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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, March 09, 1904, Image 2

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Hal Company.
hfiky, Pkops.
tcc1 )\ ( Kijitoh.
Mv4IMUM. j per Anuuiii.
hi livin^' 8 R'toa lletwouublo.
fent som I'oMoHH'i' hk Second Cliiss
f a" Matter
T-r> -r.lv. M:i *< !? !>- 1'tOl
V. 11/ V ' "
fat V
O i'o hi vci nl of our j-uliJHTibstrcn
owe us little aiiioci)?>u
v Jiiioti, mid who, last fill!, Im??AfyJ
ft litl!o ill1 r? lime, |roiiiisin<j
.. in in later and piiy up. They
failed to do M>, 1111(1 lliis is t(>
Flld tllC'Ill of their l?io!ii'H i> r> u ?r>
' want tliut money and want it
>\v ? not. m xt year, or t)i?i in xt d? side.
To nil those who liavi) received
st dements from ns recently
we wish to sny that wo want litem to
come ii]) at once and settle I lie bill or
we will l>e (vmpe'ltul h> t.'?k-j lojjftl
, btcps for the (v>1''oi.i?>ti of th?'so accounts
Tho parlies lire nil good and p.?y
their debts, but neglect causes thoir
/ subscription accuuutH to run up on
tliem. Were wo able to continue to
curry them, wo would do hj, for we
know they will pay and aim to pay,
but their promises lire not, collaltcral ,
at ttiu Tickctis Bunk ? that friend to
whom wo munt turn for assistance to
meet our obligations and keep this
paper going through the dull season,
because some few men put ofTpn^iog
We love our subscribers, but do
not tliiuk enough of them to go down
in our pocket, or pay interest at the
bunk, in order to get mou?-y to continue
sending tbein the paper without
adequate return is made to us nt
least every live yours. The l>eht of
friends have to part and if you fail to
get the p;;per it is through your car - j
losBnet-p, id not paying for it.
Wo will cut i IV nil lion pnyiejj sub
scribers and <,'ivo their accounts to
an attorney f.<r collection.
It is our aim anil purpose to have
value receive <1 for all papers we send '
out ami am working to thai cud.
'I ho p-'per is worth every cut we
clmv^e for it and in order to u-i.d ii ,
you must, pay for it?or I orn>w ul
\our neighbor.
li you ait- ii(ii iii(; < f tilt* nlxiW this
tloCS Hot. Li> VOU, l?li! li \ i?11 ii'AV
IIH 111 i> Irt illtclilU li I ?l Mill 311 si I li< t
h.r ji i;r lu-ighim;. Govern \oniKull
uce riliugly.
K, i -ltu.'i |?u>-sim1 hi nj'projti in<:
.1 "C.O Ml for tin (.'!>. rh sN n
<!? ? n i c (Uiily v. !l !< ;<(! off in
tin i .isiij .h^'ii Uiis\cai wi'.li .sovoiiiyti\?
i- iii Ii-lii!rh.
I i: | ! i i i >iis in.'i !i- :.t I !i<
rrci 1 si 1. 11 (if (lie ].c^islulun
i ' ( ! i "iiittlii; g OVf l' a I:ii 111 ili
i I' I. \\ . .). |>i11111;i*i, i.l l!ii' v
i i urn. >.I >!( |?url incut if 11;.; rit'oltnrc,
will ? . '.ii'11 -ii ii 100 ?:cro divt i il'urft'
L .. I' i: i i ' liunliiil.
! ii' h um: i f ,i in I'd U')iini:i n#>ni
LaiiK-iis* \\ ? 11111w ii 111> wjj'u iIviiujuitt:
'i liiu.sil iv nij'lit 1 iv unluiDwi
jmrtic1-'. I In- ' ccii| iiiiIm (>!(:!i|i( ?1 witli
out ii Jury.
ii is i? | <>111 <I Unit tih n.( ana to
ward l idding I la mm 1 v? s <>f tlx: I)i.??. :
pensaiv, tin* (own of Ktdnda lias j
thrown iij) :1k ir clunl' r and will up
ply f'>r a now ono void of said I hspotisary.
