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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, March 09, 1904, Image 3

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Ficksns SsatiLsl-Journal
Happenings ol a Local and Fersoiial Nat lira.
Mm N 10. Thor is on a visit
t > reln'^vi-s in As? l?-isun.
-?lr? R li Morgan, of Couli'nl. \
in fffiite sick wiili ;;iippe.
?Is D 'I"ii\' ir will l>o in i.i.s>lu liu
^ I'ic.kt iim 'in \! in h 22ii.I uml li.'M
?13-rn mil.) Mr ami Mrs. \V. B.
Onrns..11 ??tI ihc 5:,1| instant, a <lau;;li
?Mr. tit',<1 Mis .la-*. E Ilwn xl <>f
lvi*l?-y, spui.t S.ii.urd ly an I Su.i l iy
in Piekuns.
? Roln rt, son of .J. R. Morgan, of
tho Praters Bcctioii, in quite ill with
?Ono of our exchanges ?avH if is
no uRe to (jo lishing until the dogwood
is in blwotn.
? Married, on Mrvich 2d, Simon
Kirksey to D< ll? (I' llVni, colored. A
I) A. JIIIICH, N I'., oliioiatMl.
? \V. H. Johnson, who Iims h<en
attending a Bmini-ss ChIU'jjm in At
luntii, is ?il home <>m ii I>i-it t' visit.
Tins boys i?r?> not satislied yet.
They want to sot* u hiiow that is a
siiuu; a tegular rabbit Inn.ting tiiu*..
? lY.nt oiii'-nn, musta'd, turnips, I
English peas, lettuce ami spinach us i
soon as weather conditio:.? will pel-I
mil. 1
? Mr. ami M r<-?. D. G. Mount ppcnl [
nev?'i ;i! ?I#i\ a witu relatives in Liberty ,
lust Week. J'bey relumed bmno
? Un luit.y days bum out your
oliiiuueys l?ofur? tho .March winds
blu.r bit; li. Tbia precaution may
save jour bouce.
? ATMiiini- Arnold ami Master
Fl et l.)odd viniti.il friend* and relatives
in I'iekenn lubt week. ? Auder
son Intelligencer.
? A child of a Mr. Smith, wbo
liven un V. A. '.' lionipkiiiH place nuar j
tho old Twwlve Milo camp ground, is)
<piito ill with typhoid fover.
? From the went lw r wo have had
Iho pa-t week, it. is tho geueral opinion
that tho 'ground hog" act* d verr
wisely in going back into his hole.
? 11. E. Bruco linn gone north to
purchase his spring stock uf goods.
Miss Tiizih Hughes is also there
looking after ihu Millinery department.
i ?D. Ji. Adorns of the Kiduiond
section, in the father of fifteen child
N ren, :.'ight boys mid seven girln, nil
healthy and stout. This is a good
family record.
? Mrs. Ivy M. Maiil.lin and dau^h-!
ter, who have l>em on a visit to her
parents, Mr. and Mrs floss fcaton,
of Central, returned to her home in
Picketis-, Moi d iy.
?Tho Piekens merchants have already
hctruii to ....... 1
O ?'jM I f->" ' 1 ' ?
iind it wiil ii -t I t! l"ii^ before ilie
pretty {'iris u i.l I?*i \v< iii in<^ pretty
hliirlnuloia in ui! it 1)>e spring colors*.
? .M is. J ii'i'i J1 nVin.it, i.iit of
]'cv. .1. \Y. > i lltl-.lllns, ill (I I't, I Mil' I
luiiiiu in Ku.sley l ?st Tiu'siluv i v i in^
lifter a nlioi t illness. 11?i- remains'
were interred jit tin- eoi:.< tiny :it
that place t??<l .y.
*(! i i: i
? u i' | mi in i:iii nn mi- resting I tier
limn Mr. Sam ljuik, of (inincsvi It*, !
Tex , t tint will l*<* re?ul v. tin much inlercst
l>y Ins iniiiiy irieiulx ami ne-j
qnuintanees in lIns county*. Wo liojio
10 heal from him often.
