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Pisto kH-Journal.!
Tho aentinoi-Journai uompany.
Thompson iXr llicni'.y, Puors.
i.. o. thompson, kimtor.
(Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising It ites Reasonable.
Ivnt'.'rert at Pic'scns l'ostoRice tits Sccontl Class
Mail Mutter
Wednesday, 31 arch 2, 1004.
y;!l c::izzci: making industry.
Every day \vc find new evidence of
Hi*: resources < f the South. Pickens
county is the pioneer county in South
L'molinii in the manufacture of eheeso.
The first factoty in this county whs
established in 1902, hy Mr. G. G.
\ i iit> I who Cflmu In tliif* Sfnfn f >'ntn
Illinois, and 1ms had large exporieuce
in this business, lie found seme
diflitfu'ly at first in obtaining a suflicii
nt quantity of milk to keep his
fiu tory going, but ho eetablitihed by
hi.-- experiment at Euslcy the possi
biiity of making money in an entirely
new way in tt<is State, and now
I hero are in Pickens county two
Ii? ^ factories, wliicli
iiinl ready item nul for tlu ir entire
output at remunerative prices. Mubl
of the oheeso tnndo nt the GeovgeV
Creek factor) i* sold in (!reo;niHe at
21) cents and 25 cents a pound, and
the supply is far short of the demaud.
At Brushy Creek clu'cte factory (51
pounds of cheese has been made from
il'JS pounds of milk, which is said to
be a remarkably duo rec >rd in cheese
making. Three new cheeso making
plants have boen organized recently
in Oconeo county, and it is said thai
tho industry will becomo general, and
that no woll equipped farm with even
an many as live to ten good milking
Cjws will bo without a Hinall plant
for tlie manufacture of chooso.
Tho factories in Pickout* and Oconeo
have boon organized generally on the
co operative plan, and tlie results have
i^.,> ? mi :
IJUU&1 wiltuili AllUI'U lb uu run
Hon in tlio world, except the indifference
of our people, why mtit pound
of cheese consumed in South Cairolii
a should not bo made in South
Carolina. What the farmers ought
1 do it; to give more and bettor attention
to the iiuprovement (J 'lititth
own iu this St?ite. Tii^?nb
limit upon our material piosporily ih
our indifference. The example of
tin; fiirmciK of Pickens county might
vcs'y well 1)3 folk wed with pi lit In
ti e funnelof < very other county ii
tho State.
We just can't 1 !p yni] :?thi/in;.\.
:t'.ic J.'u .1.11 ... '1 he :.i>!eiidi.:
liiaii! i l" in which tliu .Japs stuck t"
I ho Uuitwl Staks &j]'lif!'H oil ill.
matvh Id IVkin t relieve the Aturri
C ill lit i ; >! < Sllll i"S while tilt! 1? >.\or
iij. vr (i > i.t was oti won hi nuiko
ii.s sv Hi 1,.! j villi I i.. ;i> 1: w !
ii tl.cs 11 i<I not linvo i iKlit on tin ir |
'-'<!< Tin* Kus.sian soldi, is svcrc
C i " 'ell1 Aiid !*ir> CJ? v
< l'iCiK Ii Koltlifrs ss'oi'o ouii:
' ; i; ?i ' ;vo n 1 itnpotent
tiii'i < il tlio liiiio when 1110 I niu-il |
!v 11 ,. . *i ;t. ik! < l 'in it if i i
' i > \\ ill. : ll<: A lijL 1'. I! . J)M j(.
.in l.i( l in^; in : /luc 1 t !n \ il l |
: lilil.H IS II vt Olll! (if t 1)0111.
Ai. i(i n, I) iiiv Mnil.
ri I'll 11 I < 111 )>J<* VILUVIS I Illl'lltfllS l()
rii' f..i oi>\\ i nor oi Georgia. Now j
I ' t if <>r ii.i .t i-ml, fun of Soulli
(' ; < !i { >1 itir;^ if tin y d.ird Ano.i
: riv v..:1
t.. ~7~ ~~ ...