The Dank of Oniunwuod h?s had
itn oflieorn and clriks liondod in ono
,.( Il,? ?l,miw.,.?i - ~i.. '
jj^rrggun tin wnm tairrokamwaiaKBa. ^
j ^JWBBBKsrK-. :rrxaasa?* icujrau^jraiWiiKn- \; j
h " My wife had p. dccp-s^ated con;*,!i Ij
<1 for three years. I nnrirhnv.r.:! tvv.i '
! bottles of Ayer'r* Chcny I'cctcrr.i, ;j |
large size, a:.d it curcj her vottt* \\
J. II. Burgc, i\'r.cor>, Col. ?|
Probably you know of ;j
i-j cough medicincs that ro- ]
i| Hove little ccuglrj, nK |
coucr lis, cxc-:-yt deep o:::j7 u
! The iri :<iic:nc ihr.t hns :i
, been curing the worst of >i 1
! cecp coutr;hs for sixty [ 1
: years is Aycr's Cherry |
I Pec tor", 1. j> '
T!:r*; :!::t 2': . ? *: . V- Al! j
r vitl yri-ir \ : l:o [ I
till II ?lo ii in* fj.iy- !< ).? t* c \mii not M
| t ? t:iUt- ir. I: ?. ?! > t t..ko ?t. llo Liiowh. [*}
c. AN l.i; t ?>.. Mass.
TTT .~sw - ;ryr*j
Anio'iiMi in 111" si in of $2.",'Kid f< r
' tho li< no-1 iimI fuillifu! il'sc i. rj'. of 1
( I heir <hilit s.
Jsio. W. Mk 7. , it .uiiny I'.i.'iiK r cf
: Li'xin;'ion coiinlv. wms shoi from
o . *
lUiiUi.sh i-i'.d killed on Fi iday t?v tin
| unknown white in.'iu A nrgro w >
j mi mi who wiiH with Mi.'tlzc was u!mj
| shot iilnl s< lionslv wounded.
A i'Hiii t<> 11 Ji. Jirown
i about 1 wo milf.s tivtu ('owpcus, wms I
burned last I huistlay ni^ht. Three !
nuli S, corn, fodder and cotton m:i"1
\v?-re burned with the barn. Two of
the mules belonged to Mr. liiown (
and tlm other to William White.
Melvm Brady, a lamer of Cam- 1
pobello, was killed last Thursday afternoon
b\ a tn falling on bun and j
i.;u i..ui.. m i ? < i '
U > >?! >'q II in ^ . lit <11111 nu V(JI III j
otlicr IP on were out foiling trees on
the binds <>t T?hii Bowling, near camjvibelln,
when the tragic occurrence '
A pretended cripple and <luaf and '
dumb limn Iiiih been playing on tliu
feelings of o ir community. Ho is ,
said to have been soon talking with
another uiiiu, when oft' duty, and (
when he i^etn around th? corner hia
eripplenena ia suddenly cared.?
AiLen Journol and lleview.
???? (
A Letter From Texas.
Gurnet-vide, Tex , Match !5, 15)0-1.
Editor S< iiiinel Join i al.
l>ear Sir: 1 iei-1 like wi il uio 11 *4:>i11. '
M-iieli came in Idee 11 InmK Ae 1
have hud ti few very warm dn\s. e
heard 11 dove mi the fiI'mt ii?di 1:111:? ! I
Mil roil, ui.d thn liolM y huu m.d hulterly
liulh wert! m-i-ii on the |i,;un ]
1 turn 'in, hut we 1 t-vei know uh 'I ii j
day ni'iv l-rinj^ forth ; 11 I < x.-is M\
well ho.\ no I t w 1 > ie :>e w n wen
South lam lo^ht wheli u iiortherii'D (
l)!ev\ up. |
V'.-s, we have a nice ln-;^ t > 1 >11'?*l!? 1, .
lint tiie wind i.s hi f-11 >> 11 \?ec. nid |
in>t keep lire around the l.? Itle 1 1 w-iIcr
in it I'll j 1 it-1 pi.r-s tin day 1 h ^
M'xiliid tliu Ill-lilt !', 1 >1 We ll'.Ve j^ol |
to lu.i.r.) tin hahy :n 1 \ way.
A : ' i' t Hi'- - v 11 !< \ U id 1 ill) '
1. ; v child 1 i ii, ! hr? o o| I h> ni : 1?? ;> 1 I-:
! 1 . 11....