.1 Ji. Cower*. who has iieon
Pj'?Mi.iiii<^ the winli r ?t hoin<- ui h his j
, pnrentu, Mr. ami Mrs. J. I . Conors j
* el the Keoweo side, li lt on the 5'h
instant. for Spartatihnrg, when he L
will i liter Converse College, wheie ho<r
will soon yiaihiate in stenography.
? A. C. Waiter#, wlio lives 1 ?tsI
ween Cent ral and Calhoun, was
found ilcai! on the si.In of th" railroad
just nbovn Cm tral, this morning,
ilis head was < i u.dii'd. lUiniors arc
rife an to his death. C</toner Par- |
sons is holding an impiest as we ^o j
to press.
- The Congressional Convention of (
the Third South Carolina District, (
which was held tit Greouwood, S. C , i
March 2nd, elected -J. W. Tolbert, of
Greenwood, and I1!, F. Cochran, of
Anderson, delegates; and U.K. Moon,
of I'iekens, and J. \V. Lee, of Al>l?e- i
ville, ult.eri.atn delegates, to represent !
tho Republican party of their district
in the National Republican Con von-,
tion to be held in Chicairo. Til
21 st, 1904.
* '
?Seven1 of the cadets from 0!rm-1
sun speiii ."iniKiny nt liiiiiu'.
- I'Iih iiifiint. chihl ol Mr utnl Mis '
E. F. Keith ih (juit?* ill.
? Mis-1 t.'uiil Howou c:!ns>'l 11 v?-W
pllCIH;Ssful gcllOOl lit Nllil' Forks I st
- Tito I'lckfus urn aiilicin
it itij; i lr!< *?(>? in.* t l a l*? and are
iiiiiu 11^ < x(ciiMt?> |)K |? u hi ..ins for it.
If tlic t'uu vv? i.; In r I i i i.ii,
will 11hv.: to licit up \>n ttv
last or the Killer lints won't have
in'icii show.
? ?i i?. iii\ uir ii is |n:! in h moiildillg
(IIHCltitll! illjil IS llt.W | !*< (>:i 11 <1 to
mal.e pictnie 1!..t:i ,s ?;f uny si/" mid
ii I in ui>ioi is. () 1,1 , * xus made to order.
Have your photographs ami
othei p ct urea fi limed ami preset ved.
See lus samples of monhling at his
studio in Pickens ami Kasley.
? Albeit Cooper, tho depot agent
at llns place, lias mysteriously disap
pearcd mid his .vheieflbouts are unknown.
Hh accounts with tie- com
pany are all right, so wo understa11<I,
ami there is m> Uuown reason why he
should have left in this mysterious
way. 11 ii<a I'ath Cht\>niele.
? L In. tie- r is in Anderson this
week looking after his interests there.
He is at the head of a l>ig oil mi<l
and fertilizer plant project in tlint j
city. I'lokuiis should not let, her citi7.
-us have to go away fro:: homo to I
invest lluir c.ipital. There are too
many oppoitunities here for develop |
-The fcneily of competent, li?'l|) j
is getting to lio a werious tiling iu
1'ickunt-. The opportunity is now
open to Ronio white j^irls lo come to
1'iekM.s and take a Bit nation iu Home
of the fit id i) it-H here, or become a
member of the family, exchanging
I licit* culiuery arts fur a good home
? Sallie, wife of Win. Mnxwell, a i
colored wonimi Ibi-if* on Col. T. .J.,
\io?re'a place, near Sparttinhurtv
had u peculiar accident. When slewin?j;
Homo app'ts 'in a half gallon tin
can hIi?) took the lid off and the content*
exploded, burning hor faew and
clothing b?dly and closing up both
her eves. Home of the fruit fit ruck
iuu cfiim^ over ner iiuml. It is not i
believed that tho womnn'a sight in lost.
? Walter Hammond, a young
white man who lives near Pelzer, mot
with n frightful accident onn day lust
week while going through tho country
to And* raon. Mr. Hammond
was leading a mule behind tho buggy
and had tho rope wound around
hia thumb, when the mulfi licnnmi.
unruly and jerked the rop*?, tearing
tho young liuin'H thumb off ut the
accond joint.? Williuuioton Nows.