UCI.M "j " Will ' II IlfiW WIII'O
iiou.->o built in Washington. Tim
country would Is<iti>* >1 willi .1 now
. ! lio < 1 1 v hi'e Ik mho.
!' . . I'.i'.i f wiv to avc bor fnpn;
djip.in hiiist win, to bhvo her life.
I i? ?t u/- >., . I , V i! w *(.*?
bum up the Eastern situation,
yLare.-g'asaraar.rr 'nt'Wtfjg x wmm-yi
Sad \JouCfh$ I
f?4SK*?eprf7wwcw?j<i*ri .*=m?:oti<w*e)?7>r&; rXI
" I had a bad cough for six B
1 weeks and could find no relief q
1 until I tried Ayer's Cherry Pccto- 0
| ral. Only ono-fourtu of the botllc y
cured me." ?
L. Hawn, Ncwingtnn, Oat. !
| Neglected colds always !
! lead to something serious, f
I They run into chronic [
J bronchitis, pneumonia, <:
h asthma, or consumption. |'
? fVinV urnif K??? '
[i UVMI i Willi, mil lUtvC {
| Aycr's Cherry Pectoral ij
j just as soon as your cough ij
!( begins. A few doses will J
ij cure you then.
j| Three s!k.: ! 23c., SO:., ?1. All B
^ v, rr <!in :,>r. If " iv< l?*|n
i tlicn '! ? > lio viy.?. It lie tiiu you not U
t. Leuvi- ( i.ilh tin.i. \v ;?!<! willing. U
J . I . A Y I;i! C'i i iv,' -'I, Mnsa. H
Pl.il in 1 < 1 i lii'i Ihiu olm/\o{ !?.* * I
dretl thousand negro citizens. It
will not bo many >oai8 until the oily
of brotherly lovo will linvo n pretty
clear idea of tho negro problem in
n._ o ..n. :r 11._ '
mi- >juuii;, 11 iin; negro jiojn".iill ioil I
c.mlitict'3 ! i increase very rapidly.'
Wliou (ho negro citizens in rhilndel-'
phm become numerous enough to 1> ,
gin crowding the whites you will
hear n howl that will astonish you. .
Easlcy News.
Eusley, S. C., Feb. 20, 1001
The tunny friends of (Jay F ?!g. r
will ho grieved to hear of his s;id
death which o.'curi'f'd fit Vnivmnii T!.. 1
I list Friday tho 20th ult. 'Twas a '
Had accident. lie with several others '
woro on an cumno of the O. U. S. 11. I
II, of which he was nil employe.'
when tho engine jumped the track '
and turned over patching him under- '
neath it crushing his legs i-nd olln r- (
wise injuring him. The aerie-lei.t oc
i i o ?..i i_ rm i
umicii ill- o u cioi'n j uuvsiinv even
ing. 1 to fought death bravely ami
for awhile .jocund to rally, hut |
crushed and scaldod as he was, the!
doctors had little hope and ho died I
at 11 o'clock Friday evening. Ilia'
remains arrived hero Saturday on I
Southern passenger No. 12. He)
was buried Sunday at 2 o'clock in j
West View cometery. Ho loaves a |
mother, three sisters and three hroth
era unci a largo circle of relatives ami I
friends who sympathize with t*ie j
aged mother in her sore bercavo '
ment. Ho was a sen of Mrs. L. (J. \
Folger, Into of this place mil ii??w of
Spi ncor, N. C.
And yi t another sad death which
fnllH our lot to chronicle, i.-> that, of!
Mrs. (? W. Trotter, of tlm Kuslcv'
Cotton Mill, which oecum-d Saturday
night at 0:J5O o'clock a! lur home
on 15 htreot. IFcr death wan wry
sudden. She ha I ato supper an iiHuni
nud seemed in as f,'ooil iionltli as'
usual, when her heart gave wnv and '
in a rery short time slip wni dead.