? t I - > ? I IK ?.-?? I I I I I ? ' I > JI | I I" * * . I S
\vc j?!*? noinjr lu < ill !;.?i Iiulty !. Mi-.
xt ' < w v. ?<!* nl . 1
vil.t*. ThiS i:4 II I >l II t I i 111 t'H.II dl) | J
lie I I :!; : * > 1 I >'. / i ,il i ( . < I.. J l.c
iic\v lmrk is ii lu'iiiiii!i!' M-i'in i v, ii
is j > 1111111"_' 'tit .-! 11111 <1 , is nl in a n\ '
iiinils. \\ < will liu.c t 'ltiat k'i ;>!i?l
liens t'lcrr tins simmer, :is it i* '
fiiinjiri'-.-n \ < it witli i. . Ni .ir this
I'irU is 11 it- ii'iiw (>1 t'.n -I'SMiimi .).
\ J) iil< y. I'iidt l'?iilt;y ina-ision
was .sold u > I ii?r t t i i i ujjo |>> W. I!. '
i )ni ^jlici d v i I ('mill. Wo I hi vh I
I>< < ii a ;r?I?:11 ; <r llic ovwu-r
of ll.is lni lid in;; ii lew ?l:i\ s It't wci-k. '
.Mr. 1 *> lit ?r} Lis! \ ar \vn luid u
V< I V l.i-:: vy ruin ; iw 1 : f!? i li'irvc.s!,
wiiivh liislrd two d:i\s, m ashing ; .iwnv
threat <|U ill it ifM dI sheaf vvlimit, and j
today I In- v -liiuli t r wiiuat is blion >
mouth ili < ]> luinisliiuo lim: grazing <
fm Mori;. My luiidioi ds hn vo iiWoul
NCVMl 11 tmd !?-. I IK* II -K of wlli-llj IIII.I
oil's, tin* Ik mil if11) lu l ls of j?iouii
jjinili. Will, we me living li^lit in
11113 home of thd l?icuit. <
"Tio a fctiiiig nr. uixl your linger." i
(let 111:it lidllie of TMieuninciiln t?i?I y lie- I
loro your I'heiuiiulism g< (,s a lirm hold t
iilid becomcH ihuigorous. t
Rhett IY!au!din Dead.
Rhctt JUauMin, whose ntrious ilirosH
wo noli*<l in our last i>?uc, <1 i ?I
ar, i no uome 01 nis miner, iii. lit.
Manldin, near Easley, lust Friday
afternoon ut 4 o'clock, from typhi i ipueumonia.
Hi; was ahoub twentyeight
\ ears old and unmarried. lUwtt
was a good, honorable, upright young
man, and numbered his friends by
the score. He was a consecrated
el rislian and a member of Kuoii
?IM._ f t .. l.: i - .. i . i i
J lie IUIR'1 III, ? IIU'II \\:ih l-UiimiUlt'll
by b'ev. I). W. Hiott, whs held tlie
day following his death ?f. tho homo
of Ins father, and his remains were
laiil lo rest, in (ho 1'iekens c< metory
by tlio sido of his mother, a largo
concourse of sorrowing relatives an<l
friends following the body to its last
resting place.
llo leaves u lather, several brothers
and sist<r<, besides a host of r< la(,i\es
and friends to mourn his untimely
dont h.
'J'lie sorrowing father and hrotiiers
and t.isUTK l.aw the l.? ai l lo'.l sympathy
of ilnir innuy friends in this,
their I.our <>f grief.
]?lit tt i* not (l"-a<l. Int tb,
ami they eimll yet dwill with ';iu>.
L'bsriy News.
l'Vhnnuy ha.s conic and f^.?no. It
Irou^ht. with it ?>!;( mole i'ay than i'
did last y? nr. \\ a-> 1 one, just t. e
vi ry least, d. i (I done lliat vlay lliut
could be reineiiil>et? I.
Willi*. I'lliH I >111 of slit) "Win*
KvmI (*ii)" fittin !{ l'\ i.). X<>. 'A1. I
am afi aid .-.he Iris takua dvimlayu of
Jj a |> Y< nr.
Tl.e IVessii'. leriimH arc i.isl. iv.
J "
it>}J lljfllt. (Ill lit till! |) II KiHlll?je.
The irr?<l?!il f-cliooi is in a llourishiiit?
coin I i ion.
The ne;jro chool house litis had
some work done on it lately.