? One of tho saddest. occurences
\ve huvo accorded in n h>:i<^ time i?
the death of husband and wife within
two hours and ? half of each other,
hs reported l>y our co?r?;spf>ndont at
T.v t?er, in tho upper eecti >n of the |
eol l.ty. Mr. K. (\ Ijister and his,
wir? <!i<?i 1 on - f
.... .... ... ?j m il I IK >1, 111,
unci llwy w(>ro huriuil hi tho f>ame
"I'iivii on M?n.lay, I<?nvif)** two hoys
n<^e<l respective! v six ami eleven
\ears.- (Ireenville Mountaineer.
-CI nlin Ii)inax, a colored liainl
p-t the <r.l mi l. who eiime here from
I 11?11v.!mi wi11-11 the mill whs first
pat in operation, was fatall.\ injured
la-t Moiulav evening ami diet! from 1
t Iwj elV? ct oi his wounds on Tuesday
m lining, without ever rej^,lining con !
sciolisms.*. Tli ii meal , r i r n 1 lw?c
am! choked and hi* was trvimr to
miehoke it when his ijot i an>l
lie l< !l, In i11 * caught in tin- helling
with the result Hint hi* arm was j
ground >ij) uiiil liis lcnll fractured
In.rt internally, to sne.h an ex 1
tent that ho died. 11;s remains wore I
earriul to (iroenvilhi for burial.
?The many f'iends in this county i
Op Henry >1 IJlwwn, (:i bl ither of I
JSIioriH II. Brown, of this county,) |
who left this county in 1S(J9, and
settled at I'loniville, (la,, will regret.!
t:> IcHin that ho lost his wife, by j
death, on tho 29th nit. .Mis. Brown
was, before her lunrringo, !\Iiss Ai
miiula Simmons, a daughter of tho
Into William Simmons, ol this county, j
She was a ^ood woman, a consecrated
christian, a member of the Baptist
rlmi'/h. She was ahont 57 veto es o!<l
iinrl leaven a husband unci .several I
children, besides a host of relatives
ind friends to mourn Iter death.
Two reliable tenant families for
ano horse crop. Farm just across
Seneca river from Clemsou College.
Everything furnished, if ^referred. l?v I
tho undoinignecl. Writo or cumo to |
?oo mo at once. Joa. II. IJurgeflH,
Clcmson Collego, S. (J , Mar. 8, '04.
^ Business Locals. ^
? Wastko ?100 busliL'is <>f peanuts
lit $1.00 per Ixibliol. Ciaig Bros
? It Carter lias plentv <>f eorn,
i iit.s, bran and hay at money saving
| ?U. C. Carter 1ms a few horses j
I oil.l i-- ' " . -
...... uiiih-.i It'll. UOlllU (JUICU
iIk'V iti'ii all ^iiwe.
- 1 I'uvk sotm nici- |>i^s ivatly lor
tll llVt I'V. I'litH* $'2 00 OilCl).
ii/2tnl. rj<illii 1*\ r^oson.
j - (Juil it11<I xaniinc out lalost eatI
alitor, ' nliiiiiiny all the latest fashions
an 1 let os ii*ii? i" \ <11)i* |?iil torus.
Wo will also funiif.li ^thi with the
; iiittii lilv fashion Bluets-, free, fit in]
Ajmi t' e 1st. l>ro*.
? W AN I'I'jD: At o.nv a man to
s< 1! Moving ii icliiDcK :t1111 eoluct on
ucMionnls in L'ifkmis timl Oi1'mi ti conntits.
(JulI or ;i<I?11 ss, Tho Sinyor
Sew in;; M:icliiii" Ollico, No. '2*2(1
Ncntii Main St , (Sn-c-nvil;**, S. C,
l ni2? I.