Mrs. Trotter was a nobla ' hristiai. i
Indv i .id ,ya> loved by all who know
her. She leaves a husband and Rev !
crnl ehil-ii'H), who, \\ iL11 n lu?sl of
relatives nn<l frieinlfi deplore lier j
death. Sin- was buiicd It,day at
Si), ;iiij cliurc'i :.i Aijc'ov . county.
1>. 1\ Mnilin 1ms purelin??><l O. T I
Mir i "n'f? interest in tl'o I' isloy Oro- i
| eery (?<?., and will conduct the husi1
om 1 v 1 i. .f ir TTi. l?.is ??!.. el, <1
lh>< Ivtslry Hotel to the jiuMic, audi
will .l?.v< .!< I.iu ; , - n I..1.A
' * * *' *v# ???"??
l*.)hl Ijf-n?/uo l>ns roIiI ( tif fo 11is
broil :.: ... t m. M '
mill un<I will f/o t<> college
Errn-rt Folgcr ninl pistor, MipkI
liiicin, "f PickcuH, wcnv in town v< m- |
. . ! i\ : t i < . i 11 I i iiit i it ... t inv i
r I
J V Olt-im, of Tiil rI v, r'jv>)>t Snn '
day ir. Kuslcy.
A coinpiiliv <'f in:!i'ii a!:' I?
ganize<l horo noon.
Mfiri I' d, ul tho r< : ; !? . t r ]?I.
Alexander, Mr- fi<> >1^ Mnvtin !? [
Minn May lio'l, lie v. 1 'V. of ;
ficintin^ on tho 2/ >111 ult.
Muni(icl, Sunday I v Ucv Thomas I
it hit* rcniilcMCO, Mr. Minor (Jhnsto-:
phot* ! i Mi'.f JAVv, tttownrt. Alsoj
.Mr. Jamos Dridgoa t<> hiihb KHon t
Dr. W. M. TiirhnrdKOi;, of Tron
City, Gp , i> horo Mb fi r,
\Tm r If W.f.u
Liout. Hichftrdflon, ( . S. N., visit<
1 ..i .in ltl'o hi i
"Wilkio C." '
From Six Mile.
Hero comes another correspondent
from Six Mile. I could uot koep
quiet about the high school at Six
Milo Cony wroto about last week.
How many more are interested? I
think all in this community should
be, and now is the thno to show our
interest. So things aro working
right now, as wo liavo a good man
that is willing to take un the muttor
and push it. If tho people want tho
school house and will go 'down in
their poekete, and go to work there
will soon bo a school hero that will
ho a blessing to the community far
around hero. 'J ho value of the land
near hero wont bo tho tiling to look
ot, but just look in Sis Mile church
in pretty days in summer at preaching
and other services at such a host
of vouncr people. little bovs and crirls
that are growing up iu (his comnninilv
and how important that they
(should bo oducatcd. Fathers and
iu--there, liad we not bettor leave oft'
Rome fine dressing, some line horses
and buggic?, and a lot of other things
that we spend money uo freely for,
and spend it. educating our children?
I think so. It docs not matter so
much about what lliG boy or girl
wears, or his fine horso and buggy,
as it does about how that boy's mind
is trained, and while they are growing
is the time to train them for fu
tuie usefulness. Then you say you I
aro not able to do so much to build '
the high school. What will it cost \
to semi the children < (Y to town to j
cs*lwwil it nil wliul will it r*. In trr\
7 ? " v ' v v h
through life without an education?
Most of tho citizeiM of this teitle i
moot have luul tlnit expoi i-nce. Bui i
surely you are not willing for your
children to remain in tiiu background
with the p:u>t generation and ho subj-.
iud to tho bitter edueited class all
through life. When now thero is an
opportunity in the reacu of all to
educate their children will Six Mile
lot? 1 ehind? No, 1 say n?>! Six Milo
is going to be in the front ranks and
her young and rising generation
shall be equipped with an education
that will not only bo an honor to
their parents, I?*jt that will proyo a
blessing to tlic children all through
their live:!.