There ? <iiih to !>o Home pjrefit attraction
ut Pickens for ou? of the
Li burl y boys.
We co-ij^ratulute Mr. 11 C. Carter
11<I his br:<lw, \Yu wish ill in prosperity.
The vsiilcr met Mr. and Mrs. Dave
Moore en tiie btreciH one inoiiung
>ist week. They nre a! "uja welcome
11 Tjilmrtv I I mi r nl<l liiiinu
- * V?
On tlm account of the ruin the
Htlji.- lo^alion WUB I uthl'l' Hlliull at t lit.*
Baptist chinch Sunday.
Why is it there aro so m*iuy rainy
Sundays tl.is yctu?
Wishing Th?? Sentinel-Journal sue
!?<ss, I am QuizSix
Mile Topics.
Mr. Ivl'to1: As you have hut f?;\v
uin-fpondi-uts from lhi? section I
will j^ive \ou u few dots.
M. I?, (liii'ri'll. Imim '>f?n <?n tli?
nek li^t lor 11?? J?-ir t 1 uv ("lays, lint we
ii<! ^1k?1 in say in* is slowly improves.
ri.i- ln;;ri|.ji )>n<l mumps komii to
in' a<;iii<^ in litis m eli> it
Tl.o fmiiM is are ri?111?* before ?lnyiij?lil
t'>ewe fair motliili^'S. II'^li
I leei 1 co11 < it) Sri Mi.-i lo en t ice tilt ill t >
,< t a iiio\< on.
l! si-ens ; s if ve me lo have
i iu^'li :-eliool lit tills |iI.mv it' i li 11i*i
h tlie t-iili:e i.i>tloll us '"A iie^iim r'
IMIH lit \ our hi'! ir:sl|c. \\o would I
I.lie. In }imv(* a }.ood hcii'iol, I.ut urn
ng ion! tailviiio is i ;isii r il.ni l-niid
11?. Six M il< I'l iiiiitds iii? ot a ^'>"d
unirli cow Vi.ii c .ii ,ni!!c <i l ice jiiii!
>1 iii*IK* f11?#u 11?*i* :n ! if ion I!i;?r;?
0;iS W |M|'? till- Will l\ l('!\ II ill I o\. I
In l ; 11 d to (lm ;_ ! iv viimI, ? will
my, it t-< i his as it in 12-1 ut '-d ii(t<-11
iol). I'lolll tin) Way I 1st; nllll-l* C >1'
|)ol|i|l llts writf, o t'lilt IK VCI1
inv?? I. I'll lien- will liiiuU Hint our
.. . ...... 1 ' i ??*
i iw Nit i?i wits it n i ;i it ri ti. V? <
tint !men \vt im!s Mini niass ? ir i?f 1'
ill th(! time, Iml if \\< would work
iion* jitfl w.itr rui'l our
it< clc oil' of il, it wo11111 S'it>ii l?c in n
il l t( I C III) I it ion.
I will dinr, wisliii * * .Von ii in I your
>it|i(:l i.illi'll . tmtvss. 1 :tlll
Old < il'litulilcr.
Tlu'i'i* is not iin or ]>niii tliat can
ic icii'1! <"?l c\t<'in:iliy t!mt cnnnot lm
'l.illr.i' ii. a lew iiiiniiit's l?v tin' iw of
I .Ilii.it \ I -11111kiti <I < >11 I iiniiii' lit. Kul)
t on tnc iitV<'cti'.l i >11 tl and 111 |inin wil'
.(mil dis.i|>;iciii'. I nil 1-2 pint lioltlr, '2~>
i nts. ru k. iiH Diu^' Co., I'ickciis; \V.
\. >>li<'1doii .V Co., I.iluity,
Ill's) Item ell} for (oust i pat ion.
"Tim liniv-t ri'iii 'd.v for constiimtion I
v?t used i s (* I in i 111 ?> i Iain's >Slommtl) ami
Tu'drts," says M r. Kli iiutlcr, of
'ranks illr, \. V. "Tlioy m't gent ly and
>vitliout any uiiplfafftnl i ITuc.t, and lenvi!
in? Iiinvrls in a )Hiif' clly natural oondi
ion." Sold liy Picko.iiK Drug Co,, 1'ick:us,
ami Hunter At Pickens, Liberty,
Are You Weary and Run D
and Depressed ? Is Your B
from tlio lonp, cold winter? Do you take cold er
iugt;i:u uut uner mue exernonr is your complex
worth living? Nearly every one lias some of tnes<
apparently bracing, is all the time sapping yours
disease poisons. 13y spring every one is in a more <
to catch typhoid and malaria. Not always sick, I
physically and mentally, best describes it. This is
pneumonia or other illness so common in winter,
tonic, a stimulant, a reviver.