Gentlemen of the Jury.
i mi miixwiiiir naiiH-ii pri'solis Itavo
I li-cMi drawn t<? s-'i-vt; >>s jurois al tin* ells^in/
term of < ?'HrI wliidt coiivhiks on
tin* iMi-t iuat., wuh Judge J. <Is.In^li
Prtit Juiions,
(! I? PVtidley. A F Youtijr,
Tunu r Arnold, \V I) Joins,
H L Hold"!'. I Usury J Lewis,
J C E N Garrett, .1 1) Chappfll,
| It A lUs'.er, 1* (J (Jarlet*,
Kobl 1' Stewart, \V R Oats,
Jan II Porter, W 1) Hendricks, jr,
J F Stokes, M (} Nealey,
E I) Miller, 11 i, lliick?hee,
(I 1' Gill'Snio, J no \V (Jdntrai (.BU'I)
Jas I ! Iolli(l:iv I-.l... i?
A R Uiggius, M A Roggi>,
T R .1 T Hitt,
Ja-< () Will kins, 1) R A<lain*,
D R Kvuns, J F Jennings,
M K G -ss-lt, Wuwloy A Phillips,
1) li Rarker, W \V Seaborn.
O W Cox, W B Youngblood.
(iiuND Jurors, 1901.
John A Sheppani, W T Howon,
Jan A llunmcuit, W N U< L iinvc.
| Jos L Lonper, jr, R II Callahan,
It K 8i-?*le, *F R Morgan,
John illiiipiniin, sr. #H I. Clayton,
M W Hosier. A Rounds.
Win A Rroirk. *J Sila-? Williams,
Sauiurtl Sncritf. *.I iJ l-Vniii#-*
A Ij Udena, *D.ivid L Kay.
' *" Old Jurors.
Spring in surely coming. \\'o Haw
n H ick of
flyir >* northward yesterday.?Anderi
hod Daily Mail.
Trespass Notice.
I horobv forbi<l any person hunting.
iisuiii^, cutting MtnhtT, picking herrins.
or in any way trespassing on my lands.
Trespassers will U> pnnislicil to tin- fnllrst
oxtenl <>f tin-' law.
Mrs. Ii. M. Joins,
m941. Kinfjs, S ('.
f ..J. M. HEALEY.. 1
\vi:sr i;m)-iiiiiiiii: stand.
r ))
I landles a lull line ol /r
SS 1 )ry Goods, Groceries fc i
>S and Produce. cc1
SS (live me a call and fc J
he convinced that 1 can (c
>S sell you as cheap as Mr. <7 ,
SS Anybody. $
It ring me vim r IVmliiro. v\
v\ Will i>nv lilulinMt priii?, //
Li ? i? or Hurler. A Hlmrn Vv
'I your pitt roiiatftt m.IicibR.
J. n. BURQES5,
_ _
Clemson College*, S. C.
Friday and Saturday. All Work
Shad ! Sliad !! Shad!!!
Place your orders for Oysters and Fish I
Columhlik. S, <'.
Satinfaetory prices, quick Horvico. Von
can make money now nulling our largo j
South Mullet while eggH etc., aro so very j
bigli. |
M ? 3 Ran
A not her (<ar of 1 h<
Mltchel - W
A low reasons why they an> bettor than
Their immense home dema <1 is for J
In- built, price beii?j? :i sue uidurv cons
itv, knowing lull weil that <>ft.eti one o
:i< 1 (t?*< 1 to lu?? r.o.-l of building a "?' % h id
to its mtrintie value.
M ITCH I'LL & TjI'lW IS havo ini 11i<u s
to work < n, probably the largest and
the world and e<>ubl handle any <
<,Ih?:i|hm than anv other concern. bu* f
i..., .. i .. i. < '
i 11111 u> oiuy oii? stiimianl?tba
Th? company builds only >m-. no
Tiicv ?* |?i<iv only oik' kind of l.-ibor, <
I>it11?i onlv <>mm nnid?? of work. No s-.t
8ouih.<rn {irudos. Thov mv :?11 bran
\\ b *111 r <>l 11i? 1 i54bt?>st niK' hoi s? or lli
arc ill.* same as to in itt?riul and workn
There m somol i|ing bosidns ''I'urn Cot
M ITCH ELL W'hjjoii: Thwvtt is f:m?