Speaking of the grtivo yard at
this place. Why can't wo set a day
next conference day and clean it olTf
then again next summer. I BuppoHo
llio renders will think if we would
take our boea and go to work in it,
instead of writing about it, thr> deui.orl
.1,1 l,a
VJ ? l.v.1 AVOKftC VUIV? ??VJ WUIUI IJ V) V 4 ill UV-ll
<111 iekor. I get ashamed enough very
frequently to take a boo and go to
work in it.
Wo are expecting Elder M. P.
Matheny of Greenville, to b? over to
see something about the high school,
Saturday, conference day, so I suppose
bo will preach for us Sunday.
1 notice Old Kiddie liad some
nanus wrong last week. It was Mr.
Aaron Holiday and Miss LalaThompkins
that were inartiod ut lie v. Heabrouk
Atkinson's residence Sunday,
tin.- 1-1 tli instant.
15:; sure that you don't plant, cot
tun to the neglect of other crops this
spring. Tho cotton market i-> very
uncertain, i\h you nil Know, and the
only Jmfo and sum way is to raise
everything we may need and the remainder
t>f tho crop in co*ton. That
will insure us a good pre" every Near.
Wishing the St-ntinel-Journftl much
hiieceHs, and all tin' rendorH the Rp.me,
I um, A Beginner,
There is not an r.oho <>r pnin tlmt can
In- lCii: I ' ll n:\llv Hint ^iimnl lw
lied'' in j' f? w minntoA l?y tlin use of
Klliolt's I '.mnlmlii-il (),l ] jitiiiiitnt. Hub
it on tin: niiivW'il f>ii11 ami Hit: puiu will
s k ii tii.s.ipponi. I 'nil 1 2 piiil bolllo, (?~>
Pi hai'i iVng Co., IMckrus; \V.
.. .Mi M , T liberty,
Noilfo tif A |>|> 11?*itt Ion for llir< Appoint.r.
nl iti l'.ihllr <>ttnrtllitn.
H otit Inv\>y , ivrn 1!::it an ?p|?li<
to lia\c J. Ncwlit-ry, I'robali*
I il?o fur t'ifUci. county, appointed
|.i'lilif ^tiavJiaii feu* lit" Jiillo\vi?K uniiii'i]
iiMiuir children: I.<:ila, Mamie. Millard,
h *<1111! Sliaflor Ar.dcrnon, will
1 ina ii oi llieJud^o i'l tin? Court of
runon l'li.'i for 1 iirl;ei>M county, or
l<' 1 l<iii. .1. (', KIiij.',11, idjjc >f tho 1'i^lit li
< fnit t hif fharnl- . on \ petition t<?
D" .i i ! >. urn pur[ Tito vnMio or
(i < i?ro)??iiy "i nail) minor im <il> oiii one
tn'.iis iiiii <ioli<u'? and is in inonuy and
no iit, t jiiij i t'.-nt an I ri ; tnsi Id pero;
can !? found v.! , i, willing tc? ussMi'io
! (J ' ? < i '. 111 ^ -11 i j ami sakl minor
liaro no ^on^ral >r tontamontary (hiarilian.
lYxas Andornon,
Motlu of .-. .id Children,
I. I'. < 'art j, A ttorm-y.
niyw'j. .
'I'rcpviHU-i Noilrc.
.Ml IVnrnitt nrc lmrr!>y nnrnrrt uol to
cut fiiiilior or in an\ wny trosHpnss on my
land miliar prnnlty of ilio law.
J. 11. liorougliR,
Admin istrator Katuto.
Service Girl
A few years after tlie close of tho
civil wnr I visited iny comrade, Captain
Collins. lie had been married,
while I had remained a bachelor. While
waiting for dinner we talked over old
"Women are the worst enemies wo
have to meet In war," I said. "If 1
were a general, I'd liave a corps of women
lo defeat the schemes of women of
the opposlto side. Men are no match
for them."
