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Eutored April 23,1903 nt Pickens, S. C., ns bccoihI olitfi8 matter, tinder net of Congress of March 3, 1879.
Said that the Manchurians Have Risen
Against Russia?American, on
Ship Loaded with Beef for
Russia, Falls into
hands of Japs
St. Petersburg, Feb. 25.?No
further details were available this
moraine? of Hia 1
- 0 I Iiu UllOUOUCOllli III "
tempt of tho Japanese to bottle up
the IUisaian fleet at Port Arthur
by sinking a big merchantman at
tho ruouth of tho harbor. Tho briof
details contained in the ofticial dispatches
indicated that tho coup
was planned and according to the
usual Japanese tactics, tp take
place during the night that it wna
desperately pushed and hacked by
eight torpedo boats, which continued
fighting until daylight, but
that it failed completely. Great
praise is given to tho Russian bat^
tleship Retvizan, which lay outside
tho harbor entranco, for her gallant
work in beating oil' the enemy.
Her part in tho action shows that
4K? i- - f -1 ...
mo reports ot mo injuries which
she is said to have sustained in the
attack of Feb. 8, have been grossly
exaggerated. The official dispatches
do not make clear tho exact
number of ships sent for the purpo.so
of blockading tho harbor or
whether further vessels destroyed
were beached by tho fire of the Retvizan.
Conseanonf.lv nil tliA nn.i
known additional details ate expected
i'rom Viceroy AlexiefT ii)
the course of Oh day. As lie ig at
Mukden tho 1'eport of the commandov
at, Port Arthur first goo*
to him and ihencc is forwarded to
the Czar. The report that after
daylight floating torpodocj wore
at cu in tho roadstead (muscs anxiety.
According to tho latest advices
IliH Japanean Hoot you turd ay was i
utili la! Ulrt tl.A l : n<u~ I
nvxi vioiijiu \?u in'-? jiu; i^un I lit; |
nows of the Japaneso repulso was j
received here with greatest'rejoicing
and was looked upon as partially
wiping out tlie score against
i 1. . 1
tut? wuemy.
Tho oflicial bulletins were given
out to ' Into for editorial comment,
l?ut the news of tho success of the
Ituisian nrmy was prominently dieplayed.
Not ooe of the nowspa
|ji;in UUIU liiis Y'vl/ ruucivou K ]){.'('lill
diKpL\t''hc8 ^iviijnews o!" tlie Japair.KC
St. Petersburg, l?'r>l?. 2f> ?The
Czar litis tol. graphic: wi.rm congratulations
to ii-or-?y Aloxicir
and the entire RuH-inn squadron at
Port Arthur on tho nI> 1?? manner
in which tlu>y repulsed the latftst
attack of th? .Japanese.
Now York, Fob. 25.?During the
engngonu'nt of Tuoadny night at
Port Arthur, K^ya a Herald (lispatch
fi Dm Choo Foo, tn> Ja;;anc?o
nttemntfid to land it. Sno.intir k.iv
- *v J ?
but were repulsed. Four transports
vroro sunk by tlx; fortn while
trying to ontor tho channel. The
^tiRngomont lasted nearly an hour
after which tho JapaneRo retired,
haviug'four ships sunk.
A Chinese steamer, the first merchantman
cleared from here for
Dalny, was forced to return, hav
iog been unable to obtain permission
to euter the port of Dalny.
The steamer signalled for five
hours, and finally received a reply
ordering hor to depart immediate
Her captain reports that ho
I sighted part of the Japanese lleet
126 miles jfY Dninv
-mm mm J
Now York, Feb. 25.?Many Aviso
reports are being circulnted hero,
snys a Herald dispatch from St.
Petersburg, one being to the effect
that ltear Admiral Evans, IT. S. N ,
nas z,uuu marines ready to despatch
at a moment's notice. This
once again stimulates anti-American
feeling among cortain classes.
One newspaper publishes a report
that 50,000 Chinese soldiers
have gon-3 over to the Japanese
As si consecjuonce of such nimnrn.
tho belief seems to grow that tlio
outlook is tending in the far East
toward international complications,
V~~1- f t- ? '
i>on A "in, i'ou, <St)( .MiillCUUriil
is rising against Russians, says a
World dispatch from Cli'je Foo.