there is honesty ol' purpose, there is h
tlmre is .unpin and uasy capital to can
d-'lermiriHtion that, inesne i i ve of me
MITCMI ELL ^'ACON >h.ill mIwuvs r
Folger & Thorn ley,
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents Furnish
tT It A \:'?i rrr
? Li rAID 11
/ \vi<-h to call j'onr eptcia) attention in
I Shoos that w are (-ITftii>K very (.'henp. I
l'oint, $1 2"i. Dixit; (!ii I, i 1."'0. Dolly Dean,
A $2.00, Wo also have ii lot of Latli?*? Fine Sin
1 I,m:c, si/.i-s :Vs to 4's that we art; offering a-i
^ lint' of Men's Fine Shows, American $3.35, oti
/ feison $2.50, most people sell for $y 00.
I We have a good M)e Overall (tirow u ) w
Onu nf --* I"- " **
... mr ntl<HIKf>il IlIIUS OI l>H'??S \\(l|]i
fl* Peach Drip Molasses in buckets 4 )c. .\
2^ barrels for 8.je per gallon.
9 Some startling bargains in little thing*,
gfe Pie Q ins for l'Je that are actually worth I "J A
gallon cups for f>c. We have on hand a l"t i
for teas and IV s"l for tnhle. .Vice ' iaivmizc
A tIScr si-i. I'earl Buttons ."e de/. m. <'nrry<'oi
r 1<>c. A nice little dinner hell for ltic, or It s,
\r Now is 111 ii iinto or soon will lie so d(
CTohaec '. W?? give a box of matches f >
I ^ D liniV r* K.I III P > r. n" ii ? ?
P oni" o iViUlt, tMilLY Sift!
We arr lin1 produce <jt ai i > .i i i > /.,?<.! t
to the highest notch. Conic to s> e us an<l i;e
C Craig Brol
^ Oria-PrSco C
j| ?. I. Mi l AM,,
jj Wli PAY IXTKRKST ( )X 1 I .\
By Careful and con ;tant work tl
M Hank, largely increases every year.
m We solir.it vnui* Kiiciii/'uc -ii ?/1
:)so Great
any r wnjjnti:
ie very 1? ?si u. 111:it can
idnrati >11 in against qualr
two doil.Ms judicious) v
ii will add 00 ? r $10.00
o! (1 .liars of ch? ap c:ipil il
l)"st, <- (|uipp<M 1 factory in
lius '>( jionds as oh i'p or
i ov.-r l-'ll'TY V I'AUS
: tho liKST.
! himrjos or oi} (.r si,]., :, , s
>i;e gr.idt of matCi t:i!, ;i cl
> >!) Is, no f:\nr v I?rn ml , o
(!. <! ".MITCH KM,.' ; ml
[ ; heaviest log ti n ;l<, t! . v
nmorei.'dism1' hnhmd tlu<
ilv pridu and repnl;il mi,
life time of pnj enet.oe.
v out. these purpo-es an I a
ro dollars ami omits, TH K
wiuain ''Til K MONARCH
iug (rood 8 u specialty.
) buy!
H !? ?- 3
our immense line of \
<suli< s Fine SI oes, IIi>*n l
and Roy.if Ward ^
> s hoili in Button ami \
iost for ii sonn. Our 1
u-r.1 s 'II for $3..r>i). Jef- ^0
ithout apron, for 440. \
Shirts we ever sold. ly
. splendid Molass-'s in
We are alTering some *>
lo ir?i;. Plenty of Imlf
>f nice Spool s l(le set
<1 Kmvi s .Mini Forks for
ill's'k*.. 1 loiso Mrustu s
in in a 'ii 1
m't throw awav your /
r I'iicli fix 11it-111ioiicd
:S. ^
: jsi'l'}: !! ! > '? ! "| Z
t J our i ik n -ys worth.
:hers ^
' gji s2oro
i me j). im?| , ; _ %
( it* II let',
$ 20,500.00 B
U % /T* *. w'. r\ H\
1O5,COO.0O J
IK I >KI'()S1TS \
k.MKRS. #
K'. business of this f
ii extend to you ^

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