"Klnsey," Collins protested, "yon were
always a woman hater. The stories of
how southern women carried Information
are nil rubbish. I lievpr nnw nnp
heard of any of it. I married a southern
"1 experienced It," I wont on. "It
was in tho early summer of 1802. I
was then a second lieutenant of cavalry
and on duty at Pulaskt-, Tenn., with
n picket guard on one of the turnpikes
leading northward. Wo were stationed
sonic live miles out of town on a crest,
eo that I could look either back to town
or till tho nlkn Of mm T linrl r??-,l?i-u
to lot no one go through except those
who had passes. Well, one morning,
looking hack to Pulaski, I saw a wagon
coming loaded with furniture, and
when It reached me I noticed that a
woman, a very pretty young woman,
was driving it. The major was in command
of that part of the picket lino
and happened to he at our post at the
" Tin going no'th,' said the lady. 'I'm
tired of this war country. I'm a no'th
*n woman nnywny, nn<l I'm going to
Join my friends in Oliio.'
" 'Let mo see your pass,' said tlir? major.
"'Haven't any pass; didn't know I'd
have to got ono.'
" 'You can't go on without a pnci."I
was standing directly behind the
major, and the woman was looking
right over him to me. She was little
more than n girl, and I sympathized
with her. I dldifl boo any reason why
ten miles should he added to the Journey
of a northern woman trying to get
out of the south. I gave her the wink
and, suddenly pushing forward, threw
my arms around her neolc and kissed
her, exclaiming:
M 'Why, Alice, who would ever have
thought of meeting you here?
"She twigged at once and received my
v<n?-nn wiiuuui lnuKiiiK any russ. 'j nen
I turned and introduced my cousin, Alice
Warfleld. This fixed matters. Tho
major not only passed lier through, but
gave ino permission to accompany her
some distance up the pike. I rode by
her, she thanking me with the sweetest
of words and the most honeyed smlle?
for saving her the trouble of going
back for her pass. I asked her at what
point in Ohio her people lived, but sho
snld she'd never been there herself and
didn't seem to know much about It.
She explained thin by Ravine that she'd
lived in the south ever since she was
ten years old.
"Well, we were riding through a wood
when 1 heard a clattering of the hoofs
of many horses. We l>ccomo accustomed
iu noticing small things in war, and
I couldn't understand how the coining
cavalry?for such It must be inndo no
din of suiters. Olir im?n nlivnvu two
sabers, but the southerners didn't. Suddenly
I saw between tbe trees a Confederate
fl:ik coming. I was about (<>
turn when tbe Kh'l In tlie wagon whipped
out a revolver and culled on me to
throw up my bands. I was too Into
nny way, for tbe corners were right on
mo, ?o I obeyed her order.
"When tlu* troopers came up, It turned
om iikii tfcnrrni Joiin .Morgan, tlio oolohratod
ConfodoraU: partisan loader,
wns in cniiuniiixl. lie took off his hat
to tho ulrl In the wagon, with whom
ho wan evidently well acquainted.
I " 'I-'or heaven's s-iUo,' h?? exclaimed,
i 'what .no you doing with nil {hat fur|
I '"l'h*.' girl lnughod. 'I tried hard to
! yet a pas.i to come out to moot you, but
uio * juius wero io-> mnnrt for me, ho I
plnyed the northern wnmnn trying to
go homo. This gentleman helper ino
! through hy owning 1110 for his eousln.
| Hut, win-in' theit?'s u Yankee wugon
trnln at I'ulaskl, and I've taken all
this trouble to come out and loll you.
I There's a small guanl, an.l you can
oaally capture Uie whole kit.'
" '(ieneral,' I said, 'take mo south,
phase, somewhere, anywhere, where
I'll not sou my comrades again. I'd
I' inthor ko 1o Llbby than imvt one of
"Tbo general laughed, but I wua
obliged to go with blm back t?? Puluakl.
! The izlrl loft hrr household offoetS In a
[ fnnnynnl on the rood av?l, mounting a
! hove, rode buck with u>\ guying mc
pieasanTiy nn mo wny.