Five thousand Russian troops
liavo been moved from Mukden to
Sun Min Tung becauSo in tho vil
lagos along tho west sido of Lino
Tung peninsular tho natives aro
making activo preparations to cut
off email bodies of Russian troopd.
Ten thousand Manchurians have
already bcon enrollod in tho movemcnt
which is f?prcadinc. Volun
teoro are plenty, ami there is no
lack of ammunition or money for
the patriotic rich nro subscribing.
Seoul, Fob. 25.?KusSiau vi?
dott?s advancod south { 1" Anju and
hivve cut the telegraph wires between
Anju and Ping Yung.
Seoul, Ktb. L\">.? Vi Yong Ik,
who was formerly minister of wstr
and practically tho dictator of Ko
r??i, and considered a friend ofj
Itucsia, \v<\H (nhen by the Jttpan-!
(He when they entered Chemulpo
and on the 8a mo night put on
board of u warship which took him
lo Japan. Ho wont aboard in
court <lrf;ss
Aiiciciit mill Motht.i i\i!vk'C about How
to Aoqulro Wealth.
Tli>' micif lit s;igo8* "Hiiro road to
wealth" uuh "1 o ton.pi intr in all lliii.g-;,
bo ce.ononiio>l always." Modern life,
whli its "rush methods" iti bnsinoss renniroa
tliat "kftf>p lie tlMiy' t??> added to
I 111/i rwl.l I'" I 1- >
Mix iovi ?JY? IJI?'>UJ MIUWM HOW
to bo tompiTiitc and iuont ) ooplo !iow to
ho (Mwnomicftl, but fow know Jiow to.
kcop perfectly healthy. Over-enling,1
irregular ImhitH, neglect etc., ilernngo,
the Ktoniftch, livor nn<l bowels, cruising
iiiigiTTiiiiiii, uu[>i'i iivor, eonsnpanon,
ctc. ltyilales Tablets firo natures bout |
ally when sueh conditions exist. Tlioj
Htomnch Tablets will digest yoi.r focal, i
ftlroi)f?tlien your digestive organs and {
cMirn viiii)' in<(i/rnttHnn 'I'l.o i
^ o~ A
lota will nroiiHO your liver, fitiinuliito
your bowolK a::;! eKlfibliHli a regular,
lioftltby, linhit. Rydnlcn Tnbjota inauro
good health. rickena Drug Co., Pickon*;
W. A. HhoUlou <V Co., Liberty.
You can mnl<
Dry Good
At a lees price tin
satisfaction of kn
bought and find a
and got your inoi:
Our Clothing
trood manv lofn i\(
I down ao low il yo
it away till next I
When you coi
Bring the whole fii
r Mv-uauc mr i irm ..? m ? una
Increased Colton Croo is Predicted bv
Fertilizer Men?Heavy Local
Laics are Reported.
It thn reports of salon given out
tiifertilizer ninii i uunt ft>i ' ..y
thing, this in g'?injj to l>o :i givsit
planting year with th<> firmera.
There is every indication that tliid
i3 to thi< yiCutfhl planting hi'.ison
in tliu history of the South. j
In not a f.-w loc<iHLii-fl unprociclMitod
activity prevails, though farmera
aru soiito'vvhiit backward with
mjji ?:i^ u v..',; 10 i.l'1
ijXCL'Usiv?;ly H('tibon.
it i.s not too t-'.u'Iy to uo abl<j t.>
Htato that. in this particular soction
CIreenv; 1 lrt 1 nr. rbv t?nitorv
thoro will l>u moro cotton plaiilcl
cv(Mt tlian lant year, and the same
condition in said liy fori ili/'-r Hnlos
mon to provail in all Boesions <">f the ]
South. !
During December goods wure
delivered and orders taken for al
moat tho snmo tonnage aa wa:s ?li>.
liverod during tlie ontire poriod of
last acanon.