To carry you through the changeable, tryini
and lay up energy and strength for next winter,
Tonic, Bnvigoratoi',
! Wo receive thousands of written cmlorseme
j been cured of disease and built up by Duffy's l'ur
Mr. ALEX. FERGUSON, Vigorous ai
Malt Whiskey Has ProI<
" I am now going on my 115th year, and I fee
now past 35. I have worked liard all my life, ant
ill ace to see that everything goes right. Some
'UllE MALT WHISKEY, and I know it is lliis t
life. Before taking DUFFY'S I'UltE MALT WI
digestion was poor. Now 1 have perfect rest at ni
hike it, and I always have ft good appetite ami pe
years yet. 'Duffy's' is the greatest medicine ever
; have and always intend to have a botllo of it in tl
and invigorator."?ALEX. FERGUSON, Gillmai
Every testimonial is published in good faith a
been used for two generations. More used toI
,lnv Minn nvw T# !, ?
! ..v?ui uver
7,000 doctors anil u.scd in more than 2,000 hospitals
whenever a gentle tonic ami stimulant is
i required. It brings into action every vital function
andenablesone to get from food allthonour- /
ishmentitcon tains. It purities and enriches the Ij
blood; strengthens thccirculnlion; improves them
! heart's.action; steadies the nerves; hardens theff,
muscles; clears tlio brain and carries health,II
strength and vigor to every part of the body. 11
gnaraateed absolutely pure and free from fusel V
oil. It's the only wniskty recognized by the *
I Government as a medicine.
Drive out the spring cold or it will stay with
you all summer and aflect your lungs next winter.
DUFFY'S cures coughs, colds, all diseases
of throat and lungs, and all stomach troubles.
CAUTION.?When you uk for Duffy'* Pure Mall
Unscrupuloui dealers, mindful of the excellence of th
Imitation* and malt whiskey substitutes, which are
which, far from relieving: the sick, are positively ham
get It. It I* th* only absolutely pure Malt Whiskey
qualities. Duffy's Pure Molt Whiskey is sold In aeali
Look for the trade-mark, the "Old Chemist-" on the U
Is unbrok .n. Beware at refilled bottles.
Sold hy all dmprpisLs and grocer*, or direct,
Duffy Malt Wliiskoy Co., Rochester, New York.
iilii lei
Sterling Silver ll<
8l(M lin^ Si
Cut Glass, Art Pottery,
Diamonds, WatclieJ.
I 09 North Main Street.
i ^ __
Ill IP TP1
Y') I ?' ^ ! f?i if Out S"'I'>ut v<><
A N , " ' ' '
yon i<> wi.jmI.r !io\v >11c* 1? j4<.<
Wt* :ir<' ?>U" i .nir M'liu' (J::i!i<l Ilurjj > ins in
1 r. All u ;i k i- I- i' yi'11 t?? 11 < find
11)11 wlu'u yon s- < li >\\ much wo can mvn
s1 i()IvS ! s1
Our :;1.' i-? :i i " X' w :t <1 "t" I In- H- I
Imvi, I ir tin- n.nii-v. Sloes lor thoSrJn
. I. ! ii- Mill yon \ <Mir Sin en.
We luivi- fOnif i <11iif >rIh aiit! 1'lnnki
n.(jlil !i .it S..i n^ii: cp <1 !'ii :?'f%. If yell i.'
W i' 11 i \ ( < >:n ; i: I ,< ()1 ( j HO( ! 10
V. . ;i|.| I i i i! ( \ on r lrn?lr
W Y ATT cV <
_ _EP
i?UI?> & 1 :i EWGiLiSH "
: ~V"'V ; ??/# # mi tf? v .
M .1 ? W ilil'j <3 11 las */! .?? N"1
-"?t'ft. filtiol
w ' * \ #% I'll III II
'7; . c'*ftrc. Imn?
