached thoro.
Only two of the twenty pianos
were saved.
The col lego property was transferred
last week to tho two Methodist
conferences of tho State. It
had a bonded indebtedness of'$ i0,000.
Tho property was valued at
$125,000. There is 10,000 insurance
<?>u the buildinae nn/l wmir\.
monts. The .students will go home
ponding consideration of the plans
for resusitation. This college, next
to Wc.-leyai!, at Cr., v.-as
the first chartered oollogc (>r womon
in the South, and was burned
forty years ago.
Allotlier Case of UlieiiiuniiKiii iinrwi i>v
Chamberlain's Pain ItalM.
Tho ?flleacy of Chamberlain's Pain
Bnlin in tho rolifj (if rheumatism is lining
demonstrated daily. Parker Triplott,
of (Irigsby, V?i., says thrt Chamberlain's
Pain Halm gave him pormanent
voliof from rheumatism in the back when
everything else failed, and ho would not
bo without it. For sale by Pickens
Drug Co., Pickens; Hunter & Piokens,
Sin on rouuopi)
I will pay a roward of $10.00 to
any ono for information as to tho
whereabouts of I). E. Gilmoro, who
in 1890 lived with T. II. Prather, of
Major's, S. C., also livod at J. ?Sam
Wilson's. Information strictly confidential.
Jos. J. Fretwoll,
Feb. 17w4. Anderson, S. C.
< Cotton S
# tare a pure Cotton Se.nl Meal
? just as freo from hulls and o
9 to manufacture it.
J w? n ?- o -
^ ii ^ vuiiiiiiiiwu o por ceil
jfc show u highor percentage.
m Compare our Meal wi
Mills before buying elaowhe
J fjUbert
Long name for a nev/ap
I be, for instance. The PICKK
I .JOURNAL, would nearly tit
H Working peoplo don't care
I like that. What they want
I sweet;" like thie: Finest Is
I home-made syrups over oft'ure
I that the "proof of the pudc
I And Still Another Car of t
| One hundred barrels hoIH in
Iplo know a good tiling when t
of shorts, for your hoi'sns, coi
lot of tho finest coflee on
Beat Cream Cheese r Finoat t
I lot barb wiro and wiio na
I styles and now coming in i
I summer, furniture rooms
I sizes and stylos stoves, both j
I King down. (Jood cooks kno
I Iron King. We can't think <
I stock, at once, bo come in a
I for yourself?seoing is bclio
I right and we appreciate your
[ w. T. ?
/l/l r>
mure c
and M(
Our business is increasin
to double it. You will a
By giving' our customers
money. We have some 1
to your interest to see us
We have on hand a large
expect to sell at a bargaii
will pay you to examine
We have a nice line of I)
are always ready to serve
M?it j*. g *
a a. /-%. Sh
Hamburg and Augusta hrci
in Prices, f bought out l?
guoug una niosft goods IITO
Stoic. I tell you wlut'a it
always will ('X)ine buck.
1 have a lot oi SHOES
at a bargain.
...Groceries <
Call on me. Remember tl
thy youth.
J. D
is aud Stock Food, wo manufnc
1 second to none in the Stute and Jr
ther adulterations as is possiblo
t. Amoiiia, hut an analysis will lf^
til tlmt manufactured by other
:y Oil Mill, j
jel-journaC i
a per, but not so long as it might I
ke your breath. ".Jaw-lm aker." I
to be bothered with lung testers I
is something short?"short and I
few Orleans, South Georgia, and 9
(I to the eating public. It is fix id I
lin' is the chevvin' of the rag." I
hatBest Flour.
SJ week8, show tlint the good peo,hey
eat it. Five thousand pounds
tvs and hogs, good, rich feed?jv
the market; sugar goes with it.
Salmon and frosh crackers. Large
ils. Plows and hoes of tlie latest
ind will be worn extensively this
full up. Nice, new goods; all
good and cheap?from best Tmn
w .1 good Htovo when thoy see an I
of all the good things we havo in I
nd look through our roomn?eee I
ving. Remember our prices are I
vicHAI^U J
MMMnHMaaa??BtMBa JSuKiSB ?5SE?. R
1 ?,11 !
>re Trade
ig; every day, and we expect
sk how we expect to do it?
the ln:st snoods for tlie; least
iaiii^.niir> in nuur. II will be
, before you buy :: ::
slock ol shoes, which we
i for a short time only. It
our line before buying.
ry Goods and Notions. We
; you.
? ?q~M r_r
fcv s lb a s
W w w? *! ?? *
= nbKfc.
ike looso in Pickens. I mean
ridgns & 1 liimmoinlH' stock of
bound to j^o at the Corner
fact, if you come one time you
to k?> cheap. DRY (JOCDS
>f all Kinds...
ie Moat Market 111 tlio (lays of
Ycurs truly,

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