Said one f?itili/er iiiaii yuftier-i
: Pvl^lX V 1 I.I.I
;e out your liht before leaving homcand
tret anvthinf vnn wnnt ;.i
s, Clothin, Shoes, 1
? Notions.
in any other store in Greenville am
owing after you get homo and exawiii
ny article not satisfactory. You cai
iey < re something jnst as good.
business last Fall was immense, and
one or two Suits. All of the*e lots :
u can tlnd your size it will pay you t
trie to Greenville, come right to ST I
imily?Plenty of room for tlvo Childr
Yours for bargains,
Sturdivant C
Ireenvillc's Create
iEJgasreBEO i&S&iXaBQl
tiny : "If my business h any indication,
awl I think it ii?there
18 going t<< !:<: a Lumpur cotton
crop in I'.'O l. At any rato, the way <
farmers around here are buying
lercilizcrs would indicato that. Of
course, a crop planted is.notacrop
picked, hut planting ia tht< first
siop lo'.vard tno linrvosting. An?i
whatever the hnrvest will he, tho
sowing is going to bo vnst . 'l ite
guano manufacturers hav<> about
ili.poj; (1 (>[' ;:11 llieir | roduct a:;<l
ii is I'O.v moving rupi lly t<> llioi
"What kinds aro tho lirmuiftj
buvintr? Well, thuy nro sticking j
pretty elosrdy to the ordinary]
brands, the kii <1 ^ijncrully put un |
dor cotton. The stnv^ht animunw j
! ate 1 g od> h:ivo hud enornioiiK ;
though lots of planters arc
I I J , , , , I I vv . ? 1 1 ? - * A 1 ?
u>'ii<*ii otM'U, K-'UDIi
phono fu'ill. Judging from thia?i.j
well as the drift of conversation i
generally, T know it is to 1 o cot- '
ton above nil. A few yours ago |
I there wnp a great. deal more In- 1
'l'jney to diversify than now.
With cotton arlling up ii*?nr f >ur?
toon cents now, with the boll wcc<
vil in Tmxhh ami i-pivailin^ L>
Louisiana an-I consumption nb&v?
present supply, it is almost impossible
to Veep the farmers from
^ planting any thing olse but cotton j
cs I
Ko |
?Corao ri^Iit to
1ats and
'1 nnd have the
ie what you have
) fetch it buck
naturally left n
are now mnrkcd
r. linir ;? l
w H CilJVl |?U|,
rO,f I
?especially is this so in the counties
just cast of us. 1 am iit'mid
they think it bettor to plant 12
cont. cotton and buy hog and hominy
than to raise all foodstuffs to
the curtailment ol the cotton acreugo.
i uh, bit, tne ieruii/or companies
have sold out, and tijc local
company ha* been put to its t-< umps
to got men to turn out their product.
The fortili/.er men nre hnppj
and thn farmer i- - new1 of a
sni ik-r 11 inis 'i f.'1?( I re.-n v > 11?- 1 >ai 1 y
II. raid.
Woruiug Overtime.
Plight hour lawHoro ipuorotl I?v tlios.
tirt-los", little workers?Dr. Ki?'g' New
Life Pil n. Millions am hvn^t. < .?k,
night aijtl <l-ty, curing i" ?li - ti , I?*I
iousnosa, constipation, *iirU li !a<;lu>
iind nil stomach, livi-muil Lowe! 11< nblc
Kuay, { 'tvxniit, Huv1. Qui; at
l'iokouis Dru^ Co.
To Teachers anil frusteo.;.
Ah the school year emls .In: o lis),
it is iicctfjenrv that the school jvcih
t<t of phcIi school district ujusI !??..
propcily mado out mid prcBotdod to
tint County Superintendent of ivluoutioii
with the lust monthly ii |> )rt
and pay warrant of this schi.l-,ticyear.
Tim apportionment of i >'.my.s
for school year l!M)t -1{)05 vr?'l l>c
imsed oil lin ri i, ?rt,
II. T. Iullu u,
Co. Supt r.f FM oration
We arc catting oft' sullenIjovs
who ilont pay. It tokos money tu
run a ufiWopr.per. No pay- no paper.

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