! / V '^/0// KHI
' \ :;-5 r"tta "< "i
)j Conn
v .? < Jir .;vUI flu 'V
*' ' - .. , .;s?5 h. <{? <! (l,il ( ITCH
' !> ' I||i
. ik. : l.'M .. m . .t.'fii-if <1 tMV^I'WIIf* hllhlli lli.
*iji? iih.ihI <inn. 1 i \ .ur I >: iiku'IM j III" |i
' 1 i ! i'liritnilnri. 'I'rkli tll<>ll>
| Ill <1 "1 II.IJll I. IV .: .1t . '"tr I
!>. ! < /1.. ii >i:il I. Hi..ICO 'i i-Mliiiiiliilil.H. !-*<l 1 by
..ij ;>n. is. ! Hon <
(uicn':sn.ri c:i::v:caIi co. t-unu'
.nndliiuii Kqmirc, 1*31111.A.. I?A. ilflVf,
Mention i hi. .ifttfi'r.
Tronn|tnHN Notlcn. J. 1
AH Person* Iiro lioreby warned not to, m2
cui 11 in nor or 111 nn.vwny iroHxpusR ou my ??
lst'nl umlor pf unity of the law.
J. 11. Iloronglip,
' Administrator Katuto. 1
own ? Arc You Sick
n>i.i j tt? ?-?
J.UUU. jl nm uuu jroorr
isily? Do yon feci shivery ? Utterly
tion bad 1 Do you feel that life Is not
) symptoms in spring, for winter, while
trength. Your blood is clogged with
or less played-out condition, just right
ruu tuuu, 1111KU, UllUli, X JVW IS I IS(f,
especially true if you have had GIUP,
l'hoso are Nature's demands for a
5, disease-breeding weather of spring,
you need
nts from grateful patients who have
e Malt Whiskey.
t 115, Says, ?Duffy's Pure
onged fly Life."
1 as strong as my youngest son, who is
I am working yet. I get around my
years ago 1 bejian taking DUFFY'S
[treat medicine that has prolonged mv
IISKEY I did not sleep well and my
ignt. Every morning and evening I
fleet dnrcstion. I i'tiwci f,?
n)n<Ie for old folka, and we always
10 house. It's the great spring tonic
1, Ind.
nd guaranteed.
. >VhUkey be ?uro you get the genuine.
! preparation, will try to sell you cheap
put on the market lor profit only, and
Dewand "Duffy'#" and be sure yen
which contain* medicinal. Iiealth-glvlnjr
^bottle* only; never In flask or bulk,
ibel, and be certain the seal over <>?
$1.00 a bottle. Medical booklet free.
,?!iow ware,
Ivor Flai-ware.
, Brioa-Bi ac and
; and Jewelry.
UNS., :
2lire! Piio.?oin DRY C*C)OI)S,
CAl'S. 1CKC., 1 Imt will r;nisn
xls can l><> sold ;it hucIi ]>!*?< ?*?
t h?'.-e I i n s l h nmgli 1 )< ( * mi11v|
ect <.nr ^< t.
yon, it menus j ?ur tra?lo lor
I <) ICS !! ?
< : i' y \ ( r <?f V c ; < <! in this
?oI ('l.iltll i'li l il; t will plCilM'.
!s thill W.< ire s - 11 in<r this
I'Ctl any of (lit in ? <> : ? i*;i rly.
I?I1'!S at plM'Osthat w ill plrinso.
will ahvav s t ?* .>t v<m ilfht.
t;iii io in >;,
tSLEY, b. C.
0 of A |>|?li< nl Ion for llio Appointment
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to have .J. H. Nrwl?i>ry, I'mljati*
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r <-11iI< 1 i( ii: |,i ji;?. Maiiiif, Aljllanl,
? and Sliaflcr A trler-'or, will
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lion J'lcr.f: fur I'ii-Ui-i t< roiuity, or
>ti. J. ol ili?* IVK'I'II
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ropcrty of haiil Illinois is alio,it our
.iikI dollars ami is in moiu-y :<n<l
il, compi'lrnl an 1 n s|i nisili|? peril
n lie found \\ ho is willing to ntss.tul
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no general or toHtatncnlary Ouur'I',
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MoMkt <>f siid Children.
[\ Carey, Attorney.
Rend 11. C. (Jnrtcr'fl new nd nnd
xmted 011 ^ricea.

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