"That was the way John Morgan
cnmc to know of tho wagon train being
nt I'ulnskl. Ho drovo olT tho guard and
after helping hlmnelf to what supplies
he wanteJ burned the rest."
uy jovei" cxciaimed Collins. "Rho
was u plucky girl, wasn't hIicV"
"Yes, and tlK-ro were plenty moro of
tho ?finu> Hort In the south. T have oft<;n
wondered If the girl over married.
J_ :
H<ir husbandmlghfexpect to wake "up
any night with tho cold muzzle of a
revolver on his temple."
At that moment Mrs. Collins entered.
on<l her husband rose, as 1 did also, to
Introduce me. I started, and Mrs. Collins
looked at me serutlnizlngly. She
wu? mu K'n wuo una iricKea mo.
"Colonel Klnsey, my dear, has been
telling me n cook and n bull story
"It's nil true," sho said. "I was the
woman, ant1 I've nover forgotten tho
gentleman's kindness. I never told you
tho story for four of Incurring your
prejudice, but now that It's all out I
will admit 1 have n Confederate medal
for the secret service work I did on that
r?<v?n?a!nn " AT.T^I>T7,I\ 'PAW I \
^ Business Locals. v
?Go to H. C. Carter's for anything
~ L L ? 1
juu wan o tu uuy.
?If you want a fjjood horse or
mule call on H. 0. Carter, Liberty,
S. C.
?It. C. Cart or has just received a
car of hoi'Bos nnd mutes which he
>v?ii nun uiii'iip lor cimu or ou niiio.
?I have some nico pigs ready for
delivery. Price $2.50 ouch.
i?2ml. John Fergueou.
? WANTED:?At once a man to
sell sewing machines and collect on
accounts in l'ickens and Oooneo counties.
Call or address, The Singer
Sewing Machine Oflice, No. 220
North Main h>t, Greenville, B. O,
? PICKENS, S. C. ?
SS Handles a full line of cc
SS Dry Goods, Groceries ^
Iunu rroauce.
Give me a call and ?c
be convinced that I can cc
sell you as cheap as Mr, <c
Anybody. Zr
Hrlng me yonr Produce. \\
Will pay lilghmt price, //
ChbIi or llarter. A Hlinro \\
of your patroiiHRe hoIIcI- //
DR. J. 11. BURQE55,
OleniBon Collego, S. C.
Friday nud Saturday. All Work
ff ?ssc
^i v^ r '^aliliv I,mHc?, nak TlnigtflM fo?
....... r.nao.inil HI it oil Hill
metallic box.vi, healed with blue* ribbon.
fa)ti i.? ollu r Uvr..H<- <luiiKcrou>.
hi I ioiit iiimI Imltat Ioiim. l'.uy -it your lmiKBl>'t,
r ' Ic. in <i itiv l r Tontl
noil Oil* Hln) "Kcllcl' for lniilli'ii," in IrUrr,
by ri'Mii it linli. lO.OOoT.MIuionUls. Sold by
.ill lmigi;!sl?.
t II1<1 VI ...11...... I' ? ? * *
I -- uiiiit,, rm?
lltntlon tKl? ,'m4iur.
i ymra?/< ,'41?
rrfj scholarships offered
mi? m i i t?
I I \l ? ' "U .1 ' ' i I
j 'J-iy ncrcs of lino farming land.
About 100 nrros in cultivation, bnlnnco
in original forest. Well timbered,
watered nnd well improved.
Fivo miles went of Vicfccns. Clionp
nnd terms ofiBV. A bargnin.
C. E. Hobinson.
, m. . ; ? m~m ?
I m B (A ? a i as u n m au
iilr, L y. MAULOU,
Pickons, South Carolina.
Oniot. upHtuim (in roar rooms) ovor
KuvIo'h JJriiff tftoro. Oflfors lii.s profech
I sionnl florvicea to tho public.
The licst l*i(OAcripiioii for Jla
1 f'htlls nn>l f'ovor Ik fi Ixittlo of Onork s Tastk
i.khh Ciiii.i. Tonic. 11 1:i., .j in. m... . .mio
u u tnsilolesf form. No euro?no pay. 1'ilce &

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