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An Official From that State Will Carrv
Him Back?He is a Clever
Wnlhallu, Feb. 25.?Chief Clerk
Gainor,of tho Indiana State prison,
arrived here yesterday afternoon
from Columbia, where his requisition
papers wer? honored by Governor
Hey ward for Robt. A. Dawson,
alias I}ickerson, an escaped
convict, lip to this time Mr. Garner
has been unable to communicate
with solicitor Bogge, aiul it
will possibly bo the last of the
week beforo ho leaves with hie
if 1>n aimnnn/1 n 1 i\ rvn Minr# lit >v.
II u\v OUUO^AIO 111 ntlll
at ull till after the authorities here
get through with him.
Dawson io a most clever swindler
an<l almost succeeded in making
good his escape a few weeks ago
from jail by sawing the iron bars
of his coll. Whero and h?w ho
obtained the saws for this work
Btill lemaius a mystery.
Sheriff Moss received a letter a
few days since from tho sheriff of
Andova, Ind., stating that when
Dawson made his escape while on
IVJrnln ii\ T n/lionn hn r\A q o!m.
\/*v/ ?n < liu i n?m liU 11 ui AOU * njiu
ilar swindle upon persons at Andova
that he did at Senoca last
Deceinhcr. Ilis motbod was to call
upon a loeal bank and present a
check on somo far away bank, soeurc
a pass book and then go out
and trade with aouie merchants on
hia pass book and issue a check for
uu amount much larger than hia
purchase and disappear for parts
Mr. (iarutr speaks in tho moat
complimentary terms about Governor
Hoy ward, saying ho was surprised
to lind so pleasant a gentleman
ill tlin nxnnlllivn film ir Ann
who with such ease and grace
makes a etraugor feel like he was
at home.
It Sinrd His I?ear.
P. A. Dnnforth, of LaGrange, On.,
fullered for six months with n frightful
running t uo on his leg; but writes Unit
lbioklou'tt Arnion Si'.lvo wholly euvcd i"
live diivs. For ulo< iv?, wouuda, pii> s,
its tht> bast snlvo in tho world, Cnro
kiwi-?iu< uiuy vin ot-s. Hold br Piyli I
pn? Drug Oo.
Accident to Woman at Union. Was
Caught on Trestle. Line Had
Just Been Finished?Brakes
Would Not Work.
WediuHdivy afternoon Mra. Sallie
Houcheot was run o\er by u
trolley car on tlio Union it Olonn
Springs K. R., near'Buffalo Milln,
in Union county, and instantly
killod. Sha was caught on a trestle
over Buffalo Crook and could
not or <}J'i not got out of the wny
11 /. i :I \
<m ui'' 11..iii, win; aim whs i(it'u
completely oil and alio win in
htantly I; i lied.
The oar had jnkt made itn ini11
11 trip to Buffalo and wan on ila
roturn wlii'i) IIim accident happened,
Win u tho unfortunate woman
was Been tho brakoman niado
ovory oll'ort to Apply the l>rakt'B
and -1 ]) (lie car, but tho brakes
. nl.l ....? i
* miivi iiwi ??ui i\ mi i'hj nut
hi l ong enough to nrieBt the moin-;-itIu
111 of tho car. J. R. Wilburn,
thu in i t simm in chargo, did ovi
rytliing ho Could to provont Iho
i. i (1 c; 11
Mrs. P,. ih'heot was accompanied
by lit >ok? r Gallman, \sh> jumped
oft' the troHtl'j aii'I escaped with
ciily alight injuries! frum hia fall.
The coroner held an in<|iioAt and i
returned :i verdict to the olTuCt'
that the doreaHed canio to her j
<toal)i l?y her carelessness, being a;
Ire patnsr on tho company'b property.
Mr. E. J. Watson Commissioner of
Columbia, Fob. 23.?Governor
Hoy ward is very much interested
in the newly created department
of immigration. Ho wishes to
make it a succcs from the jump
and he thinkB that he has succeeded
iu giving it the proper start at
the outset, aud tonight announced
that ho had appointed Mr. E. J.
Watson of Columbia as commissioner
under provisions of recently
enacted law. This idea of a department
of this kind is dear to
the heart of Governor Hoy ward,
and before he started in on the
uuoipaign vrnicn resuueu in iiib
election ho advooaled the establishment
of euoh a department, and
in fact, ever since ho has been iu
public life he has beon earnestly
endeavoring in his quiot way to
have such a law enacted.
Then, when the law was passed,
tho goneral assembly pointedly
placed the responsibility for the
success of tho undertaking 011 him
and his appointed. On this account
Governor Heyward has been careful
in making his appointment,
rkvi'l li a (nolo 4 1?*? 4 1?
UliU UU J V/VJIO liiui Itu 1IUO Itltvt'll 1/ilU
first stop forward in the right direction
by the appointment of Mr. E
J. Wateon to the position. Gov.
Ileyward'B purpose was to find
florae one who had some experience
in this work, who was a hu8tl< r,
who could, and would, devote hia
ontire time to the work, and who
was in noway in politics. Watson
iius not, Dten a candidate ior political
preferment and his selection
by Governor Heyward was entirely
voluntary. Mr. Watson made
no overtures for the appointment
and it wan at tho suggestion ot
friends of Governor Heyward and
at the solicitation of Governor
Heyward himself that Mr. Watson
accented tho position.
Host Remedy for Constipation.
"Tho Guest rem oily for constipation 1
ever used is Chamberlain's Stouiaoh and
I Ayr.: Tablets," says Mr. Kli JJntler, of
Frankvillp, N. Y. "They act gently and
without miy unpleasant effect, and loav?
the bowels in a poif c'ly natural condi
tion." Sold l>y l'ickens Drug Co,, Pickens,
and Hunter <fc Pickens, Liberty,
New Namo For Latimer.
Washington, Feb. 23.?Senator
I atimor has a now name* Yesier
day a correspondent wne talking
to him in the senate lobby,
whon Senator Hpooner walkel by.
In liis jovial, good naturod manner
lin (yronK.il I ati m<?i? 2 K
w pj * v/vvw*? fh?viuivi n iui Li?t"?U
"Hello, 'G. K.' Latimer."
"That's n now name lor me,"
said Senator Latimer.
'"Your name in to bo Good [loads
Lalimer, 1 am told
"Well, Spooner," replied Latinifir,
"over in the house 1 whs
known a^ Newberry College Latimer.
Ijut this i? the first lime I
baye ever been called Go.d Roods
Latimer; but I shall bo proud of
Iho designation*"
(Senator Latimer Bays that ho is
not thinking About anything but
good roa.ls theao days, and that
henceforth ho is gving to p.ivo his
wholo attontion to that snbjoct.
Does your head achc? Pain
back of your eyes? Bad
taste in your mouth? It's
your liver! Ayer's Pills arc
liver pills. They curc constipation,
hcadachc, dyspepsia.
29c. All 'Jruggikt.-i.
Want your mouatache or by.xrH a beautiful
brown or rich black? Then iuo
60 tnt, or p?uoi\i?t?, on n p. i'?n. A Co., na?hua, n. m.
"Tio n string around your fiuger."
(let that bottle of fihciiniacido todfty Ikv
foro your rheumatism gets a firm hold
and of'oomofl dangeroufl.
Kidney Trouble Makes Yon Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the newspapers
ts sure to know of the wonderful
I 11 jpv |. cures made by Dr.
'??dI Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
II ?reat kidney, liver
I I^U-r I and Madder remedy.
" w r^Sl LjF It is the great mediH
1+j \ !^{j cal triumph of the ninov
y| ]\ I rjf||{ teenth century; dis\El3Vl??
1 covere<^ a*ter years of
.JIMp?HFJ lUIIII scientific rusaaro.h
Ue-J Dr. Kilmer, the eml(|.
" ncnt kidney and blad
der specialist, and is
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid troubles
and Brlght's Disease, which i3 the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not recommended
for everything but If you have kidney,
liver or bladder trouble it will be found
Just the remedy you need. It has been tested
Ir* ca mrtntf nrnfc In K/senlfal ?? ?
itww TTum, ill jJUVrtlO
practice, among the helpkss too poor to purchase
relief and has proved so successful in
every case that a special arrangement has
been made by which all readers of this paper
who have not already tried It, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mall, also a book
telling more about Swamp-Root and how to
find out If you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mention reading this generous
offer In this paper and
!5nd..y?ur to
ur. turner a uo.,umg- rojmjjajjn
hamton, N. Y. Tha
regular fifty cent and Homo of SnamjvRoot.
dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N.Y., on every bottle.
From Norris.
Dear Pickens Sontinel-.Iournn':
L ist Monday, the 22nd insfc.. was
a groat (lay for Norris Grammar
eohool when Washington's birthday
was celebrated by the school. The
following program was rendered:
Opening song, America, by 6cbool.
Address by Principal J. P. Dendy.
Welcome Thou Festal Moru, by
Bessie Garvin,
Flag of the Rainbow, Miss May
Tho Builder*, ten boys and K'r'8
in tlio primary department, each
having a block with one letter of
Waahinglou, which when comploted
mado a monument.
Music by string band.
For Washington's Uirthday, Miss
Vida Slur iff.
Whv? Paul Deodv.
A Hoy'a Protest, Felix Hopkins.
Old Father Time, Thos. Garrott
and his twelve daughters (tho months.)
America, a recilatiou by Miss Net
tio Mullinix.
Music by string hand.
liravo Nancy Hurt, recitation, by
Miss Lola Garrott.
I History oi our i'lag, declamation,
b\ Thus. Garrolt.
Star Spuugled Banner, nong, by
the school.
American Flag, rpcitution, l>v Miss
Loua Ballontiiio.
W'heu Mamma was a littlo giil,
Rita Minimis.
Rtd, Wbiio and v* citation,
by Misses Mary Garrett, Lena and
Leila Bailout inc, each dressed in tlio
rc-f peclivo colors.
Bravo Soldier, Herman Mullinix.
Lament of a T-ittlo Girl, Gertrude
I 1 Ijovo tlio name of Washington,
Ernest Mullinix.
In Mcinorinm, rccitution, Miss
Leila Hulllciil ino.
Dixio. Riiiif. liv wflioiil
? > O ? 'V ?' W. . VW.
Addusa by lion. Laban Mauldin,
uf Kublwy.
Mimic by string band.
Closing remarks by principal.
Indeed, tint above exoromu whs
quite n rucchkh. A largo number uf
tlii) pnr?nt? were proHont, and all
guvo undivided attention, and it was
n tiny for tlio nclioul. Tug
pupils all reflected credit upon themsolve*
and t?*achoin. Tho address I>y
Mr. Miuildin wau instructive and
well recnivcd by all. The songs by
tho Hchool were played by Mii;^ Lola
Uarrott on tlio organ. Tho Htring
inusio wun led by Mr. Jaincn Parsons
on the violin. ac.coinnoni/ul l>v I 1*
' 1 " V " " *
Douily on tlio autoharp, anil Thos.
(iairott on tho {jnitnr.
SncctWH to you. 15
L1K.. J I Hi
niiuu : auuu : : Mia<l I! !
I'lnoc jour ortlora fur OjBtors unil Fish
COI.lMItIA riNII AN It ICK ('(>?
Columbia. S. C.
Satiafuotory pricon, quick ?orvico. You
otui mnko inonoy now Hollin^ our largo
CJ I 1. A?. .11.1 ?l-Jl ?
.jwiuii muiiov wuuo ?*krh oic., arc Hovery
?Wanted, orders for billheads,
statements, letterheads, notehoads,
ciirdH, envelopes, circulars nud dodgers.
Best work, lowest priooe.
Tl.o Sontino' Journal Job Oflicc.
. . A
| . <-FRE
| Garden
< UI- ' I
V ?~*V 4 m
Lpickens Dru
The Complete
Pir.kp.ns Oil
) * ?*W A A VA&VA1N/ VIA
C>Cotton Seed Meal, Hull
\T mxr rnn / 117"
iNuvv icauy i<
Our Ginnery has been running
and we thank our patrons f
Our Mill is now grinding re
nlf?ntv nf lltillc mr?i1 r?r
Bring your SEI'lD and exchan
or wc will pay you the hig
seed just as you prefer.
Come to us and see how wc
are not controlled by outs
much, or more, for your sc
m. i
We Have Le
Everybody learns sometl
learned that there is a lot of
we have learned how to sclc
for our customers. Take fc
r a nivr n
Canned Goods arc not al
Bright labels can cover very
to it that only reliable good.1
\vk skll nothing
People who buy a dollar's \
had better have two market
groceries away, oh, no, but '
in^ dollars that is appreciate
M rs
jj. F. H>
i Ami you will liylit at I'R'KBNS, S.
ami Mout Cum]
$ Ho lms ovor nnrritul. My ra?T?; is ii:c
| mid IIonCHt Vulin H. Tlio lU'ST of o
my ntivcrusi'iiienl. .Vvor mind Mio
M money.
j | ...BUY I II
I ft n, , ... .
i m v/i i-vuryuuiig iuiu you win n itrn uy (
olieupest. If you want anything in I
I 11 liny n Lot or rent i\ Hoiihc, or btij
R any monoy !?y acting nu; lieforo you
cr* i ?
^eeus. >
r? ^
CI I. ?
or Comminv /
o I J V
Drug Store. /
?N, P. E. BRUCE.
Vice-Pies. Sec. & Trena
Mill Company, 43S
s, Oil and Linters.^T^
3i" business
\ on full time all this season
or their patronage.
gularly and you can get
ge them for meal and hulls
hest market price lor your
.*11 we can treat you. We
ide prices but will pay as
i-i ?
cci tnati any other market,
ri. CURETOEVl, Mgr.
ling each clay. Wc have
difference in goods, and
ict the best of everything
>r instance
ways what they seem.
1 . ' ' '
poor qualities. Wc see
; get into this store.
vortli of groceries here
baskets. We don't give
IV f* l\n\rr> I /"aT
? v, imvv. (i 11^ VM ^Ll LIL11:d
by our customers.
K. L. ('iireton:
('. whore ln> now has (lie Tdugout
r>le(o T.iiso rt'
ivoftsing every ?1av. 1'nir Pp.i'iiig
vorydiinj* for (1 ??> lorsf mnivv i"
price of 'ii nrfiolo if its worMi tli?> }
^xpcrieiioo that Tins Host fn tlio
ho Mcroautilo ljiuo, li you wiwit
11 lIoilRO llli'l Lot, 3 Oil WOli! 1 .no
ninkc ;i tratio.
Yours truly*

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